Highest Self Podcast 349: Money Mindset vs Manifestation with Emma Mumford


People love to talk about manifesting abundance.. But what does that really mean? Max out our credit cards to show the universe we are abundant? In this episode, I discuss this author + money queen Emma Mumford the balance between having a strong money mindset and allowing manifestations from the universe. We dive into her background from working at a bank to becoming the Coupon Queen to now teaching others about money manifestation and how her various experiences that allowed her to see the energetics of money and the way we respond with it. Let’s start 2021 with an abundant mindset with this episode!

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Episode 349: Money Mindset vs. Manifestation with Emma Mumford
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am so excited for today’s Episode because we dive into one of my favorite topics – all about money.

So, for me, money has truly been a love story of ups and downs, and times that I did not want her and times that I did, and I think all of us have had such a rollercoaster of a relationship with money, in different ways. Whether we were raised with it or not, it is just such a polarizing, yet important topic that cannot be overlooked because money is that thing that pays for our living expenses, for our food, for the device that you’re listening to this Podcast with and it’s a really big topic to just ignore. And I know a lot of people, when they get into spirituality, they can feel like “Money is the root of all problems” and “Money is just disgusting and it’s lead by money-hungry people and we need to diminish money!” And I have felt all of the ways at different stages of my own journey as well, but we are in a society that does have a currency and we’ve always had different types of currency. Whether it was through the barter system or through gold, silver, etc., and now this, we’re actually shifting again, from a cash-based society, now to a more electronic-based society and that’s continuing to evolve potentially with Bitcoin etc. But, the conversation of money, regardless, it’s potent because it carries energy and it allows us to live the lives that we want to live, whether we eat the organic food or not.

So, I wanted to have a conversation with someone who truly has given her career to this topic of money.
I know, so many people are talking about this right now, but Emma Mumford really stood out to me because she is someone who has had such an intense relationship with money, from being a banker (literally working at the bank) to later becoming the coupon queen and having an entire platform, teaching people how to coupon, to now having a more spiritual approach to money. And I really loved her different experiences with money because I think, sometimes, we’re looking at money just from this really spiritual lens and we don’t really see there are some rules to money, there is some weight to it that we do need to look over. It’s not just this number that we decide “I’m going to manifest $1million tomorrow” and it shows up at our door. There are such things as investments and things that we need to know about our finances which can’t be overlooked. But also, it’s so much more than that and there is an energetics to money as well.
So, I felt like Emma just had such a great balance of different experiences, from helping other people with their money to helping people save their money, to now, helping people step into more abundance but really grounding it back down to where it really comes from and what that really means.
So, I’m really excited to share this conversation with her, all about Money Mindset vs. Manifestation. And it’s not that it has to be one or the other, but I feel like there’s sort of these two schools to thought that are now coming together, that it doesn’t have to just be this complete disregard to money and just seeing it as something you put on your vision board and it shows up at your door tomorrow, but also, it’s not just this very heavy technical thing that only certain people, who know the languaging of it, can have. There is this fine balance between the two. And the more we get spiritual people educated about money, the more we’re going to have a more just world that people are spending their money on things that matter.
Money and Dharma is a really important topic that I talk about in my book “Discover Your Dharma”, that we can’t be living our soul’s purposes if we don’t find a way to monetize it, unless you are getting your income from another job or another person. But most of us, we are working for ourselves, we have bills to pay, rent, etc. so if we are doing something that is not in alignment with our gifts, for our income, chances are, we’re not going to have enough time and energy to do the things that it is that we do want to do.

So, I know for myself, I felt that threshold of “I really want to write but I’m spending my days working on this clothing line business” that I could feel was no longer in relation with my Dharma, so I knew I had to, eventually, take that leap into moving into writing and finding a way to create money out of my writing, so I could put my full-time focus into it and become a better writer and be able to go into it, more in depth, that is really required to be at something in a professional level that you can’t really do as much when you are working another job for money. So, I think that it is really important, that if we are wanting to live our Dharmas as our full-time careers, businesses, etc., that we need to have these conversations around money. Otherwise, it’s just going to forever remain a hobby. And again, not all Dharmas need to become your job or career, but I know a lot of listeners do have that desire for the thing that they’re spending their day doing something that does fulfill them, it does feel in alignment with their soul’s purpose. And truthfully, your Dharma is going to require all of you, it’s going to require you to focus and study and be dedicated and up-level, and unless you can find a way to focus on that, without needing to make money off of it, you’re going to have to figure out some sort of way to have an energy exchange.
And we talk more, in this Episode, about how energy exchanges are actually very important for people to not only take your time seriously, but for them to have results. So, I’m super-excited to share this Episode with you.

And first, I’d love to tell you about my new book “Discover Your Dharma”.
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If you are listening to this Podcast, you are someone that knows you were born on this planet for a reason, that you have gifts that you were meant to share and that your curiosities are guiding you towards your Dharma, your soul’s purpose. So, what if you had a book that was a guide, that showed you step by step how to unpeel these layers, these conditionings, these limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, how to have courage to finally take action on your Dharma and frameworks including a process for you to actually decide what it is that you should focus your energy on right now. Well, this doesn’t have to be some far-off fantasy because I’ve written this book for you Boo, and it is called “Discover You Dharma”. It is out now, whoop, whoop, so excited! I literally wrote this book for me where I was in my life when I was in this point where I wasn’t sure if I really had a purpose or not. I wasn’t sure if it was some fairy tale they tell you as a kid “Follow your dreams”, and you get older and they’re like “Oh, no, that was like Santa and you weren’t actually supposed to do that”; and how to actually make a living doing it, especially if you’re someone who’s multi-passionate, you don’t know what it is to focus on.
So, I bust through so many different obstacles that I’ve overcome – from confusion, from not knowing where to start; from feeling like you’re not good enough, smart enough etc., and how to move through them in a way that really gets to the bottom of these fears and allows you to see that your obstacles were your soul’s curriculum to help you embody your Dharma.
So, every single person I know that has read this book, whether they are living their Dharma already or not, has walked away with a deeper sense of what their Dharma is. And I’m so excited to see the effects it has in your life.
So, I’ve created epic bonuses for you to go alongside this book. I have my Discover Your Dharma Meditation Practice, my Dharma Tapping Practice, which is EFT, and my Dharma Embodiment Practice where you’ll actually be dancing your Dharma with me, and I also have a Virtual Book Launch happening on February 4th, where I’ll be answering your questions on Dharma (Live); and if you’re listening to this after February 4th, you will get that replay.
So, to get those bonuses, head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma (that link is in the show notes), you’ll be able to order the book, submit your receipts and get those bonuses in your email right away. Again, that is iamsahararose.com/dharma – that link is in the show notes and I’m soul excited to share this book with you.

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Now, without further ado, let’s welcome Emma Mumford to The Highest Self Podcast.

[08:48] Interview

[08:48] Sahara
Welcome Emma to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[08:52] Emma
Thank you so much Sahara for having me. I’m super-excited to be here today!

[08:56] Sahara
I am so excited because we’re going to talk about some of my favorite subjects! Two Earth signs get together, we want to talk money!

[09:04] Emma

[09:05] Sahara
So, the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?


[09:09] Emma
I love this question! I love it! And even if you said it, just before we started recording this I was like “Oh, that is such a good question!”
I think what makes me my highest self is, I guess learning more about myself each year. When I first came onto the spiritual path, I was like “Right, how do you become in alignment? How do you become your highest self?” And it was almost like this challenge to me like “Right, how do I heal this trauma? How do I let go of all of my past and become this highest self” and what I’ve realized along that journey is that it all unfolds exactly how it’s meant to and that healing is not linear (that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned) and that what makes me my highest self is being my authentic self and learning who I am as a person and who my true essence is. And I found that through healing so much along my own journey, especially this year as well, and each year I always say I meet a new version of myself, which I’m sure you can agree with yourself Sahara, I’m sure anybody listening can agree with. So, I think, for me, what makes me my highest self is my experiences, my healing, my learning and knowing myself deeply as well.

[10:20] Sahara
I love that! I have this journal that I keep every day and every day I (it’s one of the prompts), it’s what do I love about myself, I’m like “That I grow; that we just grow”, that’s all we’re here to do, we here to grow. And it’s so simple but it’s also going to keep life interesting. And, it would be so boring if you had everything figured out all at once.

[10:40] Emma
Exactly! We’re here to learn; we’re here to grow! I love that! Definitely!

[10:45] Sahara
Yay! So I want to talk about all things – abundance, money, manifestation. And what’s super interesting about your story, when I was reading it in your book “Positively Wealthy” is I feel like this money, abundance, manifestation stuff is super trendy right now. I see a lot of people, they’re going into this topic but this is really your background, you were the coupon queen, literally! Even your email is still coupon queen!
So, can you share with us a little bit about your back story about just you and money and this love story you guys have had?

[11:16] Emma
Of course! I definitely did not think it was a love story, to start off with, but I think the Universe liked to surprise me there like “Babes, money is your thing!”
So, when I was in my kind of young adulthood 18-ish (so nine years ago now) I think I always had, I would say a reasonably good relationship with money. Money was never really an issue for me growing up or kind of as I found my own money, going into adulthood, but when I was 20 I started working in a bank and I completely just fell into this job randomly, it was just offered to me and I was like “Why not? Let’s do this! This seems like a really professional and muggle job to have, let’s do this!” And my parents were so proud of me and it was weird because I’d worked in Starbucks, I’d worked in a phone shop, I’d done these fun jobs I really love, but working in the bank was the first job and my family and everyone around me was like “We’re really proud of you. You’ve made it in life. You’re a banker. We love this!” I hated it though, I, very quickly, learned how much I hated working in a bank. Money has always fascinated me, I’ve understood it and it makes the world go round (or so we thought). So for me, definitely, working in the bank was eye-opening for me. One, because it was very target-driven, so for my previous masculine self I was living my best life, but also, as well, I realized how money can have a really negative impact on people. So, when I was sat in the bank and my manages was like “You need to offer this 80-year-old a loan” or “You need to have these targets of loans, mortgages, credit cards” and I was like “Wow, these people don’t need them. I’m not going to force something on someone they don’t need”. So, I think I learned very quickly. And even, I always remember this one woman who came to my office and she was just bawling her eyes out and she was like “I need you to give me money, I can’t feed the kids, my husband’s left me, I’m up to my eyeballs in debt” and to just look at that screen and literally to have to tell this woman that I literally couldn’t give her anything – broke my heart. And I think that was when I realized that this was not the job for me and I actually got depression from the personal relationship I was in, the romantic relationship I was in. I took on his ₤7000 worth of debt because I was the banker, I was like “Okay, let’s sort this out. Let’s clue this, good interest rates” and I soon as I took that on our relationship broke down; he never paid a single penny of that. So, I was 20, depressed, left the job at the bank because I couldn’t go to work anymore because I was so anxious and I just hated it, and I was with a 7 grand’s debt to my name, all by the age of 20. So for me, I’d gone from feeling financially independent and financially successful and having this career to then being depressed – “What on Earth? How did I get here?” And then having a relationship break down and also having to clear debt which wasn’t even my fault, it was from his past and I just took on to help him because I loved him. And here I was having to clear that as well. So what then spurred me on to be coupon queen was, I had to clear this debt and I was like “Right! Take action! How can I turn this into a positive?” And I was watching TLC one day and Good Old Extreme Couponing came on the show and I was like “Wow, if these people are saving all this money and getting out of debt, I should be able to do this”. And here in the UK, couponing was very much not spoken about, there was a couple of people at the time, back into 2012 when I started this, who were doing it, but it was not spoken about and I thought “Right, if the Americans can do it, I can do it!” So, I started researching and finding all these coupons and started up a little Facebook page after much pestering from my friends because they were like “Come on Emma, you could help loads of people with this”. And the Facebook page just took off massively and within six months the press were involved and they were nicknaming me ‘the coupon queen’, I was presenting on This Morning, which is a daytime TV show here in the UK and giving money saving and coupon tips. And again, I did not have a qualification for this, this was experience, this was integrating that banking history mixed with couponing and money saving, with a little bit of mindset, definitely. And it felt so much more rewarding to help people get out of debt and help families who were struggling rather than putting them in debt at the bank. So, I definitely feel like, Dharma-wise, I was definitely living a truer Dharma in my couponing business because I was actually doing good and helping people.
So, I sold my business back in 2018; I ran it for six amazing years, I loved it and I will always be a coupon queen at heart. I love a good bargain, I love a discount, it will stay with more forever, but I knew the company had outgrown me, it needed a team of people and I think, in my heart, I’d had a spiritual awakening by then and I knew that I wanted to help people in a slightly different way.
So for me, I would’ve said I’d put my money-crown away for good when I became spiritual queen and then that spiritual queen, my first book’s launch, the psychic we hired for entertainment was just saying “You know your next book’s going to be about money, don’t you? And I was like “No, it is not! I am not coupon queen anymore!” But here we are, “Positively Wealthy” has been out. And I wrote a book on money and what I found out was that although the focus was money, to start off with, actually going along that positively wealthy journey myself, I learned that wealth was so much more than money and what it meant to truly be positively wealthy and experience money in a whole new way.

[16:38] Sahara
I love that so much! And it truly is the obstacles that your soul needed to experience! And I’m sure so many people can relate to being at that rock bottom moment of a relationship ending, in debt, losing your job, not knowing what to do and feeling like “How am I going to ever move past this?” And it’s so beautiful to see how, if you didn’t have that experience, which is probably the experience you end up talking about the most, right? That people are like “How did you do this?” and it’s talking about that, the one thing that you probably didn’t want anyone to know about you is really the thing that people want to keep knowing about you because it’s what made you who you are. So it’s just a beautiful example of Dharma in action.

[17:17] Emma
Absolutely! And it wasn’t great to admit and sit there “Yeah, you know, I took out a loan for the guy I loved at the time. And I took on his ₤7000 worth of debt”. Because, obviously now, when I have children, if my daughter was ever to do that, I’d be like “No!” And obviously, I was learning, I was 19, 20 at the time so I was learning these life lessons, learning how money worked, learning how love worked as well. We always had this joke that the men in my life shaped my life because, obviously, when I had my second breakup, I actually got in a bit of debt with him as well, again, didn’t learn the lesson the first time. He started a spiritual business, he spurred me up to start a spiritual business. So really, my biggest lessons in life which has been money and love have actually given me the biggest blessings in life.

[18:04] Sahara
I love that so much. Yeah, I can definitely see in life, sometimes it’s your romantic relationships are the breadcrumbs that needed you to get to wherever it is that you were meant to go. Totally get you!
So, I want to talk about Manifestation vs. Financial Literacy. So, I see a lot of people who speak about money manifestation, and it’s this idea that if I show the Universe that I am worthy of abundance, then the Universe will offer it back to me. Now, not all, but some present it in a way of ‘surround yourself by super-lavish things; buy the really nice jacket; spend extra on the super-great boots’ because these things will make you feel more abundant and then you’ll end up magnetizing that abundance. And I can see that but then there’s the other side of “Well, then how does debt exist?” If the matter was me buying things that make me feel really abundant, well then, I’m sure most of the people who are shopping at all those department stores feel very abundant at the time, but their credit card reports wouldn’t say so. So, what’s your perception of the balance between the two?

[19:13] Emma
Oh gosh, and I love that you brought this up because there definitely is a balance. These laws of attraction teachings, they’re not wrong but I guess it’s how they’re coming across and how people take that as well because from someone who has been in debt themselves, you can’t just switch that off, you can’t just say “Oh, today, I’m going to be positive” and “I know I should really pay my rent but actually I’m going to go out and buy that designer handbag because that’s going to show the Universe I’m abundant”. Well, this is all energy guys, so really, if you go and buy that thing which makes you lavish – are you going to feel good afterwards? When you get that item home, are you going to look at it and think “Oh my gosh, I can’t even pay my bills now” or are you going to think “Ah, I feel really good with that, that was a really great purchase that brings me joy”. So, one thing I always say, which is one of my top tips of the book, is mindful spending of ‘this is all energy’. So scrap what you think you know about that advice because if it does not make you feel good, you will not attract any thing. I’ve had clients come to me who have spent little amounts or even eye-watering amounts, and like “Emma, it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?” And I’m saying to them “Okay, so when you go to that splurge, when you come home, how do you feel? And they are like “Well, it’s great to have these things but then when I look at my bank account on Monday, I’m crying a little bit inside” and I’m like “Well, this is the thing. You need to be looking at you bank balance and feeling peace, feeling joy. Even if you’re feeling you’re not where you want to be, you have to have acceptance and you also have to feel good here”. Now, for the law of attraction to work, as we know, money is the same as anything else, however you manifest love or anything, free coffees, free puppies, whatever, it’s all the same energy. So, mindful spending is so, so good to use! And I always say start off with having awareness because this is what I did for ages, I avoided having awareness over my financial situation, which made my debt so much worse. So, for me, I kept setting the intention, when I found law of attraction, to be debt-free, but if had asked me at the time what debt-free was or how much I needed to be debt-free, I had no flipping clue because I was avoiding it and I was just saying “I want to be debt-free Universe; I want to be debt-free” and six months passed and every other manifestation was happening but no being debt-free. So I sat down with myself and said “Right, what am I avoiding?” And what I was avoiding was looking at that figure; was going on the debt collectors’ website and facing it and looking at that figure. I was paying it off each month, obviously, with the desire of debit, but I wasn’t focusing on clearing that or having that clarity. So, when I logged on and faced it, I think it was about ₤6500 at that point and I was like “Right, okay, it’s a little bit higher than what I thought it was, but now I have awareness”. So, from that point I then said “Right, Universe, I want to manifest ₤6500 to clear this debt”. In five days I had a double manifestation where I got ₤11.000 through my work, through a brand new opportunity I had no idea about. So, I’d manifested the ₤6500 and then had a double manifestation because after that, when I had that awareness I thought “Right, once I clear the debt, I also want to manifest a bit of money” and worked out how much I would need for equipment and things to invest in my business to then take that to the next height. So, as soon as I sat down and had that awareness and clarity over my debt and my financial situation, the Universe delivered in five days, in one hit, because I was brave enough to say “Right, here’s my acceptance, here’s the figure I need and also, once that’s cleared, this is what I would do to then progress my business” and got clear on that as well by working out how much I needed. So, clarity is the first step; awareness as well – So, definitely, if you do have any debt. Or even savings – we as humans make things so much worse than they need to be sometimes. We all have that when we’re “Oh, I don’t want to look at my bank account, oh gosh” and we look at it and it’s probably not as bad as what we think it is.
So, having clarity and awareness over your financial situation is so, so important for money mindset, for the banking side of things, for the law of attraction abundance side of things. So, do definitely start off with that.
And then, in terms of mindful spending, I have this rule where you’ve got to hold it for three seconds or look at it for three seconds (whether it’s a service or an item). And really tune into that and say “How does this make me feel? Does this bring me joy? Marie Conduit, does this spark joy?” And really ask yourself “Is this a hell yes or a hell no”, if it feels like a hell yes to purchase it, absolutely do it; if you’re not sure oryou’re really not getting an answer, wait. Can it wait till next payday or maybe it’s a hell no?
So, this definitely works for online shopping as well. But when we really take the time to be really intentional with every single purchase – now, obviously, this goes or luxury items – any bills, anything like that, you must pay, please pay your bills, don’t do this because I don’t want people saying to me “The phone provider’s called up and they said Emma said don’t pay my bill because it didn’t feel good”, you have to pay your bills guys, this is purely for luxury items.
So, anything that’s a luxury, which comes into that kind of money that you’ve got to spend each month on luxuries, this is what that’s for. So, hold that item, look at that service or item, how does it make you feel? Is it going to bring you joy? Are you going to wear it a lot? Are you going to really enjoy eating that item? Whatever it is – are you going to enjoy that day out? Whatever it is, really sit with it because when we’re really intentional and we’re mindful with our spending, we’re bringing that positive abundant energy into every single transaction. So, even if your money is going down, then when you log into your online banking, you’re not going to sit there and fear,and you’re not going to sit there regretting everything. Everything around you and every purchase on that, on your online banking for example, is going to feel good – so you’re going to feel good when you’re looking at that bank balance, which is what magnetizes new money to you, not out of fear, when you’re just being told that if you spend that money it’s going to magically come back to you, you have to believe it too.
So, mindful spending is one thing which I’m like “Do it guys because it will change your life and change how you interact with money as well!”

[25:17] Sahara
I love that so much! So, a lot of people talk about debt and there’s many different opinions on it. Some say it’s good to get in debt if you’re investing in yourself, you’re investing in your education, it’s worth it, debt is not so much a bad thing so long as you’ll be able to pay it off sometime in your life. And some people say absolutely avoid debt at all cost.
So, what is your take on good vs. bad debt?

[25:41] Emma
And i think again, it is such a personal relationship with it. Going to university for example, may be a really good debt because in the long run that’s going to allow you to do the career that you want to do, get the knowledge and education that you need to be where you want to be in life. So, a debt like that – and even like a mortgage, for example, again, it’s going to allow you to get on the property ladder, it’s going to help you to invest, it’s going to help you to create your financial portfolio in life. So, those, I would say, are always – I don’t know if ‘good debt’ is the word, but I definitely think it helps you to move forwards in your life and achieve the things that you want to achieve.
I always say, in terms of investing in yourself, it has to feel good! Is it a ‘hell yes’ or a ‘hell no’? So, what could be a hell yes for me and Sahara may not be a hell yes for you at home. So using your intuition and trusting yourself with every transaction is so important that’s why mindful spending is such a personal technique because we’re all different, we all have different love languages of money. For example, what feels good to us may not feel good to another person. So, honoring yourself and listening to yourself and saying if it’s a hell yes, do it! Because when you’re doing that course, when you’re doing whatever it is, it’s going to feel good to you and you’re going to enjoy it because you know that it was a ‘hell yes’ and you invested in it, even energetically, and it feels good. But if you think “Do you know what, maybe i should wait until next time; maybe i should wait a couple of months” that’s feedback too. So honor yourself there because it’s not saying that you’re not investing in yourself or whatever, sometimes that is investing in yourself, by loving yourself enough to say “Actually, this doesn’t feel quite good this time but if i still want to do it in six months’ time, yeah, that’s going to be a hell yes then!“ So, again, listen to that feedback because we all have different paths, we all have different journeys but that feedback is our own soul calling. And again, when you’re honoring yourself, when you’re honoring how you feel, energetically, you’re going to be a money magnet.

[27:40] Sahara
I love that so much! So, you spoke about how you double manifested. When you say that, are you actually doing any rituals, practices, vision board, any of that stuff or do you just see it as a natural response to you making a confident decision?

[27:57] Emma
Of course, a good question! And of course we still need to use the law of attraction guys because that’s how attracting works. So, with that example of the double manifestation, I put the intention out there. So the first step of law of attraction – asking. So, I put the intention out there of being debt-free, but did I have clarity? No! So, the Universe wasn’t moving past step one with that manifestation because I had no clue, I was not clear at all. So, once I had that clarity of ₤6500 and also having some money as a next manifestation to invest in the business – that was clarity. So there was my step one – asking. So we can take that off. So, absolutely, you do need to ask, so you could do that through verbal (saying it like I did).

[28:39] Sahara
Yeah, and writing it down – would you say that’s the best way?

[28:43] Emma
There is no best way to manifest. Again, it is so unique to you. I always say we can do all the vision boards, we can do all the visualization, but if it’s not your manifesting language and it doesn’t feel good to you then you’re not going to connect to that. So, try it all and see what works for you. So, yeah, absolutely, writing it down.
In the book I have little positively wealthy checks which are checks you get from your bank, so you can write on there and write a little check to the Universe; and that’s a great little visual to do on a New Moon ritual for example (so the New Moon is great for manifesting). So, I always write my little positively wealthy check and some goals down each month. So, I always say, set a monthly goal of money manifestation because if you want to manifest money regularly, you have to set the intention regularly. So, ask, get clear – so for example, if you wanted to manifest a holiday – how much is that holiday going to cost you from door to door, not just airplane tickets and hotel; expenditure, what are you going to spend on that holiday; how are you going to get there? Work it all out, because the more specific you can be and say “Right, I need ₤6000 for that holiday“, again, you’ve got the clarity. So, set the goals regularly; ask, that can be verbally, you can write it down (like I said), try all these different ways because again, you’ll find what works for you and what feels good.

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[33:10] Sahara
So, when you’re asking – So, can I just go for $10 million right away or should it be in increments? “$10 million, please?” Or should it be increments of what feels like the next, maybe a little bit expansive, but also reachable step?

[33:27] Emma
Definitely! And hell yes, let’s call that in Sahara, for sure.

[33:31] Sahara
Just going straight for it, yeah.

[33:34] Emma
Claim it, yes! And again, it all depends on the person. If ₤10 million (or dollars) felt good to you, why not. A lot of people put these big goals on their vision boards, which is great, and vision boards are more designed for long-term, they’re not really designed for next month or six months, it’s more like the overall picture.
So, for instance, I had a client very recently who wanted to manifest ₤10.000 for their home renovations and they had it on their vision boards and they were like “It’s just not coming to me”, so I’m like “Okay, what actions are you taking each month to manifest that money and when do you need that money by?” So for her, I said “How does ₤10.000 feel to you?” and she was like “Well, it’s big, a big amount of money, I don’t know how that’s going to come to me”, so I said “Okay, when do you need that money by?” (and it as 10 months). And I said “Right, if we broke that goal down to ₤1000 each month that you need to manifest to reach your ₤10.000 goal in 10 months, how does that feel?” and she was like “Super easy”, and I was like “See, we’ve not done anything magical there, all we’ve done is broken it down to something that feels achievable to you, but it’s exactly the same amount”. So, it’s all about how our minds process that. So, if you’re seeing that big figure as scary like “Wow, how’s that going to come to me?” Break it down, how much do you need and when do you need it by? Break it down to a monthly manageable figure that feels good. And for someone who’s like “I actually don’t know how much money I want to manifest”, pick the first figure that comes to your head. When you’re writing your monthly little check or whatever, your monthly goal, pick a number, what number feels good? How does it feel to you? If it feels good, write it down and trust that. So, use your intuition but also break it down if it feels too big or like “Wow, that’s a big amount”, break it down, that’s all that needs to be done.

[35:14] Sahara
Totally! I love that so much and I think often times, yeah, a number feels so big for us that we have this “But it’s never going to happen” energy with it, so then you’re not really actively going for it, whereas if you feel like it’s attainable.
Now my question that I know a lot of people who have jobs, corporate jobs, they’re like “Well, how am I going to make an extra $1000 a month? I have a salary”. What do you suggest for that?

[35:37] Emma
Broaden your horizons babe, that’s what suggestions are. So, money can come to us in so many ways but again, a lot of people are like “Must come from income, refunds, inheritance, gifts”, we know the kind of obvious money manifestations there. So again, if you are in a salary job, think outside the box, you might get a bonus, you might get a refund, you might have an inheritance or someone might gift you that money, but also, as coupon queen, I’m going to broaden everyone’s horizons even further – yes, it’s about new money that can come to you, but also money staying in your bank account. So, coupons, discounts, freebies, I’m calling it all, these are all money manifestations as well. So, say for instance, we’ve just had Black Friday for example, so, you saved 40% on the Christmas present that you were going to buy for your parent or whatever, that’s 40% of your money that’s staying in your bank account. So, you probably would’ve bought that full price anyway, but that’s 40% that’s staying in your bank. So, yes, manifesting new money, but also money that is staying in your bank account as well. Get thrifty! I’m all about incorporating the spiritual, practical and cognitive side of money. So, again, budgeting is a great way to learn that money stays with us as well, and that’s a money manifestation itself. So, one of my favorite tasks to set for people is an abundance log and you can use this for all manifestations but I personally love to set it for money, and there’s not one person that has come back to me that hasn’t been like “Wow, this has broadened my horizons. I am hitting this money goal!” So, I think, a lot of the time people can say “Right, I want to manifest $1000 this month” and then they expect $1000 to enter into their bank account, when actually it can come to us in small amounts or in the whole whack, there is no set rule, it’s how we interact in our vibration with money as well. So, if you want it to be very specific, obviously set that goal. But a lot of the time were like “Yeah, I want to manifest $1000 extra”. So, if you kept an abundance log, and all that is, for 4 weeks, each week, just breaking down; what new money is coming to you; any money that’s saying, like I said through coupons and these discounts as well and totaling up. So, totaling it up weekly and then obviously at the end of the month. So, although you may not have seen $1000 go into your bank account, when you do your abundance log, you’ll probably find out that you manifested $1000 over that month period through those smaller increments. So this is why an abundance log is amazing because you can see how abundant you truly are, because we all have it, where we’re like “Oh, that came through; that came through” but we get distracted with life and we’re busy people so we forget these things. So, unless it’s a big, wow, amount, we kind of overlook it, so this is allowing you to be grateful, which is a key component in the law of attraction and also bringing awareness of actually how much money comes to you day in and day out without even having to try that part.

[38:26] Sahara
I love that so much because we totally to focus on the acquisition of new money rather than the saving. And I think where a lot of us – I think we get stuck in two ways: 1. Every single day going into your bank account and writing how much money you spent and how much money you gained can feel really overwhelming. I know for me, I had a very Vata relationship with money. I did not want to look at my bank account. The only time I would look at it was because I got an email that I was in overdraft and I was like “Oh, shit!” That was my reminder to go look at my bank account and I hated being in there because I would just see “Great, I have $200, shit! I don’t want to be in here”, and I’ve definitely changed a lot since then but it has taken me paying attention to my money and really noticing it.
So, for people listening, who, it feels super heavy, overwhelming, stressful for them to even be in their bank account, what do you suggest?

[39:22] Emma
And it’s so, so common this, more than you think, and it definitely comes down to mindset, and, there’s two ways to look at it. So, one of my friends, when she was going through a touch patch in her life, I would say let’s go out and let’s do this and I was saying to her “Look at your money language”, so normally she would say to me “Oh, Emma, I’m skint, oh I can’t afford to do this” so I was like “No, no, let’s change that”. So she actually came to me one day and said “It doesn’t feel good for me to do this, I’m choosing not to spend that money today” and I was like “Wow, what an amazing way to flip that!”
So, if anybody is struggling with pressures of people being “Let’s do this, let’s do that” and it’s not feeling good to you in that mindful spending, it’s a great phrase to use “I’m choosing not to spend my money on that today!” Because that’s empowering as well! If you look at it, it’s a very empowering statement, so I loved that! But my friend came to me and said that, and another one of my clients (funnily enough) came to me and said “Emma, you have to build a relationship with money” and I was like “Yes, yes, yes! You do” and she was like “So, I’m writing a love letter to money, I’m flirting with money, I’m going steady with money and I’m trying to get to know money!” And I loved this perspective because I was like “I’ve never heard someone say it, so perfectly before, because money – our relationship with money is a relationship, just like our friendships, just like our intimate relationships – we have to get know money, get to know our finances and our relationship with money. And just like any relationship, it needs to be nurtured. So look at your language with money, how are you interacting with money? Are you flirting with money? Are you dating money? Are you serious with money? What is your energy to money as well? Get to know money! And obviously work on that mindset as well – positive affirmations work amazingly and help you to shift so quickly, like I said with that example. So look at what you’re saying with money and then okay, witness what your current money language is and how would you like your money language to be? Maybe write them down; write down all those statements of what you say or how you would describe money and then flip it. So turn them into positives and then burn that old money language, set it free and intend “I’m letting this go now, this is my old money language” and then embody that new money language where you flirt with money, you give love to money and you’re speaking positively about money as well.

[41:39] Sahara
I love that so much! And absolutely, I think so many of us – I know my dialogue was “Well, I’m not a money person, I don’t like money” or “I’m on the spiritual journey so I don’t care about money” things like that and really it was just my own intimidation of it and my own feeling overwhelmed by it and feeling like it’s so masculine, so I didn’t want to do it but then, all of my stresses came from the fact that I didn’t have enough of it “Oh, I want to go to this yoga class. I want to do this, but it’s the money” so it was like “I can’t run away from this anymore and I need to make friends with it”,
So, I want to talk about Big vs. Small Spending Decision. So, I think a lot of times in financial or seed books they’re like “Okay, every single day, if you’re buying a Starbucks coffee, that’s $5 a day, so if you’re buying it every day it’s 30×5 which is 180, I’m not even sure. Is that 180? I’m not a numbers person., so I got 180 or something. And then that extra 180 per year is $2000 or whatever, and that’s $2000 you would save if you just made your coffee at home. So we always hear things like this “Okay, don’t go to the Starbucks; don’t go to this; don’t go to that” anyways, I think quarantine was a blessing because a lot of those things that we would go out and spend money on are gone, but I also see a lot of people super stress about the small numbers and like the couponing. For example, I’m sure in your experience it’s like “How much time are you spending stressing about that 50 cent savings or that $5 savings or even less that a $100, depends where you’re at with your own money. But how could you have instead focused on something larger? Do you know Remit Sethi? He wrote this book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and at first he was super focused on these little, little things that you can save every single day and then he realized most people are not getting the best return on their savings account. If you switch your savings account to a higher return savings account or if you got into investments, these are thousands of dollars that you’re passively making that aren’t even taking your time, but we so focus on the small numbers.
So, because couponing was your space, I’d love to hear your own realizations of this transition.

[43:57] Emma
Of course! And you know, all of them are so valid and such great points to make, for sure, because a lot of the time, what I used to hear in my couponing days, was “Well, what’s the point, all this energy, all this effort, why would you do this?” But at that time I needed to. So you have to start with where you’re at and that all comes as part of that acceptance and awareness as well. So for me, when I was working a part-time job when I was trying to look after my health, I had to move back to my parent’s, I obviously had the ₤7000 worth of debt. The small stuff was very, very important to me and at that time I needed to do it. Whereas now, when I kind of started my spiritual business and sold my old couponing business, I was in a very different financial space in my life. So, for me, it was then looking at the bigger picture of “Okay, how can I now save for a house? How can I now get on the property ladder? How can I now save in some ways of course, but then not let that rule my life as such?” So I think it’s definitely a case of witnessing where you’re at with it, because for some people starting small is everything. It’s just like with anything in life, you can’t just to the big thing. Imagine it like a house, you have to lay the foundations of the house, you have to start small, you can’t just start at the roof. So, you have to start somewhere. So, building up the small stuff builds that solid foundation, so you can build the solid house where yes, absolutely, once that money is flowing, once you’re out of debt and you feel more stable and secure with money, absolutely look at your returns, look at your investments, how are you investing that money, is your ₤2.50 Starbucks every day the best way to invest your money, or actually does that feel good to you, is that your mindful spending that feels good? And actually, by focusing on, like you say, savings account etc. that you can get bigger returns but actually be a better, more easier way to get that return and manifesting. So, it’s going to be completely different for everybody because everybody is going to be in a different stage of their life, different financial position (of course), so it’s not like one piece of advice is going to fir all, definitely not. But I think, start with what feels good. If couponing feels good to you, hell yes, go for it! If switching up your savings account, looking at isis, looking at locking that money away for a while because it’s actually going to help you get a really good return for when you’re ready to buy that house, absolutely do it, trust that intuition, do that research and see what feels good to you. But always, you’ve got to start somewhere.

[46:21] Sahara
Yes, totally! For myself as well, when I had $200 in my entire bank account, of course, every $20 is going to make a significant difference and then as I was able to cultivate and save more money than that same energy of the – and now, I’ve realized in myself too, that I can often go back to my very frugal ways. For example, my husband, I think, his North Node is in Taurus, so he’s lives lavishly and I am not, I am the saver. So I would be spending hours – let’s say we want to buy a bed, I’ll go on every single website, every single bed and he’s like “You just spent 8 hours on this bed, what did you save, $200? Was that worth your 8 hours?” I’m just like “But I saved $200!” It’s hard because when you train yourself to think a certain way, it’s hard to get out of it and I still do love my frugal ways but it really does help you see the opportunity cost of how much time am I using to focus on this thing and is it worth the amount of savings that I’m getting from it?

[47:28] Emma
Exactly! And how does it make you feel. If you bought that bed full price, would your inner self be like “Why did you not look Sahara, why did you not compare?” and I know I would be exactly the same. I’m a stickless steel for discounts because I’m like “Well, all these things that I’m going to buy, whether it’s Christmas presents or whatever, if I can save money on that, I can use that money to then put towards the deposit for my house I want to buy; I can use that for other things”. So, again, that is that practicality coming in from me, that Virgo Earth sign, where I’m like “But look how else I could use that money. How amazing that I can make this money stretch further!”

[48:05] Sahara
And I it really does comes down to what feels good for you. If you’re going to be regretting not doing the research, then that doesn’t feel good for you; if you’re going to be regretting “Why did I spend so much time” then maybe you should just get it full price and move on”. So it’s fascinating when you meet different people and they have such different ways of interacting with your money, you’re like “Oh, wow, not everyone does things the way that I do” and you can learn from that person. I definitely learn from my husband, he’s just like “I’m going to buy all these things from Wholefoods” he literally doesn’t second guess it, I’m like – In a way that’s expansive for me because I’m someone who’ll be like “Let me find it at this place for that thing and that place for that thing etc.” And in some ways I’m probably expansive for him in my saving ways. So it’s beautiful to see it. And I think in relationships too, we often attract people with the opposite tendencies as us, so it’s hard. I know my parents were opposite in spendings and I think it’s an attraction (opposites attract thing) and I think it’s beautiful because then the kids can see the balance and choose for themselves “I want to take this aspect of my mother’s relationship with money; this aspect from my father, or whoever was your caretaker”.

[49:15] Emma
Absolutely! And so true! I can definitely witness that with my parents and my previous relationships I’ve been in. Like you say, it’s that balance and those lessons as well, of what they can teach us and what we can teach them as well.

[49:27] Sahara
Love that so much! So, I want to ask you, a lot of people listening to this Podcast are Healers, they have natural healing gifts, whether they’re doing it professionally or not, but they’re feeling guilty about charging. They feel like “If I’m a Healer, I should love what I do and I shouldn’t charge for it” or “Spiritual people shouldn’t charge” or “It’s greedy for me to charge” or “That’s what other people will think of me”. So, what do you have to say to the Healers out there who are experiencing these money blocks?

[49:56] Emma
And I hear it so, so, so often! And I’ve definitely had this internal conflict as well over the years of like “What do I charge? What’s the right amount to charge?” And honestly, my best answer is always listen to yourself. I have seen a whole spectrum of clients who have been told what to charge by someone, who have no idea what to charge, who have charged too little, who have charged too much, and they’re coming to me and saying “What the heck do I do, what am I doing wrong?” And I’m saying to them “Where did that figure come from? Did that come from yourself?” And the answer is most commonly no. They’re either looking at what someone else is charging or they’re being told what to charge by someone. And that doesn’t help any of us, it just doesn’t because again, as Sahara would say “It’s not your Dharma if someone else is telling you what to do”. And if Sahara was to say to me “Right, Emma, I think you should charge this or I think you should do this”, it may not be in alignment, and vice versa, if I said to Sahara, she might go “Wow, no, that doesn’t feel good to me at all”. So, we have to listen to ourselves. And when it comes to pricing, a lot of the time it can be worth whether you feel worthy or deserving of money; how your relationship with money is; how you interact with money; all these things – absolutely come into it, for sure! So really sit with yourself and rate it on a scale of 1-10 – how worthy do you feel of receiving money; how worthy do you feel receiving money for your talents, for your creativity, whatever it is you do, ask yourself that to start off with because that could be a key place to start with this. But then also sit with yourself and say “Do these figures feel in alignment to me”, is it a ‘hell yes’ or is it a ‘hell no’? And when I get clients to sit with this and really tune into what they think they should be charging and what feels good to them, it’s always the right answer because what they were doing before was not attracting clients, was not attracting people to work with them because they weren’t in alignment with that figure, with their work as such. Whereas if when they become an energetic match with that figure and it’s true, honors themselves, and it’s true to them and it feels good, guess what, they are a money magnet because they’re feeling good; they instantly like “This feels good to share. I want to promote this. I want to share this.” So there can be a lot of outside noise with this, for sure, and it’s about bringing it back to yourself and saying “What feels good” because if it feels too much to you, you’re already repelling it because you’re telling the Universe “Oh, do I really want to charge that? Is that a bit too much? Are people going to pay that?” you’re already repelling it. So when it feels in alignment with you, it feels true and it feels good, guess what – you’re going to attract it and that’s just basic energy work, that’s basic law of attraction there. So, definitely honor yourself – that would be my best advice.

[52:45] Sahara
I love that so much and I really think it is two-sided. We, for some people the lesson is, you are worthy. For example, I was helping my mom find her Dharma and she was like “You know, maybe I’ll be a Life Coach, but I want to be a free Life Coach”, I was like “Well, no one’s going to take what you say and actually apply it to their life if you’re just the free Life Coach”. You’re just going to be a friend that they maybe talk to for an hour and never come back, they’re not going to value your time, they’re not going to actually take those things into account, and for her, she was like “But people need the money, I don’t want to take money from the people” and I’m like “Well, then can you offer some sort of free content or something or have an exchange, maybe they bring you flowers?” The monks in Thailand, the Sadhus in India, all of these different spiritual aesthetics, people are like “Oh, well, they don’t charge money”, well first of all, they were supported by the village who offers them food, shelter, everything it is that they need and also they tell people if you don’t have money, bring me flowers, bring me fruit, bring me some sort of offering, so there is an energetic exchange because they know that that person will take their advice so much more to heart if they’re also giving something back. So, it’s that realizing that your time, all of the hours you’ve spent cultivating that healing technique, skills, listening to Podcasts like this, are all together in that rate that you’re charging, it’s not just that hour of your time, it’s all of the education that you’ve done before that.
And I can go on a tie-raid about that side but the other side that I see is – often times in these money conversations people are like “Charge your worth, charge your worth” and then people are like “Okay, I’m worth $1000, $10.000”, we’re worthy of everything, we’re humans. As a human, you’re worthy of trillions of dollars, we can’t even put a price on your worth. So what I see happen is just people say “Oh well, these Coaches will tell them, if you’re worthy, you’ll charge this; If you think you’re worthy, you’ll charge that”. So they begin charging more and more and more thinking it’s a reflection of their worthiness, but pricing is also an economical decision. It is an exchange of currency and is it the best economical decision for yourself and for that person? Let’s say you’re worth $10 trillion, but should an hour of your time cost $500 when you would actually be quite happy doing that exact same thing, and it would still feel good for you, for $100 and you will be able to help more people and not also put them in this maybe scarcity-fear state of “Oh my God, I just spent $500 on this hour”. So, I feel like, with pricing, too, it’s so much more than just “I feel like I’m worth this, so I’m going to charge that” but it’s also “What are you giving and who do you want to impact?”
I’m someone who, my courses, everything I do is always on the lowest, lowest end of the spectrum, I feel good doing that because I would rather serve more people, does that make me less worthy? No. So, any tidbits you have on pricing?

[55:45] Emma
Absolutely! And I love everything you said there because it’s so true and I definitely resonate with that myself. When worth is thrown around in the industry, like you say, we’re worthy of everything in this universe, you can’t put a price on worthiness. But I always say, and the wonky question I say is “Would you pay your own prices” and this gets people because if you wouldn’t pay your own prices, there’s the issue. You need to feel in alignment with it, so ask yourself “Would you pay your own prices for your experiences, your knowledge and everything you’re doing?” and start off with that. And again, check in, does that figure feel in alignment? But again, it’s such a personal journey and I think it’s something all entrepreneurs and everybody who’s in business sits with – how much do I charge for my products; how much do I charge for my coaching; how much would I charge for this? And really, there’s no right or wrong decision. Of course, the entrepreneur wants to (like me and Sahara) be accessible, to help people, that’s what we’re here to do, to help people. So why would we not want to help people and help people in numbers as well? Of course!
But again, there will be some people who want to pull back a bit and actually work more on a one-to-one setting so actually quoting a more higher pricing allows them to have that more intimate setting. So again, it’s totally personal to the individual, of your working style, what you want to do, what feels good to you of course, but again, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. It’s what is best for you because when you’re in alignment with that figure, with that pricing, with whatever it is, you’re going to attract everything you know you’re worthy of. Whether that’s in hundreds of sales or tens of sales, you’re going to attract that because you truly, truly embody it and know you’re worth it as well.

[57:28] Sahara
Love this so much! So where can listeners read “Positively Wealthy”, listen to your podcast and connect with you more?

[57:36] Emma
Of course! I would love to have you guys come and join the conversations! So please come and tell me all your positively wealthy stories as well, I’d love to hear,
So you can find me on all social media platforms – @iamemmamumford and you can find my at my website emmamumford.co.uk and “Positively Wealthy” is out now, worldwide, you can get it from anywhere that sells books (Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.), so, yeah, in store, online, wherever sells books, you can find it.
And also, we’ve got a cute little journal now if you want to take. So, the “Positively Wealthy” focus is more on wealth of all kinds – so looking at manifestation and wealth in all areas of your life whereas the journal is more money mindset focus. So, if you want to improve your relationship with money and get good with money as well then the journal is a great little nifty journal to have this Christmas.

[58:26] Sahara
Love that so much! Well thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. I loved it, I’m sure listeners got so many good practical tips they can put into their life, and we’re so grateful for you.

[58:37] Emma
Thank you Sahara, it’s been so much fun, and thank you everyone for listening as well.

[58:41] Sahara
Yay! Thank you

[58:43] End of Interview

[58:44] Sahara
How good was that conversation with Emma! I love practical yet spiritual tips just grounding down that Earth with that cosmos. It is so important to have one foot in the 3D and another in the 5D. And I can keep making analogies about this forever! So be sure to check her out at Emma Mumford.
And if you are looking for that thing to help you get further in alignment with your truth, with your soul’s mission on this planet, your Dharma, then check out my new book “Discover Your Dharma”. You can head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma to get the book right there, I’ve got plenty of links and you can submit your receipt to receive my Discover Your Dharma Meditation, Embodiment Practice, Tapping and so much more.
You can also learn more about your Dharma Archetype with my free quiz at dharmarchetypequiz.com – all f those links are in the show notes.

I hope you have a beautiful day living your Dharma!

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.


Episode 349: Money Mindset vs. Manifestation with Emma Mumford
By Sahara Rose

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