Highest Self Podcast 304: Why Your Vibration is the Basis Of Your Activism


We all want to make a difference. But how can we actually do it in a sustaining why that is in alignment with our truths, our dharmas and our highest joys? I discuss in this episode, I break down how the three Ayurvedic Doshas (mind-body types) are related to being of service and the best ways for them to create a true impact, that also feeds their soul. Come join me!

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Episode 304: Why Your Vibration is the Basis Of Your Activism
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 

[Breath] I’m just going to start with that, with that breath. Can we all take a breath together? 

I’m proud of you! I am proud of you for making it to today! For being so aligned with the fact that, despite everything happening in the world right now, you are choosing to listen to this episode. I thank you. I’m proud of you! And together we are going to raise the vibration of the Planet. 

So, if it’s your first time listening – What up?! My name is Sahara Rose.

If you’re here all the time – I love you! Even if you’re not – I love you! Because right now, what we need is more love; what we need is more unity; what we need is to get out of this matrix of Duality; and I’m talking all levels. This lie that we are separate is rampant and it is causing so many well-intentioned people to cut themselves off from their life force, from their energy because they’re so focused on playing this tennis match, right? Like, when you’re playing tennis it’s like the moment you hit the ball it’s coming right back you in your court; and it’s coming back into your court and you’re just on this constant defense. You can’t hang out and take a walk while you’re playing tennis, you’re like “Go; Go; Go; Who’s next?” (TikTok reference if any of you are there), but you’re just hitting it. 

So, this is how energetically a lot of us have felt, I know myself, until I set an intention to make July – July (because June was certainly not June). June was a difficult month for all of us; a difficult month for the Planet, and I wanted to tap back into my own truth so I could actually be of service in the highest way. And that is what today’s episode is about. 

So, I realized myself (as a self-proclaimed Activist) – for those of you who don’t know me yet, my background is being an Activist. I, from the time I was a kid, was staging protests and I founded the Amnesty International Chapter in my region, and I went to school to be an International Human Rights Lawyer, I studied International Development in DC; I worked at different Immigrants and Refugee Associations; I studied Globalization; I was in a Global Program from the time that I was in ninth grade. This is huge part of my Dharma, and a huge part of my passion. And with the Spiritual Awakening that I underwent in my early 20s and up till where I am now (almost at 30 years old) I realized that Activism is not what we think. It is not what they make us believe, it is not repeating the same things that we don’t want. And if you’re listening to this, you want the world a better place, we all do, but we need to think in a different way than we have ever before to actually co-create that.

So, in my last Solocast that I did two weeks ago, I speak about more on this – what we can actually do and how. Right now, we’re so focusing on our energy, like “What’s that next; Okay, we need to do XYZ; this arrest; this this, this that” and the thing is, the people in power are not really listening. I mean, the fact that the killers of Brianna Taylor are still not arrested, despite there being over ten million signatures on that petition; so many protests; the fact that they’re still not arrested shows that this system – it’s not going to go down easily. And we need to also know what do we want to come instead of it? Because it’s really easy to destroy a building and it’s no easy to create a new one. And we have different people on different spectrums. We have those who are on the frontlines; those who are the healers; those who are working with the food system, the children, and so many ways of being; and I think that we all, when everything began to unfold, we all jumped to the frontlines because we care; because we care and we want to be of service. So we kind of looked at the next person and said “How are they being of service? Okay, this must be what being of service looks like, to do as they are doing” not realizing that what they are doing is in alignment perhaps with their Dharma (if they’re even in alignment with their Dharma) but it’s not in alignment with your Dharma. And your Dharma is your soul’s purpose, it’s your big reason, your vibration, the essence that only you can carry on this Planet. 

So, one person’s Dharma may be to bring beauty to the world – well maybe they need to be creating the art work or creating beautiful artistic demonstrations – I shared the one I went on organized by Shelley Bruce – all about healing, it was called A Day of Healing, and she had poets and rappers and African drummers, and we did a ceremony for the Goddess Yemaya and bringing her Dharma as an artist to the frontline. And everyone has their different way to be of purpose but we’re not going to be able to know that until we get quiet with ourselves. And when we just continue that jump, that jump, that jump, who’s next, who’s next, who’s next, what’s next, what’s next – we’re living our lives in a ping pong match and we’re not actually making change. We’re posting on social media but who’s reading that social media post? Other people who just share, and then where is the change happening? Who’s the person that’s actually going out there and doing something? 

So, because we often feel so helpless, then we decide we’re not going to do anything at all, and it’s not – not doing anything at all – as much as it’s not blindly doing something. It’s about finding how you uniquely can be of service. 

So, in this episode, this is actually an Instagram live that I did last week on the Chopra Instagram – Chopra is Deepak Chopra’s Instagram and his company, they have so many incredible retreats. We were going to do one together this year but unfortunately got postponed because of everything, but we’ve re-scheduled it for next year. Deepak has been an incredible mentor to me and has written a Forward to three of my books and I highly recommend his work, his books, his way of seeing the world, for everyone to dive into it and learn more from him. And I was so honored to be able to teach this with his community – but how your vibration is actually the basis of your Activism. And how us shouting and us just being as angry as possible while that anger is just, and that anger makes sense it’s not actually what is going to create this new way forward. It is a natural byproduct of feeling unheard; it is a natural response to injustice. And, now that we know what we’re dealing with here; this is a lot bigger than the one subject, this is like we’re at the little pinky toe of the elephant, okay; we haven’t even fully seen in mainstream media all of the shit that’s going on under the surface and it’s a lot and it’s interconnected. 

So, we need to be level-headed, we need to be balanced and we need to be in our hearts. We can’t be ripping each other to shreds, we can’t be focusing to these dualistic subject matters, these semantics, that I see so many people spending all of their time focusing on when there are some real big issues that we could all agree that are wrong, happening that if we’re living in this dualistic fighting world, we’re actually never even going to be able to open up a consciousness enough to understand it. 

So this talk was really about anchoring into your vibration; anchoring into your truth; anchoring into your heart and then take action from there but know that action to be from a place of complete alignment. I also share something that is a part of my next book “Discover Your Dharma” of how the three Doshas in relations to service can be (so the Vata, Pitta and Kapha way to be of service). 

If you aren’t familiar with the three Doshas – I got you – head over to my website at iamsahararose.com – the link is in the show notes. I have a quiz right there (I just re-updated the quiz too) so I’ve you’ve taken it a while ago, I’ve re-updated it. So, if you take the quiz (it’s going to take you 2 minutes) and it’s going to give you a breakdown of percentages of each of these Doshas which are the Ayurvedic archetypes or energy-types, based off of the Five Elements. So it’s going to break down the percentages of each Dosha in your Mind and in your Body, and give you this like complete understanding of where your Dosha’s at, at this time. And of course I’ve written books on it – “Idiots Guide To Ayurveda” which is a great textbook  (400+ page textbook) on Ayurveda; “Eat Feel Fresh” which is my modernized Plant-Based Nutrition approach to Ayurveda and my Yogic Path Deck. So, we dive into the three Doshas and their relationship with service in this conversation, so if you love Ayurveda, this is going to be a really interesting new way for you to look at the Doshas (and of course so much more of that in my upcoming book “Discover Your Dharma” which is also now available for pre-order on Amazon).

So, know that you being in a place of alignment, and you being in place of truth is really what is going to create the ripple effect that you were seeking in the world and even though there are times that you feel helpless, just know that you living in complete integrity, is the highest form of Activism that you can do. 

So without further ado, let us welcome Me to The Highest Self Podcast.


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Wherever in the world you are right now just take a comfortable seat, this is going to be like a sot song, it’s going to be like a drop-in. So, just take a comfortable seat because we’re just going to go in and I just want you to feel open. We have a lot of hostility in social media right now – this is the opposite. We’re going to hold the opposite pole right now of just being in complete openness-receptivity-listening alignment. 

So, get yourself some green juice, sit down, and we are going to drop in.

So, I just invite you, wherever you are, right now, just to put your phone up against something, put it up against your bookshelf or your computer, or whatever it is, and just close your eyes right now and tune into your breath. Notice how you’re feeling; how you’re breathing; what thoughts and emotions are coming up. And we’re going to take three deep breaths together to come into synchronicity. 

Let’s take a deep breath in – Hold – Inside out. Now an even deeper breath in, bringing in from the belly – Inside out. Deepest breath in – clench everything, clench your shoulders, your hands, your face, clench – Inside out. Drop everything. Let your body sway in a circle and just come into a place of openness imagining a beautiful white lotus in your heart Chakra. And imagining that lotus just fully blossom and open as you feel the universal love energy. That is available for us in this time when our love and our unity is more needed now than ever before. Feel the petals just opening and opening as your lotus expands. And you share your heart; your universal love with the world. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. Hand on your heart, hand on your womb and belly, and just tune in. 

And just ask yourself this question right now – How am I being called to be of service? How am I being called to be of service? How am I being called to be of service? How am I being called to be of service? And let yourself receive any answers or just sit with the question. And let the answers reveal themselves in synchronicities throughout your days and weeks. Allowing ourselves to sit in this Void right now. This Void within ourselves and this Void within humanity. As we are in an in-between space right now. The merging of two consciousnesses; the merging of two worlds; the merging of two selves. And let yourself really just be here in this in-between. Maybe noticing yourself wanting to take action, but knowing, from a higher perspective, that action must only be taken from a place of alignment. And when you feel ready, gently wiggle your fingers, your toes, and open your eyes and come back to your breath, to this moment. So, let’s talk about this. 

So, we are in a time right now that we are being called to be Activists. For some of us, this Activism work is very new; and for others it has been a part of our lives for a long time. Regardless, right now we are all needed but we are needed in different ways. Because we spend so much time on social media, we are shown many different ways that people approach situations. We’re shown many situations and approaches to those situations, and then even within that person, according to how they feel at that moment, there is going to be a different approach. 

The way that you react with your partner when you’re having a fight in the midst of a fight is going to be very different than how you’d react to your partner when you’ve taken a couple hours off and tuned in and meditated. It’s the same situation, but the way that we are approaching it is going to be different according to how we feel. 

Right now, for a lot of people, this is their first time opening their eyes to what is happening under the surface, on so many different levels. So because of this, it almost feels like we’re free-falling and we look around us and try to hold onto anything that we can see – “Should I be reacting in this way when this person says I should be doing this. This person says I should be like that. They’re doing it this way.” So, as we’re falling, we’re trying to hold onto the ways that we see other people doing it without realizing that every single person’s fall is going to be different, and every single person’s reaches are going to be different. 

So, not all of us are meant to serve in the same way, and not all of us are meant to even serve the same causes. We have universal causes like Human Rights, but each of us, based off of our family, our upbringing, our Karma, is going to be essentially sole assigned to different places. And what is most important is for you to know why you’re taking action on something. 

Activism, in a way, is easy. You just keep acting, you keep raising awareness, you keep signing the petitions, having the difficult conversations. In a way that’s easy because we know what to do, but doing the work – that’s what is hard. Doing the work so we can be in a place of alignment, and be in complete integrity with how we’re showing up- that takes spiritual discipline. 

So, so many of us, we want to do the right thing – I think all of us do. But what one person tells you is the right thing, is not necessarily going to be your right thing. I may be a lawyer, so I’m saying “Why aren’t you changing laws? Why aren’t you talking about laws? Laws, laws, laws” because that’s my world view. Someone else may be in the educational system; someone else may be in the meditation world, someone else may be here – so, we are all speaking on our own podium, saying “The world should be like this and people should be like that” but it takes our intuition to know what is for me. Not everyone’s cause is going to be your cause; and not everyone’s way of showing up for their cause is going to be theirs. 

What I’m seeing right now is a lot of us haven’t truly tapped in and asked how we can be of service? What gifts were we born with that are meant to be shared at this time? What are the lessons that only we truly know based off of our own upbringing? So for example, maybe you grew up in a family of addicts and that has been a generational issue that is happening. So, you’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to struggle from addiction; you’ve seen the ups and the downs; you’ve loved deeply people who dealt with addiction. So you have that inside perspective that most people do not on what addiction means for the world and how we can go about solving it from a true root-cause level. And that is much more than reposting things on social media. As you know it comes from speaking to the Void. 

And someone else may have dealt with Poverty, and someone else Immigration, and someone else Environmental Issues, and there are so many things that each and every one of us has been confronted with. And that is not coincidental. 

In the Vedas, we say that this world is a school. You’re born into this Earth School and you go through a curriculum of what your soul needs. So your curriculum may have been to see dysfunctions in relationships so you can understand that from a core level and help heal them. Your curriculum could’ve been to see not being able to share your voice and having to learn how to trust your throat chakra and speak your truth. Your soul curriculum could have been so many different things – how to deal with infidelity; how to overcome war; so many things that each of us have dealt with. So, instead of looking outside, it’s time for us to really (if we actually are here to raise the vibration of the Planet) to listen to what are the obstacles that I uniquely have overcome? And how can I use the medicine that I have gained from that process to be of service? 

So, there are different ways that we are going to be of service and I like to break them down in three Doshas – the three Ayurvedic Archetypes. 

As you know (or may not know) I am an Ayurvedic author. I have written the book “Idiots Guide To Ayurveda”, “Eat Feel Fresh”, “Yogic Path”, “Oracle Card Deck” – all about the Vedas; with Forwards by Deepak Chopra; and it is such an important thing for me to share with people because the Doshas help you see how you can actually be of service because, otherwise we’re all going to be doing the same thing and that’s not what the world really needs. 

So, the Vata way to be of service:

So Vata is Air Energy. So, if you’re a very Vata person, the way that you get to be of service right now is to use your creativity. The ideas that are channeling through you – what are the ways that you can use them to an important cause that matters to you. So maybe you’re making really beautiful graphics, and these graphics are sharing with you how you can raise awareness on Racism, or Environmental Issues, or whatever else it is. Maybe you can come up with interesting campaigns. Maybe you can have discussions that people can speak about on these causes. Maybe you can look at it from a higher perspective. Everyone is so in the issue, maybe what your solution is to kind of get out of the problem and get out of the stickiness of the fighting and to see this from the birds-eye perspective. 

So that is what Vata’s do. Vata’s are able to essentially be the birds who are flying from that higher perspective and channeling new visions. 

So, if you are someone who is creative – maybe you have an artistic side to you that you have not yet expressed – how can I use this to be of service?


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Those who are more Pitta: 

Pitta is the Fire Energy. So how can you use your gifts of being able to get stuff done; being able to direct people; being able to actually create those ideas and bring them to the world? 

So, what a Pitta is really good at is “Okay, let’s actually have this event. Let’s actually bring this to the world. Let’s put this on the calendar. Let’s set up a schedule. Let’s set up the systems.” They’re very practical in that way and they love to achieve goals, set goals. They are very strategic thinkers and that actually is part of their Dharma – their soul’s purpose here on the Planet. So how can I use that Fiery Energy that I may be channeling as anger right now? And actually use that constructively to use that fire to bring me through a series of steps to bring about long-term change. Because right now, while anger is sacred, we’re also burning ourselves with it. 

I want to share with you with you the story of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. So, Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is the Lioness Goddess, she has a Lioness head and a female’s body. And in her story, her father Rha (who is the Sun) brought her to the world because there were a lot of people who were practicing injustice – lots of social injustices, even back in the Egyptian times. So, she came forth on the Earth and she started to slash and slay the people who were committing these acts of injustice. But what ended up happening was, because she was so fueled by her anger, that eventually she actually became blood thirsty. She became just shattering everyone that she saw (good, bad) because that anger began to take hold of her. 

So what the story tells us is that your anger can be used as a powerful tool, but, if we’re not channeling it in a correct way; if we’re not actually using our anger towards change, then what happens is we become victims of our anger. We aren’t actually able to create change, we just are angry for the sake of being angry and we add up fuel to the fire. Her name is Sekhmet (you can find her on my Instagram – iamsahararose – I have a picture of her up). 

So, how can we use our anger, our rage with what’s happening in the world and channel it in this way that we are actually able to create a long-term change; not acting out of our egoic desire – sometimes the ego says “I’m helping, I’m helping” but actually you’re hurting. And that’s a really tough pill for us to swallow because we do all want to do the right thing but sometimes by having intense debates with people and being in this fighting mode – not only are we not getting through to the other person, but we’re also hurting ourselves. Have you ever changed your mind on a subject because someone yelled at you enough that at a particular point of them yelling at you, you realized that they were right? No, that’s never happened. Because the way that our nervous systems respond is that when someone is yelling at us; when someone is coming at us in a way that feels really destructive, we’re going to put our defenses on. We’re going to have our crystals and our armor and we’re not going to listen to anything they have to say, we’re actually going to turn them into more of the person that we dislike. 

So, it is so important for us to only have conversations with people who are open to hearing it. And I know how much it sucks when your own family members may not be willing to hear it. 

You know, I did a post on my Instagram (my Instagram is @iamsahararose, you can find it right here in the comment) about how to confront and deal with racist family members. And the thing is, if they are not willing to have a conversation and hear, there’s actually nothing that you can do. 

So what we’re realizing a lot is where can my anger be channeled into change and art, and where is it just burning me? The fire is actually turning around and burning my own home. So, that is the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet – definitely take a look at her story, I have that on my Instagram.

So, the Pitta way of service is to channel that energy into change. 

And then the Kapha way to be of service is to allow yourself to really feel. What Kapha’s are so great at – Kapha is the Earth Energy. They are able to really get a pulse on how people are feeling on an emotional level. They are tuned into the heart chakras of the world. So the beauty of this is you can have really authentic conversations; you can put out really significant and poignant messages on how people are really feeling because you can sense it. You’re not falling for the surface level stuff; you can see what’s underneath that. You can see the anger, the sadness, the fear, the frustration that’s underneath that. However, the shadow aspect of the Kapha (by the way, you can, if you just go on my Instagram, I have just posted three graphics on all three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – so definitely go on my Instagram; iamsahararose.com I have a quiz on my website – iamsahararose.com – it breaks down the Doshas, the Mind and Body into percentages of each one; emails you a free chi-chi, all of that; of course, I’ve written books on it. So be sure to check that out). But you can also feel what Dosha’s you resonate with.

So, that Kapha is that Empath, right. They are that person that maybe also has a hard time dealing with all of the sadness in the world. And I think all of us are sometimes like “Holy crap, I can’t believe we’re in this situation!” But we’re in this situation because it’s bringing us to higher truth. 

So, it’s important, as someone who is an Empath, as someone who is really feeling the pain and suffering of the world, it is so significant for you to take time off. Your highest form of Activism may actually to be getting off social media for a period of time. Because Kapha’s are actually meant to serve in this deep emotional way, and if you’re so caught up in the pain and the sadness, you’re not going to be able to get to the state to share your gifts. 

So how many of you guys feel so overwhelmed with what’s happening in the world that you don’t even know how to share the things that you love; you don’t even know how to share your love for meditation and healing and breath-work and all of the things because every time you open up social media, you just see all of this outpouring of anger and sadness that it makes you feel like you just can’t handle it all. 

So, as a Kapha it is so important for you to just really tune into how you’re meant to be of service because right now, social media in a way, has become TV. A lot of us don’t watch TV but we’re on social media all the time, and it’s basically having thousands of television channels on as you scroll. 

So, maybe your – your highest Activism is to take a week off social media, to meditate every single day on that question we asked at the beginning – How can I be of service right now? And how can I be of service through joy? Because the thing is – service – being of service – is not necessarily a service job. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice; it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel happy; it doesn’t mean that you’re not able to essentially live a life that you love. I think a lot of us (if someone said “I think a lot of us” I’m sure are Kapha’s – I feel you) and I think a huge lesson that I’ve learned for myself is you can be of service to the world and still live a life that you love. 

So, I want to give the example of – You know when you have a friend that keeps coming to you for advice (“What should I do about my ex, what should I do, what should I do?”) and you keep giving them the same advice but they’re not doing anything about it. It feels extremely draining because you’re pouring energy into them, it’s flowing into them, but it’s not being received; it’s essentially being blocked. So, you’re giving energy, but they’re not receiving it, and eventually you’re going to end up feeling drained and then every time they text you, you’re like “Why are they texting me?” and then it becomes this frustrating thing that you’re holding onto. And the reason why is because the energy is not flowing. It’s going to them and it’s getting stuck; it’s going to them and it’s getting stuck – so you’re not receiving that flow and that feedback. Whereas, you know when you help a friend, and they really take what you had to say to heart, and you see them make this shift and it feels so gratifying, and you feel so grateful for that experience and you actually love helping this person because you can see every single time you help them it really helps create a shift in their lives. That feels like a river, it is flowing, it is not stagnant energy. That energy from you is moving towards them and then from them it is moving towards someone else and then their able to show up for someone in a bigger way. And then that person is able to show up for someone in a bigger way, and then that person; and then that person – so it creates this ripple, this energy flow like a river rather than a dam that’s getting stuck somewhere. 

So this is why it’s so important for all of us to really look at where can my energy go that it will be of the highest service to all? And you tapping into how it makes you feel joyful actually brings you further alignment. A lot of us have guilt about joy. A lot of us think “Well, if it feels good for me, then it must not be good for others” because that is joy through ego, that is not true joy. Joy through the ego is taking. Joy without ego, joy through the heart is being in this flow of giving and receiving. 

So, some of us have (I don’t think any of you guys) but the mainstream world says to be happy is to have money is to have accolades, fame, whatever it is, right? But we know that that’s not actual true happiness, it’s not true joy. Imagine if Source designed you in a way that your highest point of joy is your highest point of service. When that guitarist is in their highest point of joy and just riffing it on the guitar, they’re also on their highest service because of the beauty and the energy that it cultivates and every single person who is able to hear the strumming of his chords. Someone who’s up there like Deepak Chopra giving his speech – he is in his highest state of joy sharing his gifts with the world, and he’s also in his highest service because we’re all receiving it. A gardener, when they’re spending hours weeding things and bringing the beautiful produce to the world is in their highest joy and their highest service.

The world is not meant to feel difficult, you don’t have to sacrifice – I can either help the world or help myself. That’s an illusion, that is Maya. The greatest way that you were designed those things that you truly love to do – I really want you to ask yourselves – what do I truly love to do? Any your first ego’s answer is going to be “I like to do nothing; I like to just hang out on the beach” – Okay, why? Why do you like to do nothing? Do you like to feel the Void in that nothingness? Is it the simplicity of it? How can you bring that into the world? If you love to hang out on the beach – Why? Do you love to feel the warn sun on your skin? Do you love to see the sea animals? Why do you love that? 

Really asking ourselves why do I love the things that I love? Because from there you can find the red thread of how it is related to your Dharma – your soul’s purpose. 

So, we were each designed in this way to love the things that make us our highest Activists. The Era of the Angry Activist or The Wounded Healer is done. You don’t have to be angry to get your point across, and you don’t have to sacrifice your own well-being to help others. You don’t have to be a wishful thinker and an idealist and out of touch with reality – what if the reason that you were given those ideas is because it is what you are meant to share with this Planet. 

So look at the things that bring you the highest joy – what is underneath them all? What archetype; what Dosha is it related to? Is it the Vata, is it the creativity, the freedom, the flow of it? – That’s how you were meant to be of service. Is it the Pitta, the fire, the ambition that you feel when you’re doing it; the way that you are able to make a true difference in the world – Then follow that. You are meant to create things and usher them into life. Or is it the Kapha, the way that you can really feel it; connect to people’s hearts and change the world soul to soul – then that is why you’re here.

So it is so important for us to have clarity before we take action. We live in a world that validates taking action, but most of us spend years taking action on things that we if we had spent seconds, really sitting on, we would not have done. 

How many of us have lived lives and learned lessons that may have taken twenty years? When if we truly asked ourselves at the beginning – does this bring me joy and does this bring me of higher service? – We would’ve known instantly.

So, really use this time right now – energetically we’re in the Void even in Astrology, Vedic Astrology (which is what I practice). We’re in this time of between the inhale and the exhale. So this is time for you to cultivate, to go deeper, to ask yourself those big questions, to learn, to self-study, because the more you know about yourself, the more in alignment each and every step can be. 

This is why these tools and practices, it’s not so you can move to the Himalayas and have no touch with the rest of the world, it’s so you can really be in the world without being of the world. Because when we’re so in drenched with the doings and the happenings of society, then we can’t ask ourselves how we are meant contribute to that society. I can’t untie a knot by being in the knot. I have to zoom out and look at it, and only from there can I see things more clearly and then I realize the patterns, and then I realize how can I actually be the most effective in creating this change? Not just trying and failing and getting stressed out and throwing it away, but to actually go in there piece by piece, looking at it for what it is – what is underneath this? Is this a call for love? Is this a call for recognition? Is this a call for respect? That is what people want, but people don’t know how to say it. People want to feel a greater part of something, they want to feel loved, cherished, acknowledged, but when they don’t have it, it’s like when an angry child doesn’t get what they want and they’re throwing things and they’re yelling and they’re shouting but they don’t have the vocabulary for “My basic needs are not being met right now.” 

So it takes us as conscious beings to cultivate that awareness within ourselves. The more we cultivate that awareness within ourselves, the more that we can cultivate that awareness in others and see the world for how it truly is. Lift up the veils so we’re not just in the Maya, the illusion, of the world, but truly seeing what is underneath it all.

So, every single day, when you’re meditating, ask – How can I be of service? And how can I be of service through joy? 

So thank you all so much for sitting with me today in my sot song. My name is Sahara Rose, my Instagram is iamsahararose, my website is the same thing – iamsahararose.com. I have a Dosha quiz right there that I break them down in percentages, and what I really love to speak about is how it’s related to your Dharma. My book is coming out in January, my next one “Discover Your Dharma” so I actually take this process of the Doshas and how you can find your Dharma, you soul’s purpose, move it through the Chakras, taking all of these Vedic concepts but really bringing them into how you can be of service in this lifetime right now. 

So be sure to follow me. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you for ‘Yes’ to the cause; thank you for ‘Yes’ to incarnating at this time when our souls are needed more than ever, it is not an easy lifetime to incarnate, but the reason why we are here is because we are the lights, we are here to elevate the vibration of the Planet and to bring the new consciousness into this field. So thank you for saying ‘Yes’. I’m so grateful for you all Atma Namaste. 

I hope this episode resonated with you; I hope it allowed you to see Activism in a new light and how the Doshas are interconnected with being of service, with your Dharma, with your soul’s purpose, and all things in life. That’s why I love teaching about how the Doshas are just this beautiful lens to see the world through. 

So you can pre-order my book now “Discover Your Dharma” it’s available at any book store Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Indie bookstore wherever you purchase your books. You can pre-order “Discover Your Dharma” and my new Yogic Path journal as well – there are limited supplies of those so be sure to pre-order it as well, it’s available at any major bookstore and I’m super-excited for you to dive in. As well as in this month’s Goddess circle, we are working with Goddess Isis, all about Alchemy, all about Embodiment, working with Magic, how to transmute the negative energies of the world and turn them into light. So that is also available for you in the show notes rosegoldgoddesses.com and I’m soul excited to have you inside.                                                      

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 304: Why Your Vibration is the Basis Of Your Activism
By Sahara Rose

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