I have a dream of everyone living their dharma

My personal dream is for a world where each person is living their dharma, soul’s purposes

Dharam dream quote

MLK once said “I have a dream” and these words made a ripple effect on society that we celebrate today. We honor his Visionary gift to speak into existence a reality that had not yet manifested into physical form and we are continuing to work on today.

We each of us has a dream as part of the collective dream of raising collective consciousness and bridging Heaven to Earth.

Where each person is in compalete alignment with their natural gifts and sharing their radiance with the planet

Healers, parents, coaches, social workers, therapists, authors, nurturers, thought leaders, teachers, researchers, problem-solvers, space-holders, and all other members of society are valued and celebrated

Where we can focus on how we can thrive, rather than just survive

We can sleep at night knowing we are sharing our talents and expressing our truth.

Where we can come together in harmony and recognize the unique frequency each person carries

Where we pass along the torch to our children and children’s children and living out of fear is just a thing of the past

And rather than being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, we are continually asked “What is exciting for you now?” (And we are celebrated as we transition into the next iteration of our dharma.)

This world is not a far off dream but rather already becoming a reality with each person remembering their soul’s purpose.

My new book Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose is my offering to this vision. I am already blown away by the transformations it has catalyzed in so many. And I’m not alone in this mission. I want to thank and honor each of you for raising the vibration of the planet in your unique way.

Share your gifts.
Express your radiance.
Honor your truth.
Let’s celebrate one another and dream into existence a collective where each person is living their dharma.

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With Love,


PS: We are creating Dharma Support Circles this week of four individuals to connect every two weeks to support each other in discovering and embodying their dharmas! Join Rose Gold Goddesses to be part of one!

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