Highest Self Podcast 380: The Truth To All Your Problems That Will Set You Free with Sahara Rose


Your ego may not like what I’m about to share but your highest self will LOVE it. In this episode, I share the key to all your problems and how to solve them once and for all. This realization will make the biggest impact on your life if you truly receive and integrate it. I’m excited to see what it sparks for you!

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Episode 380: The Truth To All Your Problems That Will Set You Free
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
I’m so excited because today, I’m actually simultaneously video recording this Podcast! So, if you’ve always wanted to watch me drop it with you in video form, so it’s like we’re having a conversation in real life; we’re Zooming; we’re besties, head over to my YouTube Channel (youtube.com/sahararose) to tune into it there. And if you’re on YouTube – hello! We are eye-gazing right now and I’m really excited about it!

[00:44] Sahara
So, I had this thought recently that dropped in and really was like one of those firework thoughts that you have and it changes the game or you, but this thought is pretty revolutionary, your ego is not going to like it! And when I say it, you may actually become defensive; you may actually say “Well who are you to say that? You are privileged, you had this, you had that!”

[01:12] Sahara
So, I wanted to, first, just talk to your ego for a second before I drop this thought, so you can fully receive it.

[01:21] Sahara
So, each and every one of us is extremely privileged. If we are here; if we are listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video; if we have a phone; if we have a laptop; if we have clean water; food; shelter; safety – we are extremely privileged!
I am privileged, you are privileged, we all have a great deal of privilege because many people around the world do not even have access to information like this, let alone all of the barriers that you have had to cross to even get to this type of conversation; to even be able to see from this perspective is a great deal of inner work you have done and, simultaneously, the Universe guiding you along the way. So let us acknowledge that.

[02:08] Sahara
And, before you start judging me or start throwing arrows at me for what I’m about to say, I also want to preface this, that my mother was a refugee, who fled on foot, through Iran, through the Middle East, for me to be able to be born and raised in the US. My dad was an immigrant, I come from a lineage of child marriage, I have definitely seen many of the shadows of the world. I used to work with International Human Rights, Refugee and Immigrant Associations that really support people to up-level their lives, who come from displacement, refugee camps etc., so, I’m aware.
And, it’s important for us to also tune into the responsibility that we each have, to create our own experiences, because yes, there many, countless injustices in the world, and now that we are aware of what is going on in our field, it is our responsibility to do our own inner work, to clean our side of the pond, so we can, then, see clearly and pave the way for a higher future.

[03:17] Sahara
So, that being said, I had this thought while I was getting ready and thinking about the situation that used to really stress me out (I was in this conflict with someone) and that situation stressed me out for months.

[03:32] Sahara
So, I invite you to bring to mind right now a situation that you have had that has brought you a lot of stress. Maybe it’s a situation that you had a while ago, that you spent months and months just thinking about, that maybe you’re now more over it, or maybe it’s something that you’re going through right now. It could be a conflict with a friend, a co-worker, legal issue; it could be a divorce; it could be not knowing what the career path is for you; feeling angry with your parents for how they raised you; feeling anxious about your money, your debt; feeling alone.

[04:09] Sahara
So, let’s bring a situation to mind right now, one that we have spent a great deal of time antagonizing over.

[04:17] Sahara
And sometimes it’s easier to think about a situation from your past because it has less emotionality around it, now we can see it from a more clear perspective.
So bring that to mind right now.

[04:29] Sahara
Now, how has the situation resolved for you? Has it been from that person owning up and realizing what they did wrong and apologizing or has it been from you changing your mindset around it?
More likely, it has been around you changing your mindset around it; you seeing it from a higher perspective; you creating distance from that situation; you receiving more information; you doing more inner work.

[05:05] Sahara
So here we can see, we have created some evidence in our minds to see that really intense situations in our lives have shifted for us, not because of that person doing anything, but because our mindset around the situation has shifted. Are we in agreement right now? Okay! So, we can see that there!

[05:32] Sahara
So, that being seen, can we also say that every problem really arises from your mindset? That, problems don’t actually exist within themselves, but it’s really how you think about it; it’s your mindset around it. It’s not that this person did you wrong, they may have, but your mindset, you antagonizing over it, you playing the situation in your mind over and over and over and over again, you letting it get in the way of all other areas of your life; you putting your life on hold until the situation was solved; you letting it stop you from being your most creative and inspired self – that was the problem!

[06:20] Sahara
So, can we agree that problems do not actually exist? It is simply our mindset around the problem! What do you say? Pretty revolutionary!

[06:35] Sahara
So, sometimes it can be hard for us because our ego wants to say “Well, this person did that thing to me and it was unfair”, and you’re right, it may have been unfair, but who says that we live in a fair world? Who told you everything in life is going to be fair? Who decides fair? And how do we even know that what is happening to us right now is not actually happening for us to evolve in ways that we could not have without this situation? Maybe this is the exact thing that needed to happen for you to make a shift that you would not have otherwise (a shift externally and internally).

[07:18] Sahara
So going back to that problem that you once have – how did your mindset around that issue shift for you to actually make positive changes that have improved your life?

[07:32] Sahara
So, for example, maybe you went through a divorce, maybe you partner cheated on you, they lied to you, it was completely unfair and unjust, and you faced some of the deepest, darkest moments of your life. And from that, you decided to put yourself first! And you decided to grow emotionally, spiritually, psychologically; you decided to do deep inner work on yourself. Maybe it brought you to a path of meditation or other forms of self-improvement and awareness. And then that painful thing, that wrong, unjust thing actually was the very thing that you needed to make those mindset shifts that paved the golden path towards your highest calling; that you could not have lived your truth had you not made those mindset shifts that even caused you to be aware of what your truth is. You needed to make that internal upgrade for you to be actually able to see all of the other options and opportunities available for you. Had that thing not happened, you would’ve stayed here, on level 6, instead of turning it up a notch and moving to level 12, 24, 48, and even realizing that you have it in you to ascend and evolve and up-level your mindset to see things from a higher perspective.

[09:06] Sahara
So, really, the truth is, problems do not exist, there is no such thing as a problem, it is only what you think about the problem. The situation is not the problem, you thinking about the situation is the problem, it’s the story you have created around it, it has been the belief that you think that this is an unjust thing that is happening negatively against you, rather than seeing it as part of your soul’s plan to help you evolve and have aspects in your toolkit that you would not have had, had you not been in the situation to need it – this dire urge to reach for it; that fire would not be instilled within you had you not been gifted with that problem. Do you see it now?

[10:01] Sahara
So what are the things right now that you may be stressing over; antagonizing over? “My parents should’ve raised me this way”, “This person should not be doing that”, “They should not be telling me what to do with my life”, “They should honor me more”.
What are the things for you right now? And if the word ‘should’ is there, that’s a good sign, that those are one of our stories right now, that are invitations to help us evolve through.

[10:32] Sahara
And now, how can we, from a higher perspective, see it’s not the situation that’s the problem, it’s our thinking about the situation that’s the problem. It’s our belief that this is a roadblock, when actually; it’s the greatest deep dive and excavation that you can do to understand your calling. It is your case research study; it is your university 2.0, because no problem is showing up in your field without you, in some way, being a match for that problem.

[11:10] Sahara
Does that mean you deserve it, that you’re a bad person, that you’re low-vibe? No! But it means that your soul has, in some way, called in this experience because it wants to know what’s on the other side; it wants to know how we can grow through it

[11:30] Sahara
If your soul came into this Earth, wanting to know “How I can be strong”, guess what your curriculum’s going to look like? A lot of opportunities that make you feel weak; that make you feel powerless so you can remember how strong you are!

[11:48] Sahara
If your soul came in wanting to know what is it like to be fully expressed, it will choose the picture-perfect family and opportunities for you to see what it’s like to feel stifled; to know what it’s like to not feel perfectly expressed. So you can then go through those things, you can see, with a microscopic lens what is it like to feel like “I have so much to say but I just can’t figure out how to get it through”, “What is it like to have family members telling me to shut up and be quiet”, “What is it like to feel like I don’t have anything important to share”, because those are the exact weights that are going to give you the strength that you are calling in; the expression that you seek to desire, it doesn’t come in naturally if you’ve never had an issue with that subject, you’re not going to do deep inner work on that thing then.
Whatever you are curious about, Source will gift you opportunities to deepen your understanding of. So, instead of thinking “This is a problem”, let us realize that “I have called in the situation somewhere, somehow, and instead of blaming and shaming myself for it, let me get excited about I because on the other side of this is my freedom. Freedom!” And that is why we are truly here; to know what is it like to see these mountains, and turn them into dust, and realize, all along, it was a beach.

[13:28] Sahara
So, I’m super excited because I’ve created a brand new 5-Day Challenge that I invite you to join me on. It is called The Rose Gold Goddess Challenge, except that this time it is brand new content with my 5 Pillars of Rose Gold Goddesses. These are five aspects to embody more of this Divine Feminine Spirituality into your life. So, we’re going to be diving deep into Embodiment, Womb Wisdom, Expression, Intuition and Joy.
So, if you’re feeling the call to dive in deeper, this is an absolutely free 5-Day Challenge, and if you want to sign up for it, it’s taking place live on Email and Instagram on August 16-20 and you can head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com to sign up right now. That link is in the show notes wherever you are listening and I’m so excited to dive deeper with you, with tools, prompts, practices and be doing it live together in a community.
Again, that is rosegoldgoddesses.com and I’m so excited to see you there!

Thank you so much for tuning in! Namaste!

Episode 380: The Truth To All Your Problems That Will Set You Free
By Sahara Rose

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