Highest Self Podcast 309: Exploring Your Sacred Waters with Dakota Chanel


In this episode, we dive deep into into the mystical powers of the waters, both within and without! We discuss the healing frequencies of our water, how we are all connected to her and offering water prayers. We then dive deep into our inner waters through amrita, female ejaculation, and what it means. We discuss the various types of female orgasm, sexual healing and opening yourself up to experience amrita, which we are all capable of! This is a sensual and playful episode that fully embodies the frequency of Lemuria so come dive in!

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Episode 309: Exploring Your Sacred Waters with Dakota Chanel
By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your Soul’s Highest Evolvement. 


If it’s your first time listening – Welcome! I am so grateful to have you here! This is a super-sensual episode to get started with! 

If you’re here all the time – you know how we do! You know how we like to keep it sensual, and spiritual, and playful, and deep, and all the things, because that’s how we do it! We are Goddesses; we are all of the archetypes; all of the aspects of the Divine Feminine balanced into one Sacred Being – and that is what we explore in this Episode, especially through the lens of H2O – yes, our Waters, our Sacred Waters, both in the world and inside of us. You know what I mean?! 


So this is an explicit episode, I do recommend 18 older for listeners. And this Podcast is generally a Podcast for 18 and older, so, viewers discretion. But I really believe, I mean, if only we learned about this stuff when we were younger, how much different our relationships with our sexuality would be. 

You know, I actually think this should be mandatory listening in middle school, but I can’t legally say that.


So, the Waters – where to start? So, many of you who have been listening to this Podcast follow me on Instagram etc. know that I deeply resonate with the Mermaid archetype.

And this month in Rose Gold Goddesses, my Sacred Sisterhood Collective, we are diving deep into the frequency of Lemuria, the Ancient Civilization that was all about living from the Heart. So it was all about Community, about Oneness, about Fun, Joy, Ecstatic Dance, Drumming, Fruits, Herbalism, Protecting our Environment. So if that is striking a cord with you, you are probably a past life Lemurian, or a Lemurian volunteer here to come back.


So, I and many of my Rose Gold Goddesses have always shared this too, always wanted to be a Marine Biologist growing up. I was enamored by the Ocean. And to this day, if I could go to Outer Space or explore everything in the Sea, I would go to the Sea. I am an aquatic being and I ended up going back to Mermaid School last year to actually train in Mermaid Arts (I’m not joking about that) with this incredible Mermaid. If you do not know, Mermaiding is actually a huge Awakening that a lot of people are having, so you actually wear mermaid tails and free-dive into waters; I was swimming with manta rays in Bali, and also doing Environmental Protection there to raise awareness on the plastic consumption, how it ends up in the Ocean – so using the beautiful image of a Mermaid surrounded by plastic to show the juxtaposition of our world today. 

So, I’m a Mermaid, you might be too, and it is so potent to be connecting to these Water Codes at this time because the world is so freaking fiery. Everyone is so fiery; everyone is so on edge right now; they’re waiting for an argument. I think people have just been at home for a very, very long time and they don’t know how to contain their energy; most people don’t know how to channel it in a creative and cathartic way, so because of that they’re getting really, really tense, and stuck, and heavy, and wanting to get that out onto other people – so it ends up being in a rage, in a volcano.


And to me, I went to Burning Man last year and it was not my cup of tea to be honest (much respect to people who like to do it) but my epiphany that I had was we don’t need more burning men, we need more watering women; we need more connection to Earth, not going to a place that humans can’t survive and bringing in enough plastic, and gas, and consumption, and drugs so we can have fun for a week – No! How can we actually be One with the Earth around us; with the trees; with the rivers; with the oceans and connect to Her because she wants to live in Harmony with us. It’s not about going somewhere that we’re not supposed to be and setting up our stake to be there. I’m not into conquering, I’m into ‘where does Earth want us to live; where is there fresh spring water for us, where is there beautiful fruit trees growing for us; where can we live in Harmony with Earth so we do Her the least amount of damage? 

And I know a lot of you are on that same path; a lot of you are thinking about moving to more nature-filled areas and living off-grid, or at least less waste, less impact on the world, and so many of us are getting that epiphany. 

I know for myself, I deeply desire to move to (I mean, Bali would be ideal but we’ll see where the journey takes me). But a lot of us are feeling that call of reconnecting to the Nature, and especially reconnecting to that Water frequency. 


So a couple of months ago, or actually it was last year, I have rituals a lot, I’m always in rituals for Full Moons, New Moons for Rose Gold Goddesses.

And a friend of mine Mia Magic, who’s been on this Podcast, brought over this beautiful Queen named Dakota Chanel (who you’ll hear on the Episode today) and we ended up doing this very potent Goddess Isis ritual together, and we were channeling sacred codes and doing this beautiful Tongue Cleansing ritual etc. and I deeply connected with her, especially finding out she is a Water Priestess, I was like “Yes! That I am!”

You know, when I was younger (and I share on this Episode) I definitely had an Awakenings in Past Lives; I had been a Shaman, and I was a Water Priestess – that’s like a feminine way. So I had to have her on the Podcast to share all things Water Priestessing; connecting to your Sacred Waters, and of course the practice of Amrita, which is our sacred ejaculation. In Hindi it’s actually Amreta, but in English you’d say Amrita.


So we speak about what this is and that each of us, feminine beings, has a reservoir of water inside of us that can be shared, bursted out through orgasm; and how to experience that; what could be different blocks; different pains; different shadows to overcome and letting yourself just be One with yourself, with your Divinity and your Bliss; and letting yourself explore and enjoy the deepest pleasures of being alive and really blossom like a flower; and then let your waterfalls unfold. 

So we dive into all of this in this Episode. I have to say, this was one of my favorite conversations and she is so full of wisdom. And I share at the end of the episode, if you do want to do her Amrita Course, she offers us a discount (for Highest Self Podcast listeners) which I also have in the show notes. 

And even more excitingly, she will be facilitating a Water Ritual with the Rose Gold Goddesses at the end of this month. So, if you’re a Rose Gold Goddesses member you’re going to have access to that and if not, come join us, rosegoldgoddesses.com. You’ll be able to participate in the Water Ritual with Dakota herself, as well as experience our 2-hour Lemuria Circle and all of the other eleven Goddess Circles we have done from Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi, Lalita Sundari, Yemaya, Bridget, Quan Yin, so many, Sekhmet, Isis. We have worked with so many Goddesses and it is so beautiful to be one year into Rose Gold Goddesses and exploring all these different archetypes that are inside of us, so come join us. This is a Community, this is so much more than content, it is tribe of 2000+ Spiritual Soul Sisters who are committed to helping you become your highest self. So come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses, I’m so excited to meet you inside.


And without further ado, let’s welcome Dakota Chanel to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[12:12] Interview

[12:12] Sahara:

Welcome Dakota to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.  

[12:16] Dakota:

Thank you so much Sahara, I’m so grateful to be here today. 

[12:20] Sahara:

And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[12:25] Dakota:

That’s such a beautiful question. I feel like for me, it’s so easy to feel my highest self when I’m alone in Nature, when I’m playing in water or mermaiding. But when I’m in a relationship, it’s really where I get that reflection. So I’d have to say relationship because that’s where I see I’m not fully in alignment with my highest self.

So at the end of each day, I love to, before I go to bed, just think about my day. And I think about my partnership with my beloved; think about my relationship to my clients; even my relationship to food, and see “Wow, was I in alignment with my highest self or how could I align even deeper tomorrow?” And celebrating, celebrating how good I did, but also seeing where even more of that alignment can come. Because it’s so easy to feel that we are enlightened or we have that full alignment where we are just in our bliss or frolicking around, whatever it is that brings us to that place. But relationship is where we really get that honest reflection.    

 [13:23] Sahara:

And I think so many people can resonate with especially at the beginning of their Spiritual Awakenings, feeling like they want to be totally alone and not resonating with their former friends, family members etc. and it’s like that perfect balance of taking that time to yourself to grow, but then also coming back to Community and seeing that that is – the point of life is not to live completely alone (at least for most householder path is not that) but sometimes it’s so hard because we can’t control the outcome when there are all these other people involved. 

[13:58] Dakota: 

Exactly! And that’s where’s such opportunity for spiritual growth. And it’s just as powerful, you don’t need to be spiritual and go to a cave by yourself, but really like going to see your family; raising a family; all the day-to-day things; staying centered in our hearts, and love – that’s the real test, that’s the real challenge. Especially in these times we’re going through right now – wow, we are all being so deeply tested. 

[14:26] Sahara:

And I love that quote, that’s like “If you think you’re enlightened, spend a weekend with your family” and there you’ll see whatever triggers that you still get to work on, and it really remind us of connecting to that Water frequency; connecting to the flow. Everyone is so fiery right now, and as we’ve experienced it, everyone’s experiencing it.

So what does it mean to connect to the Water element?

[14:49] Dakota: 

Well, we are the Water element, that’s for me what being human is at a physical level because we’re actually over 99% water at the molecular level. At that deep, deep level, we are actually these oceanic, liquid beings moving around, it’s just that to our eyes we think that we’re solid. To our eyes because we’re in this dimension, we’re having the sensory experience – we don’t see it that way but that’s actually what’s happening.

And so, for me, connecting to the Water – we are the Water. So when we connect to Her, we remember the Truth of who we are. And for me, it’s been the primary access point for embodying my higher self and for living a life of magic and of miracles. 

And another thing that really supports me with embodying my highest self is my daily Water Prayers. And that’s something that I always recommend for people who are starting out and really wanting to connect deeper with the Water element. Especially in the West – we take Water for granted, we turn the tap on – She’s there, She’s always there at just a flick of a switch for us. 

But really, Water is so precious and Water is sacred. And so, when we do Water prayers it helps us to remember that and to connect to that sacredness.

And in Ancient cultures Water is looked at, and in modern indigenous cultures even, She’s looked at as The Divine Mother. Not just there’s this just substance, but actually as this energetic frequency of Mother Love, and there’s so many reasons for that:

 – Number 1 – I believe that we all come from the Ocean; that we actually come from the Water. There’s this theory called ‘The Aquatic Ape Theory’ where it says that we are Sea mammals and that we then adapted to live on land. And it makes so much sense because we have the mammalian dive reflex – which, just like all other mammals, when our face goes under water our heart beat slowly decreases; our body starts to release more blood cells; there’s all these physical things that happen, but only happen to other aquatic mammals.

So it helps us to realize that “Wow, we actually are these aquatic beings” which is so amazing. And when we think about it as well, we come from the waters of our parents; we come from the seed (the semen) literally the see – men or women, still in the seed; that starlight of seed, and our mother’s egg, which are both very, very watery and liquid. We are literally born through that harmonic song of our parent’s waters. And then we’re gestated inside the womb of our mother, in her amniotic fluid, which is very, very similar to that of the ocean, and it also comes from her blood marrow – the amniotic fluid actually comes from the very depth of her plasma.

So, we realize, diving into the Water Codes and Water Priestess Magic that we are Water, we come from Water, and through connecting with Water and understanding Her teachings, we can be supportive in living our best life. That’s truly what I believe, there’s so much here, but the Water Prayers are simple and it’s something everybody can do, starting right now. 

[18:29] Sahara:

So beautifully stated! And I think so many listeners can relate to that feeling of wanting to go back home to the Sea. Like when you put on those goggles and look under water, you see how beautifully harmonic every creature is under the Ocean. There’s the shark; and there’s the star fish; and there’s the this and that, and for some reason in Hollywood they’ve made it like “Jaws” and it’s really scary down there (Titanic). But it’s actually so beautiful how in harmony, at peace they are; how colorful it is; it’s really an example of, I mean it is what we used to live like. Now, under water is the only place that we could see that I know for myself, I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist and help the dolphins live a happier life, and that was what I always wanted to do. And I think so many of us felt that; we remembered that resonance, but then as we got older we got more disconnected to the waters. 

And what I’m seeing right now is this system of teaching infants of how to swim at a very, very young age. Have you seen this? They’re putting infant babies in the water, and these babies know how to swim; they know how to survive. Can you share a little bit more about this?

[19:36] Dakota: 

Yeah, I’m not an expert on that, but that does go to the mammalian dive reflex. That’s what’s happening with these babies – it’s literally when they’re put under water their nose and mouth automatically close, so they will not ingest water when their face is under water; when they’re really first born. And this actually is also shown when a baby is having an underwater birth – a woman’s giving birth and having her baby in the water – the baby doesn’t actually need to be brought up right away because the baby is still connected to the umbilical cord so it’s actually getting oxygen through the waters, which is so amazing. And then the baby doesn’t need to be rushed to the top, it can stay under for really, safely, 10 minutes even. I wouldn’t recommend that; just bring your baby right up, but I have talked to women that have not rushed their baby and just brought the baby up after 10 minutes even, and the baby is perfectly fine. So, what that does is, you realize “Wow, we really are these aquatic beings” and connecting back to that aquatic nature that’s why so many of us feel more at peace when we’re in the ocean. Or even taking a shower, taking a bath; these simple practices of connecting with water are so powerful for our bodies.

[20:54] Sahara:

Yes, and I think so many of us, we get that realization or an idea when we are in the shower; washing the dishes; something with water, and we’re not realizing it’s that element of Water that’s creating more flow.

So can you share with us what are some of these Water Prayers and how can we do them?

[21:11] Dakota: 

Yeah, absolutely. So, first I’d love to share about Water’s main teachings. And for me it’s the teaching of unconditional love. Water washes all of us clean. She doesn’t care if you’re a Saint, if you’re a murderer; She gives everybody that same blessing of Her cleansing power. So, Water teaches us about unconditional agape love; She teaches us that purification, that washing away of what no longer serves us; She teaches us about Unity; Water connects us all around the world; She doesn’t care about boundaries or borders. She flows up to the Sky and falls in a different country, and flows down that river into the Ocean, so she teaches us of Unity.

So for me, that was those principles of Love, of Purity, of Unity. It’s also really revered in a lot of cultures for forgiveness; a lot of forgiveness; indigenous forgiveness rituals involve water – that washing away of holding onto resentment. 

So, Water Prayers are simple. It goes out of the premise that Water actually has memory – and this something that scientists have been discovering and also of course the movie “Frozen” I think we all watched “Frozen 2” and loved that movie. And one of the main messages is that Water has memory. Well that’s true and you can see it in Dr. Omotto’s work where he actually photographed water crystals after specific frequencies of music or different words were spoken to them. And you can see how the water crystals respond differently. And so, Water responds to harmonic frequencies and high vibrations of Love and Gratitude the best. So the more that we can be in a state of Love and Gratitude that helps the water crystals of our body, but also helps the Waters all around us.

So the Water Prayers are understanding that. When we talk to Water, we’re not crazy, we’re actually giving the Water a blessing. And I believe that one of the purposes of being human is that we have the ability to feel Gratitude – how amazing is that! We can appreciate the Creator’s Creation; we can appreciate the Flowers, and the Sky, and the Waters – so being anchored in that frequency, walding Water Prayers is essential. 

But what I love to do is, I have my Water Chalice, and every morning I will fill this chalice with water and I will say prayers for my health and well-being for my own body, and then I’ll drink that water and I’ll feel that water being a blessing to all of myselves. 

And then I also have a Water Bowl where I do prayers for the Collective, and I keep this on my Water Altar. And every morning I go outside and I do a meditation and I say prayers for blessing that I wish to see in the world. I say prayers for Heaven on Earth; I say prayers for Peace for All Life and I speak that into the Water. And once I’m completed doing that, I actually pour a little bit of the Water onto a crystal that I have in the ground. And I water that crystal and pray that the prayers that I’ve done with this Water will ripple out into all the waters on the Planet and be a gift and a blessing. And I do that every morning and I keep that Water for a Full Lunar Cycle, so every New Moon I replace the Water in ceremony and I’ll go and offer the Water back to either a Water Source or to the Land, and then I’ll refill the Bowl and I’ll put it back on the Altar. 

So that’s my daily Water Prayer practice and it’s so powerful; so simple but so powerful in connecting and reminding me of those principles of Love, Peace, Unity and Forgiveness.

[24:57] Sahara:

That is so beautiful and I’m sure just taking that Water in, just giving it that little bit of intentionality, it makes it so much more hydrating, and healing, and refreshing, and it’s so interesting that now there is this remembrance of Water. And a lot of people, instead of staying out of balance, they’re staying hydrated. We are dehydrated as a society and what we need is more hydration and connecting to that Water element, and having more of it in our lives.

And a lot of your workers speaking about the waters of our bodies, particularly the Amrita, which is our sacred ejaculation. I don’t even know what the word is for it, but the flowing of our internal waterfalls. 

So, can you share a little bit more about that?

[25:45] Dakota: 

I would love to. So, hydration, what you said, is really the root cause of most ailments. Most people are dehydrated because a lot of the water is actually what I call ‘Dead Water’ or ‘Dehydrating Water’.

So, I believe that spring water is the best water that we can drink for our bodies. It’s the water that comes from deep, deep under the Earth. It’s filled with all of that Mana, with all of that Energy, all those Minerals, Probiotics. And what happens is, a lot of the spring water that we get in the store, it’s actually been heat-treated and it’s killing all of the living nutrients. And then a lot of the times it’s put into plastic or bottles and shipped, and this is to keep it shelf-stable. So gathering our own spring water is an amazing way to be hydrated. And hydration is an essential part of our Amrita, or having a female ejaculation. If we are dehydrated, our bodies aren’t going to be as willing to let go of that nectar, as I like to call it. 

So, Amrita is what I like to call female ejaculation, and so many women are having conflicting viewpoints of Amrita because a lot of us have only seen it maybe in pornography or heard about it in not a very sacred way. And there’s also sometimes, blown out of proportion, thoughts around it like “Oh, women will just squirt across the room if they’re having sex and have this kind of orgasm” – that can happen. For myself, that’s not what happens for me; and for a lot of women that’s actually not what happens. 

So, Amrita is our Divine Nectar that flows from our G-spot (that flows through the urethra) but you’re stimulating our G-spot and then comes at the height of orgasm. So, the Dallars actually call the G-spot – ‘The Black Pearl’ and I love this name for it because for me the G-spot never resonated (it’s actually named after a man, a gynecologist back in Germany), and to me, that part of a woman’s body named after a man just makes no sense; so this name of ‘The Black Pearl’ really resonates. And Amrita, it feels amazing, it’s my favorite kind of orgasm. And a lot of us, a lot of women have experienced clitoral orgasms, but it’s more rare to experience internal orgasms. And there’s many different kinds of internal orgasms, but my favorite is definitely Amrita – G-spot orgasm. 

And what happens is that through the stimulation, the rhythmic stimulation, of the G-spot, these waters build inside of us; and at that height of orgasm, the water actually flows out. And a lot of women have this building happen inside of their bodies but actually hold it back during climax because they’re afraid they’re going to pee; because that’s kind of the only reference point that we are given as women. If you haven’t experienced it before, it also flows just like through your urethra; just like a man’s semen also flows through his urethra; so getting over that, kind of hempherdas fear of peeing will allow you to let go and experience that release that our bodies naturally want to have. And a lot of times you can think “Oh it’s messy or I don’t want to make the bed wet” but really, it’s this wild form of empowerment I believe. And I’m so gratified of having them for a really long time, since I was 15 years old, and the first man I was with never shamed me about it. I know this is also something that happens – is women get shamed because men don’t understand and think that they keep it that as well, but really, this is female ejaculate, just like men have their ejaculate, we can also ejaculate. However, it does not look like male ejaculate; I have had some women say “Oh wait, I thought it was supposed to be all milky and thick” but no, it’s actually clear, it looks like water, there’s no smell, there’s no taste, and it’s just this beautiful form of water.

And on a spiritual note, I believe that this water is sacred. So, this water flows from the depth of our body, at the height or orgasm – think of the frequency that that water contains, the bliss, the pleasure that that water contains, it’s so powerful. And I love to actually do ceremony with it. And one of my favorite stories about Amrita is – I went to the Ocean to offer the Ocean my Amrita Nectar for the first time. I collected it and felt inspired to make an offering. And I remember just putting it on the sand, it was also an embodiment photo shoot, and I just walked away from the jar. And all of a sudden this rogue wave came out of nowhere, super-high on the sand, and grabbed it and sucked it into Her, and in that moment I got this message from the Water and She said “I need you to keep offering your Amrita; I need the Sacred Nectar; I need to know that my Daughters are experiencing the pleasure that they were meant to.” Because think about it, in Ancient Times, we used to make love on the Earth; we used to make love outside; our juices would flow onto Her; it used to be Ancient Fertility Rites; Ancient Goddess Rites; Beltain (is a common one that’s still practiced today in certain places; May 1st). And there were Fertility Rites of offering and making love on the ground and to bless the seeds, to bless the crops, to bless the Goddess. And so, it’s really important that we get back to this understanding that this fluid is not just a benefit for us and our bodies, but it’s actually a gift to the Planet. And this frequency is a gift, this frequency of pleasure, of our bliss, and our ecstasy that’s contained in this water – Wow! Giving that back to the Earth is so powerful! 

And yeah, it’s just such a gift to be able to be alive, and I feel like the more that we can give our gratitude for that gift of having this body and to tap into the potential that lays within us – it’s really, really important. 

[32:26] Sahara:

And I think a lot of people have been collectively giving their menstrual blood back to the Earth and that is now a pretty common practice (people giving it to their house plants etc.). But I definitely haven’t heard many people speak about the Amrita. I think, I don’t know what the statistics are, but I think it’s 40%-50% of women aren’t even experiencing an orgasm from penetration, and I don’t know what’s the percentage that experiences the Amrita. I think a lot of women have experienced wet or creamy but even for myself, I don’t know if it’s been like an Amrita experience. 

So, can you share with us maybe any tips, practices, things to be mindful of to let these waters move through us?

[33:15] Dakota: 

Absolutely! What you just said – let the waters move through us – is really the golden key because it teaches us the ultimate surrender. It doesn’t happen if we’re in our heads thinking about what we look like or our to-do list or if he’s enjoying it or not, any of these thoughts that you might have. It comes from that complete just ‘no mind’ space where you’re so fully in the sensations and able to really surrender.

And Amrita is actually directly connected to the heart, so our G-spot, that spot inside of our yonis (for those of you who don’t know where your G-spot is, it’s located on the anterior walls, so the belly button side, and it’s about 1-3 inches inside, and it’s a ridged spot, it kind of feels like the riff of your mouth. So if you put your tongue on the riff of your mouth and you feel those ridges, it’s ridged just like that) and this spot is directly connected to our heart and emotions.

So what I’ve found is that in order to let our Amrita flow, it’s really important to be in touch with our tears and the sacredness of crying. And in my own personal story, the one time that my Amrita stopped flowing, it was after a massive heart break (my ex actually went insane) and when I was with my next partner, I couldn’t have an Amrita orgasm. And I was so confused, I’ve never had any trouble, and I ended up getting us Tantric classes because I thought it was his fault. But what was revealed during the sessions is that it was actually this block that I had in my heart; that I was really devastated and heart broken and I hadn’t really felt it. And literally, as soon as I felt it and released those tears my Amrita started flowing again. 

And so, having Amrita orgasms, it’s not just all about having the pleasure and the bliss, it’s actually really deep work, because what I teach is – you actually need to go into your G-spot and feel all the other things that are there that might be blocking that water from flowing. For example, traumas, pain, heart brakes, the pain, the anger, the grief, all those pieces, and transmuting and releasing them, I specifically teach through massage and through our voice, so through massaging the G-spot and sounding, moving those emotions through somatically, our voice is so powerful and it’s directly connected to our yoni as well. There’s (you’ve probably seen those pictures circulating the internet how our vocal cords are the same shape as our yoni) and it’s so amazing to realize that correlation.

So, for having Amrita orgasms I recommend doing G-spot massage; feeling what’s there; sounding it out; really allowing yourself to feel, to cry, to journal – and it might take time, that’s the thing, you can’t force the waters to flow. It’s really this relationship that you’re building with this part of yourself; with your body. 

And on a practical note, the ribbon is, what I found is if you’re using your finger, sometimes they can get tired because it’s a kind of rhythmic pulsing motion and the kind of a ‘come hither’ with your fingers, where I know that your wrist can tire quickly. So when you’re first learning it, it can be very helpful to actually get a G-spot Wand (I recommend Rosie Rees’s Yoni Palace, Sacred Squirter Wand, it’s made of glass and she has high quality products; it a perfect curved shape and it takes that pressure off of your hand. So that’s an amazing place to start, it’s just exploring your G-spot; calling in your Water; setting in intention. Intention is so powerful – sometimes when I take my course, and I say “Dakota, just by signing up I’m having them; just giving myself permission, I’m having them!” and I say “Yeah, that’s how it works!” sometimes we just need that permission. So, if you’re listening to this, this is your permission to let your Waters flow; to let yourself feel all those things that might be in your G-spot that want to be released. And the Waters are about emotion, so, being in touch with our emotions, not bypassing them, but really allowing ourselves to know their power, and that we don’t need to be scared of them; that they move, just like the ocean waves – one day we’re happy, one day we’re not; one day we’re angry, one day we’re not. But that’s not who we are, we’re the Water itself; we’re not just the waves on the surface that come and go. So that’s been something that’s really helped me in moving through those pieces, especially with sexual trauma which is so deep and can be so challenging to deal with and to really face.        

[38:14] Sahara:

That is so important to mention because I think a lot of times we think of these things almost as theatrical acts because of the pornography industry, like “Oh yeah, I want to become a squirter now because guys will think it’s hot” or “It’s another goal that I’m setting for myself” or (I don’t want anyone to have it in their head of) “I must’ve been doing it wrong this whole time because I’m not having that experience.”Different people are just connected to different parts of their bodies and it’s always this learning. 

My question is, are all of your G-spot orgasms now creating the Amrita or do you also have G-spot orgasms without Amrita?   

[38:52] Dakota: 

That’s a great question; I have both. So you can absolutely have G-spot orgasms without Amrita and you can have them with Amrita. 

What I notice is that it really depends emotionally for me, where I’m at; it also depends where I’m at in my menstrual cycle if I’m ovulating, if I’m feeling a little more juicy. And I also just want to go back to what you said about any women that haven’t experienced them – just knowing that there’s not anything that you’re doing wrong. This is something that can take cultivation, that can take practice, and it’s something that’s really important to do for you. Not to do it for your partner; not to do it because anyone else is doing it, but because you just genuinely feel that you want to experience this for yourself. There’s that curiosity; there’s that openness that’s coming from a place of innocence and no pressure, because when we are in that surrender, there can’t be that expectation. So I tell women it takes us as long as it needs to take – whether it takes a week or it takes 3 years, or 10 years – just being present with what is, allowing that to flow.

And this reminds me actually of your question before regarding the different fluids. A lot of women say “Oh, I’m really wet. Is that Amrita?” And being wet, that’s beautiful, that’s just a beautiful fluid, and that’s something that can be really sweet as well if you want to put it on a crystal and offer that to the Earth. But with Amrita, there’s more of the fluid, so you’ll actually, literally feeling it pour from you. The quantity varies, sometimes I have smaller ones; sometimes they’re huge, like yesterday, there was this puddle that was like a foot and a half long across the bed; so sometimes they’re really explosive and I also feel like this has to do with how hydrated we are. Like I said before, it’s really important to make sure we’re not dehydrated. And then also realizing, our bodies, just like Mother Earth, can create water. So this is something that you can just type into Google – ‘our bodies create water’ – there’s a really small percent that we actually manufacture ourselves. We don’t get from drinking outside of ourselves, our body makes it.

So that’s my thought, that part of the Amrita is actually our body generating that herself as well as pouring it in from the walls.

So, there’s also primary water under the Earth, where the Earth creates her own water and so I just love that we’re the microcosm of Her, that we have that same ability, so beautiful.


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[42:42] Sahara: 

I have this friend who says she has Amrita, but for her it’s not always with pleasure, it’s more something that she knows where to touch herself to create it, but it doesn’t feel like an orgasm. 

What do you think is happening if someone is experiencing that?  

[43:02] Dakota: 

That’s a great question! Some women can have Amrita experiences without an orgasm, and my personal take on that is that there might be some pain in the G-spot that hasn’t been fully released to feel that pleasure. And this happens to me too, if I’m not properly warmed up or if I have some emotional stuff that I haven’t dealt with, that I know is there, it’s going to be painful, and so sometimes it’s not possible until I deal with those pieces. You can push through, and go through the pain, and just get an Amrita experience, but for me, that’s not really the goal. It’s really to be so present with our bodies, so present following and listening to the sensation that when we build that energy, when we build that water – we’re building that orgasmic energy; and part of our orgasmic energy is feeling whatever is there. So sometimes it’s more orgasmic to cry or to scream than to have an orgasm – because what’s fully pleasurable is letting ourselves feel exactly what’s present. 

So a lot of times there is pain that needs to be felt before that pleasure can be there, and you can push through it and just cum or have an ejaculation, but for me, it’s less about that goal as it is the journey of getting to know our G-spots and moving through all of those layers that might be there.   

[44:35] Sahara: 

Thank you so much for explaining. 

Do you think that it would be helpful to work with a Jade Egg before to maybe create a little bit more sensitivity or do you think that that’s not really necessary, it’s more like fingers or on-spot?

[45:50] Dakota: 

That’s a great question as well. I feel like it’s optional. I’ve worked with a Jade Egg in my life, but I don’t love it, it’s not my go-to practice. And so I say, if you tried Jade Egg and you love it – go for it. If that really helps you get in touch with your yoni and sensitivity – absolutely. Also, if you feel like you need to build more pelvic strength, that’s a really great way to do that, however, it’s not necessary. And just exploring and massaging with your fingers can be really powerful as well because we get to feel the texture, we get to feel the sensations, and it’s really vulnerable – I know a lot of the times women can have blocks around feeling themselves, but it’s so profound to feel the different layers, and textures, and sensations actually with our own fingers. 

So that’s what I recommend for number one, but the Jade Egg can absolutely be a great tool especially about something that you already work with and really resonate with.

[45:52] Sahara: 

And I think a lot of women, honestly, feel a bit of disgust touching themselves. I watched some show and for the first time these women actually took a mirror and looked into their vulva, and these are grown women, it was like a dating show or something too, but they had never done it and they were at first really disgusted or shameful, and then they began to love it. But I think a lot of women have this feeling of maybe feeling queasy or a man should only touch me, or a partner should only touch me.

So, how can they work through some negativity that shows up for them when it comes with touching themselves?

[46:30] Dakota: 

Yeah, absolutely! It’s so deep because it brings up all the sexual trauma. It brings up every time that we have sex or maybe we weren’t a full yes, and it can be so deeply emotional. 

What I recommend is what you just said, the yoni-gazing, it’s such a powerful way to start because you can start reprogramming those beliefs without actually touching yourself. And I recommend with yoni-gazing, getting really comfortable, and doing it like a meditation, like setting on sacred space, putting on music, lighting candles, incense – really making it a beautiful experience, not just in the bathroom, kind of haphazardly trying to take a peep, but really making it a sacred journey. 

And then begin by noticing what arises; when you look at her, what do you feel; what are those negative beliefs that you have? And then honoring those; speaking them out loud and asking for support in those being released; and reprogramming; saying what you love about her; saying all the things you appreciate about her; saying how beautiful she is; whatever’s authentic to you – reprogramming that visually with yourself. And there’s actually something really powerful called ‘yoni-gazing’ – it’s an oracle reading (I actually have a friend that does this) but what you can do is, you can do it yourself. Our yonis are shaped like our mouths, and I believe that our yonis also, have things that they want to say to us. We often think of our yoni as being this part of our body that maybe we’re kind of disconnected from or like you said we only want a man to touch us – but really she’s not just for sex as well. Our yoni literally births babies; our yoni is this root chakra throne of power that we have. So, a part of eye-gazing with her; yoni-gazing with her is to not just see her in a sexual light; not just see her in this way, but to look at her and say “Wow, I see you as this powerful portal that has the ability to birth not just children but dreams and visions to this world, and I want to hear what you have to say.” So also just taking some time – I teach women – just take time and listen to her; look at her and ask her “What do you have to say to me?” – and what can come through is profound; the messages; the insights; it’s like listening to your intuition and actually asking your center, your root portal of power – so amazing to do this. 

[49:18] Sahara: 

And what I love about Tantra is – we in the West have for some reason become very obsessed with the Third Eye – we want to be intuitive. But Tantra is all about the root and the sacral chakra, you fully are focused on that, meditating into that because that’s where – if that’s not opened and fully blossomed like a thousand petaled lotus, nothing else is going to light up and my Tantra teacher was sharing that. If you actually only focus on meditating on the Third Eye and the other chakras below are not open, you’ll actually create more over-thinking, over-analytical excess mind because it’s not in harmony with that root and the rest of the body.

And another beautiful thing that people can do with that practice is to breathe and look at your yoni and watch her; even different emotions watch her change. 

I did this really cool workshop at Burning Man last year and that was a yoni-gazing ritual so were in partners, it was all female wo-man, and we unclothed our bottom parts and opened up our legs, and for 15 minutes you stared at your partners yoni and told her everything you loved about it, and then for 15 minutes she did it back to you. And it was actually, for me, even more challenging to stare at someone else’s yoni for so long because being looked at I could almost check-out mentally of “Okay, yeah, this is happening but I’m kind of disassociating.” But to want to be really focused on her yoni, making sure she feels comfortable, so I didn’t want to look away or anything, I wanted her to feel fully held because I knew how vulnerable it was to her. And to keep coming up with things that I could tell her about that I loved about it, I was like “Wow, I never even looked at any vulva for so long.” And it was also so powerful when you changed partners to see how different and unique and perfect they all are. 

[51:13] Dakota: 

Yes! Oh I love that you did that, it’s so beautiful and it’s so true, they are all so different. And if you’re watching porn or looking at different magazines, you think they’re all supposed to look one way, but it’s just not true, they’re as different as different flowers on the Earth. I remember the first time that I realized that I’d never seen another woman’s yoni; I’d never even really looked at another woman’s breasts or touched another woman’s breasts; and I felt like this disconnection with my own body. I felt like “Wow, more men have seen women than I have seen women, and it felt like something was in balance and had been kind of taken through the cultural conditioning. So that actually brought me on this whole other journey of reclaiming that part of myself and integrating it into retreats; and we also do yoni-gazing with each other and speaking poetry and messages, and it’s so powerful what it comes through. And like you said, it can be even more challenging being the one watching because there’s also those conditionings of like “Is think okay?”

[52:29] Sahara: 

Absolutely, and I’ve definitely had that realization of – you know, you’re friends with people for so long and you’re like “Wow, I haven’t seen them naked,” I feel like seeing your friend naked is like a milestone in the friendship, like “I saw your tits, bring them closer.” 

And also, I think there’s a lot of shame around pubic hair too of like “I have a bush. I don’t have a bush. I have this. I have that.” And I think back in the days of the Turkish bath houses, the women would always be together naked and in Turkey, I had the pleasure of doing a bath house, and it was so amazing to see all these different women’s bodies, and it wasn’t weird; no one was looking at each other, no one was trying to look out of the corner of their eye, it was like “Oh, another woman’s body” just like you would see a woman’s body on the beach with a bikini. For some reason we haven’t crossed that threshold yet of the yoni and the breasts. Now we’re slowly starting to normalize it but I think we still have that little bit of a story in our heads of “Someone’s going to judge me for my body” or someone’s going to think “I’m looking for male attention if I show my body.”

[53:36] Dakota: 

Absolutely. And that’s really when I went to New Zealand at 18, it was so huge (same with Turkey) they’re so comfortable. And especially the Europeans, they’re just natural being naked, and I remember I felt so awkward at first. But yeah, I think that what that really comes down to is that we’ve been taught that our breasts and that our yoni are sexual. And that’s just one small component of our yoni and our breasts. So I feel like normalizing breast-feeding as well, in public; normalizing, like you said, being naked together with your friends – my best friends and I, I’ve seen their yonis just through our hanging out and having fun together; so it’s not a sexual thing just understanding that through seeing another woman’s body, it help us to understand our own. 

I actually had a soul retrieval happen the first time that I had another woman look at my yoni and I looked at her yoni, it was really profound. What came back to me, it was this part of feeling the shame, I couldn’t have that from a past life, and in that moment it was healed. And from that moment forward there’s just been this full comfortable feeling with nudity and other women. 

[54:56] Sahara: 

Yeah, I think it’s the ultimate healing of the Feminine and so many of us are remembering our Magdalene lineage; Isis lineage; Sex Magic; all of these things, but you can’t jump into “I’m going to manifest with my orgasms if you can’t even be at peace with your body on its own, so it’s building up those steps there.    

And the other thing I want to as you on this topic of Amrita is – are cervical orgasms are also related to Amrita or is it only G-spot?

[55:27] Dakota: 

I have only had Amrita with G-spot orgasms. I love cervical orgasms, I’ve had them before. For me, cervical orgasms are really like – when I’ve had them before, I get downloads, these massive downloads that happen because it’s literally the portal to your womb is opening and orgasming and spasming. With G-spots, Amrita specifically, it feels like a Baptism, like a relaxation; like all of my cells are getting baptized; and it’s not so much a clenching orgasm – clitoral orgasms for me, it kind of feels like this electric, kind of like clenching. With the Amrita it’s this relaxing, this surrendering, this letting go sensation that I really, really enjoy the feeling and sensation of.

[56:14] Sahara: 

Yes, I feel the same way with the cervical, I definitely see visions and downloads and it definitely feels like you really have to be so focused and present to let that part of you – because it is, it is your womb, the corner of your womb, so it takes a lot of opening and surrender to even get there.

Someone shared that there are different archetypes: so the clitoral orgasm is like the Maiden, and the G-spot is the Wild Woman, and the cervical is like the Crone, and I was like “That definitely resonates.” The G-spot Amrita is like the Mermaid Energy, the Playful Energy.

[56:55] Dakota: 

Exactly, yes, that wild surrender of just letting go.

[56:58] Sahara:  

And last question I’d love to ask you is what does connecting to the Lemurian frequency mean to you as someone who’s living on Kauai right now?  

[57:08] Dakota: 

Oh my Gosh, it’s such a great question! 

So for me, Lemuria, there can be so much thought around what was Lemuria? You know, was it a physical place; was it a higher dimensional realm? And the reality is we don’t know, there’s so many different people that have different thoughts on what it actually was, but for me, the most important thing is just connecting to the energy, connecting to the essence and bringing that into right now, this body, this moment, right now. 

And the first time that I came to Kauai I started having such deep, mystical, other-worldly experience – I had the vision of the Flower of Life blooming in front of my face and just a lot of really mystical things, and I started feeling connected to this higher dimensional realm (you might want to call 5G, 6G or whatever you want to call the higher dimension). 

And for me, Lemuria, that specific frequency is one of that the dolphins still carry so powerfully, that ecstatic bliss and that joy. It’s a time before the Fall, before humans falling into this lower, different experiences (I that I won’t call them lower; it’s been such a beautiful learning lesson for all of us to be able to have the opportunity to experience greed, or shame, or hatred, or pain, or all of these things of “Wow, what a great learning experience!”) but Lemuria was before those things. It was when we were living in a more refined vibration of light and experiencing more peace, and love, and prosperity, and joy for all. 

And for me, connecting to the Lemurian frequency, what’s been the most helpful (of course living on Kauai, because it’s said that Kauai is actually a remnant of Ancient Lemuria, and I can definitely attest to that, just my own personal experiences of being here), but what I’ve found to be the most helpful and connecting to that frequency is of course Calling in the Dolphins. For me, dolphins are my number one Spirit Guide, whenever I do shamanic journeys they’re always right there – it’s dolphins and then the angelic realm. So, dolphins to me are very connective to that energy.

Of course the Water. So like I’ve shared in this Podcast, doing your Water Prayers; making your water offerings, and specifically working with crystals and making water offerings, and gem stones – this is so powerful.

I want to share a brief story – when I first came here five years ago, I headed up to this really mystical, hidden waterfall, and when I was at the waterfall I was told to offer this crystal that I had on me to the waters. And it was a root elated quartz that I’d been singing into for five years and it had all these lines, because you know how root elated quartz – when you sing into them, it programs and gives the beautiful lines. And so the Water asked for it and I thought “Oh no, I can’t let go of this crystal, I love it so much” and she was like “No, I need this crystal” and I said “Okay” and I offered it to her waters and I let it go, and in that moment I felt the Spirit of the Waterfall come up through my body. And it was like my cells were blooming in flowers, I’ve never experienced that same sensation, it was like I was meeting the Deva of that Waterfall, it was so powerful. And so, what’s coming to me since then, I do so many incredible crystal water offerings, is that this is such a primary way that we can access those subtle dimensions.

First off, we need to ask and second off, we need to give a gift. 

So crystals are one of the best things that we can give – Water is really connected to Lemuria and Water is a portal, just like we came through the waters of our mother and father into the womb, the watery womb – Water is also an access point for spirits – that’s why you get downloads in the shower; you get downloads in the bath, literally there’s more of an opening available for that to happen when you’re in the water. 

So I recommend going to the water and getting a crystal that you’re going to offer – whether it’s been one that you’ve been working with for years or it’s one that you feel like She needs Laramar – and going to the water, whether that’s a waterfall, river, ocean, just let your intuition lead you. And pray into the crystal, and pray to the water, ask “I am here to be in service of humanity and I feel a deep desire to connect more with this Lemurian frequency of Love, of Joy, of Heaven on Earth, of the Peace for all, and I make this offering, this crystal offering in gratitude for my life and I ask for assistance in moving forward more connected to this energy and to this essence.” And then offering the crystal into the water and wait and see what happens – like I said I’ve had magical experiences from this. And if nothing happens, just wait, nothing happens instantly, we don’t need instant gratification, you can have a realization come many months later that’s linked to that. And keep doing it, really get into this rhythm of making crystal offerings to water – She’s calling for it, really calling for it, that’s been the message I’ve been receiving so clearly, so deeply.

[1:02:30] Sahara: 

What a beautiful story, I had full body chills hearing that, and that’s definitely something I want to start doing more of blessing my crystals, singing to my crystals. What was the name of the crystal you said that has the lines when you sing to it?  

[1:02:42] Dakota: 

Yes, root elated quartz. So bought it and literally I would sing, all I did was this chakra singing practice and I’d sing into my crystal and it started getting golden – literally growing, sprouting these golden lines – it was so magical. And I realized “Wow, I’m actually just like a computer, it’s information stored on crystal – I am getting my information stored into the crystal, and oh this is the piece I wanted to say:

So, in connecting with the unseen realms and it’s a long story, but anyway, when connecting to.    

[1:03:18] Sahara: 

Share it, share, we’re here for it.

[1:03:20] Dakota: 

Okay, well, there’s the Little People – so this is another part of mysticism – is that there’s the leprechauns of Ireland; there’s the Manahune of Hawaii; there’s the Contomble of Africa, and these Little People – we can’t see them because we can barely see anything as humans, we see less than 1% of the visible light spectrum – so, we’re walking around and there’s all these other beings and frequencies that are actually there.

And so the message I received from Contomble, the Little People of Africa, is they said that the crystals are storing the Lemurian frequency – the Rocks, the Stone Beings and the Crystals – they’ve been around since those times, especially here on Kauai, you know, this part of Kauai is still a part of the ocean – it was the temple, a temple of Lemuria, all of it. So the access point is still really open to those higher dimensional realms and mystical experiences. And it’s not just here, this is all over the world – there’s places all over the world. 

But the crystals are holding this frequency; the stones are holding this frequency, they’re not just rocks, they’re literally containing information; containing consciousness. And so as we’re offering, and we’re intending, we’re praying; asking for this Lemurian frequency to be awakened within us and to be awakened again on the Planet, we’re praying that to the crystal, we’re offering it – we’re asking the crystals and the stone beings to wake up, we’re saying “We’re ready! We’re ready for you! It’s time!” This information was hidden, we’ve been going through the Dark Ages, but now it’s the dawn of Aquarius, all the darkness is coming out to be seen, but I really do believe that we’re entering a Golden Age, and we’re remembering these Ancient teachings and that they are in Nature – so getting out into Nature, connecting with the Water, connecting with the crystals, and the stones, and the trees, and remembering just birth rites of ours as humans to connect back with Nature. And to ask, we always need to ask – so asking the crystals; asking the Water; and starting to have a relationship – it’s just like a person, you’re not going to have a deep relationship with someone if you don’t put in energy. You can’t just expect, automatically, you’re going to have a good relationship – sometimes you groove with more people more than with others, but it takes energy. Same with making a relationship with Water, making a relationship with a crystal – it takes our energy and our intention.

[1:05:57] Sahara: 

So beautifully stated! I think right now, so many people are obsessed with this buzz word of manifestation, but it’s like “I want to take, take, take; give me this boyfriend, and this car, and this much money” and you haven’t built a relationship with the Elements; you haven’t given back to the Earth. And I actually remember my first time seeing the Little People, the Little Beings, in Bali on a mushroom medicine ceremony. And seeing them just in this perfect line, and they were in different lines and different places. And they weren’t human, they had no personality to them, they were just moving in these very specific orders; and having that realization of they’re always there and they’re everywhere. And sometimes when something might move in your house or appear, it’s them. It’s like “I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before” but they are there, and that’s why in every single culture around the world we have some form of elves or gnomes, as well as mermaids, nymphs, sirens, all of these mystical beings; it’s not dragons, it’s mot made up – why would all of these completely disconnected cultures have these exact same images? – it’s because it’s there; it’s a multi-dimensional Being that we are now being able to receive access to.

[1:07:12] Dakota:  

Absolutely love, and I just got chills, and they’re ready! I feel like, that’s been part of my prayers actually, every day, it’s like “I’m ready, I feel like it’s time that we see more of you!” And when humans realize that it’s not just a tree; or it’s not just a flower – it has a spirit, it has a Deva; it has a different care for it. And if you just think “Oh it’s just a flower! Oh it’s just a tree!” – it’s like “No, that’s a living being!” and we have that connection. 

I just want to reiterate what you said about the manifestation because I feel like that’s one the biggest spiritual traps of our generation is Consumerism, Materialism “More, more, more; give me more; manifest more” and really, that’s not what it’s about. And it’s not just using spiritual tools to get what you want – that’s not the point!

[1:08:02] Sahara: 

This modern manifestation movement is that, it’s Consumerism wrapped in a little spiritual bow tie.

[1:08:08] Dakota: 

It’s just completely wrong and it’s sad, it’s sad. Hopefully people see through it and recognize that it’s the alchemy of your soul. You don’t take anything with you after you die except the alchemy that you’ve done inside of yourself; and the connection you’ve that made inside of yourself; Spirit – the good that you’ve done; what you’ve sown; the seeds that you’ve planted. It’s more about, I like to say when we give something, we’re receiving. If we’re giving from purity, I know a lot of times as women we can over-give, and it’s not coming from an up here place of overflowing chalice, and there can be resentment; but if we can truly give from that place of authenticity and overflow, we automatically receive.

And I’m living my dream life! I live in heaven on earth, literally everything in my life right now, it’s like I feel like I’m literally in Heaven – it’s magic! But I never was like “Oh, I’m just doing spiritual practices to try to get something” – no, it was the alchemy in going on a journey, and holding on the vision, and letting of how you’re going to get there, because there’s a Divine Plan. I believe there’s a Divine Plan for all of our lives and it takes letting go of the conditioning which most of us are getting a lesson in right now because literally the whole entire matrix is falling apart in front of our eyes. So it can seem like “Oh my Gosh, the world’s ending!” Yes, that world is ending – thank the Goddess! But there is a whole other world that has always been here and will always be here; and when you tap into that frequency, and tap into that – that’s where, it’s not like you take everything handed on a silver platter, but every step can become one of magic because we learn to not be afraid of the anger, the grief or whatever it is – we’re embracing life, we’re truly living, and we’re having that courage of our soul to follow our heart and to listen to the subtle realms – and to be magical, not just to fit in a box.

[1:10:15] Sahara: 

Yes to all of that! And this is an invitation for everyone listening, to trust the codes that are coming through them, there’s no right and wrong way to work with Water or to work with anything. Being a Water Priestess, like you are, it’s a remembrance, it’s an inner calling, and just be with the waters and see what comes through. Do you want to sing to it? Do you want to move around in it?

So many of us, naturally, especially as kids, are swimming like a mermaid in the water – I remember when I was 11 years old, doing this full, with my family, friends and brother, making them follow me along in this full water ceremony – I found these coconuts and not knowing, I was baptizing them and we were praying, and I was being a kid, but I was just remembering something that I used to do. 

So it’s like letting that come through you and trusting, as wacky or weird as it might seem, this is actually something that you have probably been doing in a past life that you’re finally giving yourself the permission to do in this one.

[1:11:17] Dakota: 

So beautifully said love, I love that you were doing that. When you come to Hawaii let’s definitely do that, that sounds so fun.

And yeah, what you said is such a key, tapping into the child-like innocence and the child-like joy where you literally don’t care what anyone else thinks and you’re in the water, and you’re just following what feels good; and playing; and doing silly things; and just allowing yourself to be, and not in those constructs of “Water Priestess does this and so I have to act like that, and do this.” Passive rituals become stale and that’s why I always say with any of the ritual that I share in teaching, it’s like make it your own – use it as a guideline but then do what inspires you in the moment, because the most spiritual thing that we can do is get present, where we’re not in the past; we’re not in the future; we’re so right now. And we’re just in that current and that alignment with Source, and that’s where I’ve seen other worldly magic happen from. Not so much following a script or someone else’s religious or spiritual idea – it’s like “No, really, it lives in you, all the answers are in you and listening to your deep, deep, deep wisdom” and getting quiet enough to hear that voice, and I know that being in the water and working with the water has been the most instrumental thing for helping me to access that. 

[1:12:47] Sahara: 

Thank you so much for sharing. This is inspiring me just to drink a bunch of water right now and get into a bath and just let myself be at One with the Water that I am.

So where can listeners connect with you further, come on your next retreat and just learn from you?

[1:13:03] Dakota: 

Everything can be found at dakotachanel.com. I have a 6-month Water Priestess Mystery School; I have an Amrita Orgasm Course; and then I have some upcoming retreats that are getting moved to the spring of next year.

And then Instagram of course – @iamdakotachanel. 

 [1:13:18] Sahara: 

Perfect! And I will have that link in the show notes.

Thank you so much for sharing this, this was so much fun. I’m like “Let’s talk about the Mermaids now and now the Dolphins so much!” I am definitely on that water wave length with you so thank you so much for being a Light, a Wave and sharing with all of us.

[1:13:36] Dakota:  

Thank you so much Samerian Sister, I so deeply appreciate you, it was so good to be with you today. 

[1:13:42] End of Interview 


[1:13:43] Sahara: 

How sacred, and juicy, and flowing was that episode! 

I loved it so much! It’s definitely, right after I did it, I did a water ritual, I had an empty coconut shell that I filled with water and offered it to my Altar and definitely want to be connecting even more with that frequency.

I notice, every time I go into a pool or a tub or something, it’s so much of my stress just alleviates. And I think we constantly need that reminder in this very aggressive, very masculine shadow side of the masculine world today. 

[1:14:25] Sahara: 

So, Dakota is kindly offering Highest Self Podcast listeners a 10% off discount with code ‘Sahara’ – you can find that link in the show notes. If your sacred Amrita Course is calling your name – dive more into that!  


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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 309: Exploring Your Sacred Waters with Dakota Chanel
By Sahara Rose

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