How Your Ayurvedic Dosha Affects Your Dreams

Ever thought about what dreams mean? You should know that your dosha & dreams are interrelated. Read this blog to find out where you belong.

Dosha & Dreams

We all dream, whether we remember it or not. Dreams allow us to take a look into our inner psyches. They are essentially what our minds show us when we are not telling them what to do. Dreams can be very insightful for finding out about our true calling, what bothers us and what we need to work on. They shed light both on our light and shadows.

Not all Doshas dream the same. The word “dosha” means energy in Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system. Vata is the wind type, Pitta is fire and Kapha is Earth. To discover your mind-body type, take my free quiz here. My quiz breaks down your results between the mind and body so your dreams will have to do with your mind’s Dosha.


Dosha and Dreams

  • Vatas have the most imaginative dreams, often of fleeing, flying, or abstract imagery.
  • Pittas have very realistic dreams, often of problem-solving or adventure.
  • Kaphas often do not remember their dreams at all.

Our dreams can tell us about imbalances going on in our minds and bodies. For example, I used to always have dreams of being chased. There would be different scenarios like pirates or burglars but it always involved someone coming after me and me running for my life, even though I had no idea what I was even running from. This signified a long-standing Vata imbalance. Once I gained more grounding through my diet and lifestyle by increasing my Pitta and Kapha energy, the dreams disappeared.

Let’s go through the Doshas so you can see where your dreams lay.

If you do not know your Dosha yet, find out now using my free dosha quiz!


Vata Dreams

Vata is an imaginative, ethereal, introspective Dosha that is deeply connected with the dream-world and their subconscious state.

Dreams are inherently related to the Vata Dosha because the hours of 2-6am are Vata hours in the Ayurvedic cycle. The veil between the universe and Earth is lifted and we are more connected to our intuitive selves. This makes it a great time for meditative practices, which is why in Kundalini yoga, it is recommended to actually wake up at 2am to perform the kriyas, chanting meditative practices.

Western science confirms the same finding. Our REM cycles become deeper the longer we sleep. In fact, we get most of our REM sleep stages during Vata hours. This makes us have vivid dreams that Vatas almost always remember. In fact, Vata types have such vivid dreams that they often confuse them with reality. If you wake up and remember all your dreams, you definitely have Vata in your mind (which you can check on my Mind-Body Type Quiz here.)

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Vata Dreams:

  • Vivid
  • Abstract
  • Flying/ Fleeing
  • Metaphorical


Pitta Dreams

Pitta is a fiery, perfectionist Dosha that is always working on solving issues and taking action. Their dreams are realistic, adventurous and often trying to solve a problem. Pittas by nature are very goal-oriented and this translates into their dreams. They minds often try to work out problems while they’re asleep.

If you have dreams that are extremely real, maybe not even very fun but just a random situation that may actually happen, then that is Pitta. Pitta dreams are not as abstract and metaphoral as Vata dreams, but can be really helpful in helping you determine what the next step is in any problems you may face.

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Pitta Dreams:

  • Realistic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Adventurous
  • Problem-solving


Kapha Dreams

Kapha is a steady, grounding Dosha that is very tuned into Earth energy. In fact, sometimes they’re so grounded that they can’t even remember their dreams. They are deep sleepers and may wake up with slight recollections of the dream world but may be unable to really put a grasp on what the dream was. Their energy is more stored in their bodies and less in their upper intuitive chakras. If you wake up and really can’t remember anything, that’s a sign of a Kapha imbalance in the mind.

Kapha dreams are sometimes replaying issues of the past. They often recall previous memories, both good or bad, and often recreate new scenarios in their mind. They are very rooted in the past and often replay conversations and interactions in their heads, but with their own spin on it.

Kapha Dreams:

  • Lack of dreams
  • Deep, heavy sleep
  • Replaying the past
  • Reliving life scenarios

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Reoccurring Dreams

If you have reoccurring dreams, look deep within and think about what each person, animal and situation signifies. Every dream is a representative of a deeper theme in your life. There are many books available now that can help you decipher the deeper meaning behind your dream.


Where do your dreams lay? Share with a friend that you’ve discussed dreams with!

Sweet Dreamin,


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