Highest Self Podcast 532: How I Found My Purpose, Transformed After My Divorce + A Channeled Message For 2024 w/ Hayley Lloyd


This very special episode features a profound conversation with the spiritual mindset & business coach, Hayley Lloyd.

I’m thrilled to share the magic of our latest episode where Hayley and I journeyed through expansive realms of purpose, voice reclamation, and soul evolution.

In this beautiful exchange, we explored the four layers of intuitive guidance, a sacred compass guiding us through life’s labyrinth and channeled messages crafted to resonate deeply with you.

Remembering, my loves, that your voice is a divine gift, safe to be shared, nurturing, and empowering.

We cracked our hearts wide open, inspiring not just ourselves but others to embrace authenticity—a freedom to craft our realities, wielding the microphone of creation with grace and intent.

Here’s a glimpse of what we explored:
– Shifting the narrative and embracing the fertile soil of purpose
learning from life’s curriculum and discovering your Dharma
– Sharing our voice fearlessly, crafting a space where it’s divine and safe
– Trusting the divine timing for our soul’s evolution.
– Releasing limiting beliefs, finding softness and openness.
– Tuning into the art of divine flow, Inspiring ourselves and others
– Wielding the microphone of creation.
– Navigating the patriarchy and honoring the divine feminine
– Womb healing and processing trauma
– Tune in to our magical conversation, absorb the wisdom, and let it ignite the fire of reclaiming your voice and embodying your truth.

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