Highest Self Podcast 492: How To Rise Like the Phoenix From The Ashes


The truth about life is that we are constantly going through death and rebirth cycles. Former identities, relationships, and belief structures are burnt to the ground so that you may rise from their ashes as the next version of you. The Phoenix.

So when your old world comes crumbling down do you choose to cling onto your former identity or walk through that transformation portal into your next iteration?

In this episode, I walk you through how to take your life’s greatest obstacles and turn them into gold. I do this by sharing my darkest night of the soul with you, a recent heartbreak, and how it’s led me to a more deep, expansive purpose and finding all the more vibrance in my life. I get super vulnerable and show how this separation brought me to my knees to surrender to my greater purpose, and how the universe responded with wild synchronicities that have guided me to truly embody the life that I was just not ready for yet.

If you have recently gone through your own death and rebirth, this episode is for you. Because after all, you can’t have Spring without Winter. Ready to blossom? I hope you love this episode and that it helps you find your light after the darkness and rise the like the phoenix that you are.

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Episode #492: How To Rise Like the Phoenix From The Ashes with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Sahara

So, that thing that you’re so afraid of happening, sometimes needs to happen for you to realize that you are not that thing. You’re not that job, you’re not that relationship, you’re not that home, you are not anything outside of you.


[00:27] Sahara

Hi, I’m Sahara Rose, and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 

[00:35] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, welcome! This is a place where I love taking spirituality and making it modern, fun, relatable, because the truth is, we’re fucking humans on this planet, we are here to enjoy our time! We don’t have to take this shit so seriously, and that doesn’t mean that we spiritually bypass, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel our feelings, but rather, we go deep into them and find the gems that turn us into the phoenixes rising from the ashes that we’re here to be! And that is what today’s Episode is all about.

[01:08] Sahara

So, if you are new to me, you may not have heard this news, but late last year, I got a divorce and it was, by far, the hardest experience of my entire life, and I’ve been doing this Podcast for 7+ years, I’ve written three books, my book “Discover Your Dharma”, which was all about what was my dark night of the soul, until then, which was my parents disowning me for stepping into my purpose, going through health challenges, my body shutting down in my 20s, she was pretty gnarly in my early 20s, and I thought that that was going to be my dark of the soul, and I got it out of the way, I’m good, now I can write my books, I can speak on stages, I can have this Podcast, like, I got the hardest part of my life done with, right? Mm-hm!

What I’ve learned is that these initiations come in spirals, they come in waves, they come in layers and they’re not out against you, it’s not to get you, it’s not to take you off of the path, but rather to bring you further into it.

[02:06] Sahara

So, in today’s Episode, I’m going to be sharing with you how to rise like a phoenix coming from the ashes. Whatever your initiation is right now, there are constant death and rebirth cycles throughout our lives. It’s not just a one-time thing, because, the thing is, the death allows space for the new version of you to come through, because we cannot have spring without winter, we cannot remain in perpetual bloom. And sometimes, you might think that you are blossoming, but there is a whole new vibrant shade of color that you do not have access to because you are stuck on the color that you have been comfortable at. 

You know, you may have been pale pink for a really long time and you’re really comfortable at pale pink, you’re good at pale pink, people know you for pale pink, but sometimes that pale pink needs to die for you to become magenta, for you to become fuscia, for you to become full-spectrum, iridescent rainbow, whatever that next version of you is. But if you hold onto the pale pink and you identify as the pale pink, when the pale pink is gone, you won’t know that there’s something so much more vibrant waiting for you on the other side, should you choose it. And that’s the thing – should you choose it. Because not everyone takes their life’s greatest obstacles and turns them into gold. Some people stick with that story forever and they say “Why did this shit happen to me?”, “Why am I a victim of my circumstances?”, “Why am I stuck here?”, and they remain in this perpetual loop and they identify as the trauma rather than using it as the very nectar that it’s here to be, here to catabolize and usher you into this new way of being, but you’ve got to walk the path, you’ve got to go into the fire for this to happen.

[03:59] Sahara

So, I’ll be sharing with you more of how I did this and really what it means to be this phoenix rising from the ashes. 

[04:06] Sahara

So, we’ve all heard that term before. So, I did some research of where does this really come from, who is the original phoenix, like, where’s she at? And I learned that this concept of a phoenix, this beautiful red and orange fiery bird that emerges from the ashes, has ancient history in Egyptian, Persian (which, I’m Persian), Jewish, Greek, Roman and many other forms of mythology. 

So, there’s something about, I believe, these phoenixes actually existed on this earth plain back then, because, you know, just like mermaids – we talk about mermaids in many different cultures, we talk about fairies, gnomes, elves, I believe, actually, were beings that now are now living in other dimensions, but that’s just me. But there are many stories about this phoenix.          

[04:56] Sahara

So, the story of the phoenix is that, the phoenix is this beautiful red, vibrant, fiery bird that, you know, illuminates the sky. Many even mistake it as the sun because it’s so bright and it has a very, very long lifespan, they say around 500 or so years. And when it’s time for the phoenix to die, the phoenix actually creates a nest for itself, and this nest is made out of sage, myrrh and cinnamon, and then it actually self-combusts within that nest and turns itself into ashes, from which a new phoenix is born. 

[05:33] Sahara

So, this really embodies the cycle of death and rebirth. From letting yourself go, from allowing yourself, ceremonially, to step into the death portal, from your ashes, from what is left, the new version of you can come through. And this really is such a metaphor to life. 

[05:54] Sahara

In my own journey of navigating this divorce, which was, by far, the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. When I was in my death portal, I could feel the parts of me that, like, wanted to be at rebirth already, that were, like, ready to be on the other side, ready to share my wisdom with the world, like, ready for this to be a part of my past rather than my present moment. 

And on a deeper level, I knew the more that I let myself die, like, fully just die. And when I say die, I mean all former identities of me go to dust – the different roles that I played, the different belief systems that I had, the different structures, such as the patriarchal, Middle Eastern upbringing that I was raised with; such as my identity as a wife in this way; such as only seeing my life with this person; all of these parts of me needed to fully die.

And coincidentally, or not coincidentally at all, because I actually believe there are no coincidences, I was supposed to be in Egypt at that time, so I actually went to Egypt, two of my friends joined me and we just did ritual and ceremony in so many temples and pyramids and caves, and I allowed each layer of me to die even further. In fact, I became kind of obsessed with death. I was writing a lot of poems about death at this time because it became my ultimate muse. 

And this was never something I was really drawn to, for example, before, I was, kind of, someone that was like “Yeah, I know death happened”, but I never had a huge experience of death of someone very close to me. My grandparents had died, but I never had, like, a parent, or a sibling, or someone very close to me die. So, I had never really doven fully into the spirituality of death until this process. And this process made me realize how sacred, and important and initiatory death is. Because when we allow that version of us to die, we create that space for that next version of us to come through. 

[08:00] Sahara

So, what does look like? It looks like questioning “How did you even end up in that situation in the first place?” Because, on a higher realm, I do believe that our souls choose our unique paths and experiences, and I believe that all experiences are here to serve us. And everything, every emotion that we feel, is actually medicine for our souls.

So, let’s say you talk to someone and you really like them and they reject you, that rejection was the exact medicine that you needed to sit with and to ask yourself “When was the first time I felt rejection? What does that feel like in my body? When I go back to that moment, what am I storing onto from there? What identity have I created around ‘I am not good enough, I am not worthy’?”, and that’s actually where the nectar, the juice, is. Because that rejection, on the surface level, was actually the tip of the iceberg of this greater feeling that you were probably holding onto for your entire life, of “When I put myself out there, I get rejected, so I might as well not put myself out there”, which, a lot of us have some version of this story.

[09:09] Sahara

So, letting yourself die is looking at, how did you end up in that situation, following those threads, asking yourself “When was the first time I felt this way?” Maybe a specific memory comes up or maybe just, you know, a time period in your childhood comes up. Ask yourself then “What did I make this mean about me? What story did I create around it?”, because, as children, we look at patterns in our lives and we create stories. 

So, you may have created a story that when things are really good for a period of time, they’re going to turn really bad, so you might as well just brace yourself, because things can’t go well for too long so you might as well just start preparing. And that might be your story that shows up that then, when things are going really well in your life, or well in your relationship, or well in your career, you self-sabotage it because you’re looking for the other shoe to drop and this becomes your story throughout your life that then, because you do that, you actually manifest it as your reality, which then makes the story even stronger of “See, that time things were going well and then something bad happened, and that time something bad happened”, but it’s actually you, because of this belief that makes the bad thing happen.

So, do you see how your beliefs are actually causing you to take action that is then strengthening that belief? Even though you don’t want that belief, you never, cognitively, agreed to that belief, but on a subconscious level, at some time in your childhood, it made sense to you.


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[13:58] Sahara

So, we must look at the underlying beliefs that brought us into that situation in the first place. You know, the situation might have been “I can’t expect that much from men because no man is ever going to be able to, emotionally, meet me”. The evidence may have been created from your father not being able to emotionally meet you, or your mom, or anyone. So, now you have this belief of “Well, I might as well not even try to have really deep, emotional connection with men, because every man is pretty blocked off, emotionally, so, let me not even try to go there because I already know I’m going to be let down, so, let me settle with men who don’t emotionally meet me”. And then, what happens? You end up with these men, which strengthens the belief and puts you in the exact situation that you did not want.

[14:49] Sahara

So, it’s really important for us to reclaim our responsibility in these roles. And I know it sucks, and I’m not saying that anyone deserves anything bad that has ever happened to them, at all, I wish well for every person at all times. However, we live in a dualistic planet and we do learn through contrast. And often times, we need to experience that contrast, and that pain, and that death, to have the life, the joy, the opportunity, the learning.

And I do believe, as we get more intuitive, we’re able to pinpoint things that are off when they’re more in the subtle realm before it needs to become this, like, cataclysmic, big thing. But sometimes it needed to be as big as it was for you to take action. And God, your guides, the Universe, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, knew you would not have done anything about this if it was not as drastic as it was. 

[15:49] Sahara

So, if things are really drastic, thank you. Thank you for making it so obvious that I have no choice but to make a big decision in this area of my life, because it probably was, or it definitely was more in the subtle realm, nothing happens accidentally, but we just weren’t picking up on the signs, we weren’t picking up on the little expressions.

[16:13] Sahara

You know, in my book “Discover Your Dharma”, I talk about how we are all born in alignment with our dharma, our soul’s purpose, our full expression. And that is how we’re meant to be, we’re meant to share our gifts, we’re meant to be in flow, we’re meant to be in aligned community and relationships. However, we have so normalized, as a society, living in alignment, that we’ve veered off these highways and the Universe responds in karma. 

Karma is the barricades on the sides of the highway, and they’re not out there to get you, but they’re there to bring you back in alignment with your dharma.

[16:46] Sahara

So, at first, the karma is like, tap, tap, tap, something off, something’s off with your job, you really don’t like here, you’re feeling really anxious when you come to work every day, or something’s off in your relationship, you guys are really distant, there’s a lot of space between you, there’s a lot of words unspoken; or in this friendship, you’re feeling irked off, you know, something’s up – but most of the time we don’t listen. So, then, the Universe is like “Okay, let’s crank it up a notch”, so, she listens. Punch, punch, punch, punch. It might be a fight, an eruption, a panic attack, something a little bit bigger. Now, sometimes we pay attention, sometimes we make the shift then, however, sometimes we don’t, we keep going in that direction because we’re used to our parents accepting lack-luster lives and relationship, we’re used to society normalizing it, we’re used to watching pretty much every show and every movie, and people, like, hating their lives for the most part. So, it’s become normal for us, it’s like “Who am I to think that there’s something better out there?” 

So, then, the Universe is like “Okay, let me shake that shit up a little bit”, so, she pays attention and makes a change. And then it’s these bigger circumstances that you have no choice but to listen, that might be, you know, a health issue, it might be an accident, it might be an eruption, it might just be something so big that there’s just no way for you to not notice this.

[18:11] Sahara

And sometimes we need it to get there, and including for me too. Because, one of the things I’ve noticed with spiritual people is, we become really good at accepting, we accept everything, we’re like “Okay, that’s all, that’s good”. And accepting, you know, true acceptance, does not mean that we are okay with lack-luster lives, you know, relationships, conversations, it doesn’t mean we settle for a life that is out of alignment for us, it doesn’t mean we settle for disrespect, it doesn’t mean we settle for not living our dharmas and not being met on a soul level, that’s not what acceptance means. 

Acceptance means to stop denying and resisting our reality, but to really look at what is. So, accepting the fact that you don’t actually love your job, or you don’t actually feel like this relationship isn’t working, or you don’t actually feel met in this friendship. The acceptance is to stop living in denial and to be honest with yourself and accept “This is where it is right now. I’m not resisting it, I’m not denying it, this is just where it is and I accept that”. 

And from that place of acceptance, of being clear, then you can start taking aligned action to change it, but acceptance doesn’t mean you’re stuck there forever.

[19:28] Sahara

And I think that this is really important because a lot of us spiritual people, we cope and we put up with a lot of things that we don’t need to be because we’re so good at going with the flow, and we’re so good at making everything work, and we’re so good at not having a problem, and taking it easy, and you know, doing all the work within ourselves so we don’t expect other people to do the work. And sometimes, the medicine we actually need is to speak our truth, and to have boundaries, and to say “No, I’m actually not going to tolerate this anymore”. And when you actually cross that threshold of “No, this is how I will and will not be treated, with love and respect”, that’s actually when the true death cycle can begin. But if you’re still holding on to those former ways of being, of making your family proud, and getting validation from them, of going with the flow for everyone else, to not ruffle people’s feathers, if you’re holding on to those old patterns, you’re not going to have this big phoenix rising from the ashes moment, because you haven’t allowed yourself to fully die. 

[20:29] Sahara

And what I noticed for me, is, you know, for me, the relationship ending was the catalyst, but then, a lot of other patterns that I had going on underneath that started coming to surface. You know, I just became so much more aware of my word, and, like, every word that I am using, and is it true. You know, like, just for example, if you’re laughing, instead of saying “I’m dead”, I’m, like “I don’t want to say I’m dead, why would I say I’m dead?”, you know, isn’t that kind of strange that in our English Language, people are like “Haha, I’m dying, I’m dead, deceased”, it’s like, our words are our wands, I’m not going to say that, I’m not dead, I’m alive, I’m fully alive in my full spectrum. 

[21:10] Sahara

So, I became much more aware with my words, which transitioned into my relationship with my family, of, you know, before, I would have, kind of, conversations with my mom, and I you know, I wasn’t really in my full truth and it was just a little bit still on the surface, and after this, it made me realize, full transparency or bust, because I’m not going to live my life wearing a mask and having these, like, fake ass conversations, it’s like, I’m going to share with you my fucking soul and bleed on the paper, and if you take it, love, if not, love it too, but I’m not going to wear this mask anymore. 

And that actually really strengthened our relationship, of course, it came with confrontation, but when you make these big shifts, of course, there’s going to be waves that occur because that person was used to you operating from a certain way, it was used to relationship having a certain texture, so when you change it up – and, by the way, any moment is an invitation to do things. You might have been friends with someone for 20 years and be like “You know what, this dynamic needs to shift for me to feel really good in it, for where I’m at right now”. And that doesn’t mean that you’re selfish, but it actually means you want to show up more fully. Being selfish is to pretend that everything is okay, when it’s not, and having separation between you and that person. But truly caring about someone, is sharing your heart even when it’s vulnerable, even when it’s scary, even when you can face rejection from it, because you know that full truth is the only way forward. And that’s actual love. 

Love is not bullshit, love is not “I’m going to be this micro version of me to satisfy you”, or “I don’t want to shake shit too much so I’m going to hold back”, that’s not love. Love is “I’m going to speak my truth and radiate my full expression and show you all parts of me because I know that’s going to give you the permission to do the same and I want all parts of you too”. And there’s so much beauty when we can, like, unpeel, unveil those layers of dishonesty with these little micro lies that we say on a daily basis, and we can be so, just, vulnerable and truthful and authentic, which makes us more alive, which makes our relationships and our work, and authentic, so much more rich and juicy. Like, I feel, on the other side, of this death, just so much more alive than ever before. I’m like, within one day, I, like, I saw my dog yesterday, for the first time in four months, because I’ve been traveling for the past four months, and I saw my dog walking through the door, and I’m just like crying, and then I’m laughing, and then I’m like doing karaoke, and I’m like, I just feel so much Shakthi lifeforce energy, that divine feminine juiciness, and it’s so seductive, like, for myself, of like, this richness, and this texturedness, and this heart being blasted wide open that I’m like full fuck yes, I have blood coursing through my veins I have emotions, I have a heart, I have a womb, I have this ability to create and connect, and to channel, and to transcend, and to deepen, and fuck yes, I am alive. 

[24:25] Sahara

And before, I thought I was alive, you probably think you’re fully alive, and there are deeper levels of aliveness for me too. But we can’t access them unless we allow for the death of our former selves to occur, and that death comes with being really honest with yourself, of all of the ways that you are not living your full truth. 

And if you’re wondering “Well, I don’t know, I think I’m living my full truth, fully”, okay, I want to ask you, what is your biggest fear, what is your biggest fear that could happen in your life? And sometimes, if you would’ve asked me this, six months ago, what’s my biggest fear, I don’t even think my marriage ending would’ve even come to my mind. It wasn’t even on my mind, but I would say, once it happened, it was, for sure, my biggest fear, it felt like a living nightmare. So, that thing that you’re so afraid of happening, sometimes needs to happen for you to realize that you are not that thing. You’re not that job, you’re not that relationship, you’re not that home, you are not anything outside of you. And sometimes those things that you are holding onto, that you have attached your perception and your identity to, so deeply, need to be stripped from you so you can realize that you are not that. You are so farther beyond. You can love, you can even have attachments, but don’t hold onto them too tightly, because life is unpredictable. 

And when we surrender into the mystery of things unfolding exactly as they are meant to, we’re so much more grateful for the things that show up in our lives as they do, because we know it’s just a passage of time, we don’t hold onto the summer with all of our might, because we know the fall will come, and the leaves will shed, and God bless it, because that’s what allows the new flowers to germinate in the spring. So, bless it all, bless the transitions, bless the underworld, bless the shadows, bless the initiations, because that’s what allows us to soar, like the phoenix, full flamed, fully embodied, in our queen, sovereign energy. And also, don’t be attached to that state either because there will be other initiations as well.

[27:01] Sahara

So, from this death cycle of really being aware of what are the patterns, the beliefs, the things that have brought me to this situation now, and am I really willing to let go of them, which requires tough conversations, which requires taking action. Maybe it’s quitting a job, leaving a relationship, moving, doing the hard thing, the biggest fear, maybe it’s stepping into your living nightmare, but knowing that it’s not going to be like this forever.

[27:30] Sahara

You know, when I was 23 years old, going through my first dark night of the soul, and at that time I had really bad health issues, I didn’t get my period for over two years and when I went to doctors and they had told me that my body had gone into perimenopause. So, I stopped producing estrogen and testosterone, they told me, you know, “You’re probably going to have osteoporosis by the time you’re 50, probably never going to be able to have kids, and you’re probably going to have to be on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life”, and it was a really scary time because I was going to so many doctors and they just, you know, kept prescribing me more medication, but not telling me what was wrong. And at the same time, I really wanted to write this book on Ayurveda, which is the world’s oldest health system and the sister science of yoga. 

But I didn’t know how to get a book deal, I’d never met an author, I didn’t know how to make money doing this, it felt like this far away dream and my parents telling me “You’re crazy, this is never going to happen, you’re, like, trying to be a starving artist, you’re never going to make money doing this, you need to get a normal job”. So, it was, like, my health was being challenged, my relationship with my parents, which, I realized so much of my life was to get their validation and their approval, and not, also, knowing what was on the other side for me. I didn’t have any evidence, I had never made a book or really anything happen yet, I was 23 years old. And it just felt like “Okay, I don’t know where to turn right now because if I try to get a normal job or be a real estate agent and do what they want, part of my soul is going to die, that I don’t want to kill. The part of me that has hope, the part of me that is creative, the part of me that knows there’s something bigger, that’s not the part of me I want to kill”. The part of me that needs to die is the part of me is still living for external validation and approval, that wants the pat on the head, that wants the “You’re safe”, or “This is the guided path”, or “You’re guaranteed to make it if you do this”, that’s the part of me that needed to die. And it wasn’t easy, it took my dad literally telling me I was dead to him, for me to decide “Oh, shit, I only have one lifetime and if I don’t create my own reality, then guess what, someone else will.”

And I knew I didn’t want to live a life like my dad, I didn’t want to take advice from someone whose life I was not inspired by. Again, I didn’t know whose life I was inspired by, but I knew it wasn’t that.

And I started to meet different people, you know, in Bali and different places, and seeing that they were creating their own career paths as spiritual life coaches, and, you know, doulas, and tantricas, and all these things I had never seen before, and I was like “Wow, you can create a career being yourself and sharing your gifts?”, and all of them were sharing with me their dark nights of the soul and the moments they felt there was nowhere left to turn, and that became their job, basically, to take those challenging moments of their lives and sharing it with other people, and I was like “Oh my god, imagine if I could share this moment of my life and help other people”, even though I’m not on the other side yet, but that became my muse, that became my inspiration. So, I used to tell myself “You know what, right now, you’re just at the shitty part of your memoire, just the shitty part”, you know, everyone needs a shitty part, it’s like, and shit hit the fan and here we are, and I would just tell myself that as things would get worse and I would be, you know, fighting with my mom and I wasn’t sure what to do, and I wasn’t making money, I was, then, living in India in a hut with, like, rats in it, for $2/night, in the back of an Indian restaurant in south India, and, like, you know, it was intense, but I just kept telling myself “It’s just the shitty part of my memoire”. And guess what, it was the shitty part of “Discover Your Dharma”, so, that did actually happen years later. 

[31:21] Sahara

So, then, here I was now, 8-9 years later, 22, going through an even shittier part of my memoire, but this time it was like being awake within a dream because I knew, I just knew, it had to become part of the message that I’m here to share. Even though, right now, it feels like my world is falling apart and I never expected this to happen, and I feel so hurt, and I feel so betrayed, and it feels like God is really testing my limits of how much pain I can hold. And I had to hit a surrender moment where I literally saw black, I was like “Oh, I understand the Amy Winehouse song Back To Black now”, I never fully got it until then. Like, oh, I understand that energy of, like, real rock bottom, I’ve never fully been in it before, like, that energy, maybe you felt it before, of just like “Jesus, take the wheel, like, I don’t know, I do not know what to do at this point”. And when I hit that moment of just full surrender – I knew the word surrender before, but I never really understood what it meant until that moment, of just like “I give myself to you. God, show me the way, I am listening. I am fully here. I, as a human, have no idea what to do next. Show me the path”.

[33:13] Sahara

And I went to sleep that night, just like – by the way, on top of this, I was, like, in a hut, in the jungle, by myself, in Bali, and the phone wasn’t working, just add dramatic effect to all of this, and I just felt so fucking alone, so alone, and so not the way that I thought my life was going to go. Maybe you felt that too. And it felt unfair, but I just knew if God is real, there has to be something greater than me guiding this, even though, right now, my mind can’t figure out what that looks like. 

[33:52] Sahara

So, when I gave myself and allowed myself to just fully surrender and let Spirit lead me. The next day, I knew I just needed to get out of that depressing ass hut in the jungle, I needed to be around humans. The next step I just knew I needed to be around humans. And it was, like, a holiday week in Bali and there were so many people, every hotel was booked, I didn’t even know where to stay and I ended up booking a random hotel and turns out, some friends that I knew were there, that I didn’t know were there, and then they started inviting me to things they were doing, and gatherings, and started going to temples, and I started going to this water purification temple called Tirta Empul, which is all about clearing your ancestral karma and the things that we hold onto, and I started going there, praying and releasing, and allowing myself to see the greater picture of this scenario which was very ancestral, of many layers of patriarchy that has been repeated in my ancestral generations, in the past.

[34:56] Sahara

I come from a history of forced marriage, and I was not in a forced marriage, but my grandmothers all were. My grandmother was 11 years old when she was forced to marry my grandfather, who was 27 at the time. And the ways that, you know, sometimes we think our ancestors are, like, so far away from us and we’re totally healed and that was their problem, and here we are now. And it made me realize, like, how close we still are, how something that actually happened to your grandma was not that far from you at all, in fact, you lived in your grandmother’s womb because you, as an egg, were in your mother’s womb, which was in your grandmother when she was in her mother’s womb. So, we were all actually in each other’s wombs, and this is why the maternal lineage is so important, because we, literally, all were in each other when we were formulating. 

So, I began to recognize just the bigger picture of what was happening here, and my role and responsibility to choose sovereignty, as a woman in my lineage, the first woman to ever get a divorce. And I began to recognize just the magnitude of this, of, like, really stepping into my power and letting go of any threads of feeling like I am not whole or I cannot be alone, and that completely needed to die as well, for me to step into my true sovereignty of “I have everything that I need and I can fully trust myself, and that the next iteration of my dharma requires me to step into the unknown”, because the path that I was on, it served me for that time period, but this next version of me needs to spread its wings like the phoenix from the ashes. And that is the only way for me to share the message that I’m here to share and meet the people that I’m here to meet, and create the ripple effects of change that I’m here, that I’m meant to. I would’ve stayed in that apartment, in that marriage forever, had something big not forced me to look at everything that I was not looking at and rise.

[37:04] Sahara

So, I share this with you because sometimes these situations that happen to us are our ultimate gifts and we need to hit that surrender moment to let go of our plan, let go of the need of the ego to figure out, and this is the next stage after surrender, because your ego is going to want to say “Okay, well, what happens next? We need a plan”. 

For me, it was very much “Where am I going to live? I need to sign a lease”, and it was like this fear and uncertainty of, like “I don’t know where I’m going to life, where’s my stuff going to go?”, like, I was really holding onto that. And every time, I would get anxious, I would go back into the “Where am I going to live”, little plain, that’s where my ego felt important, it was making a big decision there, because your ego is going to take something that’s uncertain and obsess over it because that’s how it can feel itself, because the ego wants to feel important, wants to feel like it’s helping, so it’s going to take something like “What am I going to do about my money?”, or “What am I going to do about this?”, and it’s going to scrutinize the situation and think about it so fucking much just so it can feel itself. But you’ve got to realize that’s not you, that’s not your highest self talking. Your highest self does not obsess about these things, your higher self goes beyond. 

[38:19] Sahara

So, those thread of us are us actually trying to find safety by going back to the old version of us. So, I could feel very quickly, I was like “Okay, let me sign a lease back on the west side of LA and go back to my friends, because that’s what I knew”, but I knew this has the potential to be the greatest awakening of my entire life. Do I instantly want to go back to my former self, or do I want to take this opportunity right now to spread my winds and step into the unknown and be in the void as long as I possibly can, because I know that is where the magic is?


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And this is why I’m such a proponent of doing your own inner healing work, because it allows you to look at the world in such a different way and not let the things that used to trigger you, bother you anymore, so you can be free, so you can be liberated, and so you can be your fullest expression. 

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[40:22] Sahara

So, I thought I was going to Egypt for 2 weeks and coming back, and you know, after dying in Egypt, I went to Dubai and I met these incredible people who I’m going to work with to bring spirituality to the women of the Middle East. And I know there is a lot more for me there, to bring this ancestral wisdom back to the women of my home land, specifically women in Iran who are being killed right now for dancing, killed right now for listening to music, killed right now for sharing their voices, killed right now for just – I would have been killed right now had my parents not left. 

[40:57] Sahara

So, feeling the ancestral thread that brought me back to the Middle East, and then from there, ended up in Bali, fully just healing for a month of ritual, and water temples, and somatic experiencing, and Watsu water therapy, and breathwork, and just feeling, and going through the waves and having so many beautiful community members, people who have been friends of mine, meeting new people and weaving with them, and just, like, beginning to water that new soil that had just been placed. So, it’s like, first, you need to tear the weed out, put the new seed in, water the soil, nourish yourself. 

And then, after Bali, I came back to the US, you know, did some Podcast Episodes, grounded, and then the journey brought me to Trinidad. So, I died, I healed and then I fucking twerked! And I spent two weeks in Trinidad, just in full liberation, full expression, like, I have never danced so much in my life and felt so free because in Trinidad, there, the carnival, first of all, it’s freaking amazing. But everyone is just so body positive, like, any shape and size, they’re, like, in thongs, just, like, shaking their assess on the street and it’s so free and they’re so playful with their sensuality and their expression, it’s like some would come up and dance against you and you’re just dancing and it’s like “Okay, bye!” It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean “Oh, okay, do we need to talk and have a drink”, it’s just like playful. And that’s exactly what I needed to regain the sense of joy because, you know, it brought up a lot of really deep shadow work and, you know, I’ll tell you, again, I went into another portal of the shadow work later, but I also needed to come back up for air and get that joy. And then that joy brought me to higher levels of joy I’ve ever experienced before – higher levels of just, like, full Shakthi expression   

[42:59] Sahara

And in the carnival, like, getting a costume there is a very big deal, it, like, takes months and it backorders and it’s this whole thing, so, I just surrendered, I’m like “Whatever costume I end up with, I’m totally okay with”. And there was, like, so much drama, couldn’t get a costume – the day before, I ended up with a costume, I open the box and it was, like, full mermaid, cone shells, like, my dream costume. Like, if I were to have designed a costume, it is exactly what God handed me. 

[43:30] Sahara

And it’s just, again, when you surrender, you are surprised in ways that your conscious mind could’ve never figured out. I was just like, whatever costume I end up with will be good, and God’s like “We’re going to give you your fucking mermaid costume”, and it was like, feathers and just – it was me in a costume (you can go on my Instagram, you’ll see it there), and just danced, and danced. 

If you guys follow me on Instagram, I shared my manifestation for this week is to wine with Nicki Minaj, because she’s from Trinidad, and I’m, like, literally, you know, you’re walking on the road, I went with my best friend from college, who’s from St. Vincent, she’s Caribbean. And I’ve been a part of Caribbean culture for a long time, a lot of friends from there, so we’re just dancing on the road, having a good time, then we see our friend who’s a photographer, she’s on this bus, we get on this bus, we’re, like, dancing and see some other friends, and the next thing you know, Nicki Minaj gets on the bus, and I’m like, now, here I am, literally wining up with Nicki Minaj at a carnival – of course! Because that’s what happens when you surrender, that’s what happens when you let Spirit lead. Your greatest manifestations can happen – I wasn’t, like, doing ritual over, like, I need to twerk with Nicki Minaj, it was like “That would be cool”. And I was just in my joy, I was in my expression, I was following the flow and then I ended up twerking with Nicki Minaj. So, it’s like, even fun things like that happen as, like, a little nudge from the Universe of like “Okay, don’t worry, like, we see you here, your thoughts are being reflected back to you because you’re living in flow”.

[44:59] Sahara

So, did that, and the biggest thing that happened was – it has been a dream of mine, for the past nine years, since I was 23 years old, the first time I went to Envision Festival in Costa Rica, which is this gorgeous festival in the jungle of Costa Rica, on the beach, biodegradable, like, incredible mix of, like, spiritual, with, like, dubstep, with South American reggae music and workshops.

And I’ve been going to this festival for the past nine years, I’ve spoken there a few times and I’ve always wanted to DJ there, the DJs there are on point! And, you know, it didn’t work out, I tried but they were like “We just have so many DJs”, and it just didn’t work out. And long story short, in Bali, I felt called to go to an improv workshop, which was a shadow work improv workshop all about acting out your shadows. 

So, the assignment was “Who are the people that annoy you the most? The types of people, or even someone specific in mind”. And then, we were doing scenes, being the person who annoyed us the most, to realize that the thing that annoys you the most about people is actually the unintegrated part of yourself.

[46:06] Sahara

So, if you are annoyed by people who are pushy, chances are, you are so afraid of coming off as pushy, that you have gone on the other extreme, of like never asking for what you want, because you never want to be that person who’s too pushy. So, then, by acting out that really pushy person, you begin realizing, well, there’s actually a benefit from asking for what you want and being assertive, and it doesn’t mean I need to go the opposite spectrum, can I embody a little bit more of this in a healthy way, it doesn’t mean you need to go to the extreme of being pushy, but how can I take some of this energy, now, as a muse? 

[46:40] Sahara

Or, you know, for another girl, she was like “I really don’t like loud people”, for her, so, she was very quiet, or, you know, all these different things. So, I was very called to go to this workshop because I love improv, like you guys know, and you know, exploring shadow works and consciousness. And then, when I was there, I was assigned to this random girl and we were supposed to dance our life, the story of our life that was happening right now, no words. So, I’m paired with this complete stranger and I am dancing the full death and rebirth of the past few months, of this divorce, and the unknown, and dying in Egypt, and coming back to life, and not knowing where I’m going to go, and the confusion, and you know, I’m just dancing and it’s like, the perfect way to meet someone, right? 

I think everyone we meet, instead of like “Hey, how are you, like, where did you go to college?”, you should be like, dance what’s happening in your life right now, because there’s so much more depth we can go into by moving our bodies and sharing our expressions, then, like, this rehearsed word and the way that we use small-talk and certain things that we say that really are making us stay on the surface level of the connection.

[47:47] Sahara

So, I end up paired with this girl, I dance my story, she dances hers, we’re like “We need to drop in”, we end up having dinner that night with her fiancé and a 5-6-hour long dinner, we’re going into the depths of our souls, and then, they’re like “Do you want to DJ our wedding?” And again, I’m in this surrendered experiment of just saying yes to everything, I’m like “Sure!” Did not know anything about their wedding, it’s at Envision Festival, like “Great, I actually wanted to go there, so, perfect, yes!” Turns out they had a stage at Envision Festival, and I’m like “Perfect!”, and then I start announcing and more people wanted to come, so I end up like the headline, Friday night, 10:00pm DJ at their stage at Envision Festival, over 1500 people show up and it was the best night of my life! Like, so in my flow, so in my power, like, so many people coming up to me saying “That was the best set I’ve been to at a festival – period!”, because my DJ sets are not your typical conscious DJ sets, I call them Shakthi Twerk. 

[48:47] Sahara

So, I bring in global bass music, tribal beats with, like, Afro beats with reggaeton, 2000s hip-hop, Brazilian funk, because, to me, the hips are where we really store that juiciness. That sacral chakra energy is where we hold onto our creativity, our pleasure, our abundance, you know, the juiciness, the flow of life what we’re speaking into is all in the hips, it’s all in the sacral chakra, so, we can go down there and connect to earth and really feel ourselves, we open ourselves up to higher levels of bliss, and joy, and just orgasmically feeling the wave of life. 

[49:25] Sahara

So, a lot of, like, ecstatic dance sets, the music is very up here, it’s like [sound], and everyone’s, like, kind of moving their hands, you know, like those spiritual dance hands that everyone does, like [sound], which is fun sometimes, but for me, I want to move, I want to do hip circles, I want to ground, I want to grunt, I also want to let my inner teenager out, that’s like “Let me see that thong, baby, that thong, thong, thong, thong, thong”, like, I did a remix of that song with, like, reggaeton drop, and just making it fun and playful, because that is why we’re here.

[50:02] Sahara

Like, we go through these death and rebirth cycles for the bliss and the joy and the expansion on the other side. But here’s what happens often in the spiritual healing community, we get so obsessed with just the death, just the shadow work, then we’re like “Oh my god, I’ve got more work to do and more work to do”, and then we’re in this perpetual healing cycle that never ends. And I am not saying bypass it, like, trust me y’all, I’ve been in the death portal and right after this, I actually went back into one. However, it’s the bliss, and the joy, and the creativity, and the sharing your dharma, and sharing the expression, that’s what actually gives you the fuel to be able to make it through the waves, it’s like, you come up for air, you go back under. And then you’re able to hold your breath for longer, you can go to deeper depths, find deeper things, because your nervous system feels safe. 

But if you’re in this perpetual like “Oh my god, this is wrong, I have to heal my entire ancestral lineage and all the shame they’ve ever held onto and I all the rage of all of my past lives”, it’s never ending and you’re going to be healing for the rest of your life. By the way, you are going to be healing for the rest of your life, we all are. 

But it’s those moments where you’re living your full dharmic expression that makes it all worth it, that you’re like “If this is what’s on the other side, then bring on the shadow work, bring on the death and rebirth, let me feel the depths of my pain and suffering, because I know I will rise on the other side”. It’s not about perfection, it’s not about “Let me heal, heal, heal, so then, I can eventually have a good life”, you need to make the choice.

[51:36] Sahara

You know, after Bali, I didn’t just end up in Trinidad, I made the choice of “This is what I want to do with my energy, this has been on my bucket list for years, something I’ve always wanted to do and now this is my time to do it!” So, you need to make the choice, take the action, sign up for the thing, book the flight, to have those peak life experiences that make it all worth it, and then you fill yourself up with so much radiant, iridescent light, that then you have so much more capability to feel the depths of the shadow, because you’re not afraid of it, because you know what’s on the other side.

[52:13] Sahara

So, from Costa Rica, DJ-ing this festival, then I went to Sedona and that was a whole other layer. I did this thing called Soul Adventure, which, I’ll tell you more about it on another Episode, but it was basically a full week of one-on-one healing, specifically for what I was working on, so, on ancestral healing, healing my relationship with the masculine, shamanic rituals of, like, connecting back to spirit animals and other realms, EMDR, you know, cognitive therapy, like, somatic therapy, I mean, so many sessions, like 2-3 a day, pelvic floor therapy. And from that place of now having that stability and that joy in my nervous system, I was able to go to such deeper levels that in that initial, really vulnerable state, after the death, I couldn’t have handled it, maybe it would’ve just taken me so, so low.

So, I was able to do that and recognize patterns from my childhood and how they’re connected to my ancestral lineage and put the pieces together, of the puzzle, in such a way that I’m not looking at this experience in confusion, but actually, in so much clarity and gratitude, because now I can see I’m so grateful that everything happened exactly as it needed to because it brough me to where I am now. And I love this version of me!

[53:37] Sahara

So, I share with you what my phoenix rising from the askes happened, and you don’t need to go to Egypt, and Bali, and Trinidad, and Sedona, but these places that I ended up, really embody the energy of the different layers and phases, and you can really look at it from its grand scheme, it’s waves. It’s you go into the underworld and you come back and you rise to greater heights, and you go back into the underworld and you come back and you rise to even greater heights. 

And if we don’t choose these, choose these different portals, they’re going to happen to us regardless. So, you might as well choose! Because when we get too comfortable, then life is like “Okay, time for your initiation”, and it’s one that we did not consciously choose. But when you choose of “I’m going to spend this week going on, you know, a really deep healing retreat or a vipassana, or meditation practice, or whatever the thing is, and really go into the depths of my soul, it doesn’t need to be a week, you might do psychedelic journey, or sit with plant medicine, or do therapy, or past life regressions, or whatever it looks like, but it’s so important to choose, going into these things, because then you can prepare yourself, be ready for it and take in the full medicine, without resistance, without the “Why is this happening to me, I didn’t choose this, I was supposed to be over here”, but like “Okay, it’s time. We’re going to do some excavating right now”.

[54:55] Sahara

You know, in Egypt, they’re always excavating new parts of the desert to see, you know, maybe things move, maybe there’s something new there that we didn’t see before. Same place, they’ll excavate it again because they know earth is alive. And just like our subconscious is alive, there are layers of patterns in your subconscious that you just did not have the safety to access before that, now, if you actually do some deep inner work, you’ll be able to access. 

There are also layers that you will only be able to access a few years from now, but you’ve got to build the foundation.     

[55:25] Sahara

So, this is why I highly recommend – and I have been my own guinea pig of this, of all the practices I’ve been sharing on the Podcast, I’ve been doing. From somatic therapy, to, you know, hypnotherapy, to pretty much any healing modality you can imagine on planet earth, I have been doing. And it shows me that the healing journey really works. Because, here I am, you know, and I’m still in it, and I’m committed to this, and it’s a lifelong practice. But it normally takes people years to recover from divorces, traumatic experiences, health challenges, and I have been able to transmute it, just at such a more rapid state, because I have surrendered into it, because I’m not resisting it, I’m not ignoring it, I’m not going back to my ordinary life and pretending everything’s okay and bypassing it, like, I am fully committed to healing, and if I wake up and want to cry one day, guess what, bitch – I’m going to wake up and cry, and feel, and go back to where it came from “Oh, it’s my inner 7-grader, she feels unloved, and unchosen, and not important, because she had a crush on this boy and he didn’t like her back”, I will go into that and cry for that girl and bring her back in, and do an inner child healing, and hug her, and we’re going to go for a massage, and we’re going to listen to some Little John”, and she’s like “Yay!” Like, I am so committed to feeling, and that’s why I can feel this, like, joy and this radiance, that, like, people just like come up to me and they’re like “You just have amazing energy, I just want to be around you”, I’m like “Thanks, been working on it”, you know. It didn’t come coincidentally, it came because I am committed to feeling my full spectrum. And the more I can feel my anger – you know, I did a full rage ritual where I just channeled the anger of all of my grandmothers, these young girls, 11, 12, 13-year-old girls forced to marry an older man, sometimes the second, third, fourth wife of this man, and I let myself just fucking feel that rage of like “How did my father just give me off to this man?”, and like, punching the pillow and feeling that rage, because guess what – that rage is living in my DNA, whether I choose to feel it or not. But I can deny it and suppress it, and it will show up some way in my health, show up some way in micro aggressions, show up some way in relationships or down the line, or I can choose it, I can choose to feel it, create a ceremonial practice of “Right now, I’m going to feel the rage of my ancestors”, and let myself feel the depths of it. Because, then, what happens, when you fully allow yourself to feel something, it no longer has a hold over you, it washes over you and then it’s like after a baby cries, they go “Ahh”, they exhale, and they release it, and they don’t have to hold on to it any longer. And then your heart opens so much and you’re like “Wow, I’m so grateful that I’m able to choose”, “I’m so grateful I have freedom”, “I’m so grateful I have choice”, “I’m so grateful to be fucking alive”, and then you feel that other end of the spectrum, which is that full gratitude.

[58:25] Sahara

So, feel your full spectrum, let yourself be in the different stages, choose to go into the underworld and also, choose to go into the joy, because both of them are conscious choices, they’re not going to happen from you sitting on your couch and watching other people live their lives on your phone and wondering why your life doesn’t look like that. 

Was it easy for me, in the midst of the most traumatic thing in my life, to schedule all these flights and know where they were going, and have a bag, and checking in and everything, and out of the thing, and now I’m in the thing? Was that easy? No, it was not easy at all. And on social media, you see the highs, but you don’t see the long car rides, and bags missing, and stomach viruses, you don’t see those things. Traveling does take a lot, moving takes a lot, being on your own for the first time, these things take a lot, but that’s life. You can’t just keep yourself in a cage because you’re afraid of the discomfort that happens when you leave it. Because then, that cage gets more, and more, and more confined, and then you’re wondering “What was my full potential?” And I believe that that is probably the saddest thing to live with, is knowing that you didn’t live your full potential, that there was so much more juice, and purpose, and bliss, and love out there for you, but you didn’t have the courage to move through the discomfort to feel it, that, to me, is the greatest tragedy. So, choose it, feel it, live your motherfucking dharma.

[1:00:00] Sahara

And this is why I created Dharma Coaching Institute, which is the world’s first and only school that trains Certified Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coaches. So, you, actually, will learn how to take your pain and move it into your purpose. You, yourself, will move through the journey of the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

It is a 6-month program where, every week, you are on live calls, coaching, you are getting feedback, you are on Q&A calls with me every single week, you are going through our tried and proven pathway. We have graduated over 1500 students, many of which, right now, are full-time Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coaches, creating their careers out of this. They are writing books, they are hosting retreats, they are getting raises at their corporate jobs, getting to be the purpose coach within their companies, they have private practices, but most importantly, they’re able to take the obstacles in their lives that could have brought them down and use it as the nectar and the fuel to alchemize.

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You know, what is alchemy? Alchemy is turning bronze into gold. So, they’re taking that bronze and transmuting it into the very gold that they are sharing with the world, and they are receiving that abundance back. And this, to me, is our highest calling as human beings, to transcend the path of karma, because then we know, anything happening to us, really is, ultimately, the medicine that is here to serve us, and we turn that karma into dharma. We turn that obstacle, we turn that pain, we turn that mess, and we make it into our message, our purpose, our greatest gifts, our gifts, our offerings, how we are here to be of service, and guess what – it feels so fucking good! And you are the only one in the world who can share your message and your journey because you are the only one that has walked it. 

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So, in this time that people are worried about being laid off and what’s going to happen, when you are living your dharma, you are one of one, you are irreplaceable, there’s no one else who can do what you are doing because it’s only you who can tell your story in the way, who’s gone through the exact life experiences you’ve had. And those experiences are what someone on the other side is waiting to hear. They’re waiting to hear someone like you, who comes from where you are, who’s gone through what you’ve gone through. How were you able to go through the other side? And it doesn’t need to be the exact story, maybe you haven’t gone through a painful divorce like I have, but you can see yourself in bits of my story.   

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So, ultimately, we are all here to learn from each other. And if you feel called to turn the very obstacles that you have moved through into your gifts that you share with humanity, and the very things that you are paid for. Like, to me, the ultimate thing on earth is to be paid for your unique gifts, not paid for something that, like, anyone can do, that’s like a recurring thing, but paid for your magic sauce, that’s like your creativity, your unique perspective, the way that you see things, the way that you share things, that feels so good, to, like, pay your rent with your thoughts, with your consciousness, with your heart. And that’s really what living your dharma is about, it’s stepping away from this wounded/healer paradigm of “I need to suffer, I need to do everything for free, I need to be the martyr”, but rather “I get to be abundant, I get to receive, I get to step into my power, I get to do things my own way”. 

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You know, for me, I love wearing bright colors, and DJ-ing, and dancing, and I get to make that part of my career, I’m also a multi-7-figure CEO and I run big teams, and I create books and podcasts, and you know, go to temples, and do deep initiatory practices because I am a multidimensional being, and so are you.

And when you step into your purpose, you get to let all of these parts of you come together, you no longer feel the separation of “There’s me at my work, and there’s me with my friends, there’s me with my partner, and there’s me by myself, and they’re all four different versions of me and no one really knows the other version. But rather, it’s I am fully me, dancing with these different archetypes at all times, and all of them get to come online. I get to bring my motherly energy into my coaching practice. I get to bring my creativity into my business. I get to bring all parts of me, my mysticism, into my practicality, because they are not separate, they are all what make me, me. And that’s really what living your dharma is about.

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So, not only do you do this for yourself, but you learn the very tools to share this with other people. 

So, we have different methods called, it’s the Proprietary Dharma Discovery Method, such as The Dharma Blueprint, The Dharma Journey Spiral, The Dharma Chakra System, and these are very frameworks that have literally worked with tens of thousands of people because if you think about it, we’ve had over 1500 coaches right now, who are all coaching hundreds of people each. So, there’s tens of thousands of people that these practices have worked on.

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I’ve even had a stranger from the street – my friend had a sign that said ‘I will help you find your purpose’, and she took a random stranger from the street, brought them to me, and I had three hours to help a total stranger find their purpose. I used these tools, and she did. We have the video to prove it. 

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So, you don’t need to be in the dark of like “Okay, like, I know I’ve gone through really big things in my life, but, like, how am I going to create a career out of it? And how will I know it will actually help people? And how will I know people will get results? And how do I know it’s going to be worth their money and it’s going to be worth it for them? How will I know these things?” Baby, that’s why we created Dharma Coaching Institute! Because we guide you, step-by-step. 

And so, you’re first doing the tools on yourself, then you’re doing it with your other peers and in school as well, then you’re practice coaching with people in your life, then you’re practice coaching with people that aren’t in your life, and then you actually take on paid clients.

And we guide you, step-by-step on how to do this, so, by the end of the 6 months, a lot of our students, a huge – I mean, most of our students have at least three paid clients by the end. In fact, we make that part of the requirement, but many of them are full-time coaching, especially those who are already health coaches, yoga teacher trainers, they have some sort of teaching background. A lot of them are up and running with their coaching business by the end. So, it really just depends what you put into it. 

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So, you’re able to share these, and that’s the beauty of, like, passing the torch of “I step into my dharma and I help you step into yours, and you help someone step into theirs”, and that lighthouse keeps giving. It’s like when you light a candle and you have a flame, you give that flame to someone else, it doesn’t diminish yours, yours is just as strong, in fact, it’s even stronger because it’s being passed along and they give their light to someone else, and their light to someone else, and before you know it, you illuminate the world. And this is the mission that we are on in Dharma Coaching Institute. We are here to create a more illuminated world where people are recognized for their gifts, where we honor and celebrate our differences and the unique paths that have brought us there, where your story heals, where you are fully seen and heard and recognized for you, where you get to be you, full-time and you get to be surrounded by other rainbow sheeps.

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You know, sometimes in our family, we’re the black sheeps, so we like to call ourselves the rainbow sheeps. But you’re surrounded by other rainbow sheeps, other people who have always felt a little different, but the reason why we feel different is because we are here to create the new paradigm, the new ways of being, the new ways of relating, the new ways of diving deep, and not having surface level connections, but really honoring and seeing someone’s soul for who they are and everything it took for them to get to where they are right now. I mean, I’ve had a journey to get to where I am right now and I know you have too, and journeys get to be shared and expressed because when we, like, throw them to the side like “Oh, it’s not, you know, that really hard time I went through, that’s not important, you know, I’ve got to be my professional self now”, it’s like, no! that hard time you went through, that challenge, is the greatest offering that you can share with someone. Don’t separate and compartmentalize that, but bring that to the table because that is what has made you, you, today and the more you share that and the more you pull from that, the more it awakens and inspires me. I’m able to pull and share from my story and we’re able to make sense of our paths and understand how we got from point A to Point B, and then where we’re going to point C, and the red thread connects it all, and we know we are guided, and we move from victim to creatrix consciousness because we know we are always being guided and supported by a greater force that is always taking us somewhere that we cannot see right now because all we have are the flashlights that show us the next five feet ahead, because that’s all you need to see. You don’t need to see the very end of the highway, because it hasn’t been chosen, you are choosing it right now with every step you are taking. There are omnipresent directions, it’s like being in outer space, there’s no roads in outer space, you could go up, down, diagonal, omnipresent directions, and that’s how life is. Every little micro decision takes you into a completely different quantum timeline. So, which do you choose? Do you choose to continue living in your cage? Continue living the same day over and over and over again? Continuing to settle for a lack-luster life? Or do you to choose to make this moment the invitation for you to step into your highest self? I know you already know what you choose and it can be fucking scary to step into the unknown, trust me, I’m still in it, I still don’t have a home, I’m living in Airbnb’s but I have surrendered into the flow and it has taken me places my conscious mind could have never taken me before, and it’s just the beginning. And so, it is for you! 

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So, if you’re listening to this right now, believe there are no coincidences, part of your soul is ready to hear this message. Whether spending the next six months with others, Dharma Coaching Institute is your path forward to have that momentum and that direction and be part of the community, and you love the Podcast, and you want to be with other people who listen to the Podcast, in this, like, beautiful way that you’re creating a new career path doing it, if that’s your flow, beautiful, I can’t wait to see you in class. 

And even if not, maybe this is just one of those little taps and nudges for you to know that there’s another way of being that you haven’t fully stepped into yet. And I invite you to really sit with what that is and to have the courage and strength to take action on it before something really big needs to happen. Honor the whispers of your intuition before they turn into screams, and that is how we can live the path of grace, to move with the whispers of the wind, to live a life of ease, and joy, and expansion, and surrender, and trust that we are always being guided, step-by-step of the way. 

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So, I thank you so much for being here! 

You can learn more about Dharma Coaching Institute, check out our docuseries, learn more about the community, see our curriculum, see different student experiences, be part of our Life Q&As that we do, all on dharmacoachinginstitute.com, you can find that link in the show notes. Again, that’s dharmacoachinginstitute.com, you can find that link in the show notes and I’m super excited to see you in class. 


Episode #492: How To Rise Like the Phoenix From The Ashes with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

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