Welcome to the New Paradigm, Goddesses!

Welcome to Rose Gold Goddesses, a full Healing & Embodiment through dance, breathwork, sacred rituals and much more to connect deeper with your dharma

Rose Gold Goddesses

We are living in the greatest collective shift in modern history. What an EXCITING time we are in!

Though it feels difficult, know that your soul signed up for this experience because you were meant to be part of the transition from the old to a new paradigm.⁠??

Old and New Paradigm


Rose Gold Goddesses

At Rose Gold Goddess, this month is all about Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of transformation. In this 90 minute circle, I guide you through breathwork, sacred anger ritual, medicine drumming, journal prompts and a deep dive into our own relationship with anger, activism and transformation ✨⁠

I also have my full Healing & Embodiment Through Dance Workshop available for you in @rosegoldgoddesses to help you connect back to your body and come into your highest alignment, for your highest service ✨⁠

Be part of a community that supports you discovering your dharma in Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective with community, content, creativity and so much more — learn more about rosegoldgoddesses.com.

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Much Love,

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