Highest Self Podcast 298: Why We Need To Embrace Our Duality Now


If we want to move into the new paradigm, we have to embrace this. You can have joyful in this time. You can be sad in this time. You can be both at the same time. In fact, that’s what it means to be a human. In this episode, I share why it’s so important right now to tap into the totality of your emotions and to honor the experiences of others who are not sitting in the same emotion as yours. I speak about the judgement I’ve been seeing on social media and how toxic it is, giving into the divide + conquer methods they are using to keep us apart. I share a practice to get in touch with what really makes you happy and make it apart of your spiritual practice. Get ready for a deep one.

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Episode 298: Why We Need To Embrace Our Duality Now
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the Highest Self podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 


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If it’s your first time listening – Welcome! I’m so grateful to have you here. I’m Sahara Rose; I am an author; I am a podcast host; and really an ancient soul in a modern body, having a human experience walking through this journey of life, looking to find joy in unexpected places and in this episode I want to speak about embracing the duality that we are in right now.

2020 has not been for the faint of heart to say the least. We have had, essentially an Ayahuaska experience this year. We came face-to-face with our deepest fears, our shadows (internally and collectively); we have been put into masks and have been quarantined; we have been on the streets, we have protested for our basic human rights; we have had the rug been swept up from under our feet and the shadows that have always been there have now all suddenly, one by one, started to reveal themselves. And we are not done. 2020 is not over. We just made it past the six-month point and honestly, it will continue this way because there are a lot more shadows. And by shadows, I mean darker aspects of society that we have still not spoken about from the systemic racism that we’re resuming in on now. But the homophobia; but the sex and human trafficking; the illness; the governmental control; the media control – there’s so much there. And if you are someone who has been a detective (been curious about these things) you already know what I’m talking about. But maybe this is your first time that this is all really come, you know, face-to-face with you and it feels like a lot. Regardless, whether you are new to activism or not, this moment in time is really intense for every single person – whether you are out there on the streets; or whether you’re on social media, we can feel that intensity; it is in our classrooms and our playgrounds, as much as it is in our Zoom calls and board rooms. There is no escaping from it, there is no running away, and it’s not something that is meant to be bypassed over. It’s something that is here; has arisen because it is necessary for us to look at – to evolve. We are not going to enter the new paradigm; the new Earth; the place of limitless possibilities – if we don’t look at all of the shadows that have been existing in our society; that have comprised of our society for thousands of years. 

So, there’s been a lot of heaviness and a lot of sadness, but what I have really been tapping into, after being so in it, you know, hard-core activist. I’ve always been an activist, since I was a child. I was the Head of the Amnesty International Chapter in my region; I’ve organized a lot of protests; I went to school to study International Relations. Activism is a huge part of my life – as is spirituality. And I have been really dancing with what that balance looks like of having yourself care your practices; your fun; your play; your joy; and not bypassing over the very, very heavy topics that are coming to surface today. So, I wanted to dive into that a bit in this podcast episode.                    

Most of us have never fully lived and been in peace with duality. We have been taught that you are either happy or you’re sad. “How do you feel? Are you happy or are you sad?” We have created such a differentiation between the emotions that we feel like if there is one emotion present, there cannot be the others. And this is untrue. As a human, you actually are not, ever, confined to one emotion, because even in your happiest of times – there is sadness there. And even in your sadness of times – there is happiness there. You know, I remember walking down the aisle of my wedding last year, and seeing my husband and I just broke down into tears because, of course, how beautiful the moment was, but also the fact that the moment is fleeting and, you know, one day just being an old woman and thinking about this day and how it’s just gone. And even in my saddest moments of, you know, crying on the floor; being told things by my dad that I should’ve never been told. There is possibility there because from that place of complete feeling like ‘I’ve let down’, you know, the person who raised me – there was the freedom of possibility that I actually, now, have no one else to life for, so I will be free to live for myself.        

So, when you look at the Yin Yang, you know, when you go so deep into the Yang, there is the Yin; and when you go so deep into Yin, there is the Yang. So, each emotion exists in either side of the polarities. There’s sadness and happiness; happiness and sadness. And we have not mastered that as a civilization. We like in a Hallmark culture where everything is supposed to look great – it’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s all about love; and now it’s Christmas, so it’s all about family; and now it’s Thanksgiving, so it’s all about gratitude – it’s like these days, you’re only supposed to feel one thing. It’s summer, so it’s all about just having fun. 

And as you get older and realize that that’s not the case. You realize that most people are not being honest with how they feel. It can actually make you become really depressed because you’ve grown up and you see these people are living a lie. But it’s not that happiness isn’t there as we open up our eyes. It’s that most of us don’t know how to live in duality. And this is such a topic that is important because when we’re working with the Goddesses, that is what it’s all about. 

So, when I say ‘Duality’ – what I mean is that there can be opposite sides of the spectrum existing at the same time; there can be multiple Truths; there is not one Truth. So, when someone says “This is the Truth; or I am the Truth teller,” that’s actually a subjective term because there is no one Truth. My Truth can be different than your Truth; My Truth five minutes ago might be different than my Truth right now. Truth is an ever-changing term, right? 

So, from the highest level, and in the last solocast I did about Spiritual Bypass, I spoke about Absolute vs. relative Truth. So, an Absolute Truth, which is from that highest perspective when you really go up to the Akosha ground, the highest level of seeing things – yes, there is non-duality; there is no good or bad; there is right or wrong; there is no subjective at all – it just is. That is the Absolute Truth; that is from that highest point of perspective – there is no good and bad. However, when you zoom in and come into Earth, there definitely are things that are wrong; there are human rights that need to be, you know, at least honored. We know if I punch someone or kill someone – that is a bad thing; we know if I love someone I offer things – that is a good thing. So, even though these are subjective terms, we do have an element of basic morality that we live with being on this plain. So, these are Relative Truths. These are the fact that, you know, from that highest perspective we are all one and we all live in different bodies with different backgrounds and different ethnicities and cultures and have different experiences, so that’s going to make us all different. So, we can have both. We can have Non-Dualism and Duality. 

But most of us have not made peace with duality. And the beauty of making peace with Duality is that you’re no longer stuck in either end of the spectrum, and you’re no longer numbing yourself from things either. Like, I spoke about with the spiritual bypass, you’re not saying “Oh, well, life doesn’t really exist so nothing really exists; even if people are shot in the streets, it’s not like they ever really lived so it doesn’t really matter.” Like, that would be a more spiritual bypass way of looking at murder. But we can say that, you know, killing someone who was a son, who was a father, is a wrong thing to do – so that is the Duality right there.

Now, interpersonally, we are living through this time where sadness and anger is all around us. And we have a really hard time experiencing joy when we are taking this collective moment in history right now to really own in the heavier aspects of society which have been long overdue (four hundred years overdue in this country). So, I know a lot of people feel bad about having fun. They feel bad about having joy. There is a lot of guilt of ‘how can I be happy right now when the world is suffering?’ And again, this is our inability to live in Duality. We need both. We need joy as much as we need the tears. Excitement and anxiety are two ends of the same coin – it’s just how you look at it. Is it a positive or a negative? That is the difference between excitement and anxiety. Peace comes when you have become okay with uncertainty – it’s not the absence of uncertainty. Life has always been uncertain, we’re just now, very aware of it. So, you can still be in peace with uncertainty. So, you can have both. And we have always had both, but we’ve done a really good job at avoiding the other spectrum of it until now when we cannot. 

So, we’re being asked to meet all parts of ourselves; we’re being asked to meet our inner warrioress – our Durga; that warrior Goddess who is fierce and protective, and will take care of her children no matter what. But also your inner Lalita Sundari – the Goddess of sacred sensuality – she’s still there. That doesn’t mean that you have to never have pleasure again because you’re in this civil justice battle. It doesn’t mean that children are going to stop being born. It doesn’t mean your creativity is gone. You still have these different aspects and archetypes inside of yourself that need to continue to be nurtures, otherwise you’ll actually lose yourself in one end of the spectrum. 

So, right now, as we create this new world, we’re really at the stage of destroying the old world that no longer serves us. But we also need people to be ready and prepared for building the new world that we want. So, if you forget about your practices; about your Dharma – the very things you born here to share – then what will happen is all of your energy will be spent into the, you know, the anger of what is happening today that – who will be there to birth the children; who will be there to educate them; who will be there to offer the healing and the massages, and the self-care, and the gardening, and all of these other things that make life so beautiful. We’re all being asked to show up and serve in different ways, and yes, we could all come together and stand up for a cause that might not be our, you know, unique cause, but it’s one that we’re all collectively standing up for; but this does not mean abandon yourself in it; it doesn’t mean forget about your Dharma; because the truth is, we’re going to have a lot of causes that we all need to team-up for. It’s going to continue throughout this year. So, we need ourselves, not only to be balanced, but need to also be focusing on our Dharma – our soul’s purpose; the big reason why we are here, because, that is needed as part of the new paradigm. 

So, for example, this first month after George Floyd’s death, when there has been a great deal of conversation, and even controversy happening online, for me it has been so all-intensive that, especially the first couple of weeks, I’ve forgot, like, anything else, but I was fully in my activist. I wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t meditating, I wasn’t taking walks really – I was just so in it, and how beautiful that I really gave it my full attention. But also, I have to honor that my Dharma is to teach people what I was born here to share – the healing and embodiment through dance; the Discover your Dharma; Ayurveda etc. So, I got to learn how to be able to stay in the conversation while also be brewing my own cauldron of what I am here to share with people when that time is right. 

So, for a lot of us it is really difficult because we feel so passionate about what is happening that we can lose hold of ourselves, of our routines, of our practices, of the little things that bring us joy. I know for myself, just evoking my inner child is such a spiritual practice for me; having friends over and playing charades or playing a board game, or just being silly making our TiK ToK videos, that is such medicine for my soul. And a month of not doing that made me realize how important it is for me, because that’s actually how I create social justice change – through my dance, through my videos; and then also to nurture myself so I can get back into the rink. So, it’s important for us to still have those practices that allow us to unplug, to self-nourish, to fill up our own cups so we can be in it for the long run. It’s not so we escape from the situation of what’s happening but it’s so that we can serve from a higher capacity. 

And another thing I have really been reseeding is that you can’t solve a problem while being completely ameshed in the problem. Because there is so much long-standing anger that is happening, that’s rightfully there – it is sacred anger. However, it is not always being channeled in the most sacred way. A lot of times that anger, because it hasn’t been fully processed because we aren’t doing sacred anger rituals like I teach in our Rose Gold Goddesses workshop this month, it is being weaponized and used to clot each other down. So, instead of fighting the patriarchy and dismantling systemic oppression, we’re actually fighting each other. And we’re taking someone, you know, that may have actually made a mistake, but making them almost like the cause of all of this, when it’s not that person, it’s something so much greater. 

However, because we feel like we don’t have access to, you know, the government and the people perpetrating these issues, we take it out on whatever messenger that we can or whatever person is in the way. I’m sure you guys have seen this on social media too, with all of the ‘cancel culture’ that’s happening. And then we all, you know, for example, in India what happens often or two people get into a fight on the street (we don’t even know what it’s about), but then there’s a group of people who try to get involved and then they start getting into a fight, and they are all yelling and screaming, and before you know it, like, the entire block, like, dozens of people trying to get in on this what this fight is. And, it’s no longer about the fight anymore, it’s just all of these people had anger inside of themselves who found a way to get it out and now they’re all inserting themselves into a conversation that they weren’t even privy to. 

So, this is what’s happening right now with this cancel culture. It’s like a conflict that has happened between two people, that all of these unrelated people (who have probably never met either party, not been affected by it, whatever it is) are playing a game of telephone and are inserting themselves. There’s like a WWE wrestling match and all these other people are trying to get inside the ring. And really what it is, it’s all, each and every person’s anger that hasn’t been channeled, that they’re looking for a way to spew it out. So, we are never going to dismantle systemic racism when we’re playing that game. That’s actually what the elite, the people in power, want us to do – divide and conquer – it’s the oldest method in the book. It has been used throughout the world; throughout history, from the colonizers – the British colonizers going into the Middle East and putting arbitrary borders in literally, between tribes that have existed; and have given both sides guns; and have created issues among the Shia and Sunni, which are the two sects of Islam that weren’t previously there – so, these people would fight against each other instead of fighting against the oppressor. You know, it’s happened everywhere in the world. And it’s happening right now that we have been divided and are being conquered. 

So, it’s so important for us to realize that we need to think bigger; we need to elevate our consciousness – yes, there are time and spaces to be angry and to channel that, but isn’t being channeled in a way that you are creating change, or are you just adding to the problem and actually giving the perpetrators exactly what they want? The ultimate distraction while they pass bills and laws on whatever the hell they want to do (you can do some research on that) while everyone’s fighting about some stupid shit on social media.

So, we’re not going to be able to see clearly of what’s really happening when we’re so immersed in the gunk, so, it’s up to us to take those sacred pauses. Like, if there has been the time to get off social media – it’s right now. We know what’s happening, we know what’s right and wrong. Let’s take this time off to read books; let’s actually educate ourselves; let’s actually focus on our Dharmas on what we’re here to do; let’s nourish our souls, fill up our cups, because we are going through the most massive shift in consciousness that has happened in modern human history. And because of that, we need to take extra time to sleep, to nurture ourselves. I know that I have been sleeping more than I have ever before, like, the other night I slept for 11+ hours, which I probably haven’t done since I was a child because my DNA is upgrading so quickly right now. And you’re not going to be able to give yourself that nurturing that your soul really needs to prepare yourself for this shift into 5D level consciousness, which is where we’re all heading if you’re playing the 3D game, that 3D tit-for-tat game – so, take time away. What I recently did was – I wrote a list of what makes me truly happy, and I wrote a list of like, fifteen things that make me truly happy – ecstatic dance, dancing to drums, ocean, dolphins, games, rainbows, waterfalls, art, flowers, improv, laughing with friends, rituals, learning about spirituality, fruits, snorkeling (like, that’s actually my list), and I’m looking at that list at how can I make more of that my life this summer. We need to focus on elevating out state and bringing in joy; we don’t need really any work to be aware of the shadows of society. Right now that is very, very aware. That’s if you’re hanging out with friends, you’re probably speaking about what’s happening right now, and rightfully so. We have all of this sadness and anxiety and uncertainty that has been brewing up, but let’s also balance it out with an active measure to create more of what we love, because if we don’t, we’re actually going to become part of the problem. You know, there are so many different timelines of where we can go right now, like projections of where this world can go. Some say that even the Coronavirus situation was supposed to be worse, but because so many people have been awakening, so many people have been meditating and raising their vibrations, it actually took us to a better timeline. And that means that this is possible for us again if we collectively shift our states – connect to nature, connect to our inner child, connect to our hearts, connect to our bodies, connect to ancient and sacred wisdom. If we can all do this together right now, we can actually change the timeline of where our society is going. 

And I know that sometimes it’s hard for us to think “Well, how is, like, me being happy changing the world? Isn’t that spiritual bypass?” And I’d actually like you to listen to the spiritual bypass episode again because I speak about this, because being happy and being joyful is not spiritual bypass. It’s actually your most natural state. Joy is your natural state. Your vibration is naturally high, it is who you are. Look at a child, they don’t have to do any practices to be how they are, that is just them. They’re joyful; they’re blissful; they’re in touch with their senses, and then if something happens, they’ll cry, and they’ll scream, and they’ll be angry, and they’ll let it run through their systems and then they’ll go back to their natural state – which is joy. That is how we are as humans. But when we spiritually bypass, we don’t let ourselves go into the anger, sadness, whatever it is, we pretend it’s not there. So, then we’re actually faking the joy, we’re not really truly happy. We’re just so afraid about being sad and angry that we skip the opportunity to be happy. So, spiritually bypassing – you’re bypassing both Boo! You’re not bypassing the anger and sadness and living in joy, I wish that was the case. That is not a possibility as a human. The more you go into the shadow and let yourself fully feel it – scream, kick, punch a pillow, whatever it is, shake it out, and then it’s no longer in your system and you can actually be happy and not fake it. 

So, this is why it is so necessary for us to feel the totality of our emotions; to experience the duality that it is to be a human. Because the, we can have a beautiful charades day with our friends, and get rainbow balloons and flowers, and laugh, and truly be in our hearts because we know that we’re not lying to ourselves; we know that we are honoring this moment for what it is. And we know that there are many people right now who are suffering. And we recognize the privilege that we have to even have these experiences that we can be I joy and not have to worry about it – what a privilege! And we take advantage of this privilege to use that energy, to use that vibration to bring it back; to be of service. So, it’s not taking, but rather a reciprocal circle of ‘the more joy I feel the more I want to serve’ and ‘the more that I serve the more I step back and fuel myself up with that joy again so I can come back’, and that being of service actually is my point of joy as well. 

So, it’s fining the beauty that is being a human that lets us be in bliss even when we’re dealing with the hardest of times, knowing that these hardest of times will create change. And also, letting yourself laugh; letting yourself dance; letting yourself be silly, because you also know that there are so many people who don’t even have that opportunity right now. Let yourself experience both. We need the totality. We need people raising the vibration of the planet right now. If you have the opportunity to do so – do so! If you have the opportunity to get off social media, get out of the fights, the muck, the claws that are being slashed into each other’s backs right now – do so! Create spaces for people to heal and nurture their souls. And this weekend I went to the most beautiful event called The Day of Healing which was done by this incredible woman, artist Shelley Bruce, on Instagram – I posted the video on my Instagram, I tagged her, I tagged the event – The Day of Healing 2020. But essentially it was a healing and spiritual demonstration for ‘Black Lives Matter’. So, instead of wearing all black and protesting in the streets, which is also important, we wore all white and sat, and we meditated, and we had Elders coming, sharing with us about Yemusha – the beautiful Orisha from the Yoruba tradition. And we did a water ritual where we gave her fruits and flowers and molasses into the depths of the ocean, and prayed as we sang her name for a more healed and just world. Spoken word artists, rappers and singers, and speakers all came to share their medicine and magic. Stories about African and black lineage and traditions; songs of pride; songs of struggle – all of it was there and all of it was beautiful and welcome and sacred. So, to me, this was such a beautiful demonstration of really sitting with the totality that is now. We can celebrate and dance to the West African drums, as much as we can cry to the fact that we are sitting on stolen land by the native and indigenous people who are still not being given the same rights as the people who’ve colonized this land. We can both. We could speak about both within the same minute. This doesn’t mean that we are bypassing, this means that we are humans. This means that when a woman is giving birth there is the excitement of the child as much as there is pain of the woman giving birth – that is the duality that we were born into – the lightness and darkness that is being a human being – let’s embrace all sides of it. Let’s not run away from it. Let’s embody the rose, both her flowers and her petals as much as her thorns. Let’s be the ocean, both the depth and the stillness as much as we are waves and the ever-changing nature of her. 

We are the storm and the calm in the midst of the storm. We are the Sun and we are the Moon. We are the trees and we are the dirt. We are the seeds and we are the sprout. Let us be both. Let us be all. Let us embrace all. Let us not judge any of it. Let us not judge someone’s thorns when we are in our petals or someone’s petals when we’re in our thorns. Let us celebrate. Let us uplift. This judgment is killing us. This judgment is tearing apart people who are on the same team. This is getting out of hand. The way we have let ourselves be torn apart when we are all fighting for the same cause. ,

So, let us celebrate and unite. And the more that we can honor and recognize the anger and the sadness and the joy and the bliss inside each and every one of us, the more that we can understand when someone else is embodying an emotion that we may not be sitting in at this time. Let us have it all. Because this is how we move further in the new paradigm.

Thank you so much for listening. Those words really just came through. I feel like a part of it was even a poem. And know that right now, your medicine is so, so, so needed.

So, I dive deeper into these practices of spiritual activism, embodying your sacred anger in this month’s Rose Gold Goddesses circle. Embodying goddess Sekhmet – I have my full healing and embodiment workshop guiding you through practices to connect to your body, your womb, your inner void. At this time it is more needed than ever. Because, again, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So the more that you can anchor into your body and remain in vibrational integrity, the more aligned your activism will be.

So, come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses. The link is in the show notes, it is rosegoldgoddesses.com and I am soul excited to meet you inside.                              

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 298: Why We Need To Embrace Our Duality Now
By Sahara Rose

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