Highest Self Podcast 062: The Time Is Now.

The time is now.
To make your dreams your reality.

A reminder by Sahara Rose.

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Episode 062: The Time Is Now By Sahara Rose

The time is now.

Just do it.

The message is coming through to me so clearly to tell you this.

Whatever is it you’ve been waiting to do.

Launch your business.

Quit that job

Pursue your passion


End that relationship

Let go of old friendships

Take care of yourself better

The time is right now to go all in

The portals have been opened

The blocks have been removed

And time is moving at a higher frequency

Things are happening faster

Whatever you think, you become

By setting the intention out there, you are already on your way to achieving it

So no more playing small

No more sitting on the side-lines in your own life

It’s time to grab the wheel

Go center stage

Run that ball up the court

Fly off that cliff

And make your move

If you want it, jump in

If not, don’t complain

The time is now.

Episode 062: The Time Is Now By Sahara Rose


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