Highest Self Podcast 085: Awakening the Shaman Within with Alyson Charles

Totem animals, sound journeys, medicine bowls.. shamanism seems so interesting but lots of us are confused how it really works. I sat down with my dear friend Alyson Charles to discuss all about what a shaman is, what an awakening moment can look like and how to discover your totem animal.


We discuss: 
-Her awakening moment and realization as a shaman 
-How to determine your totem animal 
-The animal medicine that came out for me that day (I was shocked!) -Connecting with the spirit realm 
-Discovering your truth as a spiritual teacher If you’re interested in learning more about the shamanic path, this episode is for you.


Connect with Alyson at alysoncharles.com


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Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor


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