Highest Self Podcast 369: Remembering Your Soul’s Purpose with Sahara Rose


We dive deep into the realms on all things dharma, soul purpose and past lives in this rich and juicy episode. I was interviewed by my friend Ben Harris and just loved the conversation and wanted to share it with my Highest Self Podcast community. We speak about what it really means to live in your dharma, the balance between our responsibility to support the world and enjoy it, how my past lives have affected my work and so much more. You’ll feel like the third person in the room in this incredible conversation.

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Episode 369: Remembering Your Soul’s Purpose
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I am so excited to share with you today’s Episode because it is actually an interview I was on, on Ben Harris’ Feeling Free Podcast and we really got to go deep into many different topics that I don’t get to normally speak about, especially in relation to Dharma, but into Spirituality and Past Lives and all of the different rabbit holes we can get into.
So, I’m really excited to share this conversation with you because I love diving deep with someone and exploring different realms of consciousness and really bouncing off each other and going deeper into our own truths, and this is really what this conversation is.

[00:57] Sahara
So, if you aren’t familiar with me, this is a wonderful Episode to get started. In it I describe what Dharma is – your Dharma being your Soul’s Purpose, the big reason why you are here.

[01:08] Sahara
I most recently wrote the book “Discover Your Dharma” which came out this January, it’s available wherever books are sold, worldwide, as well as on audible, E-book, Kindle etc. So if you just look up “Discover Your Dharma” or head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma you’ll be able to find links there, internationally, as well as submit your receipt to get your bonuses including my free Meditation Embodiment Practice and Tapping.

[01:34] Sahara
So, in this conversation I share a lot about exploring Dharma from a deeper level and different things that may come up for you in your journey, such as feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed, being uncertain about what direction you are meant to take and so much more. So, I’m super excited for you to tune in, sit back and relax with a cup of chai and let’s dive into this conversation.

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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

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I was where you might be right now, confused and overwhelmed about my own Dharma, questioning if I even had one, if my dreams just wishful thinking or if my obstacles had happened to me for a reason because it was my opportunity to share them. And through my journey of deconditioning and unraveling and getting true with myself for many, many years, I finally got the courage to write my first book, second book, third book, my newest book “Discover Your Dharma” and help thousands of others discover their Dharmas too.
So, I’m so excited to bring to you the first ever Course, the 21-Day Dharma Discovery Journey. In this Course, in just 21 days, in less than 10 minutes a day, I will be your Dharma Coach guiding you step-by-step on how to discover your Dharma.
So, if you’re interested in learning more, head over to iamsahararose.com/dharmadiscovery the link is in the show notes and I’m so excited to see you living your Dharma.

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[03:53] Interview

[03:53] Ben
Sahara, thank you so much for being here! How in the hell, actually, I heard someone start saying instead of “How in the hell”, “How in the heaven”, which I thought that was funny and cool, but either way, just thank you so much for being here and I appreciate you so much, and your presence, because I know your time, your energy, is sacred, so thank you so much for being here.

[04:12] Sahara
Thank you so much for having me and for reaching out, I’m so grateful to be here.

[04:16] Ben
So, before we go a little, or way, deep, I think it’s important, as for people who haven’t heard the word ‘Dharma’, or they’ve heard the word ‘Dharma’ and don’t know what it means, what does Dharma mean?

[04:30] Sahara
So, the word ‘Dharma’ in Sanskrit has over 16 different definitions, but the most ancient definition of it is your Soul’s Purpose, so the big reason why you are here, and I like to think of it like your mission statement.
So, a company’s mission statement is, for example, “We are here to merge together two different cultures”, or your personal mission statement could be “I’m here to raise consciousness”, or “Bring beauty to the world”, or “Connect women back to their bodies”, etc. but underneath that mission statement are all of the different services. So, these are the different careers you can have, roles you can play, projects you can work on, ways that this energy can express. So, truthfully, at the highest level, all of our Dharma is the same – we are all here to raise consciousness; we are all here to make the world a better place, however, the unique way that Source expresses through us, through our personality, our upbringing, our obstacles, our childhood, all of these different elements that make us, us, give that fractal of light, that direction to point to and that really is what our Dharma is. So, I like to think of it as the unique frequency that only we can bring to the world.

[05:46] Ben
That’s dope! And I don’t know why, I must’ve missed it, I don’t know, but because I’ve heard you obviously talk about this, but that hit me in a different way because, ultimately, we all are, have the same purpose, but different, and when you talk about the fractals (that’s super interesting), when you, I’m curious, when you’re out in the world talking about these things, and I know your world is different, typical world, but when you talk about fractal (the fractalization), how do people respond to that (just generally)?

[06:16] Sahara
I mean, that’s actually the first time I’ve expressed it in that unique word form right now that came through, but you know, I can just always feel where a person is at and then I will speak to them. So, if I’m on Good Morning Milwaukie, I will not talk about Dharma in that way, I’m more like “It’s your overall mission statement”, I think that’s something everyone can understand. I always just speak to the level of consciousness that someone is at and I could feel that you are going to get that vibe.

[06:49] Ben
Well thank you, that’s cool! So, I think, I mean, how many times a day do you get the question of “How do I find my Purpose?”

[06:54] Sahara
You know, interestingly enough, I really seek to empower others, so the messages that I get are no longer “How can I find my Purpose”, the messages I get from people are “I’m living my Purpose and here’s what I’m understanding and I read your book and now I got offered a job as a radio host” or whatever else is happening, so I think people can feel because I’m not here to – no one can know your Purpose. I don’t know what your purpose is, I’m still only remembering my purpose as I walk through this path of life. So, I seek to empower people to know that it’s not even finding your purpose, it’s remembering your purpose, you already know your soul’s purpose, you just have all of these layers and conditioning that you have held onto, that have caused you to forget the truth of who it is that you already are. So when we strip ourselves and we’re like “Hey, what’s this hat, this limiting belief I got from my childhood?”, this jacket; this fear that I will never make it as an artist, or these socks which say “Only if I do finance I’ll make money”, when we strip ourselves from all of these, we’re like “Wait, I have already been the Sun and I have, for whatever reason, forgotten.”

[08:01] Ben
Oh damn! Okay, this is so good! I’m glad you’re already going here because this is awesome! So, there’s so many things I want to go to but it’ll flow perfectly.
Let’s just start with the Sun because when you said “I forgot that I was the Sun”, wow, touch on that because that’s an amazing statement!

[08:21] Sahara
So, I believe we’re so much more than human beings, but we’re really sun-beings. And to me, the Sun, is the ultimate muse, it shines its light regardless of whatever direction or person or thing is in front of it, it just shines its omnipresent light in all directions – and that is the truth of who we are. We are the Sun, we are the living embodiments of that radiance and it’s like a candle that, when I activate my internal flame, I can pass that flame onto you but then your flame, it’s not coming from me, it’s its own individual flame that can then go on and activate the flame of others and others and others.
So, when I remember my sunlight, I shine my light on you and you may be a shadow of to be like “Screw you, I hate you, why are you shining so brightly” and be super-triggered by it and that’s often what happens right before, we’re like “Oh wow, it’s so blinding for me because it’s reminding me of what I have been forgetting, what I have been afraid of” and then when we are able to overcome and pass that, we’re able to remember the light that is inside of us and then it creates this beautiful domino effect. So that’s why, you know, whenever I’m lost or confused I just ask “What would the Sun do” and it’s always my guide forward.

[09:37] Ben
That’s dope! And I’d like to go back to the previous question, when you said how you no longer get DMs about “How do I find my purpose”, I think that’s so important and that says a lot about you too, of what you’re embodying, so I just want to make sure I acknowledge that – that really does because so many Coaches or Healers, or whatever you want to call us, get stuck in that loop of we want to be of service and “fixing” people, so for real, that’s a major props to you that you’re getting those types of messages and like you’re the embodiment in that area.
And so, when you say remembering, that’s literally, that’s me too, that’s what I say. I have a retreat coming up, that’s called Remember Your Truth, so I’m just preaching the choir, I’m just hyping you up I guess, but I’m loving the combo.
So, with you personally, if we were to go back to one of your first moments or a key moment, moments that you remember, because it is a practice of feeling the fear, embracing it and navigating it. And I know that you’ve had different “lives” away from here and also in here, doing different purposes and stuff like that, but in this current life, and then, are you down to talk about Past Lives stuff?

[10:50] Sahara
Aha, sure!

[10:52] Ben
That’d be dope! So in this current life, what fears have you navigated into this now moment?

[10:58] Sahara
So, I believe we were each born into the microcosm of the macrocosm that we came here to solve.
So, I was born in a lineage of female suppression and patriarchy and child marriage. My mother was a refugee and my dad was an immigrant, so really, they came to this country with one purpose – to survive, “How can we make enough money to survive and be safe?” They escaped from Iran where there was an Islamic Revolution and a war happening with Iraq, my mom fled by foot. So, of course, their number one goal is “How can I just be safe?” So, two years, they came to the United States and they had me, so it’s like “Our first child”, I’m the first person to be born in the United States so “Let’s make sure she does all of the safest things”. And I believe that, first of all, I even chose that experience, to see firsthand all of the violations of human rights that were happening in the world; seeing firsthand my uncles being political prisoners and again, all of these different situations I just spoke of, seeing firsthand what does lack of freedom look like. And then because of that mixture of my soul choosing that but then also being born into seeing what it looks like to still not be free, even if you’re in a free country, I always wanted more. At the same time, I felt the sense of responsibility. The savior complex we just mentioned of “I need to save the world; I was born here so now I owe this lifetime to save all of the other people. I will do it!” And it’s a beautiful desire that we have of “I’m going to save the world”, and who are we to think that we’re stronger or better or smarter than the Universe?
So, I was on this journey of saving the world and I moved to DC, I went to George Washington University and I was studying International Development and my goal was to be an International Human Rights Lawyer. I was volunteering; I was the president of Amnesty International; very deep in the Human Rights space. And it wasn’t until I was in college that my first detour happened of experiencing really crippling health issues. My body began shutting down and went into perimenopause when I was 21 years old. So when that happens, your body is no longer producing any type of hormones. The doctors told me that by the time I’m 50 I will probably be handicapped because I’m no longer creating any estrogen in my body; never be able to have children; and then all of the side effects that come with your body going into that state of insomnia, digestive issues, fainting all the time, so many different problems, so I couldn’t save the world, I had to first learn how to save myself and heal myself, and I it was really this redirection. And I think so many of us, we project on the outside world but we don’t really look within ourselves.
So, my journey became about self-healing, and that was really the first destination that I went on, which brought me to Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system.
Now, in my process of studying Ayurveda; healing my body; I was living in India for 2 years, studying to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and falling in love with this ancient healing science, I had this realization that maybe these health problems, all of these challenges happened to me for a reason, so I could share about Ayurveda, especially to millennial women who didn’t have access to this type of wisdom and knowledge.
So, I decided I would write a book on Ayurveda and that’s when my second redirection or layer, that I needed to let go, happen, of my parents being like “Wait, wait, wait, you’re going to write a book? You don’t even have a book deal. You don’t even have a doctor. Who do you think you are? How are you going to make money doing this? You’re delusional! No, this is not okay, you cannot do this! You need to get a normal, stable job!”

[14:46] Ben
And to really break it down, did they call you delusional?

[14:48] Sahara
Oh, a loser, failure, scum, disgrace.

[14:51] Ben
Oh wow, they said that? Verbatim!

[14:54] Sahara
Verbatim, yeah! And it got worse and worse and worse until my father disowned me. And he said “You are dead to me. I want nothing to do with you. I gave my whole life to try to give you a stable upbringing and this is how you repay me!” So, to them it was the ultimate betrayal that I am doing against them – to be in India and studying this thing that they think is a pseudoscience; they don’t even understand what I’m doing, and it was their deep fear of me making the wrong choice; that they were saying these things not to hurt me but because they thought that maybe this would cause me to change my mind. “Maybe if I were just firm enough with her, we say these things, then she’ll wake up out of this hippy fantasy that she’s having that she has this purpose. No, no, no, you don’t have a purpose, everyone hates their job, who do you think you are?” So, this was a really tough time in my life because I didn’t even know if it was true. I didn’t have any evidence that I have a purpose, I didn’t have any evidence I would “make it”, I didn’t even know what the path looked like, so shouldn’t I just follow the very people that raised me, who are the people who I have been brought up to make happy’ As children, we’re taught to get that parent stamp of approval, or is this deeper desire in my soul that is so curious and yearning to take this different career path or writing a book – is this here for a reason? And it wasn’t an instant “That’s it”, it was a dance. Sometimes I would be like “You know what, it’s too selfish for me to live my purpose, I don’t want to ruin their lives, I don’t want to cause so much pain and suffering for them so I’ll just do this as a hobby and become a real estate agent or something and that’ll give me enough time to read Ayurveda on the side.” And then, other times, seeing people living their Dharma and living their Purpose, and knowing that the biggest regret that I would live with is to not give this a try.
And I think, for me, I had to get to that level of being disowned by my own family because it required me to become free, because in that moment I realized that I was always living for their approval, even though it was this unconscious way, and here I am now, dead to them, so I have no one to live for but myself.

[17:11] Ben
Wow! That’s incredible! What’s your relationship with them now?

[17:14] Sahara
So, it was a journey, it wasn’t like a “Oh great, you got a book deal, we’re all totally for it”, it was still a journey because they didn’t understand who I was becoming and I think that sometimes when a child or even a partner, if yours is changing in a way that you don’t know them, you’re trying to hold onto to what you want them to be, so it was almost like this getting to know your child for the first time, which is really an everyday process because we’re always changing – so, it was a journey. However, in writing “Discover Your Dharma” I shared this story publically, for the first time, and I had so much fear around sharing it. Sometimes I would write it and I’d be like “You know what, I’m just going to take this out, it’s not worth rocking the boat, I don’t even know how many years they have left, I don’t want to go another 2 years of not speaking to them, let me just take this out”, and then other times thinking “How can I even talk about discovering your Dharma if I don’t fully share my own story?” And it’s tough because your story is one thing to share but when your story is tied with other people who don’t want their story to be shared.
So, me writing the book, was I think kind of like the final healing that needed to happen around the situation because when you write about something, you have to see it from all these different angles – from my parent’s angle, from Source’s angle, from all these different angles and then knowing that they’re going to read it and their family and friends and all the people that they care about are going to read it, while staying true to myself. So, when the book was coming out I wanted to talk to them about it but also, I didn’t want to ask them for permission because I knew they would say no. So, finally, when it was about to come out, I was like “Here’s the book” and they were not reading it and I was wanting them to read it so they would see and then I had to tell them what’s in it. And they were upset; they were upset “Why is this in here? Why don’t you talk about all the times we sent you to summer camp?” Not where I found my Dharma, but I’m appreciative of it. But you know, parents always want, it’s like – I think especially that generation, shadow work is not really a thing that people talk about; you don’t talk about the hard times; you only talk about the good things happening so they’re like “Why are you so negative? You always focus on the negative!” versus for us, we see, I’m like “I’m the most grateful for everything you’ve ever done for me; for not believing in me in those times, because it caused me to believe in myself.”
So, now, they are proud of me and share the book and have come around it but it was, you know, a 7-year journey for that to happen.

[19:46] Ben
Wow, that’s wild! I mean, because when you shared the story, it sounds so inspiring, but when you’re actually in that moment, it’s easier said than done.
Right, and when you talk about your situation, as far as coming from two immigrant parents, it’s so that pressure – for them, it’s the feeling of being safe and all the things, their own fear, whatever, but how did you – and you said it took them disowning you, to feel free (that’s very powerful), but even at that point, you still have to make the decisions, and was it just what you said of you can’t imagine not doing it and being at the end of life – is that the main thing? Or what else was just that catalyst to make you actually keep going step after step?

[20:34] Sahara
Well, one of the things that was really eye-opening for me is, sometimes we take advice from people but then we really look at their lives and I’m like “Wait, would I want to be living like my parents are now?” They definitely are not living their purpose; I’m so grateful for everything that they’ve done for me, but my dad is miserable and is mad at the news and is mad at what’s happening in the media, and is in victimhood so often, so would I want to take my life advice from someone who is embodying it this way? Even though he, for sure, has a Dharma and this greater purpose, but that’s not really what’s on his mind, so having that first realization of “Am I taking advice from people who I would want to live a life similar to?”
And it was really helpful for me because at this time, from India I bought a one-way ticket to Bali, and in Bali it was the first time I saw people who were Ecstatic Dance Facilitators, Tantric Life Coaches and all of these different things that I would as everyone “Do your parents know you’re here? Are they okay with you being here? What did they think?” because it was so mind-boggling for me, I had never seen anyone taking these completely alternative paths that they were just creating, it wasn’t even a job to apply for. So, when I really tuned in to it, and all of them were saying the same thing “You can’t hold yourself back to try to make your parents happy because you’re never going to make them happy, you’re going to keep going to try and make limbo this way and limbo that way and they’re still going to find something that’s wrong”. So, when I saw these people, they may not have had all of the money in the world but they definitely were proud of the existences that they were living, and they were all pointing me in that same direction. That was helpful for me to see, maybe there is some truth to this.

[22:19] Ben
And what about – so, referencing Past Lives stuff – well, actually before we get to that, did you feel different as a kid growing up?

[22:29] Sahara
Yeah, so, I was definitely extremely psychic as a kid. As a child, I grew up in Boston, by Salem Massachusetts which is where the Salem Witch Trials happened. And since I was a kid I was obsessed with Salem and the Witch Trials and Witchcraft and all things Wicca, and I started to go on the weekends and get spell books and I would do all the witchy things, and I had these three other girls and we would go to the four directions and literally do all of these, but we were good witches. But the other kids thought we were crazy, we were 10 years old, and I actually experienced, I was walking on a hill during recess and these group of kids in my class, they were like “Burn the witch at the stake! Burn the witch at the stake!” and this boy threw me down the hill and he had one of those casts that you could walk in (those metal casts). So, he threw me down the hill but he came tumbling after me; his cast hit my head and gave me a concussion, so I became unconscious and rolled all the way down this hill and I remember waking up and just hearing them laughing. And I just was alone, at the bottom of this hill and I knew I just had to get myself up and walked to the principal’s office and just go home. And it’s crazy because the teachers, after that happened, they were like “Well, you know, Sahara is scaring the other kids. She needs to be separated from those girls and they’re up to no good”, and we were the ones wrong. And in that moment I realized it’s not safe for me to be a witch, it’s not safe for me to be magical and mystical, and that really took away a lot of my powers. I would see so many more things before that happened that I think I just had to relive, essentially being burned at the stake in that way, and it made me close up. And it wasn’t until practicing yoga that that became a new avenue of spirituality to me, but I think the reason, you know, I’ve had many, many, many past lives, obviously in Ayurveda and yogic sciences, but it felt like the safer way because it was science and a body practice and discipline but it’s really all bringing us back to the same source.

[24:38] Ben
Yeah, that’s fascinating! What’s the latest story or belief you’ve uncovered? Because when you talk about all these things, whether it’s a past life or from this childhood, because I’m always remembering, I’m always like “Holy hell, oh my gosh!” What’s the latest thing, if you feel comfortable, or whatever you want to share, but like the latest – because you share all these; all these are amazing stories, so after you share this, I would love to hear what has your practice been like to uncover them and then to, whatever you want to call – rewire, remember, reframe – we can use remember though, because that’s our lingo.

[25:15] Sahara
So, what I have been uncovering in my current life is toxic productivity. You know, we talk so much about toxic positivity and I feel like the next thing is this toxic productivity because of quarantine. So many of us, we went to our trauma responses are – for some people it’s denial and for some people it’s been hyper-productive and working all the time, and I went that direction – probably connected to the same parental approval or perfectionism, strains, also I have 7 planets in Capricorn guys, so it’s a lot of Capricorn.

[25:53] Ben
Oh, I was actually going to say, when you posted about, we’re actually pretty similar because I’m a Projector and I have tons of Capricorn in Sagittarius too, but keep going.

[26:01] Sahara
I love that! Yes, so, for me, it’s really been looking at my relationship with this toxic productivity that like “What else can I do and get more done? And every time there’s a free moment of my schedule, let me find more things to do!” And to sit into that receiving state and trusting that I am being guided without me having to do and control. And I think that so many of us, especially entrepreneurs, we have the story that “If I don’t do it or if I’m not in control of it, it will go wrong”, so it’s really hard for us to let go because we have all of this proof “Look, I tried to let go, I tried to trust this one time, it didn’t work so now I can’t do it.” So, and I’ve really been exploring a lot about Human Design actually, like going super-deep into the different gates and channels and incarnation cross and all these different layers which I absolutely love. And you know, as a Projector, which we both are, it’s so important for us to rest and to be in that horizontal state, and we are meant to be paid for what we see, not what we do, so I’m like “Sahara, get into your projectorness, no more 3 hours a day of work”, but my conditioning is like “Oh no, well, you’ve got to show your team that you’re working so hard, you’ve got to keep going”, so it’s crazy that it’s hard to not do but for me it’s the smartest thing.

[27:18] Ben
So, I love that! So, I’m obviously very similar and I feel like that’s now really starting to come online; how I mentioned the retreat earlier, I kept, I’m like “I’m only going to do things that are fun and easy! I’m only going to things that are fun and easy!” I have so many ideas, I’m sure you do as well, and I’m like “Oh my God” and it’s so uncomfortable to not try and create it all the time but I drop it like “Is this for me or is this for everyone?” So I was like I’m only going to do something that’s fun and easy, and I had some resistance to doing a retreat because I’m like “I don’t want to do 30 calls to sign up 15/16 people, I was like “This is going to be as easy as possible”. So, it’s 2 days in, a third of the way signed up and I haven’t talked to one person, it’s just been through Instagram and application things, and so, that’s starting to come online. But there’s this cool metaphor I like about Projectors – with a mentor I worked with last year, she said “Projectors are like spiders”, have you heard this?

[28:22] Sahara

[28:22] Ben
So, which, the first time I heard ‘spiders’, like “What!” But, so it’s, if you think about it, how most animals – like a lion? Probably like a manifesting generator or a generator literally goes out and gets the thing and brings it back. What we do is we literally build and create this beautiful web and then we literally just go back and sit and wait. And then other people will see that, right? And that’s when “Whether it’s the money or whatever it may be”, we are creating, we’re observing, we’re taking care of ourselves, we’re not necessarily “hunting” per say, and going out there and doing, but we build this beautiful magic thing and let people come to us.

[29:08] Sahara
I so resonate with that, and it’s tough living in a world that’s 70% generators manifesting generators because we’re like “Well that person got what they wanted and just went for it”, and then it’s also what I struggle with too, as I’m like “What about the time I reached out to that person and it ended up working”, I didn’t wait for the invitation. So, it’s definitely tough, and you know, nothing is literal, nothing is 100%.

[29:35] Ben
Yeah, it’s all nuanced.

[29:36] Sahara
But I do feel like we are opening up to this new way of being – in the world, the new paradigm that we are creating, and I believe that many of us will be completely living in it in this lifetime. I believe communities are being built that we will – there’s going to be many, many different dimensions happening on this planet, right? But when you’re fully in alignment with your Dharma and everyone around you is in full alignment with your Dharma, you don’t need to do all of these different things that are not your Dharma anymore, in fact, you realize the opportunity cost of that. And you also realize it’s getting in the way of someone else living their Dharma. So, for example, if I’m like “Let me go in the back of my website and change up all of these things, and the funnel and the this and that”, there’s actually someone who loves doing that, who, I’m preventing them from being in their unique zone of genius. So who am I to think I should be doing that? Maybe at that moment of time Source had a download for me that I would’ve missed because I would’ve been too frustrated trying to make this thing happen that is not in alignment with my Dharma.
So, I think at the beginning of our journeys, especially an entrepreneurial journey, you do kind of have to do these things that you might not want to do, but you’re excited about doing it. When I first started my website, I was excited to learn how to SEO and do the web design and do this and do that, because was like “There is momentum going there”, but then you reach this point that you continue to refine and refine and what are the things that are coming on the rocket ship and what are the things that are just baggage at this point. And the further along that rocket goes, the higher layers, the higher dimensions you start to really fine tune every ounce that you’re holding onto and you’re like “Eh, if that feels even a little bit off, it is holding me back from my true Dharma and from being of service to humanity.”

[31:19] Ben
I love that too, yeah, I resonate hard with all of this.

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[32:32] Ben
There’s one thing that I’ve really liked and that I’ve been working on is literally my frequency is the formula because I resonate with you of like “Well, this one time, or many times, I’ve hustled and it’s worked” and so, I love when you talk about the nuance and it’s not forever and always, it’s if, when, maybe, all the time, definitely, probably not or never, depending on where you are. But yeah, literally, I’ve seen just crazy things happen just from – it’s crazy – because you mentioned earlier in the conversation about the Universe/Source – we don’t know better than that and so when I work on my frequency, like my being is the thing, my creation speak for themselves, I literally – do you have any 5G or blocker technology that blocks things or sends out frequency?

[33:23] Sahara
I have shungite all over.

[33:26] Ben
Okay, so I have this thing that – it restructures water, it has a whole bunch of stuff.

[33:32] Sahara
Like those triangle things?

[33:34] Ben
Almost, this one is like an oval.

[33:37] Sahara
Okay, I also have this somavedic.

[33:40] Ben
Oh, that’s what I’m talking about – somavedic.

[33:41] Sahara
Okay, I got that.

[33:43] Ben
Oh my God, I just said the brand name. So, I have the Somavedic and that’s what I picture myself as – I am affecting as I go because I can’t see everything that’s happening. Some people can, but to me, I’m literally affecting things and it’s crazy. I’ve just seen so much evidence in my life now of literally me not doing things and I just think or feel (mostly feel, to me it’s almost the same now) and things just like appear.
Yesterday, three people asked about something and it’s like “Okay, I guess I need to do that event or this product”, something that I had the idea with, so it was just interesting to see how those come through.
I’m curious about your Past Life stuff. Do you know how many lives you’ve lived?

[34:30] Sahara
You know, the way I see past lives is yeah, they’re not even in the past, it’s all simultaneously happening in the now and our human brain loves to be like “Past, Present, Future, how many, where were they? Was I the princess of Egypt?” have these amazing stories. For me, the ultimate way that I have actually channeled past lives, and I’ve done Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique and Past Life Conferences and all sort of things, but it’s actually just been from intuitively feeling like “What do I resonate with? What are the historical time periods? What are the languages, cultures? What is the information that channels through me?” So, my main clair is claircognizance of just knowing. And for people who don’t know clair is your intuitive abilities. Clairvoyant is seeing, clairaudient is hearing, clairsentient is feeling, claircognizance is knowing. So, for me, for example, when I was writing, especially my book “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” which was that first one that got published, that Deepak Chopra wrote the first Forward to, I would just look out the window and just type, and specific information was coming through – Gunas, Sub-Gunas, Koshas, I can’t make this shit up, it’s a science, you know. So, this was completely past life knowledge that was coming back to me and I had this remembrance, and for me the remembrance, it feels like vague, sometimes I’ll see glimpses of it in a dream, like for example, this one I was later shown in a dream, I was flying over ancient India and I saw the Saraswati river, which is a river that has been dried up for the past couple thousands of years, so I, again, couldn’t have known this and it showed me this is where your soul is from, and it’s actually where the Vedas were written; it’s actually where my ancestors are from, even in this human life. So, in that lifetime, I was one of the Rishies that was originally channeling Ayurveda. Ayurveda is just like yoga, tantra – these are all channeled texts, no one invented it, they’re just tapping into it and they’re scribing it. So, in that lifetime I was one of the Rishies, channeling this Ayurvedic texts, but the other Rishies, they wanted to combine it with religion; they wanted to use it as a form of a religious and a form of control, and it was very patriarchal, and I said I will come back in another life as a woman and bring Ayurveda to the people.

[36:56] Ben
Oh, that’s cool!

[36:57] Sahara
And that is why the very first, major dharmic lesson that I had to go through were my health problems to redirect me in that direction and then all of the past life information began coming through, so it was really like relearning a language that I once knew. And then, as soon as I wrote that book and the next book on Ayurveda, I could feel that I was done with that. And that’s the other thing, sometimes past lives, you have specific soul contracts with them, you’re meant to be channeling that information for a period of time, but it’s just like a faucet sometimes and then it just turns off, and then it feels like “I don’t really want to be doing this, it feels heavy, it feels stuck, I feel like I’m repeating myself.” You know, some people are fully operating from one frequency that they’re channeling their whole lives, whereas for others it’s different soul contracts that really shift throughout our lives, and it really, just depends on your unique Karma, but I could feel that, for me, just talking about Ayurveda in terms of health and nutrition and meditations, the way that it’s traditionally being taught, I was done with that and it was to take these concepts now to bring Ayurveda into Dharma and other areas of being. So that’s obviously a major past life of mine.
And then also Lemuria, I don’t know how much you guys go into different – but Lemuria is one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth that – I mean, our human mind can’t really even put it into years but this is like, I mean, they say between 2 million years ago to 200.000 years ago was the time of Lemuria, also called Mu.
So, this is the ancient civilization that is modern-day Polynesian Islands, kind of like all of the Pacific, and really the frequency of it is based on the heart. It’s based off of connecting with our land and our tribes and our Earth, and it was a very feminine frequency.
So, the way that I remembered this life is, I was actually looking at this oracle card deck and there was a Lemuria card, and I just stared at this picture for, I kid you not, 2 hours, I was like “I know this place, this is my home”, the waterfalls and the rich land and the turquoise waters. I always have this – when I think of what is my dream in this lifetime, it’s to be in this jungle, dancing, with swimming pools, and we’re drumming and just fully in our bodies and I just have this yearning to be back in this place, and that’s really the Lemurian frequency. And long story short, I got into this situation with this other fellow Lemurian sister that we had to relive the sinking of Lemuria; that she was ready to teleport to Atlantis because when Lemuria, it was slowly sinking and some people decided to teleport to Atlantis, which was the new civilization that was coming up, based off of science, so it was a lot more masculine and rational and it’s modern-day Ibiza, Greece, that area, and we both had the exact same dream of this happening, on the same night. And this was also while all of the George Floyd stuff was happening last year, and there was also some stuff happening with her and actually about that, and me being the super Activist and this, and her being, she was just taking a different stance on it. And in that dream that we both had, she was teleporting to Atlantis and she was like “Come, Lemuria is sinking, we’ve got to get out of there” and I was like “No, I’ve got to help the people, I’m not leaving!” And I ended up dying in that lifetime and I was replaying it because – I’m an Activist, so I was just so, so in that I was also hurting myself by doing that, by letting go of everything else in my life.
So, often times our past lives – the lessons from them can replay in this lifetime for a higher perspective and to see are we going to loop into that same Karma again or have we fully completed that cycle and have moved on to greater lessons?
Now, I don’t take the same stance as Buddhism per say, that you have X number of lives and then you’re done as a human, you did your job, now you’re just a soul and you’re out of the suffering of being a human because I see that as a really masculine way of looking at it, that “Being a human sucks! Being in a body, I just need to get out of here and be in non-dualism again!” And there is beauty in stillness and nothingness but I also think we are here to bring Heaven into Earth. It’s not just about doing our Karma and getting out of here, it’s about the very things that we are seeking, how can we bring that into this dimension? At least that’s what I feel like my lifetime is really about embodying.

[41:35] Ben
Dang, I live that! So, you touched on so much without me even asking about it, which I love, because I was going to ask about Karma or I was going to ask about Karma and you touched on how it has influenced you, because of how, back to the Egyptian days, of how you had to get sick to let you bring that in. And why I want to talk about that is how important it is for our purpose and for our Dharma, in this current lifetime, in this present moment, in this now and Earth that we are, and I’m curious, for you as an Activist, and then also looking at someone, when you mentioned your parents and there’s so many other people living in victimhood, and why I’m bringing this up is how, I’m curious to hear your perspective on how past lives influence that and how Karma influences that, and how that balances out with activism. I’m really curious on how your activism or any other ‘ism’ has been redefined for you, as you’ve gone more and more down this path?

[42:34] Sahara
Yeah, I love that. Well, I think the 3D understanding of Activism is “There’s something wrong with the world and I am going to fix that thing”. I was totally in that, and there are so many things wrong with the world, there’s genocides happening, there’s sex trafficking and all these horrible things that are real, and then we could take that totally other approach of “Everything is perfect as it is, so let me just be and it will resolve itself, it’s playing out its own Karma”, but that doesn’t also sit right with me because we have free will, we have the ability to create change, so we are the gods and goddesses that we have been waiting for, so we wouldn’t have been given the ability to create solutions for these problems if we’re not supposed to so it. So, I think that we see some people that are only caught in the 3D, in the doing, and then some people, when you learn about spirituality, you get purely caught in the being and you know, the spiritual bypass and all of that. And I think it’s a dance and every person’s relationship with Activism is going to be different. For some people it’s going to be quite literal activism, for some people it’s more of the frequency. I know some people who, I genuinely believe, their highest activism would be to remain in meditation, to be holding that grid and that light frequency because it’s helping so many people that way even though they’re never communicating with people and every time they’re “I feel like I’m not doing enough”, I’m like “Please! Keep holding that grid” because we need… Matt Khan for example, people like that, we need people doing that, but we then also need like Marianne Williamson who are like “Okay, I’m going to run for president and raise awareness and be in the pit of the fire!” And different lifetimes are going to cause different things.
So, for me, it has been finding the point of my highest form of joy with my highest form of service (service not as a sacrificial thing) because no one else wants to do it, I guess I have to do it, which is what I used to think that it would be. I was like “I’m going to be a human shield and stand in front of a bulldozer, that’s how I’ll save a village”, I definitively never thought I would live this far because I always knew I was here to be of service, but how far could I be of service if then I’m gone – one time the bulldozer came over me. And I’ve also realized that “Teach a man to fish – feed him for a day; Teach him…you guys know that phrase”, but tell someone what to do, you may have solved that problem for a period of time, but raise their consciousness and they will know what to do later on.
Like the fact that we have to be “Hey guys, hating people because their skin color is different than you is wrong”, it’s like “Duh! Of course!” The fact that that someone can’t understand that is like, this is a consciousness issue and then we’re going to have to advocate for black lives and Asian lives and Middle Eastern lives and Latin American lives, we’re going to have to do this forever – Gay lives, this lives. We need to raise consciousness so people understand that that person that you hatee so much because they’re so different than you, is you. And that’s also going to trickle into how they relate to their environment – their environment is you; your children are you; and so many other things, so I realized that my highest way of being of service is to help raise consciousness which I think you have found a similar way. I think a lot of people listening to this Podcast have found a similar way, but does that negate me from the responsibility to still continue to be of service to the people who will never listen to my Podcast; who don’t even have internet or electricity? No, and I will continue to, with my resources, sponsor girls from sex trafficking in India and children who live in landfills in Cambodia and all of these people who, raising consciousness is probably not in this lifetime for them, unfortunately. But the fact that I can help, means that it is my Dharma to also help.

[46:20] Ben
Damn yo! Well that was a beautiful explanation and perspective, because it’s both. And back to the person, who is literally meditating and holding that frequency in this lifetime, it’s probably, as of now, maybe later will change, what they can do to provide the most impact and service. And I think we get caught up in the greater less than because it goes back to “Am I doing enough?” and our purpose, or purposes, change and adjust, so what are your thoughts and words of wisdom and feelings for people who are thinking “Am I doing enough?”

[46:56] Sahara
So, our purpose is going to shift, guaranteed. Dharma is a mountain range. The first summit, you’ve never climber a mountain before, you don’t know what it’s like, you don’t even know if there’s a summit, you don’t have the right shoes, you don’t have the tools, you don’t have the stamina, and it feels really intense and scary, but you climb that first summit, you get the tools, you get the strength, but then you realize it’s a mountain range and it continues to unfold and evolve. And that’s why I think of the path as more spiral than a linear sequence because if you think of a spiral, we’re going to look at our childhood and our past lives and our purpose and our relationships and all of these things, and then guess what, we’re going to go back to them again and again and again and again and it’s going to continue to deepen and deepen for as long as we’re alive. So, as long as you’re alive, you’re going to continue to find more layers of your purpose. And to live your Dharma is just to honor the expression of truth that you are this moment because your truth can and will change as you are exposed to new sides of yourself and exposed to new elements of the world around you because nothing is ever the same. So, to hold the peg in the ground “This is my one purpose, that’s it, I already branded myself like that so I can’t rebrand”. To not honor that is like being a lion trapped in a cage, it’s to pretend that you don’t have all these other abilities and gifts that are waiting to evolve – so your purpose is going to change. There is, however, a red thread that connects them.
So, let’s say your purpose, for me it took me from literal activism to healing, to Dharma, to embodiment, but really, the thread of it is still the same, it still is helping people in this unique way that only I can, and that’s really what your Dharma is. For someone it could be to bring beauty to the world and they may be a graphic designer and then a wedding planner and then a florist and then an interior designer and then a hair stylist, but they’ve always been bringing beauty to the world. So it’s to not be so attached to the physical manifestation of it but rather to notice that “Well, what is the connectiveness between everything in which that I’m doing, and that’s going to connect you to where you’re going to go moving forward and to the question of “Am I doing enough?” You know, it’s both.
I think, collectively, we are not doing enough and I think collectively we are obsessed with “Am I enough”. It’s this feeling of “I’m not enough”, but then we take all of this energy into “I’m not enough; I’m not enough” when you could’ve just gave a $5 a month donation, and that’s still more of the majority of what people are doing. So there’s always more that – I don’t think that 99% of Americans, at least, are at their cap of being of service, I don’t think so. We could volunteer, we could do more things, we always have excuses, but how much time do we spend on social media? But this feeling of “Am I enough”, that is something that 99% of the people are dealing with, and the solution is to go into the being of service.
You know, Marianne Williamson says sometimes you just need to put your tears on a shelf and go out there and help the world, come home, cry again and do it again. And sometimes we get so caught up into “I need to have the perfect way of being of service and not until I have all of the different facets of it, then can I go out and do it”, but it’s really in the being of service that you get the feedback and then it shifts and it maneuvers.

[50:23] Ben
Dang! I love that! Have you seen the movie ‘Soul’?

[50:27] Sahara

[50:28] Ben
Have you…? Because that literally is about Dharma and Purpose, and how at the end the (spoiler, if no one’s watched it) but how he essentially becomes so pigeon-holed, so obsessed that it becomes…like when he actually does it, it doesn’t taste as sweet as he thought it would.

[50:48] Sahara
Aha! I love that movie so much, it’s such a great one, I’m like “Wow, imagine if we watched those kind of movies growing up instead of Aladdin and Little Mermaid?” the girl doesn’t even have a voice, but we’re like “She’s my hero”, you know.

[51:04] Ben
That’s actually a good point, I’ve never thought – she literally doesn’t have a voice and you’re like “Wow, the subliminal”.

[51:08] Sahara
Men love you if you’re silent, you know.

[51:11] Ben
Wow! I’ve never even thought about that one!

[51:13] Sahara
Yeah! So, it’s beautiful and it really does that consciousness is raising. And what I loved about that movie is that, you being of service is also just you being in a state of flow. Him playing the saxophone is providing a gift for everyone that gets to experience the melodies that are coming through him. When I see a street performer doing their breakdance and they’re in that flow, that lifts me up and that has that ripple effect for how I show up with the barista and then how that barista feels when she goes home from work, and then how her boyfriend feels because of their relationship and how he treats his mom and how the mom’s lifespan ends up, because that guy was breakdancing.
So, when we can realize that you shining your light is your highest way of being of service.

[52:01] Ben
Dang, yeah, I love that! Because when we get up caught in, and speaking of myself when I say ‘we’ is – this thing is why I’m important or “helping” people with overcoming fear “This is why I’m important”, or you know, but it’s literally who I be and that is the power (literally), going back to somavedic thing – that is what’s changed so much for me, of just literally how I show up, the frequency, the consciousness and it’s such a cool feeling, it’s easier, it’s more powerful, and yeah, just to touch on that note – of literally I’d just being in the flow of playing that sax, being in that, just being it – yes he’s doing something as well but he’s literally being that thing against the ripple.

[52:46] Sahara
Yes! I call this ‘The Sacred Doing’ and this is where you’re so deep into your doing, that you are being. And when you’re also so deep into your being, that you can’t help but do.
So, I feel like there’s this battle, kind of in the spiritual community of like “We’re human beings, not human doings! Boycott! All doing! Oh my God, they’re doing so much! Sheeple, you know!” And then these other people that are like “Be more productive! Get more done in your day! Hustle! Hustle!” And you’ve got to choose a side of the coin and that’s just not true. Your Dharma is the expression of both. Because I have done many types of meditation trainings and this and that, and I would always get mad at me, like “I’m such a bad meditator! I’m so bad at being! What’s wrong with me?” It just became this other thing that I wasn’t good enough. Another way to shame, another way to not be enough, but when I am writing, when I am speaking, when I am dancing, I am naturally in a meditative state without any pressure or force. And that’s really what meditation is all about.
There’s this interesting conversation between Osho and Maharishi Mahashiyogi, and it’s this long debate that they were in back in 1969. And what Osho was saying was “Meditation cannot have a technique because as soon as there’s a technique, it’s not a meditation.” He’s like “Meditation is just being”, he’s like “But that doesn’t require you sitting there and be like “Okay, right now I’m going to just be”, he’s like “Meditation can be – you’re in nature and you just become one with nature; you’re singing and you just lose yourself with the song; it’s the merging.” And what Maharishi and his disciples were saying is like “Well, the American mind can’t do that. We need to set a time for ourselves and have a technique and to practice around it, for us to create a container to get into that state.” Which I totally understand, it was just this beautiful debate and I can see both perspectives of like – in the perfect world we would just be able to be by the waterfall and just enter that meditative state but we’re on our phones and we need to set the time, otherwise we’re not going to do it. But then why aren’t we questioning why are our cultures built like this? That it requires so much effort and force to just do the most basic thing of being?

[55:06] Ben
I love this! This conversation is so nuanced and love it! Will you repeat that sentence again of being – was it your soul?

[55:15] Sahara
The Sacred Doing, yes!

[55:17] Ben

[55:18] Sahara
So, The Sacred Doing is when you are so deep into your being that you can’t help but do; and when you’re so deep into your doing, that you naturally are being.

[55:27] Ben
I love that!

[55:28] Sahara
Yeah! What is it for you? What are your sacred doings?

[55:32] Ben
Oh yes, I love you asking me a question! My sacred doing, it’s this, yeah, technically I’m doing something and whether it’s intuitive sessions with people. I am Projector so I only want to do two of those a day, but they are my favorite thing in the world. And so, I have, my, kind of what you mentioned before about how all these different purposes kind of build on each other about bringing beauty, my first “passion and purpose” was actually hip-hop, and so I remember performing for hundreds and thousands of people – that’s what it was like – performing was literally that, so it was just like enthralling. And same as guiding meditations, it’s that same thing of “I’m doing, then I just be” because it’s so flow and it’s so fun, in those guiding sessions or remembering sessions because it really is like, we’re going to a place that we’ve both never been before. And so, to me, I love that so much because it really is that performance, the yin and the yang, and we’re both creating together, and so, I love that so much.
And I wanted to know, when you were talking about, I know people say “Lemuria” or “Lameria”, I know people say whatever, but when you were talking about that, I just want to point out that your body totally lit up.

[56:52] Sahara
I love me some Lemuria, can’t wait to go back!

[56:57] Ben
Yeah, I love that! Good question! And I was talking to someone yesterday, at my apartment, and I image when you talk to people in Miami, just random, not random people – when people as you, when you meet them for the first time and they’re “civilians”, what do you tell them what you do or be?

[57:22] Sahara
I just say I’m an author, they’re like “So you write books?” they’re like “What kind?” I’m like “Discover Your Dharma”, and they’re like “What’s a Dharma?” I’m like “It’s just a…”, they don’t get it at all, they probably think I’m a children’s book author or something, I’m like “It’s fine” because we’re really all imagining things. How about you?

[57:39] Ben
That’s cool, and why I ask that is because I’ll say a Fear Coach and of course, that sparks plenty of conversations. And then he was just talking about how Whim Hoff has made cold exposure so popular, and so, he was watching this video of Top 5 Habits that successful CEOs do, and now they’re doing breathwork and cold exposure, and so why that came to mind is because it’s like a scheduling this, it becomes so masculine and only doing, but again, it’s both, and so just to comment on how it’s – I love it, we love it because we are raising consciousness and these amazing tools are getting wider and greater, but at the same time, it’s being – what’s the right word to say, I won’t say bastardize, but like misconstrued or like, yeah, I just wanted to comment on that because that’s just so interesting of how I see that, of just meditating just certain things, it’s just like turn them into what you said of more things to do and something that you’re not doing good enough still.

[58:38] Sahara
Right, and I think it’s – we will approach anything at the consciousness and the mindset that we’re in and then it will naturally shift, the breathwork will shift that, the cold – all of these things will shift it, so it’s already going to change with you just doing it, but I know, so many people, they’re like “I need the perfect morning routine! Okay, I’ve got to wake up and journal for 10 minutes and then breathwork for 10 minutes and then this and then that”, and they’re doing all of these things. Or like driving around LA and they’re late and they’re so nervous in their cars to make it to the drip IV session. So maybe if you just sat on a bench, you would be way more calm than what you think this drip IV will get you to. But I think it’s just a natural level that we’re in. I have these Five Stages of Dharma Discovery and the second one is that self-improvement of this obsession with improving ourselves and it’s very natural because when we realize “Oh, maybe my mindset isn’t at the highest level or my physical health or my focus etc.” it’s very natural to want to improve it, but then we reach a point that we realize “I am not a mind and body to improve, but rather “I’m a soul to know”.

[59:48] Ben
Ooooh! One more time, that’s a good quote!

[59:52] Sahara
I’m not a mind or body to improve, but rather, I’m a soul to know”. So instead of trying to fix ourselves, we shift out focus to getting to know ourselves and then it becomes less about hacking and more about remembering.

[1:00:06] Ben
Dang! That’s so good! This was, I knew this was going to be good but this completely just like “Wooh”.

[1:00:13] Sahara
I love it because I normally can’t enter these realms with a typical podcast host. Normally it’s like Stage 1 Dharma, which is beautiful and great but I enjoyed this conversation because I think a lot of people are craving. I’m sure people listening to this podcast right now are craving to go deeper and what does it really look like in practice, for us, at this point? And yeah, to open up that lid and show people we’re always still learning and deepening, and it does get easier, it gets so much easier, too, with time.

[1:00:46] Ben
Yeah, will you talk about because that’s even one thing, going back to being Projectors and hustling, and that hard work and everything, it does get easier but that’s one thing I keep questioning. For a long time, I’ve had this belief, almost, of, I felt bad for it being easy. So, that was one of my stories, is you know…

[1:01:07] Sahara
If it’s not worthwhile if it’s easy?

[1:01:09] Ben
Yeah! And, love my sister, and again, different Dharmas, different whatever, but she used to say everything comes so easy for Ben – money, school, whatever. And so, naturally, I don’t want her to feel less than her bad, so I’m like “Okay, but I still want it to be easy”, I love that it comes easy.

[1:01:29] Sahara
Because you’re in alignment with your Dharma, you’re living in a state of Kriya, which is the effortless flow because the Universe is propelling you in the direction of your Dharma.
When obstacles show up for us, it’s often feedback to tell us where we’re out of alignment. The word Karma, it really is bounded action by the Universe, so when we’re experiencing those challenges, it’s not out to get us, it’s to show us where we’re off and where the things that maybe we need to make a U-turn and course-correct and move back on, but truly, when you’re living your Dharma you do experience that flow and the synchronicities and the remembrance, but sometimes to get to the path of least resistance, you first must follow the path that you were personally the most resistant to.

[1:02:13] Ben
And I love that we’ve talked about that a lot; of quite a few different examples of “It can start this way”, it doesn’t have to, but for a lot of us, that’s how it starts and we can graduate from that.

[1:02:26] Sahara
Absolutely, because if we don’t have those things – I mean, in the future, our kid and our kid’s kids will just be like “I’m going to be an astronaut” and that’s what’s happening, that’s it, everyone’s supporting them and they just do it. I mean, look at Greta Thunberg, she is one of the world’s youngest Activists and making so much change in the environmental sphere and she’s like “Yeah, I’m 15 years old and I’m going to do it” whereas, she didn’t have to do all of the deconditioning and all of the stuff that a lot of other people had to do, so what could this world look like if instead of putting our focus into trying to heal and unveil and un-layer, we could just be like “Yep, I’m just going to live my Dharma”. And that’s already happening because so many of us are doing, we’re like the indigo generation and we’re making space for the rainbows to be like “Yo, I’m a rainbow Boo, shining my light!”

[1:03:15] Ben
I love that! And I may even be interested in someone like Greta, I’d love to have a conversation with her because there has to be, doesn’t have to be, but from outside looking in, trauma and beliefs building even within that because she is that first, she is 15 years old now?

[1:03:33] Sahara
Yeah, I mean, I can just fell she definitely has that Savior – I don’t want to call it Savior complex, I love what she’s doing it and it’s amazing. And I think that also her soul, because she has Asperger’s syndrome and it’s one of her greatest gifts I think because she’s able to detach herself from feeling hypersensitive in a way that many young teenage girls would feel, like being in a room with these politicians and CEOs and these people destroying the environment, and she is just strong in that “No! We need to stop this! You guys need to grow up! I’m not going to grow up on this planet that doesn’t have resources”, so I think that is her gift. But you know, every human has stuff that they’re working through, but I think that her soul definitely chose to make this her primary focus.

[1:04:20] Ben
Yeah, right. And that’s cool, I love how you talked about that being her gift because it’s so easy to not view it in that way, really though. And so many “bad” things have happened and it is hard to say because it goes even back to the Activism of doing it; the importance of doing it, but also not doing it, depending who you are. And even just like Karmic Laws and stuff like that, that’s something that I always wondered about – it’s like the Universal Law balancing itself out. What are your thoughts on that?

[1:04:53] Sahara
Like the greater universal Karma of having duality; equal amounts of good and bad?

[1:04:59] Ben
Or like the Cause and Effect. Like if I was the oppressor in this life, I will be oppressed. Or kind of that thing.

[1:05:07] Sahara
Yeah, so, I think it’s a lot further out than we think. There is definitely some of that instant, cause and effect Karma that happens of like you’re a bitch to someone, you get a slap in the face, it just happens, but then there is Past Life Karma. I think all of us spiritual healers, teachers etc. probably did some really messed up shit in previous lifetimes that were having to show up in this way for that we have, so I don’t think that anyone has 100% perfect in all lifetimes. We learn that way.
So, I feel like, the concept of Karma, also – what I do love about Buddhism is the merit that by doing good deeds, regardless of what our Karma is, we creative more positive merit which is essentially like currency (positive currency) that allows us to live better likes. And you know, we have probably spent a lot of lifetimes doing this work and studying this work to even be where we are right now. We have collected a lot of merit to be here but that doesn’t mean that our journey is done. I can also see, for example, I used to live in India and in India, sometimes the concept of Karma, just the modern cast system understanding of Karma is like “Well, that person’s homeless, they’re just going to be homeless in this lifetime and I’m basically a prince, so I deserve this”, and that’s not what it is, we’re still collecting positive merit or negative Karma by the choices that we’re making right now. But I don’t see the goal of it to ascend and be out of the perpetual wheel, I see – you know, I do think that we take space between lifetimes, we come in other forms, we may come in Spirit Guide form, Ascended Masters, so many other things, but I don’t think it sucks to be a human the same way that often a lot of spirituality is like “Ugh, I’m back on Earth, shit! Get me out of here!” I think the purpose of us having these insights is so we can bridge them to humanity.

[1:07:01] Ben
Yeah, I love that! Well, I mean this was definitely incredible. Is there anything else in your heart that you feel called to share?

[1:07:09] Sahara
No, I mean, we traversed many different pathways.

[1:07:12] Ben
Traversed. Gone the spiral staircase.

[1:07:15] Sahara
We spiraled along, yes.

[1:07:17] Ben
Well Sahara, thank you so much, just for being and doing, because, yeah, this conversation was – yeah, what you be and your energy and how you show up, but also what you’re doing on all the ways. Yeah, and the prompts of showing up and the ways that you have because like you said, of all the Karma, of all the things, whatever, Past Lives, we still have a choice. So thank you for making the choice to be here.

[1:07:42] Sahara
Well thank you so much for having me, it was such a lovely and fun conversation, and I really enjoyed it, and yea, thanks for having me on.

[1:07:50] Ben
You know it! And of course, we’ve got to do the podcast things. Got to plug the old book, got to tell them, the social media things.

[1:07:57] Sahara
Yeah, so, listeners can connect with me on my website iamsahararose.com I actually have a quiz for your Dharma Archetype, so if you’re curious to learn more about your Dharma, there are Nine Dharma Archetypes, so you could take that quiz and it also has the link for my book “Discover Your Dharma” and all of my other resources there on my website iamsahararose.com and my Instagram is also @iamsahararose

[1:08:21] Ben
And, well, I’ll say, and you have fun. So, you do Tik Toks and stuff. I am, last year, that helped me become less serious, I’ve kind of stepped away from it and then I’ve dipped my toe in it a little bit, but just, so that people know that you are a well-rounded individual and you have fun with all of it too. You are serious and not serious.

[1:08:41] Sahara
Oh yes! I’m always learning new Tik Tok dances, twerking, I’m a DJ, so find me on Instagram as well, because that’s the thing too, spiritual journey is meant to be fun, that’s really the whole point of this all, we are meant to have a good time here so, sometimes we take ourselves so seriously. And I feel the same way, my inner Entertainer Archetype has gotten to come out a lot more this past year because of the Tik Toks and Reels, so, it’s been a good time.

[1:09:07] Ben
Love it! Well, thank you, thank you!

[1:09:10] End of Interview

[1:09:10] Sahara
I absolutely loved being part of that conversation, it was such a juicy one, I love diving into these topics with people, so thank you for listening.

[1:09:19] Sahara
And if you want to dive into your Dharma in a deeper way, I invite you to join me on my 21-Day Dharma Discovery Journey. This will literally take you from feeling confused, overwhelmed, uncertain about your Dharma, to complete clarity in just 21 days. You can head over to my show notes or iamsahararose.com/dharmadiscovery to being your journey today.

Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 369: Remembering Your Soul’s Purpose
By Sahara Rose

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