Highest Self Podcast 187: How to Deal With Haters Energetically with Sahara Rose

We’ve all had them people sippin’ on that haterade. In this episode, I discuss what a #hater really is, why they want our attention and how to not let it bring down your energy so you can keep being your high vibe self.

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Episode 187 – How to Deal With Haters Energetically with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

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In today’s episode I want to talk about how to deal with them haters energetically. So whether you’re in the public eye or you’re just living your daily life, all of us have attracted haters. You know, why is it such a rapped about topic, because everyone’s been hated on at some point. So let’s talk about it, you know, because it’s something that has hurt all of us, and it’s something that is still going on, which just boggles my mind sometimes. So let’s discuss why.

Now when I really thought upon what a hater is, I came to this definition: haters are people who have been triggered that you have met a part of yourself that they haven’t been able to meet in themselves. Let me say that again, and you can write this down. Haters are people who have been triggered that you have met a part of yourself that they haven’t been able to meet in themselves.

So let’s break down what that means. You’re not going to go out of your way to message something to someone that you know will bring them down unless you’re seriously triggered by it. So haters are people who have been triggered. If you have a hater, that means in some way, you have caused them to question the way that they think. And questioning the way that you think means perhaps re-evaluating your entire life. And that’s a lot for people to deal with, you know, that’s a lot of going out of your way, and revisiting everything in your life, and maybe restructuring thing, like that’s a lot of work.

So that’s way easier for me to hate on you and why you’re being the way that you are than it is for me to actually question things. Think about it: have you ever gone out of your way to be a hater to someone else? Most people listening probably have not. Like if you’ve ever gone out of your way to message someone, or slander someone, or create some sort of group, or write a one-star review to just destroy their day, that means that anyone who does this has a lot of self-hatred. To go out of your way to do something like that, let’s say you don’t like what someone’s about, most of the time you just wouldn’t listen. But to go out of your way to actually bring them down is a sign that there is a lot of hatred within yourself.

So we’ve all experienced this at some point, and you know, lots of songs are like, “brush off the haters,” but I want to say that not all haters are haters. So there’s a difference between a hater and a critic. Now here’s how you can know the difference between a hater and a critic. Ask yourself, is this helping me? Is this thing that someone’s telling me is there any value that I could get out of it? Is it perhaps pointing me in a direction to improve whatever it is I’m working upon? Or is it just bullshit, like, “Ah, you suck, you’re ugly, you’re fat, I hate you, you’re a loser,” that kind of stuff.

So a hater will say that kind of stuff, it doesn’t even make sense, it’s just pure hatred and a reflection of their own inner hatred. Whereas a critic, first of all, will never go to you in public. A hater will go to you in public because they want the attention and your reaction. They will write something in your Instagram comments, they will go out of their way to make a whole account about you. I’ve ha friends that this has been done to because they want the attention and they want your reaction.

Whereas a critic will always come to you in private—whether it’s in person or even a message—and it’s always laced with love, and it’s telling you something that maybe you could improve on, or you could be more sensitive to, that they genuinely want to give you feedback to grow. Now this is someone who must love you so much that they are going out of their way again to give you feedback to grow.

And again, you don’t have to take what they say into consideration, but recognize is this a critic, is this someone saying, “You know, when you’ve said this about, I don’t know, whatever topic, someone could have seen it like this. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way, I just wanted to let you know that,” and they come to you like that. Whereas a hater would be like, “Oh my God, you’re so inconsiderate, you suck,” and like get a bunch of people on board because they want to make fireworks, right?

They’re someone who is deeply self-loathing. And when you’re self-loathing, the easiest thing to do is to try to make other people feel the misery that you feel. You know, haters want people to feel what they feel inside every day, which is so, so, so sad. Because no one wants to hang out in that emotion, it’s not fun to write a bunch of paragraphs on why you like someone, like what a waste of time.

I mean haters are never doing anything important with their lives. You’ll notice that, you’ll never see a successful hater ever. They’re always people who are miserable, who are lost, who are confused, and who are angry about it. And when they see someone else that is confident, that has direction, that is passionate, that knows what they want to be doing, it makes them feel like, “Ugh, you have something in you that I know I have in me too, but I can’t find it, and I’m mad about it, so I want to be mad at you instead,” right? That’s all it is. It’s a child having a temper tantrum, but deeply inside knowing that all they have to do is elevate.

You know, sometimes people say, “Oh well, you’re so pretty so you must have it easier,” or whatever it is. And again, it’s just a reflection of how they feel about themselves. You know, no one can trigger you if it’s not something that needs to be healed within. And all of us get triggered by things all the time. The only difference is we don’t go out of our way to bring that person down, I mean that is where the line crosses between actual mental illness. To spend your time as a hater, as a troll, is a form of modern day mental illness. I mean, these are people who are mentally ill in other areas of their lives, too, and we’re just seeing it right here on the internet.

So know is this a hater or a critic, and if it’s a hater, just know that it’s something that you’re actualizing inside of yourself that they have not actualized inside of themselves. Whether it is being conscious, or open-minded, or diverse, or whatever it is, it’s something that they know they need. You have the medicine they know they need, and it just feels like way too much work to go do it.

Now I also want to talk about why we as humans spend so much more time focusing on the haters than the lovers. You know, if you’ve ever put a book out, you’ll see that there are reviews, people are open to share their reviews. Or if you’ve ever had a product, or a service, there’s Yelp reviews, there’s iTunes reviews, there’s all sorts of reviews in this day and age. Which in some ways is great because you can see what other people are saying, but in other ways, I mean go read any hotel review, it’s like, “My delivery came late, the check-in was not ready in time,” it’s always the most negative things, and it’s always when you’re upset that you go and write the review. I mean most people are not like, “Oh, I had a wonderful meal, let me write that review on Yelp.” Most of us just, you know, take it for granted and keep moving. But if you hated that meal, you’re going on Yelp.

So in these review areas we attract, in general, the angry people. So it can feel like everyone is angry with us, hates us, upset with us, dislikes us just because that is the nature of the kind of people who are attracted to the point to go spend their time writing something about it. Okay, so it’s not an accurate representation to begin with. Most people who—I mean, have you personally reviewed all your favorite restaurants and given them five stars on Yelp and said why you loved them? Have you written reviews on Amazon for all of your favorite authors and said why you loved the book? Have you written this podcast a review? I mean chances are, no, you haven’t.

So we as consumers need to give as much energy to the things that we love and appreciate to the things that we dislike. It shouldn’t only be when your apartment has bed bugs that you go on Yelp, it should also be when you love your apartment, everything’s just running smoothly, like there’s nothing it complain about, that should also go on Yelp too, but we don’t do it. So it attracts that hater energy to begin with.

Now as humans, we evolutionarily were designed to focus on what could be off. Now this comes from, you know, survival because if I’m going in the jungle and everything’s cool, you know, my mind is just focusing on the task at hand. But the moment something is off, my mind is gonna go to that thing. Because that little ruffle in the leaves could have been a snake. Or that voice I heard could have been enemy tribe that’s going to come. You know, if something is wrong, that’s going to take my full attention because that’s something that could be wrong or maybe that I just don’t even know, but that could mean that it could be wrong is that thing that maybe could kill me.

So it worked for us, evolutionary, you know, it helped us get to this point to where we are right now. However, right now, we are perceiving things that are not actual dangers as danger. This is the case of the chronic stress that we have in our society. We are sitting in traffic and, you know, you take it as stress, or something, you’re waiting in line, you take it as stress. Well we’re doing the same thing with the haters. You could read all of these positive reviews about your book, about your product, about your restaurant, about whatever and you have that one hater, and it takes all of your mental energy. Why did they say that? And you go through a series of emotions, right? Anger: why did they say that, who did they think they are, how can I get this off? And then sadness: are they right? Am I actually a shitty podcast host? Does my book actually suck? Is my restaurant actually the worst? You know, you start to question yourself, and you start to get sad about it whether it had validity in it or not.

So it goes through these series of emotions, which are related to grief, and the emotions of grief that we feel. The same things happen with these haters, we give them so much energetic power, when truly it is like a 1%. I mean I have done this myself, I’ll get all these great reviews, and one bad review in my mind will focus on that.

So what has helped me personally, well first from the mental perspective is I would realize that anyone who’s ever done anything has had haters. You know, a lot of times I think about Deepak Chopra just because he’s like a mentor of mine, and I think about how many haters he has. I mean he was really the first person to take vedic consciousness into the mainstream and he’s been on many debates with scientists that have really just been horrible to him, and tried to make a feel of him. Yet he’s still out there, he’s still changing lives. You know, do I even remember those angry scientists’ names who proved him wrong about quantum physics and how it’s all bullshit? No, I don’t even know their names, but we will always remember his name because he kept on speaking his truth.

Anyone who’s done anything will have haters. Oprah has tons of haters, Tony Robbins has tons of haters, Barack Obama, any president, everyone has haters. And you may actually not like them, but there are people who’ve really dedicated their lives to slandering all these people. Like that is how much they trigger people because again, the more you change the way that people think, the more haters that naturally you will attract.

I mean, think of Martin Luther King, think of Nelson Mandela, think of Malcolm X, think of Harriet Tubman, think of Gandhi, think of Mother Teresa. These are people who we can say have changed the world the most, and they probably had the most amount of haters of anyone. You know, even someone like Mother Teresa, you’re like, “who could hate Mother Teresa?” There are a lot of people who do, still to this day. They’ve made it their full-time occupation to hate Mother Teresa, to hate Ama, to hate Eckhart Tolle, to hate all these people.

Because they are triggered, why can someone be so altruistic, it must be bullshit, they must be a sham, they must be trying to take people’s money. Whatever it is that they’re actually doing in themselves, they’re projecting onto other people. If you think every spiritual person is a sham, you inside yourself fore sure are questioning how authentic you are, you know, imposter syndrome. If you think everyone else is an imposter, you yourself think you are an imposter.

And guys, we all have these shadows, we all have these things that we need to work on. Being an active hater is just the most escalated version of it, though we all have judgments that we pass all the time. You know, like one of my judgments that I used to have, especially in college was, “Oh, these girls who post slutty pictures of themselves on their Instagram, all they want is attention, and they’re crying out for help.” And I would judge them, I’d be like, “Oh that girl’s a hoe.” I would say that. Have you said that? I’m sure a lot of you have. Or I’d be like, “Ugh, like why do they feel like they need to dress like that? They just want guys’ attention.”

And finally, I realized, you know maybe they just want to take pictures like that. Maybe that makes them feel confident, maybe they like the way that they look in that photo and they want to share it with other people. It doesn’t mean that they’re a hoe or a slut, and what horrible words those are, what patriarchal words those are. Who put those words in my head? The same patriarchy that tells women that they should dress that way. You know, so I had to come to the realization that it was my own inner wounds that were being triggered by other people in the form of judgment.

So whatever you judge others about—ugh, these people are so close-minded. I used to also get very bothered by people like they’re close-minded, or they’re super conservative, or they’re hyper religious and they’re not into consciousness, and I would get angry. Ugh, they’re not awake, this is the old paradigm, this, that. And you know, whether there’s truth in that or not, the fact that it was triggering anger inside of myself showed that I hadn’t fully embodied the energy of the new paradigm. Because the energy of the new paradigm is to not let that shit bother you, right?

You know, yeah, there are some people who are still racist, and some people who are still sexist, and some people this, that. But if all I do is spend my time getting angry about it, then again, I’m just hanging out in their frequency, and it’s not where I want to be. So hating on haters doesn’t help. You know, it’s like fighting with that pig, you still get muddy.

So what we need to do when we get those hater attacks is ,again, realize that anyone doing anything has had haters. Think about the people that you look up to—whether they’re famous or not—and think about what are the haters that they probably have? Chances are you might not even know. You know, it actually takes a lot of digging in to even find out what someone’s haters are because most of the time it’s like a tiny subgroup, a tiny percentage.

So the fact that you don’t even know what Tony Robbins haters are shows that it doesn’t matter. He’s gotten as far as he has and he has a ton of haters, and we still don’t even know about them because a hater will always anonymous. Let me repeat that, I want to write that shit down: a hater will always remain anonymous. They just get masked by this ugliness of hatred and they want a name so bad, they want a name so bad they’re trying to tie their name onto you because you’re doing something, and they want to be doing something too. So if I try to hate you then maybe I can be a little bit of what you are right now. That’s all a hater is. A hater wants to be more like you. That’s it.

So now when we give our energy to these haters we are feeding them the fuel that they so badly desire, but it is not feeding their light, it is feeding their pain. When you get all these beautiful comments and that one shitty comment, and you don’t reply to the nice comments, but you reply to the shitty comments, you say, “Oh, why’d you think like that?” And you start getting into this little Instagram war, that’s giving them exactly what they wanted, acknowledgement that if I act like a hater, I can get other people’s attention. This is how I’ll stop being anonymous in this pool of other people, I’ll stand up as a hater.

You know, why did the guy shoot John Lennon, because he was his biggest fan. He wanted his name to be tied to John Lennon’s name forevermore. So he thought, “There are so many screaming fans out here, but if I kill him, then people will always remember me and John together.” Like that’s how twisted it is, and that’s a very grandiose measure, but I have friends who have had haters who, you know, have comments, made Instagram hate accounts, et cetera. And when that girl just responded still with love, that person admitted, “I’m your biggest fan, and I’ve been trying to get your attention for so long, and you haven’t responded to my messages, so I decided to create this hater account on you just to get your attention.”

So if someone is hating on you, they want you to notice them. They’re these little sad insecure people who just want some of yo juice. And don’t give it to them in that way, don’t, because the more that they get it, the more they’ll see their tactics are working. They’re like, “Mm, I got my hook in her, let me pull it closer, pull her closer, pull her closer.” No. Give your energy to the lovers.

Now, I feel like people feel like that if someone writes something horrible to them they need to come back with this like really long paragraph explaining why they’re correct, and it never works. I’ve seen it happen so many times, I’ve definitely responded like that, it never works. Because that person’s just like, “Whoo, okay, we in this bitch,” and they start responding, and then you start responding, and it just turns into this like thing, and you stop creating the content, and all the people who love what you’re doing are totally ignored.

So if somewhere like your social media account that you have control over deleting it, my best advice is to delete it. Delete that shit, you don’t need the energy on your page. You know, if it’s something that is a critic, a critic would send you a message, a critic would not do it publicly. The fact that they’re doing it publicly is that they want attention, and if there’s any, you know, side wanting of attention, it’s not pure. Because like your mom would never write you this scandalous thing about, “Oh, why didn’t you do this or why didn’t you do that,” on your Instagram comments. You know, she would call you up and just tell you. I mean, maybe she doesn’t even use Instagram and that’s why, but she would never want to publicly humiliate you.

So if someone is coming at you, this is—I’ve noticed this too. People who come at you like they’re a critic but they’re doing it in public for the attention, they’re haters wearing critic costumers, okay? Can we spot those out? I had enough of those because you are truly a hater and you just looked like you went to a liberal arts school and have your Ph.D., and da da da da da. But you still drinking that same shit, that haterade, okay? We don’t want that haterade over here, we just want that loverade.

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So if someone’s coming at you in a public way say, “You know, I really didn’t like this and that, and you should apologize about da da da da da.” Sorry bitch, you’re a hater, and if you really cared and you really wanted to give me feedback to grow, you would slip in my DMs, you would tell me in person, okay? So let’s not get those twisted.

Now, I also want to say that you don’t have to take into consideration that everything what even a critic says. Because guess what, you’re allowed to express yourself however you want. They’re not doing what you do, okay? Unless you’re in a team together, you’re like working on a project together that you’re all affecting each other, then maybe that matters. But if you’re just sharing on social media, on your blog, on your podcast, whatever and someone doesn’t like the way that you share, guess what, they can go start their own podcast, they can go start their own blog, they can go share exactly how they want on their Instagram page, but that’s not how you want to do it.

You know, I swear—clearly—and at first I was like, “Oh my God, like I don’t know if I should swear or not,” but I just—it’s how I talk. You know, I grew up in Boston, like it’s just how I communicate. And if I am to filter the way that I speak, it’s just not going to come through as authentically. I’m not like searching for curse words cause I want to sound cool. Like it’s not that I want to say them, it’s just that they come through sometimes, okay, I swear.

And I’ve gotten messages from people like, “I really can’t listen to the message that you’re saying because it’s filled with curses, and blah, blah, blah.” And I’m like great, “So you don’t have to curse on your Instagram, or on your podcast, or on your blog. You’re free to do it however you want.” This is how I speak, it’s not for everyone, and again, I’m not even going to apologize for that. There’s no sorry, I can’t be sorry that it’s not for you. Let’s be done with apologizing for who we are. Like I feel like even in that I wanted to be like, “Sorry if it’s not for you,” but I’m not sorry because a lot of things are not for me and I don’t go out of my way to message that person of why aren’t you for me? No, if I’m listening to something, I don’t like it, I just switch it off. I don’t have a fit about it and try to make them change into being how I want to be. That is called being egotistical as fuck, okay?

Someone’s messaging you telling you, “I don’t like the way that you do this,” guess what bitch, it’s not up to you, and you’re being selfish to think that I’m going to adapt to your needs, that’s not the way the world works. Okay, I mean anyone who actually thinks that you should adapt to how they want clearly is on a massive ego trip and needs to get their head out of their ass because that’s not the way the universe works. You know, and I would never ask that on someone else, I’m sure you would never ask that on someone else.

So you know, these haters are people who go around and it’s not just to you. Sometimes we feel like we’re the only one with the haters. I swear, there’s like a group of ten haters out there, and they’re going out to everyone, we’ve all experienced them, right? These haters go out to many, many people and look for ways to bring them down. So don’t take it personally, it’s like what Don Miguel Ruiz says, “Don’t take it personally,” because it’s not—the way that people see you, the way that people react to you, the way that people perceive you just has to do with their level of consciousness, and you’re not for everyone.

You know, some of the best marketing advice I heard is be polarizing, be polarizing. What does that mean? Be so authentically yourself that people either love it or hate it. Don’t be lukewarm, don’t be vanilla, be that golden milk chai that I talk about. That’s that shit right there. Be that amethyst, rose quarts, saraswati, lace, rose petal, candle, UV glasses—I’m just naming everything on my table right now—but be that authentic. That like, “I twerk, and I listen to Tupac, and I also meditate, and hang with Deepak,” you know, like be so you that people are like, “Yo, I can’t hang with the Deepak,” or, “Yo, I can’t hang with the Tupac.” Well, it’s cool, you can meet me here, or you can meet me there, or you don’t have to meet me at all.” But it doesn’t matter because I’m on my journey, and you’re on yours, and maybe they’ll cross, and maybe they won’t. But it’s none of my business, and none of your business, we’re just here to slay our own lives.

So that brings me to my last point: other people’s opinion about you is none of your damn business. It’s none of your business. You know, we think, “Oh, why doesn’t this person like me? Is it the way that I talk? Do they just not relate to who I am? Is it my content? Did I not say that correctly?” We start going on these mind trips. Guess what, it doesn’t matter, it’s none of your business. Cause you don’t know, maybe you remind them of the bully they knew in fifth grade. Maybe you have the same name as their boyfriend’s ex. Like maybe they just don’t like your Boston accent because it reminds them of a movie they didn’t like. Like I don’t know, it could be anything.

So it’s none of your business because they have a host of things going on, a host of life experiences that may or may not connect to yours, and sometimes it’s a momentary thing. You know, I’ve definitely resonated with people, and then later on their message did not resonate with me as much, but I just let it go. And I’ve definitely had people that at first it didn’t resonate with me, and then later on it did. So there’s different cycles, and different things, and you’re on your own cycle too, so maybe at some point you’ll connect, and maybe some point you won’t.

But it’s none of either of yours business because that is up to the universe, right, it’s up to source. And if we are here believing that we are souls having human experiences, we will trust both parts. We will trust both the soul part that we’re all here having divine conscious experiences. And life has so much in store for us that we’re not even aware of, and we came into this world with cosmic families, and we meet people that connect to us, that are instantly soul fam. And those are the relationships that we should be focusing on, the people who lift us up, the people who inspire us, the people who feel like home.

And we’re also having the human experience of we all have personalities, and characters, and quirks, and little things to us that may and may not resonate with certain people. So we’re souls having human experiences, so let’s focus more on the other people out there that we connect with, the people out there who love you, who want to see the best for you, and the people who love what you’re sharing, who love what you’re all about.

You know, sometimes I don’t realize like people go out of their way to write you nice comments, like that is so nice. I barely write comments on my own friends’ Instagrams because I’m busy, you know. But for someone to go out of their way to write you a nice comment being like, “Oh my God, I loved that podcast episode,” or it could be, “Wow, I loved your outfit,” or “I loved that food you make,” or whatever it is, think about the comments you get on a daily basis.

We’re like, “Oh yeah, okay. Oh my God, that person doesn’t like me? Let me give that all my energy for the next week and talk about it to all of my friends, and meditate on it, and be triggered by it, and just give it all my mental currency.” Because your energy is currency, it is the dollars that you spend. Let’s say every day you were born with $100, do you want to give $99 of it to the hater? No. That hater doesn’t get shit.

So use your energetic currency the same way, give that hater the same amount of dollars you would want to give them out of your $100. Would you want to give them 50%? Would you want to think about it half the way? Would you want to give them 20%? You kind of want to think about it. Or do you want to give them shit, nothing, because they’re a hater and they don’t deserve it.

So if we could just adapt ourselves to realize how powerful our energetic currency is, and how giving it to people who in no way deserve it is literally handing them dollars. They’re getting gassed up on that shit, they’re buying smoothies with it, they’re getting massages with it, they’re living their best lives with it at the expense of you. I know, easier said that done, and I do want to say it does get easier with time.

You know, for sure like when my first book came out a couple years ago, I was so nervous about the review part. I was like, “Oh my God, it’s just gonna be out in the open, and people could write whatever they want. What if they slander me?” And it doesn’t matter, you know. I mean they were 99% all positive reviews of people who loved the book, and same thing with “Eat Feel Fresh,” I was worried, “Oh my God, well it’s a modern approach to Ayurveda, and some people don’t like that. Some people don’t like how I’m questioning Ayurveda, and they want to stick with the old paradigm, blah, blah, blah.”

Guess what, those people are never going to sign up for my programs, they’re never going to come to my book launches, they don’t even listen to this podcast, so it doesn’t matter. I mean, if you’re listening this far in, like you and I are connecting right now. Like we just became friends because if you’re giving this much of your time to anyone, there’s something inside of them that there is inside of you, and you’re recognizing that. So we’re friends here, and the people who are haters are probably not giving you that attention, who are genuine haters. Now the people who are lovers, who are pretending to be haters to get your attention, they’re reading all your comments, they’re watching all your stories, they’re listening to everything you put out there because they’re obsessed with you. Obsessed.

So let them be crazy bitches, let them be obsessed, they are your biggest fans and also don’t give them any of your energy. Give it to the people who are patting your back, who are loving you, who are juicing you up because those are the people who deserve it. And we ourselves, we need to be stronger lovers. We need to go out of our way to show the people who are inspiring us, who are lifting us up that that is exactly what they’re doing.

So I want you, even on Instagram, to comment on three people that you’ve maybe never left a comment for before, but their posts actually light up your day. Just tell them, leave them a comment, be like, “I really love how you share these awesome crystals, or this, or that, or these heartfelt posts about your family I deeply connect with and it’s really helped me.” Because you don’t realize how much that can change the way someone’s day is going. A lot of us, especially people who have larger followings, can often attract all of the hatred. So to just tell that person why they’ve helped you in any way, for us to be those lovers, that’s how we can overcome the haters.

So I hope this episode has helped you. It’s actually helped me, just talking about this has helped me, but it’s something that you know, I’ve realized so much in my own career in being friends with all these beautiful, powerful goddesses and seeing the haters that come to them. And I see it so clearly, I’m like, “Bitch, no, that person’s full of it. Like that person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. You’re a fucking queen.” But when it comes to you, you don’t see it yourself like that. So I want to recognize in you that you are an incredible person. You are putting yourself out there in ways that other people are afraid to. You are rocking the boat, and that is exactly what we need in this day and age.

You are turning tables, you are shifting consciousness, you are raising the vibration of this planet. And the shadow screams on its way out, it doesn’t leave in little whispers, and tippy toes, it screams, it wants to be heard. And the more that we can stand in our light, and we can stand in our truth, the easier these shadows, these hurt beings can find the light and truth that exist inside of themselves too. So hold that light, hold that frequency, even when that shadow wants to go play with you, and the things that hurt you the most, that is when you are being called to rise up.

I hope this episode has been of service to you in any way. If you loved this episode or my podcast, I invite you to leave a review for it on the iTunes store. I mean, again, this is an example of being that love and sharing the positivity that has impacted your life. So if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, it’s a free podcast, and I hope it’s offered value and insight in your life in any way. Please, just leave a review, it helps me so much, it helps me bring better guests on, it helps this podcast grow, and it helps other people trust the message too and to listen as well.

So please, head over to the iTunes store, it’s on your app. If you just scroll, like go on the podcast app on your iPhone, scroll to the bottom, hit “write review.” You can write a review and take a screenshot of it and email it to me at sahara—S-A-H-A-R-A– @eatfeelfresh.com. And as a free gift, I will send you the first half of my unreleased and never to be released book, “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type,” which is now pat of my “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type” program. It is over 70 pages of incredible content on how to apply Ayurveda into your life in a modern way. It is different than “Eat Feel Fresh,” different than “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda,” and I know you’re going to find so much value of it. And it is my gift to you, free, simply for leaving a review for this podcast.

I so genuinely appreciate you being here. I appreciate you sharing this with your friends. If it resonated with you, it will probably resonate with your friends, too. All of us have had haters, all of us have had people who’ve tried to, you know, kick us off stride, so please, share this episode with your friends, it would mean so much to me, and together we will raise the vibration of this planet. Namaste.

Episode 187 – How to Deal With Haters Energetically with Sahara Rose

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