My Experience Getting Custom Daily Supplements with Care/Of

As an Ayurvedic, Holistic and Sports Nutritionist, the number one complaint I get from clients is “How do I know what supplements to take?!”

I’ve been there. As a self-professed supplement junkie (high-quality only, of course), in the past I’ve dedicated entire cabinets, drawers and almost all of my under-sink space to my supplement bottles. I would hear about a supplement from a friend, blog or magazine and immediately order it, then have no idea when to take it or if I even needed it. More often than not, they ended up sitting on the shelves for months until they hit the expiration date.

Each day, I spent at least 15 minutes opening and closing dozens of bottles, trying to remember which ones I’ve taken, when to take each one and how much to take. Often, I’d run out of a certain one then forget to order it again, causing me to miss out on my multivitamin for months on end. As someone who travels frequently, I had to dedicate my entire carry-on just for my supplements, which definitely took away space for a few pairs of shoes I could have brought on the trip instead of 15 glass bottles.

I ended up buying a supplement case from CVS where you can store your multi-vitamins, thinking that would be the best solution and each week spent about an hour opening and closing bottles and filling up the case. That wasn’t really saving me much time and each week I dreaded the constant filling and re-filling.

I started searching online for travel on-the-go supplement packs and the universe brought me to Care/Of. Just like my Dosha quiz, Care/Of also starts with a quiz, asking you EVERYTHING about your body (which you know I’m ALL about!)

After asking you about your digestion, stress levels, hormones and more, they create a custom packet of supplements for you. They use only the highest-quality, bioavailable and natural ingredients that are extremely easy to digest, even on an empty stomach. They offer everything I was searching for: vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and specialty supplements.

Best of all, they put them together in little daily packets you can take with your name printed on them so you don’t have to purchase multiple bottles, pack up a weekly supplement case or use up your entire bathroom cabinet to hold your supplement bottles. They have over 30 unique supplements to choose from and you can always retake the quiz to change your custom blend each month.

This is exactly what the world needs: bioindividuality, which is the ethos of Ayurveda. We are each unique individuals with unique needs.

We’ve had enough of the one-size-fits-all approach to health where we are looked at as numbers and statistics rather than holistic beings. One person may need extra work on their gut whereas another needs more for inflammation. A simple multivitamin can’t give you the personalized care you need like a packet of Care/Of can. Best of all, you can always go back to the quiz as your needs change and see where you are at and they’ll create a new custom packet for you.

It’s like having me in your pocket, roaming around the supplement aisles with you!

As a special gift for all my Freshies, I’ve teamed up with Care/Of to offer 50% off your first month!

All you have to do is:

  1. Click here and click “get started” and take the supplement quiz.
  2. At check-out, use code SAHARA for 50% off.
  3. Enjoy your custom supplement packets!

Take a picture of your supplements and tag us on Instagram @IAmSaharaRose and @CareOfVitamins so we can see your packet!

@ChubbyThePup is a huge fan too! (Just kidding, not for dogs.. yet!)

Can’t wait to see your supplement packs!







This post contains my honest personal opinion and is not in lieu of a visit to your Doctor or health-care provider. This post was sponsored by Care/Of and contains an affiliate link.
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