Highest Self Podcast 466: Ancient Goddess Wisdom + Live Mary Magdalene Channeling with Kaia Ra


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A few years ago I read The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra and was blown away by the dense layers of wisdom within her book. Kaia received direct transmissions from the goddesses and channeled this sacred text which essentially serves as a blueprint to awakening by empowering creative free will + returning to the divine feminine.

Since then the Sophia Code has become a global movement as so many people resonated with these sacred words and have declared their own sovereign divinity. In this episode I sat down with Kaia Ra (in person!) to discuss it all.

Kaia shares an inside look on what her process of channeling is, when + how she first began channeling, what the Sofia Christ consciousness is, how to remove harmful catholic teachings from Christ consciousness, and soul much more.

We dive deep into the goddess Mary Magdalene’s story, debunk the myths while uncovering her truths, and Kaia even channels Mary Magdalene live in front of me.

It’s not everyday that you get to interview someone channeling an ancient goddess in the same room, and you all get a chance to witness this sacred magic!

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Episode #466: Ancient Goddess Wisdom + Live Mary Magdalene Channeling with Kaia Ra
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Kaia

In life, we have a choice. Do we want to be a victim to life or do we want to be a sovereign co-creator with life? And when we receive into it, the information, when we receive psychic information, if we don’t act upon it, we start to create drama in our life, resistances to the information that we are receiving, then we say “Oh, I’m not receiving information, I’m not seeing, hearing or connecting with my guides”, it’s like “What are you afraid of? What do you not want to take action on?” That’s why people resist their intuition, they’re their higher self embodiment.

[00:45] Sahara

Hi, I’m Sahara Rose, and this is The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:53] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, one of my favorite things to do on this Podcast is to go deep into spiritual topics that include the sacred feminine. I’m talking about a more embodied and grounded and integrative approach to spirituality that is not just about ascending and leaving the human experience, but rather, being so immersed in this body and this beauty, and this womb, and the earth, and that, to me, is what my highest self feels like. So, welcome, I’m grateful to have you here! 

[01:27] Sahara

And this Episode is a deep and profound, and really introspective one because I actually read the person’s, you’re about to hear, book, years ago, and it is extremely dense with just layers of true channeling that she shares from the Goddesses.

[01:50] Sahara

So, if you have not heard about The Sophia Code, it is a movement now, it is the direct transmission that, Kaia Ra, who you’re going to hear today, received from various Goddesses, and it has created a global movement because so many people have really resonated with these words and they have really rung true for them. 

[02:11] Sahara

So, in this Episode, we talk to Kaia about what was her process like. I ask her questions such as “When did you begin channeling the Goddesses? What was your process like? What were you doing in your life to help it come through? What is this Sophia Christ Consciousness that she speaks about? How can we move from separating, often, harmful Catholic teachings from Christ consciousness?” then we really dive deep into Mary Magdalene, as there is a huge Mary Magdalene awakening happening right now. And she shares with us how her story has actually been distorted by the church. And she is not the whore, the prostitute, that they call her to be, rather, she also, like Yeshua (Jesus) is an Ascended Master.

[02:55] Sahara

And then, what is so special about this Episode, is, she channels Mary Magdalene for us, and she goes into that consciousness. And I am able to ask Mary Magdalene questions through her, that you will be able to sit with.

So, you’re going to feel the energy as you listen to this. It is such a unique and incredible opportunity to literally interview someone channeling a Goddess in front of you, and you guys get to be in on it.

[03:21] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Kaia Ra, to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[05:33] Interview

[05:33] Sahara

Well, Welcome Kaia, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here! 

[05:37] Kaia

Oh, it’s such a pleasure to be here, Sahara, thanks for inviting me!

[05:40] Sahara

And doing this in person, feeling the flow, feeling the juice! And the first question I’d love to ask you is, what makes you, your highest self? 

[05:49] Kaia

What makes you, your highest self? Well, you already are your higher self, your humanity, your human body is in emanation of your higher self. 

So, in The Sophia Code, what we teach is that, we’re on a journey of merging our human awareness back into the light of our higher self. So, it’s really just about remembering who you already are and choosing to never look from that again. 

[06:16] Sahara

Yes, so beautifully stated. And I know, for you, your journey has been transformative and you are channeling these Goddesses, and Ascended Masters, and High Beings, however, it didn’t start that way for you. So, can you share a little bit about where your journey began and how your pain really shifted you into your purpose?

[06:38] Kaia

Yeah. So, I actually was channeling from the earliest memories I have. It’s actually these beings that really kept me alive through a lot of the abuse and atrocities that I survived, as a survivor of human trafficking, and much more than that as well, that I won’t go into at this moment. But it was actually my ability to channel that saved my life, because when you are constantly in life or death situations, you learn to rely on your higher senses to survive, or you’re not going to survive. 

And fortunately, for me, I came in with a team of spiritual guides that were a part of the mission that I’m on. It’s both an advocacy mission as well as a spiritual mission, they’re really one of the same. And it was my guardian angels, my star family, the Ascended Masters, these different angelic beings that were all there with me in those experiences, because I chose to come into this lifetime, I know in my heart that I didn’t have to come in to have these experiences. I chose to come and have these experiences and to prove that, as a microcosm of the macrocosm, that humanity can truly move from a slave mindset to a sovereign embodiment, body, heart and mind. 

And so, it wasn’t just me, the reason why I survived is because it was a team of beings that I was directly interfacing with in between everything else I was surviving.

[08:23] Sahara

So, did you know at the time, these are Goddesses, these are Beings, or did it just come through the voice of your own intuition? How did you create that discernment? 

[08:35] Kaia

Well, I mean, it was a really extreme and unusual circumstance where I’ve lived most of my life, first half of my life, outside of my body, in the spirit world, so, there was very little of me in my body. So, getting to know these beings in the higher realms was pretty full on because I wasn’t, you know, I wasn’t going to spend a whole lot of time in my body, consciously, as I was surviving those things.

So, even as a child, I could identify their names, I could identify some of the different faces. A lot of times, there was just so many angels that they just looked like beings of light. And then, the faces that I would recognize the most would be Jesus or Mother Mary. Surprisingly, Green Tara, was a very big part of, I remember, I have memories of receiving some of the teachings from The Sophia Code when I was like 3 or 4, from her. And I didn’t fully remember that until I was channeling The Sophia Code, and I would flash back to memories as a child, speaking to her, as I was rechanneling them. I was like “I’ve already heard this”, and then I would remember “Oh yeah, that was that moment when she appeared and my body was out”, but my spirit was talking to Tara. 

So, you know, it was part of what I was surviving, was being used, it was a program for psychic children that was being trained to be used for nefarious purposes. And yet, there was always a part of my heart and my soul that knew I was going to survive and knew I was going to go on to overcome and help as many people as I possibly could, because I would receive visions from the future that would reassure me, even in the darkest of times, that yeah, I was going to get through them. And at the end, those Beings were going to be a part of how I got through. And it was out of my immense gratitude for all of these Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Star Nations as well, that would come to me, help put me back together, emotionally, psychologically, even physically. You know, it was just so much gratitude for them, I really wanted to give back to them, later in my life, and to reveal to others like, okay, I get it, not everyone has that kind of level of psychic experiences to know for certain that it’s real, but I can reassure you, through the fact that I’m still alive, it is real. Whether you can hear them the way I listen to them or see them, they’re there and they’re ready to help you. And that brings me great peace to know that I can speak to them with confidence and certainty, that they’re here to support us, because we’re all going through so much at this time. And to be reassured of that, it’s really helpful, I think for people.

[11:39] Sahara

Wow, thank you so much for sharing! And how do we know when it’s the voice of a Goddess, or which Goddess, which Angel, vs. just some guidance that we might be receiving from our highest selves? Like, how do we know where it’s coming from?

[11:55] Sahara

Yeah, that’s a question! One of the easiest ways to identify – if you are in a really sovereign space, a lot of people, they’re still figuring out what it means. And, so, in The Sophia Code Mystery School, we teach a circle of sovereign empowerment. And so, we call in a circle of light, and in the 8 directions, we place the 8 revealed key codes. We’re all sovereign masters of light that help create the space within your circle, for you to feel yourself. That’s the first step. You’ve got to clear the space. 

A lot of people are letting ancestors hijack them, even their relationship with their parents or their children, or even Spiritual Guides can be overbearing. And so, if you call in that circle of light, I want to get into a sovereign clear space, especially with the support of these particular Ascended Masters, what happens is two things: you can identify when your higher self is speaking to you because it will feel internal, you’ll hear or feel the sensations in your heart or in your throat area, you might hear it in your ear chakras and your third eye. But very often, what I have found for myself is that, it’s different for me because of how I see them and interact with them, but for most people, I feel as though, if you feel as the information is coming from somewhere outside of you, like someone’s speaking to you over your shoulder, or even speaking into your throat, or even from across the room, or there’s this sensation of like a breeze coming over you and you get a yes from the Universe, that’s guidance coming from the outside of you. When you sit down and you meditate, you pray, you feel – Mary Magdalene talks about this in The Sophia Code, the voice of your heart will actually speak to you. And that just takes some stillness, that takes some quieting. And a lot of people have resistances to slowing down, but if you really want to know the difference, you want to start to decipher what is yours and what is someone else’s, because Spiritual Guides have their own perspective, some of them have their own agenda. And so, if you really want to know what’s in alignment, your highest alignment, you would call in your higher self, you get really grounded in your heart center and you would ask for them to speak to your higher self. And anything that’s really meant for you, that your higher self approves of, will be then downloaded into your heart, for your higher self’s approval.

And that’s how we work with channeling in The Sophia Code. Everything has to be filtered through your own sovereign divinity, everything has to be filtered through your higher self. And everyone used to talk, one person at a time, a guide will, sometimes, try to outshout each other and compete with one another, it really depends on what kind of guides your working with. And your higher self has the ability to sort it all out, that requires us taking more responsibility for the conversation that’s unfolding.

[14:57] Sahara

And do you think that, also, by the type of information that you’re getting, you can kind of tell who it’s coming from?

[15:03] Kaia

Right. So, the signature, right? So, what I suggest is, if you really, if you know in your heart, there is a guide you want to go deeper with, having an image on your alter or a statue, or even a written intention of like “I am going to receive information from Ascended Master Isis”, and you build an Isis altar or some kind of…

[15:27] Sahara

She’s right behind you! 

[15:30] Kaia

I’ve been really feeling her!

[15:31] Sahara


[15:32] Kaia

I’ve been working with her so strongly all week. It’s like when you create a space in your home where your office is consecrated, that conversation, then you can start to – and we teach about this in our Star Gate One curriculum, over time you build a relationship with that Master of Light, so then you start to get to know their signature resonance. You might even start to see them, you might even start to identify “Oh, this is what the voice of Isis sounds like, vs. Quan Yin”, “Oh, Quan Yin has this softer, it’s firm, but it’s softer…”. Isis can sometimes, it’s beautiful, it’s feminine, sometimes it feels like a sword, right? And so, feeling our way into their signature is often how people, first, start to identify the difference between their guides. And the more that you appreciate and acknowledge that clairsentience feeling, psychic information, is information. You are learning, you’re getting to know your guide. Then that muscle gets stronger and you start to hear them, you start to hear the resonance of their voice, then that muscle gets stronger and “Oh, if I can feel and hear, what would it be like if I looked at how beautiful she is? What if I felt worthy enough to see her smiling at me, in her radiance, filled with divine love?”

A lot of people don’t see, for two reasons. Number one, they don’t think they’re worthy of seeing such beauty and grace, even though it is our divine birth right, or God wouldn’t have given us our psychic senses, which everyone has. And the second reason is because, when you see, when you hear, you are responsible for that information. 

And so, in life we have a choice, do we want to be a victim to life or do we want to be a sovereign co-creator with life? And when we receive intuitive information, when we receive psychic information, if we don’t act upon it, we start to create drama in our life, resistances to the information that we’re receiving, and then we say “Oh, I’m not receiving information, I’m not seeing, hearing or connecting with my guides”, it’s like, what are you afraid of? What do you not want to take action on? That’s why people resist their intuition, they are their higher self embodiment. 

[17:54] Sahara

Beautiful! So, if someone wants to work with a deity, would you suggest that they look up the image that, you know, most notably resembles them or find their own way of seeing them?

[18:07] Kaia

I mean, I feel like it’s so unique to every person, based on their previous lifetimes of intuitive and psychic development. 

So, I think it’s a great question to ask yourself, for any of your listeners, to ask themselves, like “Well, how do I learn best? Is it visual? Is it audible? Is it – if I wanted to connect with Isis, would a trip to a local art museum where there’s Egyptian artefacts, inspire something for me?” 

I’m a very visual person, so I have statues and paintings and altars all over my home, and it helps me stay honest with my practice. But if someone is more audible, I think, you know, listening to Tibetan music, wow, or to the chanting, that will connect you with the Dikinis and Green Dara right away, whether you’re looking at Atnka or not, you’re going to go into that resonance. 

So, I think it really depends on which guide that you want to connect with, and also, what is your unique intuitive learning style, and honor that.

[19:09] Sahara

I love that! So, I love The Sophia Code, and you speak about Sophia Christ Consciousness. And I know, for a lot of people, when they hear the word Christ, they think of organized religion, in that way that we are taught about Christ, you know, in different churches. For some people, that word can even be triggering. 

[19:30] Kaia

Enormously triggering.

[19:32] Sahara

So, what is, kind of, the difference between Christ Consciousness vs. Organized religion?

[19:38] Sahara

That is such a great question, thank you for asking it! When The Sophia Dragon Chime asked me to start using the Christ Consciousness in The Sophia Code, I was like “No, really! You want me to do what? Please, don’t make me!” Not that they would make me, but they were pretty…

[19:58] Sahara

It’s loaded!

[19:59] Kaia

It’s a loaded gun word, for sure! And I knew it was going to create a lot of division, but ironically, the purpose of the Ascended Masters asking me to use that word was to unify multiple lineages. 

And in The Sophia Code, we consider Christ Consciousness to be absolutely synonymous with Source Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. 

So, what does that mean? It means we’re returning back to the original Source teachings in The Sophia Code, from the perspective of each of these divine feminine masters and all of their teachings have been, in some point, manipulated, co-opted, used against women, against the feminine, because the feminine is within all of us. And so, that’s what we’re doing with the words Christ Consciousness. 

But there’s also something else that’s happening there. And in The Sophia Code, The Sophia Dragon Chime talk about, actually it was in Green Tara’s chapter, where we talk about what is the meaning of the Christ. And Christ is form, it is physical form that emanates out of divine consciousness. So, everything is the Christ, and if we all treated one another, and this planet, as the Christ beings that we are, divine beings, having a human, a physical experience, that’s a miracle, that is a holy miracle. And The Sophia Code, for over 300 pages, declares that miracle, that everything is holy, everything is divine, and it’s only when we turn away from it, that things go sideways and gets twisted. 

And so, that word (Christ Consciousness) returns us back to, Jesus is not the Catholic church, the church is the church, the church is a doctrine that was used to develop the Roman Empire, it was literally co-opted from a Messianic lineage. 

And by the way, there are multiple Messianic lineages all over the world, if you look close enough (one of which was Buffalo Women’s lineage). She was literally a Messianic figure of you look close at the teachings. And that’s when things started to really click for me, that if we were to take back this word (Christ Consciousness), we would be taking back our power. And there’s just so much radical power in that word for us, and I feel like we are just getting started, as a movement, to see what the effect of teachings of Sophia Christ Consciousness can have upon thousands of people. And I’m really curious what’s going to happen when millions upon millions of people decide, they want to explore what that consciousness really means for them in this lifetime.

[22:49] Sahara

And for you, it came through as the Sophias, the voice of the feminine. So, can you speak a little bit about how The Sophia was basically edited out of the books and out of the stories, and you know, just the way that we have been mistaught, and also weaving in Mary Magdalene and how her story has been co-opted and used against her.

[23:10] Kaia

One million percent, co-opted! 

[23:12] Sahara

And now, there is this beautiful return of the Magdalene. So, for people who maybe, they grew up Christian and they grew up hearing these stories, how can they begin to learn the true history of what happened? The her-story of what happened? 

[23:26] Kaia

Well, The Sophia Code is a great place to start with because it’s, every single word of it is channeled. It took me 7 years to channel it, it rewrote me to actually attempt anything like that. 

And Sophia, in The Sophia Code, is the Source, it’s Source Consciousness. Source can show up through you in a feminine voice, Source can show up to you and be the Holy Father, Holy Mother, Source can show up and have absolutely no gender identity at all. The Source is the Source, and it’s the light, and it’s the nothingness, it’s the vast space of no thing. When that consciousness, which I had been in contact with many times, but this way was very different. What happened in the evening in Manchester, California, it showed up as the thunderous voice of God and God was speaking to me as a woman and it sounded like lightning.

[24:21] Sahara

You were meditating during this? Like, how did it show up? 

[24:23] Kaia

Yeah, it was, I share, in the Preface of The Sophia Code. I went to Manchester, I rented a house, I had a message from the Ascended Masters to go temporary live in Manchester and start working on channeling a book, and they said “Whatever you do, you have to be consistent, do the same thing every day”, and it was like a real, chop wood, carry water kind of experience. And so, I did exactly what they told me to do. Every day, I would make my breakfast at the same time, I’d work out at the same time, I would do my walk and then I would get ready to channel and then break, dinner, do the same thing, make the fire, feed the cat, it was all the same thing. And about a month into this, finished washing the dishes, went to sit in the living room, do the next round of writing, and everything melted down. I watched the wood beams turn into atoms, there was no medicine involved, there was nothing hallucinogenic, I just finished washing the dishes and I don’t need any kind of medicine to channel. So, it was, it was pretty wild, the whole house just disappeared before my eyes, the only human that was left was me and the laptop sitting in my lap. And I was in the light and that’s when the voice of Sophia came and it sounded like lightning, and it was very hard for me to handle it because it was so loud, it was almost unbearable, and I begged her to turn the volume and the light down a little bit, you know, respectfully, but I was like “I’m just a human being, have mercy”. It was mean, like “Are you paying attention? I am the mother of all life, are you listening to me?”, I was like “I am…”. At first, I didn’t even understand, I had never met the voice of Sophia, so my first question to her was like “Are you the Greek Goddess of Wisdom?”, but there was no face, there was no body, there was no deity, it was just the light and the lightning. And she was like “No, I am the one divine mother of all life, are you listening to me?” I was like “You absolutely have my full attention, but you have to turn the volume and lights down a little bit because this is unbearable”. And as she did, it went from, like, white light to white light and gold, and out of the gold light emerged thousands of Ascended Masters, from so many different races and beings and parts of the universe. And there was a few of them that stepped forward that were very familiar to me because they had been mentoring me for years, and those are the ones that are featured in the first book of The Sophia Code, the introductory volume of this, it’s a series. And that’s when Sophia asked me to write The Sophia Code, and she said it would be a love letter to humanity declaring the sovereign divinity of humanity and that it would be a part of activating the divine genome of humanity, which we talk about in Chapter 2, and that these mentors, these Ascended Masters were committing to mentor humanity back into its sovereignty. 

At the time it was, I mean, how do you say no? I mean, they were asking me but it was just, like, I was so overwhelmed, I was like, I say yes to the mission and the frequency and the resonance was so high and I was still healing from so much trauma, I could barely maintain a channeled state. I mean, I had been channeling for years, but it was nothing compared to meeting The Sophia Dragon Chime. It was just like “Oh, I just found my life work!”, okay, or it found me. 

And then, over the course of channeling The Sophia Code, every time I went to channel Sophia, it’s like, it’s channeling the consciousness that gave birth to all life. All it is, it’s the light and it’s the void, it is the mother consciousness, it’s so multifaceted. I think in spirituality, we like to compartmentalize, to make things really safe, you know, like “Oh, divine mother’s safe in this way”, and it’s like “Yeah, divine mother has teeth too”, she will fiercely defend her creation like Sekhmet or Kali Ma. It’s like, all the divine virtues are asked of Sophia, but Sophia in The Sophia Code is not a deity, she’s not an Ascended Master, she is one name for the one divine mother of all life. And as we know, divine mother has many names.

[29:06] Sahara

Can anyone connect with her? 

[29:08] Kaia

Absolutely! This our one divine mother of all life, yeah. I just happened to be in enough excruciating pain in my own life, that my willingness to listen that closely, I guess is what resulted in us receiving The Sophia Code.


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[30:37] Sahara

So, right now, with just everything happening in the world, politically, socially, what is The Sophia calling us, as women, to stand forth and do? What does she want us to be focusing our energy on? Does she want us to be deep in politics or holding the high vibration? You just hear so many different perspectives, so I’m curious what she’s told you or if it’s very, just, individual?

[31:02] Kaia

I would be really careful here because there are billions of souls on the planet and every soul has such a unique purpose. And sometimes people have profound spiritual purposes in unexpected career choices or unexpected fields of interest. 

What I will say is that Sophia is calling us to sovereignty, Sophia is calling us to self-love, Sophia is calling us to the sacred and to take a stand for the sacred, Sophia is calling us to reclaim our hearts and to wake up out of the programed lies and conditioning that we have been literally punishing ourselves with for centuries. She wants us to set ourselves free from the very slavery that we agree to every day, because we are divine beings, we are her children, we were born sovereign, divine, holy and free, but then we, temporarily, hand over all of that to people, the institutions, outside of ourselves. And we are being called to create beyond anything that’s ever been created up until this point.

And I think for a lot of people, that’s such, there’s so much unknown, and that’s asking for all our potential to come online, not just part of our potential, like, to create in ways we have been waiting lifetimes for. What happens is, when you get called to such an angelic mission, we’re being asked to not only create beyond anything we could imagine, but to also heal lifetimes of pain and suffering, both from living on this planet and others, where we have given away our power. 

And so, I think that’s why a lot of light workers feel so overwhelmed in this lifetime, because we’re being guided to heal from the old paradigm, while birthing a new sovereign paradigm simultaneously. I feel as though, from years of counselling and serving, it feels as though a lot of light workers, it feels as though they’re separate, like “Once I’m healed up enough, I’ll be able to serve, lead, create something new”. And it’s like, it’s actually hand-in-hand, because everything that we are empowering ourselves beyond healing, in real time, is the medicine for others to step more deeply into their sovereignty, it’s authentic, it’s genuine. We’re all healing from matrix programing right now, all of us. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you know. That’s what we’re being called to.

[33:57] Sahara

I think healing is just, such a never-ending trajectory that we’re always going to be on, there’s always going to be deeper levels, and sometimes we can use it as a way to just eradicate the responsibility of sharing our gifts, of being of service of “Oh, I still have more healing to do, I still need to heal this”, and it’s like a way of keeping us playing small. And then, often times, like the world leaders who never think about healing are just like doing in an unhealed way, so we see this huge polarity of most spiritual people are not involved in politics and social change, and then the people who are, have zero healing. So, we need these worlds to collide and come together.

So, a question that I’ve been really sitting with and I’m curious The Sophia’s perspective on is, the unpredictable nature of life and how, just, so many things happen and our human, you know, consciousness, tries to give it a reason, and I catch myself doing this of like “Was it my Karma, was it a soul contract, was it a past life, was it this, was it that?”, and then, I wonder with, just like, the chaotic realm that is also the feminine, you know, of like, is it also just like life and it just happens or would the Sophia say there is causation around everything that happens?

[35:16] Kaia

What’s interesting about this question is, it kind of goes back to that, I know, I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, where we’re serving and someone, a client, or a community would be like “So, am I ever going to finish healing?”, like it’s something to get out of, right? Like, it isn’t the spiritual gold mind that it is. And I think it’s the same thing with our experience of form, it’s like, everything is here to serve us. So, even when things feel random or chaotic, it’s like, it’s, I think the best approach is to just continue to be curious because life is creating with us and anything that feels off and strange, it’s always a calling to how clear we want to become. And so, at this point in my journey, I don’t believe in anything random anymore at all, at all, at all. And I like it that way because it reassures me every day that I am a creator of my reality, and it’s a constant, like, barometer for me, of, like “Am I in my heart today? Am I leaning into my guides? Am I invoking Sophia’s source to guide my way?” 

And even if something comes up that’s uncomfortable, like “What am I going to learn from this today?” Sometimes, yeah, I want to get to the bottom of it, “Is it past life related? Does this have to do with another time, another place?” Other times I just don’t feel like I have to name it to just know that love is here, everything here is for me, it’s not against me, even if it looks that way. How is this growing me? What’s opening up? What’s healing? Is that helpful?

[37:17] Sahara

Yeah, I mean, it’s really like that question of “Does everything happen for a reason?” or “Does everything happen and we give it a reason?” But then it’s like, does it really matter, you know, it’s like, what empowers you?

[37:31] Kaia

Yeah, I mean, I just feel as though, at this point, I think that’s one of the most challenging parts of creation, is looking at, yeah, it’s all our creation, all the time. And it means we get to discover how powerful we are.

[37:50] Sahara

Yeah. And I think it’s, like, easier to look at your own life and be like “Oh, yes, of course, I manifested everything, the good and the bad”, and it’s, like, so much easier to take ownership, but then when you see difficult things happening to your friends, you know, and other people, you’re like “How is this happening to them, they’re a good person, they don’t deserve this?” But then, it’s, I think it’s, like, our humanity never wants to think that anyone ever manifested something bad, and that’s what causes us to question.

[38:18] Kaia

Yeah, I mean, The Sophia Code declares that we are holy, not just good, holy, for over 300 pages. But we choose to become human, I think, partly, to keep things a little humble for our divinity because if you are an all-powerful divinity, having an experience like being human with seeming limitations, with the bumps and bruises, and yes, the absolute heartbreak, sometimes of being human, there is a soul growth there that has been going on for eternity, otherwise souls wouldn’t keep incarnating in the form. I mean, it’s not about “This is a good person, so bad things shouldn’t happen to them”, it’s just like, who are we to say. Like, I’ve had the most horrible things that could ever happen to someone, and I’ve gone on to serve thousands of people because of what I chose to do with it.

So, yeah, I think that’s a level of – no one has to like it, but it is a part of what I teach about, which is spiritual maturity, it’s just like, it does take time though, to identify, like “No, everything is here for me, not against me”. And yeah, it’s a big one to wrestle with, it’s nice to talk about it, thanks for speaking it. Because I know a lot of people wrestle with that all the time.

[39:46] Sahara

Yeah. I have a friend right now who is going through a really tough time and I keep thinking, I’m like “How could this be happening to this person?” And it’s a really hard pill to swallow, to be like “That’s just their lesson”, it’s like, you know, the mother archetype in me is like “No, I want to help them and save them, alleviate the world from suffering”. And I think that’s also, like, what makes us Goddesses in human form, is, like, our desire to also try to do what we can to help.

[40:12] Kaia

Of course! And I think, even just, maybe even, like, softening our lesson because sometimes we’ll see things happen and it’s going to stimulate the greatest healing and release for maybe like 25 lifetimes of trauma. Sometimes it just takes that one final lifetime where you’re like “I am done with this story!” 

And so, yeah, I think, I just want to be careful with that word because it feels as though we judge ourselves so harshly for our learning curve, and it’s like, to have the courage to even come here and be willing to learn from these extremes deserves all our compassion. 

[41:00] Sahara

Doo you think, right now, there has been a call for a certain type of soul to incarnate on this planet?

[41:07] Kaia

Definitely! Don’t you?

[41:09] Sahara


[41:10] Kaia

Especially over the past 100 years particularly. I feel as though it’s really important for the souls that are here right now to find each other, the ones that need each other. It’s like, what’s so unique about the souls coming in, because they are so unique, they tend to self-isolate and so, that’s why it’s really important for like-minded, heart-centered souls to find each other and be in community with one another, whether online, hopefully in person, get out from behind the screen and connect. We need each other!

[41:45] Sahara

Absolutely! Community, sisterhood, feeling each other’s frequency is so needed. And I feel like, especially after the past two years, it’s like putting in that extra effort into.

And I think it’s hard, sometimes when you are spiritual when you’re an empath, you feel so much that it can make you very sensitive to other people. So then, it’s like, you go out and you, I don’t know, sometimes you feel so much about a person that’s it’s very overwhelming that it’s like easier to just be on your own where you can kind of, like, just bask in your own aura that.

What advice do you have for people, that it’s like, maybe just hard for them to connect with people, they get very exhausted easily, or it’s just hard for them to find people that they feel genuinely comfortable with? 

[42:27] Kaia

Oh my God, I used to be able to not leave the house without, I don’t know, maybe 5lbs of crystals on me, it was so uncomfortable to be in public or be around anyone, even spiritual people, so I can really relate to that.

It was really my mentorship with the Ascended Masters and completing the divine genome activations in The Sophia Code, that changed my life forever. It was surrounding myself in a field of sovereignty that reeducated me, helped me to reclaim my own sovereign body, my own sovereign psychic centers, and I call in that circle of empowerment every day with the 8 directions. I do it a lot on YouTube with everyone that watches my daily, and you can just feel it, you can feel the energy clear out. If you claim the sovereignty of your body consciously, and your emotions, and your psychic centers, you can receive the love from others, but there’s like this force field of light, invincible light that doesn’t allow you to take on the negativity or even just the excitement of others. 

Sometimes people just get really excited and they energy dump, there’s just such a lack of education about how people can keep their energy to themselves, just circulating in their own body. And so, you know, without judgment, it’s just about, when you claim your own sacred space, which is your body, ultimately, your sacred space is your body, of course, it’s your office, your home, your temple, but it starts with your body. And the more you claim that, consciously, ask for help from your guardian angels and guides, you can start to interface with people in a way that is more regenerative, being able to speak what you need, speak your boundaries with greater clarity, without worrying about how someone might respond to that, or react to that, that’s the energy of sovereignty. When you’re doing you, you can let other people do them, and that lets everyone off the hook. No one has to be responsible for taking away your energy or sucking your energy, it’s just like, did you call in your higher self, did you sit in your circle of empowerment first, and then go out? And from that space, you get to love people exactly as they are, not as you would have them to be, because that’s not real empowerment, to try to twist someone’s arm, to be a certain way so you’ll feel comfortable at a party, your spiritual gathering, that’s actually called co-dependency. Your higher self is sovereign. And so, as you practice embodying your higher self with the Ascended Masters and your angelic guides, you get to enjoy life and others more, and most importantly, yourself. It creates a space within your body and your circle of light too, you are playful, be more of who you really are, not care so much about what other people think.

[45:30] Sahara

Yeah. And I feel like that energetic co-dependency happens a lot with empathic people in relationships, of like “I’m not good until you’re okay”, and you just feel so much of what’s on the person’s mind, and everything else. So, I really love just, like, the blueprint of Mary Magdalene. And yes, she was divine, tantric, relationship – can you speak a little bit more into that, because so many people have grown up – you know, my husband grew up Christian, going to Sunday school, I was telling him about Mary Magdalene and he heard the story that she was a whore, that is the story that he grew up hearing, I’m like “They told you as a kid that she’s a prostitute?”, he’s like “Yep”, I’m like, because I didn’t grow up Christian, I’m like “Wow, that’s so crazy! Why did they feel the need to even tell a child about that? To go in that direction?”

[46:17] Kaia

Isn’t that interesting? 

[46:21] Sahara

So, can you speak a little bit more into the true divine love between the two of them? 

[46:26] Kaia

Sure. Well, to understand the true divine love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, you have to understand the profound level of self-love that Mary Magdalene embodied. 

In The Sophia Code, in her revelations, we share her story from her voice, from her perspective. She was actually extremely wealthy, highly educated, she trained all over the ancient world as a High Priestess, with her family, she was trained in the Divine Feminine. She was probably the most eligible woman of her time, in her country, let’s put it that way. 

In The Sophia Code, we share about the fact that she did not have to get married, that’s how much wealth she was going to inherit, which was absurd for women at the time, it didn’t even exist for women of her time. So, we’re talking about a woman who was gorgeous, a genius intelligence, crazy psychic, being trained at temples since she was a child, loving family, we’re talking about a woman who was raised up to be whole and complete in herself entirely. She was not ashamed of her body, she loved her clothes, she loved her adornment, she loved the feminine, the divine feminine, the diamond light that radiated for Mary Magdalene. I mean, when I just even talk about her, when I connect with her, it fills my whole being with that diamond light, just the resonance of how pure she was, a Christed being in her own right. No one could even come close to being Jesus’ best friend, let alone a partner, unless she was that. So, let’s clear that up!

And it was actually Mother Mary, as you’ll read in The Sophia Code, that introduced them. And she shares, in The Sophia Code, how she had to evaluate Jesus, almost interviewing him from a distance before she would decide to walk side-by-side with them in their shared ministry. This wasn’t about him exercising her in any way. In The Sophia Code, we share about how they would perform exorcisms together on other people at that time, together, working side-by-side, in full lotus positions. Full lotus as Sun, performing full-blown teachings, healings, exorcisms, miracles. And it’s one of my favorite chapters in the book because it reads like a movie, how beautifully they worked together, side-by-side. The superpowers he would use to protect her, the superpowers she would use to support him. 

And so, when we were talking about their love, we’re talking about two individuals that started their tantric training at the age of 3. Everyone associated Tantra with sexuality, Tantra is lifeforce, Tantra is the ability to direct lifeforce and to commune with all of that is, all of creation, Divine Mother, Divine Father, God, and to be fully consecrated and committed to how that divinity wants to move through you beyond the ego’s ideas of what’s happening.

So, in the New Age community, there’s such a, there’s a lot of inversion and strangeness around that word. And so, we have to understand that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were trained by Masters, from childhood, at least by the time they were adolescents they were Masters themselves. It’s such a different context. 

So, by the time they met, you know, in early adulthood and started this orbiting around one another, The Sophia Code talks about how they orbited around one another like two planets of power, in harmony with one another’s orbit, it wasn’t Mary Magdalene like the Moon, orbiting around the Sun of Jesus, they were orbiting each other. And in that, their ministry became so brilliant that we’re still talking about them thousands of years later. 

You know, the energy that they cultivated together was so advanced. There’s a lot of teaching out there that, again, try to, like, compartmentalize and make something, maybe, understandable or smaller than really it should be, because what we’re talking about is Tantra that would be used to move a movement, to save lives, to liberate thousands of people’s consciousnesses at the same time, perform miracles. I mean, if you want to know a good use of Tantra, it would be that, breaking matrix programming, initiating people into their own divinity, that’s what they were doing side-by-side. 

So, you know, I don’t know if there’s any greater love than that, than to serve love in that way.

[51:31] Sahara

And then, how did it come to be that her story was distorted so much?

[51:36] Kaia

So, there was a certain point in the history of The Roman Empire where it was falling apart and they needed a unifying religion to hold together the remanence of what was left and that’s where they started looking for that religion, based on everyone that they conquered, and there was nothing more appealing than the Messianic lineage of the Judaic prophets. It was absolutely fascinating because in that lineage, you have a lineage that the king was always declared by the prophets first. So, you could usurp that linage into The Roman Empire and say “Oh, we have the king of kings ordaining our next emperor”, it’s this fascinating… We talk about this in the Star Gate Two curriculum in my Mystery School (The Sophia Code Mystery School), it was this fascinating co-opting of this Messianic lineage that they needed to create a religious fervor to unify The Roman empire at the time.

As that was happening, there was a whole series of doctrines that were being put into place, there was all sorts of men, in cloaks, that were deciding on which of the texts that they were going to keep from The Bible, or extract, and how they were going to be rewritten. And one of those characters that got rewritten was Mary Magdalene. 

There’s some people that say she’s a composite of three different women that they were writing into this character. I believe that after Mary Magdalene fled and survived and continued her ministry in Europe, of course, landing in France and then moving onward across Europe as well, into England, I believe she actually created the Spiritual Empire that thrived for a period of time, and that was eventually destroyed. But I believe her power rose in such a way that it really put a thorn in the patriarchy’s side. And so, it was really, kind of, their final, like, knife twist to write her as a whore, when actually she had been the divine feminine, Christ, counterbalance to this divine masculine Christ figure, and continued to live in success and service even beyond his ascension. 

So, you know, I think it’s pretty standard that the divine feminine has been punished for centuries, thousands of years at this point. And so, that’s why The Sophia Code came as a divine feminine sacred text. It’s an opportunity for us to reclaim the feminine principles of God Consciousness as holy and sovereign and free, free from thousands of years of, you know, religious dogma, doctrine, control and punishment.

[54:38] Sahara

And I feel like the word whore is just used towards the feminine in general, it’s like the ultimate, like, low-blow, like something that you’ll never find your way back from. And also, just knowing the way that they were also using their Ka bodies and the ways that they were connecting sexually, which, I feel like the patriarchy is just so afraid of that power that women hold, that to call her a whore is, like, the ultimate way, also, for them to just disown that power. 

So, can you speak into, first of all, what is the Ka body and any rituals and practices that you know of that her and Yeshua would do together to cultivate more of that energy through their tantric practices? 

[55:22] Kaia

Yeah. I mean, when you’re using the word whore, you’re taking a sword right to the root chakra, right to that base, that foundation there. So, one of the practices they would use to cultivate, well, the Ka is the individual souls, but what they want me to share about today is, you know, every relationship has its own soul, so that’s what they want me to speak to, because there’s countless practices that we could talk about where you build the chi of your own individual soul. But what I think people are really interested there, is, how did they build that the soul of their relationship, which becomes its own entity, it really does. And I think that’s why relationships are so blissful and painful, because we’re dealing with the child of the relationship, and most people don’t regard it as such, right?

And so, one of the things that they’re asking me to express right now, they’re laughing because everyone always wants to go to the sexuality. Yeah, I’m going to be true to what you want me to say. Because everyone keeps focusing on the sexuality, they want another perspective brought in here, and that’s what The Sophia Code does. It really brings it back, that’s exactly why they want me to do it, because they were constantly teaching side by side, they were constantly meditating side by side, so they were using that Kundalini, sexual lifeforce, that cosmic attraction, off the charts attraction for each other, it would move almost two dragons up their bodies and then intertwine above them and merge together above them, so it created this beautiful temple of light around them that created a container of space for others to be awakened by. 

So, it’s like, they were so cultivated that as they connected to the earth through the root chakra, that dragon tail going all the way from the heart to the earth. But they were two Ka bodies making love, they weren’t even in a bed together, in front of all these people making love, side by side, in meditation, not touching each other, making love. You want New Age sexual Tantra, let’s do that, let’s do that, let’s visualize that. I mean, that’s Tantra that changes the entire planet, to create a temple of light where you can make love just by sitting next to someone, staring into the eyes of everyone else, that’s some multidimensional love making. That’s love making that many people don’t even consider because it’s, that’s how God loves us, all of us, all at the same time, God is madly in love with every single one of us. And so, if we want to talk about true Tantra, that is what the purpose of it is for, is to experience the God, bliss, the perfect communion. Yes, of course, with the beloved, what is the highest purpose of it? To love all of creation? To bring healing and enlightenment to it.

[58:49] Sahara

Well, thank you for that beautiful visual, it reminds me of, in Tantra, it’s like the eden pingala, it’s like these serpentine energies. As you were saying it, I was visualizing that. And also, just like the immense power even just with meditating with your partner, you know, and I’m like – sometimes, Steven and I, we’re meditating separately, but that was such a reminder to me to cultivate that energy, to tend to that collective soul that your relationship is and not take that for granted.

[59:19] Kaia

Oh my God, because there’s so much power there, that’s what they were creating temples of light, with, I mean – and I think it’s, at least in The Sophia Code, we always talk about the Kundalini with the dragons, because the dragons are not bound by Earth, they’re Masters of Heaven and Earth, so, that was really what I saw. And maybe it will help anyone who’s listening to perhaps consider the ascension of the Kundalini into that, such a powerful, unlimited space.


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[1:01:17] Sahara

So, with this Magdalene culture, you know, I see it so much, do you feel like there is a focus on, maybe, over-sexualization of Mary Magdalene with it?

[1:01:29] Kaia

Yeah. I feel as though, sometimes I’ll say words because I’m channeling the collective. And when I said sexual trauma about five minutes ago, that, I feel as though that’s what I’m always coming up against in this conversation with Mary Magdalene. It’s this sexual trauma in the collective that continues to go unaddressed and actually, not just unaddressed, but then spiritually bypassed into an over-sexualization and a projection upon Magdalene.

And honestly, it kind of drives me crazy because after spending years channeling her, and in her presence, and understanding the depth of her – like, I have channeled her, I don’t even know how many hours with clients and students, just for The Sophia Code, years and years, and it’s like, the level of Tantra that she was co-creating with Jesus, again, it was so planetary, it was so for the enlightenment and liberation of humanity, it was stunning. 

I’ve seen visons of them and I’m just speechless, like “When is humanity ever going to be ready to really understand this?” This is what they were doing! 

And so, like, it just takes a lot of compassion on my part to just, I feel like I hold my tongue a lot because I don’t want anyone to feel I’m judging them, but I really do feel as though there’s a lot of spiritual bypassing and there’s a lot of projection onto Mary Magdalene because it’s easier to fashion some kind of sexual model in your mind and say “Well, she did this, so then, I can feel safe being myself”, and it’s just like, why don’t you just be yourself, why don’t you just be with your own sexuality, with your own tantric practice and discover what you’re really afraid of, and what also you’re creative potential is there? Why do we have to keep projecting onto this figure who’s already been projected onto for thousands of years? 

And so, it’s a little personal for me with her because I just, I adore her, and I’ve spent so much time in her presence that I just am so grateful that The Sophia Code presents a different perspective, because I feel like it’s a balance to how much is out there. And as we have over-sexualized there, necessarily, because that’s what people needed at that time. 

[1:03:54] Sahara


[1:03:55] Kaia

Right? It’s like we all find what we need at the chapter we need, but as we grow, and as we evolve, and as we mature, we start to realize life is a lot bigger than we can control, God is a lot bigger than how we want to compartmentalize it, and these masters of light, our own higher self, our own divinity consciousness, whole lot bigger than maybe the stories we’ve been told that makes it, sort of, easy for our ego structure, right?

And so, I feel like there’s a little bit, a whole lot, actually that happens around her. My prayer is for our people to meet her heart-to-heart, free of all context, right? Just sit down in meditation and invite her to speak to your heart. Chances are good, she’s going to show up in a way that’s surprises you.

[1:04:53] Sahara

Does she have any words that she would like to share for people right now?

[1:04:57] Kaia

Sure! Sure! Yeah, let me just take a moment. 

So, Mary Magdalene is sharing that, although it can feel really challenging in this lifetime, the most important person in your world should always be you, that every spiritual guide or guardian angel, a new star being, that surrounds you, be sure that they’re always sharing that with you. To love your own heart first is how you will remember why and how you came here to serve your divine purpose. 

There’s so many people that are looking outside of themselves for why they’re here, but if they could come and sit for a moment, the fire of their own heart, they would be warmed by the power and the light that’s already there. 

Mary Magdalene’s saying “I am a guide for your generation, it is my great honor to be discovered and remembered in you, by your hearts once again. I’m emerging from the lifetime of grief that I survived, to walk joyfully now with you in this lifetime. The more each of you discover the pathway of Christ Consciousness that already exists as part of you, you will discover how you are connected to me as a spiritual guide”. There are many, many, many light workers that are listening right now, that are connected to Jesus and Mary Magdalene, just not in the ways that you were originally taught. 

And so, it’s in this reconciliation with the Magdalene, we call it in The Sophia Code, the Order of Magdalena, as you reconcile with me and with Jesus, beyond religious doctrine and dogma, you’ll experience a massive healing in your heart that goes out across lifetimes, not just this lifetime. It will also lead you to unexpected teachings and lineages, and reclaiming your soul power from those lineages as well, whether it be Hindi or a Buddha, Buddhist, or indigenous, for you to see that there’s so much Source truth, there’s so much Source consciousness in many lineages that intersect on this planet, that’s why this planet is such an interesting place to ascend from. When you ascend, you are not just ascending with one or two lineages, you are ascending with information from multiple species, multiple lineages, multiple timelines. And this is a lifetime where many of your lifetimes are converging into one 0. calibration, that myself, Jesus and all of the Ascended Masters are here to support you becoming that bridge for others, because when you merge all of your lifetimes into one body, you are calibrating all of that experience, all of that wisdom, everything you’ve ever created, all of the memories of your soul back into this one body, which is a vast amount of information, knowledge and spiritual power that you can draw upon to lead in this lifetime, to fulfill your purpose, to shine and to co-create with one another. Your generation is here as an extension of ours, we came and we planted the seeds, revolution of Sophia Christ Consciousness, when we did in preparation for you. And so, when you open your hearts to directly mentor with us, both myself and Jesus and all of the angelic souls that make up the Order of Magdalena, you will realize, you will remember how much you are walking with an army of light. You have never been alone, nor will you ever be alone, and that this is not a fight, this is a consciousness, the air drops down and liberates humanity from the perspective of divinity, which also, then illuminates, radiates, from your humanity and reclaims the holiness of your humanity as you embody your mission alongside us.

Yes, there are many women and men who are drawn to me, who are healing from the trauma that they have experienced around their sexuality, rape, abuse, and I am here, as a healing guide, I am here to help dry your tears and to hold you through those very, very difficult moments. You can think about me as an ever-present friend, a big sister, a support system that you can call upon at any time. But know that your sexuality is only one part of the genius creativity of your soul. You are all that is and you came to express every facet of your being. 

If you remember to not limit who I can be for you, you will remember how unlimited you are in your own sovereign creativity and your ability to heal from all wounds and your ability to create beyond your wildest dreams.

I also deeply work with Mother Mary, as a spiritual guide, for your generation. Many of you are seeking a clear definition of a sovereign mother, the sovereign motherhood energy that has been missing. And so, when I appear as a spiritual guide, you will also feel the presence of Mother Mary and Jesus by my side. And in this trinity, we create a very sacred flame of consciousness for both you individually and your collective consciousness, to rise up, to shed layers of shame that has been forced and programed upon you, to take up the mantles of Sophia Christ Consciousness and to finally accept the pure, holy, divine light that you already are. That is my purpose for being your guide, that is my purpose for still remaining here, as an Ascended Master, supporting the ascension of this planet, to call you back to your sovereignty and to reveal the holy divine love that you already are. And the power of that divine love, to co-create a new sovereign paradigm, through a space of spiritual maturity when you can identify that your gifts, your talents, your interests, your passions, perfectly intersect with others, like-minded light workers and star seeds that journeyed to be here with you here at this time, you are all masters of light in your own way. And so, when you call upon me, know that I will be directing you to your own heart, I will be asking you to grow into uncomfortable and vulnerable places, so that you can shine bright enough to find your people, to reunite with your community of light workers that are here to co-create with you.  

The mission that Jesus and I fulfilled happened through a community, there were thousands of us and there are thousands of you, millions. Stop looking at what’s dividing you and start looking for everything that unifies you in this angelic mission that we share together in this lifetime. With all my love, I send my blessing to you. I am Mary Magdalene, and so it is.

Okay, was that helpful?

[1:14:12] Sahara

Wow! Thank you so much for that! It was really just a meditation to sit with. I felt all of a sudden, this like wave of light come over me and I just sat with it, and it was just so beautiful to receive.

[1:14:28] Kaia

Oh, I’m so glad!

[1:14:30] Sahara

Yes! How does it feel for you as you’re channeling? 

[1:14:36] Kaia

I just feel, the longer I go, the less I feel all the particles of my body, the electrons, and it just emerges into light while the electrons and the light, and kind of like that feeling that I was describing with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the dragons, creating the temple of light, it’s like I feel my soul expanding and merging with her soul for a moment, and then we just have this conversation and then I just speak on her behalf. I start to voice speaking out of the light and I’m resting in the light.

[1:15:13] Sahara

So, do you hear her and translate or does she give you the exact words?  

[1:15:20] Kaia

Yeah, it’s the exact words. And sometimes I get nervous channeling in a situation like this because I’ll just want to go into the first person perspective, and I don’t want anybody to think that I’m saying I’m Mary Magdalene, because I’m not, but I’m actually speaking her words.

And what happened over time was, I spent so much time channeling The Sophia Code, being in meditation with them, that a lot of what they shared, just eventually became my language, it just became an extension of who I am because I’m representing the ministry, the mission. So, yeah.

[1:16:00] Sahara

Yeah. Yeah, I feel like, sometimes, you know, when I channel, which is, I’m not channeling so much deities, it’s more just, I would say like energy almost, that’s coming forth, it’s always through my highest self. But yes, sometimes it’s like ideas that, it’s like a cloud of ideas and like, I’m trying to find the words fast enough to, like, get the idea out into words, but it’s hard to tangibly name. 

[1:16:26] Kaia

Well, especially if you’re downloading chunks of quantum information, right? Because our localized awareness is linear, but their perspective is linear, which is really tricky when you’re writing down channeled information because one sentence could be for the end of the page, that shows up as the second sentence. So, often, I find that journaling, automatic writing, is really helpful and then being curious enough to be, like, not attached to the order, and be like “Hmm”, we call it Quantum Popcorn, in the Mystery School, like “This is all quantum popcorn, and it’s all going to find its right place when I come out of a channeled space”, and I ask to be shown how it needs to be reorganized. 

I think a lot of people who channel get frustrated with that, like “Wait, it’s all great information but why is it all over the place?”, it’s because you’re pulling from a quantum universe and we’re living in the beautiful illusion of a linear time, space continuum. 

[1:17:24] Sahara

Yeah, now I just know, just write it down, you’ll figure it out later, just, like, don’t lose the words.

[1:17:31] Kaia

Get all the popcorn!

[1:17:33] Sahara

Yeah! It doesn’t make sense, but let’s just keep going! 

[1:17:35] Kaia

Yeah! Oh, I love that! 

[1:17:36] Sahara

Yeah! Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your heart, your story with us today. And where can listeners read The Sophia Code and connect with you further?

[1:17:46] Kaia

Yes, thank you. It’s been such a pleasure having this conversation with you! kaiara.com, it’s my first and last name (kaiara.com). And our Mystery School is there, and you can get the book there.

[1:18:01] Sahara

So beautiful! Well, I’ll be sure to link all of that! I actually love listening to The Sophia Code because you’re actually reading the transmissions and it’s so powerful. There were so many times that like, I would get into this in between sleep and awake, just like delta state of receiving, and I would wake up and I was just like, especially Quan Yin’s voice would be like encoded into my consciousness.

[1:18:25] Kaia

Oh, you embody that Key Code 6 energy so beautifully!

[1:18:30] Sahara

Thank you! 

[1:18:31] Kaia

Yeah, thanks for sharing that. That audio book was recorded at Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’s facility, so it was, they let me build all the altars to the Key Codes, recorded it in like five days, it’s where record the soundtracks for movies.

[1:18:50] Sahara

So cool!

[1:18:51] Kaia

So, the whole orchestra, it was just me in this massive studio and a big prayer. And I’m so grateful that you could feel the transmission in the audio book. Thank you.

[1:19:05] Sahara

Yeah, it was so beautiful! Well, thank you again for sharing with us today! 

[1:19:08] Kaia

Yeah, my pleasure, thanks for having me! 

[1:19:09] End of Interview


[1:19:10] Sahara

So, I have to tell you guys what happened after this conversation! So, Kaia was actually here, at my apartment, in Miami, and after we walked into my living room and Chubby, my dog, was there. And Chubby’s like wagging his little tail at her and she’s like “Chubby, are you sure you want me to say this?”, and Chubby’s literally nodding. I saw him nod his head like I’ve never seen before, and she’s like “Okay, are you sure, Chubby, there’s a lot of people around?”, and then she tells me “Chubby has a message for you. Do you mind if I say it right here?”, because she has her team member with her, I had my team member with me, and I was like “Of course! I am always open to hearing a divine message from Chubby, he is my guru!”, and she shared with me, she said, Chubby says “Even though you have fears around becoming a mom, there is a very special soul that wants to come through you”. And that, to me, was not only touching, but it just reminded me of the power of this work, because the night before, my friend was over and I was kind of spiraling into all of the fears that can happen when you’re a mom, all the things that can go wrong. You know, I have friends that have been struggling with their pregnancies and their childbirths, and even their child rearing, I’m like “Oh my God, I don’t want to put myself through this, so much can go wrong”, it’s just like that feeling of giving up control, because having kids is the ultimate surrender. And the fact that Chubby was right there, listening to all of this, and then talked to Kaia the moment that he got a chance to, it’s like “Let her know that this beautiful soul wants to come through, and it’s all going to be okay, and their experiences and their experiences, they’re not your experiences”, that was so beautiful! 

[1:20:53] Sahara

So, it’s just such a reminder to me, to all of us, that Spirit is real, that, you know, sometimes I even feel like “Am I making this up right now?”, and it’s like, then you hear this, and like, wow, how could Kaia have known, you know, how could she have made that up? The fact that I was talking about that the night before and Chubby was right next to me the whole time, and he told her, it’s like, you can’t make that shit up.

[1:21:14] Sahara

So, I hope this reminded you that magic is real! And I would love to dive deeper with you in my Embodiment Practice, my Divine Feminine Embodiment Course, there is so much to step into in the feminine realms. 

I have a Mystery School called Rose Gold Goddesses, so you can find all those links in the show notes. We’re going to do our annual retreat again this Spring in Miami, we have monthly Goddess circles and so much more. 

[1:21:38] Sahara

So, I hope you loved this conversation! And I would love for you to leave a review. So, please, share a review with me if you’re listening to this on iTunes, and take a screenshot of that review so I can send you a free gift as my thank you. You can email that free gift over to [email protected], take a screenshot of your review and I will send you a free gift of my unreleased book “Eat Right For Your Mind-Body Type”, which is a deep Ayurveda book, all about eating right for your dosha. 

So, again, take a screenshot of your review and send it over to [email protected] and I will send you over my Free E-Book! 

[1:22:20] Sahara

I hope you loved this conversation, share it with people that you think may resonate with, and I’ll see you in the next one!


Episode #466: Ancient Goddess Wisdom + Live Mary Magdalene Channeling with Kaia Ra
By Sahara Rose

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