Highest Self Podcast 280: Holding The Light Frequency At This Pivotal Moment with Matt Kahn


It is undeniable that we are going through a shift and everyone’s interpretation of it will be different. In this episode, I bring in one of my personal favorite authors Matt Kahn, to speak about this shift from a very 5D level. In this episode, we speak about the common mistakes people make with law of attraction, how to handle people who may try to bring you down, seeing peoples intentions over words + actions and his new book “The Universe Always Has A Plan.” If you love the deep dive spiritual episodes, you’re going to LOVE this one! I felt like I was bathing in a pool of light after!

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Episode #280: Holding The Light Frequency At This Pivotal Moment with Matt Khan
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement. 

[00:20] Sahara

How are you feeling at this moment? What is moving through your body? What is showing up for you? How are you a different person today than you were even just one month ago? What shadows have revealed for you? What aspects of yourself have you had to look at? What deepest, darkest fears have come to surface? How have you found more joy, more love, more unity than ever before? 

[00:52] Sahara

My name is Sahara and as I’ve shared on this Podcast, for the past three years and especially in the past month or so, we are in the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of humanity, and right now, we are in the accelerated program, you could call it that, of Earth school, of life school. And we are learning the lessons that our soul incarnated to learn in this lifetime, at an expedited rate, and that’s not always easy and fun, but it can be. 

And depending on where you are at your journey, maybe some things you’ve been confronted with that you never wanted to look at about yourself; maybe it’s been traumas; maybe it’s been lessons that you thought you had learned – you have learned, but you actually didn’t; and maybe some of your gifts are coming to surface; maybe your desire to share in a certain way; to show up in the world a certain way; maybe you’re just finally owning the fact that you want to be different.

[01:54] Sahara

So, whatever is showing up for you at this time, I invite you to really honor that because that is your unique soul medicine. And at different times of our lives it’s going to be different. We are all experiencing the same thing right now, globally. Every single person on the planet right now, pretty much, is on lockdown, right? But we are all experiencing it through such different lens and the lens in which we are experiencing it through is exactly what our soul needed to, at this time. 

[02:24] Sahara

So, it might reveal some stuff about your relationship; or your relationship with your body; or your work; or your parents; or your home environment. Whatever is coming up for you, know that that was already under the surface and it was just this opportunity that gave you that time to actually flip up the hood of the car and look at what’s going on underneath. So, nothing is here to harm you, nothing is here to make your life difficult, everything is really here to serve you and there is no better person to really have on the Podcast that shares this message than Matt Khan.

[03:01] Sahara

So, if you are not familiar with Matt Khan (oh my Goddess) you’ve got to check him out, but he is one of my personal favorite authors. He has a book called “Everything Is Here To Help You”, and I listened to this book on audio book a couple years ago and I just so deeply resonated with it. And there aren’t a lot of people that I actually read the books or listen to, personally I just like to focus on receiving my own channel and not really be getting other information in so I know that everything that’s coming through is coming through directly from Source for me. So, I actually don’t listen to other podcasts. If I read a book, it’ll be a book that I really respect the author – and Matt Khan is one of those people. There are very, very few people in the world like him, and I am honestly honored, he is probably, out of everyone I’ve interviewed, one of my most influential (to me) guests, even if you’ve never heard of him. 

He’s been on YouTube (a spiritual author and teacher on YouTube) for at least a decade. So, I remember early in my spiritual awakening, back when I lived in India, I would watch his videos, and he’s still doing it. And he has a new book called “The Universe Always Has A Plan” which is beautiful, short, easy to read, digestible and we talk about that in this Episode. 

[04:22] Sahara

So, I have been bringing different experts in to speak about this epidemic from a different lens. We just had Michaela on, speaking about connecting to your inner wild woman; practices you can do to connect to your body; connect to your sexuality; connect to your life force. And I’m going to be having another guest on next week who speaks more into politics, and it’s very what is happening right now; very in the 3D, which is also important. I’ve had Dr. Jess on to speak about the health effects; and having a business mentor come on to speak about the business effects; and Matt Khan is someone who really can speak about the spiritual effects from a very 5D level.

[05:07] Sahara

So, as you know, the Solocast I did last week, was looking at Corona Virus from a 3D, 4D and 5D perspective, all which can be valid, but really where we are going as a society is moving into the 5D, the fifth dimension, which is based off of love, and unity, and joy and possibility. And Matt Khan, when he speaks, it’s just such a beautiful channel and example of what living in the 5D looks like.

[05:33] Sahara

So, as he shares with you and as we will hear on this Episode, it really is a place of non-duality; it really is a place of – there’s no victimhood; there’s no blame and there’s no judgment; there’s no “Well, they did this to us” or “This is going to hurt us” or whatever it is that our survival brain likes to hold onto, and again, these things may or may not be true in that dimension, but in the fifth dimension, none of that stuff matters because you see past it, you see past people’s actions and really at their intentions. And then when you can look at their intentions, you’re able to see that most people’s intentions (not all, but most) are coming out of love and they’re coming out of desire to protect.

[06:16] Sahara

So, like I shared in the Episode I did on the 3D, 4D, 5D, someone who is fear-vomiting on you or sharing all of the different conspiracy theories and “This is happening” and “That is happening”, most likely, if they are your friend, they are not doing it to make your life miserable, but they’re actually doing it because they think it is going to protect you. They think that this is important information for you to have and they want you to know it because they deem it to be valuable, so they are doing it out of love, even though it is evoking more fear, right? If there was a big tiger coming for you, I would want to tell you. So that’s kind of how they’re seeing it. There’s a big tiger coming for us and they want to tell everyone. However, the issue is, that tiger might just be in their dimension and in their perspective, it might not even be real. And that’s when it turns into other people vomiting their fear on others who might not have been in that mindset or that vibration before, but actually sinks them down into it and then they, in turn, fear-vomit over everyone else and it’s like this domino ripple effect that everyone is just being like “Oh my God! They’re going to cut off electricity!” Again, it may be true, it also may not be, but what we do know is, everyone hyperventilating and being in fear, is actually not allowing us to be proactive in doing something about it.

[07:44] Sahara

So, really, what Matt Khan is here to share with us is that the Universe always has a plan and that from the fifth-dimension things are always going to work out exactly as they were meant to. 

[07:54] Sahara

And different people have different roles. So, he is a great example of, he works with the light-workers, he is working with the people who really want to raise the consciousness of the planet. He’s not going to be running for President, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not the way our world works.

But there are other people, again, who might need to be in the field, they might need to be in the emergency rooms or the courthouses and stuff like that. So, another thing we talk about is, really, everyone is here for a different purpose and they’re here to help in a different way, but also, don’t feel guilty about your way because I know a lot of us, and we talk about this in the Episode and I feel it too, is sometimes when you’re operating in that 5D level of consciousness, you think it’s not enough, you think “Well, am I really helping people by just spreading love and joy?” Think about how fucked up that is – “Am I not helping people by spreading love and joy”, what could be more important than spreading love and joy? But our society, that’s so based off of fear, is like “If you aren’t in pain and suffering along with the people who are in pain and suffering, then you are not helping!” And all that is doing is making a consciousness of pain and suffering.

[09:03] Sahara

Let’s say I went through something really tough, you, now being depressed and sad over it isn’t going to make my situation better. It’s just going to make you sad over it, in fact, that might actually make me feel worse, right? So, this is really an invitation for us to own what dimension we want to be mostly operating from. No one’s a 100% on anything, we all have our 3, 4 and 5D moments, but if you are being called to be a light-worker, as I call a sun-being, to radiate like the sun, to bring love, to bring joy, to bring dance – like I shared on my Instagram, so, if you’re not following me on Instagram, be sure to check it out, I’m always posting fun little things, but I wrote Dance, Dharma and Drums are my medicine. And for someone else that might be sound bath and meditation; and for someone else that could be drumming and ecstatic dance; and everyone’s going to be different, and really own what it is for you, and not feel guilty, and not be judgmental. I hate all this woke-shaming that’s happening right now of like “Oh, if you were woke, then you would be posting this type of content” or “You would be saying this in this way”, no, there’s no one dimension of being woke. My woke is going to look different than your woke, is going to look different from Sandy and Cindy and Cheryl’s woke, right? 

So, for me, I’m super-energetic and everything I do is going to be creative, and moving, and shaking, and dancing – I’m an ecstatic, but someone else may be very yin and very subtle and soft and Kapha, and that is their wokeness. Someone else might be like a politician or a lawyer, kicking ass; and someone else might be with the plants and with the trees.

So, we must first learn about ourselves, what is really resonating with us, how are we being called to hold that light frequency, what does that look like for you? When do you feel the most alive? When do you feel the most connected? And not feel bad about it looking different than maybe the way that someone else does. 

I don’t do the whole seated meditation thing every single day (and I share about that on the Podcast all the time), that is not my thing. I receive a lot more if I am moving and dancing and connecting to my body; someone else, it might be different. So, own what is your light, what is your sun, what makes you feel alive, how are you being called to hold that light frequency and then step fully into it.

[11:30] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s welcome the one and only Matt Khan to The Highest Self Podcast. 


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[15:30] Interview

[15:30] Sahara

Welcome Matt to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here! 

[15:34] Matt

Well thank you, it’s an honor to be here, it truly is!

[15:36] Sahara

And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[15:42] Matt

That’s a great question! I think a lot of times people are under the misunderstanding that being your highest self means you have to know everything your highest self knows. One of the things that’s amazing is that the highest self, one of its functions, to give a modern-day example, is that our highest self is like the cloud of our infinite wisdom that I don’t have to carry everything that’s on my computer, on my desktop or in my pocket, it’s on my cloud, for infinite storage. We have infinite wisdom that our higher self knows for us. What I think is the most pivotal definition of being your highest self is “Are you an embodiment of the attributes of the responses, of the behavior of that wisdom?” Your wisdom, by everything I’ve ever channeled, for the 15 years I’ve been teaching, every book I’ve written, it’s all in the cloud, I don’t remember any of it. But what is always within me is the conduct, maturity and responses of that wisdom. So, if no one ever knew a single thing I taught, they can watch my behavior and get the essence of what I have learned and integrated. 

[16:51] Sahara

I love that so much! And I think that this is really where the spiritual world is going right now – what does embodiment look like; what does integration look like? It’s not so much about “I had these amazing visions and I took Ayahuasca and it showed me the key secrets of the universe”, it’s like “Okay, what does your life look like now? How is it different?” Otherwise it’s, again, watching a movie and then going back to living your normal life that doesn’t satisfy you in any way.

So, right now, I think, at this pivotal moment in history we’re looking at what could that look like? That stretch, to maybe, as you write in your book, say “Thank you” when someone says something criticizing to you. I think that stretches you, but also feels like coming home, feels natural.

[17:32] Matt

Absolutely. I think, on a collective level, we’re still kind of shaking off a little bit of the religious residue. And when I say that I mean the residue that says “Live my life like I’m at a bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas” and then on Sunday go to church and give it to Jesus. All this kind of like back and forth, one foot in the ego, one foot in the light of the soul.

And really, what we’re finding, and what I found to be true in my own living testimony of awakening, is that, for me, one of the most incredible attributes of your highest self is respect. And I think that what happens is, when we get emotionally triggered, we are so focused on how someone’s disrespecting us, and in a moment of being aware of what someone is withholding or not giving us, we’re equally not aware of how we can respect the spiritual crisis, the healing crisis, that someone must be in, in order to cause their conduct to come from such a low-comment denominator. As we wake up, we learn from the teachings of compassion and love and kindness, that if someone is not acting from their highest conduct of character, or as you would say “Not from your highest self”, what healing crisis must be going on? And in particular, most people that act from their lowest standard of conduct are going through a level of spiritual revelation they’ve not been taught to understand or even fathom or recognize. And so, when people are not being their highest selves, that gives us the chance to say “If I can respect the healing journey you may not even know that you’re on, I cannot make their conduct about me and then my response to them can be holding a space for healing, whether it’s offering forgiveness, and then I can walk away having had that opportunity to deepen the respect of my higher self”, and saying to that person “Thank you for giving me a chance to go deeper into my relationship with respect instead of getting mesmerized by whatever someone is saying or doing in our presence.” It’s a very clear invitation.

[19:38] Sahara

So, I want to go into that because I feel like sometimes when we do that, we do it with a bypassy word to it, like “Oh, you’re just in pain” instead of maybe – how can we have that balance of, let’s say someone criticizes us or someone comes forth to us with a different energy that we are currently sitting in, and taking, maybe, the potential truth that could’ve come from it without either trying to fix the problem or feeling attacked by it?

[20:07] Matt

Well, that’s a great point! I think the first part of it is, when we feel attacked, the emotion of discord or pain or contraction that we feel from someone else, on one superficial level, can be said that “This is how I feel because of how they treated me”. The deeper interpretation is “The pain that I feel in my body in response to what someone is saying to me, is actually me empathing and feeling the pain they’re in.” So, not to bypass and say “Oh, you’re in pain” and dismiss it, but to say “Wow, how painful I felt in my body when you said that to me” is actually, really a snapshot into how you feel most of the time. And so, in that moment, we can say “Wow, this isn’t my pain necessarily, this is the pain I’m becoming aware of in this person’s body”, and if I just can say “Thank you, our time is done here”, create a boundary, or “Well, that really hurt when you said that”, if we respond with kindness, we are reflecting back the energy, but sending it back as blessings of evolution.

So, I think what’s really important is, people want to wear the armor and get very spiritually, righteously dismissive, that’s a new phrase we’ll make up (righteously dismissive) because people don’t want to feel the pain. When we don’t want to feel pain, we are dismissing the pain of someone else’s experience. So, the first step is, feel what you feel in response to someone’s behavior, and if you say to them “Wow, that really hurt, I’m sorry for your pain”, we are then giving back projection but as their blessing for their evolution, whether they receive it or not. So, we feel what we feel, we reflect it back as a blessing and we participate in someone else’s healing. And if the behavior continues, of course, we say “Hey, this doesn’t feel good, I’m going to have to leave, I’ll see you later”, and we create a boundary. So, we don’t put up with it indefinitely, but we allow ourselves to feel what we feel, but we start to make the distinction “I’m not feeling my hurt, I’m feeling their hurt that my kindness can help transmute as I make my way from this moment to the next.” 

[22:21] Sahara

I love that! And you share a really great story in your book of your cousin saying “Oh, you’re so weird, who do you think you are? You’re a healer”, and you just responding to his words “Thank you” and he’s like “Why are you thanking me?” and him feeling, realizing the hurt he is saying in his words and not being able to – you know, he wanted you to be hurt back so he can kind of play ping-pong with you, and then when you just said “Thank you”, it really hit him to be like “No, don’t be thanking me, you should be angry at me right now”. And it is just such a beautiful reflection because I think so many of us, especially at this time, are feeling extremely triggered, maybe with people we’re quarantining with etc. and how to not let it escalate but just kind of let it end with your own gratitude with the lesson of it. 

[23:06] Matt

I think the magic in that is when we show gratitude for things that our egos are truly grateful for, we allow other people to not really have the awareness to realize “Wow, their responding is if I gave them a gift and now I’m fully aware that I didn’t give a gift”. With that example of my relative, they wanted to instigate me into an argument, and their, what’s called secondary gain, which is consciously, no one wants to be in an argument, but on a subconscious level there’s a motivating factor. And for this particular person, they wanted to rope me into an argument because they have the history by being traumatized by anger in their family. And they wanted me to fire back with anger so that later that night when they go back to their home, they could justify their functional addictions as “For all that I put up with today, and this person yelled at me, don’t I deserve some space?” So, it’s also very furious that for a lot of people, consciously, no one want to be traded and roped into conflict, but because our society is so divided between beings awakening at such a fast rate and beings steeped in addiction at an equally fast rate, that a lot of people find themselves manifesting experiences they don’t rationally want, but to justify how they get to go home and they get to nourish themselves with the things that are rather self-destructive and that are almost very seductively saying “You’ve been through a lot, you overcame so much today, don’t you deserve a little you time” and it’s actually the propaganda of subconscious addiction. And that’s actually something that we need to become aware of – those influences, once you start addressing that, you really can’t be touched or roped into an argument because the only thing that can rope you into an argument is an addiction that wants to be fed while pretending it’s a form of self-care.

[25:06] Sahara

I love that, and that goes so deep into it because I think a lot of us, all of us, have that thing that maybe keeps showing up and we’re like “I don’t know what’s happening but I keep getting angry” or “I keep getting annoyed or sad or depressed! 

So, I want to go into how our traumas began this. Is it something that typically begins in childhood? Do you think that is something the soul came in with? How does that begin and then, how do we become aware of it?

[25:32] Matt

Well, it’s a great question, modern-day psychology would say it begins with an original wound and we trace back to our earliest impressionable years of you know, during the first 2, 3, 4 years of my development, what was I exposed to, what did I see, what did I create my near neurons? And that’s one way of looking at it, but I look at it as all the experiences we have in childhood are actually just reminders of what the soul came in with in the cellular body. And I gave you a thousand experiences, one of which was a woman who birthed a child and she held her child for the first time and looked into his eyes and went “O-o!” And, just, the child had this look in their eyes and what the child had to go through was much torment for the family and for their own path.

And of course, superstitious spirituality would say “Oh, the mom looked at her child and said that and projected that and the child was doomed for their life”, which is not true. The truth is, our conditioning doesn’t make us who we are, it reminds us of what we incarnated to heal, because in Heaven, we’re in such a selfless place, we go “Here’s the world that needs to wake up. I’m going to take on these particular patterns and when I heal that; when I’m in the body, I’m going to free that under the collective and create less density so more light can be embodied, and raise the frequency of Earth.” Right, so, the mission, then we incarnate into the exact families, and again, we didn’t choose it with our egos because love to think “I can choose differently”, we choose how to respond to things, not how it happens, it’s a very sobering realization. But we come in and then the first so many years of our life is getting to know what it’s like to be in a body, seemingly with separate characters, and everything that happens to us is just reminding us of all the things we carry in our body that we’re here to heal and unpack so that these things can be healed in others at a more accelerated rate who may not be as aware as those of us who incarnate to assist in this ascension process.  

[27:40] Sahara

Beautiful explanation and I love that! And it just shows so much of how this world really is – Okay, a lot of people are saying “Is this Earth a school or is this Earth something that is just meant to be enjoyed and our egos are trying to turn it into a school and lessons?” What’s your take on this?

[27:58] Matt

Well, it’s a 100% school! It is a simulation of consciousness created by consciousness. So, if you look at the world, and a lot of people right now are steeped in conspiracy theories and all these kind of things, there are degrees of truth, but if you go behind the scenes of all the puppet masters, you’re going to find who’s even pulling the strings of those people, is consciousness. And so, this is a simulation of consciousness, this is consciousness giving angels in training opportunities, this is the practical course of our school. This is where we come down here and remember to put into action all that we’ve studied throughout our curriculum. And, as those of us who are doing this kind of deep work for the planet, are experiencing the ascension of humanity, when it’s our time to go to the next level, we then become spirit guides for newly incarnating souls which are just the next wave of students going through this practical simulation. 

So, even though life – yes, enjoy your life, savor it, follow your joy, explore your passions, hold your loved ones close, that’s all a part of it of course, but with the awareness that every day I have the opportunity to redefine what it means to be worthy of change, because if I am not actively changing without trying to do it in such an impulsive way; but if I’m just regularly, always willing to change, then things like adversity or self-quarantining don’t really have an effect on this. Right now, the world is being challenged by self-quarantining because the world has prioritized seeking desires and inflating a self-image and “Who I need to be to other people” instead of looking at the inner changes that need to be made. 

So, this is just a gangster level meditation but the world never remembered signing up for and this is where everyone gets to get real self-reflective – and when we were talking about addictions, isn’t it weird (I say that jokingly or ironically) that like when we talk about the subconscious influences of “After the day I’ve had, don’t I deserve to have a little treat?” And people used to say that after working their asses off at the office or grinding in the factory. Now we have this really weird story, we say “After all the sheltering in I’ve done all day; after all this self-quarantining I’ve done; after all the much nothing I’ve done, don’t I deserve…?” and it’s interesting how you don’t need to have done anything to let that addiction pattern kind of lead the way. So, my big thing, one of my big things, of helping people during this time, is this is a time to become aware of and to really feel into what do you need emotionally in order to not look for some external, superficial, chemical, or something, to fill that void in you? Can we start nourishing ourselves and can we come out the other end of this quarantine process less resonating or less in allegiance with addiction than ever before? If we, as human beings, make an individual choice, we are going to find ourselves coming out of all of this, more aligned in spirit and more in the flow than ever before.

[31:24] Sahara           

Yes, I do see this as a global Vipassana that we’re all being asked to sit through, but most of us won’t sit in it, we look for our phones, we look at “What does Matt Khan have to say about this”, “What does Eckhart Tolle have to say about this”, this person, that person, instead of letting your spirit tell you what is the lesson, because the lesson in it for you is going to be different than the lesson in it for someone else, but if we’re so tapped into everyone else’s interpretation, we miss having this experience.

Then, another thing that I, and I’m sure every listener struggles with, is just the different dimensions that you can look at this experience from. Like, there’s the very 3D of people are dying, the hospitals are overflowed, stay at home, and then there’s this 4D of like “Is it 5G? Is it the Epstein things? Is it this? Is it that” and that can also really stimulate the mind of trying to figure things out and decipher and pull things apart and being like you’ve solved the riddles of the Universe and “Is Bill Gates good or bad? I can’t figure it out, I keep changing my mind.” And then this 5D which is like, you know, everything is working out for us, the Universe has a plan, but then, for example, I was speaking to Marianne Williamson about this and she was like “That is us bypassing the responsibility that we have right now for the people”, so I’m like – How do we balance these different dimensions?

[32:39] Matt

You know what it is? And I appreciate Marianne and her fire, I really do but it’s unfair to say that because we all have a different contribution to make, and you know, that might be her on the frontlines – I’m on the frontlines, vibrationally, and I’m leading this world energetically. We just, last Saturday, had a bunch of meditations globally, I did my thing, a rather large number of people, through a big process, during the time when the polos were open, that’s where I work, even as I live in downtown Seattle, literally in full view of Amazon, 3 blocks away from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I’m anchoring light and I’m doing my part with as much fire and passion as she’s doing on her frontline. So, I think it’s unfair, it would be unfair for me to say “Everyone’s got to anchor light the way I do” and for her to say that. We all have a different part to play because we’re interconnected, energetically, just the changes you make within yourself or with the dynamics of your own relationships, with your heart, with your partner, with your relatives (whoever you’re self-quarantining with), relationships are how unity consciousness spreads light throughout the planet. Because we’re all connected in this quantum reality, what you do to facilitate positive change in your self-quarantine environment is literally sending out positive energy to motivate and inspire that change in all people. And I think, right now, the anchoring of light is so popular is because we’re being recommended not to leave our homes, so to know that in the privacy of your home you can do some of the greatest soul work for the planet, and your ego consciousness may not perceive it immediately, but your emotional body is showing you, not just the changes you’re making in yourself, but the changes you make in yourself is the positive contribution or the rippling effect happening throughout the planet. And everything is valid, everyone has a part to play – there are people that are meant to be the watchdogs of a crumbling, deceptive, old regime. There are people that need to talk about “Hey, beware of this”, that’s their role; there are people that need to go in and create a new political system – that’s their role. We all just have to tune in and say “What resonates with me?”

When I did the transmission last Saturday, I did this teaching and it’s something that I just channel, and it’s become one of my new favorite things and I call it The Essential Question. The Essential Question is – whenever you’re making a choice, you can ask yourself “With this option, whose life am I improving?” And as long as, 9 times out of 10, as often as we can, with no pressure on ourselves, we are coming from a standpoint of what I do in the privacy of my home is like an energetic game of follow the leader and I’m making choices that I want everyone in the world to start making so that the positive choices I make to take care of my body, to love my heart, to forgive my roommates, or whatever’s going on, it’s because I’m spreading that throughout the entire quantum field and I’m helping this world ascend.

[35:48] Sahara

I absolutely love that! And, you know, I so deeply resonate with bringing in the joy frequency and the light, but I think, myself and a lot of people, we struggle with the guilt. Is this enough?

[35:58] Matt

Yes. Well, and then we would say is the fact that it doesn’t feel like enough is not the real experience being had. The guilt is, because what you’re doing is so enough, the Universe is now saying “The lowest vibration on this planet (one of them at least) is guilt”, vibrational guilt is one of the lowest. So, you are doing such a good job, that we are going to give you the assignment of tacking guilt. So, as you start to raise your vibration, the Universe is bringing to those that shine the brightest, some of the lowest vibrational patterns because people who are truly identified with guilt are so lost in it they need light-workers to help lift them out of it vibrationally. So, when we feel guilt, it’s actually not because we’re doing something wrong or it’s not enough, we get lost in the narrative because we’re feeling the gravity of how many people on this planet are lost in the narrative. So, not only are we empathing what we can heal in the planet, but we’re also empathing the very narrative that seduces and gets people so lost.

So, if someone that listens to this has a feeling of guilt (is this enough), the shift is saying “This is not my guilt, this is the guilt that my light is transmuting for all in this planet”. And one of the things we can say, which comes from the transcendent awareness of eighth-dimensional consciousness is “Thank you for reminding me what my life has already transformed in all.” Because eighth-dimension is transcendence which means everything has already happened. And so, I’m not looking at this as if I’m guilty; I’m not looking at it as “I have to heal this guilt”, I’m saying to the Universe “Thank you for reminding me what my light has already transformed for all”, and we cover all basis. And then we find that melting away and we can sit there and go “I just sent out energy and it’s going to help a large amount of people be freed of guilt”. It came in and we sent it out differently – and this is the way we work as light-workers.

[38:10] Sahara

And it’s so true because a lot of the times the projection of guilt is just coming from people who feel guilty; people who are very much in the 3D doing and because they’re so overwhelmed with how much there is to be done, when they see someone who is not as proactive in their specific doing, they project the guilt that they have of not doing enough, so you should feel guilty because there are people suffering and this and that. And I think that when we attach that guilt onto ourselves, we really deflect ourselves from actually healing the very issue that they’re feeling overwhelmed in solving.

[38:43] Matt

Yeah, absolutely. And then they would go back to gratitude of someone says “You’re not doing enough”, which of course, they in their lives may not feel very productive, which you said so clearly and I love that, and then we respond back by healing and them saying “Thank you for sharing with me what you’re so passionate about”.

What’s the most redeeming thing? It’s not about if what they say is correct, we don’t need to correct other people’s projections, but we say “Hmm, you’re obviously passionate about correcting me. Thank you for sharing with me your passion, thank you.”

[39:14] Sahara


[39:15] Matt

And then we transmute it like, in that kind of inner personal level, so there’s the “I transmute it when I’m alone-quarantining by saying “Thank you for showing me that my light is already transformed and all”, and if I’m talking to someone trying to project and transmute it through my language, with simply a ‘thank you’, which doesn’t mean they’re a light, and I certainly, for everyone listening, there’s no benefit to trying to be someone’s Life Coach and correct them and often see the error of their ways. We just come from the light and we invite people in to the radiance by responding more thoughtfully than they are responding to us. 

[39:50] Sahara

I love that because right now a lot of it is happening on social media. So, it’s, people who are in whatever projection that they’re in and they’re so adamant about sharing it and then when you read someone else who is coming from the situation in such a different way, it can suddenly make you think “Oh, was I not seeing it at this angle” or “They’re wrong”, they’re this, they’re that. What do you recommend in terms of social media right now? How can we be a part of it, maybe be a part of the conversation and know what’s happening without getting so taken away from our experience and also, maybe, defensive and all of those things showing up for us?

[40:26] Matt

A simple shift, I think a simple shift, it has to be a simple shift, people get sucked in real quickly. We have to learn to respond to people’s intentions instead of the content of their share. If someone’s sharing content about what’s really happening underground or vaccinations, I’m just saying because these are the headlines, you know, what’s people opinions of Donald Trump? And I say all of these things because I really don’t have an opinion about, because what I work with is the evolution of reality, I’m working with the planet becoming more enlightened and in a higher frequency, which doesn’t require opinions, it’s just my job is to help people remember their true nature and the move through this transmutation process of awakening, as expediently and lovingly as possible.

But when we’re on social median, and I say this as someone who – I really don’t respond on social media, every once in a while, someone asks a question and I’ll jump in and I’ll respond, whether someone is being polite or not. And I do it to demonstrate consciousness and action. But if people are engaged in social media, we respond to people’s intentions, not the content. The content is always roping you into “Am I with you? Am I against you? Are we on the same team? Are we not on the same team?” That’s when we get into competition, that’s how we get into this ‘mom mentality’, people have at intense sporting events; this is how we get into division-separation. You take a side, they take a side and we go back and forth and have this tit-for-that conversations, instead of saying to someone the intention – “I appreciate you sharing with me what is so important to you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your share.” And then if they come back and say “Well, do you agree? I’m really not in that position to agree or disagree. I’m only here to honor your share.” And we hold the position of “I’m here to honor this person who, in their mind, thinks they’re doing something good.” On some level, if you think you’re doing something good, most of the time, you are. And even if you’re doing something catastrophically out of alignment with our societal values, it could lead to something devastating, but in the aftermath of devastation is always some form of greater good. And that’s on a spiritual level, how we’re able to say “I honor the intention behind your sharing. Thank you for your time or thank you for what you’re sharing”. And then we have an opportunity, in that moment, when we’re not in this “I agree or disagree” or “How do you know” or “Prove, all is nonsense”, that we realize “I have an opportunity to help this person feel as if they have greater value within them”, and once they feel better about themselves, perhaps their contributions will raise the vibration and even help more people. So, I think the question you have to ask ourselves is “Are we trying to be right? Are we trying to defend our position? Or are we here to help create more radiant light-workers?” And what my opportunity in every moment is “How can I honor this person’s intention?” I don’t need to get roped into content, especially because, and this is, I think, really big, and for a lot of people to realize, you’re going to get into a conversation with most people who are spreading things that they have not had an eye-witnessing accounting of. Someone watched a YouTube video; someone heard an interview of someone else; and it’s usually someone else’s hear-say of someone else’s hear-say. And now we have a third meta level of hear-say, of “Hey, I heard this and it compelled me and I want everyone you know”, now if you jump into that argument of “Here’s what I think about you”, you have equally not had any eye-witness account of this stuff, if you yourself have gone underground and seen for yourself, but the argument is between people that are not having direct experiences, it’s just one person’s opinion against another, and neither one of those people are helping each other feel better, and then they’re going to go back to their homes at the end of the day with more justification of why I need to sooth myself with addictions instead of really transforming my worthiness.

So, we have to really ask ourselves the question “What contribution do you want to have to the world, and can we put aside people’s content and just honor the intention? Or are we so rooted into the righteousness that when someone says something that seems completely opposite to what is true with us, we just can’t let it be.


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[47:35] Sahara

And I think this is really important right now because we’re all going to be receiving those texts or those messages of “Did you hear this and this and this?” And, depending where we feel at that moment when we receive it, we could respond in so many different ways, but regardless, that person is trying to protect us. And they believe the best way to protect is to make us aware of all of these different things and whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, I truly believe everyone is here to protect humanity and they genuinely believe (most people) the way that they’re doing it is the right way. So, when we can just look at the purity of that desire to protect us so much that they want us to be informed of something that we may not have been aware of, then we can see “Aww, they actually love me so much and that’s why they’re trying to share this, what I’m perceiving as fear.”

[48:20] Matt

And to give a personal example, I remember many times, my mom was a very beautiful woman, my parents were wonderful, they had a great relationship, although a lot of tumultuous patterning in my family (as we all do). But I remember once, my mom was, one of these many times when my mom usually, when she felt she was a right, to make a point, my mom would scream, and she would scream and just unload until she felt as if you had enough, which is obviously a very uncomfortable way to live and to help a child learn right from wrong. It’s a fear-based way of just, you know, and she was yelling at me and I remember (I forget what age I was, I wasn’t a kid, I was a little bit older because I wouldn’t have this awareness as a kid) and I said “Why are you yelling at me” and she goes “Because I just want you to be safe and you did something dangerous”, I said “You are trying to protect me, but the tone of your voice is harming me”, I said it, it was very calmly, something came through and I just said this and she stopped. And I said “If you’re trying to help me, help me, but the sound of your voice and the tone and the intensity is harming me. I’m in fear right now, I don’t feel protected and safe by you”. And I say it as an example because we don’t have to be so altruistic, care-bear (I joke about that in my videos) where “Oh, you know, they’re just being loving” and we really feel assaulted by people’s intention. You could say something to someone on social media “I know your intention is to help which is why you’re trying to correct me, but your approach doesn’t feel good in my body. Thank you for trying to help me but no thank you.” We can even be assertive like that, so we’re still holding a space for our consciousness, we’re not emotional doormats for other people, we’re saying “I think you’re intentional and you’re probably trying to help me” which may not even be their agenda. In our hearts we’re saying that because we know, on a soul level, that’s the truth. “In your heart I know you’re trying to help and protect me and correct me at every turn because you want to make sure that I get it right like you did, but the way you’re going about this, I’m not feeling good in my body, so thank you for trying, no thank you, I’m done engaging and may you be blessed”. And that’s how we learn to communicate – we are awake beings, we are not afraid to disagree with people, we can still honor the value of their intention, we can also let people know “By the way, you tried to do this and you fell a little short. You wanted to protect me and I feel unsafe; that was a miss. I appreciate you; I send you love and goodbye”. This is how we can engage; we just need to have the worthiness to know that we have the power, the right and the privilege to represent our frequency and consciousness and not just wait until we’re around people who we feel safe around. We learn to feel safe in ourselves by representing our consciousness and not letting the intensity of other people’s righteousness put us into the background or into the shadows. 

[51:40] Sahara                             

I love that so much and thank you for that example. Growing up, my dad was also very angry and it did allow me to, in the middle of someone’s anger, to hold that frequency of calm and even speaking softly so they realize how loud they are being, and it just turns into a reflection of themselves. So, I think my soul chose that for the same reason your soul chose it, that it taught us lessons early on.

[52:03] Matt

You know, I will just tell you, just point blank, my family, they were wonderful, they idealized me and they supported me in becoming who I am, and you know, I grew up in a family where mystical, spiritual experiences – my parents had some experiences with it. So, I go to my parents, and unlike most people, my parents didn’t think I was weird, and we could talk about it. And they gave me a book when I was a kid and I read it, and it was a spiritual book and it just confirmed everything I knew on inside, it was just this elation of “Oh my God, this is all real!” And at the same time, my parents both had this complex bag of tricks called conditioning, and so my training ground, not only having dialogues with the Universe every day (all day) as an intuitive, is that I, on some level, when I was a kid, and I didn’t know why I was doing that, I was studying people. I would always study people’s behaviors, I would watch my parents, I would track patterns without knowing I was doing it and I would just watch and observe. And I will tell you, the education that I received in learning how to observe and crack the code of my mom’s conditioning, which was so complex, so complex, and then the dynamic to my mom and dad of that complexity – you know, what happens when you grow up in a family, witnessing border-line personality symptoms combined with socialized addiction patterns, and these are two people who love each other but are just colliding in patterns. And I watched this day in and day out, it was the greatest education I’ve ever received and it gave me this intuitive ability of being able to feel into people, and almost like Sherlock Holmes, crack the case and solve the puzzle instantly, because the patterning I grew up in was so inconsistent and so complex, it took me literally 20 years of studying my family, day in and day out, to understand what I was witnessing. And then it just allowed me to kind of “Oh, this is what’s going on; this is what’s going on.” And again, I went through a lot, I filled a lot, my parents and I have found such good terms, even when they were still alive, and I’ve talked to them in the afterlife and they were wonderful, but it was such a great training ground and it’s a training ground we’re all in.

[54:25] Sahara

Yes, we’re all given the front row seat to whatever thing we’re here to transmute, so I love that. And I think for a lot of people now who are maybe looking at “Ah, my childhood was so tough, I was born into these horrible conditions” it’s not fair to see that as the lesson that they’re here to solve. So, thank you for sharing that.

So, there’s something that I love about your book and that is how you look at Law of Attraction from this more advanced level. And you talk about how – Law of Attraction is such a buzz word, everyone’s heard about it since The Secret, there’s Abraham Hicks, there’s so many people talking about it, but it’s this simplified version for the common person to understand and because of it we are actually doing things that are preventing us from attracting the very things we want.

So, can you go into what are some of the most mis-common conceptions people have of Law of Attraction?

[55:16] Matt    

Well, I appreciate you bringing this up and it’s something I love talking about. And it’s not against any particular teaching or what someone puts out. You know, Spirit asks us to each put out what it’s going to affect their different percentages in the quantum field. So, I can only follow what I am being guided to do which is “Look, these teachings brought us to a certain point”, but like any textbook, textbooks need to be updated. If we study textbooks from many, many years ago, you know, you’d go on Expedia and you try to book a flight to Gaul, but Gaul’s not called France, we have to constantly update things. It’s against no one, it’s just consciousness is always evolving. 

And you know, when I was inspired to look at Law of Attraction, it’s because I’ve always been taught by the Universe directly, I’ve never had a personal teacher (even though I play that role for a lot of people) and I was shown things from a different perspective. And when The Secret came out and I saw it, I go “Wow, this is really exciting! I see how people get really jazzed up about this, like self-help was in the 80s and lock it across fiery coals and breaking boards”, you know, the ego likes to feel empowered and capable. And people can mistake that for a high-vibrational experience. High-vibrational experience is not so much about excitement as it is about how relaxed your nervous system is, no matter what comes or goes. So, it’s more like the Buddhist statue than it is about “I’m un-hop the bottom of this high-vibe sauce”.

And so, in Law of Attraction, what I think is interesting, if we get down to the nuts and bolts of what I think the biggest misunderstanding is – the big misunderstanding about Law of Attraction is, it’s taught in a way that suggests “If I do this, then this will happen” which then creates a self-judgment that says “The reason this must not be happening is because something I’m doing or not doing”. 

I think what’s really clear to understand is, destiny is the outcomes that are meant to happen. Free will is how you respond and what you do to use the circumstances to either help you evolve or to stay stuck. There’s no going backwards, there’s just you move forward or you press pause, those are the only options.

So, free will is, it’s not like – we do this negotiating when we’re kids, right? Santa Clause – if I do this, I’m going to be on the nice list; if I’m on the nice list, I’m going to tell this dude, who’s dressed up like Santa Clause at Sears, to bring me all the shit I want. And as kids, we have that. So, Law of Attraction has been taught like adult Santa Clause. And in reality, if you have a desire for something, that means this that you are desiring is somewhere up ahead. It could be this lifetime, and some people will grown when I say it could be other lifetimes, that’s how quantum reality works. 

So, when you have a desire, how fast that desire comes to you is showing you your level of alignment with Spirit. Meaning, when you’re aligned in your soul, you are only desiring the things that are about to happen, which means that you are the flow of synchronicity, you are connected, right? I want a sandwich, and as I say that a sandwich food truck rolls up in front of me, that’s showing alignment with everything I want is somewhere else or doesn’t seem to come my way – that means yes, I’m in attunement with the things coming my way up ahead but I’m desiring what is far off instead of being in desire with what’s happening now. And so, when I say “I will attract so and so” and then it comes very shortly, thereafter, it wasn’t as if my though created it out of nothing, it was that I was intuiting what was already coming my way and I intuitively was reminding myself “This is about to happen”.

So, I think true Law of Attraction is actually about being in alignment with Spirit, being clear in your intuition and becoming the kind of human being who is only desiring what is and about to happen. And when we are true to our egos, we are under the belief that something isn’t going to happen soon, must be exactly what I need to feel better than I feel right now, and that’s a recipe of stuckness. 

[59:50] Sahara

So, do you think that the action of writing it out or declaring it is helping make it more clear for the Universe, for the Universe to help bring it to you or do you think that we are just basically writing something that we already know and that the writing is not really a bonus action towards it?

[1:00:08] Matt 

I think it’s – I don’t think it’s a matter of when you write it out, you’re telling the Universe what you want, because the Universe is what’s dressed up as you living each moment. So, the Universe knows you more than you know yourself and knew you before you knew you yourself. I think what it is, is when you write it out, you’re basically coming into consciousness and saying “This is what’s already been created for me. My desire for this thing means I’m ready to receive it and writing it out is my declaration of saying “I consciously declare that I’m worthy of having these things that are already on their way.” 

So, to me, writing it out is an important declaration of worthiness, and to imagine that the Universe and its infinite wisdom, that keeps every person alive and evolving with a single breath, in every moment, that with one breath of the Universe created all of the existence and all of the dimensions, time and space, that a Universe of this incredible, perfect magnitude is somehow unaware of what you want? I mean, the assumption there, if you really think of it; if people really stop and think of the assumption, it’s a way of oversimplifying the complexity of indescribable, ingenious proportion, that is the Universe. So, I think sometimes, in the name of having an understanding we try to simplify things to make it make sense, but it doesn’t mean we’re truly fathoming what is actually happening. 

So, you know, “Oh yeah, it makes sense, you write it out and it’s going to happen”, I mean, it’s a very egocentric way of perceiving things and the ego needs superstition, it needs to know “If I do this, I’ll be punished; If I do this, I’ll be rewarded”, it needs to make the Universe into a parent, but what we learn to do is say “If I do this, does that feel good to me? Is that building worthiness or is it keeping me feeling unworthy? Is it helping me love myself or is it making other people more responsible for my feelings? Am I blaming more often? Am I forgiving more often?” We’re really learning to feel into “What are the options that bring out my best?” And like I said with the Essential Question, “Whose life am I improving?” I’m playing the game of follow the leader, I want the world to be a certain kind of world, so I’m going to be that conduct for the world. And even if I’m just making good choices for me alone, in my self-quarantine space, the choices I make to improve my life are sending energy to improve the quantum field for all ascension raised. 

So, the Law of Attraction is an entry point, true and deeper discussion about surrender, but I think people are just – I really love what’s happening in the world, and even when I say that, I don’t love that people have died in large numbers and that families are grieving the loss of their loved ones, I don’t mean that, but I mean, on a bigger level, I love the fact that right now, on a spiritual level, people are getting a much needed break from desire. And some people are going through this slower than others because people are still hanging onto “I desire this quarantine to end, when is it going to end?” or lost in their phones or all the things we are talking about.

And one of the things I wanted to address earlier, we were talking about watching a Matt Khan video or an Eckhart video – Eckhart and Matt Khan had a very similar mission where we transmit human wisdom through our words and the vibration comes through. So, even if someone is hopped up on their technology and doesn’t want to sit and meditate and just watch my videos all day, the energy I transmit is the same stillness that you get it meditation, it’s just watching me is like me, vibration, sitting at home in your head. And if that’s what soothes people and helps people feel comfortable to drop into this awakened consciousness, that’s just the Universe being very clever; that’s why the Universe makes me very funny and approachable, because I am cleverly disguised as helping to entertain people and enlighten people into a different inner orientation so that all the doing can come from the being. And sometimes people don’t want to sit alone because it reminds them of how alone they felt in their families their whole life. And I’m just one of many characters, like me and Eckhart, who are just there to hold their hand and say “I’m here with you!”

[1:04:25] Sahara

So, what do you think of when people say, you know, “This portal is a good day to manifest” or “This Full Moon” or “There’s certain times to manifest because the veils are thinner and your thoughts are three times the amount of speed”. What’s your take on all of this?

[1:04:44] Matt

You know, I mean, here’s the thing – If someone says to you “Hey, this Saturday the veils are going to be super-thin, we’re having a Super Blood Wolf Moon and all your houses in Venus are open” and whatever the trajectory is, if that brings you excitement to do a personal practice on a day – and it’s true, there are days when things are more open or less open, doesn’t mean the Universe isn’t always listening and responding, but if that brings you more joy, then do the thing from the basis of “I’m really excited that this Saturday is going to be this harmonic concordance or whatever it is, the convergence, and the Moon is in my amplified blessings”, and I think the most mature thing is participating the things that bring you joy, and while you’re manifesting for yourself, always remember to manifest for humanity. So it’s not just about “The veils are open, here’s a way we can hack the Universe and get more of our shit faster” that kind. If you’re going to manifest, manifest for you, your family and the world. That’s the Holy Trinity of manifestation. And if it feels exciting to be a part of it, do it for the excitement, but if it comes from a place of light – “Oh my God, here’s my opportunity to make things fast-track so I can get out of hell”. A mature spiritual being would look at that and go “Let me address that, let me really work on what I’m avoiding.”

So, I think it’s just we have to feel into what it inspires. I mean, when I hear from people, because I’m not really into Astrology, I’m tapped into the Universe but I get a very different information, when I hear from my friends, they go mad this Saturday, such intentions – I get messages like that all the time, I totally do it because it’s just fun! But I’m doing it for myself and usually for me, I’m just thanking the Universe for what I already have because I’ve been given so much and there’s really not much left, personally, that I haven’t really received, and I say that humbly. So, most of my blessing are “Thank you for what you’ve given me, I will receive more of what you wish to provide”, letting it be up to the Universe, and then I focus on “Here’s what I’m going to manifest for my family, for my friends and for the world because I’m really good at manifesting and I think one of the ways we learn to get good at manifesting is you sharpen your manifestation skills not by telling the Universe what you want, but by using the passion of manifestation to manifest for others what they want. And that’s part of the secret, is – first step of initiating yourself as a co-creator is, you manifest for others. So, if I talk to a friend and he’s like “God, I need to get a new car”, I’m literally going to go work with Archangel Michael and say “Michael, please manifest a car for this person, I will feel it as joyfully as if it were for me.” And when you can then manifest for others, then when you have a desire, just out it out, say “Hey, guys, I’d love this” and you’ll be amazed as how it will come to you, but if you’re trying to do it for that reason, it won’t work.

[1:07:57] Sahara

So, do you ever, with your manifestations, I feel like, for me, the way that I would manifest is, I would, kind of declare out how it’s going to serve humanity. So, for example, when I was writing my first book, I really wanted a Forward by Deepak Chopra, and I met him and it was this really incredible thing and I was like “Universe, if this Forward by Deepak Chopra can happen, my book will reach more people and will be able to serve more people and it will be better for the all”, and then it ended up happening. So, do you see that the Universe will provide what is best for the all or it’s just going to provide and we’re just saying that, I don’t know, out of our own justification of why we want things?

[1:08:36] Matt

Well, that’s interesting, depends on your intention. If you’re saying “Hey Universe, please bring me a new Vitamix so that all beings can have clean water in the world”, I mean, you could play that game with yourself. I like to say, and I just like to be more in the state of surrender, and I just say, using your example, “Dear Universe, if it serves the greater good of all, (if, let the Universe tell me), please bring me a Forward by Deepak Chopra so that my book can reach more people. Thank you either way. Namaste, peace out, Hakuna matata”, you know, signed, sealed, delivered, put a stamp on it and so it is. But I always like to frame it of “If this serves the greater good of all, please bring me this.”

[1:09:24] Sahara

Yeah I think it comes down to the conversation of like magic vs. miracles, right? We want to create magic in ourselves and create outcomes, but the miracle is just letting the Universe create what is meant to happen. 

[1:09:36] Matt

Well, you know, it’s like running a company. If you’re the head of a company, you don’t do the work of all departments, you outsource to other people, departments and whether they’re on-sight or off-sight. I think what people are doing is, people are trying (their egos) are trying to be the Universe instead of outsourcing to the Universe.

[1:09:55] Sahara


[1:09:56] Matt

Like they have all this pressure on their shoulders, as if it’s up to them, and it’s like “Look, my job is to desire what I want, to put it out and to do the best with choices at hand, whether it matches what I want or not”, that’s the path of the balance of surrender. So, “Hey, I would like this, Universe, whatever it is, I’d like a romantic partner, I’d like a new Vitamix, I’d like a book Forward by Deepak Chopra”, whatever the thing is, and if it serves the greatest good of my journey and the journeys of all, please bring it to me now”, we let it go, we take another moment “Thank you for all that I have”, we seal it with gratitude and we move on, and it will happen whenever it will. 

So, I think, part of it is, the attachments spiritual egos have with the manifestations is “This is what I’m going to use to get my way”, and that’s the big problem because how do we know that what you want is the highest path for you, most people think “Until I have different things, I can’t feel different things”, that’s not really true. And the Universe is certainly not going to give you what you want if it’s going to anchor a belief among consciousness. So, nothing that you attract is going to make you feel better, it’s just going to be different things, it’s going to be wonderful, but we in ourselves can actually feel better right now when a lot of egos get scared of that because they think “If I can feel better right now, maybe the Universe won’t bring me what I want”, even though being shut down doesn’t bring you what you want either. 

So, you have to get to this level of maturity where getting what you want or not has nothing to do with how you feel. And once we get there, you’re in such a state of detachment (I call them audible), so you can call them audible “Hey, bring me a parking space up front” and it just happens, and it’s just for the hell of it, it’s just because we want to experience our magic, but we can’t control or contain it, we have to surrender into it. And when magic is what you surrender into, magic become miracles, as you said so eloquently.

[1:12:03] Sahara

I love that! And I think part of it is our fear of not getting it, like for example, if you’re single and if you say “Universe, if it’s in the greatest alignment, please bring me my partner”, and if it doesn’t happen, you’re like “Shit! Then maybe it wasn’t in the greatest alignment, but I want it so badly that, how can it not have been in the greatest alignment?” because many people don’t want this lifetime to be their lifetime of learning how to be alone with themselves and fining the partner within themselves. 

So, a lot of people say “If we have the desperation, we repel the manifestation”, do you see the same thing? 

[1:12:34] Matt

I don’t think it’s that because I think that’s just more superstition. I think it’s more of like, people trying not to be desperate, when they’re desperate, you know. And I think that desperation isn’t what blocks manifestation, again that’s more perception of cause and effect. Desperation is what we feel when what we want is not ready to manifest. So, I don’t think desperation is what blocks manifestation; I think desperation is what reminds us “Despite what I want, this is probably not the time I’m going to get it”, simply because I have not become the partner in myself, yet, the autonomous, loving, holy, complete version of myself that is going to be the perfect counterpart to the partner I’m calling in. 

So, but people interpret it rather superstitiously and they go, and there are, God bless, Coaches and people who will teach this stuff, and go “Oh, you were too desperate, you blocked it!” What’s the most insidious and subtle form of nonsense on the spiritual path is “You did something wrong”, which is why, in my new book, what’s the golden rule number one – you did nothing wrong. You desperation didn’t block it, your desperation is the energy that says “You want something so bad and this is not the moment it’s meant to happen”, that’s what desperation teaches us. Because otherwise, people are trying to learn to not be desperate to hack the Universe like it’s a computer. And because you are the Universe, on the highest level, you can’t outsmart you; you certainly can’t outsmart the smartest you; but there is an existence and it is beyond comprehension.

So, I think this is really a great time in history, where the gravity of what’s happening on the planet, and I say it with respect to people who have perished; to families who have lost; to business owners who have lost their businesses; people who are living out their dream of bringing their culinary skills to a restaurant; who won James Beard awards; who have succeeded; and overnight it’s gone – and I say it with respect to that, but this is a time in history where we all get to ask ourselves “What is more important than wanting what isn’t here?” And can I build a relationship with present moment reality where I go “No one wanted this, let’s make the best of it”. And it’s where we really start to unpack our bags and really start to step into the path of surrender instead of trying to satisfy and appease the ego, that is never designed to be satisfied because if your ego could be satisfied, we’ll have nothing else to seek; and with nothing else to seek, it would be melted in present moment reality and it would be transformed into light, and that’s what awakening does – is, it returns our egos back to the light and it integrates inside of us so that our egos can be expressions of our divinity instead of reflections of our learned patterns of density. 

So, this is our great opportunity to actually redefine the Law of Attraction as “My ability to ask the Universe to work this out for me, and I’m going to equally use this opportunity to come into a more meaningful relationship with life, not negotiating and demanding my way every step of the way.” This is where we really start to respect the gift of life on the most sincere level of reverence.  

[1:16:10] Sahara

I love that so much and I think it really shows us that at any given moment we have the option to choose. We have the option to choose how we feel, we have the option, and I think to also – today I was thinking, because last night I went into all these conspiracy theory rabbit holes and I don’t have to figure out everything, I will never figure it out. I’ll just drive myself crazy of trying to figure it out, but what I can do is control how I feel in this moment and this whole opportunity because we can’t plan anymore, we can’t have 6-month goals, that’s gone. The whole Q1-Q4 goal setting and tracking, it can no longer happen because we just don’t know and we’re really being asked to surrender to the present moment and take each day as it comes. 

[1:16:56] Matt

Well, you know, you said about the rabbit hole (conspiracy theory), I actually wrote a post on Facebook yesterday addressing it in a rather wonderful and heart-centered way and people really resonated and I was grateful for that. But here’s something interesting to consider about that, let’s say you go down the rabbit hole and you figure out the conspiracy of all conspiracies – which there are many videos right now that are getting a lot of views, and I’m not saying people should watch them and enjoy them; everyone’s going to decide how they’re going to serve the greater good of all. I can’t tell people how to choose, I certainly won’t tell people there’s one way, everyone has to choose, I will just give a great invitation for way in which we’re capable of choosing and we all get to decide. With that in mind, let’s say you go down the rabbit hole, you watch the videos and you put all the pieces together, and you got it. Okay, now what are you going to do? Okay, next option, you’re probably going to go online and tell people “Here’s the truth” and you’re going to be the whistleblower, totally fine, but because you are not an eyewitness to this, you just put pieces together, and because people can’t go to the characters playing out this dark agenda, they can’t ask them questions, so who do they go to? They go to you and you’ve got to answer all the questions for the Illuminati, for whatever the hell is going on, you’ve got to answer all the questions about the tunnels and you have never been in a goddamn tunnel, you know what I’m saying – you don’t know! So you are now going to give people, who are seeking clarity, more conjecture, and it’s getting into this interesting conversation about what we think is likely. So, that’s pointless! So, let’s say, hypothetically, you whistle-blow this whole thing and every single person you’re connected to goes “You know what, I feel that’s true, you just woke me up, I am born anew”. Now, what are you and all your people going to do about it now? Are you going to walk to Area 51? There is a guard station, “If you take another step, we have the right to shoot you!”, “Well, we tried guys, let’s go to the alien diner and have some eggs!” What are you going to do? 

So, what’s interesting is, people are down these rabbit holes because they don’t know what to do. What there is to do is change for the better” Tracking the stuff, watching the stuff, “Hey, I saw this Trump briefing and look at this symbol, look at what’s not in that picture”, do that if you need to do that, but that’s what we do when we don’t know what to do; and that’s what we do when we think having a bigger understanding is going to make things change. What makes things change is by spreading the light and raising the frequency of the world. And when you simply raise the frequency of the world, by calling the Universe into this reality, then you bring a light to this world that must automatically transmute creations below that vibration. So, you’re not going to create more light by tearing down a dark agenda, you’re going to transmute off of this planet, any of that stuff, by just anchoring light. And because people don’t think that’s enough; and it’s only not enough because the ‘not enough’ is in their field, so be healed for the world, they hide in the shadows, they hide behind their keyboards, everyone gets this built-up idea of ‘on this date’, ‘this is when it’s going to happen’. Then the date comes and goes; another Y2K; internet still works; I can still call my friends, and then they go “Nope, the date got changed!” of course it did!        

[1:20:36] Sahara

Right! “The 10 blackout days, I’ve been waiting for it! I can’t wait to get off the internet for 10 days.”           

[1:20:44] Matt

Before all this happened, honestly, I was not prepared for any disaster because I’m busy, I didn’t think (I had 2l of water in my pantry, nothing). So, I took this as an opportunity, to really adult and go “Okay, let’s just prepare! If, in the event…” you know, I’ve done a lot of cleanses, God forbid anything, I know how to go without, not a problem; I’ll breathe in the sun vapor, I’m not even afraid of this, but I stocked up a little bit, just to be smart. I stocked up my pantry, some water and water purifier pitchers, in case I don’t have any – just being smart. And I was like “Well, maybe this 3-day blackout is going to happen”, and I told some people in my life, I go “Look, we all know we deal with quantum reality, I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, I’m just saying if this happens, here’s what might be happening”, that’s all I did and I gave it no other thought. It comes and it goes, I wake up each morning, looking at my phone, don’t see my fellow Americans “the storm is upon us”, well, life as I know it continues. 

I think this is just an opportunity; everything is an opportunity; this opportunity in history, waking up out of the dogmatic superstition of Law of Attraction, it’s all an opportunity to surrender to a higher reality while also allowing that higher reality to enter this world through our most inspired actions. You know, if a million people want to gather around the White House lawn and say “We will not leave until you disclose blabity bla”, I would love to see that, I would love to see that in my lifetime – that’s not my personal mission. My personal mission is to gather the light-workers of the world and anchor the light so that those who need to do that, can do it in the most peaceful, aligned way. We all have to choose our contribution.

[1:22:36] Sahara

Yes, yes, I love that so much! And I think it comes down to taking action without fear. You know, for a lot of us it’s like “How can I stock up and not be afraid” and not think “Oh, crap, what if I have to live off of these crackers forever?” So, it’s like, to not let your mind go – I mean, this is a whole other conversation but it’s like, do we let our minds go to that worst case scenario and completely pan out the apocalypse in our heads to show ourselves that, even if this were to happen, we would be fine; and the worst case scenario, we die and we live again. Or do we try to stay in the positive vibration and not let ourselves get there and have that reign on our mind to keep the horse in check. 

[1:23:17] Matt

Well, I think, when you try and stay in a vibration with no perspective on the validity of your fear, then it’s just kind of like a topical ointment. It’s just kind of like a – your dog went to the bathroom in the kitchen and I’ll sprinkle some potpourri – well, it smells better, but it’s still there. If you have a fear, it’s important to go “Okay, and some people like to play out the fear layer by layer, and if the worst happened I’d be okay” and then everyone has a breakthrough. 

I like to look at it as – and I’ve asked people in dialogues and I ask myself this question – What is it about that fear that is most scary? What is it about that? And then this would happen. And what’s most scary about it and what we get down to is that most people are the most afraid of moments where they have no will, or they seemingly don’t have a lot of choices. But what we learn by living through these times is in moments that inspire the deepest heroism and courage, and inspire so many people, you ask a hero “What caused you to step into action and be so selfless to do so much for some other people?” They said “I didn’t have a choice. I had no other choice.”

So, what’s amazing is the ego is the most afraid of the moment where it has less choice. And the moments when you have the least amount of choices is the greatest opportunity to inspire others and be your most heroic higher self. 

[1:24:47] Sahara

I love that so much! So beautiful! Yes, it’s those moments where the mom picks up the car off of the child and suddenly becomes heroic and when we let ourselves actually be in those situations that we’re just guided and we don’t even know what’s taken over our bodies – that’s our full power.

[1:25:02] Matt

Right! Instead of always sitting there and going “Okay, let me ask first google how to lift a car”.

[1:25:05] Sahara

Right, yeah! Let me lift up weights and doing up online videos to prepare myself for the moment, yeah. We’re never going to be prepared. And I think, really, the biggest fear for us is the fear of the unknown and the fear of – I was saying how we’re kind of on a rollercoaster right now and do you want to hold onto the sides or do you want to just put your arms up and enjoy the ride because either way, we’re all going the same place. 

[1:25:28] Matt

And all rollercoasters lead back to the place in which they began. So, you have an experience of going on such a ride – you drop in the rollercoaster, you first, maybe, go up and big before they give you a free-fall and you twist around, and your experience of y rollercoaster is “Wow, I went so many places around the amusement park it’s like “I went so around the amusement park, the circumference of it, faster than I can walk around on my feet, and yet I was brought back to the same place from which it began”. So, it’s like “I went so far and I went nowhere at the same time”. I think that’s the journey of life, is, we seem to go so many places, do so many things and canvas so much of the terrain of this world, and yet, we all come back to the same point. So I think it’s just more of this egoic fantasy of “I’m trying to do everything to get ahead and when I feel like when I have no chance to get ahead, I must be falling behind”, these are just perceptions we have in time; I’m ahead; I’m behind, instead of just “This is a ride!” 

[1:26:37] Sahara

So beautifully said! Ah, love it, yes! I just had a vision of someone going on stage and doing this dance, and they’re flipping and they’re this and they’re that, and the dance is over and you just go down the same steps and the show’s over. 

[1:26:53] Matt

You go to work so you can spend the day preparing to go back home. And you go back home so you can prepare to go back to work. You go on vacation so you can resent having to go back to work; and you go back to work so you can fantasize about your next vacation. We’re just, we’re all moving back and forth and then at a certain point, their consciousness breaks open and you go “Oh, what am I really doing? What’s really happening?” And the unknown becomes a moment of perspective instead of a moment of intimidations. 

So, when we’re afraid of the unknown, it means we are getting close to the edge of awakening, or not quite there, when the awakening happens, the unknown is clarity, the unknown is liberation. And when we are afraid of the unknown, it means I’m being prepped for this “I may not be ready for this”, and I think one of the most mature things we can do as souls, is to honor “Here’s where I’m going and it’s okay if today I’m not quite ready.” Being really honest and authentic of where you’re at, is like a high level of form of intuitive clarity.

[1:28:00] Sahara

I love this so much! Ah, so many good gems of wisdom you shared with us today! So, where can listeners get your new book “The Universe Always Has A Plan”, connect with you and watch your videos?

[1:28:11] Matt

Well, you know, my videos are always on YouTube, I put a new video out every month. I just did a Facebook Live Global Soul gathering for the world, on the date I was supposed to do an event in Portland, I decided to do one on Facebook Live (self-quarantine edition).

And, as far as my book, in this kind of a situation in the world, my book can be purchased on Amazon. I usually say wherever books are sold but Amazon is the only place right now. This book that I channeled is something I’m so proud of, it’s so raw, it’s so cutting edge, it’s so practical and it busts apart the old spiritual superstitions.

So, I would say to everyone listening, this is a perfect opportunity to become our highest self, as the name of your podcast, but a lot of us don’t know how to do that and the book is like a step-by-step process to give you a road map of how to do it. So, I really invite everyone to buy a copy of “The Universe Always Has A Plan”, it is truly, I’m proud of all the books I’ve written, but this one is just such an extra-special, something that came through me and I’m just delighted for everyone to receive it. 

[1:29:18] Sahara

Yes, I absolutely loved it! It is a kind of book that you can honestly read in a day when you’re just in that zone and feeling it, and so, it’s timeless.

So, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us and for taking the time to be on the Podcast. 

[1:29:33] Matt

Thank you, it’s been an honor, truly.

[1:29:35] End of Interview


[1:29:36] Sahara

How do you feel after that conversation? I know that, right after, I was just walking around, feeling like I just swam in a pool of light! And that is how beautiful it is to fully be residing in the 5D like that, but even hearing someone speak and share, puts you in a better mood, helps you make better decisions, helps you see what is available for yourself, helps you see the world from a different lens. So, please, drop the story that being in the 5D is not enough, that holding the light and the joy and the ecstasy and the bliss is not enough, because it is actually the most important work that we can do at this pivotal moment in history. 

[1:30:18] Sahara

So, be sure to check out Matt Khan’s new book “The Universe Always Has A Plan”, I also really love the book, everything is here to help you and he is just amazing, as you just heard.

[1:30:28] Sahara

And if you’d like to have access to guests like him, many others on The Highest Self Podcast – we just had Daniela Gill on, doing an Akashic Records reading; we’re having Heather Activation back on to a Light Language Workshop; we have Financial Freedom and Thriving and Stepping into your Queen Archetype, and Vedic Astrology, and so much more, with the monthly Goddess Circles with me. 

This month we are working with Goddess Kali Ma, we have all of the Circles that I have previously done – Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Lalita Sundari, Quan Yin, Yemaya, all available for you in Rose Gold Goddesses.

[1:31:07] Sahara

Rose Gold Goddesses is the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the Goddess within. And conscious online community is more important than ever before, so if you want to leave your anxiety at the door and get the support, connection and inspiration that your soul has been craving, come join us in Rose Gold Goddesses. You can find that link in the show notes, it is rosegoldgoddesses.com and I can’t wait to meet you inside.  


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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.  

Episode 280: Holding The Light Frequency At This Pivotal Moment with Matt Khan
By Sahara Rose

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