Highest Self Podcast 374: Evolving In Your Dharma (Soul’s Purpose) with Sahara Rose


Have you felt like you’re shifting in your purpose? That is completely ok– in fact, you are MEANT to evolve! This episode is all about transitioning to the next iteration of your dharma, allowing your next version to come through and letting your soul guide you to who you are meant to be at this moment of time. If you feel like you are pivoting, this episode is for you!

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Episode 374: Evolving In Your Dharma (Soul’s Purpose)
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
I wanted to record this Podcast because I’ve noticed a common theme amongst all of the conversations that I’m having with friends right now, my students and even with myself, and that is on this topic of Evolving and the iterations of your Dharma continuing to shift as you get to know more and more layers of yourself. And sometimes it can really feel like a snake shedding skins of former versions of who you once were.

[00:44] Sahara
We live in this world that really tells us that your purpose is this one specific, big thing and if you aren’t doing that one thing for the rest of your life, then you must not have a purpose.
So, when we feel ourselves shedding that snake skin, we often hold on to these former identities within ourselves because we fell like letting go is failure. However, the opposite is true. Letting go is courage, it is strength and it is opening up space for the next iteration of your Dharma.

[01:15] Sahara
So, your Dharma is not a one-time summit, it is more like a mountain range. You know, if we think of a mountain range, your first time going up that first hill is really hard and you don’t have the right shoes and you can’t catch your breath and you might not even believe that there is a summit, however, when you finally get to the top, you realize it’s a mountain range. And it continues to evolve and unfold and there are more and more expressions of who you be as you evolve on this spiraling planet.

[01:45] Sahara
You see, nothing in this world is still. We live on a moving planet that is spiraling in outer space, throughout our solar system and nothing is stagnant. Our seasons are changing, we are ageing, time is moving, we aren’t even the same version of ourselves as we were five minutes ago. So how can we expect one expression of who we are, at a point in time, to forever be our expression as we continue to evolve?

[02:13] Sahara
And especially for those of us on spiritual growth journeys, which include yourself, we are evolving at highly rapid rates, especially at this time in history where we are ascending to levels that we have never before.

[02:25] Sahara
I really believe that in the past ten years, we’ve probably seen more spiritual evolvement than we have in the past 2000 years, truly, since the rise of patriarchy and the descend of connecting to Mother Earth.

[02:38] Sahara
So, of course, we’re not going to be holding on to the same exact projects and expressions of who we once were because that is no longer true to us.

[02:48] Sahara
So, your Dharma is essentially who you are in action. It’s tapping into the frequency of your soul and how it now expresses in the world through your sense of service, through a project, through a career, through your relationships etc.

[03:04] Sahara
So, as you get to know yourself and your heart speaks to you, and more iterations of who you are, come forth, of course, you’re going to need to let go of those things that may be causing the river to become stagnant. So, think of your Dharma like a river, you have to let go of what no longer serves you to allow the next iteration to flow through.

[03:29] Sahara
And this is what makes our Dharma so beautiful. It’s always going to be different at different moments of time. It will feel like home, however, your version of home will shift because you are not the same version of yourself as you were even a year ago.

[03:45] Sahara
Just like we change our decoration and our outfits and the way that we do our hair, and all of these expressions of ourselves as we change internally, our Dharma, of course, is going to shift as well. And holding onto an old version of ourselves, is not allowing this next expression to come forth.

[04:06] Sahara
So, sometimes we just say peace to former versions of ourselves to bring peace to the next version of ourselves. And let’s be real, we’ve all changed a lot this past year, between all of the things that have happened around the world, so it’s only natural for your Dharma to change as well.

[04:25] Sahara
So, just know that you are here to embody and express the most authentic version of you, at this time. Not who you once were, not who you think you should be, not what you may have even created a business or brand around, but, your Dharma requires you to honor who you are at this moment of time.

[04:44] Sahara
And there are messages and products and careers etc. that may have felt super resonant for you at a point in time and they may no longer feel that way for you – and that’s okay. Your superpower comes in listening to the whispers of your soul. They don’t come from putting a stake at the ground and being like “Well, this is my Dharma! From now on, this is my territory”, that’s not how it is. It’s listening to the whispers of your soul that are telling you “Hey, this is feeling uncomfortable” or “I no longer feel valuable here” or “I feel like I can serve in greater ways” or “I feel like there are other people who could really take this forth in a greater way that I could at this time” or “I feel like I have grown so much that this conversation is no longer feeling exciting for me” – and that’s okay.

[05:35] Sahara
You know, when I started my career, I was really, solely, about Ayurveda. My first book “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” and my first courses, if you scroll back to 2016 on my Instagram, it was really all about Ayurveda, and I remember, after my second Ayurveda book came out “Eat Feel Fresh”, really realizing (and it was hard) that I didn’t just want to talk about Ayurveda. If I had to spend the rest of my life explaining what are the Doshas, I would go crazy because there were so many other conversations I wanted to have and things that I was passionate about and topics I wanted to explore, and I felt like this was pigeon-holing me in this one very important conversation, but it was one that after seven years in it, for me, it was no longer feeling resonant. And I was fearful of will people expect this from me, I’ve built my career around this, I can’t change it. I mean, look, there are Ayurvedic doctors who talk about it for 50 years and they’re not over it, so why should I be over it? You know, the mind tells you stories.

[06:34] Sahara
However, had I not allowed myself the space to move past it, to say “Yes, I love Ayurveda, it will always be a part of me and I want to speak about spirituality”, I want to birth this Podcast because this Podcast actually came as a result of me wanting to talk about more than just Ayurveda.

[06:54] Sahara
And from launching this Podcast, I was able to have so many other discussions and share different facets and gifts and strengths and experiences that I’ve had that have turned into my next book “Discover Your Dharma” and The Dharma Discovery Journey and Dharma Coaching Institute and all of these other things that I have created from that one thing that I felt like I would never be excel in my career if I dropped.

[07:18] Sahara
So, do you see how the ego tells us these lies? It tells us “Well, this is how you’ve been successful in the past, so you should keep holding onto this and keep doing the same thing. because this is all we know as success and if you drop it, you will lose this.”

[07:31] Sahara
However, by me, moving past it and opening myself up for more explorations that wanted to come through, I experienced such an enormously greater amount of success because I was being true to myself.

[07:46] Sahara
So, this is why I think it’s so important to allow ourselves to move through these ebbs and these flows and these pivots and these spirals and these crescendos and these releases, and it’s all part of it. Your Dharma is not just one thing, your Dharma is who you are at this moment of time. So trust it, honor it and let it guide you towards your highest self.

[08:15] Sahara
So, if you want more Dharmic wisdom and guidance from me, come join me in my 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey. I have really broken down the process of how to discover your Soul’s Purpose in just 21 days. So if you want a little sneak peak of that, I actually have a Free Masterclass called Discover Your Soul’s Purpose. You can find that on the link in my show notes as well as on my website iamsahararose.com and I’m so excited for you to be living your Dharma and all expressions of you to come through.
Again, head over to iamsahararose.com the link is in the show notes and I’m so excited to see you there.



Episode 374: Evolving In Your Dharma (Soul’s Purpose)
By Sahara Rose

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