Highest Self Podcast 083: How To Meet The Most Influential People in the World with Alex Banayan

How can you get connected with the most influential people in the world? Get in through the Third Door. In this inspiring episode, I set with The Third Door author Alex Banayan to discuss how pushed past his boundaries and secured interviews with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry King, Tim Ferris and many others.

We discuss:
-How he hacked The Price is Right to fund his trip to interview these people
-Choosing your own path vs your parents
-An exact email prompt Tim Ferris gave him for cold-emailing people
-How to beat fear and go after what you want

This interview is all about taking ACTION so if you’re looking for a little inspiration to go after your dreams, listen to this now. Check out Alex’s Book The Third Door, available in bookstores nationwide.

Connect with Alex at AlexBanayan.com.

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Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor



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