Highest Self Podcast 357: Living Your Dharma As A Health Coach with Sahara Rose + Jim Curtis


Thinking about becoming a Holistic Health Coach? This episode is for you! You’re tuning into a live webinar I did with my alma mater Institute for Integrative Nutrition all about discovering your dharma and my journey with becoming a Health Coach in 2012.

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Episode 357: Living Your Dharma As A Health Coach with Sahara Rose + Jim Curtis
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am super excited to share this conversation with you because it was actually a Webinar I did with the Head of Marketing at my former Alma Mater, and that is Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

So, I started my journey as a Health Coach. It was actually in 2012 that I enrolled for IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) which is the world’s largest nutrition school and it’s totally online which is what made it accessible for me at the time. And, it was just the only school I could find that offered thousands of different approaches to nutrition. I didn’t want to just go into Macro Nutrients and the Food Pyramid and the that way nutrition has been taught. I was deep in my own research at this point of my life, now this is almost 10 years ago which is crazy to think I graduated from there 9 years ago now. And it was in my studies at IIN that I was first really introduced to Ayurveda. I had heard of Ayurveda as a kid, my mom and my grandma would tell me “This is warmer; this is cooler” but I never took it seriously, and Ayurveda was one of the modules in IIN and I resonated so deeply with this Vata archetype (the Air Energy). It completely described all my physical symptoms, from my bloating, gas, constipation, hormonal imbalances, amenorrhea, insomnia, anxiety, but also my personality – creative, idealistic, thinks outside the box, visionary, charismatic, spontaneous. And for the first time I felt so understood because I was able to see all of these different parts of myself, from my physical, to my mental, to my spiritual, all under one category. So I became obsessed with learning everything about Ayurveda and ended up moving to India, living there for 2 years, studying to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and then later on writing my first book on Ayurveda. At this point of my life I was so passionate, though I had no idea what the book writing process or anything would be like, I just went for it. So I wrote my first book and then I wrote “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” then “Eat Feel Fresh”, and then “Yogic Path Deck”, “Yogic Path Journal” and now “Discover Your Dharma”. And I’m so grateful for starting my journey at IIN because it really opened up the pathway for me to see that it is possible for me to even become a Coach. At this time of my life I never, ever, ever thought I would be a Coach. I thought I would create a wellness magazine or something, I definitely had fears about putting myself out there, sharing my own voice. It was something that I always felt like maybe I would be behind the scenes. And being a part of IIN, I signed up to learn about nutrition, but being part of it, it really gave me a pathway of how I could become a Coach, and it was really that business training that opened my eyes to a whole new way of being, to how to create a session and charge and create programs for people and what sheets to have and practicing and getting their intake forms, and it was huge. I mean, I was still in college while I was doing IIN, soupon graduating college I already had a Health Coaching practice and all the money I would get that’s what I gave to editing my book and graphic designing it and it gave me an alternative career that I just started immediately after college. So, I’m so grateful and so fortunate that it crossed my path when it did because I could’ve very easily just gotten whatever job and I do believe I would find my way back because this, expressing in this way is my Dharma, but it really showed me that it’s possible for me to be a Coach, for me to share and that my experiences, my health issues, really matter.

So, I was really excited when they asked me to do a Webinar with the entire IIN community and sharing about “Discover Your Dharma” and living your Dharma as a Health Coach. And I’m fortunate enough to be able to share now this conversation with you here on the Podcast.

So, in this conversation, Jim Curtis and I, who is the Head of Brand at IIN, we really discuss what does it mean to live your Dharma, fears and doubts that come up, my own Dharma as a Health Coach and so much more.
And before we get started, if you have been considering becoming a Holistic Health Coach, so working with all forms of health, it’s so much more than nutrition, but it’s also those primary foods – what is your self-care practice like; what is your emotional health; relational health etc. it just really provides you with a solid background to apply to any forms of health and wellness coaching. So, if you are that wellness freak, that nutrition nerd, you love learning about all the different things and you don’t really want to focus on one clear set of nutrition quite yet, you want to just learn about all the different types, I highly, highly recommend IIN because I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t started there.
So, I’m really, really excited to be offering you guys the biggest discount that they have available. And this is a $2250 off tuition discount and the first 50 people who hear this and sign up for IIN and share my name will actually get the How to Launch You Dream Book Course which is valued at $800, it’s the course they created, it’s not even available for sale I believe but it was $800, and you will get that course for free – how to, not only write your dream book but launch it. You’ll also get tickets to a Live IIN concert, it’s kind of a concert, it’s really fun, I actually got to speak there right before Covid hit in October 2019, but the Live Conferences are so amazing. Every year they do an annual live conference in New York, they’re doing one in LA, so you get to actually meet your fellow Health Coaches in person. So you’ll get a ticket for that, you’ll also get a recording of the Business Coaching Webinar that I did with the CEO of IIN as well as with Jim.
So, to get all of these things, just head over to my show notes, you will find my website iamsahararose.com/becomeahealthcoach you can click there, put in your email, they’ll give you a call and just say I was referred by Sahara, I want the bonuses, I want the discount, give me the goods and they will hook you up.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome myself and Jim Curtis to The Highest Self Podcast.

[06:36] Jim
Welcome everyone to our Webinar with Sahara Rose, talking about her new book which I will get into in a second, and many other things.
I’m Jim Curtis, you know me from Business Basics, from these Webinars, you’ve probably seen me with Sahara before, we’ve done this a few times. But I am your Health Coach, if you are an IIN Health Coach, I am your Head Health Coach, but I am also the Head of Business and Brand for IIN and I have the unique pleasure of being host to many of these episodes we do and I get to talk to a lot of amazing people – of one of my favorites is Sahara. Many of you already know Sahara, but I’m actually going to read this Sahara because, even when I read it I continually get impressed with things that you’re doing and have done.
So, best-selling author, public speaker, host of the wildly (by the way, awesome) and wildly popular Podcast The Highest Self – which I’ve been on and really loved it. You’ve been called the leading voice in the millennial generation by Deepak Chopra (whom I love, I’m another fan of his, he’s another favorite of mine); she’s passionate about bringing Ayurveda and Spirituality to the forefront of all conversations.

[07:53] Jim
So, what I’m really excited to talk about today is your new, upcoming book “Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose” and how it breaks down all these concepts and how it can really, in particular, be used with what we’re going through now, today, especially in the energy of the new year, I feel like.
So, that’s what we’re going to kick off; that’s where I’m going to ask questions about and invite people to ask questions about because that is kind of your newest endeavor, am I right?

[08:26] Sahara
Yes! And the book actually just came out.

[08:30] Jim
Oh, looks beautiful!

[08:31] Sahara
Thank you! And the reason why I wrote it is because I kept getting asked by people the same thing of like “How are you able to come from health issues, not knowing your purpose, being in this place that so many people can relate to right now – confused, not knowing where to start, overwhelmed, so many possibilities, but I’m afraid of doing the wrong thing to creating my reality to be an expression of what was happening within, and that’s what prompted me to write this book. And I really, only Source could’ve guided me to start writing it when I did because now, with all of the shifts and career changes and job losses that have happened due to this quarantine, we are given the opportunity right now to think “Well, what shifts do I want to make”, “What was not serving me in my former life and how can I create a reality for myself that I actually may have taken me 10 years”. I think, right now, we’re catapulting in decisions that could’ve taken us 10 years, 20 years, we’re making in instance, in weeks, in months. I’m sure many people on this Webinar right now could’ve never imagined they would be in Health Coaching School right now or considering it last year, and here they are right now. So it just goes to show that we can take anything, good, bad etc. (and you have such a beautiful story of this) and use it in a way to our advantage of “What can this skyrocket me into that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise?”

[09:55] Jim
Right! What does this open me up to that now gives me the opportunity? And everything, good times, bad times, obstacles, they always open up something.
So, we had talked last time, but can we kind of go backwards a little bit and talk about how you realized that Ayurveda was your path and how IIN helped you realize that?

[10:15] Sahara
Yeah. So, for me, I always knew I wanted to help people, since I was young, and I didn’t really know what that looked like, I just looked at Gandhi, Mother Theresa, all these huge figures so I just thought “Okay, well, I guess you have to sacrifice your life to help others”, that’s seems to be what it is, so, I went on this quest to become an International Human Rights Lawyer and I actually went to college to study International Development and thought that was going to be my path and I volunteered in many different developing countries, from orphanages to prisons etc. and I was working at a non-profit organization in college for immigrant refugee rights, finding myself so disconnected from the very people that I went into this to help. I wanted to help people but I wanted to talk to them, I wanted to get to know their stories, I wanted to feel connected to them, but here I was, in this very bureaucratic job and I felt like “Well here I am just raising money for the next fundraiser and I’m not using my creativity and I’m not using my gifts and there’s so much more that I want to express of how I want to help the world but I don’t know what that’s going to look like”. And in the same time I started to go through my own health issues. So, it began, for me, with digestive issues and transitioned into hormonal imbalance, I ended up not getting my period for over two years and when I got a blood test they said my body had gone into para-menopause. So, essentially I was no longer creating hormones in my body and that makes you more likely to have osteoporosis, get handicapped earlier in life, never be able to have children, and anxiety, insomnia, all sorts of things that come with your hormones being completely out of balance. I couldn’t digest food without being in so much pain, I lost a lot of weight, I would faint all the time and at this point I couldn’t think about anything else but how do I get better; how can I just live a normal life? And that prompted me to begin my journey of self-healing. I never thought I would go into this, I wasn’t even interested in health but I just thought “How can I heal myself” because I know I need to help the world, so I thought this is this thing I’ve got to do first to then o do the help the world thing.
So, in my own journey of getting obsessed, which I’m sure so many people can relate to, every blog, every book, every doctor, every theory out there, that is how I discovered IIN. I saw that all of these different people, bloggers etc. that I would read the work of, they all happen to go to the same school. So I became very curious about it and that’s what prompted me to sign up. And in one of the modules it was about Ayurveda. And I had heard of Ayurveda, my mom, when I was a kid, my mom would say “This is warming, you’re cooling” but I never took it seriously, I thought it was like “Ugh, that’s not based in science etc.” which I’m sure you guys hear people saying too, but in the IIN module, when they explained Ayurveda and I had a Dosha quiz done, when I read that Vata archetype, everything that I was experiencing, bloating, gas, constipation, amenorrhea, anxiety, insomnia, dry skin, all of it, was under one archetype. But also my personality – creative, idealistic, loves to travel, thinks outside the box and I was like “Wait! If I die, just read Vata, you will get me, right there!” So, I just became obsessed with learning everything I could about Ayurveda, which brought me on this path to then study Ayurveda in India, go on this journey of self-healing with Ayurveda and then naturally wanting to share it. Here I am, healing myself, all I want to do now is talk about it and help others along the journey and that’s what inspired me to want to write a book on it, which brought me along to my Dharma journey.

[13:47] Jim
I’m so glad that IIN could play a role. Just before we get to some of the other questions, do you think IIN could do that for other people or do you think that you’re just so spectacular? But do you think that other people considering should look more into IIN?

[14:03] Sahara
I mean, I think we’re all so spectacular and all of us are here for a reason. If you’re even one of the people, right now, listening to this, at this time, I am going to tell you that this is here, in your life, for a reason and sometimes we don’t know where our journey will take us. We have these over-arching desires “I want to help people. I want to be creative. I want to make a shift” but we don’t know all the stuff that’s going to take us along the way. So just follow the excitement, follow where the energy is guiding you to. I always say excitement are breadcrumbs guiding you towards your Dharma. Your Dharma being your fullest expression, your soul’s purpose, the big reason why you are here.
So, IIN, for me, played a huge role in unraveling my Dharma. If I didn’t sign up for it, first of all, I probably would’ve just gotten whatever job – I think I would’ve found my way back somehow but it definitely would’ve taken a lot longer. I feel like signing up for a school, it puts you in this incubator of receiving the knowledge, committing to it, it becoming a focus in your life. Whereas if you’re just interested in something and you’re googling it but it’s this side thing that you’re into, after a couple weeks life’s responsibilities get in the way and you stop doing it. However, when you, first of all invest in a school, you’re in this incubator of six months or a year, you’re committed to getting this certificate on the other end, it makes you reprioritize the other areas of your life. So, it speed-tracked me into living my Dharma and I think it is here for so many people to do the same.

[15:35] Jim
Love that! And you keep mentioning your Dharma which your book is about. What is Dharma and how is it different from, say, just finding your career?

[15:46] Sahara
Yeah. So, I like to think of your Dharma more like your mission statement, it’s your big why, and it’s not what you do but it’s rather why you do it.
So, for example, your Dharma may be to connect women back to their bodies or to help people experience a more body-based form of spirituality, or to bring beauty to this world, or to help people to connect to nature – these beautiful mission statements that we can have. Now, under that big mission statement are the different services. Now these are our careers, roles, jobs, projects etc. that we can play. So, let’s say your Dharma is to bring beauty to this world. Well, you may have been a wedding planner for some years and the a florist and then a graphic designer and maybe now you’re interested in becoming a health coach but you really want to do it in this beautiful random way; maybe you do a magazine with it and you know what the Instagram feed is going to look like and you may be kicking yourself of “Oh, why don’t I have a purpose like other people, I keep changing my mind” but actually the Dharma was the same. You’re bringing beauty to this world through everything it is that you do. Now some of us who have more of that Vata Energy, more Air Energy, we’re going to have many different manifestations of our Dharma. So, you’re more likely to be someone who has a lot of different projects happening, a lot of different ways your Dharma will express throughout your life. Those of us who are more Pitta, more Fire, that’s more hyper-focused, discipline, “This is what I want and I’m going to go get it”, you tend to have one thing that you really focus on and you give your energy to, and then you can feel when that thing is done, it may be 5 years, 10 years, 1 year, it really just depends and then you go hyper-focused on one other thing. So Jim, I think you have some more Pitta to you, you’re focused, you have different things but you’re giving your all to it.
So, many teachers in the IIN curriculum, an example that I like to give is Sarah Blakely, the founder of Sphinx, that she had this idea “I’m going to create these Sphinx” and she’s just completely full-force in it (Marie Forleo, a lot of these people like that). And then the third type are the Kaphas. So that’s more of the Earth Energy. So you tend to actually find your Dharma through your relationships, through being a mother, that actually may activate something deeper within you that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Does that mean your only Dharma is to only be a mother? No. But the motherhood is the vessel in which the Dharma blossoms. So, that might bring you to look at “Wait, our pre-school system can be more creative, poetry, childhood development in a specific way or a baby milk formula or join the parent-teacher association or health coaching moms who are very busy or stressed out, etc. So, they tend to find it from relationships with a friend, a daughter etc., they’re very one-one-one. So, if you’re the type of – I think I talk about this actually in the IIN curricula, but if you’re the type of Health Coach that really wants to dive deep with people, one-on-one, hear their story, connect with them, know why is this happening and you tend to get complimented on your ability to hold space, to listen to people like “Thank you, you make me feel so seen” chances are, you have some of this Kapha Energy to you. Oprah – if people are like “You have Oprah energy”, that is that Kapha Energy, it’s the Nurturer Archetype (which I write about in the book).
If you are someone who, in health coaching, you want to make the game plan “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do, here’s what these 12 weeks together are going to look like, here are the sheets”, you’re geeking out on all of the bio individuality, you knock all of the things and you really want to make sure they get those results, that’s going to be more of that Pitta energy. Or maybe you already know “I want to make a business out of this. I want to do courses. I want to do memberships”, that’s that Pitta energy.
And if you’re a very Vata of “Maybe I want to go into maybe writing books or speaking or creating something really artistic, creating a wellness product that is branded in the specific way” you probably have more of that Vata energy to you.

[19:37] Jim
I love this because I immediately want to figure out what am I exactly, am I really Pitta? How do people typically find out what their Dharma is?

[19:47] Sahara
Yeah! So, I have so many quizzes and prompts in the book (“Discover Your Dharma”). So, it’s a step by step guide. The book is really kind of like a workbook. So you really work through; you first figure out what your Dosha is; then we further break it down into these Nine Dharma Archetypes.
So for me, understanding my Dosha was monumental in understanding myself, my health etc. and I have different books just on Ayurveda too (“Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” and “Eat Feel Fresh”). However, in living your Dharma, your purpose, I feel like, for example under Vata, there’s so many expressions, I wanted to further break it down so I created these Nine Dharma Archetypes. And I won’t go through all of them right now but I do have a quiz on my website – dharmaarchetypequiz.com it’s a free quiz you can take to learn more about your Dharma Archetype. But for example, someone who is the Teacher – they are going to want to be in front of a group. Maybe it’s online or a classroom or something, they want to be imparting knowledge. So if you’re someone that comes alive teaching something to people, “I want to teach people how to balance their hormones” or whatever that thing is, you probably have that Teacher Archetype to you.
Now, the Nurturer, they don’t want to as much tell you, they would rather in-bring the knowledge that exists within you, out of you. So, they’re not going to say “Hey, let me tell you everything about hormones”, they’re “Well, how are you feeling? What is going on in your body?” And it’s more of that Coach, that ability to bring out what’s happening within you. So, if you are a Nurturer, you’re going to be best when you’re doing something like that. Whether it’s coaching people one-on-one or if you’re working in a company, having something that you’re doing with customer care and support and really connecting to people.
Now, others of us have the Visionary Archetype. The Visionary is here to channel the new paradigm; so you’re very big-picture focus. This is more of that Vata energy. You like to speak, you like to see where the future is heading. So, I know, Jim, you definitely have this Archetype, seeing kind of the landscape of like “Here is where society is heading and here is what we can bring.” The visionary is really here to inspire and their gift is their charisma, their communication, their ability to get people to see a higher perspective. So, this one is my primary Archetype as well. And someone listening might say “I feel like I have that but I haven’t done that yet”.
So, if the people who are really inspiring for you but even very triggering for you, are those types of people, then you know there’s something in there for you. if you’re like “Oh my God, I love what Gabby Bernstein is doing! I feel like I could be doing something like that!” She definitely has the Visionary Archetype in her and there’s something probably within you, whereas if you’re like “Oprah, Eckhart Tolle”, that’s more of that Nurturer Archetype. Teacher is Dr. Mark Heimen and Caroline May, so many people like that.
Another big Archetype that I think a lot of people on this call may have is the Artist. So, the Artist is here to bring about beauty through everything. So you really care about the experience, the branding, the textures, you’re very hyper-sensitive, in fact, they’re the most sensitive of all of the Archetypes. So, you’re actually getting energy from all these different places and that’s what allows you to go through a break-up and create poetry out of it or CD’s rump materials and make something from it. So that is what the Artist is here to do and we’ve always needed artists in our society, art is so important for us. So your vessel, in which you’re going to do it, is through the beauty way. And there are different ones. Another one people on this call probably are the Researcher. So, the Researcher is here to understand things deeply, they are very curious, they love to just go deep into the books, into the analytics. So, if you look at, I think his name is Mark Whitman, who’s the IIN teacher, he’s the Harvard, hyper-nutrition, doctor, so intelligent – such a Researcher. So if you’re someone who loves looking at all of this data, this research, these analytics – you know, Deepak Chopra has a lot of that Researcher Archetype. He’s like a Visionary-Researcher, but his vessel of bringing forth his knowledge is “Let me show you with science that meditation works; Let me show you with science that you are a reflection of the Universe”. So that’s that Researcher Archetype.
So, understanding your Dharma Archetype will give you a really tangible place to know “Okay, if I’m part of this Archetype…” and again, we’re all Nine of the Archetypes, but in varying amounts, and the assessment in the book further breaks it down and how they’re connected, etc., but it will help you see “Okay, if I’m the Visionary-Nurturer” or “If I am the Teacher-Warrior” like Toni Robbins (Warrior), we can feel that in his energy, he comes alive and he’s getting everyone riled up and everyone’s clapping hands and they’re feeling like they’re a part of this team; Deepak Chopra doesn’t do that but they’re still both living their Dharmas. So, it gives us permission to be ourselves and it helps us see ourselves in something so much greater than us because sometimes it’s so hard to realize “Well what am I good at? What are my strengths? I don’t even know” but if you can see yourself in this greater Archetype, you’re like “Oh, I could see myself also having similar gifts”.

[24:52] Jim
Can you show your book again because I want to go out and get this because I want to know exactly what my gift is? It’s gorgeous too! And of course, you can get it where all books are sold, Amazon, etc., etc., right? But it will really tell you, really help you identify which is your Dharma, correct? And then what do I do? So, yes, I feel like I’m the Visionary, I’m Pitta. How does that help really guide me in my career choices or my schooling choices or what I do next?

[25:21] Sahara
So, one of the things I write about in the book is there are Five Stages of Dharma Discovery. So, the First Stage is just to have a feeling of Self-Awareness – “I see the direction my life is going, I don’t like it, so something needs to change!” Just that feeling of self-awareness, you’re on step one.
Step Two is Self-Improvement – “How can I improve myself? How can I make myself my best self yet?” Nutrition, fitness, maybe you’re doing meditations for mental clarity or focus or anxiety, focusing on the mind and body. Now this is where the most of the personal development, self-help space is. And it’s very important, we can’t bypass this. I feel like, sometimes, people want to get to the 5D, they haven’t really mastered the 3D. We need to take care of our physical bodies and minds; these are very important parts of us. So, if you just have the self-awareness, go towards the self-improvement. Now, what naturally happens in the self-improvement stage is, we get to this point that we realize that we are not our mind or our body to fix but rather we are a soul to know. And that there is ever wrong of me to begin with, I just didn’t know the full scope of who I am. So, instead of trying to improve yourself, you switch to trying to know yourself. So this is when you go deeper into – maybe now you’re meditating for self-inquiry or you’re going deeper into your own practices, whether it is Astrology or Human Design or Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine, so many different modalities out there for you. So this stage, I kind of call it this spiritual awakening and it can be very gradual for some people and it can be very abrupt for others, but this is really the stage of seeing what is underneath the veils. Now, let me share with you, this is often the loneliest stage because you suddenly have this awareness of all these different things and you can feel very lonely because other people around you may not. Maybe now you’re wanting to talk about the Mind-Body connection and self-love and the divine feminine and all these different things, and people around you are like “What are you talking about?” So, it can feel quite lonely in this stage and that’s why having a community is so important; being a part of something that is alongside you with other people who are on similar missions of stepping into their fullest expressions. And in this stage, we can also very feel ‘me against the world’, of “This world is so crazy and all these people are asleep and we’ve got to wake them up”, so it could feel very separated. And the thing that we realize, as we move into Stage Four, is that we are not different or separated from the world but rather we are a part of this world and we’re on this planet for a reason and that means we have a purpose for being here.
So, as we get better at being able to cope with the uncertainty of the world, we find our tools, we find our practices, we find our modalities. Maybe this is when you signed up for IIN or you deepen your meditation practice, yoga practice, whatever that looks like for you. And then we emerge into Step Four, which is feeling more anchored, more integration with the world around you, less of that separation and the dualities. So, in this Stage, we further discover “What is my unique way of seeing the world?” So, you become very curious, so you might be studying different forms of nutrition; or for someone else it could be meditation or architecture or cooking or spirituality, really just depending on what it is for you. So you’re like a sponge, you’re trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. And in this Stage, you’re finding your own way of seeing the world through it. So, maybe you’re like “Okay, well, this approach is about this and this one is about that and I see it as this unique combination” and you naturally start to share that. And from sharing that, you start to get more confidence and more courage and more feedback, and then maybe you share it with your friends and your family, maybe on social media, and then we start to enter into Stage Five, which is the Dharma Embodiment.
Now, in Dharma Embodiment it’s when there is no separation between the outer and the inner you. You are being you full time, you are just you. In Stage Four, it could feel very like “I’ve got my work me and my other me” but they’re not the same. Stage Five is “I am always a reflection of my highest self”. So, the biggest shift that happens in Stage Five is your focus moves from ‘me’ to ‘we’. ‘Me’ is very important, we need to, in the Stages before, “How do I get to know myself? How do I practice self-care? How do I establish boundaries? How do I have self-love?” We need to focus on the ‘me’, but then when we reach that Dharma Embodiment, we realize that it was never about us all along, it was actually about how we can be of service to humanity.
So, suddenly, your energy is coming from a different place. It’s not the bubble baths and stuff anymore, it’s “Wow, I am lifting the vibration of the planet at this time. So anything that is holding me back from that needs to shift because I am here to serve humanity!” So suddenly you’re fueled by this cosmos that’s moving through you and that’s when you’re just feeling that flow, you’re on a roll. Maybe you’re having these client sessions and at the end of the day you have even more energy than you had before; or you’re writing and it’s moving through you; you’re recording videos and you’re just feeling so in the flow and that’s how you know you’re in alignment with your Dharma. And in this Stage, all areas of your life start to shift. IIN talks about that wheel, and it really is like that, you look at all areas of your life, friendships, community, finances, home, because anything that is not in full integrity will be keeping you from living your soul mission on this planet which is the most important reason why we’re here. So, that stage of Dharma Embodiment, stepping into your fullest, most expansive expression, and again, it’s not defined by one role or project or thing that you do. So many of us do that and then when that thing shifts or that thing is no longer in alignment we’re like “Wait, where did the Dharma go?” It’s being a constant iteration of what is true for me at this moment in time, and it’s not this one time mountain, it is a mountain range, so you climb that first peak and you realize it continues and continues and continues, and it spirals, and spirals and spirals. So, I share that because the advice is going to be different depending on where you are on your journey.
So, I have all these Stages in the book and practices etc. but know where you are right now and then how can you bring yourself to that next stage.

[31:49] Jim
This is an amazing book! This is exciting because I love learning, that’s one of the reasons I came to work at IIN, why I became an IIN Health Coach as well. As in this is my next step, I don’t know much about Ayurveda, this sounds like it’s meant to be my next step. So, I’m excited to get this book, I hope everybody else gets it too. I hope everybody considers – your path starts somewhere and perhaps becoming an IIN Health Coach and learning that information is the beginning of your path, or maybe it’s the middle of your path, but it’s definitely another step. Get this book and figure it out because I think it will also help you figure out whether IIN is right for you. But a couple questions have come up Sahara – can you be more than one Dosha?

[32:33] Sahara
Yeah, we are actually all three Doshas in varying amounts. So, it’s impossible really to always be equally all three. I think a lot of people, they learn Ayurveda, and they’re like “I must be the tri-doshic one” but every single person thinks that because we can recognize ourselves in all of them. But you’re going to be more naturally, have a propensity to go towards one or maybe two. So, doing the quiz – and different Doshas can relate to different areas of your life. I tend to find that we have a mental one and a physical one – they often times are different. So, the quiz on my website – if you just go on iamsahararose.com you’ll find that Dosha quiz and it actually will break down what are the percentages of all three in your mind and what are the percentages of all three in your body.

[33:15] Jim
Awesome. Someone just said they just took the quiz and loved it. Go to your site and take that quiz. Two, three people are asking “What is Dosha vs. Dharma?”

[33:25] Sahara
Yeah. So, your Dosha is your Mind-Body type; it is your Energy type. So, it is Vata, Pitta, Kapha (Air, Fire or Earth). Your Dharma is your soul’s purpose, it’s the big reason why you’re here, it’s like your mission statement.

[33:39] Jim
And then how can I connect with all practitioners after this session? I would love to connect with like-minded people. One way is to – don’t you have a few courses where you get communities together?

[33:51] Sahara
Yes! So, my community Rose Gold Goddesses (rosegoldgoddesses.com) has 2000 spiritual soul sisters and every single week we’re on workshops. Yesterday we did one on each of us dedicating ourselves to a sacred project this year, whether it’s macramé or launching your business; and every month we do Goddess Circles according to the energy of that month. So, if you’re looking for more community, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com and again, you can find that link in my quiz and all of the things on my website iamsahararose.com
Also, if you get the book, be sure to submit your receipt over there on my website and you’ll actually be able to get three free bonuses. One of them is my Dharma Embodiment Practice, so it’s actually a dance along practice to bring you into energetic alignment with your Dharma. The second is the Discover Your Dharma Meditation and the third is Tapping EFT Practice. So if you do get the book, be sure to submit your receipt on my website to get those.

[34:47] Jim
I love EFT! That was partially the start of my own journey as I got “Oh, I can actually tap into myself in this way”. I love that!
So, also, the IIN community of which Sahara is part of, and is now a teacher, after becoming a grad (the student has become the master), is a great way for you to find community while learning. So, it’s a great way to meet people and become a teacher. So someone’s asked “Can you hold up the book again Sahara? And give the name and show the book?”

[35:19] Sahara
Yes. “Discover Your Dharma”.

[35:21] Jim
“Discover Your Dharma”. How does the secondary impact the primary Dosha?

[35:27] Sahara
So, that would be the one that you are second highest in. So, it will still show up in different areas of your life but maybe according to what’s happening. So for example, I am Vata-Pitta, so my lead, my gift is my creativity, communication, these types of things. The Pitta supports it now in creating a business and structures and getting it done. So, I can still have a Pitta imbalance of burning myself out or getting irritated etc. but it’s not highest one. Whereas, for example, someone like Gary V, who is very, very Pitta, that would be his highest Dosha.

[36:00] Jim
Awesome. A lot of people are asking – now your book is on pre-order, right?

[36:04] Sahara
No, it’s out.

[36:06] Jim
Okay, someone says it’s on backorder, but go to amazon.com it’s out, you can get it.

[36:11] Sahara
Yes, on my website, it has all the links, whatever country you’re on – iamsahararose.com/dharma you can find all the links there, it’s also on audible and Kindle.

[36:21] Jim
Okay. So, as we’re starting to get towards the end here guys, Sahara was an IIN grad, she’s become extremely successful. IIN may be the next step in your own development in finding your Dharma. This book is amazing, I hope you all go out and get it. Of course, following (if you’re not already) Sahara. What is your Instagram handle?

[36:42] Sahara

[36:44] Jim
That’s right, of course, I see it every day and I don’t know why I just blanked it. I’m Jim Curtis, I’m your Head of Brand and Business at IIN and I’m also your Head Health Coach. You can find me on Instagram @jimcurtis1 or just follow Nutrition School (@nutritionschool) to get a lot more information and interviews like this.
And what’s something that you want to leave people with Sahara?

[37:08] Sahara
I honestly think that there is no better time than now, then to step into your Dharma. We have the internet; we have so many tools accessible to us. We have, often time, more space in our schedule than we would’ve had otherwise; incredible teachers are bringing their work online right now. So, really take advantage of this unique opportunity that we’re in right now and we can be so quick to want to go back to what my life was before, but what if we actually use this opportunity to catapult ourselves into a reality that we knew was possible but would’ve taken much longer. It really doesn’t need to take that long, all it really takes is a decision and a commitment and it’s possible, for every single person, if you’re here listening, to the end of this, trust me, you are in alignment with your Dharma, so now just listen to the signs and say yes to the calling.

[37:57] Jim
If you’ve listened to this the whole 40 minutes, take an action, don’t just use this as entertainment, this is maybe the calling that you’ve been looking for.
Sahara, thank you so much, I always love talking to you. I can’t wait until we can meet in person again and put on our big events or anything. I can’t wait to read your book, congratulations, it’s awesome.

[38:19] Sahara
Thank you so much, it was such an honor to be here. Thank you for all your love and the Q&A and the chat box, you guys are so amazing, supportive and on such an incredible missions. And the only way the world can come into balance at this time is for each of us to step into our Dharmas. We need it, we need someone creating the new food systems and the new schools and the new ways of relating to each other. So, know that your dreams are dreaming you back, they are not within you as a coincidence, they are there within you for a reason and you are designed to live your Dharma. So thank you.

[38:52] Jim
And one last thing if you’ve gotten all the way to the end and wanted to do and find out more information about the IIN course and New Call, mention Sahara’s name, we always give a huge discount for anybody who comes as a friend of Sahara’s. So, call up, mention her name, you got those discounts and we’ll find some other cool things to give you as well.
Thank you. I hope this was of value. My rule is to always bring value and I hope we did well for you today. Again Sahara, thank you and guys, have a great day.

[39:24] Sahara
Thanks so much for having me.

[39:26] End of Interview

[39:26] Sahara
So, if you are inspired to learn more and even launch your own career as a Holistic Health Coach, head over to my show notes or to my website, scroll down to the bottom, you will see it says ‘Become A Health Coach’, you can submit your email there, download a sample class, their course curriculum and even schedule a call to ask your questions. All of their Admission Team are former graduates of IIN so they can really answer all of your questions. And make sure to say that you were referred by Sahara to get the best bonuses in town. You will get the $2250 off tuition; the first 50 people will get the ‘How To Launch Your Dream Book’ Course, tickets for a Live IIN Conference and the recording of our Business Coaching Webinar.
So again, head over to my show notes, submit your email, give them a call, say you were referred by Sahara and you will get the goods honey!

[40:14] Sahara
So grateful to have you here. Namaste.

Episode 357: Living Your Dharma As A Health Coach with Sahara Rose + Jim Curtis
By Sahara Rose


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