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Why I wrote Discover Your Dharma

I wrote Discover Your Dharma because I know what it’s like to be confused, overwhelmed and lost about my purpose.

Through years of trials and tribulations, including being basically disowned by my family, moving to India + Bali and suffering dire health conditions, I finally came to this concept of dharma, that my life has a purpose. And that my greatest responsibility on this planet was to honor that.

It wasn’t an easy path. But it was 100% worth it.

Through my journey, I realized that the obstacles I faced were my unique soul curriculum preparing me for embodying my dharma.. Just because we are born with a purpose doesn’t mean we are naturally going to share it.

Deeper than that, I found that Ayurveda, the health system that saved my life + I’ve written multiple books about, provided a unique framework to discover my dharma through the lens of the Doshas + chakras.

In this book, I pass along with teachings to others in relation to finding their purpose for the very first time.

I dive deep into the concept of dharma and more importantly, how to take aligned action to bring your ideas out into the world.

It’s not about the duality of doing vs. being. It’s about moving beyond that. I call this your sacred doing.

Your sacred doing is when your action brings you closer to your truth. You were born with certain dreams, desires, and interests because they’re meant to guide you on the journey.

To discover your dharma is to realize the truth of who you are.

Your job is not to sacrifice this lifetime to be of service, but to make your highest expression your form of service. When you change your world, you change the world.

This is my most important work and one that truly encompasses my life’s teachings until today. I am soul excited to share it with you.

In Discover Your Dharma you will learn..

  • Your Dharma Archetype™ with my unique quiz that tells you exactly how you’re meant to share your gifts and who you truly are at a core level
  • Your Dharma Blueprint to actually make your dharma happen
  • How to overcome the most common obstacles keeping you from your dharma
  • How to move from confusion to clarity
  • The three paths to get to your Dharma and which you should take according to your personality
  • The five stages of Dharma Discovery and where you are now and going next
  • What to do if your family/ community is not supportive of your path
  • Your Dosha and how it’s related to your dharma
  • How to balance self-care with your Dharma
  • How to move your dharma through your chakras
  • How to overcome fear of speaking your truth
  • How to take your idea to action
  • How to avoid burn-out with your dharm
  • What to do if you have too many ideas about your dharma
  • And SOUL much more!

The truth is, discovering your dharma is more important now than ever before. 

We are living in a time where we need people shining out and sharing their radiant gifts with the world to raise the vibration of the planet

And you are here to be part of this mission to raise the vibration of the planet.

I’ve created epic bonuses for pre-ordering the book, from live tickets to my virtual Book Launch Workshop, to my Discover Your Dharma meditation, to End of Chapter Practices, to materials to host your own Discover Your Dharma book club, to information to teach Discover Your Dharma to your class or team.

I can’t wait to witness the magic you create in the world when you are fully in alignment with your dharma.

With Gratitude,



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