Highest Self Podcast 338: Can You Have Multiple Purposes? with Sahara Rose

I answer of one the biggest questions I get (and had) around purpose– can you have multiple purposes ?! I break them down into the three Ayurvedic Doshas (energy types) and how your dharma is different from your career but rather your soul’s expression. Dive in in this episode!


Back with you this week reading another excerpt from my book Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, out Jan 5th!.

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Episode 338: Can You Have Multiple Purposes?
By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.


I am so excited that my upcoming book “Discover Your Dharma” is coming out in just a couple weeks, on January 5th. And every week, for the past couple weeks, I have been reading an excerpt of my book for you, right here on the Podcast.


So, “Discover Your Dharma” is a Vedic Guide to finding your various Purposes. Your Dharma is your soul’s mission; it is the reason why your soul chose to incarnate on this Planet for a reason. Essentially, it’s the big reason why you’re here, it is your soul’s expression, it is you at our fullest frequency, it is you sharing your gifts, using your talents and allowing your obstacles to inform and guide you, giving you the exact experiences that you needed to embody your Dharma.
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And now, I wanted to read this passage from the book because it’s one of the questions that I get a lot and probably the biggest question I had, and that’s ‘Can You Have Multiple Purposes?’


So, before I get into the reading of it, let me just share a brief background of my experience with this question.
So, I have always been someone who is multi-passionate. I am someone who gets bored doing the same thing over and over again, and I have so many ways that Source likes to express Herself through me – from writing, to speaking, to dancing, to making art. And it was hard for me to figure out what my Dharma was because I had all these different things I wanted to do, and often times these things coincided with each other. I was like “It would be so amazing to have an organic, home-made, edible skin care line” and “I want to go to Ecuador and study Shamanism” and “I had this clothing line called ‘Saraswati Couture’ which was made out of recycled sari material helping victims of sex-trafficking” and “I wanted to write my Ayurveda book” and “I wanted to share on social media and build a You Tube” and all of these different things, and I was like “How am I going to be able to do this all?” So I would kind of be kicking myself of “I must not have a Purpose because I keep changing my mind. I must be really confused. I must not know what I want” and it was really hard for me to know what to take action on because I was so afraid of choosing the wrong thing and then ending up living a life that wasn’t even intended for me. So, then I would kind of go around in circles rather than really, firmly taking action towards one thing because I was confused whether that thing was for me or not.
So this passage, if you are feeling that, is for you! Now let’s get into it.

[4:26] Passage

This is on page 70 of “Discover Your Dharma” – Can You Have Multiple Purposes?

We all have multiple purposes and roles we play in our lives. For some of us that manifests in different careers, and for others, it’s different hobbies. There are people like Picasso who dedicate their life to their art, and people who shape-shift through different lifetimes over the course of this one. Some find their Purposes earlier in life like Greta Thunberg working to save the Environment at 15, and others find it later, like Julia Child, who wrote her first cook book at 50. There is no one path greater than any other.
Those with more Vata Air Energy – so, Vata is the Air Dosha, we talk a lot about it in this book, and I relate the Doshas (the Ayurvedic Energy Types) to your Dharma, to your Purposes.

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So, those with more Vata Air Energy prefer to have multiple projects going on at the same time. They feel restricted by doing only one thing day in and day out, and find their energy works best when they can express different sides of themselves. These are people who body-workers/comedians/psychics/hairstylists all at the same time (I call them slashies). It’s just how their energy works, and they do best when they aren’t tied to one career. However, their Dharma is the eternal strand that connects it all.
So, diving into this a little bit more, of the cuff, if you are someone who is really Vata, you might find yourself playing different roles and think they’re disconnected, but they actually really are connected. For example, you may be an Interior Designer and love to graphic design, and love to do flowers, and love to organize events, but really you’re creating beauty on this world. The Dharma is the same, but the expressions of it are different. Or you may be a serial Entrepreneur, and different obstacles you’ve experienced in your life are different solutions that you’re creating. Or you may be a Coach, but you also really love doing energy healing with people and maybe you’re also studying to be a Therapist. So, they are all related to the same Dharma, the same essence, but people who are more Vata, it might feel a bit more separated, it might feel less like “Okay, a Coach, a Therapist, I could see how it’s connected” whereas the Vata, it might be like an Actress by day and a music Teacher by night, and it could feel very disconnected but that’s just how Source streams through them. And they are the type of people who will have many, many different projects that they work on throughout the course of their lives, but what they bring to the table, their essence, their uniqueness, their vibration, is what the Dharma is all about.


So for example, I definitely have a lot of Vata in me, so you’ll find me on my Podcast, writing books, on social media, giving talks, leading my Rose Gold Goddesses Circles, DJ-ing, dancing, teaching those things, and it’s all related to my Dharma of raising consciousness and merging ancient and modern wisdom, and making the spiritual journey fun, and those are the different ways I can express it. So, that’s the Vata Archetype.


Now those with more Pitta, a more Fire Energy, are more ‘all or nothing’ with their Dharmas. So, they find something that they love and go all in. They live and breathe their Dharmas, working around the clock often, and daydreaming ways to build at all hours of the day. It’s really an extension of who they are.
So, they are the type of people who, they may be wondering what’s the best thing to focus on, and as soon as they find it, they go all in.
So for me, shifting into that energy, was what allowed me to step into the truth of who I was, deciding if I only had one year left, what would I do? “Okay, I would want to write my Ayurveda book, that’s the one thing I would want to do” and then I would, completely, all in, on that vision, writing at all hours of the day, all I would think about is just this book. And I put in all this Pitta energy to it, which I really hadn’t experienced beforehand, and that gave me the strength and the execution I needed to take my Dharma off the ground.
So, some people are more naturally like that. They find something that they love to do and it becomes their obsession. Whereas for other people, it may take a little bit of work to really get yourself to not get distracted by all the things, and follow through with that thing long enough to see it life of the ground.

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And I always talk about the Doshas in relation to your Dharmas as the stages. So the Vata is the Creation, it’s the Ideation, it’s the Big Picture, It’s the Brainstorming. But from that stage you’ve got bring it to the Pitta – and that’s the execution, that’s the ‘get shit done’, that’s the ‘handle things like a boss’, that is the ‘doing’ of it.
So, often times people say “I’m confused about my Purposes” I say “What have you taken action on?” they say “Nothing!” Well, it’s very easy for you to suddenly have another idea when you don’t have any stake in the game. The only way for you to not find another better idea is to have enough stake in the game, meaning you’ve put enough work, you’ve gotten something off the ground, you have clients or customers waiting for you that you’re not just like “You know what, I’m just going to do something totally different!” That decision is going to be a lot firmer because you’ve put in a great deal of time and effort into what it is that you’re doing.


So for me, when I was in my Vata stage of “I want to do the skin care line, I want to do the clothing line, I want to be a Shaman, I want to do all these different things” and then deciding that one thing will be my Ayurveda book – well once I wrote that Ayurveda book, those other things slipped away, I didn’t even want to do them anymore because I had so much stake in the game, I had lives I was reaching, I was in my flow, I could feel the momentum, I could feel the energy.
So, if you are very Vata, step into the Pitta, choose one thing and really take action on it. And if you’re very Pitta, you find something and you just take action, action, action, you may not even be asking yourself “Is this for me?” Because you shift a lot from the course from having an idea to taking action on it, you fundamentally shift as a person through that stage. So a lot of times we start businesses, or projects, or careers, and we’re one person and through the process of doing it, we shift, we grow, we elevate, we expand, we have new awareness, and that same thing that you may have really wanted at one point in time, that you may have really worked hard on, may no longer be in alignment with who you are today. And often times we still hold onto that thing and we say “I worked so hard on this, I can’t let this thing go, this was my dream. People want this, it’s working.” Even though you have shifted in the process, you’re not the same person that brought it to life as you were when it started.
So that takes you stepping into the nest stage which is the Kapha, the Earth.


So, those with a lot of Earth Energy often find their Dharmas through their relationships, through love. They might realize that their Dharma is in parenting, friendships, partnerships, and their Dharma isn’t so much tied to one goal but rather the way they connect with the world around them. So, it can feel very difficult, especially for Kaphas, to pinpoint what their Dharma is, because they aren’t as explorative as the Vatas (“I’m thinking of this, I’m thinking of that”) and they’re not as determined as the Pittas, but they truly feel alive when they’re relating to others. And this actually is what leads them to find their Purposes.
So, for example, someone who’s very Kapha may feel like “I know I feel most alive when I’m deep in conversation with someone; when I am just so entwined and so engrossed, and I’m listening and I’m hearing them break down these blocks that they’ve had; or when I’m with my kids and really connecting with them and helping them see the world in this way” and they really find this feeling of Purpose in doing so, and they might say “Well, that’s not enough! I can’t just be a mom! I can’t just bring up kids or I can’t just be a Coach, other Coaches are doing these other things, I must be getting it wrong!” But actually people who are more Kapha, that it’s not ‘just’ that’s enough, that’s enough – being a mom is such a beautiful, great role, you are raising the next generation; being a Coach, you’re helping people go through the shifts; being a Therapist; being a Social Worker; being a Nurse – these are all very, very important roles where you are there, you are caring, you are connecting, you are holding space, you are listening, and the world deeply, deeply needs that.
So, often times they compare themselves to the other Doshas and say “I must not be doing enough” when they are doing everything it is that they need to do.

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Now, looking at Kapha as a stage of our Dharma, as a stage of our Purpose, that Kapha stage is the reevaluation, it’s the rest, it’s the sacred pause, it’s the space between the inhale and the exhale.
And often in society, we so fear that, we so fear the pause, we so fear falling behind, but it’s only in that pause that we can see things from a higher perspective.


So, like I mentioned, sometimes when you’re in that Pitta phase, you’re so in the ‘doing’, you’re in the hamster wheel of doing that you don’t know how you could get off. But when you take a walk or take a vacation, or go camping, or wash the dishes, or just do something, something that’s not directly related to your work, you’re able to take a breath and see things for what they really are, not how you want them to be. So this is when our best ideas come through and our revelations, and also our honest moments of “This isn’t working anymore” but we’re not able to find that if we don’t allow space for it.
So, this Kapha period is when we take that sacred pause and we step away from that thing it is that we’re doing, even if it’s working, and we let ourselves breathe and see who we are right now, and how we can naturally, without force, naturally, step into our Dharmas in a more aligned way.


So, people who are very Kapha, this is easy for them, to step away, to realize that they’re not their Purpose, realize that their worth isn’t determined by their productivity, but for others, especially for the Pittas, this can be a lot harder, this might be something you really need to work on and schedule and you might be a chronic over-worker. So this is where your gold’s at, this is actually where your Dharma will come through, it’s not going to come through from doing the exact same thing that you are doing, it’s from that stepping away.


So, the other thing I want to add about multiple purposes and the Kapha is, often times people tell me “I don’t know, I think my Purpose is just to be a mom. I can’t think of anything else that it is, I’m just a mom!” So, I want to invite you, first, if you are thinking it’s just, just a mom, then you aren’t thinking very highly of the role. So it’s either that 1) you are seeing that it’s not being as celebrated as other roles in society, so you have taken on that belief that motherhood is not cherished, it’s not important, it’s a thankless job; or there is something else greater out there for you.
A lot of women, especially in my mother’s generation (the Baby Boomer generation) didn’t have much of a choice; they didn’t have many options out there for them. So they became mothers not because there was this deep desire to step into motherhood, but because that’s just what you did. So a lot of them might think “Oh, I’m just a mom” but it’s actually because there is something deeper there that has been waiting to be explored.
So if you’re feeling that, you’re feeling like “Maybe my experience so far has been motherhood and I know that it has prepared me and given me experience and insight, and compassion, and empathy that I wouldn’t have had from any other experience besides motherhood, and it’s prepared me for what comes next”, and that can be directly related to something that you’ve learned through motherhood, in motherhood, maybe you created a baby formula that the world really needs or pre-schools, or maybe it’s just to help you have more compassion and strength for whatever it is that you do choose to do.
But I needed to say that because I know this is such a huge block for so many women especially in the Baby Boomer generation, and never feel like it’s too late, it’s never too late for you to find out your multiple Purposes, as long as you are alive your Purpose is there. And for so many people, they may begin these explorations in the second half of their life, and that’s perfect, and that’s actually related to their Dharma too.


So, in conclusion, we all have multiple purposes. We have purposes in the roles we play; we have purposes in the way that we show up, but our unique expression of how we show up in all these experiences is what our Dharma is.
Our Dharma is not confined to one role, it’s who you become from that role and how that shines out towards everything else it is that you do.
Your Dharma can’t be labeled, it can’t be contained, it can’t be put into a box. Your Dharma is so much larger than what can even be put into words; it’s in the energy in which you give out.


So, instead of focusing on trying to label all of the things that you can do – focus on who you know you can become. Because when you focus on who you can become, the most embodied and expressed version of you, then your Dharma is just naturally going to unfold as a result, there is no more trying, there is no more striving, there is no more second guessing, it’s just who you are and how you show up.


So, we all have multiple purposes and our Dharma is going to be the umbrella, be the red thread that connects all of them.


So, I hope this was helpful for you. I have so much more on this and I really tackle all of the questions I know I had in my own journey of discovering my Dharma, from (oh my goodness) feeling very confused, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I wasn’t enough, not knowing where to start, seeing other people do other things, not knowing what my truth was, not knowing how to take action, and through interviewing and polling so many people, thousands of people, I found that all of us have those exact same fears and limiting beliefs. And I really go through each and every one of them, and how to reframe them. And then also, my step-by-step process called “The Dharma Blueprint Process” to help you figure out what it is that you can take action on right now. Because Dharma can be such a huge, huge role, it’s the Purpose of your life, it doesn’t get bigger than that question (it’s just the meaning of my life).
So, sometimes we avoid asking that question because it feels so big to sit into that void of not knowing.
So, you’re never going to be able to express your Dharma into words, but you can create a life that you’re living in alignment with it, with every action it is that you do. And that’s something I help you find in my Dharma Blueprint Practice which is in Chapter Seven of the book. And my Dharma Archetype Quiz; The Five Stages of Dharma Discovery, so many frameworks and resources that I’ve created for you guys that are a part of this book. It really is my life’s work so far and a book that I deeply wish I had on my own journey.
So, I’m super-excited to share it with you and so grateful for your pre-orders and your support.
So again, you can get that over at iamsahararose.com/dharma. If you’re listening to this after January 5th, you can also submit your receipt there and I’ll also have different bonuses available for you guys from my Dharma Tapping Technique, Dharma Meditation, and so much more.


So, I am so grateful for you to listen, for you to be asking the big questions and for you to be really stepping into your big ‘Why’ in this lifetime. The world needs more people like you.


Thank you so much for listening. Namaste.

Episode 338: Can You Have Multiple Purposes?
By Sahara Rose



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