Highest Self Podcast 082: The Thing About Doing Your Dharma with Sahara Rose

As I kick off my Doshas + Dharma (last weekend to join!), I am receiving this one question over and over again. How do I do it? How do I just go out there and achieve my goals? What is the blueprint? In this episode I share with you how it doesn’t exist. Your Dharma is to find it.

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Episode 082 – The Thing About Doing Your Dharma with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose, and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. The thing about doing your dharma—I just walked in, sneakers still on, came back from a walk, which is the way a lot of these episodes start. And on this walk I was just thinking about some questions that people have been asking me in my “Doshas and Dharma” private Facebook group.

If you haven’t heard, I am running my annual “Doshas and Dharma” program. I’ve pushed back the start date because a lot of you wanted to join, you need to secure some finances, so now it’s going to start this Monday, June 4th, so hop on, literally, last chance. And in the group, I have everyone write whatever questions they have about finding your dharma. If you’re not familiar with the word “dharma,” the word dharma is the Sanskrit word for purpose, your divine purpose, your reason for incarnation, the big why, why you’re here.

And I was looking through the questions people had about fulfilling their dharma because that’s what the whole program is about. It’s a four-week program that I channeled last October, ran last year, every single person found their person, or became on the path of it, and I’m doing it again this year. It has private small group coaches with five people in each coaching group, very intimate experience, plus live Q&As with me, weekly videos, PDFs, a very supportive Facebook group.

So in this Facebook group, a lot of people asked, “Just how do I do it? I get there’s a dharma, and even if I find my dharma, how do I do the damn thing?” And as I was walking I was thinking about that question: how do you fucking do it? How am I doing it? How is Tony Robbins doing it? How is Deepak doing it? How is Marie Forleo doing it? How is Gabby Bernstein doing it? How?

And I get it, it’s a very viable question. And I remember when I was 23 years old living in Bali by myself, that was the question I had, too. I was like, “Okay, I get I’m supposed to be an Ayurveda author, I know this is my dharma, but how? I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what this path is supposed to look like. I’ve never seen anyone that’s done it before.”

I was so looking for someone to just hand me a sheet of paper that said, “Okay, these are the steps to take.” And I would totally be willing to do those steps, but I needed someone to hand them to me. And I felt paralyzed because for the first time in my life, I didn’t know where I was going. Now looking back on it now, I’m 27, it’s not that much further, it’s four years later. I’ve written five books on Ayurveda, number one, best-selling Ayurveda author in the world. This podcast is now number four podcast in all of the spirituality podcasts on iTunes, gets almost a million downloads a month now. And I’m just saying, I’m telling you this to know that this is possible.

So I was just thinking, like how did this major shift happen in my own life in the past four years—night and day. And I realized that the first thing that people need to change is the mindset. If the mindset isn’t there, it doesn’t matter if angels fly down from heaven, hand you a sheet of paper, “Here are the steps to fulfill your dharmic duty.” It doesn’t matter because you won’t be able to fulfill it. And I went down, “Well, why? Why can’t we fulfill it even if it’s told? Why are we so paralyzed when it comes to what we were meant to do in our lives?”

And to be real, it starts with school. School fucked us. School was the first institution we were in, this collective that basically has this mutual shared agreement that students are inferior to teacher, teacher knows answers, teacher will hand you sheets of paper that tell you what to do, you must follow these directions. Do not stand up when the teacher doesn’t want you to, do not raise your hand when the teacher doesn’t want you to, don’t ask questions that the teacher has already explained, follow the teacher.

So, you know, we don’t want to get in trouble, we don’t want to get sent to the principal’s office. That used to happen to me a lot when I was a kid. So you figure out how to play along. “Okay, teacher wants me to write this way, I’ll write this way. Teacher doesn’t like when I say that, I won’t say that. Teacher wants me to be like this, dressed like that, behave like that, okay, I’ll do it?” Why? Because if we don’t, we’re kicked out of the collective. So we begin listening, we begin saying, “Okay, I’ll become like this. Oh, these are the career options? Okay, I’ll choose one. Oh, this is what critical thinking looks like? Okay, I guess that’s how you have to critically think. Oh, writing an essay has to look like this five-paragraph structure with an intro, and conclusion sentence, and it can’t go off this five-paragraph structure? Okay, that’s what writing looks like.”

So we’re handed these instructions, these how-tos, and we are told that we must follow them. And if we follow them, woo-hoo, we get applauses in the forms of As, and gold stars, and your parents being proud of you. So you’re basically fucking taught to be a machine. So we go our lives living these ways, and I’m coming out really deep into the subject, but I want to keep this a short episode.

So we begin the most formative of our lives in this way, and then we stop high school, most people, they look around, “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” You go to college, college you have four more years in your little comfort zone where people are telling you what to do, handing you sheets of paper. There’s a little bit more freedom, you have to do your laundry now, but you’re still in this collective consciousness, and you still are following someone else’s rules.

So then college ends, and you’re like, “Oh, shit, now this is the real world and I have no idea what to do. Can someone hand me a piece of paper explaining?” And there’s no piece of paper, there’s no blueprint that will tell you everything that you need. And if you are looking for one, you are going to find yourself trapped, living out other people’s dreams. Whose dreams? That guy on top with a megacorporation who wants thousands of employees to make him money. You’ll end up fulfilling his dream. You’ll end up fulfilling your parents’ dream. You’ll end up fulfilling your partner’s dream. Someone else’s dream because you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to think of your own.

To find your dharma you cannot operate from this schoolgirl mentality. You can’t wait for the fucking blueprint, you can’t wait for someone to tell you, “Okay, now raise your hand and ask the questions.” You can look for it and you can get guidance, but the real deal people are going to tell you, “Hey, I can offer you my two cents, my feedback, or I can give you some resources, but you’re going to have to figure this shit out on your own.” Because if you keep on waiting for life to give you the green light of, okay, money is secure, now the universe has magically gifted me four hours a day, and now I have $100,000 in my bank account, and now it’s time for me to fulfill my dharma.

Good fucking luck. You will be waiting for that green light for the rest of your life, and that’s how most people live. To find your dharma, you have to be comfortable with not knowing what the hell you’re doing. You have to find yourself in the free fall. You have to throw your hands up and say, “Hey, I don’t know which direction I’m going. And yes, it may look weird on Facebook that I don’t have a job right now. And maybe my neighbor’s kids are doing better than my kids.” Or whatever the Joneses are doing that we are freaking comparing ourselves to that’s keeping us from living our own lives. That is what is holding you back from living your dharma.

Living your dharma is to be okay to be in a state of confusion, to own that confusion and transmute that word into curiosity. I remember in this time in Bali when I was 23, my parents kept labeling me “you’re confused, you’re confused, you’re confused.” But I was spiritually experimenting, I was experimenting what does shamanism look like? What do the vedas look like? What doe reiki look like? What do I think? I was dabbling in all these different thoughts and going to any workshop, reading any website, getting any book I could just to expose myself to this entire world that school never taught me.

And through that exposure, that dabbling, I began to find my own truth. And now I don’t specifically follow any set of doctrines, I take the best of each. My dog’s sick, I’ll do reiki, I’m outside, I’ll do a shamanic practice, I’ll make up my own. And that is living your dharma. It’s saying, “I don’t need to fit under this label. Under this category. I’m okay with not having the road map in front of me.” In fact, it’s really, really dangerous to have it because if someone tells you exactly what to do, you’re going to become dependent on that person.

And I’ve seen this with first-hand experience. I have been a coach, I coached for five years, and I would tell people that I have a gift that I’m able to kind of see what people’s dharmas are from talking to them pretty quickly. And I would tell people what I saw, but the person wasn’t ready for it. So then they became dependent on me. “Oh my god, what do I do next? How about this?” Every day, contacting me. No, I’m not Ask Jeeves, and this is creating a dependency that is keeping you from fulfilling your own dharma.

So to find your own dharma, you have to be okay with not getting advice from people. You have to be okay to say, “Listen, I think you’re an amazing person, I value your opinion, but I’m just going to do my own thing right now.” To fulfill your dharma, you have to be okay with things not working out because this is all a part of the process. But you just have to start somewhere. Taking action, it could look like signing up for a course, reading a book, making a phone call, messaging someone, meeting up with them for coffee, going to a retreat. Whatever it’s going to look like for you, just start doing something.

See, the thing about doing your dharma is you have to fucking do it. You can’t vision board about it, and then sit in “om namah shivaya” waiting for it to fruition to life. You know, the thing with vision boards and manifestation is it gives you a clear intention, a clear vision of what you want, but then you have to start getting the wheel going, my friend. And this is the part that people miss. I’m really clear about what I want, but I don’t know how—just start. Just figure it out and the thing is, as you read different people’s success stories, you’ll realize no two look alike, no two authors became authors in the same way, no two speakers became speakers in the same way, no two businessmen got their businesses in the same way. It’s different for everyone.

So stop looking around you. Stop trying to find the secret, the answer, because the real answer is you. You are the fucking answer that you have been waiting for. Quit lollygagging, quit wasting your time, quit fiddling your thumbs. I’m going to be real with you, as a warrior of truth on the Sagittarius moon, which is my rising, if you are in the same place today as you were last year, you’re doing something wrong. Because the universe is always expanding, and we must always be expanding with it. And if you’re still at square one, and you’re not happy about it, and another year passes, and you just have a whole new set of excuses of why you’re still at square one, take a good fucking look in the mirror, because there you have your answer.

And I’m saying this to you out of love because I’ve been there and I needed to hear that truth. And most people won’t give it to you because it doesn’t sound sweet and nice and sugarcoated, but that’s not how truth is. The truth can be sharp, and truth can hurt. And if you’re not where you want to be, then you are the only reason why. So quit making excuses that you had a tough childhood, that you don’t have money, that you live in a strange part of the country that people aren’t into these things. Stop making these excuses because these excuses are never going to go away, and the excuses you make today are the same ones you’re going to be making your whole damn life.

You know, you ever seen an older person, “Oh, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the money.” That’s been their excuse their whole life. What have you been doing to manifest, to attract, to gain more money? “I don’t have enough time,” have you been trying to create more time? Because things like resources don’t magically appear. We have to be creating them with our thoughts and with our actions, and they have to be aligned.

So to do your dharma, step into the unknown. Maybe make an investment in a program, course, retreat that scares you. I remember I had no money, I was 23 years old living in Bali, and I found this shamanic teacher Malaiaka, who I’ve interviewed on this podcast, and I did anything to go on her teacher training because I knew it’s what I needed. It was a huge stretch for me, and I had to work for her, and it was so fucking worth it.

So quit making excuses because if you’re just sitting around saying, “Oh, I don’t know my dharma, how do I do it, how, how, how,” you’re still a kid in school and it’s time to graduate, my friends. We need you fulfilling your dharma, we need you, because if you don’t step up to this, there are a lot of people in pain and in suffering who would have been healed if you had stepped up. If I had remained in the place of fear, “No one would listen to me, I’m too young, I don’t have a doctorate, blah, blah, blah,” you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast. So we all have our own bullshit we have to get through, but your dharma is bigger than you.

So take you out of the equation. If you don’t step up to fulfill this thing, there are people in pain who will remain in pain. There are people who are seeking employment from a person like you who will not be employed. The universe cannot be totally in balance until all of our citizens are in balance. And it starts with you, your dharmic duty is bigger than just your pure enjoyment. It’s your greater purpose to create equilibrium here on this divine planet. So if you’re waiting for the green light, if you’re waiting for the teacher to tell you it’s okay to raise your hand and go to the bathroom, push the fucking gas and go.

If you’re interested in joining my “Doshas and Dharma” program, no I will not hand you a blueprint on how to figure your dharma. No, I won’t individually channel your dharma for you. But I will give you all of the tools you need, the processes you need, the steps that you need to figure out on your own, and that is the greatest gift I can give you. You can learn more by heading on my website: iamsahararose.com. You can Google “Doshas and Dharma.” Again, we begin on June 4th, so your application must be submitted before that because we review each and every one, you gotta be on board, you gotta be all in. You can see how it’s structured everything over on the “Doshas and Dharma” website, and I look forward to guiding you. Namaste.

Episode 082 – The Thing About Doing Your Dharma with Sahara Rose


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