Highest Self Podcast Episode 017: Interview with Olivia Ku from LoveHealthFitness: Creating an Authentic Social Media Brand Through Radical Self-Love with Olivia Ku

You may recognize Olivia as @LoveHealthOk, an Instagrammer and Youtuber that has over 1 million followers across her accounts and those that she created. Everything looked glamorous on the outside- huge deals with top food brands, a massively growing following.. Except one thing- she wasn’t happy. In this juicy podcast episodes, one of my BEST friends Olivia Ku shares how she let go of all the fame and followers to get REAL: first with herself, then with her fan-base. Now she’s running her first retreat this July in LA all about self-love.

Find out more details on her website lovehealthok.com and connect with her on Instagram.com/LoveHealthOk and Youtube.com/LoveHealthOk.

We will definitely be doing a webinar together all about overcoming eating disorders so stay tuned! Thank you Olivia for sharing your truth with us all- love you!

Connect with me on Instagram @IAmSaharaRose and learn more about mind-body balancing in my book Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda here.


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