Highest Self Podcast 413: How this mom launched a podcast and wrote a book through joining Rose Gold Goddesses with Tara Webb

Feel like you’re too busy to write a book, launch a podcast and connect with aligned community? This week, I sit down with Tara who joined Rose Gold Goddesses two years ago.. and since then met her business partner, wrote a book and became our community manager! Did I mention she has FOUR young children and her husband was deployed while doing this?!
Tara is a beautiful example of what is possible when you open yourself up for the possibilities and support available for you in RGG, my divine feminine mystery school (which doors are open to this week only!)

Doors open this week only. Check out our curriculum and join now rosegoldgoddesses.com

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Episode 413: How this mom launched a podcast and wrote a book through joining RGG with Tara Webb
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
This Episode really touched me because I got to really chat with one of my, now, team members who started as a Rose Gold Goddesses member, which is my Divine Feminine Mystery School, and how joining RGG has radically impacted her life.

[00:37] Sahara
I mean, this mom of four, whose husband, at the time, was deployed, was able to foster the connections, the community and all of the incredible content that we have in RGG, and write her first book, launch her podcast with a fellow RGG member and truly step into living her Dharma as an Ayurvedic Healer.

[00:59] Sahara
So, in this Episode, we dive deep into how she was able to really make the most of the experience; how so many of us, we sign up for courses, we sign up for products, we sign up for memberships, and we don’t actually do the thing. So, how she, with four young children, was able to actually carve out the time to make the connections, to get out of any fear of sharing herself in a new community and actually create, now, her soul fam, her best friends that she has always been missing, and how she actually ended up sharing with us, in our Samhain circle in Rose Gold Goddesses, and is now our community manager.
So, this is such an inspiring story, to really see the way that someone’s life is able to transform when they invest in themselves and they say yes to the right opportunities. And I’m so, remarkably, just in awe, to be able to be a part of this, and so inspired to know that there will be other stories like Tara’s that happened with other incredible moms, with incredible stories, and it honestly makes me emotional because for so long, women have not had the opportunity to really honor our desires. We’ve always been the commodity of men, our wombs have been a commodity of what they want, and they need this and they need that, and we, as women, collectively, have had to sacrifice so much because of the patriarchy and it feels almost surreal to finally be at this time where can be honored for all of the textures that make us a woman – from our strength to our sensuality, to our curiosity, to our intuition, and I’m just so divinely grateful that the Goddess guided me into creating Rose Gold Goddesses when I did. Now, over two years ago, we launched in September 2019 and to witness so many lives that have been transformed and to know that it’s just the beginning and so many more are going to be coming in right now as doors are open this week only, until Monday night, and just to witness all the other butterflies that are going to be coming out of their uncomfortable cocoons that they’ve been in for too long. And of course, this year, to dance with you guys in person, in our weekend Miami retreat, which is exclusive just to RGG members. So, I’m so excited to reconnect with you guys in person because it is just a deeper level of grounding when we can see each other face to face, feel each other’s energy and be like “Yes, there’s a human behind that screen!”

[03:29] Sahara
And all of the RGG events that we did in 2019 were so powerful. I have some of the videos up on rosegoldgoddesses.com so you can check that out!
And again, this is the only week that you can join until the end of the year. So, if you are feeling the call, you love the Podcast, you resonate with my work, you resonate with the Divine Feminine wisdom and you want to be in a real-life experience of this, connecting to other people who listen to this Podcast, who resonate with intuition and womb wisdom and exploration of their consciousness, and all that goodish, that we talk about here, then this is your call to join us in Rose Gold Goddesses.
Again, that link is rosegoldgoddesses.com that is in the show notes and I’m so excited to welcome you inside!

[04:15] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Tara Webb to The Highest Self Podcast.

[04:21] Interview

[04:21] Sahara
Welcome Tara to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[04:25] Tara
Thank you! I am so excited to be here!

[04:28] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[04:33] Tara
What makes me my highest self is when I’m giving to myself, when I am choosing to do my routine – getting up in the morning when I’m supposed to (for me) and taking those times to journal and sit down with my warm water; or when I’m writing my book and I’m intentionally focusing on that. But making sure that I specifically take time for myself versus just running around doing things for other people.
I noticed when I am my highest self, when I’m yoni steaming, doing things that are just for me.

[05:08] Sahara
I love that so much! And you are a mother of four, four young kids. How old are your kids?

[05:13] Tara
Eight, Five, Four and six months.

[05:17] Sahara
So beautiful! And you’re on my team and I just gifted you a yoni steamer for the holidays and I was just asking you how that went, so I love how you’re channeling while on the yoni steam, and that’s just how we do it in Rose Gold Goddesses. It’s like 50% girl-boss, 50% goddess, why not be it all?!
And I feel like that’s what a lot of people’s misinterpretation is, of Divine Feminine Energy, they think it’s either super, super soft and sensual and receptive, and it’s like yes, that’s part of it. And the feminine is the mother; the feminine is the creatrix; the feminine is what has created and birthed all things, all living things, all books, all creations.
And what I love about your story so much is, you came to Rose Gold Goddesses, originally, two years ago as a member and just watching how being part of this community shifted your life, from you writing a book that just came out, you launching a podcast with a fellow member that you met there, and now being the community manager of the whole community.
So, can you share a little bit about where you were when you joined?

[06:22] Tara
Oh, I was in a difficult place. My husband was deployed, I had my three boys and I had just had a miscarriage and did not have time with my husband. He wasn’t given that time to be with me because “Oh, she’s walking around, she’s fine”, as a woman, who cares how she’s feeling at this moment! And I decided, I found Rose Gold Goddesses, I think, from just something on Instagram, I don’t even know where it was, it was just something that popped up into my awareness, and I was like “I am choosing to invest in myself!”
And at the time, we weren’t quite sure, financial-wise of like “Hmm, yeah, yeah”, because I hadn’t always committed to myself and stayed true to my dreams, and stayed in these kinds of memberships for a long time, and I was like “I’m going to do this!”
It was the absolutely the best decision I have made in my spiritual awakening. It has changed, not only my life, because it has helped me up-level in how I see myself in how I connect with myself, but also my friends. I mean, I have a whole family, I finally have people that I can call whenever I want and be like “Oh my gosh, this just happened” or “I’m having a really hard time right now, those intrusive thoughts are coming”, I never had that! I mean, yeah, I had friends, but it’s different, it’s so different to have people who get it, and that is what RGG is about.
You can post whatever you want, truly, and you will get love and feedback in ways to keep you going and to make you feel like you’re seen. That’s what I love the most!
And everything within my business, I would say about 95% of the people that I’ve met have helped me. I had someone within RGG actually design all the covers for my books, and I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t been in RGG.
The amazing soul sister, who I’ve co-founded the podcast with, the Meeting Magic podcast, is more than just my business partner, she is probably the closest thing to a sister, as far as best friend, twin flame, kind of thing, and we, 1000%, credit that being in RGG because we never would’ve met. She’s in Illinois, how would have I met her if I hadn’t joined RGG and invested in myself? That is the beauty of us taking that time and choosing yourself.

[08:49] Sahara
Wow! That really means everything to hear because you create something and you just hope that people will have these experiences and to hear it reflected back of you met your best friend, your business partner, and it took you out of this dark place that you were in, and supported you in writing your book and stepping into your Dharma. It’s so beautiful to hear that back!
And you mentioned something that even, when you joined, you came in with that commitment of “This isn’t going to be another thing that I join and drop”, and I feel like that’s what a lot of people do in our society, we’ve very ADD as a collective, and we’re like “Oh, let me just join this thing” and then we never log in, we never show up.
So, what advice do you have for someone who’s like “Well, I’m afraid this is going to be another thing I just sign up for, I don’t do any of the workshops, I don’t meet anyone, and it’s just another thing on my credit card.” What advice do you have for someone, so that’s not their experience, because it’s choice, you can choose that path, 100%, you could sign up for Harvard and not show up too. It’s not about what you sign up for, it’s about how you show up.
So, how are you, especially now with four kids and your husband being deployed, how are you able to really make that commitment to show up for yourself?

[10:04] Tara
I decided, before even making that payment, I decided I will put myself out there, it is terrifying. And honestly, for me, RGG wasn’t super terrifying because I was just so excited. I was okay with putting myself out there but I know for a lot of people, joining something like that, there’s so many people you don’t know in this amazing group and you’re like “Hmm, I don’t want to comment and I don’t even want to write a post”, I would say, step into that discomfort and that’s where the beauty’s going to come, of finding people just by writing one simple post, just start there “I’m going just to introduce myself”, “I’m just going to comment on one of the person’s posts”, by loving others, we find more love for ourselves in some ways because we see the love that we can give and then just reflect it back to ourselves.

[10:58] Sahara
So true! Yeah, I think so many of us, we’re used to being so anonymous on social media, like on Instagram, these social platforms, they’re owned by mega corporations, the biggest corporations on earth, and they are billions of people on there and it’s not a safe a place, it’s not a safe place to be vulnerable, it’s not a safe place really to share your fullest expression, there is backlash. Whereas to be in a community that’s catered to the type of people, specifically who listen to this Podcast, which is a demographic of a demographic of a demographic, so when you’re there, it’s like you already know that you have so much in common. Every single person there is there to live their soul’s purpose; every single person there is there to embody their divine feminine; every single person there is interested in Ayurveda; every single person is interested in a more joyful and embodied expression and spirituality; everyone is interested in womb wisdom and everyone is interested in intuition. These are the kind of things that you could go to a million networking parties and you will never find people like this, and here’s like a thousand plus of them in one space, I think that that’s the beauty of the internet, at the same time that we can create these pockets that so many of us, we’re just so used to hiding ourselves on social media, but then you enter a place like RGG where literally everyone is your soul fam if you just get to know them, that’s it’s almost like we have to rewire our brains to be like “Oh, it actually is safe for me to share the weird New Moon ritual I did and my manifestations. This is a place that I will be 100% supported!”

[12:34] Tara
Aha. I mean, I shared a picture of me wearing my witchy hat, nursing my, at the time 3-month-old, I would not share that on social media, not because I’m scared but because I don’t want that out there, and this was a place not only where it is comfortable to share, but people are like “Yes, go momma!”, uplifting you because you’re choosing to be vulnerable when you vulnerable, people want more of that so they’re going to root you on more!

[13:01] Sahara
So, so good! And one of the highlights of this year was our Samhain Circle. So, Samhain is the day of the ancestors, which is also in alignment with Halloween and Día De Los Muertos, and we had this amazing circle where we shared our ancestor’s womb stories and what the females in our lineages have been through. And you vulnerably shared a bit about your female lineage story. Can you share a little bit about that here?

[13:28] Tara
Yes. So, Tara Webb is actually my pen name, a name that I chose for myself, not out of disrespect for my husband, because I love him dearly, it’s just, I never felt connected to a last name. And my father has so many, our ancestors, back until coming from Plymouth Rock and all this stuff, and as I’m looking through all these names, a good majority of them are my male ancestors. If anything, you see, a female name, but not a last name. And even if there were a last name, the majority of the time, it’s from her husband or her father. And I had this realization that, as much as I love my ancestors and what that name comes from, I want to go through and find more about them and who they are, which is why I specifically chose Webb, and weaving my own life, I can put this out there. This is me, it’s not based on my father, it’s not based on my husband, this is me and I feel like my ancestors, a good majority of them, didn’t have that. They didn’t have the chance to say “This is me. This is what I’m putting out in the world”, even if they did create something.
My grandfather, on my dad’s side, grew up in the Great Depression and so, my grandmother stayed home and worked the entire time, and then whenever her kids were grown, she finally went to work, but she still had to be back at home by a certain time to make sure the house was cleaned up and there was food, and that kind of thing. So, even the freedom she did get, was still very limited, she wasn’t able to express herself fully. I don’t have that issue, I am able to step in and basically be who I want to be, and it’s celebrated, and I do it for those ancestors that didn’t get the chance to.

[15:25] Sahara
Yeah, it’s so amazing to just look back at even our parents, our grandparents, and how far we’ve come, just very recently, in terms of women being able to have the freedom and the choice, and to not be shamed for either direction, whether it’s focusing on your career, focusing on being a mother, and having it all, and truly not feeling any guilt around that.
And yes, you birth babies and you birth projects and you birth visions, and your name matters, and yes, all of our last names are our father’s names, who are their father’s names, and the women are completely just wiped out of all of these different textbooks, family trees, it’s like our names don’t really matter.
So, I love how in Rose Gold Goddesses so many members vulnerably shared their stories, whether it was overcoming abusive relationships or traumas, assaults, so many things that we women have held on to and it felt so beautiful for us to just come together and hold each other and let those stories be heard and shared. And then, to balance it out with what we’re here to create today, because it’s not just about being stuck in the past, it’s “Yes, this is my past life, I honor that, it made me who I am, and from that place, here’s what I’m going to create for all of the generations moving forward.” And I love how, really, everyone in RGG is so comitted to that, and it’s such a beautiful place where we can share our deepest shadows and wounds and support each other in building that reality that we desire.

[16:57] Tara
And I think one of the most beautiful pieces of that circle was when we went in and had to break out those wounds and say those words to our sisters, “I forgive you”, “I love you”, I mean, that was so powerful to hear, just feedback from, saying “I forgive you for whatever it was”, and it didn’t have to be that sister, but a sister wound in that sense. Healing all of this trauma that we’ve had in some ways, just being able to be real, was the woman right there in front of you, and them holding that space and then being able to do it to themselves. That was some of the purest magic, I think, we’ve had in this past year.

[17:39] Sahara
I can’t wait to do that again this year! Yes, to use each other as reflections of the feminine, and all of the times that that sister wound, and we really dove into it in the circle, about how during the Witch Trials, women were pegged against each other because if another woman knew your name, she was being tortured, she could call you out and say that you’re a witch, which would lead to your demise, and all of these ways that women have been pitted against each other and made to feel that it’s not safe “A group of girls are going to make fun of me, they’re going to gossip about me”, and to really rewrite that story with a group of people who are also committed to you rewriting it. Because having fellow girlfriends, sister friends, queen friends, is truly the most healing thing, and throughout history women have needed that. We’ve needed to gather, whether we were weaving baskets around the campfire or picking berries off of the tree, it was when women gathered, that’s when they shared their wisdom and their stories and what they’ve learned, and that’s what helped them, actually, navigate so much potential chaos and disease, and even war, by communicating with each other. And what we’re really missing in this day and age is, we’re also isolated, now two years, and even before that, I would say, most of us didn’t really have closed female friendships. And I’m so excited for this year that we’re having our in-person Rose Gold Goddesses weekend retreat, again.
So, two years ago, when RGG launched, we had launch parties in Miami, New York, LA, San Francisco, and now we’re doing a weekend retreat in Miami, which is just for members, so I’m so excited for all of us to just meet in person and listen to Shamanic music and channel messages for each other and be part of the biggest goddess circle that has ever happened, and just have that time where – we’re always chatting on the App, but to be able to also meet in person, it just, it creates a new level of connection.

[19:39] Tara
Definitely! And I think being a part of RGG for the past two years – this past year, I met at least three, no, four members, from RGG in person, and I can’t describe it, there’s a different feeling. These are people I’ve never met in person before, I only know them online, and the second you get in that space with them, the energy changes, it’s an electric connection of “I know you deeper than just this internet vibe, your soul knows that I’ve connected with you in some way.” And it is the most deepest conversations I have had, ten-fold, whenever I net with them. And I walked away from each of those feelings healed in a certain way, as well, and so, I can only imagine that being a hundred-fold, with everybody showing up, because just being in the space, but also feeling somebody that you connect in that way actually hugs you; or just dancing and being in the energy, without judgment, I think is going to heal even more wounds that we don’t even realize that we have.

[20:47] Sahara
It’s so amazing! And what I love is, we have so many topics in RGG and we have the regional groups. So, whether you’re in a foreign country, we actually have groups in Europe, Asia, Latin America, but we also have so many cities in the US and Canada. So, so many people, like yourself, are like “Hey, I’m hosting a Goddess Circle, come on”, or I see people like “Hey, I’m going to this concert, who wants to come?” and then also being able to hop on a Zoom call with someone, if you see someone that made a post that was interesting, you can shoot them a message on there and get to know them better, which we so encourage because I feel like, on social media, there’s a lot of one-to-many, we’re posting one-to-many, but we really one-on-one conversations to know that. I feel like that’s where really deep connections foster. So, I’m so excited for the in-person retreat and for more of that, and for the annual curriculum that we have on store.
So, when we started RGG, two years ago, it was really focused just on the different Goddess archetypes. So, Saraswathi, the Goddess of Creativity; Isis, the Goddess of Sacred Alchemy; Hathor, the Goddess of Sacred Receiving; Durga, the Goddess of Courage; and we did that for almost two years (two full years), so many different Goddesses, so we’re like “Okay, really, the point of connecting to the Goddess is not to know everything about that Goddess, but it’s to embody her energy in your life; to take these tools, to make your life more expansive, creative. So we pinned them down to five pillars of Rose Gold Goddesses, which are: Embodiment, Womb Wisdom, Intuition, Expression and Joy, which actually correlate with the chakras. So now, every single month, we have different workshops that really integrate with these different pillars. So, this year, I mean, there are so many great workshops planned, but one that I’m very much excited for is our January workshop with Christopher Witecki, who’s been on Highest Self Podcast in the past, which is a full year, 2022, Astrological Forecast, specifically for manifestation. So, key dates on when to manifest, when are good times, when to act on your purpose, when are rest periods, and he’s just, to me, the best astrologer. So, super excited to have him in for intimate experience.
Then February, we’ve got Bibi, who is a Tantric Master, who’s going to be teaching us all about Energetic Lovemaking and full body orgasms without even needing to touch yourself, because, truthfully, we all can connect with orgasmic energy and that’s the energy that we all come from, all life came from an orgasm, and when we connect to the orgasmic energy within us, we can flow in our lives and our creativity and all of our deepest expressions and desires. And I mean, there’s a full year curriculum, you guys can check it out at rosegoldgoddesses.com, but some other highlights, we have Hella teaching Breathwork Experience for us, really diving deep into releasing the trauma that we’re holding onto through breath; we’ve got Adriana, the founder of Anima Mundi Herbals, who’s going to be teaching us in Herbology for Lucid Dreaming, so, specifically, the herbs that you can utilize and practices to have a lucid dreaming experience where you can actually wake up in your dream and experience whatever it is you want, which is so great for manifestation, of, let’s say you want to speak on a stage, you can go through that process in your dream and speak on a stage and start using dream time for practicing situations that you’re calling in, which is so freaking cool!
I mean, there is so much in store – Awakening Your Voice with Amber Valdez; a Shamanic Ritual with Eagle Woman; we have Shaman Axel coming back for Quantum Time Bending, so, how to actually bend time to make all of your desires happen sooner; Tuning into the Energy of the Cervix, so, the cervix being our gate, our portal of wisdom, how to connect to your womb wisdom; Channeling, how to channel your higher self; how to connect to your third eye energy and intuition and psychic gifts. I mean, it’s truly a mystery school. If you’re like “What’s a mystery school?” just read our curriculum and you’ll get it because it’s the things that you wish you could learn; the things that I wish I could sign up for university school, and it’s like Channeling, Third Eye Wisdom, Womb Awakening and Energetic Orgasm, sign me up for that university! But it didn’t exist which is why I created it and it’s so cool because it’s like Hogwarts, you’re in divine feminine, sensual, playful Hogwarts, and you get to really dive into the things that are important to you and matter to you, and those are just our monthly workshops. We actually have three workshops a month, we have now you Tara, you’re going to be teaching us Ayurvedic tools and practices.
Can you share a little bit more about that?

[25:33] Tara
I am very excited for that! You know, the first time we’re just going to start off with, kind of, getting to know Ayurveda again, in the sense of how to balance your Doshas. But we’re going to do deeper, there’s already been some questions about how can we connect this with our woman’s health, that’s not as talked about – about PCOS or those types of things, ways to help us navigate Ayurveda in where we are today. And I feel like a lot of the stuff within Rose Gold Goddesses, it makes me think of Dr. Strange kind of magic, because of the way it is (time being everything), and Ayurveda brings it home, in a sense. It is that mind-body connection, and so, a lot of RGG is mind, and your body – connecting to your womb space, and this is that kind of final little piece, in my opinion, because I love Ayurveda so much, that it helps you connect, if you know the routine and the ritual and how to make it more of a practice instead of being scared of it because it sounds foreign, which is a lot of what RGG, the workshops in there, a lot of them are like “Oooh, that sounds deep!” It sounds a bit scary in some ways but I do get into more of the workshops, and the more times you show up for them, the more exciting they become and the more, I don’t want to say easier, because it’s not meant to be easy, but the more comfortable you feel doing them, because you started that process. And I feel like Ayurveda is just another stepping stone on that path.

[27:03] Sahara
Yeah, what I love about Ayurveda is, it’s so homely, it’s the foods you eat, it’s your schedule, it’s what to do if you feel sick or how to align your meals with your Dosha, the Gunas, the different energies of the seasons, so, it’s so practical. And there is so much feminine magic in that, and then we can take that a step further of like “How do I now integrate my Doshas into my Dharma, into my soul’s purpose” and then “How do I integrate these mystical tools now in there”, so we really create an experience that you can be super, super spiritually advanced and we are going to be, literally, bending time, or you can be completely new and maybe it’s your first year of your spiritual awakening, but you just resonate with this Podcast, with this message and you would like to experience a real-life version of it with people who listen to it, and being in the workshops and being in that field, coming to the event, you could start exactly there.
And we have over 2 years of all of the workshops that we’ve done, over 100 Goddess circles, workshops, courses, meditations, daily practices, yoga classes, dance classes, my in-person workshops that are recorded, all available for you. So, we’ve created a soul map that you can actually break it down by different pillars.
So, let’s say you’re someone who’s like “I really want to focus on Embodiment”, you can do everything related to embodiment.
Then, maybe you want to move to Womb Wisdom or you want to move to joy, so, you can really have your own experience of whatever it is that’s calling your name, or you can just focus on whatever we’re all collectively doing each month, and just starting from the get-go and doing everything together as a group; if you’re wanting more accountability or someone to talk about it with, and then in between check out the different workshops from before, the different Goddesses that are calling your name. So, it’s amazing!
I don’t know if there’s a single person in RGG who’s watched every single workshop, I’m wondering – have you watched every single workshop?

[28:59] Tara
Not even close, I don’t think I’ve watched every single one.

[29:03] Sahara
Yeah, it’s like Netflix, there’s so much and it’s so cool because I’ve noticed in myself this past year that 2020, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the news and social media and a lot of external focus, which wasn’t serving me, and then 2021, I took that energy into focusing on my Dharma and I just felt so much better, Instead of just scrolling through social media, just watching a workshop that’s specifically around what it is that I’m calling in. And I feel like in RGG, you get that, you’ll never have to be bored because if you’re like “Oh, I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I need more inspiration”, okay, there’s a workshop for that, there’s a workshop for anything that you’re calling in. So, it really amplifies your free time into making it into something that actually takes you to where you want to go.
And I feel like, too, a huge thing that we stand for that’s not about setting goals, it’s not about your New Year’s resolution and you’ve got to achieve things and lose weight and make a million dollars, that is not the vibe at all in RGG, we’re all about ease, flow, creativity, joy, do what feels pleasurable to you, that your pleasures, desires are sacred.
And it’s so refreshing because so much of spirituality is very hyper-masculine, it’s very ‘wake up and meditate for two hours and do this and do that’, you’re always feeling like you’re behind, you’re not doing enough and that’s the exact opposite here, especially, so many are mothers. Do what you can, put on your witch hat while breastfeeding, read a mystical book and that’s your spiritual practice today, and why is that any less sacred than moving to the mountains and meditating on top of the mountains. And the feminine is not about leaving society, being alone, separating themselves from all their desires – the masculine actually desires that; the masculine is very “I want silence, I want nothingness”, whereas the feminine is like “I want to be immersed in all things.”
Have you ever meditated and you kind of wanted to flow your body and dance? That’s the feminine, she moves in spirals and waves, and she undulates and she wants to feel, she wants to touch, she wants to converse, she wants to look at the plants and nature, she feels from her heart, her breasts – and that, to me, is the type of spirituality that most resonates. And I didn’t really see a home for it, and that’s what Rose Gold Goddesses has become.

[31:31] Tara
Definitely! And I feel like if you’re going to come into RGG as a mother or as someone who has a lot going on, one of the best tips I can give for that is putting it into your calendar and committing to being there. I mean, watching the replays are awesome, but if you want that connection, be at the live workshops because we do the break-out rooms and you get to actually connect with the people at the circle, at that time. And what’s also really cool is, you’ve created this beautiful curriculum, but you’ve also paired workshops with it, that we’ve had in the past, so if someone’s going to go deeper into Womb Wisdom, not only do they have an entire womb wisdom section, but they have specific workshops that are meant to tie into that, so you can go even deeper into that one area.

[32:24] Sahara
Yeah, it’s so great, if you’re like “I love Womb Wisdom”, okay, dive in deeper with Malaika’s Womb Medicine Journey or learn more about Goddess Lalita Sundari of Sacred Sensuality or learn more about the four gates, the two ovaries, the cervix and the clitoris and how they connect with the maiden matriarch. There’s so much there, it’s so fun!
And the more that I dive into my spiritual journey, the more I’m like “Yes, I’m loving this, let’s bring this is, let’s weave this all together”, and that’s the beauty of it.
So, doors are open right now, this week only. So, if you are hearing this, you’re listening to this all the way, you’re feeling some sort of tingles in your body, your intuition is maybe guiding you into “Yes, this is the next step for me”, then this your chance, this is your call! We will both be there, there are so many incredible queens, we actually have big sisters in the community now who’ll be welcoming new members in. We’ll be your personal touch points, you can always ask questions, too, and it just shows what kind of community we have, when members are genuinely excited to welcome in a new soul fam. So, you know anyone who’s being called to this work, is someone that we all deeply resonate with already. Even before knowing you it’s like a soul recognition.
So, for anyone listening to this right now, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com, that link is in the show notes. Again, rosegoldgoddesses.com and doors are open this week only.
If you’re listening to this later, head over to the website as well and you’ll be able to join the wait-list for when doors open again.
Well, thank you so much, Tara, for sharing your wisdom, your experience, and what beautiful story you have of what is possible for someone in Rose Gold Goddesses.
So, thank you for being you!

[34:08] Tara
Thank you!

[34:10] End of Interview

[34:10] Sahara
Oh, my Goddess! I literally have the chills! You know when you just share your voice, you share your wisdom and then someone comes to you later on and expresses how much it had impacted their life and you’re just like “What!? I did that? Just by me, shining my light, I was able to make a positive change in your life?! Wait, this is too good to be true! I can help people while feeling good! Is this real?” That’s kind of how I feel right now, even though I know I help people, but sometimes in this online world, we forget, so I’m like “Wow, that just means so much!” And again, it gives me so much hope and inspiration for all of the queens to come this week in Rose Gold Goddesses, as we step into now, our third year, our in-person retreat, our juicy, juicy annual curriculum and so much more.
So, again, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com to join us before doors close on Monday, and I am soul excited to squeeze you inside!

[35:07] Sahara
Thank you so much for tuning in. Namaste!


Episode 413: How this mom launched a podcast and wrote a book through joining RGG with
Tara Webb
By Sahara Rose

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