Highest Self Podcast 291: What To Do If You’re Overwhelmed


A common theme I notice is people complaining about being overwhelmed. In this episode, I share with you a spiritual view of what overwhelm actually is and why it truly is a GREAT thing. This will completely change your mindset on overwhelm and see it for the gift it is.

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Episode 291: What To Do If You’re Overwhelmed
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the Highest Self podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement.

I was just getting ready to facilitate a lecture for my Mastermind, and I was just thinking about how so many people are at their beginning stages of their businesses or finding their Dharma – their soul’s purpose, are extremely overwhelmed. 

And anywhere you look on social media, you will hear narrative of feeling super-overwhelmed, feeling confused, feeling like there’s so many options, and I’ve also seen many people, you know, for example, come and find the podcast or come join the Rose Gold Goddesses and feel overwhelmed by all of the content and then get stuck. And instead of diving into it, just remain in a standstill and do nothing.  And it’s actually a huge phenomenon. 

I wanted to talk about this a little bit because it’s holding so many people back from living their Dharmas. 

So, what happens when we feel overwhelmed?

Well, what it really is, is that we are aware that there are limitless possibilities. So, we’re pegged being overwhelmed as this negative thing in our society. Like, “Oh my God, I don’t want to be overwhelmed!” Why is that? 

Well, because we went to a school system that basically had this very narrow-paved path for us. You go to pre-school, you go to kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, you do all the numbers; you go to college, you get a job… There’s always this next step that you must go do. You don’t have an option. And because of that we’re so used to, essentially walking on this very narrow, almost like a balance beam, you can’t step off of, and not having to make any decisions for ourselves; know knowing the possibilities out there for us because they were chosen for us. And most of continued that after our schooling. 

We got the job that made sense, we applied on the website that we were aware of to the jobs were possible for us and we saw around us; from the job; you maybe get the raise, you maybe move to another country, and maybe you see someone else doing ‘that thing’ and it inspires you to do the exact same thing; and you continue one foot after the next, one foot after the next walking on this balance beam that isn’t actually your decision, but you think it’s your decision, you think it is because it’s all you’ve known; all you’ve seen and you’ve actually never had the courage to step off of it. And most of the time we don’t have the courage at first, because we don’t have awareness that other possibilities exist for us. We’ve never seen it.

Think about someone who lives in a small town and all they’ve ever known are people working at the windmill, right?! You don’t know that there’s artists, you don’t know that there is whatever. You just know that everyone around me works at the windmill, so one day, I’ll grow up and work at the windmill, and maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll, you know, work at the farm instead. 

So we’ve, for centuries, been living like this. And right now, for the first time, because of the gift that is the Internet – the divine, feminine internet – the flowing of endless streams and ideas and information, that you can become an expert at whatever you want, should you chose it. What a gift! 

So, because of this, which came along with this shift to divine female energy; this shift to the new paradigm; the shift to higher consciousness, our awarenesses are expanding, and for the first time we’re seeing that there are infinite paths that we can take. You can go become a travel blogger, you can have twenty kids, you can go live in a sailboat, you can grow your own food, you can be a CEO, and you can do so many different things. Infinite things! And those aren’t even the roles. There are so many spins and variations that only you can create from it. So, the possibilities are literally infinite. 

And because we are not used to this; we are used to walking on this paved path, taking whatever step our teacher, boss, mom, whatever, tells us to take next. We call this ‘being overwhelmed’. When really, it is an awareness that you are an infinite being. 

Do you see how it’s not a negative thing? It’s actually a great thing! Would you want to not have options? Would you prefer to not know what you are capable of? Would you prefer to only have one option in front of you that you step into because at least it’s easier?

Again, do you go on Netflix and say “Oh my God, there are so many movies and so many shows on here. I’m overwhelmed, there’s no way I’m going to be able to watch them all, so I’m just going to delete my subscription”. That would be crazy! You’re not supposed to watch them all, you’re not meant to. You’d go crazy if you could; you physically couldn’t; don’t have enough time in this lifetime to watch them all. So you watch the ones that resonate with you. And from there you find the other ones, and the other ones, and you go on your own journey. And that is what your Dharma is like; your soul’s purpose is like. 

Just because there are infinite choices for you, does not mean you have to step into all of them. Just because you want to watch all the movies does not mean you have to watch them all right now. Choose what feels most exciting for you. Is it over here? Is it over there? And don’t watch a movie the whole time wishing “What would it be like right now if I were watching that other movie?” 

That is what we’re doing with our lives. We are starting a business doing this thing, and then the whole time thinking “Well, what if I actually gave that other thing a shot?” Why would you live your life like that? And again, it is your choice. It is your decision. But why would you always want to live in regret, and never be present in the moment you are in? Because the thing is, we try to limit ‘overwhelm’, we’re limiting the life experiences that we are capable of. Why don’t I repeat that! When you are trying to limit ‘overwhelm’, you are limiting your life experiences and what you are capable of. 

So, you might think that you are protecting yourself, but you are actually a horse-set choosing to put the blinders on rather than seeing everything around you. And at first, our nervous systems might not be used to it. We might be so used to, essentially being in this box, that the moment these other options and opportunities are available for us, we just don’t know how to deal with it. And that’s what this anxious feeling that comes with ‘overwhelm’ comes from, because we’re like “Oh my God, there are so many things that I can do and be and embody in this lifetime, and this is such a shock for my nervous system that I would rather go back to living in my jail cell, because at least in that jail cell I knew every single nook and cranny.” It is putting a fish in an ocean and that fish choosing to go back to its shitty little jar. And that is what you are doing when you try to limit yourself from ‘overwhelm’. When you try to just tell someone – “Can you just choose for me?” When you just try to let someone decide, even if it’s your coach or therapist. No one can choose for you because this life can only be discovered when you walk the journey on your own. 

You don’t go from point A to point B instantly, honey. There are many, many, many steps in the process. By the way, point B doesn’t exist. Because the moment you get to point B, there’s a point C and point D that keeps going. In a limitless alphabet. 

So, trying to think with this narrow mind that our school system taught us that – Once I get to this place, then I won’t be overwhelmed anymore; then I won’t be confused anymore; then I’ll have everything figured out. That place doesn’t exist. You being overwhelmed is in your mind-set. 

So, you have to be comfortable in the field of limitless possibilities. You gotta be comfortable with the fact that there are more movies on Netflix than you will ever be able to watch. And more experiences, opportunities, careers, books, everything in this this lifetime than you’ll be able to experience on your own. You gotta be comfortable with that. Because if you try to think that you have control, you’re never, ever going to experience the bliss of this life. 

So, I want you to re-frame that feeling of overwhelm and realize that it is a great thing to be aware that there are infinite possibilities. It is a great thing. Thank Goddesses you are overwhelmed. Because, do you know what would’ve been worse than that? – thinking that you know exactly what’s going to happen next. 

Because if there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that we don’t know shit. And the sooner you become comfortable with that, the sooner that you know that there are infinite timelines. And you’ll never be able to walk all of them and to be comfortable in that void; than the more pleasure; the more joy; the more bliss you can experience in this lifetime. Bliss doesn’t come from control. It doesn’t come from having such a tight grip on life that you’re not able to let any sun light in. It comes from letting go. It comes from letting the sand move through your fist and letting your hand open to all the possibilities that are available for you. 

So, stop trying to avoid overwhelm. Stop trying to label it as a negative thing. Stop trying to protect yourself from it. Because what you’re actually doing is blocking yourself from, are the limitless possibilities of life. 

So, that just came through y’all. Wanted to share it with you. Came straight from source, right here, right now. 

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste. 

Episode 291: What To Do If You’re Overwhelmed
By Sahara Rose

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