Highest Self Podcast 399: What To Do If My Manifestation Is Not Working with Sahara Rose


You set your manifestation on the moon, you meditated on it, did all the things but it’s still not happening. What’s up?! In this episode I share WHY and HOW to overcome it.. Or if/ when you even need to. I share my own story of NOT manifesting my “dream” condo and how it was a blessing and how REJECTION is sometimes REDIRECTION. Enjoy!

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Episode 399: What To Do If My Manifestation Is Not Working with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I often get questions about manifestation, and one of the most common questions I get is “What do I do if my manifestation is not working? I’m feeling really, really anxious, I did all the things but it still hasn’t happened and I’m kind of freaking out. So, what do I do?”

[00:39] Sahara
First of all, I want to tell you, I’ve been there many, many times, and this is a very, very valuable teaching moment.

[00:47] Sahara
So, first of all, when I talk about a manifestation, what I am specifically talking about is something that you’ve set the intention for, that is in your control. So, I’m not talking about getting a specific person to fall back in love with you, no, no, no, that is not how we use manifestation. But for example, let’s say you want to move into a beautiful new home and you put down an offer and you’re one of the ten people that put down their offer and you’re just in that waiting game right now. Maybe you’re applying to move to a new country and you’re waiting for your visa and you’re just like “What can I go? Is this happening? Is it not?” Or maybe, you met a literary agent and you submitted your book proposal and you’re waiting to hear back and you’re not sure if it’s going to happen. Or maybe you asked someone for a vulnerable ask, maybe you asked them to write you an endorsement or about a job application and you’re in that waiting game.

[01:45] Sahara
So, it’s in that waiting period that we often freak out. We think “Well, I don’t know what else to do. What else can I do that’s in my control to make this thing happen?”
And as humans, we really, really like to know that we can take actionable steps to make something happen. Because, often times, this is the way that things work, especially in the physical world. But when we move into the manifestation world, it’s not simply action-reaction, but much of it is actually in the non-physical.

[02:21] Sahara
Yes, action is essential, but if it’s not in alignment, that action doesn’t actually mean anything. In fact, taking so much action towards a path or direction, that is not in alignment for you, can actually be more damaging than not. So, let me share a little bit more about what that means.

[02:40] Sahara
So, let’s say, I really want to get a job somewhere, and I apply for this job and I did my interview, I wrote my resume, I really gave my all for the questions and now I’m in that waiting game. So, my egoic mind may tell me “You know what, maybe you should just follow up with them. Maybe if you follow up again and again, you’ll stay top of mind and they’ll choose you”, however, as we know the way that that would probably work is that the employer’s thinking “Wow, this person’s up my ass and they’re not giving me space to breathe and I don’t know, I’m feeling some sort of desperation here, so I don’t think is the right person.”
It’s just like in a dating game, if you keep asking someone “So, when’s the next time we’re going to hang out”, they probably will, actually, feel more repelled towards you.
So, taking action again and again and again when it’s not in alignment or when you’ve already taken the action and you’re in the waiting game is actually not helpful.
So, in this waiting game, in the sacred pause, it’s extremely important for you to amplify your vibration.

[03:43] Sahara
So, according to Law of Attraction, we are in a vibratory universe. So, our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. Therefore, if we want to create a higher external reality, higher outcome, it’s important for us to feel that way, to vibrate that way, to resonate at that frequency.

[04:06] Sahara
Now, the importance here is to be at that frequency without holding on to such a strict outcome. Because, truthfully, the reason why we want anything, is not actually do with that thing but how we believe we will feel when we have that thing.
So, it’s important for us to really anchor into “How Ićm going to feel when I have that thing” and step into that feeling in a way that we can, at this moment, regardless of that particular outcomeĆ, and that way we’re already vibrating at that energy that either that specific thing will manifest or something equivalent in perfect time.

[04:46] Sahara
So, giving an example again, let’s say you applied for that home, you’re waiting, you’re one of ten people, you know the market’s crazy, you don’t know what else to do, you’re freaking out. Tune into what is your desire from that home? How will you feel when you’re in that beautiful living room? How will you feel when you’re making your smoothie in that kitchen? How will you feel when you invite your friends over? When you wake up in the morning and you see that beautiful view? When you’re washing your hands in that beautiful sink? Tune into how you will feel there. So, maybe you’ll feel comfort, warmth, safety, grounding, support.
Now, how can you tune into those qualities right now, where you are? So, how can you bring more comfort into your life? Maybe you buy yourself a beautiful, cozy rug and you give yourself time every day to just sit and meditate and breathe. Maybe you do a beautiful self-care mask day and just really take care of yourself and give yourself that nourishment. Maybe if you’ve been traveling a lot, you create more grounding in your life so you’re not waiting for that home to stop traveling, but you actually create more grounding, whether it’s at an Airbnb and b or even a hotel room, so you already feel that level of comfort and safety and homeliness, without needing that one physical home.
Because, often times we say “Well, once I get that thing, then I’ll feel safe and comfortable. I don’t have the home yet, I’m bouncing around, so how can I feel that way?” But maybe it’s getting the candle that you would get when you’re in that home, and changing the lighting in the way that you would want, and doing the things that you think you would do in that home, reading a book by the fireplace. Well, maybe you can put on a fireplace on YouTube and read your book and start to embody that energy right there where you are now, rather than thinking “The only way I can read a book in a cozy, warm place with a fuzzy blanket by a fireplace is if I get that home.” But truthfully, you can create that same comfort, homely-nourishing energy wherever you are. And when you’re vibrating at that frequency, you’re going to become a natural match for that thing.
So, rather than having that desperation of “Is it happening? Is it not? What did I do wrong?” and telling yourself that story of “Maybe I’m not good enough, maybe I don’t have enough money, maybe this isn’t meant to happen for me” and doing all these things to sabotage it, which are throwing out that vibration of rejection, desperation, fear and anxiety out into the universe, instead of latching onto those, you’re actually already, energetically, in that home, and then naturally that home will manifest.

[07:36] Sahara
I also really want to note that sometimes it’s not about that specific place, rejection is protection as well as redirection.
So, maybe you don’t get that home, but it doesn’t matter because the qualities that you seek to manifest aren’t reliant on any one particular place, job, person, friend, anything. They are within you and that was just one option.

[08:02] Sahara
And sometimes, for example with a home, maybe that home gave you a particular quality that you’re seeking now that you wouldn’t have thought about before, maybe the home had gold fixtures, you were like “Oh my God, I really love those gold fixtures, I’m obsessed with the gold fixtures, I need that house, I love those gold fixtures”, but truthfully, you can put those gold fixtures anywhere, you can just go to Home Depo, buy gold fixtures and put them in your house.
So, it’s important for us to see “Okay, maybe this didn’t happen, but what did I learn from it? Maybe I learned that I’m really seeking a job that gives me flexible work hours? Or, I’m really seeking a partner that also loves to meditate and explore consciousness, etc.”, even if it’s not that person, place or thing, it’s giving you more of a learning opportunity that you get to take towards your actual manifestation.

[08:57] Sahara
And sometimes, we don’t know what could’ve been wrong in that home. Maybe you didn’t know that that home actually had mold. Maybe you didn’t know that you might move the next year and if you bought that home that would prevent you from moving.

[09:10] Sahara
I’ll share a personal experience. Two years ago, after we got married, we saw this beautiful condo and it was by the beach in the Pacific Palisades, which is just this really gorgeous area of LA, and we were obsessed with it, I loved the decoration, the details, I loved the view, you could see trees, you could see the ocean, it felt perfect, it felt meant to me. And in fact, when I went there to check it out, I looked out to the ocean and I saw dolphins, and dolphins, if you guys know, that is my spirit animal, I’m obsessed with dolphins, and I saw a pod of dolphins on our time seeing that apartment. So, I was like “This is meant to me! Here is the synchronicity! This feels perfect!” full body yes! Have you ever had that, you’re just like “This is it, I know it, this is it”?
So, we applied and this was our first place that we’ve ever bought before, we’d gotten married, our lease was up, so we were like “Okay, this will be perfect, our lease is up, we’re going to move right into that home, newlyweds, this is going to be amazing!” And then guess what happened – it looked like we were in the clear, we were the only person that offered, there was someone who had been trying for a long time but they had all these issues with their mortgage, it wasn’t working, so the realtor, on our side, their side, they were like “Yeah, for sure, this is happening”, everything was in the clear, we were ready to move right in, and guess what happened? The person who was on the backburner, somehow, was able to create some sort of offer that they were able to get the condo.
So, I was heartbroken, I was crushed and I was confused, I was like “Wait! I did the manifestation rituals, I saw my spirit animal, I was positive, I didn’t have any resistance towards this – why did this thing not happen? I literally don’t get it! I was so upset because not only did that not happen, we didn’t have anywhere to move.
So, we were in this waiting game for about 2 months, it was the summer in LA so the hotels were really crazy expensive and I’m on the hotel to night thing where you’re finding cheap rates at a random hotel, you don’t even know what part of town it is, so I’m doing that, we’re three nights in Hollywood and three nights in this other area, and it was so stressful, it was so ungrounding, it was the opposite of the newlywed experience that I was calling in. I thought I’d be moving into my first beautiful condo and instead I’m at random motels in Venice with homeless people screaming outside.

[11:38] Sahara
So, I was really confused on why this didn’t happen and what ended up occurring is what made it all make sense. So, yes, I cried for sure, I threw my fist up at God, and then, about 2 months later, we found a rental apartment in that same building. It didn’t have the fixtures, it wasn’t the same, but it was in that same building. So, we moved into that same building where we lived a year, and that year was the year of 2020, when everything went down and my husband’s office shut down and that was the, really, only thing that was keeping us in LA (he works in the music industry).
So, here we were with this lease, and now that that lease was up for a year, and he wanted to bring up the rental rate drastically, so we brainstormed and we decided to move to Miami, and now I’m here, looking at the view of Miami in this new apartment, and I would’ve never ever, ever guessed, 2 years ago, that I wouldn’t even be living in LA, a year from then.

[12:44] Sahara
So, I share this with you because the thing that I was trying to manifest was not right for me. That rejection was absolutely protection and redirection. I had the affirmation, that building was perfect for me at that time, and it came to me in a better way, in a rental, which also, led to me having to leave after a year, which led me to coming here to Miami, which is the next part of my journey.
So, I trust now, that if something is being blocked, if a manifestation is not happening, it is for the best, it is for reasons that I literally could never understand. I could’ve, in summer 2019 could never, ever, ever, in a million years, guessed that I would be leaving LA. I had lived there for seven years, my husband grew up there, I thought we would be there forever.

[13:31] Sahara
So, I shared this with you because sometimes, that thing that you’re trying to manifest, is not happening because it’s not for you. Because the Universe, your spirit guides, your ancestors, they are protecting you and they know information that you don’t.

[13:46] Sahara
So, imagine if I tried and I tried and I tried and maybe I took enough action that I actually was able to but that condo, well guess what? I would’ve had a really tough time. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have happened for me to leave and I would’ve been stuck in a condo, in a city that I didn’t even want to live in anymore and didn’t need to live in anymore.

[14:06] Sahara
So, I share this, again, because it’s not about “Okay, what kind of hacks can I do to make my manifestation happen”, but really, it’s about sometimes letting things go.

[14:17] Sahara
Now, retrospectively, what I could’ve done differently, is not have panicked when I got that rejection; not have thought “Oh, it’s because of Mercury retrograde. Oh, it’s because of this thing; this thing is wrong (or whatever it is)”, instead, what now I know, and what I’m sharing with you, is to resonate at that energy, to find that grounding and that peace within myself and then probably even sooner, the apartment would’ve manifested, because I was operating at that frequency.

[14:49] Sahara
So, just to recap it for you all, when a manifestation is not happening, rather than freaking out and getting desperate, think of “What are the qualities I will feel if or when that manifestation happens?” Write down those qualities and then take action on how you can embody them right now. Maybe you would feel more loved – how can you love yourself right now? Maybe it would be fun for you to go on that trip – how can you have more fun right now? Maybe you’ll feel very creative if you have that job – how can you improve your creativity right now? Maybe you’ll feel part of a community if you are friends with this person – how can you embody that quality right now?

[15:30] Sahara
And it’s also important for you to have fun! And I share this as it’s own separate energy because fun is actually our truest essence. As children, what do we care about? We just want to have fun, our whole, entire existence is based on what is going to be fun for us, and we let that be our guide. However, then we’re trained in school “Oh, that’s just for fun”, meaning it’s not worthy, meaning it’s not productive, meaning it’s not going to help you make money, meaning it’s not going to help this capitalistic system. So, don’t do things for fun!” Even the phrase ‘just for fun’, basically it means it’s not very important, right? “Oh, I’m doing this but it’s just for fun.” We negate something by saying “Just for fun”, in fact, saying “Just for fun” should be the highest quality, like “Oh, I’m painting and it’s for my fun”, holy shit, that is top, number one priority, you’re doing your thing for your joy, your true essence, the big reason why you are here, your pure nature as source energy, fun, joy, bliss, magic.
So, when we are vibrating at that frequency of fun, when we are having fun, we are present, we are in the moment, we are not holding onto the past, we’re not anxious about the future, and you don’t have to try.
You know when you sit and you try to meditate and you’re trying so hard and it’s not working, you’re going to get more frustrated. How many times have you left a meditation and you’re just like “Oh, fuck, that sucked! I’m so bad at meditation”, “Oh, now I’ve just got more shit to do!” Do you ever leave having fun, doing something? Do you ever leave playing a board game, you’re like “Argh, that was a fucking waste of time, I feel like shit now and I suck having fun!” No! Do you ever leave a dance party, you’re like “I’m really just bad at free-dancing?” No! The only way you would feel that way is, again, if you made this thing you’ve got to be perfect at, it’s that perfectionism that kills us.
But if you’re just dancing, if you’re just singing, if you’re just laughing, if you’re just creating for the sake of creating, you don’t have to try, you just are.

[17:42] Sahara
Think about what is the most fun activity for you. Maybe the most fun thing I could ever do is spend a day at Disneyworld. Or maybe for you it’s going kayaking; or maybe for you it’s throwing some wheels, some pottery wheels. Notice that when you’re in those activities, time flies; when you’re having fun, time flies! You don’t have to try to be present, you don’t have to try to be focused, there’s no techniques you need to do, you simply are. And this truly is the whole point of meditation and mindfulness, it’s to come back to presence.
So, what if we, instead of forcing ourselves to do it in this way that may feel unnatural for us – again, some people really love to sit in meditations, some people may not. However, we can all agree that having fun, in whatever way is authentic to us, brings us to a natural point of presence.
And I think that we can all agree that most people in the world don’t do enough of it.

[18:40] Sahara
So, let’s say you’re waiting for something, you’re waiting for your boss to get back to you, or your lawyer, or something really heavy, instead of freaking out, instead of looking at the clock all the time, instead of creating worst-case scenarios in your mind, have fun! Do the improv, do the karaoke, do some water colors, garden, whatever brings that feeling of joy to you, because that’s how you become magnetic.
And then it doesn’t really even matter what the outcome is, because you naturally feel good. And truthfully, when you’re in that high-vibrational place, you’re no longer a match for lower outcomes.

[19:21] Sahara
I have tested this many, many times. There are things that I have been freaking out over and it’s only when I release them and focus on my joy, that, literally, the problem, ceases to exist, like, full-on complicated issues, and I don’t know what to do and it seems like this is going to take months and moths to figure out, I focus on my joy, it literally manifests itself as completion because I no longer need to learn that lesson anymore.
Everything that shows up in our lives is a lesson that we need to learn. So, if you learned the lesson, guess what – that situation is gone, that situation is no longer a match! So, maybe that lesson needed to teach you how to love yourself. If you start loving yourself, okay done, “Been there, done that, I’m good!” Maybe the situation is for you to speak your truth – you start speaking your truth, guess what – those situations don’t need to show up for you anymore because you’re already doing it.

[20:13] Sahara
And that’s the thing too, the energy of ease is who we are. However, a lot of us think “If I do the thing that’s easy, that means it’s not worthwhile.” Now, ease is also a very subjective experience, because something that may use to not be easy for me in the past, is easy for me now.
Let’s say I’ve never spoken my truth before. At first, getting on a podcast, doing a Solocast with no one around me that definitely was not easy. However, practicing it, practicing it, practicing it, again and again and again, now it’s extremely easy for me, I don’t even need to plan. I didn’t even know what the topic of this was until I just started recording on my microphone and it’s just all flowing through me and now it’s very, very easy for me.

[20:58] Sahara
So, ease is like a muscle, you can expand what is easy for you. And I really want to do a whole podcast, maybe even a whole course on just this.
So, maybe speaking your truth or setting boundaries with someone you’re like “That is the scariest thing I could ever do”, but it’s going to bring you further expansion. The more and more you do it, then, soon it will feel easy.
So, yes, ease is the energy of your highest self and things you have never done won’t feel easy at first, when you’ve never flexed that muscle.

[21:35] Sahara
So, it’s a both-and. I see some people, they’re all about like “Do the hard thing”, “Go through the resistance”, “Face all your fear”, yes, however, that’s not a forever process, you do that until the blockages that you have, you face, then you’re not just looking for more fears, you’re not like “Hey, let me sleep in this haunted house tonight, to get to my next level of growth”, that can actually become kind of sadistic, right?

[22:02] Sahara
So, we go through those fears that we need to face, which are helping us live our soul’s purpose, helping us manifest the things that matter to us the most, and then, those things become easy, it becomes easy to speak your truth, it becomes easy to take action on your dreams, it becomes easy to set boundaries, it becomes easy to know what types of relationships for you to be in, it becomes easy to read your intuition, and then it’s no longer a struggle anymore, it’s just natural.

[22:33] Sahara
So, just to recap it for you again, your manifestations are waiting for you, however, your manifestations may not be the exact things you think.
I mean, think about relationships in the past that you really wanted to manifest (together forever), and you’re super glad that didn’t happen.
So, instead, focus on the quality, focus on having fun, let that thing happen if it’s meant to, and if not, take what you’ve learned from it, take the lesson from it, the takeaway, which gives you more clarity of what you want and also what you do not want, moving ahead, and then remain in that energy of joy, of laughter, of fun, of abundance, of all of the qualities you are seeking, and you will naturally become a vibrational match for your manifestation.

[23:23] Sahara
So, I hope this was helpful for you, I have so much more in Rose Gold Goddesses, my Divine Feminine Mystery School, which has hundreds of my workshops, meditations, courses and so much more, and of course, Dharma Coaching Institute, if you are interested in being trained by me as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Purpose Coach. You can find the links for both Rose Gold Goddesses and Dharma Coaching Institute below and you’ll be able to join the wait list and learn more when doors open again.

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 399: What To Do If My Manifestation Is Not Working with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

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