Highest Self Podcast 343: Choosing Your Timeline For 2021 with Sahara Rose


If there is anything 2020 taught is, is that we each have the ability to choose our own timelines. In this episode, I discuss what a timeline is and how there are infinite we can choose from as trajectories our lives can take us. I share the difference between destiny and free will, and the intersection with dharma. I also ask you which timelines, beliefs and lessons you seek to take with you into 2020. Let’s dive in.

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Episode 343: Choosing Your Timeline For 2021 for Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

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I can’t believe today is the last day of 2020! It’s been a great 15 years y’all! What a year! I honestly have been just reflecting back on this year, I’m like “Y’all, what the fuck happened?! What happened?!” I just did a lot of TikTok this year! No, I’m kidding, but it’s been an amazing year!
And even though it’s been the most challenging, for myself, I can say it’s also been the best year of my life. And I don’t mean that I haven’t had any obstacles or struggles, I literally thought my whole family was going to die because they got the Coronavirus in March, and I thought that everyone who got Coronavirus would die (thanks to mainstream media). So that prompted me into a lot of deep healing around my family, thinking that I would genuinely never see them again, and doing deep family constellation’s work, and ancestral healing, and writing letters to them of all the things I wish I could have said in the way I wish our relationship was different, and literally thinking I was going to have to let go of these people, and they basically got a flu and are still fine, but that healing needed to happen.

So, it has been a challenging year; it has been an unpredictable year; it has been a year that I keep saying, my motto for this year is “You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather!” And that’s really what it has taught us more than anything. Do y’all remember how excited everyone was for 2020?

I remember I was giving this talk at Mind-Body Green in October of 2019, I was like “2020 is the year of the Visionary, we’re moving forward with the 2020 vision, what are you going to do? You’re going to catapult your way to your Dharma!” And the thing is, even though that feels like “Oh girl, no!” And of course, I didn’t know what was coming, but, that’s still true. It actually was the year that catapulted us towards our Dharma and not in the way we thought it would! And that’s what I really want to share in today’s Episode – how we can feel our purposes and feel where it’s directing us, but the Universe will give us the exact experiences we need to actually learn those lessons and embody them. And every person’s timeline is going to unique.

2020 has shown us that one global event such as the Coronavirus can feel so similarly to all of us. All of us experiencing those same shadow aspects, fear of survival, fear of death, feel a loss of freedom or sense of control, and manifest so differently for people based off of their mindset; based off of their perceived lens of this world.

So, something that I’ve been really diving into this year and talking about on the Podcast throughout this quarantine, which to me is still such a funny word – ‘quarantine’. Could you have imagined last year, I was “We’re in a quarantine” – What?! Isn’t that in the medieval days where they would not leave their dungeons for a while, but it’s like, we’re still, technically, in the quarantine. But I’ve been really sharing a lot about timelines. And timelines are basically trajectories of where your life can go.

How I see then are – different pathways that your Dharma, your soul’s purpose can take you. And as someone who is an expert on Dharma, on your soul’s purpose; has a new book coming out called “Discover Your Dharma”, I always see things as the lens through is just bringing me closer to my Dharma or further away from it, because the real reason why we are here is to live our purposes, everything else is great, and beautiful, and important, and to me comes secondary, to you living your soul’s purpose because true happiness can only come when you are in utmost alignment with your purpose. And that doesn’t mean you have to have a special career, or fame, or money, or any of those things, however, it does require you knowing that you are here for the reason you were meant to. And that could be living in a farm; that could be you having kids; that could be you creating a company or writing a book or staring a blog, but knowing that you are living and sharing your gifts on a daily basis – that is the purpose of this life.

Now, we are all born with a purpose, it was encoded inside of us, and I really share the process more in “Discover Your Dharma” and I’ve spoken about it before, so I won’t go super into that, but your purpose is within you, you know it. You were born knowing, but to incarnate on this planet you agreed to a temporary amnesia. So basically to forget everything it is that you are so you can go through the journey, go through the process of remembering again. And that journey prepares you for the actual embodiment of it, that’s at least how I see it and more through a Vedic lens.

Now, the timelines you take are essentially the different ways that you free will can manifest in relation to your destiny. So, let’s say your destiny, your purpose, is to live in relation to your Dharma. So maybe it’s for you to use your gifts as an Entertainer, or the Nurturer, the Warrior, and I have all of these Archetypes. I created these Nine Dharma Archetypes written for you in “Discover Your Dharma” and I have a quiz called the Dharma Archetype Quiz (dharmaarchetypequiz.com) to help you find yours.
So, you were encoded with that; that is a part of you. However, the different timelines you can take may bring you off that path or may take longer. So, let’s say we all are going on this cruise, and we’re going from California to Hawaii, so we have to go through the Pacific. Now, some of us may just take a straight line of “Here’s where I’m going and I’m not wasting any time. This is what I was meant to do here” and you’re just going to go for it. Now, there could still be waves and thunderstorms and things that can knock you off but you’re always going to be moving directly towards it. Now, that’s you totally knowing your Dharma, but most of us, we go on different pathways. Some of us may steer all the way up to the North Pole, only to turn around then and come back down; some of us may make it down to Australia and then come back; some of us may spiral a little bit, end up in a different area, maybe you end up in Fiji or something else, you’re a little too far and you have to go back. So, there’s so many directions our boat can take even though all of us, our Dharma, was in Hawaii, let’s say.

Now, these represent the different timelines that we could take. We can be direct, we can loop around, we can go somewhere totally else, maybe you needed the experience of going to the North Pole, you needed something from there, you needed to gain that strength, you needed to experience the cold; maybe you needed to go to Australia, have more of that culture in your life. So, it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing to have gone a different path, sometimes you needed to experience something totally different to prepare you, to give you the lessons, to give you the experiences that you needed so you can fully anchor into your Dharma.

Now, knowing that there are so many different timelines; so many different pathways, and that also, not all of them end up in the Hawaii, in the Dharma land. So of them actually – you may just end up in the North Pole and stay there and it’s not where you want to go and then you’re like “I thought this life was supposed to be Hawaii and it’s the North Pole.” And some of us end up just getting lost on sea and never finding the land again. And some of us end up going back to California where we started and just trying to hold on because it’s too scary to try to make it out to Hawaii.
So, again, not everyone is going to fully make that voyage. In fact, in our society, because of the dissension that has happened, the vibrational dissension, meaning people forgetting their magic, and their power, and their creatix abilities, the majority of people at this time are remaining exactly where they were or they spiral out a little bit, maybe they try something and then they fail that first time and think it’s not for them and they go back to where they were. So we’re living in a world that it’s normalized; it’s normalized to not make the voyage, it’s normalized to give up; it’s normalized to “play it safe”, even though there’s no real safety in doing that, it’s a perceived sense of safety. It’s just like what this year has taught us, it’s like you could try to do all the things but we’re never going to be totally safe from all the potential harms of this planet. A meteor could hit us at any time; we have to be realistic that being on this planet includes an element of risk. And this life, some of us look at this life of “How can I just avoid as much risk as possible?” And that perspective of looking at life is a perspective of survival.

Now, again, some peoples’ lifetimes are about survival. My parent’s (so many people) it was just about “How do I survive?” And if you’re listening to this Podcast, you’re at a point of your consciousness where you’re seeking more than that. In Maslow’s Hierarchy which was a famous cognitive psychologist, he looked at it as a hierarchy of once you have your basic needs met (your survival needs met) then you go for the luxuries, the things that you just want “I want a more comfortable bed. I want a bigger, newer laptop etc.” but then you realize those things don’t fulfill you either. And you can manifest all the abundance you want but if you’re living a life out of alignment with your purpose, none of it actually matters.
So then you start to ask the even bigger questions of “Why am I here? How can I truly make the best use of my time and be of service to humanity?” And that’s really what this lifetime is about. And again, not all of us get there, but if you’re listening to this – your soul’s ready for it.

So, these timelines can show us all the different pathways and all of the different voyages, and if you really think about an ocean, there aren’t lanes on the ocean, it’s not like “I’m either going in one of three directions, there are infinite!” And sometimes, when you think you are going straight in an ocean, you’re not realizing the riptide is actually pulling you in one direction. So, you may think, too, “I’m going straight for my Dharma” but it’s actually taking you somewhere else.

So, the only way for us to be stronger; to be more clear; to be more direct with what our purposes are, is to get on that boat, set our sail and trust that we are moving with the ocean, not to be at odds with it, not to try to dominate the ocean, but trust that the ocean’s also taking us where we need to go as well.

So, this year has really taught us that there are so many pathways, there are so many ways, but really, one quantum reality can look so different depending on the lens and the person.


So now that we really have this awareness of how 2020 has shown us that we could take a year of obstacles and turn it into the best years of our lives or we can remain in victimhood and continue to make it the worst day of our lives. Then we are faced with the decision of how we want to see the world in 2021. What lessons do we want to take from 2020? What big decisions have we made this year that are going to set us up on a different timeline?
And really, one decision could be all it takes for you to end up in a totally new trajectory of your life. One decision could be “I don’t feel comfortable in my home anymore, I don’t like it here” and that next decision can be “I’m going to search for other places to live”, and that next decision can be “I’m going to choose between Vermont or Canada”, and that next decision can be finding the place, and them moving there, and then being in a whole new frequency which is going to expose you to new ideas, new elements, new people, a new side of yourself, an entirely new timeline that you may not have experienced, or may have taken you much longer to get to.

So, this year has taught us that there are so many ways to get to where we are meant to go, and we can trust and move swiftly; we can move when the pole is gravitating us there or we can wait and resist and hold on, and then maybe end up making that decision anyways, but in a more painful way.
So, a really clear example of something like this is a break-up. We can all imagine that time that maybe you were in a relationship and you can feel like “Okay, this isn’t really right” or “I’m not sure this is the person for me” or “I feel like I’m falling out of love with this person” and you just don’t listen and it gets worse, and you don’t listen until it hits you. And it maybe hits you that you just blurt it out or maybe it hits you through a circumstance that you have no choice but to now turn away from such as a cheating experience. But you knew, yourself, that this was meant to happen and you had the nudge for it much earlier but you chose to take action when you did. Now, maybe it was exactly when it was meant to or maybe it could’ve been a little bit earlier, but that’s when you needed to get to because that’s what required you to take action.

So that’s an example of the timeline is, you were meant to break up, because maybe there’s someone better out there for you; maybe you’re meant to move; maybe just your karmic ties finished, but are you going to take the timeline of spending the next ten years together in agony, or five years, or one year, or right now? So, this shows our free will and I think that sometimes when we get into spirituality we just kind of throw up our hands and we think “Oh, if it’s meant to happen, it’s going to happen” but that’s why we are living Gods; we are living Gods and Goddesses because we have the power of creation within us. It’s not something that is guided from this external being out there who is maneuvering us – we are the Gods and the Goddesses. And you can also believe in an external God as well but I think every ancient religion including Kabala and ancient Christianity, Sufism, etc. they would all say the same thing – that you are a divinity in human form. So that means that you have the power to create the masterpiece of your life.


Now, every moment is an opportunity and an initiation. So, now with that mindset, how are you going to show up in 2021 differently? How are you going to navigate? What direction are you going to set your sail in? And what will be your signs to know and to maneuver?

I think it’s important for us because sometimes we can set a sail towards a direction and then that direction is not for us, and to also know if it starts to feel really, really painful, it’s okay for me to move too.

So, this year has been a year of showing us the possibilities, the opportunities, the perspectives, the multi-layeredness of all things; how one moment; one event can have millions upon millions of different experiences and layers around it and that truly you are the one who gets to decide.
You are the one who gets to choose is this obstacle going to give me an opportunity to make a decision that could’ve taken me much longer? Is this one that I’m going to fight through? Is this one that I’m going to follow? That requires your intuition.

So, I share this and this is kind of a more metaphysical Episode, but we’ve got to look at things from a higher bird’s-eye perspective because it’s only when we zoom out that we can get out of our own immediate stories and actually allow the larger realizations to come through us. These larger realizations being, again, those decisions that could’ve taken you much longer to make, but when you’re able to see the full timeline it becomes so clear.

So, again, do the practices that help you zoom out – maybe it’s meditation, it’s dance, it’s taking a walk, it’s doing your dishes, but continue doing them. And honor, trust those nudges, trust those downloads, trust those uncomfy feelings, and then feel into – Am I wanting to continue moving towards here because it’s expanding me or am I trying to prove something to myself that’s no longer in alignment with who I am? That right there is the difference, and that right there is the secret sauce to life.

So, I have plenty more of analogies on this in my book “Discover Your Dharma” so check it out. And this month we have our new Rose Gold Goddesses Circle coming up (for the month of January) which is all diving into the Goddess that we’ll be working with this month. Every single month we’re working with a new Goddess archetype energy, so this January – if you’ve been waiting to join Rose Gold Goddesses, this is the perfect time to join, we’re so excited to have new members to be able to connect in a deeper way and support each other in discovering our Dharmas and moving through this shift.
We also have a group in there to create your own Dharma support pods. So these are essentially little pods, like masterminds of you and four people where you can meet every two weeks on a Zoom call and really hold space for each other (15 minutes each person), talking about your Dharma, what’s showing up for you, what lessons you’ve learned, what things you’ve tried, what feedback you’ve gotten, and just to really support each other with three other soul sisters who are also in alignment with their Dharmas.
So, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com to get more info on that, we’re so excited to meet you in there.

Thank you so much for incarnating on this planet with me at this time, I am soul grateful for you and I hope you enjoy the book! Bye!


Episode 343: Choosing Your Timeline For 2021 for Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

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