Highest Self Podcast Episode 011: Thoughts On Relationships

In honor of my two year anniversary with my twin-flame, I share with you a beautiful piece by Osho, an incredible Indian philosopher who has been very inspirational in the way I think. Learn more about Osho at osho.com.

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Episode 011 – Thoughts On Relationships

By Sahara Rose

“Thoughts On Relationships,” a quote by OSHO. Love is not a relationship. Love relates, but it is not a relationship. A relationship is something finished. A relationship is a noun. The full stop has come. The honeymoon is over.

Now, there is no joy, no enthusiasm. Now all is finished. You can carry it on just to keep your promises. You can carry it on because it is comfortable, convenient, cozy. You can carry it on because there’s nothing else to do. You can carry it on because if you disrupt it, it is going to create much trouble for you.

Relationship means something complete, finished, closed. Love is never a relationship. Love is relating. It is a river flowing, unending. Love knows no full stop. The honeymoon begins, but never ends. It is not like a novel that starts at a certain point and ends at a certain point. It is an ongoing phenomenon. Lovers end, love continues. It is a continuum. It is a verb. Not a noun.

And why do we reduce the beauty of relating to relationship? Why are we in such a hurry? Because to relate is insecure. And relationships is a security. Relationship has a certainty. Relating is maybe just a meeting of two strangers. Maybe just an overnight stay, and in the morning we say goodbye. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow?

And we are so afraid, that we want to make it certain, we want to make it predictable. We would like tomorrow to be according to our own ideas. We don’t allow it freedom to have its own say. So we immediately reduce every verb to a noun.

Episode 011 – Thoughts On Relationships


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