Highest Self Podcast 424: 5 Steps To Find Your Purpose with Sahara Rose

This is the time where so many of us are finally asking the question, “What is my purpose?” And in this video I share how to find it in 5 steps. We are all part of an ecosystem where everyone & everything has a role to play, as do you.

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Episode 424: 5 Steps To Find Your Purpose with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
I am beaming with excited because I just launched my YouTube video series all about Discovering your Dharma.

[00:27] Sahara
So, this is an 8-part video series, and afterwards I’m going to be doing 8-part video series all about Manifestation. So, I’m super stoked to just bring this platform to another level and have you interact with me in a video basis. I feel like we can really connect deeper when we see each other face to face and you can really feel into my energy and body language.

[00:48] Sahara
So, I wanted to share one of my YouTube videos here with you, on the Podcast, so you can get a little feel of what I’m sharing over there.

[00:56] Sahara
So, this Episode is all about 5 Steps To Find Your Purpose, and I hope you enjoy it! So, let’s dive in!

[01:04] Sahara
5 Steps To Find Your Purpose.
Welcome back, my name is Sahara Rose, I am the bestselling author of “Discover Your Dharma”, founder of Dharma Coaching Institute, and I am here to help you remember your Soul’s Purpose, the big reason why you are here, and make it fun because why not make this Dharma Discovery journey joyful!

[01:25] Sahara
So, so many people ask me, all the time, “How do I find my Dharma?”, “How do I know what my purpose is?”, “Please help me find more clarity!”
So, I decided to put together my top 5 tips to Find Your Purpose. Here we go!

[01:39] Sahara
Tip One – Believe That You Have One
Believe it or not, so many people come to me wanting to find their purpose, and when I ask them “Do you believe that you have a purpose?”, they truthfully say no. So, we cannot find our purpose if we do not believe that we do have one. And first of all, if we do not believe that we are worthy of one.

[02:00] Sahara
So many of us have this belief that only special people have a purpose, it’s only the Justin Bieber’s of the world, or the Olympian athletes, but the truth is, we all have a purpose! If you are here, there is a reason for your being, there are no extras.
If you look at nature, it is such perfection. Every single plant, tree, snowflake, is created with such divine alignment. The seasons always know what’s coming next and the earth can always come into harmony without any external influence.
So, you, too, are part of nature, you are part of this harmony, and the fact that you are here means that you have a role to play.

[02:39] Sahara
So, first, believe that you have a purpose, otherwise, you would not be here.

[02:44] Sahara
Number Two – Commit to Embodying it
Now, to find your purpose, you must commit to doing whatever it takes to embody it. And sometimes, that takes going through chaos and conflict with your family or your loved ones, or letting go of former versions of yourself to step into your purpose.
So, are you committed? Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you willing to let go of your comfort zone, or ways that people once connected with you, that may no longer be in alignment?

[03:18] Sahara
For example, when I decided to commit to my purpose, my parents were not pleased. They felt it was an unsafe path for me to go down trying to become a writer, and they akin to it like a starving artist, and they told me that I would regret this and our conflict got worse and worse and worse until my dad, one day, said “You know what, you are dead to me, I want nothing to do with you, you are a failure, you are a loser!”
So, here I was, losing the approval of the very people I spent my whole life trying to gain the approval of, and that is what I needed, that was part of my soul’s unique curriculum, to help me embody my Dharma, because I needed to believe in myself, even when the people I loved the most did not believe in me.
So, are you committed to embodying your Dharma? Are you willing to go through whatever it may take? Because sometimes you have created an entire life based off of you being out of alignment with your purpose, that when you begin to move in alignment with your purpose, different pieces of it may fall apart. But trust that if you are following your truth, it is all happening for a reason.

[04:27] Sahara
Step Three – Understand Your Dharma Archetype
I have developed Nine Dharma Archetypes to help you understand your purpose, in roles that we can see in other people that create patterns and recognition, to see how these unique Dharma Archetypes are universal.

[04:44] Sahara
Some of these Archetypes include: The Teacher, The Visionary, The Researcher, The Entrepreneur, The Nurturer, The Entertainer, The Artist, The Warrior, and The Activist.

[04:58] Sahara
So, if you’re curious in learning about your Dharma Archetype and how it plays a role in your soul’s purpose, head over to my Dharma Archetype Quiz at dharmaarchetypequiz.com and you can find that link below, it’s absolutely free and it will tell you your top two Dharma Archetypes.

[05:15] Sahara
So, for example, I am a Visionary and a Teacher, so I am here to use my gift of my communication to channel the new paradigm and then teach it to other people.
I also have some of the Entertainer, so I love to make it fun for people, as well as the Artist, I love aesthetics and to make it beautiful.
So, know that you are a combination of all nine Dharma Archetypes in various amounts, and the more that you understand and align with your Dharma Archetypes, the more your Dharma will come into clarity because you will have some focus to put your energy towards that will bring you to higher clarity.
So, again, head over to dharmaarchetypequiz.com and you can find that link below, to find your Dharma Archetype.

[05:56] Sahara
Step Four – Put Together The Red Thread
There is a red thread that is weaving through and connecting everything that has ever happened in your life – meaningful experiences, tragedies, moments that you felt blissful and moments that you felt totally alone. These are all connected by a red thread that really connects the dots into things that may have even felt random or insignificant.

[06:23] Sahara
So, you can often find this red thread when you look back at your life, but it can be hard to trust that you are still on this red thread and it’s guiding you forward.

[06:31] Sahara
So, for example, my journey really began with my own health issues. I never wanted to do any of this work, I was studying to be an International Human Rights lawyer, and I was working in D.C. However, my health issues, which felt like this random thing that I wanted to figure out and get over with, are what guided me then to understanding natural healing, which then connected me to Ayurveda, which then got me to study Ayurveda in India for two years, which brought me deeper into my spiritual and yogic journey, which brought me deeper into my spiritual awakening, which brought me to understand what my Dharma, my Soul’s Purpose, is all about, which guided me to writing books and creating the Podcast, and being here with you today.

[07:13] Sahara
So, all of this is connected with this red thread. So, you can trust that if all of these things were interconnected to bring you to where you are now, they’re also guiding you forward. So, look at, potentially, the breakdowns that you have had, or maybe a move that you made, or a relationship that you had, or a job that you had that may have even felt random, and how going there, having that relationship, brought you to this place, which got you this job, which opened your eyes to this way of being, which introduced you to these people, which brought you along the journey to be here now.

[07:50] Sahara
I even suggested pausing right now and writing some significant moments in your life that brought you to this moment right now, and seeing how they are interconnected with this red thread.
Now, if we can trust that this red thread has brought us here, in this very moment where you are diving into your soul’s purpose, which, by the way, most people do not do, so kudos to you, for even asking this question, then I can guarantee you, you’re going to look back on this day and see it as the day that there was a momentous shift that brought you to understanding and actualizing your purpose.
So, trust that you are a part of this red thread and it’s guiding you forward, and write down the significant moments in your life that have brought you to this moment right now.

[08:33] Sahara
And Step Five – Take Aligned Action Towards Your Purpose
Now, this is a step a lot of people miss. Often times, in manifestation, we talk a lot about vision-boarding and meditating and calling it in and being in its frequency, however, if we don’t take action, we will never be able to create The Law of Attraction. Action is a valuable part of it.

[08:59] Sahara
So, what are the actions that you are taking every single day that are bringing you towards your purpose? Are you singing up for courses? Are you reading books? Are you having conversations? Are you writing, journaling, applying for jobs, meditating? What are you doing on a daily basis that is bringing you closer to your purpose?

[09:19] Sahara
Every single day, there should be some form of action that is bringing you more alignment. And the truth is, we can never figure out our ways to our purposes in our minds. The mind cannot solve a problem that the mind did not create. Your purpose is a matter of the soul.
So, to understand your purpose, yes, your mind can be a tool that you can utilize, but it’s not going to have the solution.
And the truth is, the mind likes to go around in circles and loop and loop, especially around things that it feels like are based on our survival, that will bring us down. So, the mind is not what are going to bring you your highest answers, that comes from you turning off the mind and listening to your intuition.

[09:59] Sahara
So, take action and look at the feedback, “Where am I getting when I take this action? Maybe I’m seeing that this thing that I thought that I wanted to do while I’m taking action in it, it’s no longer feeling in alignment for me.”
So, perhaps, your entire life, you wanted to be an actress and you get on a film set as an extra and you realize you hate the long days as being an actress, you don’t like being on set, waiting around, and you realize this idea you had in your mind was not based on the truth.

[10:28] Sahara
So, for myself, I had a clothing line called Saraswathi Couture, and I while I loved doing that at the beginning, it made me realize that I don’t love selling physical products, I’d much rather be educating, and that is how I want to serve.
So, only through action do you get feedback which brings you clarity. So, take aligned action towards your Dharma, and it may cause you to make a U-turn that will bring you back home, and it will also allow you to see significant shifts and get momentum, which will give you more confidence and courage that will allow you to continue moving through, even when things get hard.

[11:05] Sahara
So, those are my 5 steps to helping you find your soul’s purpose. Let me know how you liked them!
And if you would like to learn more, I have created my 21-Day Dharma Discovery Journey, which will take you from confusion to clarity, on your soul’s purpose, in just 21 days, because who says it needs to take a lifetime to find your life purpose? If you check out these testimonials, it is insane! The results people are getting, they’re finding their dream jobs, they’re creating businesses, they’re launching passion projects and so much more, simply from saying yes to their purpose for the first time, because, truthfully, none of us have ever taken a class on this before, and it’s the most important thing that matters. You’re never truthfully going to be happy without living your purpose, because happiness is a byproduct of living your purpose!

[11:51] Sahara
So, if you’re interested in learning more, check, out the link below to join me in my 21-Day Dharma Discovery journey!

[11:58] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode, and if you’re interested in learning more and diving deeper into becoming a Certified Dharma Coach. So, this means you’re going to be teaching other people how to discover their soul’s purpose and coaching them to remember the big reason why they are here.
So, Dharma Coaching Institute is my accredited school and not only will you become a Dharma Coach, but you’ll also become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.
So, this is such a beautiful program, whether you’re desiring to create a new career for yourself or you’re just simply looking for it for your own enrichment, you’re wondering what’s next in your own personal growth journey, then this school is for you.

[12:35] Sahara
So, doors are opening up next week and you can head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com right now to learn more about it, to join our wait list, receive all the information, and I’m so excited to invite you inside!

[12:47] Sahara
Thank you so much, again, for tuning in, and I’ll see you on the next one! Namaste!


Episode 424: 5 Steps To Find Your Purpose with Sahara Rose
By Sahara Rose


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