Highest Self Podcast 034: From Troubled Youth to Sought-After Traveling Yoga Teacher: Interview with Rosie Acosta

If you enjoyed episode #32 on the Need for Diversity and Affordability in Wellness you will LOVE this episode with yoga, meditation and self-love teacher Rosie Acosta.

 She shares her journey growing up in poverty stricken

East LA during the riots surrounded by drug use and violence and how she became her highest self, now touring with Yoga Journal teaching yoga across the country. Check this traveling yoga teacher out at www.radicallyloved.com @rosieacosta and listen to her podcast Radically Loved, where she most recently interviewed me! Love this woman so much– serious soul sister! We will be co-leading a Dance Your Doshas Ayurvedic Yoga + Dance workshop at Wanderlust this winter so be sure you are following both of us @iamsahararose and @rosieacosta to stay tuned!

I also announced that I will be leading my Doshas + Dharma 4 Week Program again this Spring, my private mentorship program about finding your life purpose so if you’d like coaching from me and the support of a loving community, be sure to apply: eatfeelfresh.lpages.co/doshas-dharma-program/

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