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Confused About Your Purpose?

Being confused or unclear about one’s purpose in life is natural. If you are confused about your purpose, read this article to find clarity

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The number one reason people aren’t living their dharma is that they believe they’re confused.

More than ever, we’re exposed to different timelines. Someone is living their best life as a travel blogger in Bali, another as a mom with the cutest four-year-old, and another as an entrepreneur with two seven-figure businesses. They all sound great and look pretty epic on social media, so we have no idea what we’re meant to do ourselves.

Now there are millions of possibilities, with millions more being created every day. People are Tantric life coaches and holistic interior designers. It can be pretty confusing to figure out what you want to do—and what if you choose wrong?

The thing is, there’s really no such thing as confusion. Often we feel “confused” because we haven’t fully grasped what our intuition is telling us. There is one truth, and that is eternal.

Confusion is just the blurriness that happens when you aren’t listening to it. The answers are already inside of you—your fears just aren’t letting you hear them.

We act like “confusion” is a bad thing when it’s actually a great thing. What we experience as confusion is really a process of evaluating our own truth. Confusion is a higher vibration than apathy.

It’s a sign you’re on the path of discovering your dharma.

You can’t gain clarity without first going through confusion. We often push away uncertainty, feeling guilty for not knowing exactly what we are doing, when those are actually the most pivotal moments of our lives.

Confusion is necessary before clarity because it’s in that process you find your truth.

Ride the waves of uncertainty. They’re the only path to clear waters.

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