How to Heal Headaches The Ayurvedic Way

Headaches are a real pain and sometimes it just won’t go. But here is an ayurvedic way to heal headache based on your dosha

Sahara Rose

In Ayurveda, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s included in treating headaches. Here are treatments to heal headache based on your dosha.

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If you have a Vata headache (light-headed feeling from excess computer usage, anxiety, travel, dehydration), then focus on grounding and moisturizing. Get off any screens and lay down, bringing your knees to your chest. Feel your body heavy on the ground, releasing all tension to Earth so it can be recycled and restored.

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If you have a Pitta headache (throbbing pain from stress, burnout, excess computer usage), focus on hydrating and calming. Water is your medicine– get in a bath, pool or body of water and let your body be moved by the waters, releasing any tension and rigidity. Drink lots of water and eat leafy greens, herbs and juicy fruits. Stay away from coffee/ spicy foods

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If you have a Kapha headache (sinus/ congestion from dairy/ sugar consumption or feeling dull from inactivity), focus on stimulating and awakening. Use some peppermint essential oil to activate the senses. Go on a long walk, break out into a dance or do a workout to bring your body into movement. Shake, shake, shake that tension away!

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