Highest Self Podcast 270: The Science of Corona Virus + Holistic Prevention with Dr Jessica Peatross



Highest Self Podcast Episode 270: The Science of Corona Virus + Holistic Prevention with Dr Jessica Peatross

I brought on my fave Dr. and long-time friend Dr. Jess to talk all things Corona Virus health. It’s important for us as conscious citizens to know the science behind what is happening so we can approach this from the highest perspective and keep our fellow citizens safe. We discuss what this virus is, how it spreads, what’s known about it and holistic prevention tools to keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

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Episode 270: The Science of Corona Virus + Holistic Prevention with Dr Jessica Peatross
By Sahara Rose


Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement. 


This Podcast was created for moments like this; moments where we need community more than ever before; moments where we feel lost, and confused, and uncertain, and overwhelmed, and even afraid. I think all of us have expressed and experienced all of these emotions at some time in the past week (I know I have). And I really have been stepping up. A lot of people are like “I don’t know what to do with my time!” I’m like “Yo, we ride at dawn!” I’m in this; I’m in this to support in the highest way than I ever have before – through extra Podcast Episodes like this; through my daily I do Lives where I facilitate dance experiences with you, connecting you to your body in the time when it is needed the most; extra workshops in Rose Gold Goddesses; meditations; everything I can in my power to give you more love, more intuitive insight, more inspiration at this time when we need it the most, I am here to provide that. 

And I really invite you to think of what is your medicine that you’d like to share right now. This is the time where we really show up; this is the time where we turn our lights all the way up. We need us,  Sun workers right now to be shining real bright.


So think about what is it that you can contribute at this time. Can you do a meditation on your Instagram Live? Can you call some friends and see how they’re doing? Can you volunteer on the Suicide Hotline? Can you write some notes under your elderly neighbor’s doors and ask them if they need anything? Can you pick up groceries for people at need? This is the time that we really show up. Everything else is practice for these moments – we don’t meditate to become a good meditator, we meditate so we can become better people so we can show up at times like this where we are needed the most, where we, healers, spiritual beings, are needed on the front line.

So, please, don’t take this as a time to just veg out, disconnect. You might need a couple days, maybe, to get yourself into a self-soothed mood, but after, really show up. And I think the biggest way to get ourselves into that state is through connecting to our bodies again, connecting to our body wisdom. 


So, I am on Instagram Live every single day doing a dance activation with you. Two days ago we did a shamanic dance activation; today we did one that was a manifestation dance journey with a twerkshop; tomorrow I will be joining with one of my friends; I’m going to be on Thursday coming back to rigatone – everyday, I’m going to bring something to the table so we can dance together. So, I invite you to join me, my Instagram is @iamsahararose, I can’t wait to twerk with you; I can’t wait to get this party started.


So, I’m here to bring in the Light, that’s what I do, and there are other people with different Dharmas. And one of my dear friends Dr. Jess (MD) Peatross – if you’re not familiar with her, she’s been on the Podcast about a year ago, is an incredible medical doctor, turned functional naturopathic type of doctor. She has had an incredible spiritual awakening at a time that she was completely sleep living in Kentucky, and realized that health is so much more than the physical. So, I brought her on the Podcast to talk all things of what this virus really is. I think there’s a lot of speculation, a lot of uncertainty, so this is a Podcast that we talk about the science of it. We talk about what’s really happening; what is Covid-19 and what are the symptoms; how is it spread; what should we be doing right now; and then also, how important it is to get out of the fear, because the fear is really what is making us most sick. Covid-19 is real, the virus is real, and do you know what’s affecting 7 billion people right now that is also very real and very harmful to 7 billion people, not tens of thousands of people – 7 billion people? That’s fear. And fear, my friends, is just as contagious. 

So it is important for us to not get into the fear! Yes, be precautious; yes, self-quarantine! I’ve been self-quarantining all week – it’s been great, I’ve been creating so much content for you guys, it’s been awesome! And really showing up bonus Episodes, everything I can do.

So, self-quarantine doesn’t mean you check out, but it means that you take care of other people. And I really want to stress the importance of this because a lot of us think “Oh, I’m healthy, so, I don’t need to self-quarantine because I have a strong immune system.” It’s not about you! It’s about the fact that you could be a carrier that another person that doesn’t have a strong immune system will end up being the one that suffers. So we want to make sure that we do our part as conscious citizens to not allow this virus to continue to spread. 

So, even if you feel like you never get sick, you’re not afraid of anything, whatever your story is, it’s great, and there are other people who are suppressed, immune-compromised, who are elders, who are unhealthy. And it really bothers me, I feel like a lot of spiritual people right now, I see them trying to act like, I actually heard one that said “Corona virus is sweeping away the low conscious people.” No! That is not true! Some people were born with different levels of health, different immune systems, and it doesn’t make them less conscious. If you think that, then that just shows your own level of consciousness. 

This is here for us to ground; this is here for us to connect; this is here for us to go yin. When else in the history of time has every single Apple store, every single big factory etc. been closed at the exact same time? This has really never happened in history, this is history in the making. 

It’s interesting, because every hundred years there’s a big virus that goes around like this. There was the Bubonic Plague about a hundred years ago. If you look this up, every hundred years there’s a big virus like this. I don’t know if it’s Spirit that’s doing this; I don’t know what is happening, but it reminds me that we’re not alone. This isn’t the first time that we’ve ever dealt with a virus, and if you look at what has come out of it before, Shakespeare wrote one of his most incredible sonnets during the time a plague that was happening at his moment of incarnation. Isaac Newton created The Law of Gravity at the time of a great virus was going around in his time. So what are we going to do with this experience so we can be educated, we can prep, we can be conscious individuals without having the fear. And I know it’s easier said than done, it’s hard to be prepping food and not be afraid at the same time. I get it, you’re human! I was too, especially when the news first really hit me, I was like “Oh, shit!” But then I came back to love, I anchored back into love and it doesn’t make me afraid of also knowing the signs and the data. And we have to have one foot in the 3D (which is the physical world) and one foot in the 5D (which is the spiritual world), and this is really how we really walk forward as leaders of the New Paradigm. 


So I brought D. Jess on to talk all things health; all things viral related; just keeping you really informed from a doctor that I really trust, and someone who isn’t fear-based, someone who really understands consciousness and understands the light, to give you the best information possible; the best information that we know at this time. I’m sure we’re going to continue to learn more, as I said there are many different theories out there; there are many different perspectives, but we really try to stay with the facts that we know and we recognize right now so you can just be educated of what’s happening and really understand the importance of self-quarantining at this time. 


So, without further ado, let’s welcome Dr. Jess Peatross to The Highest Self Podcast. 


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[10:05] Interview:

[10:05] Sahara:

Welcome Jess to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so good to have you here.

[10:08] Dr. Jess:

Thank you! I’m honored to be here.

[10:10] Sahara:

And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[10:16] Dr. Jess:

Honestly, finding peace of mind every day. Just taking a moment to pause and not run around like a chicken with my head cut off; and find my center that way, which I can say I haven’t always done for most of my life. 

[10:29] Sahara:

Beautiful! And right now we are needing it more than ever before! 

So, we are in the middle of Covid-19. I think it’s gone way further than we ever anticipated. I remember a couple weeks ago my parents calling me, being like “We don’t feel safe you going to Bali” and I was like “You’re so fear-based!” And now it’s here and I think people are confused like what is really happening to the body; how “afraid”, how much of a risk is this for us.

So, you are my go-to source for all medical inspiration, information, everything, and what I love about your work is really, you are a western-trained medical doctor, but you’re extremely holistic and natural, and body-based and conscious, and guys, she was on the Podcast before (I’ll post the link in the show notes) but she had a full-on Kundalini awakening, super-spiritual, we posted retreats together, we’ve known each other for five years, so she is your girl, there is no one I would bring above Dr. Jess to share this topic with my listeners. So we are just so grateful to have you. 

[11:32] Dr. Jess:

Thank you for that! What a beautiful introduction! I am really honored that you came to me during such a crazy, emergent time, it feels like full of mass hysteria. And really, I was the same as you, same as you Sahara, I was like “This is fear-based.” If you even look back at some of my posts on Instagram, I was talking about “This is the media producing a bunch of mass hysteria,” and just like you said, who would have ever thought, that here we are, talking about a pandemic really.

So, I’m really honored to be here and talk to you about everything and dive right in.

[12:07] Sahara:

Okay! So, I think the biggest question right now is “How does this thing spread?” Is it by touch? Is it by air? We keep hearing conflicting information. How is this thing spreading?

[12:17] Dr. Jess:

Absolutely! So, as far as we know it’s aerosolized, which means it is spread through coughing; respiratory droplets. We also know that it can withstand, certainly for a time, on certain substances and plastics, it can last up for a week, almost nine days (some of the research has shown). 

[12:36] Sahara:

So, even like an Amazon package?

[12:39] Dr. Jess:

That’s a good question! 

[12:41] Sahara:

Because that’s what I’m thinking. Are they going to shut down Amazon?

[12:44] Dr. Jess:

Possibly. There is research to indicate that it can last on substances. Obviously clean things removes the virus; doesn’t or kill or deactivate; or removes how much. So that’s what people need to keep in mind – it can stay on certain substances; it is passed in the air; respiratory droplets, and it’s pretty contagious from what we see so far. 

[13:04] Sahara:

So how would you compare this to the flu? We keep hearing more people are dying from the flu, at this time still. How is the contagiousness related?

[13:14] Dr. Jess:

So, that’s a good question! The flu is more contagious as far as we know so far. And this is more comparable to something like Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS or SARS) and those who had a much higher mortality rate than Corona is showing right now. The flu actually kills people by not just being the flu, but in a lot of people, it turns into lower lobe pneumonia, which is eventually what kills people, and this is what’s similar to this virus. And it’s not just the flu though, it is a viral pneumonia and it likes to attack the lower lobes of the lungs. And so, really, that’s what’s different a little bit about the flue. Not everybody’s flu turns into a pneumonia. This can turn into pneumonia in very immuno-compromise or certain individuals with certain co-morbidities, or certain pre-existing conditions. 

[14:01] Sahara:

Got it! So, tells us what are actual symptoms? What are the early tell symptoms? What should we be looking out for?

[14:08] Dr. Jess:

You know, they didn’t record a lot about this in the media, but it is important to note that there are some gastro-intestinal symptoms and it can cause a lot of sticky thick mucus which can affect not only our respiratory system and lungs, but it can affect our GI tract as well. We’ve even some people with liver damage in the older community, and really, everyone presents with a fever; no runny nose; fever-cough; malaise. A lot of people have said it can resemble almost like a food poisoning too, so often it could present us in multi organ failure because of the acute inflammation it produces in the body. 

[14:46] Sahara:

That’s so interesting because Organic Olivia, who’s a mutual friend of ours, parents both have it and she was sharing that one of their early stages symptoms were these gastro-intestinal problems and how people aren’t talking about it. But they were complaining the week before about having really bas stomach issues. And a lot of Chinese scientists are also talking about that, but for some reason, in our media, we’re not talking about it. I have a feeling it’s because most people just have digestive issues so maybe they don’t want to scare people. A friend of mine was like “Oh my God, I have a stomachache! Is it this?! I’m like “No! It could be all the stress. It could be so many things.” So we’re not trying to say if you have a stomachache, it’s this, but it is one of the pieces of the puzzle. 

[15:30] Dr. Jess:

It can affect a lot of the mucus membranes in certain organs; and in a lot of the organs it has an affinity for things like the kidneys, the lungs, the liver, blood vessels, things like that. And so when you think about the people that it’s affecting and there’s a lot of people that have pre-existing conditions that affect those organs too, so that’s one way. I really want people – if you’re healthy, you don’t have a lot of cardiovascular disease, you don’t have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, a lot of inflammatory conditions, then this, it doesn’t put you in the high risk category as much.

[16:01] Sahara:

Okay! So, that’s what a lot of us were thinking, especially a week ago when we were still feeling a little bit invincible around it, it was like “Well if I’m young and I’m not going to get sick then I’m not going to give into the fear. I’m going to continue living our lives!” And, now we’re seeing how we could actually be carriers of that. 

So, can you talk about that and the importance really of social distancing right now?

[16:24] Dr. Jess:

Exactly! So, this virus is tricky, and what’s tricky about it is that it has a very long incubation period, almost up to 2 weeks is what they’re saying right now. And that means that when it’s incubating you don’t have symptoms, you’re pretty asymptomatic but you’re still a carrier that can pass on, you’re still contagious, even though you don’t show anything else. And that’s a really long incubation period, so that’s how it was able to travel internationally across the country, and we even think it may have been here in the United States for a couple months and not been a very virulent strain. It’s been very mild for a lot of young people who just thought it was a cold or an upper respiratory infection.

So that’s how this virus is pretty tricky and that’s what they’re hoping that everyone will honor is social distancing just because you don’t know what you’ve come in contact with and what’s to come. 

[17:13] Sahara:

So now, just today, they declared that in LA, New York, I’m not sure what other cities right now, there is a quarantine that’s happening that you can’t go to any public place. For now, restaurants are open, you can order take-out from them, but I know, for example, on PostMates, there’s a new – your deliverer leaves it behind the door so there’s no actual contact with them.

So, do you think two weeks of this and the problem will be gone? What is the real solution?

[17:43] Dr. Jess:

Oh man! You know, it’s hard to know at this point. There’s a proximal for over 2500 cases right now in the United States I believe. And so, 300 here or so, in California; 300 or almost 400 in New York alone, and it’s hard to know when the peak of the bell curb is going to happen if you will on this virus. It really depends on the health state of the nation to be honest with you, how well we can keep it out of places like nursing homes, and really immuno-compromised places like cancer treatment centers or hospitals, those people really need protection. And anyone who has a bunch of autoimmunity or pre-existing conditions that have a lot of inflammatory response or really have an over-reactive immune system, that seems to be the pathogenesis of this virus, is that it really elicits the immune response and a lot of inflammation. So if these people are at a high risk and you throw this virus in there with extra inflammation, it’s the immune system that get rubbed up and can actually do us harm when it’s over zealous.   

[18:46] Sahara:

So, I think what they’re hoping for is that in two weeks, kind of, everyone that has it will show symptoms and then by then – you know, it’s hard, do you think two weeks is enough time for those people to be able to show symptoms so we can then treat those people?

[19:02] Dr. Jess:

I think so, that’s what the literature has shown. There’s been a number of studies that show incubation period is about approximately 14 days. So I think that they are having higher hopes with this and they’re being a little – I think it’s inciting a lot of fear in the population, but really they’re just being protective about this right now because they’re hoping, I don’t know if there’s going to be a complete shutdown but they’re hoping to kind of curb how much the virus passes from person to person at this time.

[19:29] Sahara:

Yeah, I know different countries have had – China has had a very strong approach towards their quarantine, but from what I understand now, they’re pretty much done with it. I don’t know how the American public will respond, even just thinking about how much of a shock it was but then we accept it. We, and that’s so beautiful about human nature – is almost like something bad happens and we’re like “Oh, shit, why is this happening to me?” We freak out and then we’re like “Okay, let’s keep moving forward.

I remember when someone even mentioned to me that there’s going to be a quarantine a week ago I was triggered, I was like “They’re fear-based”, I was mad at this person for telling me because it was so much for me to even comprehend; and now I’m like “40 days, 30 days, I’m ready for it, let’s go!” As long as there’s internet, I’m good!  

[20:25] Dr. Jess:

Same! Till I watch documentaries on Netflix, I’m okay. Exactly! Yeah, let’s hope for the best with this! 

[20:30] Sahara:

Yeah! So I want to talk about the fear that’s really so prevalent. I think this is in our lifetimes (so far) the craziest thing that’s really ever happened and I so feel for the people who are in so much fear right now.

Do you think the fear is really matching what this virus is?

[20:50] Dr. Jess:

I don’t, honestly! I mean, a lot of the media hypes everything up. It is scary to know what the incubation period is but honestly I feel like this virus has been in the United States for a couple months already, and we have abysmal testing techniques. 

So really, if you can’t test for it, we don’t know what exactly is the Corona virus, or isn’t at this point, and we just don’t have enough testing to go around. So, I think that it’s been here for a while and I think that really people who have, are seriously immuno-compromised, have a lot of hypertension, diabetes, autoimmunity, cancer, they may be the most at risk, just like with the flu. But honestly, the Corona virus fatality rate is around 3% on average right now, and that’s much less than MERS and SARS. So it seems to be, every decade we have this new, sort of, new virus, novel virus that comes out, and it’s a lot of fear every time. 

[21:44] Sahara:

So how do you think we can hope with the fear and the panic that’s really happening? So many people tell us “Don’t be afraid; don’t stress” but it’s kind of hard to be stocking up on food for an unknown amount of time and not be stressed. So how can we alleviate that?

[22:01] Dr. Jess:

Good point! And the fear is real! You go to the grocery store and the shelves are barren, so I understand why people are kind of freaking out about that. You know, it is stressful, but keep in mind that just because you’re preparing, doesn’t mean that anything terrible is going to happen and there’s not going to be a zombie apocalypse, right? It’s just being prepared! And this is just a mandatory 2 weeks shutdown right now, and I think things will get better after this, but no one knows. So, I think taking deep breaths, keeping centered in yourself, taking a moment to pause and be grateful every day, really keep your immune system in check. There are a lot of things you can do preemptively and lifestyle changes that you can make that overall really raise your immunity. And if you haven’t already started that, I really encourage everyone to do that now. 

[22:50] Sahara:

Yeah! I mean, I think it’s the break that we’ve been waiting for. We keep talking about that we want more time at home; we want more time to chill; we want to watch those courses we signed up for; read the book or paint, or whatever it is, dance; and now we’re gifted this beautiful opportunity to do it. I think we have to shift our mindset around “I have to stay home” to “I get to stay home.” 

[23:13] Dr. Jess:

I love that! 

[23:14] Sahara:

We get to be on a staycation right now; we get to be on our own personalized home retreats where we get to do whatever we want. You can take a bath if you want; you can do a face mask; you can make some cool black bean brownies that are shelf stable; there are so many things that we can do when we’re at home. But I think that it’s so interesting because now that we get to be at home, we’re wishing “Oh I want to go out to the bar. I want to go out to the restaurant. I want to go out to the club” all these places that we don’t even want to really go. And then when we’re there, we’re wishing we could be home, so it’s just really this human complex of wanting to be somewhere that we’re not. 

[23:53] Dr. Jess:

Exactly! Well the grass is always greener, right?! It’s sort of the human nature if you’re not aware of your thoughts and what you’re going towards, that that’s like everything is – the grass is greener.

You know, that’s a great point, I love what you said. I want to take this opportunity for this staycation, I need it. I think there’s a bunch of us don’t know how pained and fire fight we are all the time; how much that can imbalance the system, even your immune system, and we don’t even know. And especially as Americans, we’re go, go, go, go, constantly, it’s looked at as the norm. And I think when everyone’s forced to take this 2-week break or however the quarantine lasts, they’re going to see how pained in that system they were, how imbalanced their body was, and that’s really the biggest risk factor for getting sick. Stress, oh my gosh, you guys, it’s so under played for immunity.

[24:44] Sahara:

I a hundred percent agree, and I think that this disease had to happen and I think Planet Earth is behind it. Some people say it’s the Government, some people say it’s this, there’s all these different theories – I honestly think it’s the Earth because the Earth didn’t want us to pollute her every day; doesn’t want us to take all these flights all around the world, we don’t need to be flying all the time. Trust me, I’m used to fly all the time and I didn’t realize the implications it had on the environment. Now that literally there are no flights between the US and Europe right now, and I’m sure that South America and other countries have just announced that Americans can’t enter their country, so it’s like global travel is shut down. And it’s so beautiful, I want to read this passage – I don’t know if you hear it but I’m going to read it to you, and it’s just about this. It says:

[25:34] [Passage]

Yes, there is fear; yes there is isolation; yes, there is panic-buying; yes, there is sickness; yes, there is even death. 

But they say in Wuhan, after so many years of noise, you can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet, the sky is no longer thick with fumes, but blue, and grey, and clear.  

They say that the street of Assisi, people are singing to each other across the empty squares, keeping their windows open so that those who are alone may hear the sounds of families around them.

They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound. 

Today, a young woman I know is busy spreading flyers with her number throughout the neighborhood so that elders may have someone to call upon. 

Today, churches, synagogues, mosques and temples are preparing to welcome to shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary. 

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting. All over the world people are looking at the neighbors in a new way. All over the world, people are waking up to a new reality, to how big we really are, to how little control we really have, to what really matters, to love. 

So we pray and we remember that yes, there is fear, but there does not have to be hate; yes, there is isolation, but there does not have to be loneliness; yes, there is panic-buying, but there does not have to be meanness; yes, there is sickness, but there does not have to be the disease of the soul; yes, there is even death, but there can always be a rebirth of love. 

Wake to the choices you make as to how you live now. Today breathe, listen, behind the factory noises of your panic; the birds are singing again; the sky is clearing; spring is coming and we are always encompassed by love. 

Open the windows of your soul, and though you may not be able to touch across the empty square, sing.

And this is by Richard Hendrick in Ireland.

[27:43] Dr. Jess:

Bravo! That’s the way to find the silver lining right there. That’s beautiful! 

[27:50] Sahara:

It is amazing just seeing videos of the people in Italy right now playing saxophone on their balconies to keep each other company and even the Government did a little air show or something for them. But I think that sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the issue, by the problem, we so focus on the problem, when still to this day more people are dying from obesity, wouldn’t you say?

[28:17] Dr. Jess:

Oh my goodness, absolutely! Metabolic syndrome, cancer, every day – If you guys only knew how many people passed away, even from medical error, which is the third highest killer in the nation actually (medical error).      

[28:32] Sahara:

Wow! That is so crazy! And do you see this as kind of a shift in consciousness that is happening right now?

[28:40] Dr. Jess:

I do. And anytime there’s a shift, it’s not painless guys. Just like healing is not linear and not painless, it’s also very painful for people to heal. When the body sees something it missed, it has this robust immune system to oversee it; it creates chaos in the body, and out of chaos we create order. And I think this is what’s going on here. We’re going to create order out of chaos, and find the bright light and something better than what we had. 

[29:09] Sahara:

So how do you think in the future we can stay healthy without becoming germophobes; without becoming humanophobes?

[29:19] Dr. Jess:

Absolutely. So just remember we’re more about bacteria than ourselves, so we just want to make sure that we’re made up of the right bacteria that are protecting us, not the pathogenic ones.

So what I want to leave people with is – it seems that what’s going on with the Corona virus is that it is a robust TH1 part of the immune system, which means that you have a bunch of your immune cells once that immune system is in balance basically. 

So, if you have autoimmunity; if you have some inflammatory conditions, food to allergies; food sensitivities, things like that, you may be at a little higher risk, and so, not much, but this is one theory. So if that’s the case, you guys really want to look at immune balancing supplements; you really want to look at things that balance both sides TH1 and TH2 immunity, and that’s things like colostrum or immuno-globulins, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea extracts, probiotics; you really want to look at things like ozone that can actually kill the viral paps, that actually kills the virus. Other things – heat shot proteins – so this virus cannot withstand heat guys. So, in thread sauna, activating heat proteins, cold showers, things like that can really turn on the immune system in the proper way to kill the virus. Even epsom salt baths.

So, and really, the most important thing again, decreasing stress levels. One minute anger and stress decreases your immune system guys; gratitude, staying peaceful and grounded, finding beauty in even a chaotic situation will help calm the immune system. We’ve shown that you can decrease inflammation markers by having gratitude.

So, really kick that in. It matters what your thoughts are. 

[31:00] Sahara:

So beautifully said! And I think it’s so important for us, even though it is normal, to be afraid; even though it’s normal to be afraid of the unknown. I think that we just need to fully feel into it and even ask ourselves “What is it that we are afraid of?”

I went into a little bit of a fear spiral a couple days ago and then I really asked myself “What is the thing that I’m so afraid of?” And for me it was the lack of food (potential lack of food). So I had to really think “Well, okay, there’s no way that I could starve because there’s so much food on this planet that I’m going to get it from somewhere. There’s fruit trees I could go find. I’m never going to starve.” And it helped me to just buy some things and know that no matter what happens I will be okay. 

For some people it’s the fear of getting the illness; for some people, they have a certain family member in mind. I think we have to identify the fear instead of just “Ugh! I can’t feel through it; I can’t feel through it! It’s too low vibe!” Identify what it is, go into it! What is the worst case scenario? How will you overcome that? 

I think I, and a lot of people, also have a fear of their parents getting it. Because our parents are at an older age, as much as we try they don’t necessarily don’t take care of themselves, and we feel helpless. And when something like this happens it can really be a huge trigger for us, but even when I thought about that, I was like “If this is how they’re meant to die, what can I do about that? Me panicking over it can’t help anything at this point!” So all we can do, as the Buddha says, is just accept life as it is and find the joy in it. 

[32:38] Dr. Jess:

You know, maybe this is the time that if your parents haven’t been awakened to healthy food, that you teach them how to cook; and you teach them about why you should avoid sugar; why that may lower the immune system, and maybe this is the opportunity where you find the silver lining to educate them and they start listening about one little thing. 

[32:57] Sahara:

Yes! I think a lot of people in the last couple days have really been waking up to, for the first time, “What was that think you were telling me about? The green juice. What was that thing you told me about? About whatever it is.” And also, the farms are not going to be shut down, it’s not like the avocado trees are going to be like “Yo! Quarantine! I’m out!” Nature is never cancelled, so no matter what happens we’re always going to have fresh food. And I think we have to remember that no matter what happens, even if it’s some guy in a weird plastic costume has to come and deliver it, we’re always going to have access to it; Earth is always going to be providing for us. And this is just a massive up-leveling. I see this as the energy of Kali Ma that burns the house to the ground so the new energy can be rebuilt. And this is really the time that all of the practices we did are being tested; are they working for us, you know?! Maybe you’ve been meditating every day? How’s it showing up for you? What are the practices that are moving you through this time? And this is how you can really see what it is that actually takes you from a panic state back into joy. 

[34:04] Dr. Jess:

I love it! Absolutely! I mean, that’s how you; that’s Alchemy! That’s what that is!

[34:10] Sahara:

Yes! So any last words, advice, you have for people out there to just stay healthy, stay as their highest selves in this time?

[34:18] Dr. Jess:

You know guys, it’s really not the supplement or herb that you’re going to take, or this one magic bullet that’s going to help prevent this state, this horrible virus. You know, don’t look at it like that.

Your immune system, your body is powerful, it’s working for you every second of every day. It hears every thought that you hear and have in your head, and it really is fighting every single day, so, thank your body. It’s 80% of your immune cell systems in your gut, so the things you put in your mouth really matter, and really take that into account. It’s important to know what ingredients, how they’re processed in the body, and how eating close to wholefoods as Earth can provide really helps our digestion.

I really want you guys to think about invisible EMF that we may not see that can really penetrate our system and lower our immune system, so make sure you’re turning wifi off at night, your hard wiring. 

[35:09] Sahara:

I want to ask you about 5G. People are saying this is connected to 5g.

[35:13] Dr. Jess:

I heard that too. I will say – here’s the science on 5G. No one, there’s less than a handful of people on Earth who actually know what happened in Wuhan. And we will probably never really Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.know what the root cause of this is. Whether it was engineered or not, who knows, mutated to wild type into nature, we will never know. What we know now is, with science of wifi and 5G, if you take a 2.5 GHz router and you place any sort of bacteria near it, especially e-coli and listeria, they can get resistant to antibiotics, around that router, they can actually grow outside the boundaries of the pea tree dish that they’re not supposed to. So what this is showing us is that it affects the core sensing or the way the bacteria communicate in groups, and it also makes them not as susceptible to certain antibiotics, so, we’re changing pathogenesis of some bacteria. And we’ve also seen scientific experiments that show that mold really, really grow around certain frequencies (like wifi frequencies). And so, not all EMF is created equal, but 5G is a much faster frequency, and in general that cannot, we don’t know, there’s not enough studies to tell us. So what we do know is that it is linked to autoimmunity, it is linked to oxidative damage, DNA damage, all that stuff. So you can imagine how this is creating some reactive oxygen species inflammation that we don’t need in our bodies, so in any way, get you guys to mitigate those effects by either hard-wiring your internet with Ethernet cord – you can definitely ask your power company to take the smart meter out and opt out of that on your house; you could also put your phone on airplane mode anytime it’s on your body or turn off your wifi at night, and that alone is better than taking any host of supplements sometimes. Really reducing your stress levels, really making sure you’re not using toxic household products, which are endocrine disrupters, which can lower your immunity, over time.

[37:07] Sahara:

Because I’m confused, because everyone’s saying use bleach, use Clorox, use alcohol; I have to get normal soap for the first time because I don’t own a normal, alcohol, soft soap or whatever that shit it. Now I have to get it because everyone is telling me it’s the only way to… Do we need these chemicals?

[37:25] Dr. Jess:

No. Well you can get a hand sanitizer; as long as it’s up to 70% alcohol it’s mostly effective against the virus. So you guys can just do that. Essential oils have shown to be really, really effective as well. I would rather use something branch-based.

[37:40] Sahara:

Can we vodka? Because there’s obviously no more hand sanitizer stuff out there. All we have (I don’t even drink) for my husband is vodka, he was like “Just use this on your hands”, I’m like “Okay!”

[37:50] Dr. Jess:

I mean, it’ll work. Yeah, if it’s at least 70% alcohol then yeah, it’ll definitely work guys. I mean this is how they cleaned these antiseptic on wounds in the 1800s before they sowed people up, that’s why. 

[38:06] Sahara:

Yeah, it’s time for us to get crafty because I think hand sanitizer is worth more than gold right now.

[38:13] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, you guys, if we were in the wrong business, I’m telling you. Hand sanitizer!

[38:17] Sahara:

Well thank you so much for your advice. Do you see this situation clearing up? What is your guesstimate of how long it could take?

[38:28] Dr. Jess:

I honestly feel like that the Government is being extra conservative because they think they can curb this so much. I don’t think that the actual fallout from the virus is going to be nearly as bad as what we even saw from the other respiratory viruses a decade or twenty years ago. So, I actually feel like that this is not going to be as bad as we think. There’s going to be a few people, elderly people or people with comorbidities, and God bless both of Olivia’s parents, that’s just terrible. So, there are going to be people like that, but we hear, they’re going to rattle us and it’s not going to be fair; and maybe there’s going to be some people, elderly people, nursing home their time again, and we will see it, just like we did with the flu. I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as some of the flu years; I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as H1N1, but you know, stranger things have happened and they have deep words later, but that’s my gut intuition. 

[39:18] Sahara:

And so many people are recovering from it. Most people are, 97% of the people are recovering from it, if the rate is 3%. And I was reading that even the youngest person ever who died from it was almost 40 years old; and a man in China and it is two times more likely to be on men than it is on a woman.

[39:43] Dr. Jess:

It’s true, that’s very true. And we think, we don’t know, but we think that’s because the receptor of this virus binds to get in the cells is known as the ACE2 receptor (angiotensin converting enzyme 2 receptor) and they think there might be a genetic mutation where this is only an exceling trade, okay, so only women carry it on the X chromosome. So since women have two X chromosomes, they would have an extra one that might be normal. But men only get one X chromosome so they are more affected by this genetic mutation. If they get it, then they have it, and they may be more susceptible to the virus binding easier to them. 

Also, as people get older their testosterone decreases, especially men. We’ve also shown that the virus may have more affinity for their receptor if testosterone decreases.

So there are a number of different theories as to why this could be happening.

[40:38] Sahara:

Okay! And what do you think about colloidal silver? 

[40:41] Dr. Jess:

I love colloidal silver in general. I don’t think there’s been a lot of direct studies on colloidal silver against Corona virus. I think that what I would go more with than colloidal silver right now (even though I like it) is probably hydrogen peroxide baths and that’s because that’s made in your cells, naturally, to kill off viruses and bacteria.

[41:02] Sahara:

And you put it in your bath water? 

[41:04] Dr. Jess:


[41:05] Sahara:

How much?

[41:06] Dr. Jess:

You can start with 3/4 cap fulls and work your way up to almost 8 cap fulls. We do it with our grose and therapy patients who have cancer and everything because that’s what ozone turns into in the body, it’s hydrogen peroxide, and it preferentially goes after disease cells.

[41:19] Sahara:

And I also heard that licorice helps prevent the virus from binding. 

[41:25] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, I’ve heard this as well about licorice. There’s some caution with licorice. I’d definitely talk to everyone’s practitioner, and don’t take this as medical advice but licorice can also raise blood pressure, so it’s very interesting since this ACE receptor the virus binds to, helps control the dilation of blood vessels and therefore blood pressure, and licorice can also raise blood pressure. So you can see sort of a direct correlation as to how that might work against the virus. 

[41:49] Sahara:

Yeah. I’m definitely taking ginger, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, just all of the antiviral, the things I would take for candida, I’m taking again. And I think that it’s a good reminder for us all to keep our immune systems high and remember we live in this bacteria world and I just don’t want it to make people be afraid of bacteria and afraid of each other because we also do need bacteria to build our immunities up.

[42:20] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, we do. And this is why there’s not a good reason to kill this because we don’t have an antibacterial, because it’s a virus. But if your bacteria – it’s the best immune defense, so if you have a good gut system and a good bacterial system that makes it up then you have a good immune system to fight even against the virus. But viruses are hard; we don’t have a lot of good answers against the cold, for the flu, for HIV, for any of that stuff. And the reason this one is so different is just because it jumped from an animal so quickly to people and our immune systems have never seen it before; it’s always been in mammals or animals, so it’s a shock to our system to see something like this, it’s completely shifted from something that we’ve never seen before, and it’s always been in animals. So our body is ill prepared when something like that happens. 

[43:11] Sahara:

So interesting that it came from a bat, as we now know. So do bats commonly have this disease and it was because they were eating it or was that bat injected with the disease? Because they were studying on it, I heard both things. 

[43:28] Dr. Jess:

I think it could be both things. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the answer to that, but one thing I do know though is that bats don’t have a really robust TH1 immune system so the virus can live in them without them amounting in this huge immune response that produces all this mucus and all this stuff that everyone’s experiencing. So they can live with the virus without even knowing actually. 

[43:50] Sahara:

It kind of reminds me of Mad Cow Disease. I think there’s always some risk of eating another animal because we don’t know the kinds of diseases that that animal may carry and not show symptoms against. 

[44:04] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, we’re all vectors for something right? Yeah, exactly, true story!

[44:09] Sahara:

Love it! So we’re going to take our hydrogen peroxide, epsom salt baths, lots of Vitamin C. I’ve heard that in South Korea they’re really using Vitamin C. What’s the best way to take that? Obviously eating citruses, what do you recommend is the best?

[44:28] Dr. Jess:

So, in times like this what I tell people is if you have any gut function, if your gut is hindered, you don’t absorb as well as you’d like to, you’re always bloated, you don’t have normal bowel movements, you might consider going to a Clinic for Vitamin C IV, to bypass the gut barrier, that’s really great and you can guarantee it’s going to absorb in your system. However, if you can’t do that and you have good gut function, consider things like Life Zone Vitamin C, a lot of citrus; organic red peppers have even more Vitamin C than in an orange. So that’s a really great way to get…

[45:01] Sahara:

Organic red pepper you say?

[45:03] Dr. Jess:

Yes, organic red pepper, red bell pepper, yeah. So stuff like that guys; look at the really colorful fruits, they have a lot of antioxidants like Vitamin C, things like all the citrus, like you just mentioned Sahara, lycopene, and tomatoes, and red bell peppers as well. Eat amla, traditionally has the highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit.     

[45:24] Sahara:

Amla is so good guys, amla is this Indian fruit that’s super, super sour. It comes in these little balls, I used to eat them back in India, but now, they always have had these dry amla, it’s like an Ayurvedic medicine, and it’s really this dried version of this fruit. And it’s so good, it’s very detoxifying, Vitamin C, all of the things. So look up amla. 

[45:48] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, food is medicine guys! Seriously, and that’s a really, you can find wholefood supplements that actually have amla in it, that are trying to replicate the beautiful aspects of amla there. So, really look into things like that – Vitamin C is a great TH1 and TH2 immune balancer so it’s one of the ones I mentioned earlier because of it that it’s a wonderful antioxidant.

[46:08] Sahara:

And also sweating.

[46:10] Dr. Jess:

Yes! Absolutely guys! This virus, we think, this is really interesting – if you’ll notice a lot of the places where it’s more lethal, well I don’t want to say lethal, but a little more virulent and it’s a little more populous, are actually the Northern hemisphere countries and that’s because it can really replicate in colder climates as opposed to more temperate climates under the Equator which is unusual. And it is not heat resistant, it is very heat sensitive. So really, they think that as the warmer months start to progress and the virus will fall by the waist side. It remains to been seen though how much more it will come back in later winter months; it may be with us forever now and our immune system will have to adapt, we don’t know yet. But yeah, you guys know that if you have a sauna or if you have access to a sauna, depending what happens with the quarantine, look up how to activate heat shot proteins; intermittent fasting can do it; Autophagy (that’s heat shot proteins or self-digestion).

[47:10] Sahara:

Even just working out, that kind of sweat, right? It’s the same thing.

[47:14] Dr. Jess:

Yeah, exactly. Anytime you have acute stress on the body, the body has this robust immune reaction to reset everything, and that’s the way to do it, heat shot proteins.     

[47:25] Sahara:

I have been, ever since I moved out here, because I don’t live in the city anymore, but I just do these workouts every day on YouTube. I just look up a new workout every day and it’s so good because I get to be at home and work out. So even now that everything is closed, I still get to completely sweat every day. I’ll do hits; I’ll do boxing; I’ll do dance. So I really want to invite people, you don’t need a sauna, you don’t need anything to sweat, you could just play a YouTube video and work out at your house right now.

[47:53] Dr. Jess:

Absolutely! And that’s what I tell people all the time. If you have the privilege and honor of moving your body, it’s a privilege; you should be doing that every day. There are people who can’t do that and would love to be able to do that every day, so really, if you can stay in that gratitude of being able to just move your body and you honor that by moving it every day – everyone asks me “How long should I sweat dr. Jess?” and I’m like “You should sweat every day, you’re made to sweat every day!” 

[48:20] Sahara:

I think people feel like “Oh, I don’t want to get sick so I don’t want to exercise too much!” But it’s the opposite; exercise builds your immune system. 

[48:29] Dr. Jess:

Yeah. Unless you are so wiped out; chronic fatigue; exhaustion; it’s hard for you to get out of bed, then that’s something different guys. But yes, if you have energy; if you’re healthy, absolutely, it’s great every day, and it will work off things like a virus for most people.

[48:46] Sahara:

Absolutely! And even if you’re like “Well I don’t want to get out of bed!” Every morning, I always tell myself at the beginning “I’m just going to do Pilates; I’m just going to do something really easy on the floor where I can lie down” and as soon as I start doing that, I build the energy, I create the energy. So it’s like the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have, it’s not wait until you have energy and then exercise granted, you don’t have chronic fatigue, you don’t have an actual disease that’s preventing you from it. But I think most of us think we’re so fragile and can’t exercise, whereas now, your schedule is cleared y’all, it’s time to work out, you can spend your time doing those planks, those push-ups, those squats, the wall-sits, it’s all free, and you don’t need any equipment for it. 

[49:30] Dr. Jess:

No excuses everyone, that’s right! No excuses! So really, it’s a time for you guys to get right with yourself, it is. It’s a time to get right, to look at, plan out your future, what you want your life to look like, how you want the world to be different, how we can manifest healthcare to be better, healthcare system, it’s a way really to hit, put a pause and pump the brakes on everything we’ve been full speed ahead at and just re-evaluate. So if you guys can stay in that moment of gratitude, your immune system will thank you. I think that the panic and fear we create in our head is always worse than the real thing, and when the real thing happens we can’t prepare for it. Most of us aren’t prepared, it catches us by surprise and we act accordingly in the moment, right?    

[50:11] Sahara:

Absolutely! And we have to remember that this is all happening for us. I really believe the healthcare system is going to be different after this; I think the student loans, they’re already forgiving a lot of student load debts and removing interest on them; lowering interest rates on homes and all of these things. Our entire economy is going to shift for the better after this because, essentially, what’s happening is a great clearing in all systems that are not serving us in the highest alignment are breaking to the ground. And mega corporations are being hit for the very first time and right now it may feel really hard especially if you’re a small business owner; especially if you work in the service or hospitality industry, but it’s all creating a better future. Our ancestors didn’t know when they couldn’t use stones for their house anymore, there was something better waiting for them. So we just have to trust that the Universe is always supporting us and what is waiting for us is better than anything we can fathom right now. 

[51:11] Dr. Jess:

Absolutely! I love that! So yeah, you guys stay well and stay healthy, and stay positive! Yes, absolutely! Amen!

[51:19] Sahara:

Aho! Where can listeners connect with you; watch all your videos? You have so much good stuff especially on mold, autoimmune, hormones, all things.

[51:29] Dr. Jess:

Thank you, thank you! Absolutely!

So, if you guys want to look me up on social media, it’s dr.jess.md – I have education courses and all about hidden infections and immunity, and all that stuff up at education.dr.jessicapeatross.com and then my new website will be launching soon dr.jessmd.com and you guys can also find me on YouTube at doctorjessmd

[51:56] Sahara:

Guys, she is the best, she really breaks things down. She was able to heal her boyfriend from all of this mold and Lyme too, a bunch of different things happening at once, and really is a true miracle worker. 

[52:11] Dr. Jess:

Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! I’m always pleased to help everyone.

[52:16] Sahara

Well thank you for being on the Podcast.

[52:17] Dr. Jess:

I appreciate it, thanks guys!

[52:17] End of Interview



So much great advice, great wisdom and great insight! It’s really important for us to know what is happening from a cellular level, from a scientific perspective. It’s really easy for us to just bypass what is going on but when we really dive into the science of it we see that yes, it’s extremely important for us to self-quarantine, and also, we don’t have to be so afraid. The chances of us getting it are extremely low and the chances of us recovering from it, even if we do get it, in that, our chances are extremely high. So we are safe, we are protected, we are healed, we are whole, and we can still know about this science, we don’t have to be afraid of it. Being afraid of facts just shows that we aren’t really, truly anchored into our spiritual belief because if we’re anchored into our spiritual belief we can know the facts, we can know that this is a virus and it’s contagious, and lives are being affected; and we can be responsible citizens and decide how are we going to walk forward knowing what is out there.

So, all of you who listened, I really admire you and your desire to want to know about the science of it to be able to protect and educate others. Please share this Episode with anyone out there that is confused; what is this virus all about; maybe they’re getting misinformation from the internet; maybe they’re just completely fear-based, they think everyone’s going to get it. We don’t know everything but I think it’s a really good place to start with what we do know and then build from there. So share this Episode with anyone that you feel could really benefit from it right now; anyone who is in a lot of fear; anyone who really needs science to understand something. This could really open up their perspective and allow them to see there’s really nothing to be afraid of, and self-quarantine! You can do both at the same time. 

So thank you so much to Dr. Jess for being on the Podcast. Be sure to connect with her at dr.jess.md and I will see you guys on the next Episode. 


Episode 270: The Science of Corona Virus + Holistic Prevention with Dr Jessica Peatross
By Sahara Rose

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