Highest Self Podcast 212: Even Stuff That Sucks is Redirection with Sahara Rose

 Losing your wallet, getting locked out of your workout class, your phone crashing.. ALL redirection! In this episode, I discuss how you can understand the signs the universe is giving you so you can learn from the lessons and not repeat them. I also discuss a couple real life lessons I’ve learned over the past couple days.

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Episode 212 – Even Stuff That Sucks is Redirection with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. If it is your first time listening, welcome. If you’re here every week, hey yo, what’s happenin’ sugar mama, or sugar daddy, or whoever you are, I love you, thank you for being back. And today I wanted to do a quick episode about how even the things that suck—I’m talking about the things that you’re like, “Oh God, why is this happening to me? Universe, are you for freaking real? I’m a good person, why is this happening to me?” Anyone relate?

I’m talking about why even those things, even those moments, even those all hell break loose times in our lives are redirection. So a quote came through me a couple weeks ago that I’ve been sharing on the podcast, sharing on my Instagram, and that it’s rejection is redirection in our soul’s highest calling. So every time we were being rejected, every time we hear no, every time a door is slammed in our face, every time we thought we were going to get that job, we didn’t get it, we’re gonna get that house, didn’t work out, that relationship was gonna work out, they broke up with me.

Every time this happens, we are being redirected to something that is better serving us, something that we may not even know about in this moment. But the universe has a far grander vision than we do. The universe sees shit for us that we do not see for ourselves. I mean if you were to even imagine where your life is today five years ago, ten years ago, could you have ever imagined that it would have ended up this way? You know, maybe you had a totally different vision, but for some reason you got redirected to being exactly where you are right now, and aren’t you really freaking happy about it?

So this redirection is happening on grand scales as well as on micro scales. So I wanted to share with you two examples on very micro scales kind of embarrassing moments that have happened to me in the past two days that I wanted to share with you. And I just did a little IGTV on this, if you’re not following me on Instagram, @iamsahararose. I did an IGTV like sweaty right after it happened, so I’ve been doing a lot of these in-the-moment IGTVs, so follow me over there @iamsahararose.

But I’m going to share with you the first situation that happened to me, this is now three days ago. So I was going to my morning barre class, and I drove there early, I moved now, so the barre class is now 30-minute drive away, but I still love going, so I still go. And I get there, stuck in traffic, finally park my car, I’m like about to be late, and I notice that I can’t find my wallet. So I’m like looking through my car, I never lose my wallet, I’ve never lost it in my life. I’m looking for my wallet—where could it be? Where could it be? I can’t find it. I can’t even park my car and go to the barre class and think about it later, so I’m like, “Oh my God,” I realized what happened.

That the day before I was putting gas in my car and I put my wallet on top of my car—has anyone done this before—and I remember even looking at the wallet like, “You better not forget that, Sahara, like don’t leave it up there.” And I was like being extra mindful of not forgetting it. But what happened, I got distracted, and I forgot it on top of my car, and drove off, and I don’t know, the wallet flew off or fell or where it went. But by the time I realized the next day, there were already multiple deposits that had been tried to taken out from different ATM machines, over $6,000, and it was officially stolen.

And not just didn’t have my money in there, cash in there, gift cards in there, but also my ID, my driver’s license, that I need to get around places. So I’m like, “Shit, what the hell? Like why is this happening to me?” So I go to the bank, they can’t even identify me because I don’t have an ID, and it’s this whole long process. I’m like, “Oh my… like why is this going on?” And I know, the universe is always teaching us things, but I mean when shitty situations happen like that, you’re like, “What the hell are you teaching me? Like this sounds more like a punishment.”

And I’m going to admit to you that even in that moment I’m like, “Does the universe even exist?” Do you guys ever feel like that? Like when something bad happens, you’re like, “Is this all bullshit? Like if I really trusted, and karma, and all these things are real, like why is this bad thing happening to me?” So I went there, I went to that low, and I’m being totally vulnerable with you guys to share with you. As a spiritual teacher, I got that low of “why is this happening” victimhood.

I caught myself right there like, “Okay, you’re going into a negative spiral, and you’re blaming, and the only person to really blame is yourself, and this is the universe teaching you something.” So what could this situation be teaching me? If all things are benevolent, if all things are for my highest good, what is the situation right now teaching me? First thing that came up is mindfulness, that I need to be more mindful through everything that I walk through in my life.

Not just mindful when I’m writing a book, or doing a podcast, but mindful in where I park my car, you know, how—I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve parked my car in a parking lot, here in L.A. the parking lots are like freaking cities, and I come back, and I’m like, “I have no idea which parking lot I even parked in, let alone what floor, and what number, and color.” And I spend like 30 minutes to an hour looking for this car, trying to press the alarm, the alarm’s not sounding, I’m mad at the car. Even though it’s me, I should have just looked around when I got out of the car instead of rushing to the next thing, I should have looked around. Been mindful, said, “Okay, I parked in PB36,” written that down in my phone, maybe taken a picture, and continued with my day.

So being more mindful, how do we be more mindful, we cultivate mindfulness practices, we’re mindful in everything that we do. The way that we eat, I am someone who definitely will be eating while working a lot. A lot of the time, especially when my husband comes home late, so I’m alone, and I’m like, “Great, more time to work,” and that’s not being mindful at all. Waking up, even rushing to workout class first thing in the morning, not very mindful.

So mindfulness, I was like, “Okay, I hear you right now, this is a result of me not being mindful.” But the second lesson that I learned from it is to value my money. And a friend of mine, Tara, who’s been on this podcast, she shared with me an interesting story, she said that she remembered when she was in high school she was dating this girl, and the girl was well off, her parents were doctors, and they would go out to eat at a drive-thru, and every time the drive-thru would give her change, she would just throw the change in the back of the car.

And Tara, who grew up on food stamps was like, “Are you just throwing the money n the back of the car? Like that’s $10, like I could use $10, a lot of people could use $10, you’re just throwing it in the back of the car.” But this girl just didn’t really value money that she just—I mean to the extent that she’s just throwing cash in the back of her car.

Now though I was not throwing my money around, in a way, energetically I was. How many of you actually know each month how much you spend, and in what categories you spend it in? How many of you guys track, “Okay, these are the expenses I’m gonna need in the coming month. This is how much I should budget for it. This is how much I should invest.” How many of you guys do that? I don’t. I don’t, I wish I did, but I don’t. Even going through my bank statement I’m like, “Ugh, I don’t even remember what half these things are, but I think I did them, ugh.” Like sometimes the only times—I’m being really honest right now—sometimes the only times I’ll actually go into the back account is when I’m in overdraft, and I have to go into the back account, you know?

So it immediately shows me like I need to have a more fluid dynamic and personal relationship with my money. I need to treat that money like my girl, like I need to take her wining and dining. I need to ask her what does she want for dinner? I need to cook her up some tempeh, I need to make my money feel special, I need to go on money dates. I need to sit aside and count how much did I make this month, how much did I spend this month, what categories am I spending it, what can I cut back on, what could I invest in? I need to do that.

And because my relationship with my money has been very vata, which I talk about in my abundance mindset master class, our relationships with money can be characterized in the doshas. And a vata relationship is, ah, you know, money comes and goes, you’re not really sure how much you spent. You know, you’re just sort of like, “Ah, money, that’s heavy, and dirty, and weird, I don’t really want anything to do with it.” And then what ends up happening is you overspend, or you lose your wallet, literally, or you get taken advantage of, or so many other examples. I mean a really good example of this is Michael Jackson.

So Michael Jackson is like prime example of a vata, and I’m going to be doing a podcast episode very soon, so make sure you’re subscribed on celebrities and doshas, and what dosha each celebrity is, so be sure to subscribe for that. But Michael Jackson, very vata. So we can see that he is eccentric, he’s an artist, he’s creative, he’s also very slender, petite, very vata. And what else do we know about him? Well, we know that he went bankrupt. He acquired what would have been today’s amount of money about $2 billion brought to today’s money, so that was like $800 million in his time in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, which his about $2 billion today.

However, he died in about $60 million of debt. Like how does one even acquire that much debt? And the thing is when your relationship with money is vata, you can’t even hold onto it. Because you almost don’t know how to handle that dense of energy because money is very dense, it’s our physical energy, and you end up just losing it. Like are you maybe one of those type of people, or maybe you know someone that the moment they get money they’re just spending it? Well this is the vata relationship.

So in the case of Michael Jackson, he you know, he created the Neverland Ranch, and bought all of this expensive antique art, and you know, just really, really lived beyond his means, and his means was a multi-multi-multi-millionaire but he still figured out a way to outspend himself. Why? His relationship with money was vata, which is up in the air. It wasn’t grounded, it didn’t have that pitta, it didn’t have that solidity, it didn’t have that relationship that the pitta energy has that we’re calculating transactions, we know what’s coming in and out, and that kapha which is the saving, the holding on.

So what this situation taught me was that my relationship with money was to vata, and because I wasn’t holding onto it, and really being mindful with it, that the universe took it from me. It said, “Oh, you’re not paying attention to this? Okay, I’ll just take it away from you and give it to someone else who deeply is paying attention to money,” which is obviously the person who withdrew all the money from my bank. So we can see here that the universe is just going to create whatever situation that we need to learn.

So I’m deeply grateful that I lost my wallet, I really am, because it taught me important lessons that thank God I’m learning these lessons now versus acquiring $60 million of debt, you know. Why I have to go wait in line at the DMV and get some new credit cards, but I’m gonna be okay. Like it’s just a bump in the road, but I’d much rather learn this lesson here and now, and listen to it, than have it keep showing up and I’m not paying attention, I get another wallet, and it gets stolen. And then I get money stolen from my bank, and then this, and then that, and I just keep getting money taken away from me because I’m not paying attention to it. So lessons are gonna keep showing up until you learn from them. So do you want to repeat the lesson or do you want to learn from it?

Now the other micro example that I have is one that happened to me yesterday. So yesterday I had my new temporary credit card in hand, I’m ready to go back to the barre class, get up, waiting in traffic, finally park my car, and I’m one minute late. And normally you have five minutes to go in, but the doors were locked. I’m banging on the door, no one’s in there, I can see everyone’s working out, but there’s no one in the front desk. I’m calling them, no one’s working out. I’m like, “Spirit, what now? I mean I just lost my wallet yesterday and now you’re locking me out of the barre class, like what is happening?”

So I’m like, “I’m not gonna drive all the way back home and like not have a workout. I need to figure out something.” So I go on Class Pass, and I’m looking, “Okay, what are the workouts near me that are in the next 15 minutes or so because I have a lot to do today,” and I see that there’s a class called Tribe. And there’s a studio, a Pilates studio near here called Tribe Pilates, so I just assumed it was the Tribe Pilates. I was like, “Okay, I’ll go.” Sign up, they don’t give you returns once you’ve signed up, and then I put in the address, I’m like, “Wait, this is for this yoga studio.” And if you guys don’t know my little yoga story, I used to be an ashtanga yogi, like three hours a day, my source dial practice, living in India, eat a meal a day, studying with a guru.

Like I lived in India for two years, guys, and that’s what I was doing, I was like o the path to become a yogi. And then I super badly injured my wrist, I just was hypermobile, again, vata body type, didn’t have the right structure, and I injured my wrist so bad that even now like four years later I can’t put any pressure on my wrist. I’ve gotten x-rays done, everything you can imagine, and it’s just some sort of ligament problem. So I can’t go to yoga classes because I can’t do a plank, or a handstand, or pretty much anything because it’s all on your hands. I can go on my fists, but you don’t want to do all these vinyasas on your fist, it kind of starts to hurt for a while.

So I don’t really go to yoga classes, but here I am, I’m like, “Oh great, now I just spent $20-something on a yoga class and I can’t even go.” But I’m like, “You know what? I’m just gonna go, I’m just gonna modify.” I was wearing like a cute outfit, it was a hot yoga class, I’m like, “Oh, I don’t even want to get sweaty, but whatever. I’m just gonna go because I’m gonna be even more mad at myself if I go home, and I just wasted all this time, and I didn’t even work out.”

So I go to this tribe yoga class, and it’s like totally dark in there, and there’s a drummer, and he’s like drumming, and I realize it was like this like really cool free flow yoga class to these shamanic drums, and it was their last week that they were doing it, ever, and spirit essentially blocked me from going to my routine barre class that I do every single day to going to this really authentic, cool, kind of one of a kind yoga class that also helped me rewrite my story about, “Oh, I can’t practice yoga because of my wrist.”

And I figured out ways that I could still, you know, do a lot of poses on my feet, or on my back, and still be part of the yoga class. Not 100% doing my own thing, but since it was a more free flow class, I could still really modify things without like disappointing the teacher. So this class was actually the perfect preparation that I needed for the healing that I had that day, yesterday, with the Yawanawa tribe. The Yawanawa tribe are this beautiful tribe from the Amazon in Brazil, and they were one of the last tribes to have human contact. They only recently began human contact with people outside of their tribe, and they’re here to bring the ancient Amazonian medicines to the people through song, through shamanic practices, through plant medicine ceremony as well.

I was going for a healing without plant medicine and a song circle. So spirit blocked me from going to the barre class so I could go to this shamanic drum yoga class in like the sweating hot heat so I could detoxify, so I could stretch, and let y body not workout severely for one day, but actually just like allow myself to open up, and surrender into the ease, and prepare my body and spirit for this healing that I was about to have. So again, the immediate response was, “Ugh, why am I locked,” I literally locked out my class, to “wow, thank you for redirecting me to something I would have never gone to had I not been locked out of the class.”

So these are just little examples of things that show up every single day. You know, something shows up like this for all of us. But most of us we don’t see the lesson in it, we see, “Ugh, this sucks, life’s unfair, everything is so difficult.” And because we’re not learning from the lessons, they just keep showing up in more drastic and drastic ways. But the moment we’re like, “Okay, what is this teaching me? Got it,” and we actually take that lesson in, and step into it, and embody its message, then everything becomes so fun. We realize how many signs we’re getting all the time.

Like for example, when I’m on my phone, and then suddenly the app shuts down, I’m like, “Thank you spirit, I hear you, you don’t want me to be on that app.” Or I’m trying to send a voice note while driving, and then the voice note doesn’t record. I’m like, “I hear you spirit, you don’t want me to send voice notes while driving,” or whatever it is that I’m doing, even on my phone, even through technology, I wrote this whole caption, the caption gets deleted. That wasn’t the caption I was meant to write.

I’ve written entire chapters of my book and they get deleted, that wasn’t the chapter I was meant to write. So we are always being directed. Even things that suck are redirection. Like when you really step into it, it is so freaking cool how provided for we are. It is like there’s this incredible force that is watching all of us all the time and making things work in our highest favor, but the only tools that they have are, you know, the little everyday things like your phone, and your parking meter, and your wallet, and just the tangible things that we don’t think of as sacred, but really everything is so sacred. There is nothing that is not sacred because spirit works through any medium and every device. I mean, hell, I met my freaking husband through Bumble.

So spirit works through everything, through a dating app, through Instagram, through a parking meter, through a police office, through whatever it is. So when we realize that everything is redirection, we move so much faster, so much more easefully, and so much more gracefully to the direction of our highest calling.

So I wanted to think about what are the things that have shown up for you recently, what are the shitty situations that actually may have been divine intervention, and I want you to share with me on Instagram @iamsahararose. And I also want to invite you to join my five day Rose Gold Goddess challenge. So this challenge is taking place September 1st through 5th on Instagram, as well as through your email. And each day we will be embodying a new goddess archetype. So we’ll be stepping into our highest selves, our Parvati. The intro song of this podcast, which so many of you have messaged me loving, is an ode to Parvati. We’ll be stepping into our creative Saraswati, our abundant Lakshmi, our wild Kali, our powerful Durga, and each day learning about ourselves in this process.

So this is a free challenge that I’m so excited to have you a part of, and I’ll also be launching my Roes Gold Goddesses membership community right after. So this is gonna be essentially the crew, this is gonna be the tribe of people who listen to this podcast, who are doing the work, who are on the spiritual path. We’re gonna be connecting to each other, we’re gonna have live events. I’m gonna be hosting Rose Gold Goddess launch parties this fall in L.A. on September 28th, in New York on October 10th, I believe, and then Miami on October 17th.

These are exclusive events just for Rose Gold Goddess members, so by joining you’ll be able to come to the event, we’ll have monthly webinars dedicated to the goddesses, expert calls, lots of people you’ve listened to on the podcast like this are gonna be having private interviews just for Rose Gold Goddesses members. We’re gonna have an app with location services so you can see what members are around you and you can connect with them, meet up with them in person, have dinner with them, do your own goddess circles with them.

Essentially this is the community that I so deeply long to be part of on my spiritual journey that I see so many of you guys with incredible stories, incredible insight, incredible gifts, and I just want to bring you all together in this beautiful place that we step into our highest selves and embody our inner goddesses. So head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com. Again, rosegoldgoddesses—plural– .com. Over there you can join the waitlist, we will send you information on the challenge, as well as Rose Gold Goddesses when we open doors this September. Thank you so much for being here on the podcast, and I’ll see you next time. Namaste.

Episode 212 – Even Stuff That Sucks is Redirection with Sahara Rose

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