Ok you need to stop second-guessing yourself

In this noisy world, it is very easy to not trust yourself, but let me tell you, it is very important to stop second guessing yourself. Discover how to trust your intuition and take your life’s reins in your hand in this blog.


Are you trusting your truth?

I know what it’s like to not trust my truth.
To say yes when I felt no.
Question my dreams and desires.
To second-guess myself.
Move towards a path when my body was screaming for me to halt.
To take other people’s advice more seriously then my own.
To think “Who am I?
(Sound familiar?)

And I also know what it’s like to trust my truth.

To say yes and mean it.
Say no and mean it.
To honor my dreams and desires.
Take myself seriously.
To move towards my path, even when people around me were screaming for me to halt.
Take my intuition’s voice louder than the world’s shouts.
To think “I’m me. That’s why.”
(And that’s what I want for you too, boo!)

In a noisy world, trusting our truth is more difficult than ever before. We second-guess ourselves but take other people’s opinions face value. We have every person’s perspective at the tip of our fingerprint, while not even knowing our own.

This week on Highest Self Podcast, I sat down with my dear friend Shannon Algeo to discuss following our intuition, setting social media boundaries, creating from a place of rest and cultivating offline community.
Listen to it now: Stop Second Guessing Yourself & Connect To Your Truth with Shannon Algeo
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I’ve been practicing creating from a place of rest vs unworthiness myself and it’s truly been transformational. If this is the vibe you’re also on, you’re going to dig this episode!


Currently, in Rose Gold Goddesses (my membership community), we are working with Hathor, Goddess of Sacred Receiving.

It is time to slow down, pause and receive the fruits of our labor as well as create space for all the universe has awaiting us.

Only when we allow ourselves to receive can we channel the next iteration of our dharma.

To receive means to allow in all that you are worthy of and is awaiting you.

It’s to open up your heart to take in all that you are and what surrounds you.

It’s to let yourself really feel.

To be present.

Let the moment sync in.

Signs you could use Hathor’s Wisdom and this Goddess Circle:

  • You feel genuinely ready to receive from the mystical and Earthly realms, through opening up and creating space in your heart.
  • You’ll regularly fantasize about being in alignment with your highest self but feel burnt out.
  • You resonate with the idea that you should receive without second-guessing yourself or your boundaries.
  • You are curious about diving into new approaches for being more present.
  • You’ll feel deeply connected to your heart space and opening it up for more abundance.
  • You care profoundly about letting each moment truly sink in and honoring your achievements.
  • You resonate with a type of spirituality that is about creating healthy boundaries that nurture your needs and manifestations.

If this is calling your name, you can receive the Hathor Goddess Circle on it’s own here or it’s included in your Rose Gold Goddesses membership (along with 18+ other Goddess circles and dozens of soul-expansive workshops!)


May you receive back all the love you so freely give to others,

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