Highest Self Podcast 452: How To Stop Striving And Start Being In Your Soul’s Purpose



Do you often find yourself in an internal battle between whether you should be doing more, or being more?

It’s like when you’re meditating, all you can think about is your to-do list. But when you’re doing, you’re freaking exhausted and can’t wait to take a bath.

Why do we believe it’s one or the other?

The truth is, your highest form of expression comes when you merge doing and being as one. This is what I call your “sacred doing.”

In this episode, I share my own realization coming out of the hustle mentality and realizing my greatest creations come when I’m being. This completely changed the energy from which I expressed my soul’s purpose, and even this podcast.

I discuss how your soul’s purpose actually isn’t something you strive for or need to figure out, but rather what naturally arises from a state of being. That doesn’t mean checking out and doing nothing with your life.

It means all that you create comes from the intentional place of wholeness. This episode will feel like an exhale and allow you to release all the tension you may unknowingly be holding onto around “figuring out” your dharma and will allow you to rest into your soul’s purpose. Enjoy!

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Episode 452: How To Stop Striving And Start Being In Your Soul’s Purpose

By Sahara Rose

[00:11] Sahara

Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.



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And before we get into this week’s Episode, I am so excited to share with you a project I have been working on for months, which is my docuseries called You Are Multidimensional. 

You see, society tries to label us into a box, trying to tell us to only believe one thing, and even through my own experience of becoming an Ayurvedic author, I ended up putting myself into another box. 

And in this docuseries, for the first time, I really reveal it all. I bring you into my personal home in Miami and I share with you the lessons that I have learned along the way of being true to myself, my inner artist, my inner visionary, my inner creatrix and how it’s possible for you to create a life, a living, a career, that is in alignment with your full multidimensional self, where all of you is invited, and no part of you is random or needs to be hidden, but rather is part of your day-to-day, because the truth is, life is too short to confine yourself to just doing the same thing over and over and over again, and there are so many more parts of yourself that you have just not yet gotten to explore. 

So, this docuseries, You Are Multidimensional, was crafted to remind you that you are a multi-layered, multi-faceted, multidimensional being, and all of you is sacred and invited. 

So, this is absolutely free, it is available this week, so you can head over to the show notes to check it out right now. I’m so excited to hear your feedback, see the revelation that comes through, share it with me over at Instagram, and again, head over to the show notes to download the docuseries You Are Multidimensional. 


And without further ado, let’s get into the Episode!


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[02:07] Sahara

If it’s your first time listening, welcome! This is one of my Solocasts where I just speak the truth that is coming through me. 


[02:15] Sahara

I just woke up, minutes ago, coffee in my hand, and yes, for those of you who listen, I am back to drinking coffee because life is short, and coffee tastes good and it helps me go to the bathroom, so it’s a win-win for everyone right now! 


[02:30] Sahara

And it’s funny because yesterday I recorded a Podcast and you know sometimes before you go to sleep and you’re, like, having thoughts about your day and you’re like “I need to change something”, and the thought I had was just like, I want to redo that Podcast because I want to speak from a place, energetically, that I am at right now.


[02:48] Sahara

I’ll share with you, sometimes that’s a personal, even, struggle for me, and maybe you relate, is sometimes when you are trying to help someone with something that you overcame a really long time ago, you almost, like, go back to that version of yourself, and you feel like “Well, I overcame that problem a long time ago, so I’m not going to talk about where I am at right now, I’m going to talk about where I was when I was overcoming that problem”.


[03:11] Sahara

So, for me, the problem that I help people overcome every day is helping them discover and live their soul’s purpose. 

So, by soul’s purpose, I’m talking about not just their career, but their energetic frequency and who they are on a soul level and how their inner reality can match their outer reality. And I’ve written about this called “Discover Your Dharma, A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose”, with Forward by Deepak Chopra, and founded The Dharma Coaching Institute that trains Dharma Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coaches, so, I’ve majorly created this my life’s work. And even when I was writing the book “Discover Your Dharma”, I could feel that I was going back into “Okay, where was I when I was really questioning if I even had a purpose”, and trying to make it happen, and getting my book off the ground, and my coaching career, and then I noticed in myself yesterday, in the Podcast, I like went back to that space “Okay, what was helping me then?” But I realized that sometimes the way that we think we are supposed to solve a problem at that time is based off of what we believe is possible for us at that time. 


[04:17] Sahara

So, for example, for me, when I was trying to really step into my purpose, I would go on You Tube and I would listen to motivational speeches by Gary V. and Tony Robbins and all these big people, and they all had this energy of like “You can make your dreams happen! Anything is possible! If you believe it, you can do it! If you’re motivated enough then it’s going to happen! And if not, you’re procrastinating!”, and in some ways that was really helpful for me because I was like a hippy living in India and had no business experience. So, in a way, that masculine fire drive was helpful for me to really get focused and, you know, get shit done. But to be honest, that’s not the energy that I have been in, in the past several years now. 


[05:03] Sahara

And I want to share where I am at now because I really believe that if I knew this before, my journey towards living my Dharma could have been a lot easier. And I didn’t need to adapt to the mainstream model of success and what pursuing success looks like, which is very self-sacrificial, it’s very “Don’t hang out with your friends”, “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, “The number one thing you should only be working on is your purpose”, and to me, I don’t see your purpose as something in a vacuum. I don’t see it as, like, this project that you’re doing and everything else is unrelated, but I really see everything that you do as part of your purpose. 


[05:43] Sahara

You know, they say “How you do anything is how you do everything”, so, the quality of your friendships and relationships, the quality of your self-care, your home environment, all of these things really are a reflection of your Dharma.

And also, for those of us who have more of a feminine mind – so, when I say feminine, I don’t mean you need to be born a female, but those of us who are a little bit more sensitive to our surroundings, we move more in a spiral way rather than in a linear, step-by-step way. And you kind of know this if, like, every single time you make a huge identity shift, you need to, like, change your home decoration, change your style, change your Instagram feed, all of these things are really affected by you, you know that you are definitely someone who is more sensitive and receptive to all of the ways that you are expressing in the world.


[06:33] Sahara

So, I noticed, for me, that when I would have a big shift, I changed in the way that I interacted with every single person and in the way that I interacted with myself. 


[06:43] Sahara

So, a huge realization that I had was that doing and being are not separate. You know, we often hear “Okay, you’re a human being, not a human doing”, “We’ve got to be more being”, and that becomes another thing that we’re doing wrong, right? It’s like “Oh shit, I have not spent enough time being, I didn’t do my meditation! Get it in, get in your meditation”, and it’s like the same energy is getting your workout, getting your vitamins, it becomes another thing that we’re always falling behind on. 

And, like, isn’t that missing the whole point? And it’s like being is the separate action that we do, rather than a state of consciousness, a state of consciousness to be, to be present in any moment. And then doing, in a way, in the spiritual community, is like looked down upon as lesser, like “Oh, they’re doing so much, why are they always creating things and striving?” But the truth is, doing is also creativity, and I believe creativity is one of the highest forms of spirituality, because when we are creating, we are essentially being channels for the unseen into this physical realm, it is the highest possibility for any of us, it’s what differentiates humans with animals, the fact that we can create art and music, and see meaning in the stars, and find herbs in the plants, the fact that we can imagine up and then create a different world is what makes us goddesses and god-men in human form. 


[08:16] Sahara

So, I had this realization that why there’s this, like, debate around “Should I be more being? Should I be more doing?”, can you weave in both in any given moment? I’m going to let that sit for you. 


[08:30] Sahara

There doesn’t need to be separate energies that you step into, separate actions of “Okay, right now, I’m going to be in my doing, so, it’s like that energy of I’m showing up for work, I have to shove my personality into the closet and I need to do, do, do this thing that is separate from me and it’s exhausting and I’m spending a lot of energy trying to do this because it’s not me and I’m trying to get through this so I can then be”. And then being, in this shadow way of “Okay, I got 10 minutes, put the timer on, this is my time to be. Oh shit, I have thoughts, did I respond to that email? Oh, what did that person really mean when they said this? Oh fuck, I’m such a bad be-er! Shit, okay, time to do!” Neither of those polarities are the truth of that action, we’re not really being and we’re not really doing. We think we are, we’re doing it in this really extreme way that’s not the actual truth of what they are because true being and true doing are both effortless.


[09:38] Sahara

So, I want you to tune into the energy of the word effortless. What emotions show up for you? For me, I carried a lot of judgment around the word effortless because I thought “Well, if you want something, that takes effort, you’ve got to work hard for the things you want. People think it’s going to be easy and it’s not”.

Again, coming from an immigrant household where it was all about work hard, sacrifice and it will pay off later. But the truth is, yes, while effort can take you from inertia to something that’s a little bit more active, it’s higher up on the scale, true dharmic living, living in alignment with your purpose, being in flow, your highest form of creativity and expression, your sacred doing, comes through effortless flow. 


[10:29] Sahara

So, when you are just in pure transmission of what is coming through you, maybe you’re having a conversation with someone and you are just so with them, in every word and you say the right thing at the right time, you’re not even trying, it’s just coming through you. And sometimes maybe you felt like the words of wisdom that are coming through you are beyond you, like “How am I even channeling this shit?”, that’s you in your sacred doing. Or when you’re writing and the words are just, again, streaming through you and they’re turning into stories or poems, or advice, or whatever it is, and it’s almost like you can’t get your hands to move up faster because the information is just coming through you in clouds – that’s your sacred doing. Or when you are dancing and the movement is just expressing through you and it’s almost like you and the song are merged as one – that is your sacred doing. Or when you are even problem-solving and you’re so deep into this problem that you have, maybe it’s an event, maybe it’s a tech idea, even, and you’re just so immersed and it’s almost like you’re dreaming up solutions, you are in this thing and it’s the expression that is channeling through you – that is sacred doing. 


[11:48] Sahara

So, your sacred doing is where your being and doing merge as one, where there is no separation between the two. You are so deep in your doing that you are being, and you are so deep into your being that you cannot help but do. And this is such a powerful realization to have because you realize that that’s really when your highest form is going to come through, your highest ideas, your highest channels. 

And then you realize that anything that comes from that energy of like “Okay, I need to put on that hat and strive and get this shit done”, you can do it, but it’s not going to be of that caliber, of that texture, of that frequency.


[12:30] Sahara

And I truly believe that every single person has a variety of different pathways that allows them to be in their sacred doing. You know, for me, coaching was my pathway because I was naturally someone who loved to be in conversation, I get my best ideas through conversation. There’s something about being in that energy flow where I don’t know what that person is going to say next, that is surprises me by the words coming through me. So, naturally, I went into coaching and I found that coaching was the ultimate practice of merging being and doing. Because as a coach, if you’re in your head trying to tell that person what to do and you’re thinking of the advice that you want to give them or lecturing them, that’s not actually coaching, and that’s not actually what’s going to make a difference.


[13:18] Sahara

I realized that through coaching, the ultimate way that you can help someone have an epiphany is through holding that energetic space for them, being so present in your own body that it anchors them deeper into theirs. And by you being so grounded and so embodied, yet so present and so connected with them, and so open to what is coming through, so you’re connected to the earth, you’re connected to your heart, you’re connected to the cosmos, and you’re right there with that person, you’re able to ask them questions that take them so deep into their truth that true magic unravels, that people have epiphanies that may have taken them years on their own to have, that they can just have in, literally, minutes working with you. 


[14:08] Sahara

And I realized the grounding that I needed to have to allow that magic to take space, again, I couldn’t be in my head to think of the right thing to say, and I can’t just be only super present and just, like, nodding like the creepy spiritual people you see sometimes like “Yeah”, and you’re like “Are you there? Are you a human? Can you respond?” So, you need to have that perfect balance of letting that person know “I’m with you”, and also “I see you at your highest potential. I hear you in your pain and struggle, but I see what’s possible for you”. 

And that really is the space that is needed today. And not just in coaching, but in the world. We need more people who are aware of everything that’s happening in the world. Yes, we are aware of the environmental and social and political pains and atrocities, we’re with the people through their hearts, and we see the higher-level perspective, we see what’s possible. Because if we’re just in the trenches and we’re just in the mud, we’re not going to be able to channel what is possible for humanity in the future. That takes, also, having that awareness above of “Okay, I see where we’re at now, but where can we be in 5, 10, 20, 100 years? And now, how can my actions align with that? And then how can I be in my doing and my being together in creating that?”, so there isn’t this separation of “Oh shit, no one else wants to do this thing, so I guess I got to do it”, but rather “I am so juiced up and alivened by bringing this topic out into the world, that the hours that may make someone else feel like it’s a lot of effort, for me feel effortless”. 

And the way for us to start practicing this energy, if you’re like “Well, I don’t really know what that thing is for me”, is to, at any given moment practice being in your doing.


[16:07] Sahara

So, let’s say you have some errands that you need to run and you’re like “Okay, Sahara, I have to do those things and I really don’t want to, I don’t know how I’m going to be in my, like, being, channeled, grounded state in there”, so, maybe it’s doing to the DMV, maybe it’s going to Target, whatever the thing is, how can you be in those situations? How can you, in the line for the DMV, be in your beingness? So, maybe it’s being super present that you’re, like, really noticing the people around you in that room and you’re really feeling into their energy, use it as practice of feeling into people’s energies, seeing their auras, sending them love, feeling what blessings they may need and blessing every single person in that room. That’s one of my favorite practices to do, when I’m just walking, I’m just sending people blessings, I’m like “It’s too late, you’ve already been blessed”. Or maybe you take that time in the DMV to really ground in and connect to your own heart and notice how you feel when you’re in a really energetic and dynamic room, what is it activating within you? Okay, where does that come from, and being really present in yourself. Or maybe you decide to bring joy into that environment. 

Last time I was at the DMV, I took the time to learn a TikTok dance. So, I’m just in the line, I’m just on my phone and I’m, like, learning this dance, and at first, you know, I’m like “People are going to think I’m weird” and I’m like “It’s the DMV, everyone’s weird”. And you know, some people were definitely watching me from the side of their eye, it wasn’t a full performance, it was more of, like, a dance with my arms, but I brought joy into the space, I showed through example, not by telling people “Hey, be more joyful”, but by showing people there’s another possibility in this room, it doesn’t need to just be dread, it doesn’t need to just be getting through this, you can also make this moment fun and magical, it doesn’t need to just be while you’re home alone or at a picnic or something. The time that you have been wanting to have to yourself is right now, here we are, we have the next hour, maybe two, what do you want to do with it?


[18:05] Sahara

So, bring that energy of being through everything that you do. Maybe you’re working as the barista at Starbucks, and instead of that stressful and chaotic energy of “How am I going to get through this?”, how can you just be so with every person that shows up? And then your drinks and you realize that you are a witch that is offering potions with your sacred cauldron and you are healing them with every cup and you’re infusing blessings with every cup as you hand it to them. Suddenly, you have just become a magician, in your beautiful sacred temple, that is giving offerings to people. 


[18:41] Sahara

So, it’s little switches like this that we can make in our minds to make any moment more magical, more sacred, more intentional. And these can also be moments that we are in our being, that we can amplify.


[18:56] Sahara

So, for example, I went hiking this week with some friends, and we got to the top of the mountain and the view is amazing, and I start singing Spice Girls, and I’m like “Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch”, and at first they’re laughing, I’m like, okay, let’s all sing it, I remember the choreography, then we start doing the choreography, then we start going into other Spice Girls’ choreography “Slam to the left if you’re having a good time, shake it to the right if you know that you feel fine, take it to the high, high, we’re gonna ride!” And before you know it, everyone’s dancing, everyone’s laughing, everyone’s having so much fun, and we took a video of it and I shared it on my Instagram and people were like “Such a great reminder to just take any moment, it doesn’t always need to be this peaceful, calm, Zen moment where we are so serious”. But you can also bring laughter and joy into those moments and that can be an even deeper being for you, because sometimes when we’re just, again, trying to meditate and trying to do the thing, it’s still coming from that energy of striving and trying. And instead, for me, my most natural form, and I believe for most of us, our natural form as children was playing and laughing, and just being in our hearts, whatever that looks like for you at any given moment. 


[20:16] Sahara

So, I share all of this because I really believe the pathway for the future is to merge being and doing, and when you merge them, you don’t have to worry about “Well, if I’m so in my being and I meditate and I become super spiritual, then I’m not going to get things done and I’m not going to make the impact that I want to make, and I’m not going to make the money that I want to make”, or you’re not going to worry about “Well, if I just commit to living my Dharma, it’s going to be so exhausting and it’s going to be so much work and I’m going to be stressed out, I’m going to be hustling all the time, so I don’t want to do it”. I also used to think it was one or the other, and now, every single day, they are infused in me as one, that I barely have anything planned on my schedule just because I don’t like it that way, but I channel so much, like, I just woke up right up, it’s 9:00AM and here I am, on this Podcast, speaking because I felt this transmission coming through me. And this is possible for any of you regardless of “Well, I’m a mom, that can’t happen for me” or “I’m this”, it may mook different for you, but even while you’re breastfeeding your baby, how can you be more in your being, or channeling your doing of connecting with that child in an even deeper way, rather than checking out. How can you, while you’re playing with kids, and they want to play Barbie with you and you’re over it, and you have things to do, how can you bring in some of the lessons that you’re learning through that game, how can you now make the Barbie game around empathy or rest, or healing, or topics that are interesting for you and you use that practice to actually, somatically, play these expressions out?  


[21:49] Sahara

So, every single moment is an opportunity for practice, it’s not an isolated thing. And as we evolve, as a species, as humanity, I believe that we will all, eventually, come to this place that we are simultaneously in our sacred doing as one. 


[22:07] Sahara

So, for me, that looks like being on this Podcast with you, writing books, speaking on stage, and none of those things I ever plan for, I never write out a speech before, I never know what I’m going to say on this Podcast, I just show up and I let the energy come through me, and I know it’s always better than the ones that I do, from that energy I used to be at before. 


[22:29] Sahara

When I’m coaching, and that’s why I believe coaching really is one of the ultimate pathways if you are someone who really loves to dive deep with people. Maybe one day you want to write books, be on stages, create a movement around the lessons that you’ve overcome and sharing your story with others, because it’s the ultimate practice and it’s where you develop those methods that you share with other people, the epiphanies that you constantly see that you are helping people have, those become the gems that you offer later to the greater collective. 

So, coaching is the ultimate playing ground where you get to practice and you get to see “Who do I really love to work with? What realizations do I love to help them have? Where are they in their journey?” And also, knowing “I don’t need to go back there to help them fix their problems”. In fact, coaching, and helping people in general, is not about fixing people’s problems, you know, you actually can’t. 

And I know, I’ve learned this lesson so much with my parents, it’s like, you want to help people, but you cannot help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. 

And even through coaching, all you can do as a healer, as a coach, as a guide, is to be the mirror back and to ask them questions so they can have their own realizations which are so much more worthwhile.


[23:46] Sahara

So, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Spiritual Life and Soul Purpose Coach, or just diving deeper into your own soul purpose, your own dharmic journey, doors are open right now for my Institute (Dharma Coaching Institute) which is a 6-month in-depth program that includes experiential practice pods, embodied practice sessions, modules, lessons, group coaching, to help you in 6 months actually become a Certified Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coach. We are accredited by the International Coaching Federation and we have had now over 1000 students who have had incredible transformations, whether it is through their career paths, quitting their jobs and becoming full-time coaches, whether it is through changing the way that they operate in their existing companies and becoming the coach of their company and often getting a raise doing so. We have many 6-figure coaches out there who are the Dharma Coaches in corporations, helping people align and connect with their truths. 

And then we have many people who just choose to do it for their own internal journey, who just released so many bonds of co-dependency and feelings of unworthiness and confusion and self-doubt, and really step into the full butterfly of who they are. 


[25:01] Sahara

So, wherever you are on your journey, just want to dive deep, or you’re ready to really take this healing work and bring it out into the world, Dharma Coaching Institute is for you, especially if you love this Podcast. I teach the whole thing and I have two incredible co-founders who deep dive into the business training, so everything you need to know about pricing, and coaching, and marketing, and sales, as well as emotional psychology, and working with clients, and setting up contracts, so we really help you on the spiritual, the psychological and the business spaces.

We have an incredible Master Coach team, people who have worked with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mind Valley, so many other incredible places that we really all bring together our coaching expertise and share with you so you can develop your own unique way of sharing your gifts with the world.


[25:48] Sahara

So, if you’re interested, doors are open right now, dharmacoachinginstitute.com you can find that link in the show notes, you can also just learn about our curriculum, see everything that we teach you over on the website, or hop on a call with our enrollment team. And class starts mid-October, if you’re listening to this later, head over to the website, you can join the wait-list for our next class. 


[26:08] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning in and invite you just to take a deep breath, connecting to this energy of being and doing, feeling the left and right side of your body, your front and your back body, your upper and lower body, all formations of being and doing merge together as one. Place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath in – “I am connected to my Dharma”.


[27:01] Sahara

Thank you so much for being here with me today and I’ll see you in the next Episode. Namaste!                                       


Episode 452: How To Stop Striving And Start Being In Your Soul’s Purpose

           By Sahara Rose

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