Highest Self Podcast 094: Why The World Needs More Wellness Warriors with Sahara Rose

Have a desire to heal people? Then stop second guessing yourself! This episode is all about OWNING your desire to heal and not waiting until you have some magical diploma that will make you feel like you’re ready to be the healer you already are.

I discuss:
-Why Health Coaches, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Healers are needed more now than ever before
-Why now is the best time to begin your career in the wellness space
-How to stop second-guessing yourself and get over imposter syndrome
-Why it’s time to OWN your desire as the healer you are!

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Episode 094 – Why the World Needs More Wellness Warriors with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose, and welcome back to “The Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. Why the world needs more wellness warriors. Guys, if you haven’t noticed, there’s like a massive epidemic going on. No, like seriously, I was just in Las Vegas this weekend, and there was a line around the block for McDonald’s.

You see, I think sometimes what happens in our beautiful, healthy bubbles, we think that we are preaching to the choir to say, “Oh, I made another vegan mac and cheese.” Or, “Oh, I massaged my kale and avocado.” Like we think that it’s been overdone, right? I mean I’ve had conversations with my friends like, “Uh, another person who’s trying to sell me essential oils,” as if that’s something that happens everywhere.

But it doesn’t, it’s actually this really, really small niche that we are just a part of. So oftentimes we think, “Oh, there’s too many health coaches out there. How am I ever going to be able to differentiate myself?” I mean, everyone’s a health coach these days. Or, “Oh my god, there are so many yoga teachers. I would never get a job if I were a yoga teacher.” Or, “Oh my god, everyone is teaching manifestation, like I can’t teach manifestation.” Or, “Oh my god, too many people are doing Ayurveda now. I’m too late in the game,” you know, Sahara Rose has already done it, I can’t teach Ayurveda anymore,” right?” Guilty of any of them?All of them? Yeah, I’ve been there, too.

So what happens? We’re in these gorgeous niches where these things are going on, but instead of that motivating us, what sometimes is happening is we actually think that everything in the whole world is an essential oil-diffusing, green juice-sipping, golden chai, monk fruit-sipping yogi, and that’s not the freaking case. We are just in these small subgroups.

So instead of thinking that the world doesn’t need more health coaches because you know all of them personally, you are doing the world a disservice. You see, because when we leave our bubbles, like literally just drive 20 minutes away from your house, or maybe just look around in your neighborhood, or maybe you’re very aware that there’s not a bubble, and I’m speaking to another sister listening. But just because other people are doing what you want to do doesn’t mean you should stop doing it.

I really want to drive that home because it’s something that I’ve dealt with so many times, especially when I was younger. I would look at other people doing amazing things, and then thinking, “Oh shit, I can’t do that anymore because they are doing that.” But the thing is, we each have our own unique flavor to bring to the table.

You know, just because I’m teaching Ayurveda doesn’t mean that you can’t teach Ayurveda. In fact, I am teaching other people to teach Ayurveda because a true teacher wants more people teaching that subject because for them it’s past the self and it’s more about spreading this greater source of knowledge. It’s not about competition, it’s about spreading the word. Just because someone is a digestive health master doesn’t mean that you can’t start the path. Because you know, maybe for them it was IBS, and for you it’s Crohn’s, and for someone else it’s leaky gut that gets them on the ground. But you all have the same passion, and you’re all going to bring something new to the table.

So leave this little bubble, this little subgroup as beautiful as it is, and look around you. And see that most people still eat white bread with margarine on top and some jelly, and they have no idea what organic means, and they still drink Coke, and it’s still served in food dispensers at hospitals. And kids in public school still don’t get fruits and vegetables served to them at school.

Let’s really look at what’s going on. Health is so needed. Wellness is so, so deeply craved. People are curious, they want to know more. I mean look at your parents, look at your neighbors, look at people just a few generations above you. They’re like, “I know that wellness is important, but it’s never really been a conversation. So can you teach me how?” So if you say, “Oh, well go to this other person cause she’s already the digestive health master, she’s already doing Ayurveda, she’s already a yoga teacher,” then you are preventing these people from getting the health that they need.

I said “health that they need,” and that’s so true, the health that they need, and the help that they need, but it’s one. Because health is help, and help is health, and when you help people function better physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, you not only change their lives, but you change the lives of everyone that is connected to them. Which changes everyone that is connected to them and it creates this trickle down affect that affects the vibration of this entire planet.

So stop playing small, stop looking at someone else doing amazing things and think that that means you can’t do amazing things. Stop using the scapegoat because that’s what it is, it’s a scapegoat. It’s taking away the responsibility from you to step up into your dharma role. It’s really easy to say, “Someone else is doing it, and they’re doing a great job at it, so I’m going to sit this on out.” But would we have any thought leaders, authors, innovators, actors, athletes, anything if they said, “Well, someone else is already doing a great job at it.”

No, you know, the fact that someone’s doing a great job at it should be inspiration for you. You should feel compersion. Compersion is the feeling to truly feel happy for someone else’s success. No jealousy, no comparison, no wishing that you were ten years younger, or you had this life circumstance that would have gotten you there sooner. No, you were on your own divine path. And people were meant to affect the planet in different ways. And no two people have the same fingerprint, no two people have the same dosha constitution, no two people have the same personality, soul type, archetype, et cetera. And no two people can share your message in the same way.

So we need more wellness warriors. We need more people shining the light into the shadows of this planet. We need more people planting trees, and seeds, and fruits, and vegetables, and thoughts that will heal our planet. We need more bellies filled with food that can actually go bad, not food that can sit on a shelf for ages. We need more kids eating dinner at home, a dinner that was cooked, not picked up in a drive-thru. We need more people talking, we need more people talking about, “Wait, cancer? There are cures to cancer? I’ve never heard of that before, can you tell me more?” We need more conversations like that.

Because with these conversations, we change the paradigm, we open up the possibilities of what is allowed for the human experience. And we realize that it is not this experience that we are going from one trap and one obstacle to the next roadblock, but one of effortless flow, kriya. And with those health hardships and those difficult times, those were all soul lessons that we needed to evolve to a higher dimension. But when we are unable to see those lessons we get stuck in them and we lose ourselves in them, and we spiral downward into this false version of ourselves.

So when we can communicate with people and show them that your health problem is giving you an opportunity to look at your life in a deeper way. This disease is allowing you to have a great insight towards an area in your life that you have overlooked. This health scare is a blessing from God. Because now it is allowing you to change things that if you hadn’t, could have made you end up dead.

So every time you have a headache, that is your body’s warning sign saying you just pushed me too much. Every time you have a stomach ache, that’s your stomach saying, “Hey, I could not digest that shit.” So let’s stop medicating our bodies, let’s stop drinking Advil, let’s stop eating Advil and taking prescriptions, and cough medications, and allergy medications, and Band-Aids on our freaking emotions.

Because the allergies, the asthma, all of these things are related to something deeper.Allergies, kapha, inflammation, acne, pitta, bloating, gas, constipation, vata. So when we can look at what’s going on in our body and see this truly as a stethoscope, as a microscope, as a glass, crystal ball glass to look into the greater intricacies of our mind, which reflect our soul. Then we’re like, “Wow, body, you’re freaking legit. You show me what’s up all the time, and I ignore you. And now I’m going to start listening.”

So we need more wellness warriors to begin that conversation in the homes where it has never seen the light of day. And that may include yours. We need more wellness warriors because we were chosen. We don’t decide, we were chosen. And our knighting comes in health problems, and hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues, and diseases. Because that was the universe’s way of saying, “You know what? I know you’re going to figure this one out. And when you figure this one out, I know you’re going to help people get through it, too.”

So listen to that path. Listen to that slow, silent part of you that is telling you that you were put on this planet to make it a healthier place. Listen to it. Because we need you, so badly. Listen to it. Because there are people out there waiting to be healed when you say yes to the call. We need you. So come join us.

If you’re interested in becoming a holistic health coach, head over to my website, iamsahararose.com. I am offering a $1,500 off discount to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the world’s largest health coaching program. It is completely online. You learn hundreds of dietary theories around the world. I am a graduate from there myself, and I am offering a $1,500 off discount, as well as a bonus business coaching webinar where I teach you how to build your business as a health coach as well as a private Facebook mentorship group.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner, also head over to my website, iamsahararose.com. I am offering $1,000 off two different Ayurveda programs. One, which is Joyful Bellies: Masters of Digestion, which really cues in on all of the digestive issues from IBS, Crohn’s, candida, leaky gut, et cetera from an Ayurvedic perspective. And again, you don’t need any prerequisites to do this, there are people who are doctors on the program, and people who didn’t go to college, and it doesn’t matter, you just have to really feel the call. And the other Ayurvedic program is their two-year program to become a certified Ayurvedic counselor, which looks at all areas of the lifestyle—mind, body, spirit, herbs, et cetera—and helps people heal in an Ayurvedic way.

So if you feel the call, if you are a wellness warrior, please, study it, learn it, get the certificate so you can go out there and help people. I’m looking forward to meeting you on my webinars, I have both of them for IIN and for Joyful Belly, and I can’t wait to see you in our Facebook group. Namaste.

Episode 094 – Why the World Needs More Wellness Warriors with Sahara Rose

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