Restaurant Survival Guide: How To Eat Healthy (and Ayurvedically) At Any Restaurant

We all have to eat out sometimes, especially around the holidays. Instead of awkwardly sitting through a meal with an empty plate as your family gives you judgemental looks (been there), find something that’s healthy and Ayurveda approved. Here are my tips to make your dining out experience as balanced as possible.


Sahara’s Restaurant Survival Guide:

• The first thing you should do is ask for hot water with lemon to aid digestion. Avoid the ice water they’ll place in front of you.

• Take a look at the menu and notice if they have a vegetarian section. If not, take a look at the soups. Look for a vegetable based soup, like minestrone or butternut squash. Ask if they can make the sauce without heavy cream. Soups are warming and easy-to-digest, making them the optimal choice at a restaurant.

• Avoid salads, unless you are a Pitta type, because they are too cooling for the digestive fire. If you do choose a salad, avoid cream-based sauces and seek more warming ingredients like cooked vegetables and sweet potato.

• Order two sides of cooked vegetables as your entrée. Most restaurants have steamed spinach, brussels sprouts, bok choy, sweet potato, butternut squash or other vegetable side dishes with various herbs and spices. Tell them to go easy on the oil and avoid butter.

• Many restaurants have vegetarian entrées or can prepare a meal in a vegetarian way. Most chefs are delighted to make something off menu. Give them the challenge to create a dish that is totally plant-based. Ask for something with dark chocolate, berries and nuts without any added sugar, butter or cream. You may be surprised by what the chef comes up with!

What do you typically order at a restaurant? I’d love to know!

Happy Holiday Eating,


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