Highest Self Podcast 392: The Most Common Misconceptions in Human Design with Dayluna’s Shayna and Dana


“Projectors have no energy.” “Generators are supposed to build someone else’s dreams. “Manifesters are aggressive.” “Reflectors don’t know who they are.” We constantly hear these narratives about the Human Design energy types which are simply NOT true. In this episode I wanted to bust the most common misconceptions I hear with Human Design experts Dana and Shayna of Dayluna so we can find the fluidity, opportunity and bliss in each HD type. We look at each energy type at a higher level of consciousness that goes beyond stereotypical narratives. We also discuss the shift happening in the collective as we find the importance of the individual within the collective. If you’re a HD nerd or newbie, you’re going to love this episode. Super excited to have the girls dive deep in a Human Design workshop with the Rose Gold Goddesses this November!

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Episode 392: The Most Common Misconceptions in Human Design with Dayluna’s Shayna and Dana
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I feel like I’ve recently been a little bit that ghostbuster in the spiritual community, because my Episodes, recently, over the past month have been about busting these misconceptions. And misconceptions simply mean words, concepts, that we hear about, particularly, on social media. And I love social media so much, obviously, throw me a TikTok, I’m here for it, love making them too! And, we’re never going to get to the bottom of any topic, let alone a spiritual, consciousness, multi-layered, soul-shifting conversation, with a simple Instagram post.

[01:03] Sahara
And what I have observed, as well as even played a role in, is that we try to distill information on social media because we know that’s how it can get out to the most people. So, we take a concept such as Astrology and say “If you’re a Libra, you are this animal and you are this, and you must say that, and here’s what your November is going to look like”, and we have all of these huge generalizations, and I use Astrology as a great example because that’s one that we’ve really, really seen massive generalizations for that we’ve almost created this narrative like “If you’re a Scorpio, you must be a goth”, “If you’re a Capricorn, you must be Miranda from Sex and the City”, “If you’re a Pisces, you must be crying right now”. And I’m sure, some of you guys listening are one of those signs, I’m a Capricorn and I am not Miranda from Sex and the City, okay! I’m pretty fucking fun!

[01:54] Sahara
So, I’m sharing this with you because there’s something that could have an ounce of truth in it Yes, there are some similarities and archetypal work, there are some things that we could group together, however, when we use these as generalizations and then further perpetuate them with social media, we then creative this narrative that this must be the truth. And beyond that, we don’t have conversations because most people are going through their spiritual journeys by themselves. And I know this because I have my own Divine Feminine Mystery School with 1500 spiritual sisters and we’re just working through the Divine Feminine sister wound, and most shared that they don’t have any real life, in-person friends that they get to share this stuff with.

[02:35] Sahara
So, what happens is, we’re educating ourselves from Instagram posts that don’t give us the whole story and are playing into an algorithm so they’re making it as simple and sharable as possible, so they create these really, really simplified generalizations which has now moved into many, many different topics.

[02:53] Sahara
So, recently on the Podcast, I did one on manifestation and how much of the work around manifestation has been very simplified and doesn’t look at the whole picture. Before that I did an Episode on the term Toxic Positivity and why it actually makes no sense, and I really dive into it. So, if that’s a triggering one for you, maybe you’ve called people toxic positive or have been called toxic positive, I invite you to listen to that Episode and it may open your third eye on something.
And before that I did an Episode on the word Cultural Appropriation and what that actually means and how most people, again, on social media, they just hear something from one angry person, they think that’s the truth, they think that’s how all “bipack” feel and then that creates the narrative and then we’re afraid of honoring cultures because we don’t want to be called cultural appropriating.

[03:43] Sahara
So, we can see this thread that’s continuing. We take a concept, we see it on social media, we guess it must be real for all people, at all times, and we limit our lives through it.

[03:55] Sahara
So, I wanted to dive deep into the topic of Human Design. Now, Human Design is an astrological-based system that is really focused on your energy types or your body archetypes. But really, they are these energy types on how you best make decisions, how you work with people, how you see the world. And it’s a really beautiful and multi-layered topic that I have done several podcasts on before, one with Erin Claire; I did one comparing the Human Design Archetypes with the Ayurvedic Doshas. So, if you are totally new to this, first time ever hearing about Human Design, I invite you check out those Episodes first because this is going to be a little bit more of an advanced conversation, I would say. Or at least, for someone who has been familiar with the Human Design types, has read a bit about the; you know what your Human Design is. If you don’t, I have the link below for Jovian archive, where you can learn more what your Human Design type is.
But in this conversation, I wanted to dive into the most common misconceptions that I’ve seen. And what happens, again, is, we humans, love to feel like we’re a part of something bigger. So, we say things like “Oh, all Projectors have no energy”, “All Generators are just busy bees, working, creating someone else’s dreams”, “All Manifestors are super aggressive and really repelling”, “All Reflectors are so hypersensitive and they don’t know who they are”. And it creates this self-fulfilling prophecy that I have seen so many people learn about Human Design and shift their lives, often times, in a disempowering way. They find out they’re a Projector and they’re like “Oh my God, I have no energy, I need to be taking a nap all the time! How am I doing so much? I need to step away, I need to stop!” But maybe you were fueled up because you are living your dharma. Maybe the energy is there because it’s what you’re meant to be doing? Maybe you are an Energy Projector, which is also a concept that we speak about, that has to do with whether you’re root and you’re splenic defined, which I am a Projector and I would say I am very full of energy, because I’m living my purpose, because I love what I’m doing, it’s coming through me, not even from me, it’s through me, it’s from something much higher than me.

[06:14] Sahara
So, I see these misconceptions thrown around and I see people learn about their Human Design, and often times they’re bummed out, they wish they were another one, like “I’m just a Generator, I’m not special because so many percent of the population is a Generator” or “Oh my God, I’m a Manifestor, but I promise I’m not like the other Manifestors and actually chill” or “I’m a Reflector, but I have no idea why it’s that, I’m totally empowered”.
So, it’s almost like we’ve become apologetic about the Human Design types or feeling like “I need to change my whole life to fit in a way that doesn’t feel empowering”, and really, the whole point of this (and every system) is to enhance your life, not to deplete it; to make your life better; to create higher opportunities for yourself; to give yourself that permission slip of who you are.
And, for some people, Human Design is that ‘A-ha’ moment, and by the way, Human Design is so much more than just these energy types, this is really just the surface. There are gates, there are channels, there is an incarnation cross, there’s so much, so, because this is just a podcast episode, we don’t get to go into the whole history of Human Design, because even if we spent 20 years talking about it non-stop, we still wouldn’t get to the bottom of it. And many people have been studying it since the 80s when it was originally channeled.

[07:35] Sahara
So, in this conversation, we specifically dive into, first, the importance of Human Design – why Human Design now; this shift in consciousness of realizing that we are here for the collective and the collective is comprised of a bunch of individuals like you and I, and to honor the individual within the collective, rather than this old paradigm of “Sacrifice for the collective! Do what’s right for the collective!” which doesn’t actually serve anyone. And then we dive into each of these archetypes (Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor and Reflector) and I ask them about the misconceptions I’ve seen out there and they share the ones that they’ve seen and we really dive into them.
This was also a very helpful conversation for me, and I study a lot about Human Design already, but what it really clarified for me is the key difference between the Manifesting Generators and Generators. I felt like, before, I didn’t totally understand it or know it, and now it really made it clear and it has been so helpful for me in business partnership where I work with Generators and Manifesting Generators, to really see that difference between the way that they make decisions and operate so we can get together as a team and really support each other and our gifts and our strengths.

[08:50] Sahara
I’m also super excited because the Dayluna girls, Dana and Shayna, will be teaching an incredible and jam-packed workshop for us in Rose Gold Goddesses this November. So, they are going to be diving into our Human Design charts, sharing with us especially how to find your Soul’s Purpose, your Dharma, through your Human Design. We’re going to be diving deep, especially, into the channels and the incarnation cross. So, for all you Rose Gold Goddess members, stay tuned for that this November.
And if you are interested in joining us in Rose Gold Goddesses, my Divine Feminine Mystery School, then head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com that link is in the show notes, so you can join us when we open doors back up in a couple months.

[09:30] Sahara
So, this is a great one, you might want to take some notes, I love geeking-out on this stuff and I hope you do too!

[09:37] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Dayluna’s Dana and Shayna to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[12:58] Interview

[12:58] Sahara
Welcome Dana and Shayna to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you guys here!

[13:02] Shayna
Thanks for having us! We’re excited to be here!

[13:05] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest selves? So, we’ll start with you Shayna.

[13:12] Shayna
So, I’m Shayna, and what makes me my highest self – I would say is having freedom to do whatever feels good to my body, to my mind, to my spirit, every single day. So, not feeling tied down or stuck or pressured to have to be or do something that doesn’t feel authentic to me that day.

[13:34] Sahara
I agree with you on that so much! I remember you said something a while ago, you were like “I, truthfully, don’t want to have anything on my schedule (a meeting, I have to be there at a specific time)” I obviously felt that before but I didn’t even know that’s allowed to desire because our society is so “How can you not have to show up by a certain time”. We’re on a Podcast here, we’re showing up at a certain time, but now that I have that in mind I was like “Oh, that is a level of freedom that I desire”, of getting to that point that we’re just like “Hey, we’re interconnecting, let’s hop on a podcast right now, without even the need to have on it a calendar and double check”, just to get to that place that we’re in the optimal energy to do the things that we want to do.

[14:16] Shayna
Totally! And when you’re doing the things that you love and you’re really lit up by your life, the things you “have to” do, you’re excited to do them, right? You’re excited to show up for that podcast, or you’re excited to start working on that new project or that book or have that team meeting, because you’re so lit up by your life it doesn’t feel like “Oh my God, I have to do this and now I’m exhausted!” And having that freedom, it’s so incredibly liberating (I know that’s redundant), but it is, to be able to just say “You know what, let’s move this to next week because right now it’s just not feeling in alignment with me”, that’s really – even if it’s meeting with a friend for coffee, having the freedom to do that, in my life, it makes me my highest self, yeah, for sure!

[15:00] Sahara
Love that! And how about for you Dana?

[15:03] Dana
Mine is kind of similar, but I would say, what makes me my highest self is when I am so deeply in tune with my authenticity. I am just living and breathing my true self and really feeling my soul, and every little moment, guiding me and whispering to me and feeling what that feels like in my body. And for me, too, it’s all about kind of having these blinders on, about what other people want from me, what society expects from me. But really, singing when I want and dancing when I want and being crazy and weird when I want, and having no limitations, no boundaries, but really just letting my authenticity be completely undefined, and just letting myself flow in that space, and I have so much self-love for myself when I’m living in that space.

[15:50] Sahara
I love that, I so agree! And yeah, that’s one of the gifts of the past 2 years has given us, of that, more time at home that it’s like, have the dance party that you want, walk around naked, do your thing and it’s less about my interaction with the outer world, and it’s been so much more of what is my interaction with my inner world.

[16:08] Shayna
Yeah, beautiful! Big part of Human Design is understanding your uniqueness as an individual, but then, when you’re living as this unique individual, you end up creating a life path for yourself that is completely unique. And I am seeing my close friend groups, including myself, I’m just getting to witness how beautiful and special it is to see someone creating a life path that is as unique as they are; truly authentic in every little way. It’s just so beautiful to see that diversity and I really believe that that diversity is the thing that creates the most harmony and health, overall, in the collective.

[16:43] Sahara
I love that so much! And I think that, as a collective – I remember the game Life, that board game, and it’s like you pull a card and you’re a doctor, you’re a firefighter, you’re a this, and we used to be so linear in our life paths of like choose one, and now, I feel like, it’s almost like a rainbow, that it’s diffusing in different colors, but even layers of those colors like infrared and ultraviolet, and there’s so many spectrums that are infinitely also expanding. So, even what is unique to you at one point, may also transition with time, so it’s continually to honor that.

[17:17] Shayna
Absolutely! That’s so true! And yeah, I think we even get in our mind sometimes about what our uniqueness is and we try to hold it down like “I used to really be into this and this is who I am’, and we try to identify that as ourselves, instead of just being present in this moment and letting ourselves be a channel of who we are in that moment, without any of those limitations or any of those pre-existing structures.

[17:40] Sahara
Yes! And that’s what Human Design is so beautiful for, it really gives you that permission slip to be you.
So, I feel like there has been this resurgence of Human Design, or maybe it’s first time really of going out to the masses and I feel like it’s because of that – the fact that the difference between it and Astrology that I take, it’s like not telling you what to do but it’s more like how you can do it best.
So, I would love to hear your take of why Human Design now?

[18:10] Dana
Well, I think a big part of it is the way that our collective is evolving. We are in this, kind of, great shift that’s happening where people are awakening on a mass scale, and at this exact same time we are also having the structures that existed before crumble. So, we’re in this big shift that’s happening all at once where the structures that, we used to fit ourselves into this box, we pulled that card and said “Okay, I’m going to be a doctor and I’m going to commit myself to that” or whatever. All of those structures in our education, in our work systems and that one-size-fits-all way to success and happiness is literally crumbling right in front of us. And at the same time, we’re really experiencing this rising, this individualism, on a soul level of coming to earth. And really, every person, is a unique individual being able to create their heaven on earth and what that means for the collective. So, we’re in this shift that’s kind of happening astrologically.
And in Human Design, they say that the peak of this shift, when we’re really in this new paradigm, this new way of being, is going to be in 2027. So, we are in the 7-year crunch time period where things are just rapidly changing all around us and we’re experiencing it in all of these different ways. And in this time, I think, we are so ready for something new, we are so ready to step into becoming our own authority in our own life and being a co-creator of our own life. And I think people are just ready, on that collective scale, to say “Okay, the structures that existed before me, the rules that were set out before me of how to live life, they don’t work, they’re falling apart in front of me. And I’m feeling the soul call to step into my uniqueness, to step into my dharma, to step into the highest expression of my path.”
So, Human Design is just such a gift. We really see Human Design as a gift that has been gifted to humanity and it’s just there for us to help us in this bridge, in this gap, because what Human Design is really for is to help you operate as your authentic self in alignment. And you don’t actually need a system to do that, you don’t need any rules, you don’t need any cerebral, mental check list to be able to operate as yourself. But when we’re transitioning from this space of being so mentally driven and being so into these structures, and really operating in this space of conditioning and what our conditioning tells us to do. As we’re transitioning, Human Design is like this bridge that shows you “Here’s why you are operating in all these ways; here’s why you thought you had to homogenize and confirm and be the same way that everyone else is in society; and here’s how you really are; and here’s how you use your energy correctly so you live in that authenticity, so you live in that alignment.”
So, Human Design is really like this road map back to yourself, back to the you that your soul chose to be in this lifetime. And it’s beautiful because it can be so liberating, but it really, what it does is it gives you permission to be who you always secretly wanted to be, but you just thought it wasn’t okay. So, we hear this all the time when we do readings for people, they say “I feel like I got permission to be myself”, and that’s really what it is. It’s not telling you anything new, although, at first, some of the things that you learn can be a bit shocking just because it’s such a different way of operating than what we’ve been taught. But really what it is, is this road map back to yourself, and it helps you kind of remember who you really are and who you came here to be in this lifetime.

[21:29] Sahara
So beautifully said! And there’s one thing that you mentioned that I have felt so resonant with and I feel like it’s also this generational thing that’s emerging, and that’s the individual within the collective. Because a lot of the older generations, even spiritual teachers, it’s super about the collective and “Sacrifice yourself for the collective! And sometimes it’s not what you want but it’s for the collective.”
And I don’t know, have you guys heard of Spiral Dynamics? It’s like these different levels of consciousness, and that level of consciousness is green, which is all about being politically correct or the green party, green this, green that, and then the next level that we go after that, it’s the yellow phase which is like, it’s not about this collective being this thing that doesn’t include me, it includes me in it. So, what is also best for the individual because the collective is comprised of tons of individuals. So, I love that you said that because I do think that this word ‘collective’ can sometimes be used against us of like “It’s not about you, don’t be selfish, do what the collective needs”, but it’s like, if every single person is honoring their Human Design, their Dharma, their truth, their intuition, that’s what’s actually going to create a thriving collective.

[22:40] Shayna
Yeah! And actually, you hit the nail on the head with what this new paradigm is about! So, the last 400 years, Human Design really teaches that we’ve been in this paradigm about building structures, building the collective, building the community, creating churches and religions, and governments, and “My country is better than your country” and “You can’t sit with us” type of energy, “My sports team is how I identify, I’m a part of that team and if you’re against me, you’re not my family or my friend.” And that collective has been what we have been needing to build for the last 400 years, and we have these structures, and now this new paradigm is all about the individual and where does the individual fit within the collective – that’s exactly what we’re shifting into.
So, it’s really getting clear on “Well, who am I within this collective” and “What do I want to do” and “How can I become my own authority, and really just honor myself and how does that work with all the different people around me?” It’s not saying “F*** you” to the collective, it’s saying “Okay, thank you for this collective that we have” and “Who am I within this? How do I genuinely want to contribute” not “How should I contribute” or “What am I expected to contribute?” So, it is all about empowering yourself to become your own authority. And Human Design, we’re obviously obsessed with it because it gives you the languaging around who you are, what your gifts are specifically, what your life purpose is, and it just rings so true when you hear this language about yourself, that It’s like “Wow, I’ve always felt that, I just didn’t have the words to explain what that was” or “I thought, maybe, everybody felt that” or “That it wasn’t that special”, and hearing it back, it’s just so incredibly validating and liberating, and then it tells you how to lean in to these different aspects in the highest expression.
So, it’s powerful, but that’s where we’re headed in the next few years.

[24:43] Dana
I wanted to kind of add on to that – following all these things, your strategy and authority and understanding who you are, what it really helps you to do is be that individual in alignment. And when you are in alignment and really being authentic, your choices, the things that you create, are going to be harmonious for the collective. And that’s important to really let sink in because we are conditioned to believe that our needs and desires are somehow going to go against what the collective needs. We’re taught to really look away from what we want; we’re taught to kind of sacrifice ourselves, as you mentioned, for the collective, we’re taught that the things that we desire are negative in some way or not going to be helpful in some way, and if we do what we want, it’s selfish. But really, because we are all kind of designed in this higher intelligence and this higher order by our souls before we incarnate into this human lifetime, if we just be who we are, who we truly are, even though we are different than every single other person on this planet, we do operate in harmony. So, having that be your truth and knowing that when you do what is best for yourself, at the highest level, that is what’s best for everyone, that is what’s best for the collective. When you do what you want to do and you go after your dreams, that is what’s best for the collective because it’s the most sustainable way for you to really be on this planet and be giving. Whereas if you sacrifice yourself, you burn out much more quickly and then you’re actually, in the long run, not able to be of service at all.
So, it’s really, kind of, we’re in this moment where we’re really reframing what does it mean to follow your own individual desires and needs and wants, and how can you actually see that that’s going to be beneficial and harmonious for the collective, instead of going against or derailing the collective vision in some way.

[26:28] Sahara
So true! And we’re seeing that narrative being played out so much in the news of like “You’re an individualist; you’re a collective’ you’re a this; you’re a that” and all of these labelings and it’s like one or the other. And I think the people who are listening to this, who are getting that and receiving it, it’s almost like our souls were programmed to already know this truth, and to see, “No, it’s not about if it’s right for me, it’s wrong for you”. “If it’s right for me, chances are I can feel that it may also be right for you”, not the same thing, but the same honoring. And I think that we are so misguided to think that humans only act in their own self-interest. But self-interest is not a bad thing; self-interest means an honoring thing.
So, yeah, I could definitely dive so deeply into this. I was literally in a conversation about this yesterday with an older spiritual figure and we were just not seeing eye-to-eye on this, and it’s so fascinating then to speak with you about it, and I’m like “Okay, I’m not alone in this sentiment”.

[27:25] Dana
Yeah! And I also like to really tell people, if you need proof of this, I always like to look to nature and kind of see these ideals or these ideas kind of thriving in nature. And if you look at a healthy ecosystem, it’s all about biodiversity. If you have just one plant that’s doing its one thing, that system is then no longer healthy and it’s not able to self-sustain itself. And the healthiest ecosystems are ones that have all this diversity with different plants that are all looking at their own interest, doing their own thing, but it is cooperative, and those own personal interests are symbiotic, and that is how humans are. We are a part of nature, we are designed to be diverse in the same way that all the plants are in the forest, and going with our own self-interest is actually helping the collective, not derailing it because of that symbiotic nature.

[28:14] Shayna
Yeah. The main thing that’s falling away is anything that’s rooted in ego. So, that energy of you can’t sit with us, it works the same when you say “Oh, well, f*** the status quo, I’m doing my own thing”, that’s also saying “You can’t sit with me because you’re basic or you’re following the mainstream media, I’m not, so we’re different”, or saying “I believe this and you believe that and that’s wrong, so you can’t sit with us”. So, all of that ego energy, anything that’s rooted in ego is what’s going to be crumbling. So, businesses that are rooted in ego and greed are going to be crumbling, and the ones that are sustaining are the ones that are rooted in meaning and empowering people to make their own decisions and to be their own authority and decide and get really clear on “Who am I? What’s good for me?” And what’s good for you is going to be different, and that’s great, are you honoring yourself, are you honoring your truth, are you honoring your fear and your ego? That’s really what we’re having to – this, I call it the pressure cooker time right now, this next 7 years, this pressure cooker that we’re in collectively, it’s forcing us to look at those structures, it’s forcing us to decide, get really clear on what side are we on. And in the end, we’re going to figure out “Oh, we’re on our own side and we’re individuals and how can we honor this within the collective?”

[29:41] Sahara
Love that so much! So, within Human Design, we have these four to five, depending on, Manifesting Generator, Generator – if you love them together or not, archetypes or energy types. And I’ve done a podcast on this before so we’re not going to start at the basic here, we’re going to kind of start diving in – I’m sure a lot of listeners drawn to this episode already know about what their Human Design types are, I’ll have some links in the show notes for you to find yours, but I see a lot of misconceptions happening here. I see a lot of blanket statement of what has happened in Astrology of “If you’re a Capricorn, you’re a bitch”, “If you’re a Leo, you’re an attention whore”, I see that happening even with Human Design. I was sharing with you, I saw this TikTok video yesterday that was like “Projectors can never work out in the morning, otherwise they’re going to be sleepy for the rest of the day”. And for me, I have found working out in the morning is the best thing for me to actually have energy for the rest of my day, or just all of these statements of like “If you’re a Manifestor, you’re here to be a boss, people are going to be triggered by you (or this or that)”, so, I’d love to kind of break down these misconceptions and every single energy types so people can find more clarity and then dive more deeper into the channels, which is actually what is going to give us so much deeper information than this most surface level archetype.

[30:57] Shayna
Totally, yeah! So, just starting with that first example of being a Projector. There are a lot of misconceptions and blanket statements around how much energy you have and how much energy you don’t and how you should be using your energy each day. And it’s not one-size-fits-all because a lot of factors weigh in with what centers you have to find, what specific channels you have to find and who you’re around in your day-to-day environment. If someone in your house is a Man-Gen or a Generator, or even another Projector, and you guys create this more Man-Gen generating energy when you’re together, your energy is going to feel different at different points of the day. So, it’s not so much about saying “Don’t ever work out in the morning if you’re a Projector” or “Only work out at night”, it’s really more so saying “Listen to your body and get really clear on what are the things that you’re doing that fascinate you, that are really interesting to you, that you can talk about them, you can work on them all day long, and what are the things that feel exhausting and work to you?” That’s more important to get clear on because it’s going to be different to different people because we’re all fascinated in different things. So, it’s when you get clear on that, then it’s about saying “Okay, 3-4h a day, or 2-3h, depending on what type of projector you are, work on the exhausting things, the things that drain you, and the rest of the time focus on the things that fascinate you”, and working out might be one of those things. You might find that you’re a Projector that loves to work out 3 hours a day and then you have all this energy to go do all this other stuff, and that’s great, it’s just about getting clear on what’s fascinating and what’s draining for you, it’s the most important thing.
And we have found, in general, splenic projectors have a little bit more energy to do physical things, but, of course, if you’re a splenic Projector listening and you’re like “I’m tired all the time”, there’s places that you can look at, exhaustion and being tired is such a key theme. I think when people talk about Projectors, that Projector are non-energy beings and they’re always tired all the time and they need lots of naps, and while that can be true, there’s also factors of “Do you hate your job? Are you living your Dharma? Do you enjoy how you’re using your energy each day? And do you have a defined root or an open root?” A lot of Projectors have an open root and they’re doing, doing, doing, doing, and running themselves dry. So, there are so many different factors, I mean, we’re freaking diverse, but hopefully that kind of helps debunk that. We hate blanket statements because they just don’t really apply.

[33:43] Sahara
Yeah, I am a Splenic Projector which may be the more energy and I also have the root defined and I’m also living my Dharma. So, I do have the energy because there actually isn’t really anything I do with my time that I hate doing, I’ll find a way to not do that thing at this point because I’ve done so much narrowing and narrowing and refining. But even back, when I was starting my business and I was the only person, I had to do all of the things, I was still so excited about it that I was excited to learn how to do web design, I was excited to learn how to do SEO because it was bringing me closer to my Dharma, so the energy was there, but I could never work a corporate job because if someone just told me to do something and my excitement is not there, my energy is not there. The times that I tried it in my life, I quit basically instantly because I physically can’t do it. So, I think it is that exact “Are you living your truth” and also “Are you filling yourself up with things that bring you joy” because otherwise, of course you’re going to be tired.
And I see a lot of people who are Generators and they’re like “But I’m tired all the time but I’m not a Projector”, but it’s like answer those same questions, you may be exhausted for those other reasons.

[34:52] Shayna
Yeah, that’s exactly right. And it’s interesting, people love those blanket statements, people love hearing the five different energy types and hearing the stereotypes about those five types, and we really try to avoid that as much as we can because there is. What we’re talking about your energy type is the way that your aura works, the way that your energy moves out of your body and interacts or exchanges with the people around you. So, while this is a huge part of who you are, and it is absolutely life-changing to know, it’s kind of like just one facet of your design, and there’s so many other facets, so we really try to avoid those blanket statements. And people almost ask us to make them, so we love this conversation right now where you’re asking us to not make them because that is really like how we see Human Design.

[35:35] Sahara
Love that so much! So, let’s talk about some misconceptions with Generators. I know one of them – people I know who, they are entrepreneurial, they are very creative and then they find out they’re a Generator and they’re a bit pissed, they’re like “Are you sure?” or “I don’t resonate with Human Design because there’s this misconception that if you’re a Generator you need to be given the ideas, told what to do; you’re just a doer and you’re never going to be the leader”. So, can we just set this aside once and for all?

[36:05] Shayna
Yes, definitely! So, Generators and Manifesting Generators make up the majority of the population. Both of these two types, even though they are separate types, have a defined sacral, and that’s unique, and so, they are kind of this 70% population. So, I feel like a lot of generators, the first thing that they can feel is this conditioning that they’re not special. And everyone wants to feel special, everyone wants to feel like they are a leader in their own life, and that’s because everyone is special and everyone is a leader in their own life, that’s why we want to feel that way, it’s because we are that way.
So, it’s really getting past “Oh, because my type is the majority, that that’s not special”, that’s the first thing. The second thing I’d like to say is that, as a Generator, you have this sacral chakra that is constantly generating life-force energy, creative life-force energy, and this is a special and powerful thing that your body does, and you are here to use that creative life-force energy to create. So, Generators are actually some of the most creative beings, it’s their way of operating with the world, is through the things that they create, the way that they use their energy to make something out of nothing, to build something, to expand upon or to create something from the ground up.
So, any of the types can be an athlete, any of the types can start their own business, any of the types can be an innovator, it’s just the way that that thing starts in their life is going to be slightly different. So, that’s really when it comes in being a Generator, your strategy is to respond.
So, what that means is that your body has to be ignited by something in front of you to give you that creative energy to then use it. So, if you don’t have that sacral response, someone shows you this idea, or you stumble upon this idea, or you stumble upon this opportunity, and your body is just not generating that creative energy towards it, it’s not going to be right for you. But if you’re a Generator and you see something on, for example your computer, and something in your body just ignites and you start generating that life-force creative energy within you, that is your body telling you this thing is right for you. Use your energy now, to initiate, to create, to make it happen.
So, it’s really just that first starting point of how that thing comes into your life, how you know it’s right for you to take action, how you know it’s right for you to initiate, that is that strategy of responding.
So, a lot of Generators that we know own businesses and they are very creative beings and very unique, and also that generating side of them is just one aspect of how their energy kind of interacts or moves through life. But they have all of these different unique talents and gifts that may say they are a thought leader or they’re really here to innovate in some way or be a visionary in some way. They may also have projected channels; so, channels that are literally used to guide people the way a Projector would in their life.

[38:53] Dana
Yeah. And I also want to add onto that, when you’re responding as a Generator, you can be inspired by something and that ignites that response in your body and then you can go create that thing. So, maybe you see somebody’s business and you just feel this green light in your body, your body is lit up, and now you have this idea or this inspiration “You know what, I want to write my own book and I have all this energy into just doing it right now” or you see a website and you’re like “That website is so gorgeous and it just sparked this in me, I want to create my own”. So, it’s not that you can’t have unique ideas or original ideas, you absolutely can, it’s just important it’s being led by this spark in your body, this energy in your body versus this very intellectual place that we’re taught to lead from. So, really sitting down and saying “Okay, I have to figure out my life, I have to figure out what I’m doing, let me figure out a business. What would be a good business idea?” That would be starting something out of alignment. So, it’s really letting your body guide you, is the key.

[39:58] Sahara
So, would you say the difference between how a Projector and a Generator get their ideas is maybe a Projector’s is just coming from their own source, their own channel, not from responding to the outside world, whereas for a Generator it’s coming from this response and dialogue with the world?

[40:15] Shayna
Yeah. So, for a Projector, it’s really coming from what you see in a way that other people don’t. So, Projectors are really good at seeing into the other, into systems, into projects, and they can see things that other people wouldn’t think of or notice. So, for example, you could work in HR or you could be working in the corporate world and notice in HR, the people that they’re hiring in this job would be better in this job and this just isn’t really honoring how they want to use their energy or how they’re wanting to provide (whatever). And it’s that unique insight that then it fills that spark of “You know what, I want to start my own HR company because I can really guide who to hire and where they need to be placed and how they can best use their skills. I can see it so clearly in an interview or whatever.” So, that’s kind of where it comes from for a Projector.
Whereas for a Generator, it really is that body sensation, that energy of like “I just want to pour my energy into this, starting this project or working on this project. I have that green light. I’m turned on this thing.” Whereas a Projector it’s much more about what they see and that unique insight.

[41:28] Dana
And the big difference between Generator and Projector, Generator and Manifesting Generator, is that it’s all about your body, it’s all about “Do I physically want to use my energy on this physical thing?” Whereas for a Projector, it’s so much more about this thought plain, this kind of cerebral fascination, the psychology fascination, that’s really the stimulating fascination factor that draws us in, our inside. It’s much more on this thought plain versus for Generators, it’s very in the physical body, “I ran into this physical opportunity, for example, I see these kids playing and my body just wants to, it’s ignited to just jump in there and get my hands in there and start teaching them or building this game or whatever.” So, it is kind of the thought plain of psychology and mind and cerebral versus that physical energy.

[42:17] Shayna
Yeah, and I just want to add on here – if you are feeling like “I’m a Generator and I’ve heard that we’re just the worker bees and we each have to put our head down and work for other people”, that is all based in ego. And really what we encourage you to focus on instead of that, because that’s not your life, that’s not true, is “Am I lit up by this thing; things that I’m doing?” And one thing that we find helpful is “Do you want to devour this thing?” It’s that feeling of “I just want to eat this thing. I want to just bring it into my body.”
If you meet a person that you’re potentially dating, do you want to eat them? It’s that feeling. That’s the same thing, very primal, do you want to eat this project and just get in there? That’s what you’re looking for and we encourage you to focus on that more than the ego conditioning like “I’m just here to put my head down and work”. You really aren’t, you’re here to freaking devour the world and create whatever you want from that creative spark, lit up, energized energy.
People who know Human Design, honestly, at least I feel this way, wish that they were Generators because it really is just, when you’re lit up, you can work on shit and you can get it done really quickly, and you can build these really amazing things for the world.

[43:38] Dana
And also, when we talk about moving into this new paradigm, Generators are actually at the center point of this new paradigm because they are the majority of the population. In this last, kind of, paradigm that we’ve been in, Generator’s power and their creative life-force energy has kind of been exploited and they’ve been conditioned to hand it over to someone outside of themselves. They have been taught that in order to be of service and in order to love people and be kind etc. they have to sacrifice what they want to use that energy for and put into what society wants them to use that energy for.
So, in this great transition, it’s all about the Generator reclaiming their power and if Generators focus on that, they end up creating and generating life-force energy that spills out of their aura and feeds everyone around them.
So, actually, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors are kind of needing Generators and Man-Gens to empower themselves and to begin to use their energy correctly so that they can generate the life-force energy needed for the collective.
So, this is a really good example where, when you do what’s selfish, it actually “serves” the collective more. So, Human Design actually has this phrase called “Enlighten selfishness” because it’s the most enlightened thing that you can do to actually use your energy on things you want to use your energy on as a Generator or a Man-Gen.

[44:58] Sahara
That is so good! And what you were saying about wanting to devour and eat something, I can feel that in my relationship, but I don’t feel that way in my work at all, I’m not like “I want to devour my podcast”, that’s not really how I would describe it, I’m more like “Oh, I want to discuss topics and understand and feel into the collective” and if it were up to me and I was honestly recently reflecting with myself, I’m like “I just want a podcast. I just love doing this. I just love talking and coming up with ideas and understanding other people”, which is like so me so being in my Projector, whereas more in the business stuff, I don’t love doing that at all. I feel like I have to do that to get out of the way, but with my business partners, on a specific project, they’re both Generators (Man-Gen and Gen) and they love that, they want to devour the project, they want to look at the feedback forms and the this and the that, and it’s so great for me to see. There’s a completely different way of operating and here am I thinking everyone wants to do exactly what I’m doing, but that’s not true, we’ve just only been in put own heads.

[45:59] Shayna
Yeah, exactly! And your fascination is there and it’s so in alignment with your chart in general, looking at your crossing incarnation and then your gifts, but where your fascination is, is the most important, because there’s projectors – based on your gifts we can see you’d be really fascinated in this or that, but there are Projectors that are fascinated in creating websites for people or in working on a project. And then there’s Projectors like ourselves who are fascinated in more being a thought leader and diving into these concepts and guiding people from that place. So, it’s really just about getting clear on “What am I fascinated in” and within that, what’s fascinating, and within that, what’s fascinating. That’s really more the Projector way versus for a generator Man-Gen it’s like “Do I want to devour this thing”, that’s really more in alignment for them.


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[48:12] Sahara
So, what would you say is the difference between Manifesting Generator and Generator?

[48:17] Shayna
Yeah, so, Dana, do you want to tackle this Man-Gen/Gen?

[48:22] Dana

[48:23] Shayna
Not dilemma, but…

[48:25] Dana
First of all, I want to say that Shayna and I are really passionate about actually being Human Design, living it. So, we have this beautiful opportunity and that my husband is a Manifesting Generator and Shayna’s is a Generator, so we constantly get to observe the two of them and how they really operate differently in real life, from our own personal experience. And of course, in Human Design, they teach it as well, but basically, the main difference is that a Generator is going to be more singular in their focus. When they find something they really want to engage with, they want to fully engage and they want to get right down to the bottom, they don’t want to miss any steps, they want to be extremely thorough, and really, they can be with that one thing for hours and hours and hours, if they are truly ignited by it and if they had a true response going into it. Whereas Manifesting Generators are a lot more quick, they are a lot more multi-faceted, they’re a lot more bouncing all over the place. And the conditioning for them can be that they have ADHD and that they’re not able to focus on one thing the entire day, for many, many hours. It’s because they’re not designed to. Manifesting Generators are very capable and they are here to use their energy creating things and building things, the same as a Generator, but they are a lot more efficient and they’re really interested in making things as easy and fast as they can so they can be on to the next.
So, a Manifesting Generator, in their career life, it’s really important for them to have a lot of diversity in the things that they do, in the ways that they use their energy. They may even want to have two careers that are completely different so they get to constantly be juggling their energy around to different projects. And if they were forced to do one thing every single day, it would drive them crazy, it’s just such a misuse of their energy. Whereas for a generator, if they are truly engaged in that thing, they really want to master it over time; they’re totally committed to that thing for as long as their sacral is locked into it.
So, it’s not to say that every Generator is going to have one job for their entire life, because that’s not true at all, it’s just when they are engaged with this thing, it’s going to be a longer amount of time that they’re really wanting to completely dive into just that one thing instead of bouncing around to multiple projects.

[50:34] Sahara
That makes so much sense because with Dharma Coaching Institute, like I mentioned, one is a Man-Gen, one is a Gen, and the man-gen wants to have the shortest meetings and I’m like “What”, I feel like it takes me 30 minutes to just start really thinking, and I’m like “Well, how are people feeling and this, and tuning into what’s the collective experience right now” and he is very like “Okay, what are we talking about today?”
And I’m curious too because your husbands are men (and he’s a man), it’s like a masculine energy, and I’m wondering if that’s a Man-Gen thing of just very to the point, very fast and then moving on to the next thing.
Do you see Man-Gens have more of that masculine energy or are these examples just all happen to be masculine men?

[51:16] Shayna
Yeah, I would say that these examples happen to be just masculine men because I’ve met Projector women who are like “Let’s get right to the point and do the ABCD”, that could be coming from conditioning, it could not be. And same thing for men, it could be coming from conditioning too. But it’s more so the Man-Gen is thinking ahead, is, as they’re talking about point A, they’re thinking about point C. So, they want to get through point A to get to point B, so that way they can get to point C, but by the time they’re at point C, they’re already thinking about point E. So, they’re ready to just get through the alphabet.
And for Generators, it’s like, we are on point A and let’s really be here, let’s really look at it, let’s really get through everything there is to talk about here and feel it and then it’s like “Okay, setting down point A, picking up point B and now let’s be here with that”, and that’s really more in alignment.
Now, it’s kind of tricky because the “medicine” if you will, is for Man-Gens to slow down a little bit and to really say “Okay, you know what, if I am talking about point A, let me not be thinking about point C, let me really just be here, look at it, make sure that we’re being thorough and then let’s go to point B”. And so, it is this kind of tension within your energy that’s really beautiful because it’s polarizing and when you can master that, that’s when you feel so magnetic and life is just working with you and things are going and everybody feels supported and connected and everything has what it needs vs. the bare minimum of what it needs and “Now we have to have another meeting because we didn’t talk about these other things”.
So, having that tension of “Oh, I want to go ahead, but let me just really flush out point A”, that’s where Generators can really help ground in Man-Gens.
Now, Projectors can see this whole process happening and they can see “Oh, I’m trying to talk about these things that are just really fascinating to me”, and this Generator is not really hearing me because they’re focused on point A so much that you almost have to be “Okay, hold on, let me put this right in front of you”, and then they have to literally disengage and re-engage with that thing you’re now putting in front of them. And it’s fascinating, I literally experiment this with my fiancé all the time, because if he’s doing yard work and I’m in the kitchen talking about things we need to do that day or things that I want to start thinking up for the future or whatever, it’s literally in one ear and out the other, he is in yard work. And I have to be like “Okay, hold on babe, come inside for a second, sit down and okay, this is what I’m talking about”, and then I literally watch him shift from not really into it because he’s still thinking about yard work, to then boom, locked in, and then he’s wants to make the spreadsheets and he wants to flush it out, and then he’s fully engaged with that new topic.
So, it’s just a different way of using your energy, and knowing that we’re all meant to be different and the way that works for you is meant to work for you, and Human Design just tells you “This is how you optimize your energy” vs. trying to be like your Projector co-worker, or trying to be like Man-Gen co-worker.

[54:50] Sahara
That is the best description I’ve ever heard on this, because the way I’ve kind of seen it be described is like, Man-Gens come up with ideas and can do them and Generators need to get the ideas from someone and can do them. And that’s how I’ve sort of seen them be said and it sort of makes it be seem as obviously then Man-Gen is “better” than Gen if they’re doing the ideas. But now, how you’re sharing it, it’s not that, it’s more of “Are you singular focused or multi-focused.”

[55:21] Dana
Exactly, yeah. And it’s really like – without knowing this awareness, we have this tendency to want to think that everyone should operate the way we do because we do have this tendency to want unity; we do have this tendency to want to work together in cooperation, so we think “If this is how I work and this is how everyone else has to work when we’re together in this meeting”, but Human Design really liberates you so much because especially the Projector, you’re really interested in this psychological standpoint of how does everyone work, whereas the Generator and Man-Gen are much more into their own interaction with the environment around them and how they want to use their energy. The projector has seen all of it and the Projector’s like “Hmm, interesting. How can I guide this person? How can I lead this person?” So, they’re utilizing their energy and honoring their energy, and we are holding space for each other instead of judging each other or wanting each other to conform in some ways so that we can homogenize.

[56:13] Sahara
I love that so much! And for the Projectors out there who can sometimes see this happening, I think it’s really important to also ask their permission first, if they want the feedback because it’s so easy to be like “You’re missing this” and “You need to be doing this”, and come in, which I could see making the Generators and the Man-Gens angry, of like “I’m the one focusing, I’m the one doing the work, I’m the one in it, you’re coming in from the outside and you’re telling me that it’s wrong”. So, to just ask – first of all, have the conversation about your Human Design type so you all know where your areas of expertise are, but then if you’re seeing something, to be like “Do you mind if I share what my perspective is on this?” Because I’m sure you see it too, a lot of Projectors give unsolicited advice which sometimes does not really help.

[56:57] Shayna
That’s why we’re waiting for the invitation and really understanding how that works comes into play, because if you feel that there’s an open invitation, say it’s your meeting, then, you don’t need to ask permission, you’re already invited. Or if it’s with a client, or if it’s within something that you’ve created yourself, but if it’s something that you’re coming too, that you haven’t created and you feel like “This advice, my insight, there’s no place for it to land right now”, and you can just feel that, then it’s best to just not say anything and wait for the invitation. And maybe, one-on-one with, say, if that’s your boss or your co-worker, you might be talking and feel like “Oh, there’s place for this to land”, and then you’re sharing with them, “You know, I see these things that could be more efficient if we use our energy in this way.” And then you get that recognition and then at the next meeting, your boss is like “Hey, Shayna, can you share your insight on how we can make this more efficient”, and then everybody gets to recognize you. Whereas, if you just chime in and you give that insight when there’s no place for it to land, you then become repelling and then everybody now feels like “I don’t want your insight, I don’t want your opinion”, even if it’s right and helpful.
So, it’s all about feeling “Is there space for this” and “Is there space for me to ask for permission”, and if it’s like “Yeah, there is”, great, but if it’s like “I don’t know”, wait for the invitation and go back to focusing on what you’re fascinated in, what your gifts are, seeing yourself “Damn, I’m really good at seeing these efficiencies”. Even you just seeing that within yourself, other people are going to start noticing it and asking for your advice or your opinion.

[58:43] Sahara
I love that so much! So, I want to talk a little bit about Manifestors. I feel like the common misconception is like “Manifestors are these authoritarians, they have very repelling energy, they’re very intense to be around and no one would want to hire them because they need to be their own leaders and bosses, and, I think of a king energy to them.”
What is accurate in that and what is not?

[59:08] Dana
Yeah. So, traditionally, in the past, there has been this kind of playing out in society where Manifestors found their way to power and they literally became kings, and Generators had to do their bidding for them, had to so their work for them. So, that is a dynamic that we have seen play out in the past and that’s why we have this conditioning now in the present about that. However, Manifestors, in this present moment and as we’re making this shift into the new paradigm and new way of being, have a completely different role in that, almost opposite role from that. And now, what Manifestors are really being born into this human life to experience and to create for themselves is freedom, and their signature theme is peace. So, actually, Manifestors, internally, are the most chill people you’ve ever met. They just want to do their thing, they just want to have that freedom, they want to do something when they feel inspired to, they want to rest when they feel inspired to, they want to just be free to go out and explore when they want, that’s all they’re really feeling and thinking on the inside, but they have this aura that amplifies every little thing that they say and do, and makes them someone who is very impactful. So, them just doing their own thing and really creating a life where they have freedom and peace and flow, that is something that radically impacts other people and it ends up being a catalyst for change and showing us a new way of living that’s outside of this rat-race structure where we have to keep going and keep going and follow by all these rules.
So, Manifestors, really, can sometimes feel a lot of imposter syndrome when they first find out about Human Design, or they can just feel plain resistance, like “No, I’m not someone who’s this king, who’s here for everyone to be afraid of me and whatever. I’m the most chill, just want to do my thing and just want to be in peace person.” So, it’s really important for Manifestors to understand that there is this difference in how they are perceived by other people because of their aura and how they experience themselves within their own being.
And when it comes to other people experiencing them, people who are really in alignment and who are right for that Manifestor, are going to feel so radically inspired by meeting that person. I have met Manifestors that are just, they feel like meeting a unicorn; they are just this beam of light and they channel these brilliant things, and it’s like every little thing they say, it moves you, and you only met them once at the grocery store but you think about what they said. Or something they said echoes in your mind and it inspires you later on.
So, Manifestors have this beautiful role to be this catalyst in people’s lives, kind on accident, without even trying. But that’s happening when that Manifestor is right for you and when you are aligned. So, if you are out of alignment, good chance is you’re going to feel really intimidated by all Manifestors, you’re going to feel their power and you’re going to feel disempowered, and right then and there, your own ego is kind of setting you up to not vibe with them.
That being said, not everyone is for everyone. So, there’s going to be people who just resonate and they’re meant to work together, they’re meant to be together, they’re meant to have these projects together. And that is something that you can only tell with your strategy and authority. So, a lot of people ask us “Should you have one Manifestor in every group and one Projector; what are the best pairings?” And we actually do not like to use Human Design in that way. Instead, we like to say “Follow your strategy and authority”. So, if you’re just living in your authentic flow and this person comes into your life and they enter in correctly with that strategy, and then you feel in your body and use your body decision-making, your authority to feel, “Do I want to be around this person? Do I resonate with them? Do they make me happy? Do I feel like they bring me closer to my sense of direction?” whatever that question is for your authority. You are the person that can tell if that person is right for you or not.
And so, for Manifestors, for all types, but especially Manifestors, it’s really important to know that if someone doesn’t resonate with you it’s because they’re not meant to be around you, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you or that you should’ve done something else so that they did resonate with you.

[1:03:07] Shayna
And I also just want to add, you know, Manifestors, once you start really embracing your strategy of informing and just sharing what your inner dialogue, what you’re thinking, what you’re wanting to do, what you’re confused about or having a hard time with, you just see the world open up for you. The people around you, there’s less resistance; people feel closer to you; problems just get solved; and you really start to see your own power, and just with your words alone.
So, there is this tendency, Manifestors hate informing, it feels the most unnatural thing, and they’re the only ones whose strategy feels completely foreign to them. Everybody else – their strategy feels pretty good; and Manifestors. that’s just not the case, but the more that they exercise it and start informing and opening up before they have things figured out (that’s key) they start noticing “Wow, okay, the world is working with me; the Universe is working with me; all the energy around me is here for a reason and I’m either impacting them and wow, I’m seeing my friends and my loved ones flourish in their life because of the things that I’ve just suddenly sparked or suddenly said”, then it becomes this really joyful, fun practice, to just say “You know what, I don’t have this figured out but this is what I’m thinking about doing or this is what’s hard for me” and it’s radical to see.
We love Manifestors, honestly, every time we meet one, it just feels – Projectors, when they are invited by a Manifestor, it’s thin, kind of, treasure chest energy (we were just talking about this) where you feel like “Okay, I’m discovering something amazing”, and the Manifestor feels this kind of surge in energy of “Okay, I can, maybe, embrace my bigness; I can, maybe, open up and let the world in to see what’s in here.”
So, yeah, they are not here to be the kings, it’s much more this queen energy of “When I rise, you rise and when you rise, I rise. And all I need to do is be vulnerable and open my mouth and that’s it!” And so, that’s really what we recommend focusing on if you’re feeling disempowered around your design being a Manifestor, or if you’re feeling repelling or alone or isolated in any way, open your mouth and inform the Universe, inform the people around you.

[1:05:39] Sahara
It’s so funny because one of my friends is a Manifestor and she’s like “Everyone’s repelled by me; people don’t like to be around me” and she had this story that something was wrong with her, that she’s so powerful that she can’t be around people, but what you just mentioned, she just might not be around very empowered people who may feel, because she is super in alignment, so it may just be her energy is so strong that – I love being around her and I love my Manifestor friends, but she just may need to change the type of people that she’s around.

[1:06:11] Dana
Yeah. Or, really, radically, informing, saying “I’m just annoyed right now, I don’t want to talk”, or saying “I don’t have any of this figured out”, or “I’m feeling repelling to you and I’m feeling like there’s this resistance between us”. Saying that out loud to whoever, you will see, a lot of times there’s this resistance because other people are trying to figure out what the Manifestor is thinking or wanting to do or feeling, so they’re asking questions and they’re prying or they’re thinking “Oh, they just don’t like me”, and so, there is this resistance.
And so, you opening up and saying “I feel like you think I don’t like you”, that authenticity, it’s like “Oh, wait, you do like me? I thought that you didn’t!” And so, it’s kind of, it just eases everything up. So, that’s always a place that a Manifestor can lean into. But in our own lives, we’ve been around a Manifestor that says one thing and it sparks a whole business idea within Dayluna, that is just like, we feel inspired, we feel so much off, we feel so fascinated and of course, when we’re creating it, it’s not coming from this person but that’s the power that Manifestors have in other people’s lives, and in their own life, or with their team (if they have one).

[1:07:30] Sahara
I love that so much! I, secretly, wish I was a Manifestor, if I could’ve stocked designs, I’m like “Oh, I love that, they’re just so empowered and doing their thing”, but I know that I was born to be a Projector for a reason, so of course, I would never change it.
And now Reflectors. I’d love to know – I mean, for me, I feel like the misconception I see of “If you’re a Reflector, you are an empath, you can’t really do anything, you just need to be on the fringes of society, meditating, you are just here to be a sensitive soul”. And I see some Reflectors take that and own it, but then like my brother, for example, who works in real estate and is not spiritual at all and he is a Reflector and I tell him this and he’s just like “No, that’s not me!”
So, I’d love to hear your take on the misconceptions of Reflectors.

[1:08:19] Dana
Yeah. Well, since Reflectors are so rare, at only 1% of the population, and since they operate in such a different way than all of the other types, they really have a unique journey, and all Reflectors, more than any other type, can look radically different from one another. So, there can be a Reflector that is like a boss, CEO in a company; then there can be a Reflector who is a yoga teacher, and I think that the conception is that every reflector is going to be a spiritual yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and really that’s all what they’re here to do, but it’s really not the case. It’s just that their energy is completely open, so they take in the energy of the people around their environment and they amplify it. So, if they are around people who are CEO type of people and are driven or logical and mentally focused, they are going to be taking that in and amplifying that, and almost becoming it, mirroring it back. And really, the big shift for a Reflector is when they realize that they are not this energy that they are feeling in this moment, they are simply amplifying the people around them. And who they really are is this completely open vessel, they are this spiritual being that is here to taste test and sample all of the energy and become that energy temporarily. But most Reflectors have no idea that they are a Reflector, so they hold onto this thing that they feel and they identify with it. And that’s where really, over time, become out of alignment and they can feel that their self being of disappointment – disappointment in life, disappointment of how things go because they thought something was this one way and then it, kind of, shattered before them. So, with Reflectors, they can do any job, they can be the most energetic out of all types if they are reflecting an environment that’s like that. It’s just so important that they don’t identify with those ways of using their energy as their true self, because their true self is this completely clear, open vessel. And if they can identify with that and come back to that every day, then they can be taken on this journey every single morning where they get to take in that environment and amplify it again without really trying.
So, the big thing with Reflectors is that you don’t need to try, you don’t need to control your life, you don’t need to really do anything, it’s so much more about letting life live you and knowing that that’s what you’re doing instead of thinking that you’re the one that’s in control of the way that your energy is going to be that next day. It’s really so much more of letting life surprise you.

[1:10:38] Shayna
Yes! You end up so surprised by life when you start off with this clean slate every day of “Okay, I’m going to take in the world and it’s going to inform me of what feels good, what feels natural, what feels right today and I’m not going to hold on to identifying with anything that I’m feeling”, because that’s what leads to sickness or just being really out of alignment.
And for all the types, it does come down to, at the end of the day, are you being honest with yourself, are you really being honest with how you feel? Because a lot of times, when you don’t resonate with your design, it’s a matter of awareness and the authenticity that you’re honoring each and every day, and if you are identifying with your conditioning, whether it’s “I went to college for this, so that’s what I’m doing for the rest of my life” or “I started this career in real estate and that’s who I am now and that’s what I’m doing and have all this energy”, and that could be super in alignment because you’re reflecting that environment, it’s just about being honest “Do I feel in alignment or do I feel exhausted and burned out every day and am I just telling myself and everyone feels that, so, I have to push through.”

[1:11:53] Sahara
That makes so much sense! And one hundred percent! I think with a lot of Reflectors, they almost don’t want to rock the boat too much, it’s easier for them to just go with the flow and accept and “This is just the way things are”, rather than, maybe, it could be again, I’m just thinking about my brother as the example of this, but it may be harder to take that really deep look and that “I am responsible for how I feel”, it’s not just “Life’s tough, get a helmet, everyone hates their job”, it’s “I am here for so much more”, but maybe the struggle with the Reflector is because they’re so open, they have a hard time knowing who they really are and they see other people like “I’m going to do this; I’m going to do that” and they maybe aren’t getting that hit, so they feel like “Well, I guess I’m meant to be doing what I’m doing because I don’t have another strong enough idea of something else.”

[1:12:40] Shayna
Exactly! That’s exactly it! And that kind of is the – there is this tendency to feel like you want to be included, you want to be like other people, you want to be part of the mix and know who you are, and then there’s this feeling of “I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where I belong. I don’t know where I’m going, and so, I need to latch on to whatever’s closest to me, whatever’s the strongest post nearby”, right?
So, the way that you navigate that, in alignment, is to clear out every single night and go be in nature and like “What have I been identifying with?” and let yourself just clear out and release what you’re holding on to, whether that’s emotions, whether that’s thoughts, or motivation or energy, and knowing that it’s not good or bad. None of these things are good or bad, as a Reflector, it’s just about “Okay, interesting! Who am I today?” that’s really more of the question that’s in alignment for you, is “Okay, I’m emptying out, and who am I today?” and letting that guide you because then you’ll see that life takes you on this – you meet somebody in the grocery store and it’s like “Oh, I feel this! This just feels right in my body.” And then you think about it and you let it simmer for a month and you feel out that idea of maybe switching jobs or moving, and you let that simmer, and throughout the month, you’re going to have all these different feelings because you’re going through all the different authorities as a Reflector, based on your gates, based on how the moon is changing. So, you’re going to through all of these decision-making centers in your body and then, at the end of that month, you either will have this clarity of like “You know what, this just feels right, I just know this is what I’m meant to do next”, or you won’t and it’s not the time to make it. Let another month go by or let thing do because it wasn’t meant for you and back to it every single day “Who am I today?”, that’s really the goal, the main things to focus on, versus focusing on “I don’t belong. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know what’s going on in my life.”

[1:14:50] Sahara
Aha, and yeah, seeing that as a gift, I feel like our society moves so fast and like “If I don’t move as fast and make decisions fast, I’m the weaker link”, but that’s actually such a gift to be able to feel into it with every single authority; go into all of our perspectives and feel into something so you could be so resonant. I actually looked up, and I’m curious if this is true, but it said Ama, the Hugging Saint, is a Reflector, which, I don’t know if you guys have seen that, but she’s like – do you guys know who Ama is? She’s this woman who is basically a living saint and she hugs people, and through hugging the, she heals them. So, she hugs thousands of people a day, and these are people who may have had an illness or a big tragedy happen in their lives, and her hug is believed that just love to heal. And she is listed as a Reflector, it’s so fascinating because she is a channel of love, which actually is one of the incarnation crosses to be a vessel of love. I wonder if that’s her incarnation cross? But she’s such an example of that. Teal Swan – also a Reflector and she is so clairvoyant and just sees the truth. So, yeah, it’s so fascinating.
And of course, these are spiritual examples. There’s people in all walks of live who are Reflectors but to not feel you’re a late bloomer, necessarily, it’s more that you’re taking the exact amount of time that you need to make the best decision for you.

[1:16:19] Dana
Yeah. And in general, our society has not really valued receptivity and compassion and empathy and understanding. Those things have been swept under the rug (intuition), and instead, we’ve really put a value on being assertive, being stubborn, being driven, being focused, being masculine in our mental way that we move through the world, those have been the things that have been valued. So, a lot of Reflectors have been, kind of, conditioned to believe that their biggest strengths are not valuable. And of course, we are so radically changing – you hear people talking about the value of their intuition left and right, you hear people talking about empathy and being sensitive and all of these things, so we’re really starting to see these shifts happening, and Reflectors are like our leader in that because they are completely open, completely empathetic and they get this experience of living as nothing at all, being just completely clear and open, and also being everything, being able to feel and become, and not just see but experience, within themselves, every single quality that exists in humankind.

[1:17:23] Sahara
So good! And are Reflectors increasing in population with time or is it staying? Because I know some of the percentages are changing right now.

[1:17:31] Shayna
So, Reflectors are actually the oldest energy type. And way back in human history, all humans were Reflectors and we were completely receptive and we lived as one common collective, in tune with nature, nature completely came within us, the lunar transits, the astrological transits, so, that used to be the most common, and then over time we’ve had more and more singular definition as we’ve become more and more individualized.
So, Reflectors are not really supposed to gain in numbers, but Projectors are. We are going to see more and more Projectors coming in.

[1:18:02] Sahara
Are all Generators single definition?

[1:18:04] Shayna
No. Definitely not. And yeah, definition is a whole other layer. There’s so many layers of your chart, it just gets so much more specific. So, you can be a Generator that has single definition, you really like working by yourself and having all of that processing power really quickly. Or you could be a Generator with split definition, you can really feel like you connect so deeply when you’re in partnership, and you almost feel like parts of you coming together. So, that’s a whole other nuance within it.

[1:18:33] Sahara
So fascinating! There’s so much to dive into and I’m so glad that we had this conversation because you know, I think in this Instagram culture, people make memes and it’s so much easier to be like “All Projectors are like this; all Generators are like this; all this are like that” and there can be truth to it, but if we don’t look underneath the hood, we can create these really limiting prophecies for ourselves that actually don’t allow our full growth to happen, but really limit us.
So, share this Episode guys with anyone you’ve met who’s like “Oh, I’m a Manifestor, I’m disgusting and repelling”, or “I’m a Projector, I have to be tired all the time”, no, you don’t, this is your permission slip to just honor and be you.
And I know you’re going to be diving in with us at Rose Gold Goddesses so much deeper into looking at our chart, especially with the channels and what they mean and the gates related to it, so we’re super excited for that next month in Rose Gold Goddesses.
So, thank you guys so much for your wisdom! And where can listeners connect with you, check out your website? I know you have a gift-boxes, Human Design reader trainings.

[1:19:35] Shayna
Yeah. So, you can check out our website, it’s daylunalife.com, you can also check out our podcast which is The Dayluna Human Design Podcast, and we have so many different resources.
So, if you connect more with physical, learning your design in a physical way, we have boxes that come with your chart and bunch of different items that are personalized, based on your chart, and then we also have a lot of video courses because, as we’ve talked about on this Podcast, knowing your channels and your gates and your cross of incarnation, which we think is one of the most important qualities in your chart, it changes everything, it goes so much deeper than just your type or your authority. And it’s so important to know because it really gives you that languaging to know “Who am I? How can I use my gifts best?”
So, we have a video for each of the channels, that way you can really understand your gifts, and then we also have type videos that talk about how to really live your daily practice.
So, it’s not just the basics of being a Projector, Generator, Man-Gen, it really is talking about how do you navigate transition and change; how do you call in that next big thing; it’s your daily practice really laid out for you, that way you can start honoring your design and honoring your energy.
So, our Instagram is @dayluna and you can check all that stuff out at daylunalife.com.

[1:20:58] Sahara
Awesome! Well, thank you guys so much again for sharing your wisdom! By the way, you’re both 2-4 Projectors, right?

[1:21:04] Shayna/Dana

[1:21:06] Sahara
So awesome! I love it!

[1:21:08] Shayna
Different authorities though, and Dana and I so similar but so opposite. I’m single definition, she’s triple split definition, so we have a lot of polarity in our chart, but it kind of brings that tension that I was talking about before, that’s really balanced with the things we create. But it’s also navigating it too, so, living the designs!

[1:21:31] Sahara
Love that so much! Well, thank you again for sharing your wisdom!

[1:21:34] Dana
Thank you so much for having us!

[1:21:36] End of Interview

[1:21:37] Sahara
Oh, my Goddess! I just love conversations like that, they are so fun! Human Design, to me, is so resonant and it’s just this beautiful wormhole that you get to venture down. I love diving into it, stepping away, integrating it and then stepping into it again when it feels resonant, stepping away, integrating – it’s a dance! So, don’t feel like you have to figure it all out yesterday, it is definitely a life-long school of learning and the best way is to really start with your own chart.

[1:22:05] Sahara
So, I’m super excited to have these beautiful Dayluna girls at Rose Gold Goddesses teaching us a jam-packed, we’re going to be going for 2 hours, talking all about how to read our Human Design charts and how they are related to our Soul’s Purpose. We’re going to be diving into channels, your incarnation cross, and all of the, you know, little things that really make us unique.
So, Rose Gold Goddesses members, I’m super excited for you to participate in this, this November, and if you are not a member yet, what are you doing?! Come join us, join the wait list so you can be notified first when doors open back up in early 2022. You can head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com that link is in the show notes and we’re so excited to invite you inside!

[1:22:51] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste.


Episode 392: The Most Common Misconceptions in Human Design with Dayluna’s Shayna and Dana
By Sahara Rose

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