Highest Self Podcast 376: Fun Is Your Birthright with Sahara Rose


In this episode I share my secret to writing books, creating multiple businesses, launching projects, being happily married and overall so joyful. It’s because in 2019 I made FUN my priority. In this episode I share why FUN is your birthright and the truth of who you are. And why so many of us have been trained as children to devalue and push away fun.

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Episode 376: Fun Is Your Birthright
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
Today I come with this message that is oozing straight from my heart and hoping is landing into yours – and that is that Fun is Your Birthright.

[00:34] Sahara
So, about 2019 I was going through what my New Year’s intention was going to be, and instead of my usual, expansion, growth, abundance, I went for fun.

[00:50] Sahara
When in our lives do we, as adults, make fun our priority? I feel like when we become adults, fun is something that is just supposed to maybe happen along the way, it’s a nice plus but it’s not really something that you go for, it’s not something that you strive for.

[01:06] Sahara
So, for me, I wanted to see what would happen if I made fun my priority. Fun is at the top of my list. When I am making my decisions of what I’m going to do, where I want to put my energy on, it is like what would be the most fun option?
And let me tell you guys, since 2019, my life has been pretty lit. I wrote “Discover Your Dharma” in 2019 into 2020, since then I have launched Dharma Coaching Institute, Dharma Discovery Journey, Rose Gold Goddesses, basically everything that I have in my career has really been birthed post 2019. And all of this has come while having the most fun in my life.

[01:54] Sahara
So, here I was, thinking that “You know what, I’m going to make this year the year of fun” as almost thinking that’s like a break, but actually, fun was the energy from which I created more.

[02:08] Sahara
So, what is fun? What is this energy of fun? Well, first of all, I’d love for you to tune into what does fun mean to you, because for different people, fun has different interpretations, different meanings. So, what does the word fun mean to you? Just take a second there to think about that.

[02:29] Sahara
Now, for me, fun is that purely present feeling of euphoria that you feel when you are doing something that just radiates your heart; it’s this feeling of jumping up and down; of smiling; of laughing; of expanding in a way that isn’t towards a goal but it simply is in the moment.

[02:56] Sahara
So, whether you’re at Disneyworld or playing a game or drawing or laughing with your friends, when you are having fun, you are being present.
So, fun, actually to me, is one of the highest spiritual states that we can be in, truly. Because here we are thinking “Okay, how do I meditate and quiet the mind and be present and do all these practices to tame my monkey mind and stop thinking”, but actually, if you’re just having fun, that will naturally happen as a result. You don’t need to try, there is no technique, there is no practice, you are just having fun and a natural result of that is presence. And a natural result of presence is joy, and is actually creation, and you can actually hear the thoughts that are behind your egoic mind that are waiting to come through, and you can channel your Dharma, your Soul’s Purpose.

[03:49] Sahara
So, fun, for me, is really what this life is about. I feel like, as kinds, we knew inherently, we always as kids, would make decisions based off of what was the most fun, like “I don’t want to go to that restaurant, that’s not going to be fun!”, “I want to go to this person’s house, that’s going to be fun!”, “Let’s play this game, this is fun!” We were always looking for “How can I have more fun?”
And then, as we became adults, we were told that those things were not important, they were not productive, they weren’t going to get us anywhere, and instead of, now, playing, we had to study and sit at a desk and do what the teacher told us to do and do all this homework. So, not only are we in school for 8 hours a day, then we come home from school and we have all this homework to do, that fun, playing, all these things is like “Oh, no, that was when you were a little kid, now you’re a big kid”, “Now you’re a teenager”, “Now you’re an adult”, “You can’t have fun anymore, that was just only allowed in ages 0-7” and then afterwards “Nope, you’re too adult to have fun!”
And the truth is, the way that we inherently learn, as human beings, is through play. And, I don’t even think that that’s just for human beings, I think we’ve definitely seen this with different apes, chimpanzees, even dogs, cats – we learn through play.

[05:14] Sahara
Play is that feeling of curiosity, of like “Ooh, what is this leaf? Let me learn more about this leaf! Oh, wow, it’s crunching if I do this or if I break it apart, it has these little strings or raters, oh, there’s an ant on the leaf, I’m curious about that!” And naturally diving deeper and deeper into something without force, without really any effort, it’s coming from this natural state of wanting, of desiring. And we are still moving deeper and deeper into this thing through playing.
So, through play, especially as children, we have evidence of this. This is how we learn social behaviors and cues; this is how we learn just the dynamics that it takes to be human in today’s world. We learn this all; even the dog, they learn how hard I can bite or not, what is going to create a reaction in someone and what is not – we learn all of this through playing, that is how we test our boundaries, that is how we get feedback, that is how we make sense of the world around us.

[06:15] Sahara
So, why are we to think that that only happens to us at these specific ages and then suddenly our brain changes and we no longer learn from play now? Who are we to think that? Because, truthfully, we are always meant to play, that is always how we learn, that is always how we grow, it’s just that this institution that we are put into, called school, takes that away from us, at a very, very young age, which is becoming younger and younger and younger as time goes by that now first graders are having nervous breakdowns in parts of the world because they have so much homework and so much to study.
So, we are basically telling ourselves and we’re telling our children that “Your play is not going to get you anywhere so you need to sit down, be quiet, focus, move past what your body is telling you what to do, move past your natural desires and instead do this thing that this external voice, that has authority over you, is telling you to do and that will somehow get you where you want to go, which will make you happier”, instead of being happy where you are.

[07:26] Sahara
So, we have basically been trained in this indoctrination system to continue to off-put our happiness and study and learn and be productive, to eventually get it back. And then we go to high school and college and get jobs and then that turns into another job and maybe a full different career, different roles we play, maybe parenting, the list goes on and the play, it never seems to come back. It never seems to come back and the only memories of being playful were those moments that we were allowed to as children. And then, any time that opportunities for play show up, we feel guilty, we fell “This isn’t a good use of my time”, we feel like “There is something I should be doing that’s more productive, that will get me somewhere”, but where is this ‘somewhere’ even taking you? Where are you going if you make more money? Where are you going if you get more achievement? Where are you going if you, whatever the project is you complete? Where is that actually taking you? Because, truthfully, the reason why we are here doing everything that we are doing is because we believe that it will make us happy. We believe, by finishing this thing, I will become more joyful by having more money, I will be more joyful by having this job; this success, I will be more joyful. But you’ve seen it, as well, that many of the people who have all of these things are still on the quest of more and more and more, and it’s never enough and joy never comes back on the plate again. Because if we allow ourselves to, the mind will continually tell us things that are “more important” based off of the indoctrination that it received; one that is based on externalities and efficiency and urgency. So, of course, it’s going to continue to find things to check off the to-do list and it’s going to give you a little hit of dopamine for that, when really, maybe, the most productive thing you could’ve done towards your true goal (of joy) is to have just played a board game, to have sang karaoke, to have taken a walk outside, to have taken a bath, to have painted, to have danced, to have sang. And the thing is, if we don’t make these things a priority in our lives, they never will be because the world is never going to miraculously put all of this time in your schedule where you have nothing to do and you will naturally choose joy. I mean, actually, kind of last year, it gave us that opportunity but a lot of us didn’t choose the joy. We had all the time but we ended up filling the time with more things that continued the misery that we were in.

[10:12] Sahara
So, we need to take responsibility over the fact that fun and joy is only going to happen if “I create it” and “I set parameters around it” and “I put this in the center of my circle and say this is important” because the world isn’t going to present you with opportunities, and even when it does, you won’t be able to see it if you’re wearing the glasses of “I need to be productive all the time!”

[10:39] Sahara
So, choose fun! Fun is who you are, fun is your natural state, fun is your birthright! You don’t need to earn fun, you don’t need to do anything than have fun, you can start right now, it is freaking free! Fun is just letting yourself laugh a little bit more easily; fun is choosing “Maybe I don’t want to scroll on social media for the average person is scrolling”, and I’m saying average, is scrolling 3 hours a day just on social media (3 hours a day).
What else could you do with those 3 hours of your day? And I’m going to say for a lot of you, it’s actually more than 3 hours, because that’s like the national of all ages, whereas I think, especially in the younger generation, more and more time is being spent on there. And in fact, you can track on your phone, with a time tracker app, to see how many hours of your day you’re spending on social media, and it may really rock your socks to see you might be spending 6 hours a day, because for most of us it’s on the background of every single thing we do. We walk to the kitchen, we check our phone; we go to the bathroom, we check our phone; we sit down on the couch, we check our phone; we start working, we check our phone; every 10 minutes we check our phone. Imagine all of these pockets of time which add up to, on average, 3 hours a day and even more, you could have finger-painted, you could have made some jewelry, some macramé, you could have read a novel, you could’ve sung some 90s classics, you could’ve learned to breakdance, there are so many things you could’ve done with your time that would have increased your vibration and brought more joy and love and positivity to your life instead of just mindlessly scrolling, feeling like shit and then wondering where the day went and seeing other people live their lives and think “Oh, I wish I had time for that, I don’t have time for that, I’m way too busy!” But look at where you’re already spending your time.
Because we can actually see some of the most successful people in the world are actually choosing more fun. I’ll use Richard Branson as an example. He is going windsurfing every day and scuba diving and living his best life and is the founder of Virgin Atlantic in America and all these other different companies.

[12:57] Sahara
So, we’ve created this idea that “I need to work all hours of the day and that’s how I’m going to become more successful” whereas we can actually see examples of people like him, and like many others, that you can actually grow and be more successful with the energy of fun.

[13:15] Sahara
And if you ever read about the Law of Attraction, it really states that when we are in the frequency of joy and fun and bliss and love, which is the truth of who we are, it’s so much easier for us to manifest the very things that we want because we’re in natural resonance with our truth. There is no more resistance towards what it is that we want, we are in harmony with our true selves. So, it’s effortless, it’s flowing, it’s easy, and that is the truth of your soul.

[13:48] Sahara
All of these resistances that you have, they are not you, all of these limitations that you have, they are not you, they are ideas your ego has created that have caused you to think “If I believe these things, I will be more safe, I will be more secure, I will be more loved, I will be more respected”, but the truth is, you don’t need any of those things because you already are all of the things that you are desiring. You already are love and successful and blissful and important.

[14:21] Sahara
So, let us choose fun, even just as an experiment, this month only, I’m only giving you this month, just try it out for size, see how it feels!

[14:33] Sahara
This month I invite you to make fun your priority! Put fun on your calendar! Every single day find one thing to do that is fun! Maybe you dance, even for one song, you can all dance for freaking 3 minutes or more. Maybe you paint, maybe you take photos around your neighborhood or you learn to do Acre yoga, whatever it is for you. Every single day, just one thing that you are purely doing for joy, that you’re purely doing for fun. There’s no agenda around it, there’s no productivity, you’re not doing it to burn the calories, you’re not doing it to make the money and sell it on Etsy, there’s no other agenda around it, because we really need to get in the habit of this society to just do things for the sake of doing it because that has become a lost in today’s world.

[15:22] Sahara
For me, that’s dancing, I love to dance and I don’t plan on being JLo’s back-up dancer any time soon, she’s asking all the time but I’m just like “JLo, honey, no, I can’t monetize this, this is for me, hun!”

[15:35] Sahara
So, just let yourself do things that you don’t need to figure out a business plan around; that you don’t need to figure out “How’s this going to fit in ‘about me’ on my website”, “How is this going to look on my resume”, “How am I going to explain this to other people”.

[15:51] Sahara
We have become such a culture that everything we do we feel the need to then explain to then someone and tie it into it and brand it and market it – just do it because it’s sun! And that is more than enough, in fact, that is the most important thing because all of those things you were doing for those other reasons (your resume or whatever), you’re really doing it because you believe that that job or that career will bring you more fun. So, let’s just skip to the fun part, because if you actually look at places around the world that are in the most enjoyment; because to have joy, we must enjoy, they’re already just enjoying the lives that they are living. It’s not that they have “better” lives, it’s that they are enjoying their experiences.

[16:38] Sahara
So, let us get into the habit of enjoying the experience that we are in. And when we start enjoying the experience we are in and we realize “Oh my Goddess, I could just go online and learn how to basically create anything, for free, on You Tube! What am I sitting on? I could’ve made a million lizard with gimp”, you know, back in the summer camp days, it was lizards with beads and the gimp, “I could’ve made all these cool recipes”, “I could have learned how to waltz”, there’s so much that you can do in your free time. And trust me, if you just get off social media, you will have so much free time, you won’t even know what to do with it. I’m not saying you have to delete it, I’m just saying put a timer, give yourself 30 minutes a day and really stick to those 30 minutes because sometimes that timer will be like “You, you’re out of time, do you want 15 more minutes”, you’re like “Yes, please!” No! You cannot! Give yourself 30 minutes a day, max, or you can even delete it or you could, whatever feels right for you, but, I even run my business on social media and I don’t spend more than 30 minutes on it a day.

[17:47] Sahara
So, give yourself that time, put fun on your calendar, one fun thing a day and then one bigger fun activity each week that you can look forward to.

[17:55] Sahara
So, maybe you tie-dye some old white t-shirts that you have or you go on a picnic with some friends or you go hiking with them, you go to a dance experience, now there’s so many things opening back up again. Something each week that you can look forward to, and then even have seasonal things like camping trip or you go on a road trip or a vacation, or something that you can look forward to as well. Because the more we fill ourselves up with the fun frequency, the more we actually magnetize what we desire, and the more that we create and the more that we are in alignment and the more that we are living the experience that we want to live.
So, let us make fun our priority and see where life takes us!

[18:41] Sahara
So, if you do want to make fun your priority, I have a Jumping Into Your Most Joyful Timeline Workshop available for you in my membership community, Rose Gold Goddesses, where I literally guide you through a workshop to choosing what brings you joy into your life; seeing three potential timelines that your life could have taken, or is taking right now; and building bridges, so you can actually jump up to your most joyful timeline.
So, this is available for you along with dozens of workshops that will bring more fun, joy, dance, vocal activation into your life.
So, Rose Gold Goddesses in on wait list right now, we’re opening doors back up with this incredible challenge in August.
So, if you are curious, you want to join us in the challenge, learn more about it, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com you’ll get emailed immediately and then in August, when we open doors back up, you’ll have first access to join us.

[19:35] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste!



Episode 376: Fun Is Your Birthright
By Sahara Rose

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