Highest Self Podcast 337: Greatest Lessons of 2020 with Cassandra Bodzak


This year has been one of great lessons, realizations and shifts. In this conversation, I sit with one of my besties Cassandra to talk about our biggest lessons of this year, how the ups-and-downs shaped us, the decisions we’ve made and the realizations we’ve had that are making us approach life differently. This is a deep dive convo between two girlfriends so you get to be a fly on the wall, going in! I know this year has been a lot for all of us and this episode will help you see how you really aren’t alone in this experience and how many of us have learned the same soul lessons.

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Episode 337: Greatest Lessons of 2020 with Cassandra Bodzak
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I love doing Episodes with my best girlfriends, to just talk about all of the things. I’ve done a couple of these on the Podcasts and you guys have given such a tremendous response to feeling like you get to be a fly on the wall on two girls’ real conversation of going through 2020. I did one with my friend Rosie Acosta earlier this year about the social dilemma and censorship, and all of the conversations around that. I did one with Cassandra as well last year about lessons from my wedding and what we often experience in the weddings, the ups and the downs etc. And today, you will be part of our conversation, all about the greatest lessons of 2020.

So, this year has definitely been a tremendous one. One of a great deal of lessons, and opportunities and insights, and that’s what we jam out about on this conversation. So it’s not an interview as much as it really is a dialogue of both of us. We both are authors, spiritual teachers and two girls just going through the many, many, many ups and downs of this year. And throughout the course of this year we were always just voice zoning each other back and forth and having these discussions. And we wanted to hop on air to be able to talk about what we’ve really gained from all of the experiences of 2020 so far, and that is this Episode.

So, if you don’t know Cassandra Bodzak yet, she’s one of my besties and she’s amazing, amazing, her archetype is very Kapha and Nurturer; she’s a Healer and she’s here to help you divinely design your life. She’s an author of “Eat With Intention” and just such a beautiful soul.
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Cassandra Bodzak to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[4:08] Cassandra:
So, welcome, welcome everyone! I am here with my bestie Sahara Rose. I’m Cassandra Bodzak, for those of you who are not listening to this divine downloads.

[4:19] Sahara:
I am Sahara Rose, I’m the host of The Highest Self Podcast, and we are so excited to dive in today’s – not an Episode, not an interview – but really, just a conversation between two girls who are trying to really understand what’s happening in 2020 on a spiritual level, who are on our own on spiritual growth journeys, who are spiritual teachers, and knowing how many people this year need the support and need someone that they can talk to about all of the different avenues that are happening simultaneously. So this Episode is really a conversation that you are our third bestie! Welcome to the crew and on the spiritual lessons of 2020.

[5:02] Cassandra:
Absolutely, yeah! We did a Podcast, actually, on Divine Downloads, earlier at the start of 2020 as we were going into it, kind of chatting, just about the same things that me and Sahara voice note each other back and forth during the day, and I had such a tremendous reaction towards it. So many people emailed me and DM-ed me and said how much they loved just listening in on the two of us talking about it and feeling like they were part of that conversation. I’m kind of getting to be like a little fly on the wall for our conversation, and as the year is coming to a close, and I think a big thing that so many of us, especially in the conscious spiritual community will be doing, more than ever this year, we’ll be reflecting on the lessons that we learned, and how much growth, and how much evolution, and all the things that changed in 2020. So, me and Sahara thought it would be fun to just hit recording and do a Podcast (double feature) to talk about – for personally or us, were the big lessons walking away from 2020. So you want to hit it off first Sahara? What’s one of the lessons that you feel like you’ve learned this year?

[6:14] Sahara:
Yeah, I think the biggest lesson, and this is just the most obvious one, but it’s one that really can’t be repeated enough is: you can play in a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather. Bringing it back to Outcast “True words have not been spoken.”
I remember before this year, I was speaking at this Mind-Body Green event in New York, in October and I was like “2020 Is going to be the year, 2020 vision” and everyone was like “Yeah!” Everyone was so excited about this year I had never seen such excitement for a year in the history of my life, and we lived through Y2K, it was a 2020, everyone was like “Shit’s going to pop off!” And it’s kind of funny to look back at it because it’s like “Oh you humans!” Sometimes I look back at even a picture of me a year ago and I’m like “You don’t know what’s about to go down” and not that this year, by the way I will talk about – This has been the best year of my life despite everything happening; it has still been the best year of my life and it has totally, totally different than any type of year that anyone of us could have planned for.
So I think the biggest lesson overall for the collective is you can try to plan, you can try to control, you can try to put your Q and to Q four goals down, and life is going to happen, and really, your power, your control comes into how you respond to what’s happening to the world around you, that is the only thing that you can really control.

[7:43] Cassandra:
Absolutely! That’s like the quote “We made plans and got laughs.” I think that was one of the ones I wrote down as one of my biggest lessons too, like, I think uncertainty has always existed, it’s always been a part of life in the existence, but this year we really tasted it really palpably and it became really real for us and the kind of funny thing they say, I choose to laugh about it, is that it’s always been like this in a way right? Life has always been unpredictable, we never, where is that Alanis Morissette song that she talks about that ‘Tuesday phone call that brings you to your knees’ We’ve all kind of had those moments where an email or a phone call changes our life, for good or for bad, right? We’ve all had those moments where something unpredictable happens and we have to rise above. And 2020 was just kind of like a year that you are not going to get through without learning that lesson. You just had to really sit in – Who am I in the face of uncertainty? And I think that’s what we learned, we learned how do we react in the face of uncertainty and how comfortable are we with moving forward in the face of uncertainty? Thinking, like you were saying, it was the best year of your life, but in a way you couldn’t have predicted it. It was because of how you kind of rolled with the punches and how you innovated, and I think that was, this was a year that, I think early on, I saw and I don’t even remember if we touched on this in our first episode, but that you either were going to pull back, and stay small, and be scared, and kind of make your world smaller by how to make it safer or you were going to say “You know what, there is so much uncertainty so F it, let’s go!” And how can I show up now with what I know now? And so yeah, I think that’s a big thing and I think it’s made us all, collectively, no matter where in 2020 you learned that lesson (I’m sure you learned it somewhere). And now moving into you 2021, I think it’s making all of us stronger, and all of us more equipped for whatever life throws our way.

[10:07] Sahara:
One hundred percent. I do remember us talking about how, at the beginning when quarantine first started, there was the message of “Use this as your chance to write your dream book to get your business off the ground, to do all the things” and then there were the people like “Stop trying to pressure people to perform and achieve during this time. Take this time to nap, rest, cry, feel all of your emotions”. It was interesting because both sides were quite loud, you would have one person like “Write your screenplay” and the other person like “Stop telling us to do that!” And I think that no one expected it to go as long as it has. The fact that we’re still in quarantine, almost a year later, no one could have predicted that, so it showed us who we really are; it showed us how we cope with trauma and how we cope with distress. Are you that person that honkers down and just tries to ride it out? or are you that person that actually gets activated by a little bit of risk and that gets you really going? So it really shows us who we are and it shows us our resilience because when I think of that Tuesday morning phone call, I don’t want that fucking Tuesday phone call. My initial fear is “Alanis don’t come my way with that phone call”. There’s a lot of fear, however, I’ve survived all of them; we’ve survived this. If someone were to tell us, back in March when all of this was started “By the way you guys are going to still be in quarantine in Christmas” we would have maybe lost it, we would have gone crazy. I remember even in June, thinking “Imagine if we had known it was going to last 3 months” I definitely didn’t think it was going to go even through the summer. So even though if we had known, it would have felt so overwhelming, we wouldn’t be able to handle it, we have, we have become so resilient, we don’t think twice about wearing a mask or getting a test, or whatever it is, it’s just a normal part of life. So there’s the beauty of that, of like, we humans can survive anything, that’s how we’ve made it so far, and there’s a tinge of fear of that of like “Look how easily we can be conditioned to take anything and just accept it as normal.” And one thing I think this year has also shown us is the multidimensionality of all things, how one thing, such as wearing a mask, can be so controversial; one thing such as a test or a vaccine or whatever it is can have so many different sides to it. So it has shown us our differences as a country, as a world, and also our similarities of how we all really want what’s best for the whole and information that we’ve received based off of our algorithms, our newsfeeds, our news channels are going to inform us of different ways of doing so.

[12:51] Cassandra:
Oh yes, two things I have to add to that. The first thing is around – we had no idea how long this was going to go. And I think going back to those, in the beginning of quarantine, where literally everybody and their brother, was trying to give you your prescription for what you should be doing during quarantine, and whatever it was, clean your house, or take a nap, or whatever it was, and really realizing this year, and then even with all the other subjects you said too, which I’ll get to a little bit as well, how important it is to have our own sovereignty of mind more than ever, and how important it is to really be connected to your own intuition and your own individual path because I remember, it was funny because when some people are on the side of really wanting to rest and then feeling bad because people were telling them to write their book or whatever. I was kind of on the other side, I was feeling really enthused, inspired, energized. I actually made, I hit great numbers this year in quarantine, I felt so like my work was needed more than ever, people are taking more the digital, spiritual stuff more than ever now, And so to me when I was getting all those text messages, I’m at the place of my spiritual practice in a way that I was like “Okay, that doesn’t feel right for me, when I want a rest, I’ll rest.” But, I think it’s really important when you’re in those spaces to be like “Okay, all these people are sharing what’s coming up for them”, the people that need to rest are sharing the rest message; the people that are excited and inspired might be sharing that message. And that’s great and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone sharing whatever, it’s that we need to have that filter to say “Okay, great. Sahara’s saying rest and Cass is saying write a book or whatever” we’re both going to write a book.

[14:50] Sahara:
I definitely didn’t rest this quarantine!

[14:52] Cassandra:
No. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with that message, it’s just kind of knowing does that work for me, does that make sense for me? The same thing goes with all this other stuff, we’ve seen such multidimensionality of opinions, and conspiracy theories, and masks, and vaccines, and political stuff. And one of the things I wrote down is that acceptance around people that we love, and their opinions, has been a huge lesson for me this quarantine, this year, because I have had really close friends and loved ones that believe things I don’t believe. The question has been, or the lesson has been, can I love them and can I accept them where they are at? And I think again, it goes back to the same thing, it’s like I’ve gotten to this point now where that’s a yes, and it was harder at certain points because I was like “Okay” and I think it’s taken a lot of different skills around boundaries and stuff, but also being able to fully witness someone in their beliefs and what’s true for them, and what they feel really passionate or committed to, or the logic, or their newsfeed is telling them, and being able to be really in my own energetic sovereignty and be like “Okay”, right now, in this moment, that doesn’t ring true to me. I don’t know, if maybe in a year from now, something else will happen and maybe it will, who knows. I don’t know if in a year from now that person, something else might happen and they might think what I think now. We’ve also been through the rollercoaster of exploring different things of we were believing in; which has been a normal, natural part of the journey. So I think 2020, hopefully, for a lot of people, but I know for myself, has been around how can I hold those loved ones that had different beliefs than me and navigate those relationships with all of the polarization and the multidimensionality that’s going on this year?

[17:03] Sahara:
Yeah, I think this year will go down in history as the year of cancel culture. We really saw the great rise of that, of what collective group think will do, and modern-day witch hunt.

[17:16] Cassandra:
I never felt so much modern-day witch hunt vibes than this year. It was a really terrifying past life.

[17:24] Sahara:
We both coach women all the time to speak their truth, and to show up in their power and their gift and share their magic with the world, and this was definitely the scariest year to do so because of how quick people were to take one thing they don’t like about you, which could actually be something you did wrong, or it could just be a difference of opinion, and create essentially this group think movement to slander you and to tear you down, and in the witnessing of who this was happening to wasn’t really happening to legitimate Ku Klux Klan members, horrible Republican people who are trying to make abortion illegal for all – No it was not happening to them, it was happening to normal women by other women. And I think that for me was a huge – my nervous system was definitely the most out of whack in June because the George Floyd murder which I think was honestly the most traumatic event of this year, but then what followed that which was almost like this very, very quick tear down and we talked about this I think on another Episode that we did together. And I think everyone was in this situation that they haven’t been in before of this really tragic event happened and no one knew how to respond. So some of us, again, like coronavirus are quick to respond. I am someone who is quick to respond, I’m a very politically active person, however, not everybody is like that; not everyone is even trained in that or knows about that, or feels comfortable to immediately speak about something right after it happened. However, the way that people reacted to that – silence is violence – You must be a racist. And I saw the tear down of so many women who most likely were afraid and didn’t speak up because they didn’t know what to say, and people trying to take down their entire careers and that was really sad to see as a woman.

[19:20] Cassandra:
Yeah I think that this was a scary AF year to be a female leader or to be someone that was in the public eye at all. And I think that it also probably made a lot of people, that perhaps were thinking of stepping up to be in the public eye, or stepping up to be a leader, or a co-chair, to second guess it a little bit more, or really own the full breath of what comes with that because a lot of times it is so easy to see the positive things, and you don’t see sometimes the DMs or the comments that we have to deal with. And I remember I made I posted this year about Brianna Taylor which I thought what could be wrong about this, and I still felt really family about what I wrote in the post, and I had people reach out to me that were pretty much – let’s just see did not agree that it was a tragedy. And I was crying and just my head just wanted to explode, just around that “Wow there are people that really feel this way” and also people that are violently attacking who I am because I shared how I felt about it.
So yeah I think it’s definitely a year where it made you really sit in of like “Who am I as a leader?” And I think it was really interesting because I was talking to one of my best friends Casey, is such a human design, dork, nerd, she loves it, and she was actually telling me in human design that in your profile there are different people that are meant to address kind of a worldly issues and certain people that are not. And when she was telling me this I was like “This is so fascinating” because I believe that on a core level that there are certain people that are naturally drawn to being more political, to having their voice in these things, and there are other people, let’s say Sally, who makes a mean cupcake and is awesome at decorating cupcakes but maybe Doesn’t want to get involved in talking about political stuff and what’s going on in the news. And this year it almost made that wrong. If you had a Facebook or an Instagram, anything, It didn’t matter if it was for your wood carving business, you were demanded upon to have an opinion on things which I think led to a lot of opinions, and sometimes opinions are from people that felt kind of forced in a way to give an opinion.

[22:03] Sahara:
Totally! And I think this was the year of learning sovereignty because on the internet there are millions upon millions of perspectives. So when you’re trying to be told what to do, you’re going to act one way and then someone else is not going to like it and then you’re going to act in another way and then someone else is not going to like it. And what the feedback was everyone was like “I feel like I keep getting it wrong! I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, I’m posting the black square. Oh now I ruined the day because I posted a black square and now silence is violence, well now it’s performative activism, and now I’m sharing but I should be giving black people a voice; Well now I’m not sharing enough and it should be coming from me!” People’s Minds were spinning and going crazy because what was happening was they felt like “Screw it I’m not going to do this because everything I do I’m being criticized for and hated on” but also People feeling really strongly to stand up for this very important cause for this moment in history.
So I think, and we still don’t have a clear answer on what activism through social media can really look like. I feel like, honestly, what happened were a lot of people just got burnt out and confused and kind of just stepped away. Whereas there is such great power like what we were creating in June of sharing the different protests and sharing what was really happening behind the scenes, and giving a voices and the videos to police brutality in a way that has never been shown before. And I think the sensitivity around it got to us, we shouldn’t be as sensitive as we are, and on the other side of that realizing that everyone’s a human. So it comes back to this multidimensionality of this year that, in Gene Keys as well, we just entered a 7-year period of collective chaos. We entered this period in 2020 and it’s till 2027, the first half is going to be more of the destruction of judicial systems, medical systems, everything that is not serving us, and then the second half is going to be on the creation of what we do want to build, so by 2027 we are fully immersed into the New Paradigm. Now within that, collective shifts, we are different volunteers. So we are definitely here to build the new, we’re here to – while everyone tearing down the old, we are hunkering down and here are the ways that you can relate to yourself, here are the new forms of education, wellness etc. and I think that a lot more people are going to realize that they also on that creation team but because they’re seeing people creating, they are seeing more “Shit, I should be destroying, I should be criticizing” And that’s needed but it’s not everyone’s role. So I think we are going to learn from this more and more. The way that activism and change can really come about is by all of us really being in our unique archetypes.

[24:53] Cassandra:
Yeah, for sure, that’s so true, they actually call it the great change in Gene Keys, and it’s a collective shift from victimhood into empowerment that’s happening in these 7 years. We will be releasing that witness consciousness, that disempowered energy that circulating around the planet.


[25:13] Sahara:
Even that word ‘victim’ that’s a word to talk about now in 2020, this has become a very triggering word.

[25:19] Cassandra:
Yep exactly and it kind of has to, right? It has two so that we can heal our wounds around that word. And I think there is something that each and every one of us can look at and see where we were a victim, or we would say we were a victim in our lives. A lot of us have different traumas that we’ve withstood and different things in our stories, and seeing how we can use that. It’s funny because I just finished reading “My Answer True Meaning” for the second time, which is Victor Frankle, it’s his book. He was a therapist that was in the Holocaust, in the concentration camps; a Jew that was in the concentration camp but they put him in service as a doctor, but anyway, he talks about the use of purpose and meaning through suffering, and it made me think a lot about 2020. It doesn’t mean that we have to deny or diminish, or sweep under the rug the suffering that we have incurred. But it’s like, if we can derive purpose and meaning, and let that empower us, then now we have alchemized, we’ve shifted out of victimhood but we haven’t negated our experience, right? Our experience is our experience, but we can now transmute that into purpose and meaning for what we are to create moving forward.
So I do think that there’s a lot of people that that’s their – first of all it’s all of our souls’ mission in different ways. There is a lot of people that have different suffering around things that we are seeing publicly that are absolutely meant to use that as fuel to create something new and beautiful in the world and be the guiding light for the change. And I think especially the people that are listening to our Podcast and I know this has been a theme with literally all of my clients this year, they’ve been literally word-for-word it happens at some point during our journey, they will be like “But no one’s ever done this before” and I’m like “That’s exactly it!” We’re this generation of the collective, this conscious collective; people listening to this Podcast, follow us; that are the bringers of the new; that are meant to be doing things and innovating; and doing things in a way that they have never done it before. And I think in some ways a lot of that, that cancel culture, that kind of a criticism or the fire that we have had to walk through this year is an initiation of Source; It’s an initiation for us to really stand in our mission and our purpose and our courage to say “Hey, you can’t burn me again! I’m going to keep prevailing and this matters so much to me.” And to have the boldness and the courage that it takes to say “Hey, no one has ever done it this way before, I’m going to do it this way, I’m going to be the one that…” Even your latest book “Discover Your Dharma” I’m going to take this ancient concept and I’m going to put my authentic Sahara spin on it and boldly share it in that way. And so many of my clients that are kind of entering in – I have a lot of clients right now that are entering in more of historically male-dominated fields, and they’re all young women, and saying “Well, I don’t have any role models that aren’t men, that are doing it in a way that I don’t resonate with” and realizing that it’s time to be our own role models. And I think that’s part of this great change and saying “We’re not going to look up to patriarchal role models anymore” and whether they are male and female, the ways of the modern establishment, or the Piscean, as we’re also moving into the Aquarian age this year, And we have to be the new role models. I always say “Your role models are you 2.0”

[29:30] Sahara:
One hundred percent! I think this is definitely the year that we realize that this is why we were born. If you were a little bit confused just about your purpose, you weren’t sure if you were really needed, it’s like “Look out the window and you will see that whatever gifts that you have, whether it is music, or speaking, or cooking, or setting up a beautiful home is so needed right now, and I think it has been a huge initiation and call to action for a lot of people like “Don’t waste time anymore, get out of your story, get out of your way, get your message out into the world!” And us shaking up because I think so many people were playing small; So many people were stuck in the monotony; stuck in doing things exactly as they have been done, that honestly, the only way that we could have made the changes that we made this year is If it wasn’t for something so big. And in a way I actually think that it’s going to go on for however long it needs to go on for until all of the changes are made. So the longer people take to realise that they are the creatrix of their own reality, and that we’re basically the wizards here to create Heaven on Earth – the longer it takes for us to create this; the quarantine could go on forever, but guess what, when you’re already living in that 5D consciousness, which is living from the heart, living from the soul, living from your Dharma, your divine self, whatever it is you want to call it – like we have been sharing, this has still being the best year ever. And some people might say “Oh that is privileged to say that it’s the best year ever!” My whole family had coronavirus, I come from a family of refugees, Political prisoners, immigrants, child marriages, all of the things, I could definitely create a sob story for myself. You know, my husband lost his job, it definitely hasn’t been easy, and I have chosen to take everything that has come from this year and use it to my best advantage of “Hey, my husband lost his job so we get to move now, where do we want to move to? What a great start!” My grandmother died, no one could go to her funeral because of Covid, how can I commemorate her in a different way? How can I bring her more into my life and use her message more? Thinking that my father could get Covid and die because my mother had a really bad and to this day doesn’t have her smell back. And how can I further heal my lineage and now do healing work that maybe I wouldn’t have done in this lifetime if it wasn’t for those situations. So when I say best year ever, I don’t mean everything has been easy-peasy, that I haven’t done a lot of crying this year, I’m stressing and figuring it out. it means Every single obstacle thrown my way I have alchemized, and that’s what magic really is. and when we talk about creating things in your cauldron – your cauldron is not meant to be empty, it’s not meant to only have beautiful daffodils in it, it’s meant to have all sorts of medicines, and potions, and ancestors, and past lives, and trauma, and everything it is that you have in your cauldron, and how do I churn that, and churn that and churn that and add a little bit of what I want to add to it, which is my own passion, and zest, and way of being, and to create that into the life that I want to be living. I see this year as the year that people made decisions that would have taken them years or decades to make – it happened so rapidly just in this year. So it’s such a great lesson that if you want to make a shift, whether it’s leaving your job or starting a new relationship, or moving across the country or whatever it is that you want to do, it doesn’t have to stay on your checklist forever, it’s just literally in your own mind and you get to do it right now. And some of us learn through breakdown, some of us learn through obstacles, some of us need to keep feeling pain, pain, pain in order to grow and shift and change, however, when you realize that you can change that narrative for yourself and you don’t have to get to the rock bottom to learn anymore (which I think people are awakening to) they are able to like “Things feel a little bit off but I’m going to make that change anyway. I’m not going to wait until it becomes this huge, tumultuous situation in my life; I’m going to be more adaptable to things!” And now, being in a second lockdown I feel like no one is stressing anymore, which shows how quick we still are because the first one, we were all having mental breakdowns. Imagine if everything in life you could be so adaptable; flip it into you on the other side living your best life imaginable.

[34:14] Cassandra:
Absolutely! And it’s interesting, I want you to talk a little bit more about that because I know that one of the big things that happened this year is you moving to Miami, me, and I know just from being your friend, this is not out of the blue, this is something that has been in your sphere of moving for a minute, but combined with Steven losing his job and that shifting because of how his career was in-person centric. How did you navigate, I’m curious, for everyone else as well, for your kind of movement of “Okay, Steven’s job is struggling” to the possibility of “Okay let’s look at the bright side of this rainbow and we can move.” How was that transition? Were there things that you had to do to kind of alchemize that to gold?

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[36:15] Sahara:
You know we all thought that Covid would be a two-week thing, one month thing, two month thing, and it’s still happening, and my husband works in the music industry, he’s specifically managing DJs and producers who perform at big music festivals like Coachella, Ultra, EDC, and these are 100.000 plus people festivals which are going to be the last thing that comes back. So at first it was like “Okay, Coachella is going to get postponed until October, and then it’s next October” and now it’s like we don’t know if music festivals are going to come back, or this is a far, far away possibility and that’s his work. And not just his work, many, many people who work in the music industry, and my heart does really go out to everyone working because it is such a passion that people have for music, and it is such a travesty too music festivals and concerts are at this point not a part of our lives. And we looked at “Okay, well now your office is closed, now you can’t pay the rent for your office anymore more, now you probably shouldn’t have it anymore, now you have to lay off everyone here” these are hard decisions, and these are not happy, happy conversations to have either. So I don’t want people to think it’s just some people have it figured out and not, however, this is we alchemized it. So we were able to see – so you don’t have an office anymore, you don’t have a team anymore, you’re back to working at home, you’re not even sure if your work is going to make money anymore. So we don’t really need to be in LA for anything considering that I’ve been working online and now you don’t have any reasons to be here, we’re not sure what’s going to happen with your job, we’ve always been interested in, not just Miami, there were Bali; we were considering, Hawaii we were considering, different places, but those places were not even a possibility at that time either. Hawaii and Bali were not accessible because of the lockdown, so Miami was kind of the only option that even could happen, but I had so many fears of leaving my community, leaving my friends, I’m someone who community really matters to me, I was always having rituals at my house and I was having people over but I was also really afraid of making the wrong decision too. So it was a grapple, months and months of “Should we do it, should we not? Should we do it, should we not?” But I know the every time I’ve put myself in the new situation, whether it’s moving to a place or trying something new, I’ve always learnt and I’ve always grown. So we visited it and I loved it, it and I had hesitations too, but I figured “You know what, what this year is going to go by anyway” and I know how exactly it’s going to play with me staying in this apartment it’s going to be me continuing to take my lap around this little lawn area, hanging out at the same place, eating the same food, exact same thing, or there could be an adventure waiting for me on the other side and I don’t know what that could look like but I know I’m going to learn more about myself and I’m going to grow, and this is actually the perfect time to do it because we have no reason to be here. So we decided to go for it, and I am so, so, so grateful that we did, energetically. Well, first of all I’m in Atlantis now so it feels very Atlantian of expansion, and growth, and innovation, it definitely does not feel retired in Florida vibes which I thought it would be. But I share this because so many people have lost their jobs right now and work is maybe permanently going to shift online for a lot of people, So take this as a blessing, take this as a “If I could live In any environment in the world, where would I want to live? What elements really support me?” For me it’s the water, I love having the water, I love having the humid air because I am very Vata so I tend to get very dry and cold easily, so the warm humidity feels really nourishing for my body to be able to go downstairs and walk on the beach and see the turquoise blue waters and be able to swim in there – that’s what my soul really needs. And I think this quarantine really taught us to live in a place that you feel like you don’t need a vacation from. Because before you could be living anywhere and travelling on a plane every month if you wanted to, however, now it’s sort of like where you are, you’re really there. So do you love the mountains? This is your opportunity to move there. Have you always wanted to live in Canada? Why not now? Do you love Tulum? So many people are creating a community there. And I’m actually seeing so much more movement and migration happening, And I think that it’s really important because, especially as spiritual people we are setting the grid; we’re actually going to places that there isn’t typically a spiritual community, and we are bringing that over to the small towns, or the cities that tend to be not super spiritual etc. And not only is this helping on a physical level of there’s going to be more yoga classes there and vegan restaurants and all of that, but on an energetic level as well. If we have all the spiritual people in LA, and maybe some in New York, and that’s it- Well first of all, we’re not going to be spreading the knowledge to the people that we want to spread it to; we’re just going to be passing it around in a circle. But energetically if you think of it as, you know those over the top cameras they take the world at night, that have the lights and you see In the big city there is so many lights there, and then you can see in Wyoming like “Where is the light?” We figuratively are those lights and now because of Covid and what’s happened, we’re spreading the light; we literally are spreading the light to all of the places that have maybe never seen the light of day; and able to set that field and set that vibration which begins with the types of foods we buy; the choices we make; and also the frequency of the place. And I see kind of the end of cities, before you had to kind of had to move to the city to make it because you had to go in person to meetings and events and be in New York to make it and whatever it was, and because everything is online including events etc. you don’t, you can “make it” in the forest in the jungle, or wherever you want to be. And I think there is going to be such beauty in the “I don’t feel so alone anymore” because there’s going to be people just like you all over.

[42:38] Cassandra:
I love that. When this started, and so many of my close girlfriends, including you, all moved to different places and I had this moment where I was like “Oh my God, everyone is gone”, and I saw in my meditation later that day, literally exactly what you said, I saw these little lights going to their corners, kind of spreading out to all of these different places, and how all of us, it’s true, and I had felt this way about the spiritual community for a while, that it was kind of redundant in a way, and of course we are in all those groups, so I love all of those groups, but it was the same thing, you go to New York you know your people, you go to LA you know your people, we’re all like a little posse. It’s true, we need to be spread out, we need to engage in communities that don’t have as many people “like” us and just our energetic vibration is going to shift that place; and also just who we are. I teach a course in ‘Miracles’ and a course in Miracles says that to be a teacher is to demonstrate. So we are all teachers regardless of what your “profession” is (and of course in Miracles’ terms). So all of us are teachers of light and we teach, not by our Instagram posts, or not by even our podcasts, we teach by who we are, who we show up as, whether we are picking up tea at a local cafe, or going shopping, or we’re just walking our dog, our energy signature is making an imprint on that environment. And I definitely think, for me, it’s been less traumatic as far as the perspective on our living situation has shifted tremendously this year as well because we were about to buy a house actually, before all of this happened, and all the banks kind of pulled out of Jumbo mortgages when this started because of the mortgage for Barons and they don’t want to give out large sums of money when they we’re not getting paid by large sums of people. And so, our plans kind of ricocheted and of course, me being me, told my finance “This is obviously Divine, there’s a reason we’re not allowed to buy a house now and it’s going to be okay because we need to get through whatever this is because we’re going to be different on the other side of it and our priorities might be different, and the market might be different, and we don’t know, but I felt really strongly that it was heavily divine held. And I am so glad because regardless of what the market for houses or whatever ends up looking like when we buy, we have fundamentally shifted what we want so much because we went from being like “We want to live close to (we’re in Orange County) so we wanted to live close to the city Centre, Newport and Crona de Mar, they have these super cute restaurants and cafes and shops; and I’m a big walker, I have a car but I like to walk everywhere if I can. And I was like “I need to be able to walk everywhere and we’ve got the restaurants, and I want the cute little smoothie place, and to be close to a yoga studio” and all the houses in the area like Orange County are astronomical and tiny with no land. It’s kind of like New York or LA, it’s like the closer you are to the cool stuff, the smaller your place is going to be (which I’m sure is everywhere).
This year has been so grounding in realizing how much we want space, we want land, we don’t care so much, what does it matter how close we are to the restaurants and stuff. If we want to go to them and that’s a thing still in the future, we will drive to them, but we’d rather have our home be a sanctuary. And I’m really glad we ended up finding a really beautiful place to you live in this year because it has made all differenc,e because both of us were – we are wonder lusters, we love travelling, and that’s something I’ve missed so much, but it’s been really, even sitting with that and saying like “Okay, what was I receiving from travel? What was I receiving from travel that I can give to myself here?” Whether it was the relaxation and the peacefulness,or like you said, an adventure, learning different things; you have to learn to drive up to Tahoe and have an adventure just by exploring the hike by my house; finding different ways to feed that part of me without needing to get on a plane all the time. And in a lot of ways, one of the things that shifted for me a lot was – I travelled so much, I didn’t realize how much I travelled until you pretty much couldn’t travel. I was traveling once a month at least for the past 5-years. And so I have never felt so grounded with all this happening. And really, when you are grounded, I have really gotten the chance to get into a routine of steadiness in a way that – I’m like a ritual person, so I always have rituals, but there has been a groundedness of like oh, when you go on a trip there’s always a lead up, and the lead down, and there’s a shifting, and it’s been really steady this year which I also think has also been a real gift too creation, to creation of new projects and ideas and that, but also into self-discovery and really getting that time to sit with myself and being like “How do I want my office to be? How do I want my home to feel? What do I want to shift? What are the parts of me that I was able to run from when things were busier? Let me sit with them. Let me heal them. Let me show up for that work right now because I’m not off being distracted, I’m doing all these things”.

48:49] Sahara:
Totally! I think that this is definitely the year to make your home your sanctuary; to create the life you don’t need a vacation from. And so many people this year have been doing home redesigns and renovations. I’ve realized how much it’s worth paying extra for the beautiful furniture, or wall decoration, or something like that I’m going to look at every single day vs. traveling that you end up spending all of this money. I obviously love to travel still and I’m excited to do it again but I’ve realized how much money I would spend on this quick trip and you don’t think about it, you’re like “Oh, hotels just cost that much. You’ve got to eat the good food there, yeah you’ve got to try the spa, you can get the good taxi” and just all of this money that you would spend on a week of your life – Now I think of everything in furniture – What could that get me in terms of a carpet?

[49:50] Cassandra:
That’s a really nice sectional, I don’t know?!

[49:53] Sahara
Exactly! I’m like “$2000, I can get a whole new sofa, leather!” So it really has, and honestly I am really grateful for the age that I’m at in this quarantine because if I was 21 years old and in college and like “Fuck! I have to move back home with my parents! I’m trying to hit the club every night and I can’t do this anymore” I think this whole experience would have been much harder on me, but again I think my soul chose, it knew this was going to happen and it chose to actually to be with my partner at this time in the work that I’m in and so many of us have had these same conversations with yourself and Patrick – you guys got engaged literally in December right before this all happened. Imagine if this even happened 2 years ago, you would have been single in this quarantine, can you imagine that? I mean, I know a lot of people who are that. It makes it so much more difficult when you are alone and I think whatever it is our souls chose to be in this experience whether it is being single, with your partner, with your parents, whatever it is that you’re in, and it is just made me really grateful for where I am right now because I have already felt like at a place where I have grounded and I kind of know what I’m doing, and I could just fully focus on that, whereas in your college years you are so still attached to the community and the extracurricular and the social engagements. Or even these high school kids right now – how much of high school is passing the note to a person at the desk next to you, or telling a friend that you like a boy, that’s gone for now, and that is sad but I just have to know that it’s going to give them a unique experience of – I was so excited to have a Snow Day, they got a whole year staying at home too – so whatever age you’re in, whatever situation you’re in, this was exactly what you needed to experience as.

[51:48] Cassandra:
I reminds me of that Haphise quote that says “This was the place God circled on a map for you” and I feel that, I feel that so strongly because I have thought about that, literally thought about that because we did get engaged right before this all started and I was with my partner six months before we got engaged, so it was relatively fast and it went from being single to very committed, and it felt, very, also divinely guided, happiest life, but looking back and thinking – I did think about that a few times, I was like “What if I just still in my Santa Monica apartment.” At first when we entered quarantine I was like “Oh wow, it would stink to be single right now and to be dating” but now, with my friends and my clients that are single, I’ve been telling them, and I firmly do believe this, I think there’s really an epic opportunity for meeting your person right now because if you’re open, if you’re open to being on dating Apps, if you’re open to meeting someone on social media, Instagram, or something like that, because you could be Face-timing with them. I’ve been telling all my clients, have Face Time Happy Hours – this is a great way! Famously, women often wonder “How long should I wait before we get intimate, or before we kiss, or we make out, have sex, all this stuff?” Guess what, you’re on Zoom, there’s no risk, you can have as many glasses of wine as you need to, you’re sleeping alone tonight! And that’s actually really nice because you have to build – I think, just like, we were talking about this before the call, but certain things in life show you who your friends are and I think this year definitely showed you who are the friends that are willing to have Zoom chats with you. We do long voice memos back and forth. in between our Zoom chats, and that reassured me, when people started moving in different directions I knew right away the people I would talk to and it wouldn’t matter at all, and the people that might not. And I think this would also do that to romantic relationships – people that are really willing to get to know you and show up in that way – you could meet someone, you can read out people and meet someone really, really serious in a beautiful way this year, just like I also believe that we were divinely meant to be in the situations we’re at during this year as well, our souls chose that. And trust me that, moving in with someone and getting engaged and then quarantining with them – it was such a great working thing for our relationship. I was actually joking with Patrick the other day because I was like you, know, I had this moment, we just visited my brother in Maine, he just moved out to Maine because his job went remote and he no longer wanted to live in Silicon Valley and have that life, and he loves it living out in Portland, Maine, it’s so nice and peaceful and relaxing. And we wanted to see him for Thanksgiving because I didn’t want him to be alone, and that’s a big deal for me, I’m a very over-protective big sister. And I was so grateful to have a partner that was cool with that, that wanted to come with me and that understood how much that was a priority for me; and we both got our negative Covid tests, and wore our masks all the time, divided by all the guidelines, but this was truly a year of your, what do you call it – the path lips buddies, but when you think about that, we joke about that so much like “Who are you?” It’s like a Tom Cruise movie and you have your four people, like “Who are you surviving the Apocalypse with??”

[55:40] Sahara:
Especially at the beginning, I feel like everyone, when it first happened, everyone was like “Let’s Zoom call!” Everyone was reaching out to Zoom call each other because for some reason we like “Now we have all this time to Zoom” even though we’re all stressing over the news and totally did not have a lot of time on our hands, and everyone was going live on Instagram all the time, it was literally being 20 people live on my Instagram. I was going live every day doing my dance things, but then I feel like when it hit in I was like “This isn’t really going anywhere!” Who are you actually staying in touch with because staying in touch is a commitment, it’s time,it’s energy, it’s checking in and having that person on your mind, what they’re going through; what they’re moving through; holding space for them. So all of these people that you may have had in your life it kind of made you realize who are my more ‘I see these friends when I’m out and we vibe when we’re at the same dinner party and that’s what the relationship is like’ and who are my people when I’m having a breakdown that I have in my life. And a lot of people listening still don’t have those friends and the other opportunity, just like the opportunity is to find a great relationship – I met my own husband on Bumble and we were Face-timing that first week, and I’m super grateful for that. But also, there are still so many people who are looking for genuine friendships now because I think a lot of people have realized that “I don’t want these friends that I see at this event and then we don’t really keep in touch with anymore”. People are really wanting deeply, fulfilling relationships. So, there are even Apps to find friends, we both have communities – I think finding a community that you align with is honestly the best way to make friends. But to put in that effort and to realize that to have friends you’ve got to be a friend. And I think too, it made you see who is going to put in that time, who is going to put in that effort, how does this friendship feel? Is it mutual? I think that really came to surface especially when so much of communication has gone to audio, Zoom, etc. so you can actually feel that a lot more of like “Does this person actually care about me or are they just using me for advice all the time and never checking up on how I’m doing?”
So, just like careers and all of these moves happened really quickly, I think friendships budded very quickly and dissolved very quickly as well.

[57:58] Cassandra:
Absolutely! And I love what you said, I think it’s really important, I’m sure there’s a lot of people listening to this that maybe lost some friends this year, not physically hopefully, but lost those relationships. And so, if that’s the case, I think it’s one realizing that sometimes that’s divine, sometimes people just fall apart because they’re not meant to continue on with you to that next chapter, and then the other part of that is asking you – a course in Miracles has this thing I love about relationships, it says “Anything that you are feeling is missing in a relationship, is what you’re not giving” and I think it keeps you really honest because then you get really clear on “Am I checking in on them? “ And this continues to be a year, and even as we move on to different years, and sometimes – I always tell my clients too, and this is a practice that I’ve developed over the years in dealing with my own – I started actually during, when I was dealing with my disordered eating, one of the mechanisms I would have when I wanted to go into negative body thoughts, or overeat, or under eater, over-exercise or whatever it was, was reach out to a friend but not reach out to a friend and spill all my junk on them, but reach out to a friend and just say “Hey Sahara, how’s your day going?” And just hear what’s up for you because the second I’m asking what’s up for you, I’m out of me. And so I was actually extra – of course it’s okay with your friends and so I ask for advice and share what’s going on and things happen, but I often think of that as a great tool when you just want to shift your space, and you also, it’s like a double whammy win, because now you’re showing up for your friend. And gosh, I feel like 2020 is the year we have all collectively had this kind of understanding, and I’m so guilty of this, but there’s one friend in mind that I’m thinking of that I kind of saw she got into a relationship, she’s moving, she’s got a lot of things going on for her, and so I just kind of assumed she’s busy; she doesn’t need to deal with me and Zoom with me, she’s got a lot on her plate right now. And obviously, luckily, our friendship is such where as soon as I reached out and we talked everything was fine. But it’s so easy to fall into that mindset of being like “Oh, they’re busy. Oh they’re dealing with their own stuff. Oh, I’m just dealing with my own stuff. Oh, we’ll talk eventually!” Don’t! Because the second you reach out to someone, the second you put that out, and you guys connect. Often times you’re just so glad you did, and even though it’s so easy to be like “Oh, I’m on Zoom all day!” I remember one of my Miracle Mastermind clients, she was telling me (because we have Zoom weekly with each other) she was like “I was on Zoom calls all day for work” and there was a part of me that was almost like “Do I want to stay on Zoom for this one more call which is out Mastermind group” and she was like “No, I did, this Zoom is the one that all day is for me; this is the Zoom that fills my cup up.” And I think it’s super-easy to say that especially for those people whose work has gone remote and they’re like “Oh my God, if I have to get on Zoom anymore, I just want to shut the computer and run and hide after my day.” But realize that Zoom that you have with your girlfriend, and having a happy hour Zoom, or a tea Zoom or dinner Zoom, where that someone i’s going to fill your cup up.

[1:01:30] Sahara:
It must be real, where are you going to go? To the other TV screen? To the phone screen? People are so Zoon fatigued, what, are you Instagram fatigued yet? What better that there’s someone on the other side of the computer live, wanting to talk to you, that you can talk in real time? The fact that we’re across the country having this conversation, I can see you nod and blink is such a fucking miracle, that I think too, we get to realize how lucky we are and we get to realize how lucky we are – we have the Internet during this time. Imagine if this happened in the 80s or the 90s, you would have been at home having to check out your local newspaper every day, afraid if it has Corona virus on it and see what’s the latest according to this one piece of newspaper with no contact except for your landline that one person in your family could use.
So, I feel like we, as humans, do this – I think this comedian was talking about the first flight ever that had Wi-Fi on it and the Wi-Fi wasn’t working and they were all like “Agh! The Wi-Fi never works on this flight!” and it’s like “This is the first flight with Wi-Fi on it!” Instead of it’s a miracle, I’m in an airplane, flying in the sky to whatever destination I want, I don’t have to do anything, and there might be internet on here. So, I feel like this year has taught us so much about how we think. Are we that person that goes to the negative? Are we that person that tends to be more positive and how do we want to show up in the world? Do we, want to, again, see it from the victim lens? See it from the “Oh, shit! All my friend want a Zoom call with me, poor me!” or “What a blessing! I have all of these people that I get to connect on Zoom!”

[1:03:10] Cassandra:
Or “Oh, none of my friends have asked me to Zoom call with me” and focusing on that instead of focusing on that and being like hey, I know I was in some of friend the one to go first in that scenario, to be like “Hey, maybe this sounds corny but, I’m losing my mind not seeing any of you, can we Zoom and have tea or something?” And there were some people that were resistant to it at first, they were like “Oh, I’m not really a Zoom person, I’m an in-person person, let’s just…” and that’s fine, let’s have a phone call.

[1:03:42] Sahara:
Good luck!

[1:03:43] Cassandra:
I was like “First of all, okay” and they were all since converted, I’ve worn them down! And it’s true; it’s so priceless especially with your friends, if you’re dating someone or your family. I’ve been so grateful, my family’s on the East Coast, some of your family’s on the East Coast right?

[1:04:00] Sahara:
Yeah, in Boston.

[1:04:00] Cassandra:
And so, I’ve been so grateful for that with them because I haven’t really been able to see them. I’m grateful that I get to Face Time with my grandma, even though she has no idea what’s going on with the phone, she’s like “Oh my God, I can see you!” But again, it makes such a difference.

[1:04:20] Sahara:
Totally! And I think that’s another really important thing to touch on for this year is – this has also been the year of family healing. I have seen every single person going through deep healing with their physical family, their ancestry, their lineage. I feel like ancestral healing is just like a mainstream word at this point which is so amazing and so powerful, so I think that this has really been the year of when you’re sitting in your home, you’re sitting in your body, you’re sitting in your self, you’re sitting in your ancestry, your lineage, what’s around you. And I think also, so many of us, when the holidays would come around all of the articles were ‘How to avoid awkward dinner conversations’ or ‘how to handle you staying with your parents for the weekend’ and ‘how to have those conversations with people you don’t want to have’ and this year it wasn’t that. This year it’s like you were lucky if you got to see your family, and I think that we all really needed that awakening – even for myself. I was definitely someone who would not feel very energized about spending a lot of time with my family because of our differences, but because of the healing that I have done with my family now, I genuinely feel desire to want to spend time with them, which has never been in my entire life.
So, the opportunity for us was to go under the carpet and clean up those webs, and what’s that dust under there? What are those conversations that we’ve needed to have for a really long time that have been long overdue? Or we didn’t know how to start the conversation or we didn’t know what to say, or we didn’t want to make a big deal over something but it’s really been bothering us and it’s been the reason why we haven’t been so close. This has been the year to bring it up and if you haven’t yet, there’s still time, we’ve still got a month left now.

[1:06:15] Cassandra:
Just because the year changes…

[1:06:16] Sahara:
Exactly! But you can still do it but I see, I really think that we needed to all, collectively, stop, drop and roll and deal with our ancestors right now.

[1:06:27] Cassandra:
Oh absolutely! And I had that same exact experience. I think I really realized how much I took for granted. Even though my family is on the East Coast, I’m a friend to a plane so I never saw it as a big deal, and the past couple years my brother was on the West Coast before he just moved, so often times, for work reasons or whatever, he couldn’t go back home and I would just go and spend the holidays with him so that he wasn’t alone. And I really realized this year how much I took for granted, like there would always be another time when I could go and see them; like there would always be another opportunity to go hang out with my grandma. And I’ve really had to sit with that, one of the hardest things I’ve had to sit with is the fact of, kind of like you had to experience, my grandma’s 85, she’s going to be 86 on New Year’s Eve, and it scares me to think that I might not get to see her again. And I’ve had to really sit with that and actually sit with, and same thing with my parents are much younger so I have more hope for that, but actually just sit with that; sit with that and trust that as soon as that’s possible – the reason why I can’t see her is my parents won’t let me. I said, I’m willing to quarantine and test and do all of that but they just still don’t feel safe with it. My grandma had nodules in her lungs from cancer and they are just very, very scared for her right now. So, I understand that and we’re Face-timing but I’ve had to sit with that. If this is the part of the divine plan; if this is what it has to be, then I have to respect my parent’s wishes and her wishes at this time, and I have to respect and I have to take responsibility for “Okay, how can I be at peace with this and how can I show up in a way that I’m going to feel as complete as I can feel? How can I call or Face Time?” Same thing with my parents – okay, my parents are totally not open to visitation right now and so it’s kind of just accepting that that’s where they’re at with it and even though that’s hard with me, I have to respect that and understand that they’re scared and that they’re in a different demographic than I am; and be with that and show up in a way that I want to show up for that relationship so that I also can feel peace about that.

[1:08:53] Sahara:
I think it definitely, circling back to the first point of uncertainty. My parents were fortunate enough, they had Covid so they have antibodies and they got negative tests so they came and visited us here, and when they left I was like “We might not ever see each other again” and that’s the case every single time we’ve seen each other but it really hit me, we might just not ever see each other again and how important it is to tell the people that you love that you love them and how important it is not to hold the grudges anymore or to not feel like it’s not worth having the conversation because you don’t feel like dealing with it or you don’t know how to bring it up. Just do it now because again, we just don’t know what the future holds and there is an immense sadness in that and an immense freedom in it too – to really be you and show up in the way that you want to right now in this moment.

[1:09:45] Cassandra:
Absolutely! And I think that’s a good place to full circle it. It’s true, it’s the uncertainty and the fact that we don’t know if we have tomorrow, or we don’t know what a month looks like; or we don’t know how long we have with our loved ones – it has always been there, through all the ages of all the times. And we have lived in a collective privilege of getting to be not so present with that. Some of us are more present to it than others, those of us that have had those kind of moments where maybe you lost a loved one unexpectedly or you’re dealing with certain things and that, but this year, collectively, has given all of us that. If anyone didn’t have it, that awareness of “You don’t know what tomorrow will bring” and whether that is you don’t know if you’re going to be able to go to the gym tomorrow; you don’t know if you’re going to be able to have a wedding; you don’t know if you’re going to have to deliver a baby by yourself; you don’t know if you’re going to see your loved one. And I really do think that there is so much power in living from that place and not letting it bring you into – obviously as you said, there is so much sadness with that, there is a lot of mourning that we have to do in the acceptance of uncertainty. And that’s a necessary, the crying and the feeling, that’s a necessary part of it, but then to get to the other side and think “What am I going to do with this wild and precious day that I have? This amazing life that I have and what do I feel inspired and divinely guided to do today? Not what anyone else is telling me to do, because at the end of the day, if today is my last day, if it’s the last week, if it’s the last month, what you are going to be the happiest with is the thing that you actually feel the most called to do, regardless of what anyone else is telling you to do.

[1:11:36] Sahara:
I think this is the year that death gets to become our friend, and when we become friends with death, which is the inevitable for all of us, you get to experience the freedom that’s on the other side of knowing that this is just an opportunity that we have here in all of those little details that we stress about, that really, in the grand scheme of things, don’t matter at all, and you’re not going to regret not spending enough time on your emails, on your death bed, or whatever it is. So, what a beautiful; this is what Tantra is all about, the more that you are aware of your own death, the freer and more liberated you become.
And I think that in our society death was such a never spoken about thing, it was like “Death and ghosts – bad, don’t think about them, don’t talk about them” and now, because it’s on the forefront of our minds, it’s a daily conversation, we realize “Am I making the choices that I would be making knowing that I’m a mortal human?” And that doesn’t mean – I feel like when people think “Oh, if it was my last day to live or my last year to live, I would just be on rollercoasters all day, fucking around and doing things.” But would you really, I really think the majority of us would be showing up, sharing our message, spreading our magic with the world, sharing our gifts, living our Dharmas – that is really what we would be doing if we knew how much time we have left. So, to start with just doing that now.

[1:13:07] Cassandra:
Absolutely! Amen to that! You love harder, you live more, you shine brighter! And let that be the gift that 2020 gives all of us.

[1:13:17] Sahara:

[1:13:23] Cassandra:
Thanks for doing this with me love, this was so fun!

[1:13:26] Sahara:
So much fun and doing these Podcasts so invigorates me and energizes me so, if this was my last day, I had a good one!

[1:13:34] Cassandra:
Me too! I’m glad that we left this for the world (our insights). And Sahara, as you probably know, has an amazing book coming out called “Discover You Dharma” and she’s giving away tons of free goodies if you pre-order it. So, check out that link below!
I also have some awesome free meditations for you, all about divinely designing your life, so, if you’re someone that’s been itching to get into a consistent daily meditation practice and you want a little help, and you want to connect to your guides and you divine support squad every day and receive that guidance, and see “What would you do, this is the last day?” Check out that below, it’s totally free and my gift to you.

[1:14:18] Sahara:
Thank you all so much for listening, we love you so much and can’t wait to connect with you on our 2021 prediction Episode!

[1:14:27] Cassandra:
Yes! Coming soon! 2021 predictions!

[1:14:33] End of Interview

I hope you got a lot from that conversation, I know I did. And it really just brings us back to the baseline human question of why we are here and how limited our time is, and how we can make this life our greatest masterpiece should we choose, and what a gift it truly is for us all to be alive. So we can’t really go deep, we can’t manifest and have the rainbows and butterflies and all the things we want if we don’t talk about the shadows; if we don’t talk about death.

One of the Episodes I did at the beginning of this quarantine was about the greatest fear that’s holding us back and that’s the fear of death. And our Western society has really tried to keep us from that, it’s like “Death doesn’t happen, it doesn’t exist”. We’ve literally created so many things to avoid death and it’s a part of life. In fact, it’s the only guarantee here and the more that we can become friends with our mortality, the more free we become in this lifetime.

So, I hope your 2020 was also a year of great lessons for you, I know that it was – and know that these lessons were exactly your soul’s unique curriculum to bridge you towards your Dharma.
So, thank you for incarnating on this Planet at the same time as I did and I’m so excited for 2021!

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Episode 337: Greatest Lessons of 2020 with Cassandra Bodzak
By Sahara Rose



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