Why ✨Breathwork✨ is the New Yoga

(Just kidding, though Breathwork is a great way to deepen your practice or try another healing modality!)

If you’re anything like me, sitting down to close your eyes and think about nothing is… extremely challenging, especially in 2020.

However, we all know meditation is good for us (don’t need to tell you more about that!)

But just doing nothing feels like doing the impossible.

Cue breathwork.

Breathwork is the practice of using specific breathing techniques to allow your body to heal itself.

Sometimes we just feel off but we aren’t really sure why (or maybe we are but we don’t know what to do about it.)

Breathwork brings your body back into balance without the need for words or explanation (so much mental activity these days!) It allows your nervous system to regulate yourself so you instantly feel calmer, more grounded and peaceful.

In this week’s Highest Self Podcast interview I sit down with my good friend + breathwork master trainer Samantha Skelly to discuss ALL things breathwork, from the science to the practicality.

She also guides us through a 90 second breathwork practice we can do ANY time to instantly feel more centered.

I’ve been stopping to do it throughout my move to Miami and it has really helped me get through unpacking ALL the boxes!

I know many of you are in career transition and wanting to pivot into a more spiritual/ holistic/ wellness space so I’ve teamed up with Sam to support you in becoming a Certified Pause Breathwork Faciltator!

When you sign up with my link you will also receive my 12 Week Ayurvedic Nutrition Program, Eat Right For Your Mind-Body Type, absolutely FREE.

Learn more here and mention you were referred by Sahara for VIP treatment + your bonus course!

If you’d like to start with just learning about breathwork first, we also offering 50% off Journey, the 6-Week Breathwork Course here with code SAHARA.

With smiles,

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