How To Transition Into a Health Coaching Career

How is 2019 treating you? 

It’s such a different year already, can you feel it?

I feel this no-BS, cutting back on ALL that is no longer serving me energy that is making me hyper aware of how I spend my time.

No more saying yes to work or responsibilities that don’t feel 100% in alignment with my core values and truth.

And much more courage to say YES to what is honoring my heart.

I did a hypnosis session yesterday for the first time and a lot of what I went back to was the period when I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.

I wanted to fulfillment.
I wanted help people.
I wanted to have abundance.
I wanted freedom.
I wanted to wake up each day EXCITED about what I was doing.
I wanted joy.
I wanted purpose.
I wanted to feel like I was following a path that could actually take me to this destination.

And had no idea where that was.

You see, I didn’t know any coaches, authors, healers or anyone living a holistic or  alternative lifestyle around me.
I was taught you go to college, get the best-paying job you can, get married and find joy somewhere along the way.
It wasn’t meant to be a pursuit.

But something within me told me that YES it was possible.. And I’d somehow figure out the way.

In great anxiety + fear, I signed up for Institute for Integrative Nutrition.. mostly to help my OWN health problems.

I never intended to become a health-coach.
I thought you had to have perfect health for that (sound familiar?)

But I just let my passion guide me and then found myself knowing exactly what steps to take to create my own health-coaching practice.

And so I did.

It came up in my hypnotherapy because it was one of the most significant turning points of my life.
Frankly, I wouldn’t be here writing this email to you had I had signed up.
I wouldn’t have had the confidence, knowledge and courage to pursue my hidden dreams.

And now I’m so excited to be sharing a very special FREE experience with you.

Come join me in my LIVE, interactive webinar on How To Transition Into A Health-Coaching Business.

Within the webinar, you will learn:

Income Sources
From one-one-one coaching, to group coaching, to online programs, to retreats, to corporate wellness, I’ll be sharing various ways you can monetize your health coaching business

Brand Yourself
You’re only as strong as your brand. I’ll be sharing the importance of creating a unique , authentic brand that stands out and represents your true self.

Niche Yourself
Yes there are many coaches out there, but why are some so successful? The niche! I’ll be sharing the significiance of getting #nicheAF so you can find your target audience and grow a massive, raving tribe

How To Side-Hustle
I’ve got 7 planets in Capricorn so I am super grounded in my approach. I believe in rockin’ the side-hustle until it can support you full -time so you aren’t risking ANYTHING.

What To Look For In a Coaching Program
Having done multiple health, nutrition + Ayurveda coaching programs myself, I share with you what to look out for.

And as a special offer, I will be sharing with you

-$1800 scholarship to my alma mater, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (which I WISH I had when I signed up)

-bonuses including intimate coaching circles

-private How To Create a Thriving Health Coaching Practice Webinar with me

– an additional private FB support community with health coaches from my community to connect + meet-up with each other around the world.

Click here to sign up for the webinar

It will be taking place LIVE on Feb 6, 6pm PST/ 9pm EST (I highly recommend attending live to get your questions answered by me and just so we can hang!)

I will also send the replay to everyone who has signed up in case you can’t make it live.

To read more about my story transitioning to a health coach, click here. If I can do it in the midst of ALL my health/ life issues and being a full-time student, ANYONE can.

Chat with you on the webinar next week!


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