Highest Self Podcast 378: Enjoying The Process of Creation with Sahara Rose


Do you ever catch yourself speeding up, stressing yourself out or getting overwhelmed, giving up the joy of creation for the anticipation for the end result? I know I have. In this episode, I share my story of how making a TikTok dance showed me how crucial it is to enjoy the process, especially to create our highest work. I recommend this episode for anyone seeking to create, whether it’s social content, business, books or art!

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Episode 378: Enjoying The Process of Creation
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.


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[01:02] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening – welcome! I am so grateful to have you here! I am the best-selling author of “Discover Your Dharma” and a number of other books, and I’ve been hosting this Podcast for over four years, now, and really, what I’m here to do is make Spirituality fun, relatable, grounded, so more of us can really experience the joy of living our Divine Purpose.
So, yeah, I’m excited to be sharing this space with you today!

[01:29] Sahara
And I really love sharing, in these Solocasts, what I’m personally working through, moving through, learning, alchemizing, and I want to share with you a little story that happened to me yesterday.

[01:41] Sahara
So, I love TikTok, it is a fun App for me. I loved, as a kid, doing skits and dances and all sorts of things, I have my Jupiter in Leo, so I definitely love to perform.
And I was on TikTok, and there’s this cute Doja Cat dance going around and I was like “I really want to learn this!” And I start trying to learn it, and it’s very, very complicated! The movements, if you guys have seen TikTok dances, it’s very, very fast, it’s a bajillion movements compressed into 15 seconds, so it’s a lot more complicated than back in my dance team days or doing the Soulja Boy, it’s a lot more complicated now. I’m trying to learn this dance and I keep redoing it and I’m like “This is – I can’t figure out this, I need to watch a You Tube video”, I’m watching a You Tube video, I try to nail the dance and I notice I’m really stressing myself out. I’m getting very worked up, I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m like “Oh my God, I haven’t even learned the first half of the dance, how am I going to learn this next half”, and then I’m noticing I want to give up, but them I’m like “Well, I already spent so much time on this, so I need to figure it out!” And I was noticing that this pattern exists within me.

[02:50] Sahara
You know, the way that we do anything, is the way that we do everything. So, the way that you learn a TikTok dance is going to have some similar threads to how you work, to how you relate in partnership, to how you have sex, to all of these different things. You can find similarities in there!
And I noticed, in myself, in that moment, how much I was trying to get to the finished product, of having this nailed choreography that I can just then do at the whim of a hat and share with others. And my desire to get to this finished product was making the journey very stressful for me because I wasn’t enjoying the process, I just wanted to get it all in my head so then I could do it, so then I could perform it. And I caught myself right there of “Why am I even doing this?”

[03:41] Sahara
And so often, in our lives, we don’t ask ourselves that question, and we continue to blindly do things the way that we once were, and we continue to let those patterns repeat over and over and over and over again until big situations happen and we then might learn the lesson then or we may never, ever learn it.

[04:03] Sahara
So, I realized, then, that I don’t want to do anything that I am not enjoying the process of. And, it’s not about the result, it’s not about knowing it, it’s about going through the learning process and the growing process and the trial and error and loving every single step of that journey.

[04:22] Sahara
And something I’ve been working through over the last couple months, especially, has been really taking it easier on myself.

[04:32] Sahara
I know so many of us, maybe you have felt this way to, but we can really be hard on ourselves, on wanting it to be perfect, wanting it to be delivered and received by other people, that we stop loving the process of doing things and we become obsessed with the outcome. And, really, we’ve been trained this way, from the time that we were kids.

[04:53] Sahara
As children, we genuinely love to play, we would go outside and we would find the leaf and we would ask questions about the leaf and want to learn everything about it, “Why is the sky blue? Why are the clouds like this? Why is the ocean sometimes, high sometimes, low sometimes?” We have all of these natural curiosities within ourselves, which, if we really follow them, we would learn exactly what we needed to learn. But then our school system really told us that “Oh, well, you need to do this and if you do a good job at it, in the way that we like it, then you will get the gold star. And the more love you receive, the more success you will have in the future, so we shifted away from this curiosity and this play-based learning into “How can I get the best result? How can I cram before this test so I can get an A, so I can pass, so I can get into the college that I want so I can get the job that I want, so that I can make the money that I want, so that I can get the husband or wife that I want, so that I can live the life that I want?”

[05:53] Sahara
So, we train ourselves to make every decision coming from this results-oriented place and we lose the joy of the process of learning and growing. And in fact, we are praised for becoming like this! We are told that it’s a good thing to really look at everything, like “What’s my return in investment going to be?” And we’re told that time is finite, so you need to use your time to the maximum, be as productive as possible and get up at 4:00 AM and have this epic morning routine and do all these things, so by the time you are just starting your day, you’ve done more than everyone else has, and that’s the epitome of “success”.

[06:37] Sahara
But, when I tune into my heart, of what success feels like for me, it is not that. And then, I’d love for you to just close your eyes for a second right now, and when you think about success for you, what does that look like?
Yeah! So, it’s not exactly what we may have been told success is like, and it may not even be in alignment with what you may be currently seeking.

[07:08] Sahara
So, it’s important for us to really take a step back and notice “Where am I putting my energy and how am I showing up with my energy, and is this in alignment with what my understanding of success is for me at this stage of my life?”

[07:23] Sahara
So, for me, success is to be able to wake up when I want. That doesn’t mean I want to sleep in, but it means to not have an alarm clock; it means to be able to flow with my energy, so I’m not back-to-back scheduled with things to do. Or, even for myself, to have this tight schedule, that doesn’t work for me, that’s not my version of success, I like to flow, and when I feel like getting on the Podcast, I’ll get on the Podcast; when I feel like writing, I will write, because I know that my highest creativity will come that way, when I’m naturally flowing.

[07:55] Sahara
Success, for me, feels like having friends and community around me; having a movement practice every single day; having space for dance; for art; for crafting; making things with my hands; having a journaling practice really feels like my highest version of success, a play that I can just flow; being outside, the nature, the ocean, the beach, and always to be learning and growing towards something new. I love to always be diving into something new that I’ve never heard about before, that, to me, is really exciting.

[08:31] Sahara
So, from knowing and understanding these aspects of myself, I have now created a life that is in alignment with that. However, these slips will show back up, like doing the TikTok dance and “Well, I need to get it right! I need to get the choreography, it needs to be perfect!” And I stated journaling, I literally started journaling about my TikTok dance experience because it was stressing me out so much, and I was like “Do people even care?” Do people even care that you really hit that eight count, you’ve really got it good, really liked how pointed your toes were? No one cares!

[09:07] Sahara
So, here we are, trying to strive and chase these goals and be perfect, when that’s not even what people want and resonate with. So, we’re denoting ourselves from our own enjoyment of the experience and putting that on back-hold to try to push and perfect so other people can like it, and then to even ask yourself “What is the point”, so you can get a lot of likes, comments, more followers? What is that going to bring you?

[09:35] Sahara
And we know this, if I say, consciously, of course, don’t live your life for social media. You know this but so many of us are still doing it!

[09:45] Sahara
You know, I had this realization a couple years ago. I was at this waterfall in Costa Rica and I was so excited and I was about to jump in but my friend, who I was with, she was like “Okay, well, let’s take some photos and let’s take some videos”, “And okay, now get one of me behind the waterfall and in front of the waterfall”, and literally, we spent, probably, the first hour just taking all of these photos before going into the waterfall, and then it started to rain and we had to leave. And that really hit me, of like “Great! We have a waterfall photo shoot, but we didn’t go in”, and so many of us are still doing that. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for, even, social media, but it could be for your job, it could be for whatever success looks like in your career, it’s all of these ways that we sacrifice the enjoyment of the moment, of the process, of the journey, for an outcome that doesn’t even really bring us joy.

[10:39] Sahara
So, does this mean everything we always do should always be super, super fun? No! There are things that are going to show up. For example, if I’m writing book, I don’t love editing it but I have to do that because it’s needed for me to get my book out, but it’s still part of the journey that’s bringing me overall joy.
And, what I’m working through now is even in those parts that aren’t bringing me the most joy or the most fun. that I have most resistance towards, it’s like “How can I lean into that more? How can I find what I can and enjoy about it?” And things that I may be doing, that I don’t necessarily need to be doing but I’m doing because of external validation or I think it will bring me success or whatever feedback I get from it, to no longer do those things anymore, because nothing is worth your inner state; nothing is worth something that it’s going to destroy your inner peace, and so many of us are continually doing this over and over and over again. And we think that “Oh well, I’m going to, maybe, go through this now so I can then, in the future, have this thing that I want – the raise, the bigger following, whatever it is, but that thing never brings you the joy that you could’ve had if you just enjoyed the process.

[11:58] Sahara
And when you are in the process of enjoyment; when you are in joyous creation, that creation is coming from a heart-centered place, it is naturally flowing through you, you are not forcing yourself to do it, you are not doing it because of the likes you’re going to get, the money you’re going to get, the feedback you’re going to get from your boss, you’re simply doing it because it’s joyously oozing out of your pores, it’s orgasming through you – that is your Dharma right there, that is your Soul’s Purpose, that is your highest creation, that is what you came on Earth to do, and there is nothing that can ever replace that. Because when someone is in the joy of creation, we don’t even notice the imperfections. The imperfections are what make it so beautiful. When someone is just dancing and they’re in a vibe, they’re not doing any choreography or have pointed toes or a great way of hitting each beat, but when they are just immersed in the music, it is a joy for us to even witness. Or if someone is painting something, it doesn’t matter how perfect their technique is, when we can feel their heart is being poured into this canvas – that is a beauty for us to witness. When someone is singing, it doesn’t matter if they’re hitting the notes perfectly, they’re just flowing from their throat chakra and it’s just a magnificent display of who they are, being vocalized into sonic alchemy – that is a joy to witness.

[13:33] Sahara
So, here we are striving to be perfect, when people don’t even like perfection. We don’t value it – it feels contrived, it feels fake, it feels just like everyone else.

[13:47] Sahara
And the other thing that hit me too, with this TikTok dance, it really taught me a lot yesterday, but here we are, it’s just a perfect example of it, of, we’re all trying to learn the exact same choreography, and really let that land – we’re all trying to learn the exact same choreography. In life, in our careers, in the way we show up on social media – we’re all trying to be the same, when that makes that same thing no longer special.
Watching 10.000 people doing the exact same dance – you’re not a judge on Dancing With the Stars to be like “Okay, entry 746 did a really good with the emphasis on the shoulder prop”, you’re not going to notice that, it’s the same dance over and over and over again.

[14:36] Sahara
So, here we are, tens of thousands of people trying to learn the exact same dance, to have this hope, this possibility that they’re going to hit viral with it, it’s going to bring them the love and the attention and the followers and the money and the success and whatever it is that they are posting for (consciously and unconsciously). And really, what they are doing, is learning to be just like everyone else.
So, we’re not going to remember Doja Cat dance 746, but I will remember that person who is just dancing their heart out to some random ass music, and they didn’t care who was watching them, they were just showing up purely as themselves. And beyond that, who cares what people remember you as – how do you remember yourself as?

[15:22] Sahara
So, it’s so important for us to recognize this because, especially now, with social media, I see a lot of people looking at one person’s version of success, of “Okay, well, this person taught manifestation in this way, and these are the kind of pictures that they post, and these are the kind of graphics that they post, and this is how they do their stories, and this is how they do their website, so, it’s working for them, and I’m going to do basically what they’re doing and hopefully work for you too!” And then when it doesn’t, then they’re like “Well, this whole this was a sham and I’m just going to go back to whatever I was doing before!” But really, the reason why it didn’t work is because that person is already taken, that is them, and that might have been their joyous creation, but what is yours? What is your choreography? What is your song? What is the way that you want to show up? And how can you do it in a way that it’s coming from your heart, that people can feel that, and again, that you can feel that? Because trying to learn someone else’s dance, or trying to learn someone else’s business, or personality, or anything, is just never going to work. It’s always going to feel like a drag to learn because it’s not you. Your highest creations, your truest colors, your most unique, original thought forms will only come through when you are really basking in your own aura. And this is why I always say on the Podcast – sometimes you need to take an advice detox; sometimes you need to unplug from the noise around you, so you can tune into what is the voice within.

[17:05] Sahara
So, a lesson that I learned from this dance is that – yes, sometimes, maybe, I will learn dances if it’s fun, if it’s flowing, if it feels good, but the moment that it turns into a dance mom’s competition, where I am my own stage mom, “Come on! Perfect this movement!” and it becomes about the performance more than the journey, that is when I stop!

[17:28] Sahara
And it’s funny because the moment that I realized that and I put it away and I tuned back into “What do I love to create the most? What makes me giddy and laugh and feel like I did when I was a kid, making those skits and dances?” It was always when I was doing something freaking weird and quirky and something that no one really had ever seen or understood before, but I just thought it was really funny. And whenever I tune into that energy, regardless of how it “does”, I always have so much fun! And that’s really what matters. In everything in life – if you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, then what is the point? Because this life is not about sacrifice, it’s not about mustering through it so you can get to the other end, because the other end is going to feel exactly like right now is going to feel, if you don’t shift your consciousness.

[18:22] Sahara
So, if right now feels like a drag and you’re not willing to shift that, if you’re not willing to choose joy and fun and peace, then even with more money and followers and whatever the thing is, that other side of the rainbow is also not going to have a pot of gold.

[18:38] Sahara
So, when we realize this, that our Dharma, our Purpose, is meant to come through joy; it is meant to come through ease; through grace; through flow; not through force; that is when we really begin to come alive. That is when our best and highest creations come through, and that is when we realize what this lifetime is all about.

[19:04] Sahara
So, I hope my experience landed with you and allowed you to, maybe, see a glimpse of yourself; maybe ways that you were echoing the same feeling of living for the end result and a reminder for you to enjoy the journey, because we are, as Abraham Hicks says “We are always on the brink”, we are never fully there, we are always on the brink to our next iteration, so if we wait to be joyful in our next iteration, we’re going to be waiting many, many different lifetimes.

[19:35] Sahara
So, if you are interested in learning more about your Soul’s Purpose, check out my book “Discover Your Dharma”, it is available wherever books are sold; on audible; on Kindle. You can head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma to find the links there. The link is also available in the show notes.

[19:52] Sahara
I also have my ‘Discover Your Soul’s Purpose’ Free Masterclass, which is a Masterclass that I dive deeply into what your Soul’s Purpose is all about. You can also find that on my show notes or iamsahararose.com/masterclass.

I hope this resonated with you and I’ll see you on the next Episode.



Episode 378: Enjoying The Process of Creation
By Sahara Rose

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