Highest Self Podcast 283: Discovering Your Dharma in Difficult Times


Right now many of us are struggling to find purpose in these times. However, this is actually our perfect opportunity to dive into what our soul is really asking us to express. In this episode, I share how your dharma (soul’s purpose) is related to your Dosha (Ayurvedic mind-body type), which is the concept of my next book Discover Your Dharma, out January ’21. Are you a creative Vata, go-getter Pitta or compassionate Kapha? Find out in this episode.

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Episode 283: Discovering Your Dharma In Difficult Times
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the Highest Self podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 

If it’s your first time here – welcome! I am so grateful to have you here on this soul journey incarnating at the same moment in human history together. It is a pleasure to be here with you 

And if you’re here all the time – what’s up? How are you doing? I know we have been having lots of breakthroughs this quarantine season. Lots of shadow work, and also finding lots of joy and realizing how much more control over we have over our state that we don’t really need to be outside, around people, doing things in order to be happy. It really is an internal state within, so. 

It has been a beautiful journey and I am also excited for the time that we all get to unite again at a Rose Gold Goddess party or an event; and I have my “Discover Your Dharma” book coming out this January. 

So, a huge topic that I love to speak about is Dharma – your soul’s purpose, the big reason why you are here; your sacred mission on this planet. And it’s different than your purpose, as in your career, as in your job. But it is actually the unique soul expression that only your soul can emit. 

So, your Dharma may be to create beauty on this world and that might be through doing hair, or creating art, or doing interior design – there’s so many different expressions that it could look like, but the Dharma is the same – it’s to create beauty. Or, you know, your Dharma could be to raise consciousness or to modernize spirituality, that’s very much in line with my Dharma. But we may be doing it in different ways. 

So, all of us have a reason why we are here. We are each born with unique Doshas, unique Ayurvedic Mind-Body types which are, to me, the breadcrumbs that lead us to our Dharma. And I really dive into this in my upcoming book “Discover Your Dharma” which will be out this January. Super-excited for that, and also know it’s a little ways away. 

So, I actually just did this live stream on the Chopra Center Instagram. As you guys know I was supposed to be doing a retread with Deepak Chopra, we were supposed to be leaving a week from now in Mexico (the seven spiritualizers of success retreat) and I was so excited and honored to be facilitating a retreat with Deepak Chopra, and also knowing that we made the right decision to keep people safe and to cancel right now, and it is going to be postponed until next February, so there still is opportunity for those of you who maybe had not heard about the retreat and want to sign up to join us in February. But I decided to do an Instagram live with Chopra Center to teach a little bit about my methodology of finding your Dharma and how it is related to your Doshas. And I had the recording, so I decided to throw it up here on the podcast so you guys could experience it as well. 

So, this is a live stream. I did this on day nineteen of my quarantine, I’m on day, like, sixty-something right now, so you’ll hear me say that. But I speak about the three different Ayurvedic Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and I kind of dive into them. So, if it’s your first time hearing about Ayurveda, the Doshas, I highly recommend you go to my website –iamsahararose.com (the link is in the show notes), and I have a Dosha quiz that you could take; it’s a 90-second quiz, and from taking that quiz you will understand your Dosha, your mind-body type. 

Vata is the Air energy so it’s creative, it’s visionary, it thinks outside the box, it’s artistic, it’s always moving, it’s always changing.

Pitta is the Fire energy. It is directional, it is a leader, it is an entrepreneur, it is a creator, it has a goal and it will do whatever it takes to get that goal done. 

And Kapha is Earthy; it is peaceful, it is grounded, it is calm, it loves to hold space for people, just like the Earth holds space for us.

So, by knowing your Dosha, not only will you know about your nutrition, the right kind of yoga for you and meditation and all of that. And in my book “Idiots Guide To Ayurveda” really dives deep into everything about Ayurveda, from self-care to nutrition, to spirituality and everything else. But what I’m super-passionate about teaching is how it’s related to your life’s purpose; and that is something I had never seen really being taught before, and that was really coming through in my own journey of finding my purpose and being so confused and having so many different ideas and not knowing if I should, you know, be a jewelry designer, or start a skin care line or this or that, and realizing that it was all my Vata creativity, but showing up in different ways. So, understanding my Dosha really helps me find my Dharma, and I’m super-excited to be sharing this Instagram Live I did with Chopra Center with you.

So, again, if you’re a little bit confused about the Doshas, head over to my website –  iamsahararose.com, when you take the quiz there are customized videos according to your results in your mind and in your body. Again, Vata is that Air energy, Pitta is Fire, Kapha is Earth, and they’re going to show up in different ways for different people.

So, when I speak about the Doshas in relationship to your Dharma, I’m speaking about the Dosha in your mind, the one that correlates with your personality, and often times if you look at how you were when you were a child, you can see how you naturally exhibited your strengths before anyone told you that “This is monetizible, or this is acceptable, or this is approved or whatever else.” So, were you that kid that was just creating; making art projects, making music, making imaginary friends? Were you that kid that was running outside getting messy; getting in the dirt; creating teams; playing dodge ball? Or were you that kid who was playing house and taking care of things and taking care of the other people and making sure no one’s feelings were hurt? Well, right there is Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

So, I have so much content related to this. I have other episodes, if you just google Highest Self podcasts – Dharma – you will find dozens of episodes I’ve done on the topic of Dharma and of course my book “Discover Your Dharma” is coming out in January, which is going to be a game-changer.

So, this is a little snip-it on what I’ve been brewing at, and again, it was done on an IG Live, so that is why I’m flowing a bit in this, but I really wanted you guys to hear because I know so many of you are finding your Dharmas right now. And in this time of quarantine it really is the time of deep reflection of who do I want to be when this quarantine is over; who do I want to re-emerge as? And that’s really what we’re working with with Rose Gold Goddesses this month. The goddess we are working with in my membership community is all about re-emergence and who do I want to step out of this as? You know, we’re all kind of on summer vacation right, we remember summer vacation when we were kids. You would come back from vacation as a different person. Maybe you dressed in a different way; you had different mannerisms; different identity even. So this is really our time to think like – who do I want to be when I get out of this quarantine? We don’t want to go back to the way we were, we want to upgrade, up-level, refine, and be truer to ourselves than ever before. And the only way we can do this is if we talk about the elephant in the room – which is why you are here. 

So, you know, we can talk about meditation, and we can talk about ways to eradicate stress and eradicate anxiety; and all of these things are very important, but if we don’t ask ourselves why we are here – then we’re never going to get to the root of this existential crisis. You know, it only really dissolves when you have true purpose and true meaning, and as I speak about in my book “Discover Your Dharma” that happiness is not the point of life, but purpose is, and happiness is really a byproduct of purpose. Because when you are living your life on purpose, happiness is just the natural result.

So, with that, let’s welcome me to the Highest Self podcast. 


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Hello! Namaste everyone, my name is Sahara Rose, I am so excited to have you here on the Chopra Center Instagram, I’m bringing you just some insights and inspirations, and support right now in this difficult time that we’re experiencing. 

So, I’m on day 18 of my (I don’t like to call it a quarantine, I like to call it a self- retreat that I am on), so I’m on day 18 of my retreat and I really wanted to take this time right now to speak about the significance of this moment that we are in and why it is the best time to find your Dharma – your truest self; your divine purpose; your big why; your reason for being incarnated here on this planet. 

So, the first real significance of this moment is that we are, as a collective, experiencing the same thing at the same time which has never happened in human history before. So, no matter where you are in the world right now, you are experiencing the sense of a little bit of fear, and a little bit of uncertainty, and a little bit of, maybe, anxiety, and though it’s not the exact emotions that we want to be in and stay in, what it’s doing is it’s all putting us into one boat. And for the first time we are able to see that the person in Costa Rica and the person in Cambodia is feeling the same thing, so it really gives us an innate sense of oneness.

You know, we’ve been speaking about oneness, especially in spirituality, for so many years, but this opportunity is tapping us into Oneness, you know. Before, you would have to do a lot of work to get into your shadows. You would have to hold your arms out for 30 minutes in a Kundalini Kriya or go on a plant medicine journey, or do something to bring out the shadows. And right now, the shadows are just being revealed right in front of us.

So, in the past week or two, you’ve probably experienced some of your deepest, darkest fears arising. So, these are called our shadows. The reason why they are called shadows is because it is the aspect of us that we hold underneath out brightness, our light. It’s the shadow side of ourselves that we don’t like to reveal to the world.

So, our shadow aspects are being revealed to us right now for the purpose of transmuting them into life. So, our deepest, darkest fears that we’ve experienced before, you know, maybe it is fear of death, or fear of loneliness, or fear of not finding your purpose, is really coming to surface right now for you to really look at it eye-to-eye and see “Okay, this fear has actually been there underneath it all this whole time; this isn’t the first time that I’ve actually felt this way, but it’s the first time that I now have no choice to look at it.”

So, we’re sort of on this like mandatory Vipasasna right now as a world, as a planet. A Vipassana is you know, the Buddhist silent retreat which we know, most of us are not silent right now, but we are in our homes. Our homes are our root Chakras; our homes are our wombs; our homes are our relationship with our bodies, our relationship to Earth. 

So, really, what we’re going back to right now is a deep sense of grounding – Who am I at my core? Who am I at my most fundamental level and what are my relationships there? What is my relationship with the person that I am living with (that I am now quarantining with)? What is my relationship to my home space? What have I been escaping from this whole time?

So, really, this opportunity right now is allowing us to be the person that we’ve been too busy to be; that person that we’ve always been ‘on the go’ to escape from. Who is that underneath it all? And this is really the time for us to look at the gifts that we were born with and see how can I use them right now to up-level the vibration of the whole entire planet. 

So, all of us are born with divine gifts. These gifts are our purpose – our Dharma; our big why – the reason we are here.

So, some of us were born with, you know, a beautiful sense of design, and other people are really good at listening, and other people are really good at creating experiences for other people, or they have a green thumbs etc.

So, right now, this is your call to really look inwards. What are the things that I’m naturally good at? What are the things that come easily to me that may not for other people? 

So, I’m going to ask you some questions right now to help you understand what that underlying purpose is for you. So, I’d love to ask you, first of all:

1) If you had a full afternoon to Google search anything it is that you wanted to google (it couldn’t be related to you know, work or does my kid have this rash – nothing like that), just purely something that you are interested in. What would you spend you afternoon googling?

Would you be looking up holistic remedies? Would you be looking at interior design? Would you be interested in painting (someone said) or poetry; futuristic theories; digestion?

So, this right now, I always say Google is like a reflective glass of who we are, that magnifying glass of who we are because we’re able to access anything, you know, “limitless potential” as Deepak always says, is available for us on the Internet.

So, when we’re able to see – what would I spend my time googling? – we’re able to see, though I have endless opportunities and possibilities, I would choose this right now. So, that’s that seed that’s inside of you, I know some of you were saying cooking, spreading love, children illustration – yes, so that is that seed that has been planted inside of you. So, that seed is inside of you, it’s there, but we’ve been too busy as a collective to water that seed; to let it germinate; to let it sprout to life.

So, that thing right there, your curiosity is leading you towards Dharma. I am not saying that that is your end-all-be-all, but what I am saying is when you begin to follow something that you are deeply interested in, you begin to walk through the path and then suddenly it starts to illuminate itself for you. So, one thing will bring you to the next, bring you to the next, and this motion is called Kriya – divine flow. It’s that feeling of knowing that the Universe is taking you exactly where you are meant to go. 

So, now that you have that thing that you want to google, I want to ask you another question:

2) If you were to go on a family holiday – let’s say we’re allowed to travel. When we’re on a family holiday, who are we on that vacation? Are we that person who is setting up the schedule and the itinerary? “Okay, at 8am we’re going to visit these ruins and at 9am we’re going to go to this restaurant because it has good reviews on Yelp, and then at 12…” Are you that person – super-scheduled and organized – do you want to do all the things; you want to make the most of your vacation? Are you the person who’s like “I want to get lost in the markets and see what happens and just explore, and I don’t want any agenda at all? Or are you that person that’s like “I just want to relax, I just want to take it easy, I just want to hang out by the pool, I don’t really care about seeing all the ruins and artifacts, I just want to chill.”

So, that first person, that type A person, is a Pitta – it’s that energy of Pitta, that energy of Fire. So, that energy of Fire really wants to, you know, make the most of her day. When you’re someone who’s very Pitta which is an Ayurvedic Dosha, you have a very strong relationship with time. So, you’re seeing that time is of the essence, so I want you to make the most of things. So, you’re naturally good at creating plans, creating schedules, creating routines – this is part of your Dharma. You were born with that gift because you were meant to share it. So, that’s that Pitta person.

If you are that person who wanted to explore and get lost and see what happens, and just, like, find yourself in the pathways, and you know, maybe you’ll end up with the locals – who knows. That’s Vata – the energy of Air. So, that energy of Air is very creative, and flowing, and visionary, and thinking outside the box – so, this is related to your Dharma. You are someone who is meant to almost be a channel for higher visions; you are meant to have a lot of space in your schedule; you’re meant to be able to just create something that has never existed before, and if you were too confined into a schedule or limitations, it’s going to be too overwhelming for you; you’re actually going to stomp your creativity. So, an opportunity like this, you know, being on our mandatory Vipassana, is a perfect one for you to be like “What really excites me right now?”        

You know, I have a lot of Vata and I’ve been doing these acrylic painting pores you know. This is one I did last night of just letting the paints move and seeing how they are meant to end up. So, practices like this are really good for bringing your Vata back up.

So, if you were that third person, that person who wants to chill; you want to take it easy; you want to just like, eat good food and enjoy your company, and spend time with your family, and it’s not so much about the place, but it’s more about the relationships and the feelings, then you are a Kapha, or at least in relationship with your Dharma.

So, a Kapha is the Ayurvedic Earth energy – so you are someone who likes to more chill and take it easy, and you care deeply about your relationships, your connections with other people. And right now, you’re probably feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders because you are someone very open on picking up on other peoples’ energy. So, this is related to your Dharma. You are meant to be that space holder; you are meant to really go deep with one person and understand who they are at a fundamental level, you know. You’d be an incredible coach, healer, therapist, anything that’s really connecting deeply with people. 

So, our Doshas (our Ayurvedic Doshas – Mind-Body types) are to me the ultimate lens at looking into our Dharma; into our purpose because they don’t just exist in one area of our lives, they exist everywhere. 

So, I just gave the example of how you are on a vacation, but, you know, how are you in your quarantine right now, even? Are you that person in your quarantine that’s like creating a schedule for yourself, creating a routine and like “Okay, at 9am I’m going to do this work-out, then I’m going to hop on this Live”, you know, trying to create as much structure and routine for yourself as possible even in this time because you’ll go crazy without it. Then you’re a Pitta, (that’s who you are) – you’re meant to be an entrepreneur, or CEO, or fitness specialist, or something that really has structure, that has goal, something that you are going for and you can tangibly get there. That’s going to help you feel more safe and secure and structured in your everyday life. 

So, we could look someone who’s very Pitta in our society is Tony Robbins. So, Tony Robbins is fiery and he’s strong and he’s passionate, and we love him so much because he can get the crowd growing (clap your hands, stomp your feet), and he gets everyone riled up, and that’s that Fire within him; the Pitta within him that we are all picking up on. 

So, a lot of us have that within ourselves and this quarantine is giving us the opportunity to realize that within ourselves. So, I’m seeing a lot of you are saying “Yes, that’s me!” So, if you are that structured person, if you are that person who’s texting you family and friends like “Come on, we’re going to get through this! What are your goals? What are you working on this week? This is your time to do it!” You are that Pitta; you are that fire cracker in other peoples’ lives and this is your chance right now to help people who need it the most. 

And the Doshas can help each other, so for example, someone who is very, very in their Pitta, who is like really finding, you know, “Okay, here is how we’re going to get through this” and creating a plan out of everything. Someone who is more and maybe a Kapha slump at this moment of maybe not fully actualizing their Kapha gifts, but more of the shadow side – the slump – they are able to get activated by that Pitta’s energy, okay. 

So, all of the Doshas have a shadow side and a light side and we all are a combination of all three Doshas but in different amounts. 

So, you probably have related to all three in different times of your life, but your main Dosha is who you are at your core, you know. 

In situations like this, I think our true self really comes up because we have no one to impress and nowhere to hide. So, who are you in moments like this? Moments of frustration, moments of uncertainty – that’s when your primary Doshas really come up. 

So, the Pitta within you is going to want structure, going to want a plan. The Vata within you is going to want to create and flow. And the Kapha within you is going to want to really get deep and connect. 

Now, how is this connected to our Dharma is how do you want to serve other people? You know, you all have all of these Doshas within you, but what is the Dosha you really want to serve with and connect with others with?

So, do you love to help people by firing them up? Then that’s your Pitta, a hundred percent being in your Pitta is related to your Dharma, it’s related to your purpose. 

Do you like to help people get creative, think , see the world in different ways, explore possibilities, make art, make poetry, really just, like, kind of go deep rabbit holes with people – that’s your Vata. Then, you know your Vata is related to your Dharma and you are meant to write books or poetry or create art and be this type of person in other peoples’ lives who is making them think in a more esoteric and airy way. 

Or, do you love to help people by just sitting with them and listening? You know, that energy of Oprah is very Kapha. We love Oprah so much not because she gives that riveting talks like Tony Robbins, but we love Oprah so much because she’s able to sit and listen. So, if right now, you are the Oprah of your friends who’s like “How are you feeling right now?” and just like, really holding space for people and enjoying it, enjoying that really deep connection and for you this is actually a beautiful opportunity for you to go deeper with people that you may have been too busy to in the past – then this is your Kapha – this is that side of you that’s coming out to play. 

And yes, I will save this and I will repost this on my Instagram at iamsahararose, and I’ll put it on my podcast too – The Highest Self podcast. 

My book is called “EatFeelFresh” right there (with forward by Deepak Chopra – which is why I’m here).


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So, if you are someone with that more Vata, that creativity. So for example, I’ve been… I’ve just showed you my acrylic pores, here’s another one I did last night. Then this is your opportunity right now to be that person for other people. So, for example, maybe you want to lead your friends – everyday, let’s write a poem to each other; let’s just text each other a poem that we love or re-write; or let’s draw; let’s draw something and get together and draw; or maybe this is your opportunity to disconnect from other people and just get really deep into your art and really deep into your divine work.

I think, right now, with this quarantine, there’s almost the sense of like, needing to be everywhere all the time and everyone’s going Live and it can be very overwhelming for people. So really look for what is resonant with me right now, what medicine do I really need at this moment?

So, maybe if you have always been very, very Pitta in your life, this is your opportunity to explore your other Doshas; this is your opportunity to get more Vata; or this is your opportunity to just sit and be more Kapha.

If you’ve been very Vata in your life – maybe you’re flowing and you don’t really have a specific goal that you are working on, maybe this is the time for you to set that goal, you know, “Maybe I’m going to write my screenplay or interior design or something like that” this is your opportunity to do that. 

And if you’re someone who is very Kapha in your life, maybe you’re a therapist or a healer and you’ve been holding space for a lot of people, maybe this is your time to get a little bit more Pitta and get into your work-out practice or your time to get into the Vata.

So, we really need a balance of all three Doshas at all times, but our natural Dosha, which is called Procrati is always going to come out. 

So, for example, you may have been born primarily Vata, right, so you naturally, as a child, were very creative, artistic, think outside the box. So, think about yourself right now as a kid – because as a kid we were exactly who we were. We didn’t feel the need to you know, impress anyone or do something to make money or anything else. So, if you are that kid who was like, playing with your imaginary friends and making up scenarios and getting lost in your art – that’s the Vata

If you were that kid who was running around outside and you know, playing in the mud, and like, always like, “Who wants to do dodge ball; who wants to play this; who wants to play that?” just super-adventurous, that’s your Pitta.

If you were that kid who was very just calm and loving – “Let’s play house; let’s play animal: let’s play, you know, babysitter” – that’s the Kapha.     

And again, maybe you had different stages that were different ones but who were you primarily as a kid? Were you the adventurous, athletic kid? Were you the artistic kid? Or were you the more connective child?

So, this is really going to help you understand what your Procrati is – your natural born constitution. And if you feel like you have moved so far away from that, for example, maybe as a kid you loved to play sports and go outside and now that’s not part of your life at all – then use this moment right now to tap back into that side of you. I’m not saying go outside if it’s not safe, of course, but you know, maybe this is your time right now that at home you’re doing different exercise practices or you’re, you know, writing your book proposal or something like that, that’s really, like, exciting and goal-oriented for you. Or, maybe, right now, again, this is your chance to do something totally different than what you normally do. 

So, I invite you to explore these different Doshas, your relationship with these Doshas because as you dip inside your different archetypes, you get a stronger sense of understanding who you are and how your Dharma is meant to display all three.

So, for example, when I was a child, my primary Dosha was definitely Vata, very artistic, very imaginatory etc., but later in my life I got very sedentary and played computer games all the time and I got very Kapha, and then later in my life I got very, very into working out and I got very Pitta. So, we’ve danced with different Doshas before and now I have found a sense of balance in my Dharma, so I’m able to use my Vata abilities of speaking, of writing, of creating, of making podcasts, of doing art, dancing – I’m dancing every single day on my Instagram, right after this, I’ll be on my Instagram Live dancing – and I’m able to bring that to the world and get it done and create with it through my Pitta.

So, you channel through your Vata. Imagine your Vata as your crown and your third eye Chakra, as well as a bit of your throat. Your throat is when it moves into the Pitta – that Pitta’s that energy of creation, of doing, of action, so it’s really the energy of the solar plexus , right, it’s that fire. In Ayurveda we call it an Agni – digestive fire. So, you envision, you channel through your Vata. What do I want to create? What is my purpose right now? What am I interested in? What am I curious with? And then you take action. You try it. You get your hands in the mud, figuratively, you start to do it, and that’s when you feel it through the Pitta. 

And then you give yourself the gift of the sacred pause. You decide from this moment of pause, from this moment of stillness, what wants to come through me next? And this moment of stillness, this sacred pause, we could really think of it as our sacral and root Chakra energy is Kapha, the energy of Earth.

So, think about where you are in your life right now. Are you in your Vata stage, coming up with a lot of ideas – “I think I want to do this; I think I want to do that; I have all these ideas and you know, sometimes I don’t even know with which one to start?”

Are you really in that energy of Pitta, of creation, of action, of moving forward – the solar plexus energy, the Fire energy? Or are you in that energy of Kapha, of sacred pause, of the pause between the inhale and the exhale? And from there, where can I move to next? So, from the Vata, from the idea, we move into the Pitta. We come up with the idea and we take action. From the Pitta we move into the Kapha, from taking a lot of action, we move into the rest, we move into the pause, we move into the sacred through. And then, from that Kapha, we move back into the Vata. From the sense of stillness and pause, you know, have you ever notices that your best ideas come through not when you’re busy on your laptop doing, doing, doing, but they come through when you start to do the dishes, right? Or when you take a walk, or when you take a bath or a shower? You know, so many people say “I don’t know why my best ideas come through in the shower.” Well, it’s not necessarily the shower, though the shower does introduce you to the element of Water which is prevalent in Kapha as well which is why washing dishes, anything with water is going to bring flow in your life, but really, what’s happening underneath it all is you’re giving yourself that sacred pause.

So, if you’re feeling stomped – you should take a pause; if you’re feeling overwhelmed – take action; if you’re feeling you’re taking a lot of action – take a pause.

So, I’d love to teach this, this cycle of moving your Dharma through the Doshas, because it really gives you a compass; it really gives you “Ok, here’s where my energy is at; here’s where I can move it to” and then you’re constantly moving and what you understand is that we’re never, you know, in one place, we’re cyclical beings, we’re always moving, there’s rhythms; there’s seasons; there’s tides and we’re a part of Nature, so we, too are cyclical beings and it’s important for us to notice that everything in life has its seasons, has its cycles, and the moment that we’re in right now, is the collective Kapha. We are in the collective pause, as a society, as a planet. We have been so deeply in the Pitta before, taking so much action, what’s next – being busy to be ourselves? 

So, collectively, the Earth gave us this gift of Kapha and a lot of us are resisting it and we’re fighting against it, and we’re still coming through with our Pitta. Like, “No, no, no, I wasn’t supposed to take action, I was supposed to go over there, I was supposed to do this, I was supposed to do that! And Earth is like, “Nope, the more you fight against this, the harder it’s going to be.” We must just come to this place of complete acceptance with what is. 

There are things that we can control and there are things that we cannot. And what’s happening right now with the state of the world is something we have created as a collective, and the only way that we’re going to get through it is, as a collective we understand the medicine that the Earth is trying to teach us right now. And that’s to be in this pause and be in this moment and really ask ourselves the deeper question as a society of what is really functioning with us right now?

Right now, for the first time, we are looking at – does our banking system really work for us; does our education system really work for us; do mortgages really work for us (the loans, the interest rates)? All of these major institutions right now are being questioned and they would not be questioned if we kept going as they were. We have to take that pause; we have to take the Kapha break to really look within, and have that magnifying lens of like “Wow, this really isn’t working for most of society.” And then, we, as Sun workers, embodiments of the Sun, people who are here to embody that sunlight energy get to go into those shadows and say “Now is how we move forward.”

So, really, I want to end this with an invitation for all of us listening right now to come to action with how we want the world to move forward. It’s very easy for us to say “You know what, after this quarantine, everything is going to go back exactly as it was and you know, the skies are going to get polluted again, the oceans are going to get polluted again” and you know, we humans are so dumb. You know, I see a lot of people say that and I do understand the concern and nothing is going to change if we aren’t the ones to change it. Right now, we are in that collective pause, so it’s up to us as the Sun workers, the healers, the channelers, the true beings who are dedicated to our spiritual path to go into our Vatas and imagine what this new world could to look like. What can new connections look like? What can new community look like? What could new support look like? And from this place right now of going into our Vata and really thinking together of we don’t want to come out of this experience going exactly the way as it was. I think so many people are saying “Let’s just hurry up, let’s get this done, go back to the way things were.” No, no, no, no we did not take a pause to go back to the way that things exactly were – we took a pause so we could re-invent a higher future.

So, this is our opportunity right now, to ask ourselves how do we want to invent a higher future? What systems are we here to change? What are we here to cause? Is it environmentalism? Is it our relationships with animals; Is it our relationship with our consciousness? With our children; with our menstrual cycles? What are you being called to do? What is your soul mission on this planet? What has Earth assigned you with? Because I believe, which is part of the Vedic belief, that we all were born on this planet, at this time for a reason. There is no coincidence that you are here. There is no coincidence that we, spiritual beings, all chose to incarnate at this specific time when this once in a lifetime history of human mankind situation has happened, you know.

Yes, there have been different pandemics before, but we never had the Internet to know about it, For example, when the Spanish Flu or something was going on, people in the other parts of the world did not know about it. For the first time we have this awareness that we are coming together as one.

So now, with this conversation that we are having of how we can support each other; how can we put our minds towards one solution? Let’s elevate that state. Instead of all of us experiencing the collective fear; let’s raise that state up to collective acceptance, and then from there, let’s raise it up even more to collective love. While we’re all feeling the same thing, let’s lift each other up with it. 

So this is your call to action right now, to be that Sun worker that you incarnated to be, to share that message that is lodged in your throat Chakra – what is Coronavirus throat Chakra? It’s time for us to express; it’s time for us to share out truths; share our medicine; to stop hiding; to stop feeling like we’re not ready, we’re not experienced enough; we’re not educated enough; we’re not old enough; young enough; fit enough. What is your story? Because it’s time for you to realize that it’s not based on the Truth. It’s time for you to realize that your desire to change is the only pre-requisite that you need. Your realization is your invitation to take action. This is our moment right now – we are here to create the shift. 

So, who’s with me? Who is ready to co-create a better world that has ever existed before? Who is ready to, right after listening to this, go on your Live or call some friends, or write in your journal or do something that takes this inspiration within you and brings it out into the world?

As I share on my podcast – Highest Self podcast – we are here right now to embody the energy of the Sun; we are here to shine our Sun rays all over the collective shadows of the world so the world can experience unity and warmth and guess what else? The Sun is the antidote to what we are experiencing right now with this virus. The Sun kills the virus, so us, stepping into our inner Suns and shining our lights brightly, unapologetically, not saying “Over there, there’s some issues so I’m not going to shine my sunlight over there.” No! Complete acceptance of everyone, knowing that no matter what state the people are in, it doesn’t have to bring ours down. 

We are here to step into joy, especially in times that joy feels far away – this is why we practice. Everything we have done until this moment has been practice for today, for now. We don’t meditate so we become good meditators; we meditate so we can sit in stillness at times like this.

So, who is with me? Yes, I am so excited to have all of your support as we raise the vibration of the planet together. I am doing daily Instagram Lives, I’ll put my Instagram right here – its @iamsahararose, come join me. I also have a podcast – the Highest Self podcast. My book “Discover Your Dharma” which is all about this is coming out in a couple months and I’m just so honored and so privileged to be able to share here with you today. I’ll also save this, post it on my Instagram, and yes, share with your friends, share with your family, share with your community. This is our time right now, this is why we incarnated, this is our initiation. So, let’s take it, let’s rock it and let’s make this world the place that we have been waiting for. 

Namaste. Thank you all.    


Hmm…I hope you gained some wisdom from that episode. Again, my book “Discover Your Dharma” will be out in January and as the book comes out I’ll be sharing more and more pieces and little findings I have had in my (I wouldn’t call it research) it’s more channelings and downloads I have received in creating this book. And if you want to work with me deeper; if you’d like each month to be themed with a different Goddess energy that we are working with in our lives for finding our purposes, plus my 10-day Discover Your Dharma meditations, workshops, all of the things, come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses – it is the Sacred Sisterhood collective for honoring your highest self and the Goddess within. 

Each month we are working with a different Goddess energy, and this month is about re-emergence, stepping into Spring, the Spring of your life, letting go of what is no longer serving you so you could really find tune of who you want to step forward as in alignment with your Dharma.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com – the link is in the show notes and I am soul excited to meet you inside.      

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode. Namaste.

Episode 283: Discovering Your Dharma In Difficult Times
By Sahara Rose

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