Highest Self Podcast 344: Honoring Your Sacred Doing with Sahara Rose


We were born with this innate desire to create for a reason. It is part of our sacred doing, a concept I coin in my book Discover Your Dharma where your being and doing merge in alignment with your dharma. In this episode, I discuss why it’s so natural to want to explore your curiosities, share your gifts and embody your purpose and that there is nothing “unspiritual” about doing when it is in alignment your truth. Tap in.

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Episode 344: Honoring Your Sacred Doing
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

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And before we get started I have an announcement for you.

So, on my own spiritual journey I realized that I wasn’t resonating with more information. Always felt there was another book, another thing to do, another way to become, and I was really yearning for a form of spirituality that invited my whole self, my femininity, my creativity, my desire to be in my physical body, in my pleasure, in my joy, in my heart, in my womb, in my dance. For me, spirituality is not about leaving the body, but really about being so immersed in it that you become one with it.
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The path of the Goddess is not to detach yourself from the world enough that you can handle being in it, but rather creating the world you desire to be a part of – and that is what we are doing this month in Rose Gold Goddesses.
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[02:14] Sahara:
I am beyond excited that tomorrow my new book “Discover Your Dharma” is finally being released. This book was almost two years in the works. It is my most important work and it is all about the question that I would always get from people, which is “How are you making Ayurveda your Purpose? How are you creating this life for yourself, modernizing ancient wisdom and sharing your gifts, sharing your voice, communicating and living a life that feels so authentic to you?” And I realized that, deeply in our core, all of us want this for ourselves. We want to wake up each day feeling excited. We know that there is something out there for us (or multiple things) that can allow us to feel inspired and that life was not meant to be lived as a sacrifice or something to plough through and then one day regret that you never got to live your fullest extent.

[03:16] Sahara:
But, a lot of us are having some difficulties of understanding first of all, who we are and then how that can translate. And in this book “Discover Your Dharma” I really share how your Dharma is when your inner and your outer you merge together as one.

[03:35] Sahara:
So, when we’re going deeply into our spiritual journey, we realize so much about ourselves. We realize we are not our minds, we are not our bodies, we are not our thoughts, our beliefs, even our families, we’re not any of these things, but rather, we are a soul having a human experience.
And it’s very important for us to realize this; to distinguish ourselves from our personality, from our likes, from any of these things which arise from our ego. Our ego being our identification – I’m Sahara, you’re Megan, he’s Deepak, etc.

[04:09] Sahara:
So, what happens when we realize that we are something so much more than that is we start to see that life is so much more than we’ve been told; so much more than it seems. And it can really feel like the veils have been lifted, that feeling that “Wow! There is so much I didn’t know and I’ve been experiencing a glimpse of what is possible for me, what exists inside of me”. And with this realization, instead of trying to improve yourself or make yourself better, your focus shifts from really wanting to get to know yourself. Who am I? Why am I here?
And these questions are so natural to us; in fact, they are the longest standing questions, since the beginning of times. In every civilization we’ve been asking why are we here?

[05:05] Sahara:
And while I don’t know the purpose of all life, I can agree that finding the purpose of your life is one of the most powerful things that you can do. It gives you depth, it gives you meaning, it gives you confidence, courage and it heals you more than anything else ever can. More than, really any type of work that we can do, embodying our soul’s purpose is our life’s greatest work. Moving past those limiting beliefs, those roadblocks, the conditioning, the ancestral lineage stuff, there’s so much that really can hold us back. These constructs that are created for us from society, from the outside world that we have now held onto and believe are ours. And it’s very natural to, in this stage, want to break free from them and know what else is out there for me and also feel so overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.

[06:13] Sahara:
Now, one thing that I’ve noticed is that, often when we go into the spiritual journeys we realize that we are a soul having a human experience, there’s so much more, then we may stop right there, stop with that knowing and just revert back to normal life. And the thing is, once you find out you’re a jaguar, it’s very hard to stay in a cage. And what that means is, when you realize that your gifts, that your interests, that your excitements, your curiosities, your skills, those superpowers that you were born with are inside of you for a reason, it’s not going to make sense for you to not operate from that; it’s not going to make sense for you to be like “Oh, yeah, I’m a limitless soul in a human experience who has all of these great desires and passions but I’m going to totally ignore them”. In fact, it’s going to feel suffocating for you to do that.

[07:12] Sahara:
So, I see a lot of people say “Oh, well, the purpose of life is just to be or it’s just to be happy” and while it is, of course, very important to be and be in this moment, I wouldn’t say that that is the whole purpose of our lives, because the thing is – ask anyone who is living their Dharma, living their purpose, living a life that is inspiring to them, that is aligned with their gifts, that they enjoy living – ask any of them “Did you prefer your life before or your life after living your Dharma? What would you say was the more full experience?”
And I guarantee you everyone would say “Living my Dharma!”

[07:57] Sahara:
So, I think it’s much easier for us to think “Oh, I’m just here to be” and then negate this deeper desire within us to want to utilize these gifts, to allow our outer reality to reflect our inner one. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

[08:17] Sahara:
You know, one thing I really share in the book is that it’s not about choosing between doing or being, I see this battle happening. All these people “We’re human beings not human doings, so stop focusing on doing” or “It’s not about the doing, let go of the doing, drop the doing, I’m here to just be” and I think that that’s a really important stage to be in and it’s also a really important place to continue to go back to on a daily basis with your meditation practice, with travel retreats, etc. But, we weren’t born with these desires, this creativity, this ability to literally make magic – these formidable thumbs to create things with our hands; these minds that can come up with science and the stars, and medicine, and the plants. We wouldn’t have been gifted these things if we weren’t meant to use them.
It’s like we were given this beautiful tapestry and all of these colors of threads but we’re not supposed to weave a carpet with them, that just doesn’t make sense! The thing that we want to do – I mean, look at a child, they want to play house and weave a basket and paint something and plant, they’re always wanting to express. And it only becomes later in life that we label this as a ‘doing’ and then this ‘doing’ is bad or it means that you’re a sheeple or something. But it’s really expressing, it’s creativity! Creativity is your birthright, it is your norm.

[09:53] Sahara:
Every person on this Podcast I ask “What makes you your highest self?” And for me it is my creativity. That desire within each and every one of us to make things. And those making things can be making a conversation or making love, or making technology, or books, or anything else, but it’s to create something out of nothing, to make the world a better place, to bring about healing, to bring about love, to raise the vibration of humanity through our channels. That is why we are here!
And life becomes so much more fun, in my opinion, when you stop fighting against that desire.

[10:38] Sahara:
I used to label myself of like “What’s wrong with me? I keep wanting to do things” because I was living in India and Bali at the time and everyone was very focused on their being at that stage of their journeys and I was really wanting to write this book. So they would call me “Cerebral Sahara” and I’m not Zen enough etc., but it was just this urge in me that was pouring out of me that just wanted to write.
So, maybe for you, it’s wanting to research something or wanting to create a specific type of content or study, or whatever else it is, but honor that, that is your sacred doing.

[11:18] Sahara:
So, your sacred doing, and this is a concept that I’ve coined in my book “Discover Your Dharma” that essentially is where ‘doing’ and ‘being’ merge.
So, your ‘doing’ are things that you are naturally desiring to express through you and your ‘being’ are those moments that you feel in complete presence. And these two moments don’t have to be separate; in fact your sacred doing is when they merge; when the dancer and the dance become one; when the singer and the song become one; when the writer and the words become one – that is your sacred doing. It’s that feeling of flow, a feeling so immersed in what you are doing that there is no mind present and you are in a channeled state.
And this can happen to you while doing math problems or drawing architecture or channeling healing, or whatever else. And we don’t even have to use the word channeling if that’s not what resonates with you, but really it’s a no-mind experience but you are creating through something greater than you; you are expressing what is moving through you from Source.
And each and every one of us has the capability of doing so. In fact, that is our norm of creation. Creation is meant to feel effortless, with ease, it’s meant to ooze out of your being. In fact, that’s the only way that it can be sustainable. And it will always be your highest work.

[13:00] Sahara:
So, I think that so many of us equated doing things that we don’t want to do, like working this job that we don’t like or showing up for this thing, or doing things that don’t utilize our gifts, our skills – Hello! The school system! 7am, now you’re going to study History; now 8am you’re doing Algebra; now 9am you’re doing Chemistry; and now 10am you’re doing Physics – it’s like “What!? My mind is not ready to do those things and maybe I don’t want to do any of them!”
So, we’re equated doing with doing things we don’t want to do which is why when someone tells us “Oh, all doing is bad, we’re human beings not doings” I’m like “Yeah, fuck yeah, that makes sense!”
But it’s because most of us have not yet touched or don’t remember touching but we have, maybe as children, those feelings of ease, when the doing was pouring out of us, maybe you were painting water colors or playing the guitar or deep in a philosophical conversation – those moments, no one’s forcing you to be there, it’s purely out of desire. And that is your sacred doing.

[14:11] Sahara:
So, in your sacred doing you are in your highest form of being because there is no force, there is no efforting in this. When you are meditating and you’re “Okay, it’s time for my meditation, I’m going to sit down, set my alarm 20 minutes. Okay, focus on the mantra; focus on the mantra; oh shit, I need to text that person back, oh no, back to the mantra, back to the mantra; oh shit, I forgot to send that email; okay, back to the mantra, back to the mantra; oh, how much longer do I have; oh my foot itches; oh, my this; oh my that!” Does that feel sacred to you? For real, let’s just call it out – does that feel sacred to you?


[14:46] Sahara:
So, yes, sometimes we do definitely need to, especially at the beginning when we’ve never focused on anything, we need to train ourselves to focus, but the highest form of meditation is when it is effortless.

[15:04] Sahara:
I was reading this really interesting conversation that took place around 1969 between Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the founder of Transcendental Meditation) and Osho Rajnish, who is a famous spiritual teacher as well, and this conversation was Osho looking at TM (transcendental meditation) which I’ve done the training in and I think it’s a really beautiful technique that really works well with a lot of people that is focused on repeating a specific mantra for a period of time, 20 minutes, until you get into a transcendental state (if that happens for you). And what Osho kept telling them was “If you need a technique, that’s not meditation” because meditation is just to be; it is effortless; it is not something you have to force; it’s not something you have to study or figure out or try to be, it’s just you being. And this conversation, they’re really going back and forth with this debate and the followers of Maharishi Mahesh were saying that “Well, if I don’t have my technique, I’m not able to get there, I need the technique, I need a practice. And if you don’t recommend this one, what do you recommend?” And Osho kept saying “None, because any sort of technique that I recommend to you would be rooted in ignorance because it would be negating the fact that all you have to do is be”.

[16:35] Sahara:
Now, I share this because while it’s really hard for anyone to just sit down and be, it is possible. And it actually does naturally happen to us when we are in alignment with our Dharmas. Whatever that thing is for you that you’re not forcing yourself, in fact, time passes and you’re like “Where did that hour just go?” That is you in your being.
And yes, there is a difference between the training that you are giving your mind that you are literally in a meditative state of doing nothing, of absence, of the void, and that’s an important state to practice as well. However, one that we just overlook right now and that I’m trying to bring the conversation towards is – it doesn’t have to be “Live my life unconsciously; do my meditation and then go back to living my life unconsciously”. What if we created a life that was a meditation? A life that we are constantly immersed in our being? There is no force, there is no efforting, it is a pure desire to show up, and give, and serve. Because that is the world I believe is possible for all of us.

[17:54] Sahara:
In fact, when I’m doing this Podcast and I always share with you guys, I feel in this state, in this transcendental state that I just hop on the mic, I don’t even know what I’m going to say and the words are pouring out of me, they’re coming straight from my heart, from Source, and it is the highest form of meditative practice and I walk away feeling so recharged, more than any mantra that I could say, because I’m being in alignment with my gifts. And that may happen to you when you are making candles or when you are helping people deal with specific issues in their lives, etc. it is almost surprising to you how joyful you feel and how deep this desire to serve in this way is.
And if you don’t know what that thing is for you, don’t worry about it, it’s a process. And I share so much more about it; it’s a remembering more than anything; it’s an unraveling; it’s a deconditioning; letting go of everything that you are not so you can finally remember the truth of who you are. But just know that your Dharma is already inside of you and that each of us has various modalities and mediums in which we can serve and we can show up and honor our sacred doing.

[19:14] Sahara:
You know, for me, dance. Dance is such a powerful medium for me that I feel so in my body, in my experience, in my movement, in my expression. And while it’s not what I do for my work, I write and I speak, but dance brings me into my sacred doing space that then fuels everything else that I do. So, don’t feel like your sacred doing necessarily has to be the thing that you do for your living, it can be actually different things, but have something that you are able to be in that sacred doing state.
And while you are finding it, it’s all about trying different things. You’re going to try things and see “This brings this out for me” or “That quality out”. For example, I started to weave macramé because I wanted to use my hands more. Going back to the days that we would weave our own baskets and stuff, I’m really wanting to use my hands. So that really brings me into this really Nurturer quality of myself, this Kapha Dosha, this Earth energy. But then my belly dance brings me much more into my Pitta energy, into my fire, and then speaking like this brings me into my Vata, so we can have different ways that our sacred doing shows up. It’s not just one but it’s about honoring when you feel that flow, when you feel that momentum propelling you forward, when it feels effortless, when it feels easy, when it feels joyful, fruitful, abundant, lush – that is your sacred doing.

[20:51] Sahara:
So, I share more about this concept in my book. And I have a process called ‘The Dharma Blueprint’ which it actually breaks it down step-by-step if you’re like “I’m really not sure what it is. I feel like I need more guidance on pinning it out. I feel like I have different things but I’m not sure”. I have so many processes and frameworks available for you in my book “Discover Your Dharma” which is now available in bookstores nationwide (pinching myself). Wow, wow, wow, what a journey!
So, you can head over to my website iamsahararose.com/dharma. Over there you can submit your receipt and I have amazing bonuses for you – Free bonuses just for ordering the book. My Discover Your Dharma Meditation, my Tapping Practice which is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and my Dharma Embodiment Practice where I’m actually dancing with you to reach your Dharma. So you just head over to my website, the link is in the show notes – iamsahararose.com/dharma, submit your receipt there and get those bonuses.
And also, if you have not yet, take my Dharma Archetype Quiz to learn more about your purpose through my Nine Dharma Archetypes. So, are you the Teacher, the Nurturer, the Warrior, the Researcher, the Entertainer, the Activist, the Visionary, which are you? You can find out at dharmaarchetypequiz.com again, that link is also in the show notes (dharmaarchetypequiz.com) and I’m so excited to see your results.

[22:21] Sahara:
So, I am sending you the highest vibes for this 2021! Let this be the year that we truly embody and anchor into our Soul’s Purpose, our fullest expression and the big reason why we are here – our Dharmas. Soul grateful for you!


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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 344: Honoring Your Sacred Doing
By Sahara Rose

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