What to do if you feel like you aren’t “enough” to find your purpose

Each week on Highest Self Podcast, I’ve been reading an excerpt of my upcoming book Discover Your Dharma and this week I read two of the other main reasons people aren’t living their dharma. One of those is the feeling that you aren’t enough.

Good enough. Rich enough. Old enough. Young enough. Smart enough. Talented enough. *Insert your mind’s excuse here* enough.

It’s all an illusion. But we all have them.

Imagine Oprah saying that she’s not thin enough to help people, Einstein saying he’s not good-looking enough to be listened to, or Justin Bieber saying he’s not old enough to be a singer. Can you imagine if they let those thoughts hold them back from sharing their gifts?

Now imagine how many people who are.

I remember thinking that other people had a purpose but not me. I just wasn’t one of those special ones to have something really unique about myself and that it was reserved for the far few. When I discovered + healed myself through Ayurveda and so deeply wanted to share it with my generation, I continued to come across this feeling that I wasn’t old enough, no one would listen to me and no one even cared what Ayurveda was. 

If I kept listening, you wouldn’t be reading this email. 

I wouldn’t have written multiple best-selling Ayurveda books with foreword by my biggest inspiration, Deepak Chopra.

I would be still questioning whether I had a purpose, instead of using that energy towards embodying it.

I share this because I know there are other people like me out there, sitting in a sacred mission that will uplift the vibration of humanity, but you’re feeling like you aren’t xyz enough to do it.

Let me tell you something.

The only gatekeeper to your purpose (dharma) is you.

Do you recognize what that means? No one is stopping you but you.

“Not enough-ness” is the disease that plagues the conscious world. I guarantee that there are way too many humble people reading this email who have no idea how f-ing magical they are! 

They doubt themselves and second- guess themselves when people with half their self-awareness are just doing it! 

In this episode and excerpt of Discover Your Dharma, I share a powerful reframe.

Why feeling like you’re not enough is actually the first step toward self-actualization.

And how to move through it.

I also share the #3 reason why people aren’t living their dharmas: not knowing where to start. We’ve been conditioned from the time we were children to follow clear directions by a teacher, parent or board game, and are waiting for the same directions towards our purpose. Hint: There are no instruction manuals towards your dharma because it’s a path you’re meant to pave! 

Tune in on this week’s Highest Self Podcast solocast episode 330 “Obstacles Keeping You From Your Dharma with Sahara Rose.” 

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