Highest Self Podcast 067: Lessons From 1 Million Downloads with Sahara Rose

On April 7, Highest Self Podcast hit 1 million downloads in it’s first 10 months! I never expected this podcast would grow as quickly as it did, but boy does it make me happier that there are SO many other tribe members out there, ready to hear the message of TRUTH! It is 2018 and we are living in the golden age of higher consciousness. We are using social media as a form of higher discussion and our platforms as tools of social change. I created this podcast for this very reason and am so excited to see where it goes in the coming years.
In this episode I share:
-the lessons I’ve learned
-the episodes that have been most popular
-the direction this podcast will take in the coming months
-my insights on being a conscious podcaster

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Episode 067- Lessons From 1 Million Downloads with Sahara

By Sahara Rose

This episode is a little taste of my upcoming “Doshas and Dharma” four-week program. It is an online group coaching experience with lively weekly group coaching calls with me, plus videos, PDFs, mentor, you have accountability partner; everything you need to figure out your life purpose. Because the question that I get more than anything is, “How do I stay consistent with something? And also, what is my path? What is my higher calling?”

So I created this program using the tools that I learned on the path, and how I learned how to figure out what it is I’m good at, how I could best serve, how I can share my gifts, how I can make a living doing these things. So I put all these tools together in this four-week program, and I’m so excited to share it with you. So head over to my website, iamsahararose.com, and you will see it right there on my website, apply, we’re going to get started in May. I know, it’s not a lot of time, but I want you to take the leap, take the call, stop wasting time, stop going around in circle and really seek help from a mentor, from a community, from something so much greater than just you.

Because a lot of times, we totally get in our own ways, and we aren’t able to see things in another light because we’re so in our own stories. So this program is to get you out of there, to get you into something so much greater than yourself, to catapult your career and help you live out your dharma. Because when people are living out their dharma, the world comes into balance. So head over to iamsahararose.com, you can check it out, “Doshas and Dharma” program, you can Google “Doshas and Dharma” program, you’ll find it, and I’m so excited to mentor you on this group coaching experience.

Wow, I am so excited to share with you guys that the “Highest Self” podcast has officially surpassed one million downloads. Which is so insane because I started this podcast in June, exactly ten months ago, and I never expected it to become as popular as it’s become. And really what it comes down to is you resonating with it. And the fact that you are resonating with it means that we are going through a tremendous time of spiritual growth. That more people are wanting to learn about what’s going on within, and we’ve moved past wellness being something that has to just do with weight loss, and clear skin, and even just your digestion. And we’re moving past that, we’re saying, “Why does all of this matter? Why do I want to be well? Why do I want to achieve things? Why do I want to do any of it?”

And what it really comes down to is being your highest self, being your optimal potential, being the light that you are destined to be, which is way brighter than you could ever possibly begin to imagine. And we truly tap into our power, we realize that we can literally do anything. And I’m saying like anything. I mean if I were able to create this podcast, I had no editor my first 50 episodes, I’m still recording this podcast on a $20 mic that I got on Amazon. There is no barrier to entry in this point in time. We’ve chosen to reincarnate at the time of the internet, the information age, where anyone can become a blogger, a journalist essentially, a news creator, a thought leader. Anyone can do it, as long as you are consistent and you are putting yourself out there, and you have something of value to share.

And truth resonates, truth is something that you can feel in your body. And when someone’s speaking the truth, you’re just like, “Mm, that’s it, and I can feel that.” So us truth tellers, it’s time for us to rise, it’s time for us to stop playing small, and begin to use these tools that are available to us. These social media platforms, podcasts, Instagram Stories, whatever else as tools for sacred knowledge. And so many of us, we complain, complain, complain. “Ugh, social media, it’s taking over. Why are people on their phones all the time?” But look, we’re on our phones right now, and look at this dialogue we’re having about philosophy, and time, and the future, and the past, and how things are changing, and diving in deeper, and inspiration. And all of this is because of these wires that are connecting us.

So we really have so much gratitude towards these tools that are not coincidental to our lifetimes. We’ve really chosen to reincarnate at this time so we can live in the very first era in the history f time that we know what it’s like before computers and after computers. Guys, I don’t think you realize how special this time is. This is the time that they’re going to write about in history books, or history tablets, whatever they’re going to have in the future for hundreds and thousands of years from now. That we are the only generation—us, right now, these hundred years—who grew up not knowing what a computer is, getting a computer, having dial-up, getting that first phone, getting your iPad, getting your Macintosh.

Now we’re living on our computers, and I mean that does—I’m not going to say it’s all good, it definitely has its faults. We definitely lost touch with nature, lost touch with our core essence, which is super important. But also we can use this to reaffirm that message and get people back out there. So it’s just really a sacred, sacred time, and I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that any of us are here, or that you’re listening, or that this podcast got a million downloads because the truth resonates, and we’re feeling it, and we’re wanting something more; we are wanting to go deeper.

You know, we’ve grown up very privileged that we’ve had so much security. We didn’t live in a time of war in this country, of famine. We’ve grown up with a lot of security, there’s definitely been war going on, but unfortunately, the people in the Middle East have been the ones that have to suffer. My family in the Middle East is the one that has to suffer from that. But we, in America, are very fortunate that we are able to secure lives. And when you look at Maslow’s hierarchy, which also correlates with the chakras, when the lower chakras are secure, when you feel safe, your survival needs are met. You can move onto the next need, the next chakra so you can begin to experience joy, and pleasure, and then move into solar plexus, purpose, move into heart, love, compassion, move into throat, speaking your truth even when that sometimes can feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Because your basic needs are met, you’re not at fear of being killed and executed, you can speak that truth because it’s like, you know, when the parent that you’re really close with, you can kind of share that shitty thing with them. But maybe the parent that you’re less close with you’re not going to share it because you don’t have that foundation, same with a friend. So because of that, we’ve grown up being able to speak that truth, which brings us into our third eye, our intuitive center, which is very much this podcast, as well as crown chakra, which are the downloads that I do oftentimes in this podcast.

People sometimes are like, “Yeah, your voice like sounds different sometimes,” then it’s because I’m channeling truth. So that’s coming from the crown chakra and from the universe through our sacred vessels, and then we actually plant it into our bodies through our chakras down to earth. So I want to talk a little bit more also just about the lessons that I’ve learned through doing this podcast. And again, I didn’t know what to expect with this podcast, I’m still one girl on the same mic, by myself, do not have sound editing team, anything like that. I do have someone now who helps me put together the intro and outro of the podcast, but first 50 episodes all me. And still to this day, I don’t edit anything out, I just speak, nothing’s scripted, everything is flow.

And I’ve learned that that’s how I work, that’s how I’m able to access deeper parts of myself. At the beginning, I would oftentimes write out what I was going to say because I really resonated with being a writer. Because my whole life, I’ve been a writer, and I’ve obviously written three books before. So I always thought that source comes through me through writing. So every time I would get an idea of inspiration, I would go to my computer and start writing it out. And then some of the episodes, I would be looking at that, and then kind of talking, but have like my notes of what I wanted to say, which is what I think most podcasters do. They have sort of notes, and like things that they want to go through.

But to be honest, like right now, I’m literally just staring out the window, and those ones that I’m telling you I’m staring out the window have ended up being the ones that are the most popular. And I think it’s because people can feel when it’s coming from the heart, and when it’s just being channeled down in the moment versus even that time lapse of me writing it down until, you know, the few hours from then or even a few days from then or even a few weeks from then that I would record it it’s like I wasn’t in that same sacred download.

So when I’m doing these podcasts when it’s just like stream of consciousness, and I’m just speaking, opening up the vessel, talking to you, it resonates more with people. So looking back at the podcast, those ones have been the ones that are the most popular. So definitely it’s something I want to keep on doing, keep on just sharing. Like I have an idea and I just hop on the mic and I talk about it.

Because we need more of that, we need more uncensored stuff, we need more real stuff, raw stuff. Like there are many great curated wonderful podcasts, and I do want to continue having the interviews, and that’s something I’ll talk about too. But I’ve noticed my most popular podcasts are always my solo casts. Which is interesting because at the beginning I did, you know, solo casts because there were lessons that I wanted to teach about that I don’t know anyone teaching about. I don’t know anyone that talks about the sole archetypes, I don’t know anyone that explains Ayurveda the way that I do. I don’t know anyone that can explain the kind of conscious entrepreneurship, and the alignment in the same way that I do. Not that no one else talks about it, but it’s just different ways, and I wanted you guys to hear it from the way that I think.

So I would start to do them myself just because it was like a topic I wanted to address, and I didn’t know who to interview for. But all of my most popular podcasts are the solo casts, and I’ve done many polls on my Instagram Story. If you’re not following me on Instagram, definitely do that, because I share a lot of stuff on my story every day. My Instagram is @iamsahararose, so check that out, follow it.

But I would do polls and say, “Do you guys like the interviews or the solo casts,” and always solo casts wins. And for me, I personally also enjoy listening to solo casts too because I feel like you can dive deeper, the go a little bit faster. And you know, sometimes with an interview you have to just ask more like base level questions. I mean you can’t even go too deep because you have to ask them about their story, and then it’s conversational, which is great, and I really love that, and I want to continue doing the interviews, but with the solo cast, you can dive deep. It’s like when you’re having a conversation with one friend, and you can go really deep, versus a group of people, and it ends up just staying more surface level. Even with the same exact people, just when there’s a group.

Versus when you’re by yourself and you’re thinking in your head, that’s when you can go super deep because it’s like there’s no even pause, there’s no even like need for rapport, you’re just diving in. And that’s how the solo casts feel, I’m literally just vocalizing the thoughts that are coming through, putting them into word. So obviously I’m talking way faster, but I feel like we can go into way deeper places. And you had a little taste of my mind, so I definitely want to keep on doing the solo casts as “Highest Self” podcast grows to the next two million downloads, which hopefully will happen in the coming months.

So stay tuned for more of those, and also I’m going to be opening a little box on my website on iamsahararose.com, when you click on “podcast,” a place that you guys can submit your own questions. Because I always get messages from people with like questions, in like my DMs or something, which I don’t really check. So I’d rather just have you guys send them to me, and I would love to answer your questions on the podcast. Because a lot of us have the exact same questions, we’re thinking the same things, we’re going through the same motions, same thought, same fear, same insecurities. And I’d love to know them and answer directly what it is that you want to know about.So go on iamsahararose.com, you’ll see the podcast section, you could also just go on highestselfpodcast.com, it’ll say “submit your question,” you can submit your question there and I’ll be sure to answer it on the podcast.

So with the interviews, it’s interesting because a lot of times the interviews that were the most popular were ones that I didn’t really expect. So in the past episodes that I’ve done since we’ve started, the most popular interviews, the first one was Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar who wrote “Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life.” I love that he is the most popular because like after I did it, I was like this is like some deep Ayurveda stuff. Like a lot of people probably are going to be really confused because I love Dr. Suhas, I’ve read his books for years, and he’s Deepak Chopra’s really good friend, so it was my first time talking to him, and I was so nervous about it. It was like for me it’s like interviewing like a major celeb, cause he is a major celeb in the Ayurveda world.

So when I did that interview, I was just asking him questions that like I had, and that I was getting from people. I’m like, “So, what do you think of autoimmune disease? And what if someone has a pitta imbalance in their body, but not in their digestion?” Like going in on like specific advanced Ayurvedic subjects. And that is the most popular interview that I’ve had on the podcast, which is really cool. Because it means you guys want to learn more about Ayurveda.

And the podcast that I talk about Ayurveda, another one was the interview with Gunny of Youveda, episode 63. And we talk all about like his experience and his dad was an Ayurvedic physician, and how he used herbs to heal himself from depression and anxiety after his brother passed away. And that’s also one of the most popular ones. So I loved that you guys are super passionate about Ayurveda, and I definitely want to continue bringing in more Ayurvedic doctors, specialists in the coming months. And I have another interview with Dr. Suhas planned in May, and we’re going to go deeper into science proving the doshic diets and why it works according to different source of like genetic studies and things like that.

So I’m really excited to go in there. I’m personally excited and I love that you guys are Ayurveda nerds with me now, and it’s really cool cause for a lot of you guys, you’ve e-mailed me and said, “I’ve never even heard about Ayurveda before you, and now I’m like obsessed with it. It’s like my wellness bible, your book.” So it’s super cool that because of my book, you guys were able to learn so much about Ayurveda. A lot of you guys have done my 12-week program, you’ve learned even more, and now you’re like Ayurveda pros and wizzes, and you’re like sharing it with everyone else around you. So that makes me so happy just to be part of that entire thing.

Another podcast interview that was really popular was “Healing Paige,” Danielle Paige, “Intuitive Astrology 101.” And I loved that that one was really popular. We’re going to do part two for sure coming up soon, maybe part 12, we’ll do one for each sign. And you guys loved that one because you want to know more about your astrological charts. And it’s really amazing because we see so much about astrology everywhere. Like we grew up seeing “Cosmo” magazine saying, “Oh, your horoscope according to this month.” And I love how Danielle’s perspective was, “Actually, horoscopes are total bullshit, and people are just making that up who work at the magazine, and it has to do with so much more than just your main sun sign. It has to do with your entire chart.”

Loved the conversation bringing in the north nodes. Now whenever I meet someone, I ask them what their north node is, and it like helps me understand them. And personally, I was not an astrology person before, I’ve actually held the belief that it’s bullshit. And I can openly say this because I’ve even told Danielle this. I was like, “I’m not really an astrology person, but I’m curious to learn more cause I like you and I like what you say.” But I wasn’t an astrology person, like I thought that like it was giving up your own personal power, and that what’s the point of like looking up in what the moon’s doing, and what it’s not, and I felt like it was sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy, and people would be like, “Oh, it’s mercury retrograde so everything’s going to go wrong,” and then like things would go wrong because they had that intention.

And I love how Danielle also had that perspective of like, “Totally, people make a way bigger deal about these small things going on in the sky than they are.” Like the Mercury retrograde stuff, people make such a bigger deal about it than it is. And really what we should be looking at are these more broader patterns in our lifetimes rather than, you know, cause there’s always something going on in the sky. Every day I could say, “Oh my god, Libra’s in full moon, and this is moving over there, and my Jupiter’s returning, now my Saturn’s returning, blah, blah, blah.”

And there’s always something going on, but when we look at these broader patterns in our life, that’s when we really truly get to know more about it. And I love how she brought in the north node, the highest self, the dharma piece, the south node, the past lives, the ancestry piece. And it just tied in so well with everything that I’ve taught in this podcast. So love those two interviews, be sure to check them out, “Intuitive Astrology 101” and “How Changing Your Schedule Will Change Your Life With Dr. Suhas,” and they’ll both be back.

Another thing that I’ve learned from doing this podcast is I don’t do well with schedules, I’ve tried scheduling, I’ve tried planning things before, I’ve tried writing out what all the episodes are gonna be for the next few months, and that has never worked out. Because I’m super vata, I’m super just riding the wave as it comes, and one day I’ll have tons of inspiration just record like four episodes. And other days I’m just like, you know, working on my book, I’m working on other things and I’m not feeling inspired.

So for me, what’s worked well is just to move as I crave to move, and also just release episodes as I choose to. I don’t really have like a “on Mondays, be sure to tune in” because I’ve changed the day so many times, and now I’m releasing the episodes twice a week. So you can basically hop on any day of the week and you’ll find something new on here, and I love it because so many of the things that I talk about, they’re so like at the moment, and I feel like it’s a download, it’s a wave that we’re all picking up on. And I want it to be released at the moment because then otherwise, energetically, it’s not really in the force field at that time.

So like even with this right now, I’m like I really feel like I need to just as soon as I’m done recording this, just put it up. Because that’s the wave that I’m riding right now, and I feel like you guys are there with me. So definitely have learned I am not a pitta, I am for sure vata. It’s been reaffirmed from me from doing this podcast.

Another great thing I’ve learned about for people who want to do podcasts is to batch your interviews. So I did so many interviews at the beginning. I still have interviews that I’ve done from this summer that are not out. And you know, I just love talking to people, I love interviewing people. Like so for me, it doesn’t feel like work. If I could, I would just sit on this mic all day and just like talk to you guys, interview, have conversations, have you guys come on. Like I just love it, it’s like so my happy place.

So I’ve learned that by batch doing a lot, it also gives me that freedom of knowing that, oh, I’m not on this crunch deadline of this week I need to find someone and get them on the podcast because otherwise next Monday I’m not going to have that episode. And I’ve been in the position of like being interviewed by other people’s podcasts that they’re like, “We need you to be on this week, otherwise we’re not going to have someone on for next week.” And like living paycheck to paycheck, being like interview to interview. Like I can’t even imagine that, I’m such a like saver.

You know, I’m a Capricorn, so I love just having at least 20 unreleased interviews that are on my computer that like are going to come out. And I’m still doing more, but I love doing that because it gives you that freedom, because you never know someone’s going to be on your interview and they’re going to say, “Hey, I have a book launch next week. Can you get my interview on?” And you have to push that person up to make sure their interview goes up before their book comes out, for their pre-order sales. But then you have other ones that it might be like six months from then that you put it up. But if you have that backlog, you’re not in that crunch, and then you can go for what feels right, and then you can add in more, you can change it around.

So for someone that wants to start a podcast, I definitely recommend having a lot of interviews, keep interviewing so you have a really good catalog to choose from. So I would love to know if you guys have any questions from me, questions about what it’s like to podcast, any of that stuff. If you want more technical stuff, I can definitely talk to you guys about that. What RSS feed I use what tools I use, I’m so happy to talk about that stuff, too. I know, I was like super confused, had never met anyone with a podcast before. I really just figured it all out through Google, went on Amazon, just typed in “podcast mic,” pretty much just bought the first one on there.

As you can tell, I’m very just like get it done and you’ll figure it out along the way. And I think that that’s the thing that holds us a lot of us back. We feel like we need to like be like an audio wizard pro, and you know, have like a sound studio, and blah, blah, blah. And people get so caught up in that like, you know, the delivery that they forget about the message, and that’s what matters. It matters what you’re saying. And you know, it’s like you’ve listened to things that are from 40 years ago, and the audio is horrible, but like you know, we still listen to them because they resonate so true. And then you’ve listened to things that are beautifully recorded, but it’s garbage, and it’s not providing you with any important information, and you don’t listen to it.

So don’t get so caught up in the “audio, blah, blah, blah, do I have my equipment right.” Like that’s all great, but I’m just telling you I’m here with very, very, very basic equipment, doing it on my own, and it’s been working. So don’t let money or whatever it is stop you because really, you just need to start doing it, and as you start building and growing, you can figure out the rest on the way. So I’m very much a big fan of being like quick to launch, and then figuring it out as you go along. Because there are lessons that only you can learn and only you can teach yourself. And no amount of reading or preparation is going to prepare you.

And I think a lot of us, you know, we like over exaggerate like how hard everything is. Like what is with everyone being like oh, this is so hard. Like I hate how people are like, “oh, podcasting must be so hard. Or people who have podcasts, isn’t it hard?” I’m like no, it’s not hard because first of all, I don’t even want to use that language. And it’s like it’s fun, I’m having fun doing it. Like it’s actually not hard at all, it’s really effortless and easy. That’s how I find podcasting, like I don’t know, people who think it’s hard I’m like maybe it’s not for you then, cause I don’t think it’s hard at all. Like I just get to talk about whatever I want, and it’s fun, and then I get to connect with you guys, and it’s cool, it’s easy, I don’t have to type anything. Like I think podcasting is rad.

So if you want to start a podcast, it’s like podcasting was what blogging was like eight years ago. For sure, start one, it’s super easy, super fun, doesn’t take much to figure it out, and you get your podcast on there, and you just start going. And then as you move along, you can see like which episodes are the most downloaded, which aren’t. Like I can tell you guys are deep. You guys do not like the basic people. I’ve had like some conversations that are great, great people, but they’re more just basic. They’re more just like, “Oh, cool, like this, yeah, great,” and you guys don’t like those because you like the real deep shit.

You guys are like, “I want to know like what you were in your past life, if you’ve died,” like you want to go in there. And you guys also love like business advice. I think a lot of you guys are entrepreneurs. I’ve polled you guys on my Instagram, like 80% of you want to be online entrepreneurs and have your own online businesses, which is super freaking cool. So you guys love that stuff, you guys like the keeping it real, you don’t like the basic. So I feel that cause I’m the same way, and you end up attracting the same kind of people as you.

Like the people who listen to your podcast would want to be friends with you, otherwise they would freaking hate to listen to your voice for an hour. It’s like have you ever listened to a podcast and you were just like, “Oh my god, like turn it off.” Because it’s like that person is just so note a vibratory match. So it’s like that’s the thing with podcasting, if you’re like investing all this time into listening to someone, like of course you’re going to want to hang out with them, of course you’re going to like be on the same wavelength as them. Otherwise, like why would you put yourself through listening to them?

So that’s what I don’t get. Like also you’ll see when you have a podcast, and you put yourself out there, people give negative reviews, that happens. But it’s like I would never like go—unless someone’s like hurting an animal or something, I would never go out of my way to just like write a negative review. Like luckily, this podcast has been awesome, you guys have been awesome, it’s like basically all been very positive. But I’ve seen like on other friend’s podcast, they’re like, “Oh my god, I hate the sound of this person’s voice, I hate this, I hate that.” So like you know you don’t have to listen to it, right?

So don’t let the fear of the haters keep you from putting yourself out there. Because the people who go out of their way to actually submit a review on how much they hate you, hate your voice, hate your message, blah, blah, blah, are like super freaking bored, and don’t have enough things to do. Like really, just like start an online business, you’re going to have to plenty of things to do. You’re going to be way too busy to even write reviews of podcasts that you like, let alone go out of your way to write a review about podcasts that you don’t like.

Like I’m honestly kind of jealous of how much free time you guys have. So don’t let that get in the way of you having a podcast. I see so many people like, “Oh my god, how do you deal with the haters?” And like if someone’s hating on me, spreading consciousness, like they have issues. If someone’s hating on me saying that like be your own guide, and like trust your intuition, and don’t follow what a book or something says, then that’s just really sad for them, and I send them even more love.

So don’t let that keep you from getting yourself and your message out there because that’s exactly what the haters want. They want you to remain small because they’re playing small. No one who’s successful, no one who’s out there doing their thing is a hater. Because they know how much time and commitment and courage it takes to put yourself out there, that even if they don’t resonate with the message, they would never say something so cruel. Like the only people who are doing that are the people who don’t know what it’s like to put yourself out there in the media, in the public eye. And the reason that they’re writing those negative messages is because it’s really activating that part of them that is still playing small, and wishes to be seen, and wishes to be heard. So that’s why those people, send them even more love.

So again, any questions you guys have about like podcasting any of this stuff, I would love to answer it for you guys, love to connect with you guys more. You can also connect with me on the “Mind Body Balancers” Facebook group, it’s our “Highest Self” podcast Facebook group, you can find the links in the show notes on highestselfpodcast.com. And that’s our amazing community where we discuss the episodes, we connect with each other. Everyone who joins has to post a picture of themselves and share who they are. And if you’re like not down for that, it’s not the group for you because we are a close knit family who’s always inviting more family and more tribe to join us, and I love that so much. It’s like I have a Facebook newsfeed eradicator, so I don’t have a Facebook newsfeed, but I still go on just to hop in that group because it’s such positive vibes.

So check it out, the “Mind Body Balancers” Facebook group, check it out on “Highest Self” podcast, let me know what other questions you have, and if you loved this podcast, you loved to learn more, the best gift you could possibly give me is to write a review in the iTunes store. All you have to do is go on the iTunes store on your computer, click on “Highest Self” podcast ratings and reviews, write your review and take a screenshot before you hit submit, and then e-mail it over to me at sahara, S-A-H-A-R-A, @eatfeelfresh.com.

Eatfeelfresh.com, which is also the name of upcoming book. And I will send you back, as a free gift, the first half of my unreleased book, “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” And this is a book, my first book I ever wrote on Ayurveda before “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda,” it’s super beautiful, modern, fun, lots of pizzazz, and just really keeps it real. Like stories about people of each dosha, and how they changed, and it’s really relatable. And it’s never going to be released because now it’s my 12-week program, my “Eat Right For Your Mindy Body Type” 12-week program, which you can also find on my website on iamasahararose.com.

So if you want the first half of the e-book free, just submit your review to me, e-mail it over to me, and I will send it back to you. Thank you so much for the one million downloads. Here’s to a million, ten million, 100 million more. Here’s to changing the paradigm shift, changing the way people think, changing the way people communicate, feel about themselves, create work, action, changing what spirituality even looks like, changing the spiritual bypass, changing the keeping small of the conscious community, the keeping us in cages, keeping us in boxes, keeping us in outskirts, and bubbles, and ashrams, and bringing it out center stage where it is needed, where it will transmute the fear and the darkness into light and love and bliss and fun.

Because all of that is part of the spiritual journey, guys. Spirituality does not have to mean sitting and meditating in the Himalayas, and never having sex, and never having money, and never being happy. It does not mean you have to sacrifice your happiness to be your highest self. No, so let’s let go of that paradigm, let’s drop that story, let’s drop the story that it takes suffering, that it takes hardship, that I could only grow spiritually if I put myself through a tremendous load of bullshit.

Because that’s not true, you can get spiritual while doing a little dance, while taking a shower, while having an orgasm, while getting promoted, while getting a paycheck. You can get spiritual through all of that because spirituality is being deeply connected to your soul, and your soul’s purpose. And all of that—from the orgasms, to the paychecks, to the dancing is all part of your soul’s purpose, honey. So let’s rock this shit, let’s get 20 million more people, let’s all start our own podcast, create this community, support each other, love each other and just bless up. Namaste.

Episode 067- Lessons From 1 Million Downloads with Sahara

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