Highest Self Podcast 146: Ultimate Way to Heal Yourself by Sahara Rose

Guys I found the best way to heal yourself. And it’s way more simple than you think. Listen to this episode to find out how.

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Episode 146 – Ultimate Way to Heal Yourself by Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. Want more video content from me? Well head over to my YouTube channel to check out my new show, “Ask Sahara,” where I will be answering your questions each week related to all things spirituality, entrepreneurship, Ayurveda, wellness, self-care, relationships, and everything in between. Head over to youtube.com/sahararose, and if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer on “Ask Sahara,” simply send me an email over at [email protected].

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Today I want to share with you the best way that you could heal yourself. This is a proven way, it will heal just about anything. From your digestion, to your immune system, your skin, it can heal most diseases as well. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has been passed down for millennia, and it is foolproof, guys. It’s going to change your life when I tell you about this number one way to heal yourself. So grab a pen and paper and write this down.

The best way that you can heal yourself is to get out of your own head. Let me repeat that. The best way that you can heal yourself is to get out of your own head. Okay, so what do we do, what are the instructions, let me make a little tutorial for you. I’m sick and tired of the wellness space and how self-indulged it has really become. Now self-care is extremely important. Of course I do podcasts about it, I’ve written books about it, I teach about it all the time. But self-care does not end with yourself.

If you think the meaning of self-care is to take as much time as you can only to indulge yourself and take a rose petal bath, and put another face mask on, and think of 20,000 more ways to put coconut oil in your hair, then you got it twisted. The purpose of self-care is so you can take that energy and help others. In Ayurveda they say, “As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm.” This means the reason why we heal ourselves is so we can affect the greater global environment. And I think in the wellness space we kind of missed that latter part.

I’m just tired, I don’t know if you feel the same way of just saying to people, “Oh, here’s a new way to heal your digestion. Here’s a new way to have even more glowing skin. Here’s a new way to heal yourself from this, this, this,” and it’s never-ending. Because guess what? You’re never going to be 100% healed. I’m gonna be real with you, you’re never going to be 100% healed. There’s always going to be something else that you need to work on. Whether it’s your anxiety, or your relationship with your mom, or your lower intestines, or your this, that, there’s always going to be something else that is left. You’re never going to reach this point that you are just in perfect balance in every aspect of your life, and then the universe is like, “Here’s your certificate, you’ve passed our health test, now you can go help the world.” That’s never going to happen.

Healing is like an onion, there are constant layers that we peel and peel and peel. And that doesn’t mean you don’t do the work, that doesn’t mean you don’t heal yourself, please, do it. But what it doesn’t mean as well is that you forego helping others because you’re waiting to get to the bottom of this healing onion. And guess what? There’s another fucking onion inside, and there’s going to be more layers to peel, you’re never going to reach that point.

And do you know what can help you more than anything else? More than me listing 50 ways that you can use Echinacea, and here are more ways you can dry brush, and this, and that. It’s to get out of your own head and realize how fucking lucky you are. We are all so fortunate and so blessed to be living during this beautiful time and to have podcasts to listen to. I mean the fact that you’re listening to this means there’s a lot of stuff going right in your life. And I know that, you know, there’s people starving in Africa, and that feels so far away, and sometimes that doesn’t actually affect people. But there are even just people right around you that don’t have basic education, sanitation who are living in the foster care system, who are homeless, who are trying to cross the border of this country because it is so dangerous for them to live in their own towns that they will be killed. It’s not just the starving children in Africa, who by the way, are still humans.

When we are so in our own heads an we think that only we exist and only our healing matters, we become more sick. Because we begin to overanalyze things, and we get obsessive, and this obsession is only going to cultivate more unhappiness, because then you’re going to be overanalyzing. “Oh, there’s a little smudge on the window there. Oh, there’s a little crack in that wood.” It’s never going to be perfect. You were born in a human body, it’s never going to be perfect.

So the best way that you can heal yourself is to put your healing tools on a shelf for a day and get out there and realize how many people need your help. How much farther along you are the 99% of the population. How you, exactly as you are right now, is already perfect. And when you can get out of your own head, and get out of your own way, and stories, and victimhood, and get out there and be of service to others, this is the ultimate way that you will heal yourself.

So you want to be healed, stop thinking about the problem. Get out there, pull up your sleeves, help anyone that you feel called to. Whether your cause are the immigrants, or the gay queer population, or the environment, or the refugees, or whatever it is that strikes a chord in your heart, that is where you need to be focusing your energy. There is nothing more healing than spending a day volunteering, coming back home, and realizing how perfect everything already is.

So with that, please, look around you, be of service. If you don’t know who to help, go on volunteermatch.com, volunteerabroad.org. There are so many organizations out there that are calling for your help. Even just using your social media to talk about social justice issues is going to take us so much further along than another way to have more glowing skin. So please, be of service and this will heal you more than anything else. Namaste.

Episode 146 – Ultimate Way to Heal Yourself by Sahara Rose

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